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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  November 27, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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made the 1500 mile drive to washington in 27 hours. they've already outlived most of the their come pat tree yots. >> truth is i've never raised them past 14 weeks because we eat them. >> reporter: occasionally they get peculiarish. >> thanks to the interventions of my daughters i was planning to eat this sucker. >> reporter: and then it was the turkey that didn't get pardoned. the one that met his demise behind sarah palin's back. it happened after she was giving an interview. we'll spare you the grew some part. >> this was -- this was mean. >> reporter: the people will died whether popcorn or caramel gets the glory this year. at least this government website is working. it's no turkey. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> i don't know if that bolstered your argument but
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hey, happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining he moo. i'm carol costello. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. >> good morning, i'm ashleigh banfield. the it is's wednesday, november 27th. welcome to "legal view." we'll begin with howling winds, flooding icy roads. this storm, this series of storms is deadly. and it is pounding the eastern half of the country, shutting down whole sections of interstates going both ways. it's canceling hundreds of flights. delays thousands more flights and even rail traffic has hit the skids. at new york's pen station, take a look at what that's like. dozens and dozens of stranded riders staring up at the train schedule.
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this is a board of broken dreams according to to chris cuomo. and all of this can only get worst. we're lined up like only cnn can be. the full power of the network up and down the east coast with the latest. we're going to tap into each one of these correspondents in the storm's path right now. some of the nation's busiest airports. our renee marsh is live right now at reagan national. how is it looking so far? >> reporter: well i can tell you here reagan it's not that bad. however, we are seeing some delays. we are seeing some cancellations. but looking at the big picture of what's going on around the country, flight tracking websites are saying that roughly more than 1300 delays although not all of them necessarily have to be weather related. but that's the snapshot that we have for you at this point. and they're also reporting more than 300 cancellations. now these delays they can last anywhere from 20 minutes to for
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example, this flight here going from d.c. to norfolk, about an hour. and we actually have a passenger who has a seat on that flight that is delayed for an hour. thank you for joining us. tell me where are you headed? >> to see my father in virginia beach. i'm going through norfolk to see him. regular thanksgiving with the family. >> so you came here and you saw at first it was a two-hour delay? >> yes. it was a two-hour delay. and then i guess they're doing what they can to get everything back on status. so it dropped from a two-hour to like 1 hour 15. now it's less than an hour. >> all you want to do is get home to the turkey. >> yes. get home and relax. >> hoping you get there quickly sooner rather than later. and ashleigh we can tell you as far as how other airports are looking. newark laguardia philadelphia, boston o'hare detroit,
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charlotte. we're noticing a lot of delays there. we spoke to the airlines however, and they told us yesterday they're expecting more delays than they are cancellations. they are not, according to the airlines as of yesterday, expecting severe cancellations. >> that is much better news and so is the image behind you. it looks like things are as good as they could be in a circumstance like that. in washington, d.c. i want to take you to the highways. this winter storm has proven deadly. pamela brown is in the thick of it. i love that you're live doing this. you got the assignment driving new york to washington on i-95. i started the morning at 5:00 in the morning on i-95. and it was brutal. how are things looking now. >> reporter: we've been on the road since 5:30 this morning eastern time. and it just depends on where you
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are. we were on the outskirts of connecticut, central new jersey. really, all over the place. we did see some backups and a lot of that was because of accidents and slick conditions on the roads. as you witness yourself ashleigh the rain was coming down pretty hard earlier today. and in fact i-76 in philadelphia, the westbound side of the highway was bun shut down due to a deadly accident. one person killed. the other side of the highway, one lane open due to flooding. we've seen standing part water pooling all over the place. so it's been a really -- a headache for holiday travelers trying to reunite with their families. and i've heard a lot of stories from people who left last night thinking they were going to beat the rush. but you know what? a lot of other people had the same idea. one friend told me he was driving from d.c. to ohio usually takes eight hours. it took him 13 hours. but a lot of people have just going to have to be patient.
