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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 5, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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she could speak arabic. >> not an easy language to learn. good for her. we'll see how she does. >> good-bye from us. >> thanks for watching. c"cnn newsroom" starts now. right now the economy's growing but stocks are sinking. we'll tell you why. also, right now fast food workers are sending a message, minimum wage is not enough to live on. walking off their jobs. goal is to double their pay. and right now, the killing of an american in benghazi, libya. it's being investigated, reportedly a school teacher and he's described as someone who is, quote, sweet to everyone. -- captions by vitac -- hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. first up, the health of the u.s. economy and your 401(k), a key checkup shows the economy
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growing at a quicker pace than expected. you'd that that would send stocks soaring but that's not necessarily the case. zain asher joining us from the new york stock exchange. start with the key economic report that came out today. how much growth are we talking about? >> reporter: third quarter gdp coming in at 3.6%. certainly a good headline number and the biggest growth we've seen since the first quarter of 2012. part of the reason for this is seeing a bigger boost in inventories, bigger buildup in inventorie inventories. you'll see consumer spending is weak. but if you remove inventories from the data, gdp third quarter actually would have come in at 1.9%. not necessarily that impressive. how far, the headline number's getting stronger. if you compare it to what we've seen this year, the first three months of the year, 1.1%, last quarter 2.5%, and also this number is certainly in line with stronger economic reports we've seen just this week from the car
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industry, and also housing and jobless claims as well. >> very encouraging. but stocks not necessarily all that -- down 25 points now, right? explain why investors are a bit nervous though there has been this positive economic growth number. >> reporter: absolutely. here's the thing. when you have a positive number like third quarter gdp or good numbers in housing the market looks tats differently because the fear is all about tapering. when you have positive economic reportsed idea is the fed might pull back on stimulus. that's the fear. lower volume also being traded. december is historically a good month in terms of stocks but we've had a good rally this year that investors are pulling profits off the table. wolf? >> thank you. wall street investors, as we see, they're holding back. so are consumers even with deep discounts the holiday shopping season got off to a sluggish
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start. americans not confident in how things are going. let's go to new york and continue our conversation with our global economic analysts. job growth is up, stock market has made major gains throughout the year, not necessarily the last few days, but americans remain skeptical. take a look at cnn/orc poll. 24% believe the economy's starting to recover. 39% actually believe it's getting worse. what do you think of the disconnect? >> i think what you're seeing is the long-term trend of higher than average unemployment which has started to tick down a little bit in recent months by still much higher than it should be at this point in recovery. as a consequence you have flat wages. when you think about what makes consumers feel more confident it's having more money in their pockets. the average person in the country hasn't gotten a raise in over four years.
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>> the market may be down over last few days but overall this year, major, major gains, record highs on s&p, dow jones boosting a lot of americans' 401(k)s, retirement plans. why aren't americans feeling things are moving in the right direction? >> you pointed out the major disconnect in the economy. yes, stocks have been up but up in large part because the federal reserve pumping so much money into the economy. a lot of smoort investors are feel real earnings growth, growth in the economy that would buoy stocks longer term isn't there. the top 25% of americans own 75% of the stocks. so if you're wealthy, you're feeling it. but if you're in the middle and on the lower end of the economic spectrum, you aren't. >> as president obama pointed out yesterday a growing disparity between the haves and have-nots here in the country. is that a real threat to the
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overall economy? >> i think it absolutely is. i think it is the key economic problem of our time, the growing income gap and stagnant wages. our economy is made up of 70% consumer spending. if you have the majority of americans not getting raises, not feeling confident you cannot have a more robust recovery longer term. we've got to get unemployment down and wages up. >> you're talking to the smartest analysts in new york, what is their prediction going into 2014? what can we an tess pate? >> well, i think that people are expecting the federal reserve to start tapering back on its asset buying. they've been pouring $85 billion a month into the economy, one of the reasons stocks remain high. i did a cover story in "time "s on carl icahn who believes that the market is going to break at some point, in part because of things we've been talking about, higher inequality, low wages and generally low growth. i think we're looking at 2%, not
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too much more than 2% going forward in the next few months. >> if the fed curtails some of that stimulus money that they've been pumping into the economy, that would have an impact on wall street as well, right? >> that's right. you know, i think that it's interesting, the public sector versus private. manufacturing has made a comeback but people aren't spending enough and i think the fact that government has been a headwind to growth rather than a help through making washington function better, getting rid of gridlock coming to consensus about political issues that's a real underminer for people's confidence, and hopefully that will change going forward. >> thanks very much. hungry for fast food today? in some parts of the country, good luck. minimum wage worker at mcdonald's, wendy's, they are walking off the job part of an organiz organized wage effort to raise
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$ 15. today's work stoppage expected to involve fast food chains in 100 cities. even president obama's offering moral support. >> we know we're going to have a greater and greater portion of our people in the service sector and we know that there are aren't workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail salespeople who work their tails off and still living at or barely above poverty and that's why it's well past the time to raise a minute mum wage. >> executive with the white castle burger change, playing employee $15 would kill the company. other news, state department has now confirmed that a united states citizen was killed in benghazi, libya.
