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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 8, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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in an hour she will be weighing in. we have much more an it starts right now. hello again, these stories topping the news this hour. temperatures across the u.s. plunge. what it means for your travel plans. and he was the star of a movie that has generated over $2 billion around the globe. today his fans gather for an unforgettable tribute. killing for the fun of it? that is what investigators say a newly wed couple did. we'll tell you who confessed.
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check out these images from the eagles lions game in philadelphia. the snow began falling an hour before the game and it is still coming down. forecasters are calling for three to six inches of snow and sleet. in the dallas area ice and snow continue there. tractor trailer lined up. bogged down by icy and slik highways there. we have team coverage of this storm. so this snow and ice not just causing problems in the northeast, things are backed up in the country.
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so, lots of delays there? >> yes, there are a number of delays now. some of the airlines started delays flights within the last hour. we started to see people who had checked in. i talked to a woman at 2:00 for a 9:00 flight who had already been delayed. what we are seeing the worst of in philadelphia. the average wait time there is an hour and 43 minutes. they are all starting to see delayed flights. the problem has been with inbound flights. we are seeing more delayed inbound flights that is a slowdown to the monday morning commute. the worst of it so far has been
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in dallas of course half of those flights were cancelled. they are seeing an average 45 minute air time. they have seen a storm but it is a united hub and the inbound flights have been delayed. a lot of the major airports lots of hubs are seeing serious delays. so the cold temperatures and snow not just affecting air travel the roads are affecting the mess. so how are things looking. so fred, first of all, it is deck kaorated like christmas he.
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they have cancelled church services and to put things into perspective here. it is below freezing. it is ice accumulation throughout the day. possibly freezing rain later on. frozen windshields and the likes. they are putting down salt. according to the department of transportation officials here in j virginia they are telling us that the roads are slick. it has been tough going for cars. so far not so bad in this area. they are saying don't drive
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tonight. with more on what could happen after that. we have our fingers crossed for monday. you say there might be a thaw. you can see here is roanoke down here. from washington to philadelphia, here is a pretty shot, you can see the cars moving, snow coming down there, they will pick up a couple of inches, no question
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about it. i want to show you where the heaviest snow is. i-65 around baltimore, very heavy snow coming down and a lot of issues on the roads there. 10:00 tonight it is in new york. washington changing over to sleet and freezing rain. overnight, it will be rain. one to two inches of snow and sleet.
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three to six inches of snow and sleet on monday as.swarm up into the 40s. new york city the snow will make its way in within an hour or so. that is quite the full bag of tricks there. >> sounds good. >> all right happening right now. on the west coast. santa clarita, california. a tribute to fast and furious star. walker's fans organized this. came up with a way to honor the
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two men. he died last week after a porsche that he was riding in brurs the burst into flames. >> looks like a pretty sizable turnout. >> fred, we have had more than 1,000 people up and down the street right now. we will call it a makeshift car show. huge crowd here gathering here. and even further down the street another part of the memorial. one man from bakersfield built a huge pose ter board that people
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could sign. >> it is like losing a friend. we never met face-to-face but sitting there bringing movies into your house. it really hurts. he was a genuine person with a big heart. he wasn't like every other celebrity. materialistic things were not important to him. helping people. he was an amazing person. >> and a very emotional here. many people saying how much of a genuine person that they felt paul walker was. one man behind me talking about their favorite cars. this memorial keeps continuing to grow, fred. >> it does in deed. >> sorry missed there.
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>> thank you. >> all right coming up. newly wed couple charged in a brutal murder. they plotted and killed the man just for the thrill of it? >> we uncover the deadly scheme. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track.
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in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. this this are investigating the arrest of a bizarre murder case. what do we know about the connection of the couple an the victim.
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they posted an add on kras cra list. they told police they picked him up at a local mall. she said her husband of just three weeks was sitting in the back of the car and both newleweds were hiding on the back of the car. she tells him that they tried to kill other individuals and they failed this happened to be one that worked. she told us that her husband was not involved. she told us that she acted alone. she told us that she acted alone
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and blacked out. >> police found the body and said he had been stabbed 20 times. >> now what? >> at this point the court case will move forward but the investigation won't stop. the couple had just moved here. >> okay keep us posted thanks so much. >> here is something that you could probably relate to. who doesn't fall asleep on a plane. of course most people do wake up. within time, well tom wagner he didn't. houston no one noticed him. hours later, when he woke up in the cold in the dark plane, he called his girlfriend for help on the phone. he asked him to keep all of this
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secret. he didn't. >> i said don't put the blame on me. they didn't sweep the plane? who shout tut the door. >> in 38 days the federal government could shut down again. that is when the money runs out. will congress take action to stop it from happening. chief political correspondent joins us next.
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will there be a budget deal by friday? probably not. >> they have money until the 15th of january. cag tends to expand to use the
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time that they have. when they are silent they are actually pretty close to something. will it appear that there is less pressure from the white house if the president is not there to have a last minute deals or talks? this is no exception. his presence isn't needed. they are far more mute that it
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is an election year. >> how to run against women candidates. how to talk to women voters i know you talked about this on your show today. if they finally figured out that they can't win the white house without female voters? >> they have call ways known that. that the female voters, minority voters, there are problems across spectrum that they are trying to address. having said that, among married white women the gop always wins. they have something that tends to offend women and it blankets the republican are party. john boehner says they have people that don't know how to handle this.