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>> you might be going the right direction. i left work yesterday to go home and it's been an hour drive. and it took three hours and 45 minutes to get home yesterday. so maybe some people heeded all the worries and actually started getting out early. good luck on your journey, my friend. and i hope you make it back here safe. have a lovely thax giving. by the way, the eastern half of the country maybe feeling the brunt of this. but this storm isn't showing any mercy in a lot of places. according to cnn's severe weather center every single state in the union except hawaii is expecting temperatures to dip below freezing at some point on thanksgiving morning. our meteorologist jennifer gray is joining me live. i thought we were deal with a nor'easter that was having effects all over the country. but this is far more than that.
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>> you know it's cold when places along the gulf coast have freeze and frost watches and warnings. these are the advisories across the i-10 corridor anywhere from south louisiana to new orleans, panama city even to jacksonville will have the freeze threat for tomorrow morning. watches and warnings all across the gulf coast. yes, it is cold. but the big story, the rain-maker across the northeast. it's basically what it is. the biggest part of it is rain. that's what we're seeing from raleigh a all the way to new york boston. the good news is this will start to make its way out of here over the next couple of hours. by tonight and into tomorrow morning, it will look better. but in the next 48 hours, we'll see an additional three to eight inches of know across portion of new york. and one to two more inches of rain across the mid atlantic. but here is a time label of what we're looking at.
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by wednesday, 6:00 this is this evening, new york the rain should start to move on out. and then by tomorrow morning, we should be clear. the sun should come back out. we'll really be watching the winds behind all of this. 27 mile per hour wind gusts at noon today, 36 in boston. and peeking out tonight and taper off tomorrow. we will keep our eye on the balloons. the wins to be forecast right on the cusp of whether they were fly or not. >> the prediction is the wind will be on the call number. i guess they're going to have to watch from the beginning of the parade. 50 million people watch that parade. >> i hope they do too. i'm in the city and i'm looking forward to it. >> thank you, jennifer. keep up the good work. we'll tap in and find out what you find out later in the show. by the way, check out your screen. this is good stuff. cnn decided to make the world's
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busiest airport, hartsfield-jackson atlanta international, we made this our destination for a fascinating look at the gusts and belly of the beast. on august 28th more than three dozen journalist descended on that airport and documented aefrl single part that they could. it's stuff that you absolutely can't believe goes on as you're just about ready to take off and everything seems smooth. check it out on kreb krebstl24. okay. do you have a lot to do around the house today? how would you like to be evacuated ? that's actually happening to hundreds of people right now forced from their homes on the day before thax giving. i'm going to tell you what is going on and why these people now need disaster relief. also an officer runs towards a car engulfed in
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? the horrible weather is our main story today. but here is a check on some other big news that we're following here at cnn as well. a tanker car began leaking a flammable chemal after a train derailed late yesterday and forced the evacuation of more than 400 homes in willard, ohio. yes, on the eve of the thanksgiving holiday. the spill is now contained and we're lucky to report that there
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were no injuries. two people under arrest in arizona after three girls told police that they had been imprisoned in a tucson home for three years. they report the girls are siblings age 12 13, and 17. police were alerted after two girls escaped and ran to a neighbor's house. the stepfather and mother are now charged with kidnapping and emotional abuse. and the stepfather is also now charged with sexual abuse. o.j. simpson will not be getting a new truli trial. a nevada judge says there's an overwhelming evidence against him. and a practice role board reduced his sentence earlier this year but he still has at least four more years to serve before any chance of parole. turns out george zimmerman had ammunition and five guns with him when the police