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details are still coming in to cnn. the man worked as a chemistry teacher at an international school in benghazi. senior international correspondent nic robertson joining us from new york. the american has been identified. >> reporter: he has. ronnie smith was his name, a young man from believed to be from texas, was a chemistry teacher at that international school in benghazi. but the web postings, social media postings put up, he was well liked. principal attent national school saying he was a very sweet man, somebody cherished by his students. he was gunned down today while exercising, gunned down by gunmen, unidentified gunmen so far. no claim of responsibility yet. but clearly benghazi, a troubled city, one that is very difficult place for westerners to live in at the moment, wolf. >> and i understand in al qaeda
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represent everyboative has put video asking to rise up against the united states. could there be an al qaeda potential link on this attack on the american school teacher? >> reporter: certainly something that can't be overlooked. the al qaeda spokeman, the american al qaeda spokesman, adam gadahn a few days ago, 17-meant audio web posting told libyans to rise up and take vengeance against american interests and cited 9/11 attacks and other attacks against u.s. interests around the world in this. they were to do this in revenge for the united states two months ago arresting al libi, remember he was the man brought to the united states accused of being involved in the and 998 attacks on the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. this is what gadahn is saying, there are echoes of the statement put out by the
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al qaeda leader al zawahiri on the eve of killing chris stevens in benghazi, threats for libyans to attack americans. >> nic, thanks very much. nic robertson, who has himself spent lots of days in libya over these years, thanks very much. there's a disturbing, new report on cybersecurity. according to the firm trust wave, hackers in the netherlands have accessed more than 2 million user names and passwords from thousands of popular websites including facebook, g-mail, yahoo! twitter and others. laurie segall is joining us. sounds like a sophisticated operation. how did it work? >> wolf, absolutely was. something called pony malware. you get a link, looks look something you'd click on. malware would be on the computer, they'd look at your browsing history, get many passwords. as you said, 2 million accounts
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affected. the scope of the hack was huge. >> what surprising outcome, people using weak passwords which is a big no-no, as far as this situation is concerned. tell us about that. >> absolutely right. what happened, this didn't happen because the passwords were weak, people clicked on a link. what we gathered from the hacks people have weak passwords of the 2 million accounts affected 15,000 people, most common passwords is 123456. and looking at iterations of the 123-digit combo. another common password, password. and again, you see these digits, 123 iteration. hackers probably knew that those were weak passwords but have evidence that these are weak passwords. if your password looks anything like there is, change it immediately. you know, use a number of characters, symbols, use upper and lower case letters, so
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important when it comes to dodging hackers. the more creative you are, the better chance you have against a hacker. >> what do people need to know now to protect their accounts? >> besides strong passwords, which we've seen a lot of people have weak passwords, install anti-virus software on your computer. don't click on suspicious links, even if friends. have separate passwords for different accounts. maybe your twitter password is different than facebook. if something like this does happen to you, you don't have to change all of your passwords, wolf. >> and unrelated mat, the white house obviously takes cybersecurity seriously, including the type of mobile device the president is allowed to use. apparently it's not an iphone, right? there he was joking, his security doesn't allow him to usen iphone. i was thinking, the iphone, i talked to a hacker friend, he
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said it's looked at being more secure than android. think about all we do on our iphones, check our mail, our bank accounts, tweet, use facebook. what this hacker friend said, the president is one of the number one targets. so obviously they've got to take extra precautions, wolf. >> obviously, indeed. thanks very much. so you remember mitt romney and his statement about so-called binders full of women? or a congressman's comment about rape that cost him the election. what republicans are doing to prevent those gaffes. ñó5wó
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cortizone-10 has the strongest nonprescription itch medicine plus moisturizers to help heal skin fast. cortizone-10. feel the heal. republican candidates are
