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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 8, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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goes to greece. while economic troubles go to greece, the report proves it is not always about the money. even syria made the top 10 lift for helping out a stranger. switzerland has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world. how is this possible? i'll explain that and more tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern for viewers. don't miss it. thank you for being pard t of m program this week. i will see you next week. >> hello everyone. these are the stories that are topping the news this hour. temperatures plunge as a dangerous ice storm put millions at risk. killing just for the fun of it? that is what investigators say a
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newly wed couple did. and he was the star of a movie today thousands of paul walker's fans gather for an unforgettable tribute. ice, snow and sleet moving east. an inch of snow and sleet could fall there throughout the day. and this is the same system that dumped four to seven inches of ice and snow in and around cincinnati. people there are digging out but more snow is coming. ice and snow continue to cause major problems near dallas. this is i-35 near fort worth. what a mess.
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we are covering the storm from all angles. we are checking on airport delays and meteorologist will show us where the storm is and where it might be headed next. >> reporter: fred, we had a ground stop here for about 30 minutes within the last hour or so. that was so they could pretreat the run ways. we haven't seen delays here just yet, however a spokes woman for the two airports in the dc area
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said that airlines are beginning to cancel more of their flights for this afternoon and headed into this evening. the problem up until now has been delayed of inbound flights. arrivals here and at the three airports that service the new york area, and also philadelphia, and then chicago's o'hare airport which is an united hub. philadelphia is getting hit the hardest. they are having a lot of snow and ice there. the after rain delay wait time in philadelphia is 1:43 minutes. dallas has been the hardest hit so far. half of those flights were cancelled out of dallas. they are experiencing a delay of
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48 minutes. >> we are in the downtown roanoke, virginia area. this area would be packed with people. here is why. the temperature is hovering around 30 degrees or so. three out the morning we have seen sleet and rain. that is one of the concerns take a look at this. this is a trash can here. imagine this on a roadway. that is what officials are concerned about they are saying
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in this area there is a slight to moderate issue with crews out here. they have pretreated some of the roadways through town. all eyes are going to be on this cold day, fred. you know how football crazy texas is, the weather is so bad that the stadium was practically empty. let's get a check on the one. washington, baltimore and philadelphia. temperatures in the upper 20s
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and snow is on the ground. it is pretty cool to watch. philadelphia really may get hit the hardest with this. all the rain and the green is the rain holding on. the good news with this is we are in the going to see that ice stay in the niice storm. overnight tonight freezing rain
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and rain. total accumulation and monday it is a rain game and all that rain moves out. for new york city that snow moves out. appreciate that. >> a heart felt good-bye to actor paul walker. those who adorn them and his talents today we'll take you there. d"
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police say a pennsylvania couple confessed plotted and killed a man just because they wanted to. they are facing several charges including homicide. looking into this case. is there any kind of explanat n explanation. fred, police tell us that, the new ly wed couple posted an add to lure a 42-year-old man. according to investigators she picked him up from a local mall, they started to drive when he started to touch her she said she pulled a knife from between
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the seats. police say her husband was hiding in the back seat of the car and held a rope around his neck in order to keep his head back. here is what police are telling us the couple is saying now. >> he tells us that they intended to kill somebody together. they had tried to tkill others and failed and this one had actually worked. >> she told us that her husband was not involved and she did this alone and blacked out during part of the process. >> he was left in a yard. residents found him facedown on the morning of november 12th. he had 20 stab buwounds.
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>> this is shocking and horrible. what is next in toys investigation? >> right now we could see another part of this investigation. the couple had moved up here from north carolina. amanda barber has a one-year-old child. organizers are using social media to promote the tribute for paul walker. this is a tribute that walker's
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fans wanted him to do at that place. >> reporter: you have 500 people up and down the street where the crash occurred. many are driving by in rather nice cars. some sports cars and street racers. they have dropped more candles and more flowers. look at this ornate frame. it is sort of a sign post if you will. it shows the cars and he called himself an adrenalin junky. if he wasn't in these movies he would probably be a marine biology gist. we heard someone came from as far away as texas.