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arrested him last week according to the court documents in the case. the weapons were in a locked case at his girlfriend's house. george zimmerman is out on bond and facing multiple charges in that case as well. take a look at this remarkable rescue. that is an officer running towards a burning car and pulling an unconscious driver out. wow. as the smoke bill lows, the first responders took that 6 1-year-old man to the hospital where he was in critical condition but stabilized. that officer, officially if he weren't lshd a hero is definitely a hero now. even checking the passenger door to see if there's anyone else. that's why they're our finest and bravest. when the weather is like this and you have fair warning, do you sometimes wonder am i crazy to fly? these are the kinds of decisions that millions are trying to make right now with the horrible
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weather pattern. we are right there with you. what we decided to do is take three of our finest correspondents here at this network and send them out in three different directions using three different modes of transportation. that's brian todd on the left and nick robinson in the middle and lisa on the right-hand side side. i just want to get a quick note of who is doing what. which one is flying? >> me. >> that's nic. >> and who is driving. >> i got the short stick. >> and lisa? . i feel bad -- >> i'm going doing the train. i'll have the most leg room and most access to the food car. >> and all of this is to race into the loving arms of wolf blitzer on "the situation room." did kofl come up with this? >> no. i think it was the brains of folks in d.c. >> when we get there, we're
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going to get an answer. we will get an answer. >> i don't even think wolf is working today in fact. >> that's true. >> if you win, it's your idea. >> this is great. you'll get what about 45 minutes from now you're going to hit the start button and run out of the building and we're going to trace your progress. >> and there's money on this i hear in the "newsroom." >> who do you think who is going to get there first? >> i think the train. >> if i catch the plane, i'm golden. if i miss it i might as well take the horse. >> that man fights the taliban. my money is on nic. the cnn great race home is that it today? >> thank you. >> good luck. what an assignment. okay so we have other things that we're covering as well. we will start the buttsen with them in about 45 minutes. we'll find out which mode of
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transportation worked out at least today. here is another story we're watching for you. it boy who is just 11 years old when he began carrying out assassinations. i'm talking real assassinations. murders. that boy is now a teenager and that boy has just been sent back to the united states to roam free on the streets among you and me. you're going to find out where this happened where he is and if if you need to be concerned about it. in a moment. we asked people, "if you could get paid to do something you really love, what would you do?" ♪ ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ ♪
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he is an american teenage hit man with a bloody rap sheet a mile long. and i did say teenage. he's known as the cloak. he was convicted by a mexican court of torturing and be headed at least four people. again, a teenager. and now, this teenager is back in this country. experts on mexican gangs say that he is just one example of how drug lords recruit the young to carry out their deadly
8:22 am
attacks. here is a report on how all of this shook out. >> reporter: even in a country ravaged by years of drug cartel-fuelled violence it was a shocking scene in mexico three years ago. a baby-faced american teenager accused of working as an assassin for a drug cartel was paraded in front of reporters. he was just 14 years old when this video was known. he's known by the nickname [ speaking foreign language ] . he laid out gruesome details of his life in organized crime. he said he was 11 years old when he started killing and slit the throats of four victims himself. he said that drug cartel leaders picked him off the street and forced him into carrying out the assassinations and that he was high on drugs when he killed cartel rifles. he was convicteds as a juvenile and sentenced to three years in prison. now he is 17 and was released
8:23 am
from prison tuesday in mexico. news cameras captured the release. he was quickly deported back to the united states flown to san antonio, texas, where he disappeared back into american's society. the u.s. customs and border officials say think helped facilitate his return. he was born in san diego. he's a u.s. citizen. he served his prison sentence and does not face any criminal charges in the united states. so he's free to move around like anyone else. he isn't the only american teenager lured into this violent world. cnn told the notorious stories of two american drug cartel assassins in jailhouse interviews a few months ago. >> in all how many people did you kill? >> no idea. >> no idea. you lost track? >> i guess so. >> reporter: he is certain books serving a life sentence in texas.