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getting coschooled about how to run against women in the upcoming elections. the sessions are designed to prevent gaffes like the ones that plagued some republicans in 2012. former congressman todd akin, a prime example. remember this comment on abortion during his run for the u.s. senate? >> what about in the case of rape? should it be legal or not? >> well, you know, people always want to try to make that as one of those things, how do you slice this particularly tough sort of ethical question. it seems to me, first of all, from what i understand from doctors, that's rare. if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. let's assume maybe that didn't work or something. i think there should be punishment but the punishment ought to be in the rapist and not attacking the child. >> dana bash is joining us. john boehner said today republicans need to do a whole lot better on this front. listen to what he said.
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>> trying to get them to be more sensitive, you know? look around the congress, there are a lot more females in the democrat caucus than the republican caucus. some of our members aren't as sensitive as they ought to be. >> what are you hearing on the hill about tutoring sessions? >> reporter: well, what we're told is that what they're doing over at the nrcc, the political arm of the republican party and the house that tries to get members elected, is they're doing broad tutorials, media training for all candidates, which is not new. both party dozen that. as part of the tutorials they're being more focused on avoiding the gaffes, asked about abortion, subjects that are sense tev and prone to foot in mouth moments to not answer those the way todd akin did but more broadly, to talk more in a
10:19 am
way for republicans talk more in a way that's relatable to women voters, talk about themselves as husbands and fathers. this is something i had the chance to talk to eric cantor about what he thinks the issue is. l listen to what he said. do you not know how to talk to women, sir? >> we have any number of republican women in our conference who are real leaders on all kinds of issues. >> but as -- is there a problem with men in the republican party, your rank and file who don't know how to communicate to reach female voters? >> it is our policies that are going to appeal to both female and male voters. >> they haven't. >> when we're talking about health care, right now, our health care starts with people and patients. >> there are times when you hear republican candidates, even republican members, talk about rape, things that you would rather them not talk about message wise, language wise, are
10:20 am
you trying to put a stop to that? >> again, dana, i would say that our policies, the underlying prescriptions that we have for people is what most are concerned about, men and women. >> now, one of the big problems republicans across the board admit that they have in reaching female voters is that they don't have that many female candidates, representatives. right now, in the house majority, a great example, 232 republicans, a big number, of those 232 republicans, 19 are women. only 19 female republicans in the house of representatives. that is another thing that they're trying to change inside the house republican leadership. >> i remember this comment from mitt romney during the campaign last year, also agitated a lot of folks, especially women. listen to this. >> i said, gosh, can't we -- can't we find some women that are also qualified? we took a concerted effort to
10:21 am
find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. i went to a number of women's groups and said, can you help us find folks? they brought us binders full of women. >> binders full of women caused him some grief out there. how serious is the gender gap problem for the republicans right now? >> reporter: it's a huge problem. mitt romney lost with the women vote 11% and it's not new and not just about mitt romney. it's been like that for republicans for years. and he talked to democrats who are really, really trying to retake the house and of course keep control of the senate in the next election. any time a republican says anything that can be used by democrats as, you know, a message about republicans and their war on women, they take it and seize on it because the predisposition is already there in the elect terror rate to listen to something like mitt romney and saying binders of women, what he was trying to
10:22 am
say, hard to hire women and put women if my cabinet and business and it turned on its head because of the way people perceive republicans and women, and that is the fundamental thing they're trying to change back as we started this conversation in those media training sessions that house republicans are having. >> dana's going to more 5:00 p.m. with eric can ter. thanks very much. we're learning new information right now about those rape allegations against a florida state university quarterback, jameis winston. details of a police affidavit, that's coming up. honestly, i wanted a phone with a better camera. my boyfriend has a lot of can't-miss moments. i checked out the windows phones and saw the lumia 1020 has 41 megapixels. so i can zoom way in even after i take the picture. and i can adjust the shot before i take it so i get it exactly how i want. so, i went with a windows phone. maybe i just see things other people don't.