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it is sort of a family affair today. we are seeing mothers and sons. we are going to show you a father and daughter who made the movies a part of their life. this is dede and al. >> i saw the first movie and i was 9 years old. i'm 21 so i've grown up watching the movies. it has bonded us throughout the years. it is special because i love my dad. the movies are special to us. >> and you are a marine. what does paul walker mean to you? >> he was a good human being. what has it been like for you to interact with the crowd? >> i'm not surprised. it shows what a good person he was and what he did.
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it is nice to see him come out and support him. it is so unfortunate that it happened to him and his poor kid. everyone seems to be doing as good as he can. great. we should note it has been a respectful crowd people giving each other space and saying what ever they want to. remember a pastor at a nearby church may have a couple of words. it has come together in sort of an organized way. is there anything more that officials are willing to say about why that car impacts that poll, why that crash happened? >> once again, you go back to speed. it was on this street not pfar from here where that car hit
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that poll. that porsche gf is a difficult car to drive. imagine this, it is 10 cylinder and 600 horsepower fred. >> thank you so much from santa clarita, california. we have seen it before and the federal government could shut down again. the clock is ticking and our panel will be weighing in. this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups.
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members of congress will be at home trying to avoid a government shut down. the deadline is this week. if they don't the government could should down again come january 15th when funding runs out. good to see both of you. hi, fred. thank you. >> so, the funeral and memorials
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are up staging having this week. does this relief congress of the pressure to get that budget deal done? you are nodding no. >> no, it doesn't. just because our leader has been called away to a real world event doesn't mean congress doesn't have a job to do and have responsibilities that they have to fulfill. the american public wants the deal done. >> terry, are you saying l inins learned that perhaps the behavior or the process might be a little different? >> the american people have reacted to the government shout
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do shut down story and they have suffered to the public's angst and distrust. the president is leaving the country but the cogs of government are still arriving here. you know there might be a couple of things happening this week that causes us to feel like something won't happen. both parties are trying to get a big number arrived at. but trust me, in january we are still going to be back here trying to solve problems of health care cuts and the farm bill. it has become the status quo here. we have had no big policies except for the affordable care
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act. we are getting used to it. you know kiki, the gauche yeah tors said house speaker john boehner have given a hard deadline. but does that mean the house will adjourn with a deal? here is what i think. the american people have said, we are done with telling you that we are angry with you. do what you will. there will be consequences for it. the other thing that i think, come 2014. but the other thing that has happened is a lot of what drove the drama in the fall were threats around the affordable
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care act. that torch that they wanted to use is no longer the torch that they can use in a fight. the recognition that they got to get a little something done, it won't solve a lot of the big problems. >> do you have a last word on that? >> the shut down controversy was all about the affordable care act. let me make my point. everything that has happened since the government shout down has been to alter the way that it is supposed to sunfold. what we are going to be talking about next weathyear is going te
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it very, very interesting. enjoy the snowy weather. >> a man took a nap on a plane. guess what he woke up all alone to a travel nightmare. south africans are honoring them with a day of prayer. hd "
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here we go again. a big football win turns to street rioting? students set bonfires and overturned cars after last night's big ten championship game. the crowd grew to several thousa thousand. they denied social media reports that they used tear gas.