8:24 am
he and a childhood bashar al-assady worked for sass stins as teenage ares. their stories highlighted the frightening trend of cartel leaders luring young kids with the promise of money and power to carry out the cartel's dirty work. after he was arrested he told the police detective that killing made him feel like superman. today, he knows his life is wasting away in prison. >> the first day i had to take somebody's life that's the day i'm never going to be able to forget. after that i have no life. >> but you kept on quill after that first time at that ranch. >> i had to. that's what a lot of people don't understand. >> reporter: they are locked away for life. but the kid known as [ speaking foreign language ] is getting a second chance. cnn, san antonio, texas. >> thanks ed for that. if you've got plans like all of these people to go somewhere for
8:25 am
thanksgiving get in line. look at those faces. you just want to cry for them. they're either hitting the road for the rails or the skies, just like you. and this northeast storm is no picnic. we're going to have a travel and weather update for you. things have been changing every 15 minutes or so. after the break, you're going to find out if they're going to change for you. especially if you're waiting in that airport right now. sorry. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "legal view." i'm ashleigh banfield. the kroutded waiting rooms and frayed nerves an confusion among the passengers. then there's that dreaded board with the red lights with that one terrible word "delayed," or maybe the worst word "canceled." this picture was posted on twitter. there it is. chris cuomo called this the wall of broken dreams. i think that's fair. it's the one thing that stands in the way of thanksgiving. in fact we have another shot of what it looked like at pen station yesterday. look at all of those people. it's another great shot. what a nightmare for them. it's how so many new yorkers chose to get home for the
8:30 am
holidays. but it was a disabled train, that's all it took to create that mess at penn station. we were at penn station. i see people behind you but it looks like nothing like last night. did they fix the issue? >> reporter: they did fix it. and dare we say it, this morning things are going pretty smoothly. take a look at this right now. you'll see that just two trains are delayed. the rest the trains are running on time. that's something a lot of travelers are thankful. there are some delays between knew havenance boston, but otherwise the service in the forth east is operating pretty well. people who are traveling for whatever reason said they were prepared for the possibility of bumps in the road. they are doing their best to take it all in stride. here is what they said. when you decided you were heading out on the day before
8:31 am
thanksgiving, what were you thinking? >> i didn't want to head out then but i had classes. so i had to leave today. >> reporter: did you have any reservations about heading out on one of the busiest travel delays of the year? >> absolutely. >> do you have news about delays? >> it's a holiday, you just expect it. >> reporter: good attitude so far. we'll hope that that holds. it will be a busy day. amtrak is expecting about 140,000 people to take the trains today. if you're still looking for a way to get wherever you're going for the holiday, amtrak says there are still seats available. >> i'm glad to see that it's not as bad as it was last night. to if you've been watching any news at all, you've been hearing how bad the weather is outside. no matter where in the united states you live. it's true. almost no one is escaping the bad weather. and this is thanksgiving. so it really matters. but some places are getting hit
8:32 am
a lot worse than others. and even places like buffalo that are used to the worst, are getting socked in the gut with this one. george howell new guy on the block, that's why you got this assignment. how bad is it even where they expect pretty bad? >> reporter: you framed it well. because they are used to this sort of thing. it takes about a foots of snow before they get concerned. they've got about 3 to 4 inches here. so buffalo residents, they get it. the big concern is you have so many millions of people on the road this wednesday, people traveling to many different places the worry is about the situation on the roads. i want to show you right now here in buffalo, 30 degrees. so it's below freezing. and that's where the concern is with drivers out there. let's go to the other camera that we have set up looking down the road. you can see the situation right now, the roads are clear here in buffalo for the most part. plows have done their job. plows working all through the
8:33 am
night to make sure the roads are clear. the worry is about black ice. consider as things melt if it gets above freezing and goes back below tonight, that's the worry as people get on the roads. and there's also a possibility of lake-effect showers snow showers. more of those as the day goes on. >> i'm interested george where you have and in the greater area there, the news. i mean if you're in texas and snow is coming the whole world shuts down. but if you're in -- right. but when you're in buffalo, you kind of expect a snowstorm at least once a week or so how are people dealing with it? >> reporter: well you know, where i'm from in austin it gets hot in the summer. we deal with it. here in buffalo they're used to the snow. in fact, one person said, hey, we love our snow.