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he's the star quarterback on the number one college football team in the country and a front-runner for the heisman trophy but the future of the florida state university quarterback jameis winston could change dramatically next now, when a state attorney in florida will announce whether these charging winston with rape. martin savidge is joining us, you're getting new information about the allegations against winston if? what are you learning. >> the authorities, the tallahassee police department, released to cnn what is really a probable cause statement. now the statement was taken in january of this year. it goes back some time. but it gives us some insight and detail to what the victim says happened to her. on the night of the attack she was out with a number of friends and in a bar called potbelly's. she had five or six shots and
10:27 am
after that time her friends left and she says she began feeling effects of the alcohol and that's when her memory becomes rather broken, she says. and she admits one point she thought she was in the back of the taxicab with a nondescript male. it was in the apartment he undresses her and rapes her. she protests. another black male with dreadlocks says, stop that, which the suspect drags her in the bathroom and according to the report completes the act and takes her on a motor bike and drops her off in a street. the sort of detail we're learning but the answer as to whether there is going to be prosecution, that's going to come in about 35 minutes from now when that's announced in tallahassee. >> we'll know sooner rather than later. no need to speculate about that. but, paul, give us your assessment right now, based on what you know as far as this case is concerned, when prosecutors have to go through the evidence, they've got to
10:28 am
come up with strong evidence to make these formal charges, right? >> well they do, wolf. what surprises me about this is, well, of course, the rape allegedly happened back in december of 2012. so an enormous amount of time has gone by. but prosecutors, when they're announcing an indictment or criminal charges, they don't usually do it in advance of the surrender of the potential defendant. and for a very simple reason, he might get on a plane and flee if he knows he's going to be indicted. you can say, this is a famous football player, where would he go? normally, a prosecutor only has a press conference after an indictment has been handed down, after an arrest has been made, to outline what's going to happen next. you rarely have a case where in advance you trigger and signal the arrest of somebody. so i'll be surprised if they announce that there's an indictment or he's going to be
10:29 am
charged. they may be saying they can't charge him because there's problems with the case. i think most view lawyers view it that way. >> top of the hour we should know. thanks very much. stand by, we'll have coverage of that, the florida state attorney willie megs scheduled to announce his decision on this controversial case 2:00 p.m. eastern a half hour or so for now. live coverage on cnn. stand by for that. president obama tries to fire up the democratic party base, but will democrats be running away from obama care? the chair of the democratic national committee representative debbie wasser man schultz here to talk to us about the road ahead. we'll talk about that and more. ♪
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president obama trying to fire up the democratic party base. he's shifting focus back to the economy and the middle class and trying to move past the problems with the obama care website. those problems, however, could make things tough for some democrats up for re-election in the coming reyear. congressman debbie wasserman schultz, "for the next
10:34 am
generation, wake-up call to solving the nation's problems" and chair of the democratic national committee joining us today. thanks very much for coming in. you argue the democrats should not run away from the affordable care act, in fact they should be proud of the affordable care act but plenty of democrats nervous about the obama care website and problems that have been caused by it could hurt their chances of re-election or election? >> more than just arguing that they shouldn't run away, i'm arguing, and believe, that democrats through next year's election will be able to run on the affordable care act and its benefits as an advantage. >> what if it's not working? >> but is it working. >> what if the numbers aren't there million healthy young people who need to get insurance to subsidize older, sicker people? >> we're focused on making sure people know about the benefits, have an opportunity to go on the website since monday where over