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a man fell asleep on a plane and woke up in complete darkness with no one else onboard. >> that is not good that you can be stuck on a plane. >> trapped onboard a united express jet at the nation's fifth largest airport. >> i woke up. tom wagner was frantic and said the last he was awake. shoe shut the door? >> he woke up to a pitch black cabin. he made a call to his girlfriend
11:31 am
and she thought he was joking. they were stunned to find the lone passenger. >> he said don't put the blame on me. >> express jet issued this statement saying quote express jet is investigated to determine how this occurred. we apologize for the in conve convenience this caused for the passenger. >> let this be a lesson. >> he is a former fbi agent and counter terrorism expert. he said the incident is alarming. what about a backpack or piece of luggage that could pose a threat to the passenger on the next flight? >> south africans honored nelson
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mandela in a day of prayer today. many say it is a reminder of how he saved the country from oppression and revenge. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: 64-year-old josanna has been coming here to this church her entire life. >> today was a special mass for him. very very special he was a peace loving man. the time he came up from the island he said peace.
11:33 am
so that where he is he will be very pleased. >> older members of the congregation that we were talking to were describing how they were flooded with memories. people used to run from this church when they were trying to flee and hide from authorities. >> there are still bullet holes in the windows. >> i remember things were difficult for black people in this country. we used to run and come so that it can come and assist us because we were in trouble in that time. life for his grandson different. saved from oppression. in the suburb, once the seat of
11:34 am
the apartheid government, thanking the lord from the man who saved them. he remembers the day he led grace for his lunch. >> i think his rec on sconsylin people helped people. >> his presence meant so much for the african people allow them get rid of their guilt feelings. i think everybody loves him. but true reconciliation, i'm not sure if it is really, i don't see it every day. >> but today his death has reminded people of what he stood for. kathy and stewart allen down the usually come to church here. >> why did you feel it was so
11:35 am
important to be here at this church on this day? >> we believe that this church is for what he stood for. cnn south africa. >> and president obama asked that flags in this country belower ee eed in this country. but one sheriff says he is not going to do it. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before.
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you give them the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®. a sheriff in south carolina refuses to lower the u.s. flag in honor of nelson mandela. sheriff clark has a reason. >> he said it should be reserved for american citizens.
11:39 am
he said this honor should be reserved for american citizens. take a listen. >> show a sign of respect for what nelson mandela is doing. but in our country it should be the people. >> he went onto say that it should be lowered at the u.s. embassy and he is receiving overwhelming support. take a look at these facebook comments. this one from john hayes. mandela will be missed. and elaine stewart burgess weighed in as well. there are other more serious issues that need our attention. i'm proud to call you friend. so people there supporting him
11:40 am
fred. >> so the president came out and made the other that everyone should lower the flag but it wasn't an order where there was a penalty behind it. he is not going to be reprimanded. it is more of a guideline than a mandate. lyinden johnson did it. and bill clinton did it for the prime minister of israel. but his sheriff doesn't think that it should be an honor for nelson mandela. >> over seas nuclear inspectors are in iran today. iran is denying it is trying to build a nuclear weapon. cnn has more. >> reporter: this one day
11:41 am
inspection of this heavy water reactor is over. iran says it is not going to shut it down and not part of the secret weapons program and inspectors are welcome to see for themselves. iran is not after nuclear weapons. iran's invitation for the iaea to visit it's heavy water reactor is part of that campaign. this is the third visit to the reaction te reaction. it could be a source for p
11:42 am
plutonium. insisting the reactor is for the production of medical isotopes only. it doesn't have the weapons for plutonium. >> there are specific requirements and agreements made regarding iraq that certainly we have the expectation they will abide by or they will be viol e violating the agreement. but the stage is set for the
11:43 am
world powers to clash over iraq as they continue in the coming months. western powers may want them to expand and they are saying that is something they will never agree to. >> there is no question this will be the topic of intension topics. and resolving differences over this react ter is going to be key if there is going to be a permanent agreement on this new program. >> thank you so much. innocent man lost 25 years of his life. we'll tell you how he was convicted despite evidence proving that he wasn't there. >> the story of serita wailliam is told by 11 tournament wins.
11:44 am
>> to play against her is a big challenge. >> two grand slam trophies. >> you can try but it is tough. >> world number one. >> this year becoming number one i took it upon myself to do the best that i really could. >> how do you top a season like that? you chase history. chris everette and martina have titles. >> the way she is going she could break the records. >> i have four next year to catch up. that will be exciting and hopefully i can do it. ♪
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michael morton served 25 years in prison for the brutal murder of his wife but he didn't do it. here is a clip from the cnn film, "an unreal dream".