8:34 am
they're used to it and know how to deal with it. they're attitude is different from someone traveling from the south or west. a lot of people traveling and that's why we're giving you these reports. obviously this is a big storm and can cause problems for people on the roads. >> you know i grew up in winnipeg and we didn't even talk about cold weather until it was minus 40. minus 20 was kind of a average winter day. >> reporter: minus 40? >> sellous and fahrenheit meet at minus 40. that's when we said oh it's a bad one out there today. you better wrap up. >> reporter: i don't know about minus 40. >> get a hat, my friend. macy's thanksgiving day parade 50 million of us watch this on the tv. and it's not the same without the big balloons that we all wait for high in the sky. the high winds could actually bring the balloons down. they will not go up if sustained
8:35 am
winds exceed 23 miles per hour tomorrow. it is effectively a game day decision. we're going to keep you posted as macy's keeps us posted. we're watching the models as they change by the minute. looking for you and keeping an eye on the nasty storms. that is the job of meteorologist jennifer gray. the 23 mile an hour mark i saw a forecast yesterday that suggested the winds will be 23. like right on the actual number. is that still the case? >> reporter: wae pretty much right on the money. the balloons won't fly if the winds gusts are about 34 miles per hour. and it has it right now at about 32 miles per hour. we're really close. the good news about thanksgiving though all the rain will be out. we will finally see sunshine. but it is going to be cold in the city with forecasts at high temperature at 32 degrees. so we are going to continue with the breezy conditions on through
8:36 am
this afternoon. new york 31 mile per hour wind gusts at about 2:00. 39 in d.c. but then they start to taper off just a little bit as we get into the wee hours of thursday morning. they're be about 32 miles per hour thin. and then tapering off throughout the day. 26 miles an hour about midday. and when the parade starts it will be close. hopefully the balloons will fly. the other piece of good news, this is starting to move out. rain across the east coast and north east will be exiting the area tonight through tomorrow morning. like we mentioned before sunshine should be back in time for thanksgiving. >> terrific. thanks so much. keep us posts. cnn, by the way, made the world's busiest airport, hartsfield-jackson atlanta international our destination to take a fascinating look inside. it's wonderful. it's the sausage making of the airport that you never see.
8:37 am
three dozen journalists back in august descended upon this airport. you can check it out at 24. and in about three minutes, we're going to hit the start button and all three correspondents are going to take a race it's the cnn great race home. nick robinson brian todd and lisa. we're going to see what the weather, the way it is right now, which was the most successful. we all tend to wonder if we chose the right mode of transportation when the weather outside is fright full. stay right here as the great race gets underway in just a few moments. if you or someone you know are flying the frozen skies today, there are long long lines and short, short tempers. but you know something? if you pop off, do you have the right to do that? could you be in a lot more
8:38 am
trouble than you thought? and by the way, you're driving, what if you get in a chain reaction accident you get hit and you hit someone else. is that your fault? that's coming up next.
8:39 am
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so by now you do not need me
8:41 am
to tell you that the weath is a drag. long lis, pair ports. i know you're watching us at the gate right now so i'm real sorry. but that makes for short tempers. if you feel like you're ready to blow your stack at that tsa agent or gate agent, hit the pause button. you could be in more a lot more trouble than you bargain for. danny cevallos joey jackson, and heather hansen join me live to talk trains planes and automobiles. a lot of people get mad at tsa when they go through the security lines. but you can't get into it with a tsa officer, can you? >> no. they don't have really true arrest power, but be warned there's always someone nearby who is able to make that arrest. so as a general rule of thumb, as angry as you get at them
8:42 am
they might not have sidearms or handcuffs, but believe me they are a stone's throw away from somebody who has that power. you will do yourself no favors if you get into it with the tsa. >> zip if is the advice. heather, what about when you get to the gate? then it gets ugly when the line is long they're on the phone. i've seen tv shows dedicated to gate fights. but is it just like having any other fight or more serious? >> it can certainly be more serious. there's always people nearby who can enforce a problem. and you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. not only are you more likely to get favors and get seated where you want to be seated but you may run the risk to being kicked off. >> if they just don't like your tone, you can be done for? >> yes.