10:35 am
2 million in people in the last three days able to get on, shom around, compare plans and tens of thousands signed up in the last few days. making sure people who have a preexisting condition can't be dropped or denied coverage. making sure they have access to preventive care, those are critical benefits when cared to what republicans want do, repeal or sabotage the affordable care act or shut down the government, that's the choice voters will have and i think voters will choose our candidates who have been trying to give them quality affordable health care. >> you're a breast cancer survivor. >> my six-year anniversary's this weekend. >> everything's okay. >> yes, thank god. >> you have to switch insurance, right. >> yes. >> you're a member of congress. you have to go to the website. >> i'm in the middle of
10:36 am
comparing plans for my family. >> why are you waiting so long? it's december. >> i'm a little busy. >> you have to -- you want to have the same doctors, the same hospitals, access as you -- you look your medical treatment that you received over the years? >> yes. >> will you be able to have that? >> absolutely. >> are you sure. >> 100% sure. >> though you haven't signed up yet? >> i've found plans on the dc shop that members of congress are eligible for and our staff that have my doctors, that have the benefits that are essential for my family. actually with dental care, i'm a mom, i have three kids, two need ort danya, i have a plan that has better coverage than the plan that we have now. >> what about cost? will you be paying more, will you be paying less? how is that working out? >> it's a choice. the choice i have is pay a high higher deductible -- we don't
10:37 am
have a deductible now that we use -- and have lower premiums or pay a lower deduct. >> >> dow you have access to -- who did you used to use. >> blue cross blue shield. >> will you continue with blue cross blue shield. >> i can use blue cross blue shield of florida or united health care. there's 112 choices. >> the same policy. >> yes. >> at the same cost or more? >> new york i can -- i will either have the same cost or little bit less. i can pay more if i want a zero deductible plan. >> your staff can condition as it used to condition? >> most of the staff are paying less. >> going to the affordable care act. >> yes. >> you saw the controversy with harry reid. >> yeah. my staff is all going. all of my eligible staff. >> is that a political problem for the democrats? the democratic leader in the
10:38 am
senate decided he would do what mitch mcconnell didn't do, what the other leaders, nancy pelosi didn't do, what the speaker didn't do, is that a problem? >> the affordable care act is about choice, making sure everybody has access to the quality affordable health care and can make their own choices and each member has to make their decision. >> we're hearing from politico, other sources, dana bash interviewed eric cantor republicans are tutoring some republicans about dealing with women's issues because of some of the todd akin gaffes and other problems. you're smiling, you're laughing. why is that funny? >> it's a riot that republicans feel if they just give their candidates sensitivity training that this is going to clear up all of the problems that they have with women voters. what they need to do is have some sessions on the issues that are important to women and how bad their policies are for women. they oppose equal pay for equal work legislation. tried to defund planned
10:39 am
parenthood, cut out title 10 fund, family planning. they've consistently tried to have bosses be able to make decisions for women's health care choices. they are totally wrong on issues that matter to women and that's why they keep losing the women's vote. >> tutoring you don't think will make a difference. >> learning how to, touchy-feeley is not a key to their success. >> debbie wasserman schultz, she's smiling, laughing, likes that story obviously. congresswoman from south florida. >> happy holidays. >> thank you. just ahead, new revelations from edward snowden on the global reach of the senate security agency. the number of cell phones it's tracking around the world might, probably will, astound you. what if you were convicted of a crime you did not commit? this is an incredible story, an innocent man sent to prison for 25 years for killing his wife and his fight to clear his name.