11:49 am
>> when i first got to texas penitentiary, they strip you naked and search you. as i cas standing in line to get my boots. i noticed the man in front of me, i counted 13 stab wounds in his back. >> his wife gone, family gone, dreams gone. he was now a murderer and his reality was prison. his new life goal to survive. >> i am probably the personification of that old you can't prove a negative. >> he was trying to prove he didn't beat his wife to death. there was no evidence placing him at the crime scene and no
11:50 am
murder weapon. his own son said daddy didn't do it but that statement didn't come out until years later. >> how rough was it inside. >> i got used to it. >> 14 or 15 years. >> until i got used to it. >> the first years are hard because it is a shock and it is new and it is constant adjustment. >> morton says life behind bars began to take away his sense of self. what he missed most was his son eric who was growing up without him. >> what did your son mean to you? >> he had to represent things to you. ideas over the course of this journey.
11:51 am
>> my son for me he ended up being more than just my child. as i began losing pieces of my self my reputation, my assets, most of my friends as those things diminished, my son's importance rose supply and demand. >> how were those visits? >> to me, it was this i'm a starving man looking at food on the other side and i'm eating it up. and i've since found out, he is looking at me as a guy who doesn't exist in this life. >> as he started to glrow up an wanted distance, how did you deal with that? >> he suspended the visits and when i found out that he had
11:52 am
changed his name legally and been adopted, few things are as powerful to a parent as the rejection of their child. >> he retained his innocence and on the outside the attorneys did not give up. >> i don't keep the files of all the cases that i have tried. i kept his file. his case was different. on almost every level. >> i cross examine people for a living. i have a good sense of when somebody is lying to me. there was nothing about this man that didn't speak to actual innocence. attorneys began working with morton and they thought they had a chance. you say i always thought that i would get out. what fueled the hope? >> it is difficult for me to say
11:53 am
whether it was just faith that i knew i was right and i wasn't guilty that this would work out. or i didn't know how deep i was in. then came the break through that would unravel the case against morton. the existence on the bandana. what was that in your life? >> that bandana, in hindsight was huge. everything turned on that. it is only a big deal when you can look at the big picture and say oh, my god there it is. you can watch "an unreal dream" tonight at 9:00 eastern time right here on cnn. the kennedy center honors are
11:54 am
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you are watching a storm system delivering ice, rain and snow from texas to delaware. we have reporters in all of those places. >> tonight the kennedy center will honor five performing artists. >> music celebrating those who distinguish themselves in the arts. there are no winners and losers.
11:58 am
five of them. so five musical tributes then. >> the arrangers have been available. >> this show combines grammy awards and this year, here at the kennedy center's opera house. ♪ >> they aare carlos santana. hard to beat a top ten album in every decade since the 1960s. and billy joel ♪ sing us a song you're the piano man ♪ >> and heavy hancock. ♪ >> whose early use of electric
11:59 am
keyboards forever changed the world of jazz. it is partly what drives my interest of science and technology. >> also being honored tonight actress shirley mcklain. the actress joined the cast of the popular briti british show n abbey. >> and rounding out the list, martina labroyo. but who will perform tonight is top secret. >> any surprises? >> it wouldn't be a surprise if i did. >> cnn washington. >> we will have to wait patiently. but congrats to the honorees. and among them shirley mcklain.
12:00 pm
in an hour she will be weighing in. we have much more an it starts right now. hello again, these stories topping the news this hour. temperatures across the u.s. plunge. what it means for your travel plans. and he was the star of a movie that has generated over $2 billion around the globe. today his fans gather for an unforgettable tribute. killing for the fun of it? that is what investigators say a newly wed couple did. we'll tell you who confessed.