8:43 am
because -- >> 'that's on the plane. i'm talking about before you get there. >> but if they see that coming in, they can tell you that you that you can't get on the plane. you need to watch yourself and understand that everybody's tempers are high. >> here is the next step. we've all seen it. we've seen flight attendants that we can't stand and passengers that we can't stand because of the way they behave. but you don't want to be one of them. >> and for the record i love all of you flight attendants you do a great job. but look you have to be good to them. certainly they have the authority to say, see you later. the rule of thumb, you want to become even if the event that you get into a minor dispute with someone -- travel ask a stressful thing. you doingts want to take it out on them because there's something called a federal crime. and as a result of you interfering, impeding or in any way harassing a flight attendant
8:44 am
attendant, you may find yourself a federal pen. >> here is the deal. some people think the worst that can happen to them you could actually be in a lot of trouble. and the bar is low for what constitutes a threat right? >> absolutely. what happens is the first order of business is passenger safety. and you want to ensure that you have a safe flight. what happens is is that when it comes to erring on the side of your rights, that takes a back seat. in the event that you're too boisterous or disruptive you get off the flight and you get the handcuffs placed on you. >> those ties are no fun or anybody. it's not just airlines. if you guys could stand by for a second. when we come back there are other modes of travel that cause
8:45 am
undue stress like driving. how about also the train when you're stopped on the tracks for three, four five sixes hour? what if someone kit hits you and causes you to hit someone else? what if you avoid a terrible driver and you crash? walking to grandma's house? i got one for that, too. ♪♪ you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. he does look happy. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you
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when the weather's bad at the holiday week that's a nightmare. but what if you end up in the slammer because of it or wonder if you get sued because of your behavior or how you actually go about your travels? take a look at this video. bad roads lead to bad crashes. we actually saw an overturned vehicle the other day, and the vehicle was by itself. nobody hit the vehicle. the vehicle didn't hit anybody. but if you're trying to avoid an accident and you go off the road is it your fault? how about this. if you are cold and you have kids and you're warming up your
8:49 am
vehicle by turning it on and leaving some time is it your felt that you left an unattended vehicle started? in new york yes you can be ticked because of that. do you know something else? there's serious rules if you're taking the train, even if you are walking. back with me danny, joey and heather to talk about that. let's talk about the first issue, danny. you can start with this one. in that chain reaction crash on icy roads, you get hit from behind and it forces you into the guy in front of you, you're not off the hook. >> general rule of thumb, if you're rear ended, the person who hit you has the liability. it is fact specific. even the person rear ended, it's possible they may have done something wrong. >> heather, what about the single vehicle crash if you're trying to avoid a bad driver and end up doing the crash yourself do you get in trouble? >> it's difficult to problem the other person -- they've probably gotten away. it all depends on the
8:50 am
circumstances. if you get the cops to come and they can stop the person who caused the accident sure. an comes down to what's reasonable. are you driving reasonably texting while driving, all of those things are weighed. >> what's this business about the unattended vehicle. we turn the car on run back inside because our babies are precious and we don't want them in a cold car. you can be ticketed for that. >> it's a problem. the police are concerned about public safety and theft. as a result of that you get a violation that is a ticket if you leave the car unattended it continues to run and not on your property. that could be a problem. then quickly, ashleigh, as to the issue of multiple car liability, a lot of it varies by state. different states have different laws. you have no fault laws in some jurisdictions. comparative negligence in other jurisdictions. you have contributory negligence. >> danny, you take the train every day. if there's as electrical wire down on the tracks and you're
8:51 am
stuck on there for four hours, can you get off plane? i can't get off the plane on the tarmac. >> i consider myself mr. amtrak. i'm on the dray every day. it has been delayed so many times. but believe me even if they're at a platform they will lock the doors. so the question of can i get off is the a physical one. can i physically get off. they don't people roaming around on the tracks. people not in the area don't know how fast that acela moves. it is instant death. >> heather, walking to grandma's house and i slip on her front walk and crack my nothinging. can i sue the grandmother. >> you can probably sue the person who owns the house if they haven't removed the ice. if you want to sue the town the only way is if they affirmatively acted and plowed the snow in a way it's in your way and made something slippery then you can sue the town. >> we've covered everything
8:52 am
planes trains and automobiles for everybody who might get into trouble. don't scream at the tsa officers or flight attendants. >> stay calm and composed. >> on the tv. >> on most days. >> danny, heather and joey happy thanksgiving to you and your families. come right back to work with us if you would. thanks all three of you. we are trying to get home this holiday. three cnn journalists are about to embark on the great race home. we'll start them at the starting line hit the go button. they're headed to dc. which one will win in the plane or train or automobile? back after this. ♪ through 12 blizzards blowing ♪♪ ♪ 6 snowballs flying ♪ ♪ 5 packages addressed by toddlers ♪ ♪ that's a q ♪ ♪ 4 lightning bolts ♪ ♪ 3 creepy gnomes ♪ ♪ 2 angry geese ♪ ♪ and a giant blow-up snowman ♪ ♪ that kind of freaks me out ♪ [ beep ] [ female announcer ] no one delivers the holidays like the u.s. postal service.rity
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8:54 am
it feels good to be a helping hand.