10:40 am
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the super secret national security agency actively monitoring hundreds of millions of cell phones around the world. that, according to today's "the washington post" based on top secret documents divulged by edward snowden. they reveal the spy agency's gathering 5 billion cell phone records every 24 hours. brian todd is looking into the story. cell phones belonging to american as well, are they part of this? >> inadvertently, yes.
10:44 am
the nsa, as you no, not allowed to spy on americans and senior u.s. intelligence official tells evan peres the location program, the one reported on, is focused on foreign targets. and the nsa says it does not intentionally target american but was the whereabouts the phones of some americans overseas and some in the u.s. could be collected inadvertently in these operations. a senior u.s. official tells perez they try to minimize that when an innocent american's cell phone's location is collected they try remove that from the database as soon as collected. they're trying to minimize and avoid targeting innocent american's cell tones. >> what does the nsa do with the information? >> it's intent to find co-travelers, people who might be traveling with or meeting up with people they're surveilling. unknown associates, not known at
10:45 am
the time but target, they target the person who they are surveil, follow that person's cell phone, the location of that cell phone, because the cell phone towers where that target is in the area where that target is moving around in give them that information, shows where the target is located to track associates they follow signals that may be moving alongside the target signal or signals that may be arriving at the same location at the same time, indicating a possible meeting. it's fascinating the way they do it. it's through tracking the signals that the cell phone towers send about the locations of the cell phones being used by those targets. >> fascinating stuff. amazing when you think about the numbers, 5 billion. >> 5 billion a day. >> amazing. >> that's records, not cell phones. >> who can go through all of the material? >> it's complicated. >> thanks very much. the investigation into a deadly train cash focusing in on whether the engineer was asleep at the switch. what about drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel?
10:46 am
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mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup. funeral services are taking place for some of the victims of sunday's train derailment in new york. four people died in the crash, 67 others injured, 2 survivors already filed notices they noon sue for negligence. one is seeking $10 million in punitive damages because of his injuries. another train accident today shut down part of the new jersey turnpike. authorities tell our affiliate two tanker cars carrying a flammable liquid derailed interchange 12 on the
10:50 am
>> the investigation into sunday's deadly crash has focused in on the engineer. a union represent said william rockefeller nodded off at the controls. his attorney blamed it on what he called highway hypnosis. whatever the case, the accident raises the serious concerns of the dangers of drowsiness while operating any vehicle, including cars. rene marsh takes a closer look at what researchers are doing to try to prevent people from falling asleep at the wheel. >> dramatic dashboard video captured a 71-year-old woman asleep at the wheel. her car crashes through the windshield of an oncoming car. everyone survives. and in florida, police officers dashcam captures a reported drowsy driver smashing into his cruiser. both lived. drowsy drivers cause an estimated 40,000 injuries and
10:51 am
more than 1500 deaths annually. being awake for more than 20 hours can cause impairment equal to a blood alcohol level of 0 .08 percent, the legal limit. >> similar to alcohol intoxication, your responses and data processing speed would be slower. >> 20% of accidents include droizy drivers. and no sleep means bad moves on the road. aweek for 21 hours, i got behind the wheel. i drove the 2.2 mile test track at virginia tech transportation institute. nearly an hour later, cameras installed inside the car captured my eye movements. slow blinking, one indication of a drowsy driver. >> let's turn, put your turn signal on, that you're going to pass them. >> oh. wrong thing. >> so you start making errors. now you're drifting outside the lane a little bit.