8:55 am
so we are now counting down the seconds to cnn's great race because at noon eastern, three of our finest correspondents will set off by planes trains and automobiles right here from new york city. they're going to try to be the first to make it "the situation room" set in washington, d.c. and no, this isn't cannonball run. they're not going to speed to do it. we want to know which mode of transportation will be the most successful especially in the weather. brian todd nic robertson and
8:56 am
lisa dejarden will be tweeting and skyping their progress all day. i've always wondered in weather which one is the best choice. brian, you got the short straw because you're driving. what's your strategy? >> to lead police on a three-state high speed chase just to give myself any chance of beating these two. no it's got to be patience situational awareness, you know and that will get you through, hopefully. >> nic, you've kind of got the easy one.i don't know. airplanes are hard. you've got a tight schedule. when does your flight leave. >> i've got to get out of the gate so fast. i've got 359 minutes to make the flight. if i don't make that, then i guess i'll just take a horse or start calling in the police on you and get -- something might happen to the train maybe. >> who knows. who knows. >> lisa, what's the schedule? last night, it was an absolute zoo at penn station. wa do you have on tap to get to where you're going? >> it was a zoo yesterday.
8:57 am
i'm counting on hopefully a delay for nic, maybe trouble making the flight. >> fine for me. >> nye train leaves at the exact second his flight is supposed to leave, 1:00 eastern time. my advantage is i don't have to go through the same security lines he does. i feel sure i'm going to make the train as long as there's no flooding. i two have two gifts. i brought you each an apple because you won't have the food car that i will have. >> adorable. >> meal of the day. >> metal inside? tsa going to find something in this? >> exactly. >> i'm looking at the clock and going to get you counted down in 148 seconds. brian and nick and lisa stay safe. that's the key order of the day here. i want you all to get your hands out. you're all going to hit the start button at once and boogie from the studio in three, two, one. away you go. >> i can't wait to see! see you later, guys. again into the loving arms of what would be wolf blitzer if he were in "the situation room." he's not today. but this is going to be great. all day long, cnn will be
8:58 am
watching their progress to see how they do. they've got all sorts of social communications to keep us updated how they're doing. it will be fun for nic to try to update us in the sky because those rules haven't kicked in he can call us on his cell. the great race home. stay tuned and watch when all three modes of transportation stink. thank you for watching everyone. have a wonderful thanksgiving, as well. i hope to go the to see your families tonight. stay tuned because "around the world" starts right now. >> it's its too tempting not to say it, trains planes and automobiles. >> say it again, the thanksgiving travel full effect now. but the trip to the family's house might be a rough ride for people along the east coast. good afternoon, i'm suzanne malveaux. >> welcome back. >> good to be back. i was on one of those planes. i did okay. >> you live on planes. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company on this
8:59 am
it, the busiest travel day of the year if you didn't know that already and also if you didn't know it already, that major storm threatening to make it one of the messest all along the eastern section of the country. >> heavy rain sleet, strong winds, snow all the above. so you've got to have a patience if you're going to get through all of this. as you see, as you set out for the thanksgiving holiday, what we're watching here, our cameras are looking at live pictures from some of the country's major airports and interstates, as you can imagine, the roads are pretty slick.
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