10:52 am
>> if i'm starting to kind of nod off, it follows my face down. >> virginia tech researchers are developing facial tracking software that could one day be installed in vehicles. >> how did i do? >> it was good. i mean, there was certainly, you had some effects of fatigue. i saw a lot of slow eyelid closure. i could definitely tell you were fatigued, but we made it back ipone piece. >> unexpert said a ten-minute nap can restore the body somewhat, but the more the better. >> americans could be hit with sticker sh eer smock at the gro store. milk for $7 a gallon? yes, it could happen. we'll tell you why. that's next. >> thank you all for coming today, and being here. i'm going to read a statement, and then i'll try to entertain
10:53 am
any questions you may have. i know there's been a lot of concern about the length of time that we've taken to complete our investigation. but i want to assure you that our timing should not and has not been driven by any heisman demands or football schedule. as we do with every case that comes before us, we wanted to be confident in the decision we make and make sure we make the right decision. i have been in law enforcement nearly 50 years. and prosecution -- my prosecution experience has taught me that we need to handle each case equally and fairly. and it's a search for the truth. we did so in this case. our city has two universities, major universities here. and we've dealt with athletes on prior occasions. and made decisions at some time to prosecute them if the facts merited it. we're carefully examines all of the evidence in this case, and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone in
10:54 am
this case. a public record of our investigation will be made available to anyone who wants it, and you'll be able to see the evidence that should lead you to us making the decision. that we have made. i do want to commend jason newland, here in the blue shirt, jason was our investigator who has worked tirelessly for the last 13 working days to get us to this position we're in today, and i do want to commend him. this is georgia, our chief assistant. she's worked hand-in-hand in the case, and so i want to commend her for the job she's done. and all of the law enforcement work that's been done in the case to arrive at this decision. so at this point, i'll be happy to attempt to answer any questions that you may have. >> can you say if this -- is this vindication for winston or not enough information to file the charges? >> i'll let you all determine that when you review the facts.
10:55 am
>> the search warrant, it was clear that there was some accusation that there was a third person in the room. can you explain how that third person was involved and were there any other people questioned as possibly responsible. >> start the first of your question again. >> the search warrant indicated there was a third person in the room. >> there were several people in the room when this event occurred. >> and did you question -- >> they have all been questioned. and that's details in the reports you'll be able to look at. >> how did you arrive at your conclusion that jumaameis winst should not be charged? >> we have a duty as prosecutors to only file those charges if we have a reasonable likelihood of a conviction after reviewing all of the evidence in the case. we did not feel that we could
10:56 am
meet that burden. and therefore, we do not file a charge if we do not feel like we have sufficient evidence to make the charge. >> people are bound -- >> there's the lead county state attorney making the announcement. no charges filed against jameis winston, the quarterback for florida university. he's a front runner for the he's men stroffy. florida state, the number one college team in the country right now. martin, for viewers who are not necessarily familiar with the background, give us a little background. now charges now, we've learned, will be filed. >> this is a case that began almost a year ago, december 7th of 2012, when a young woman at florida state university made the allegation to authorities that she had been raped. and that it was senchl days later, actually in january, when she then made the connection that it was jameis winston who was the one who was responsible for that assault.
10:57 am
an investigation began, but it seemed to also come quickly to an end in february when the tallahassee police said the victim was no longer really communicated with the police department and wanted the charges or the investigation stopped. and that's where everything did seem to stop until last month when apparently news of this investigation was leaked to the media, and they began horting it, and that's when the prosecutor's office said, wait a minute, how come we've never heard of this allegation? that's what sparked the state attorney's office investigating, which brings us to the announcement you just heard, which is that no charges will be filed. >> no charges filed. all right, martin, thanks very much. that's it for me this hour. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." "newsroom" will continue after a short break, with brooke baldwin. toza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal.
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11:00 am
thursday. big news in the world of football, but this could have ramifications way beyond that when it comes to accusers in sex assault in big college football towns. you're looking at pictures of a really good football player. this is fsu quarterback jameis winston, so he had been accused of raping a young woman, the incident apparently taking place about a year ago. so we had just been waiting for the big moment, which has now happened in florida. florida state attorney willy mags officially announcing moments ago that winston would not be facing charges. in case you missed it, let me play that for you first. >> i know there's been a lot of concern about the length of time that we've taken to complete our investigation. but i want to assure you that our timing should not and has not been driven by any heisman demands or football schedule. as we do with every case that comes before us, we wanted to be confident in the decision we make and make sure we make