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we did talk about this on the show this morning. i want you to hear the different views. >> they think the problem is about the rhetoric. it is not. republicans say they want to do better outreach to women while trying to push greater restrictions to women's access on health care. >> republicans don't have a problem working and talking with women we controeg l 30 of the governships and 26 state houses and senate chambers. we in fact now how to speak to women on policy issues.
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>> the clock is ticki inin inin 2014. >> another world record setting performance for the co-owner of hockey's pittsburgh penguin's bought the champs gold metal. that is 9 highest price ever. he was 23 years old when he shocked the world winning four gold medals. his wins broke barriers for generations to come. it is dispushing that his medal
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is being auctioned off. we as a family hope that if you know who ever gets it puts it on display and holds it in high esteem. so the proceeds of that auction the sale of that medal will be doe tate enated to the jesse ow foundation. we got a call into see what he is going to do with the medal after winning that auction. all right millions attended celebrations to honor nelson mandela it is part of a special day of prayer. some of the biggest services were held. i could quit smoking but chantix helped me do it. i told my doctor i think i'm... i'm ready.
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>> reporter: current el dest grandson there were prayers for him. you didn't have to be inside a church today. to take part in dance and honor of the former president. you are hearing late into the
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night on sunday. people still turning out inside the home of the area where he passed away late thursday. people still coming out to add flowers here. to dance and sing as well. we are gearing up for what is sure to be a historic week in this country. there are 59 diplomates coming from the nations around the world. it is what some were saying could be the largest gather iin in the world leaders. they have announced more details of what could take place. they will erect 90 big screen
12:31 pm
monitors so people could take part. and fred on wednesday, thursday and friday when his body will be lying in state. the government will publicize the streets. incredible week of mourning. thank you so much. >> back in this country now a sheriff in south carolina refuses to lower the flag in honor of nelson mandela. why would he do that? >> rick clark some are saying that he is being stubborn. of course not an american
12:32 pm
citizen but sheriff rick clark there. he laid out his argument to our local affiliate. >> i have no problem with lower it in south africa, but it our country it should be the people who have acry ficed rr rr rry country. >> take a look at some of these facebook posted that commented on his position. saying proud to have you in office rick. >> the chief deputy said that he is doing the right thing. no response and no penalty that
12:33 pm
would come from the president's office on this? >> no official penalty. it is more of a guy. this code to lower the flag to half-staff. he has every right and well within his jurisdiction to do this. this has been done before by preside presidents dating back to the 1960s. bill clinton did it for israeli prime minister in the 90s. so this has a history here in the united states but as far as rick clark is concerned he doesn't think it has any place there. >> a new bride acruised cused o
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ing him off the cliff.
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from td ameritrade. the trial for the newly wed bride tried for pushing her husband to his death beginning tomorrow. she is charged with pushing her husband off a cliff in july. graham is charged with murder. jury selection begins tomorrow. wendy murphy is also a law professor in boston. graham says the couple got into an argument while off the park. he went over a cliff. so the defense says it as self
12:38 pm
defense. what should they decide >> and finally she said i pushed him with both hands from behind. that is an easy case. the tough part from the prosecution here is shoe she looked like. she looked like the girl next door. they are going to be hard pressed to say that a seemingly nice woman could be so evil. >> look, the so called confession did not exactly carry the day with the judge in this days. the judge let her out on bond.
12:39 pm
there have been reporting that it was not even tape recorded. the reality of it is wondy is correct. you get a presumption of innocence when you get a pretty white female. that is to be contafts if you are an african-american male. so the prosecution i think has an uphill battle in this case. i would not surprise me to see a lesser charge in this case. go ahead real quick. >> let me make a point mark represented a dream date and we know what the jury did there they got over it.
12:40 pm
>> he was a male i've probably represented 7 females charged with murder and not own of them has been convicted of murder. you get an edge when you have a female especially if she is not of color. and it is a form of exorcism that is in appropriate when a woman is charged with murder as it is when a rape victim is charged in a case. >> but defense attorneys like to use it to their advantage. prosecutors play on the bias offurors as well. the idea of creating a vindictive woman who after 8
12:41 pm
days decided to push this guy off of a cliff. i think that is a hard sell for the prosecution in this case. now apparently there is evidence where there may have been a blind fold found that maybe a game was being played that she may have put this blind fold on him, how or why this evidence be used if that is the case? >> it is a weird piece of evidence let me put it that way first. the reason it is even part of the story is because she told the cops that he walked to the edge of the cliff. his friends say he is afraid of heights and would never have done this. he was brave enough to confront
12:42 pm
his fears. it is going to make her look for sinist sinister. she introduced the effort of the blind fold into the case. >> i agree with mark. that that can translate into reasonable doubt. the desire that an acute white female can trant late into a killer.
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. a week ago today a speeding commuter train derailed killing dozens. the company is order iing a slowdown. here is cnn chris freights. >> as passengers rush through their morning commute. engineer jeff kleins gets ready to get responsibility for hundreds of people's lives. what were you watching coming out of the station. >> signals, crossing protection, the gates, pedestrians.
12:48 pm
klein has to be able to divide his attention is among signals, sounds and safety. >> how fast are we going? >> 60 miles-an-hour. controlled stop. coming into a station. probably take about four tenths of a mile >> and that would take a full minute. >> and then there is the dead man ped al. >> that was the dead man ped al. >> if you move your foot off of it the wrong way it will sound that sound you heard and it will stop the train. >> to get the feeling of what it is like to control the rolling caravans, we talked to instru
12:49 pm
instructinstruc instructor david wrangle. >> he is asked to do the job of two or three people. >> there is something no amount of training they can prepare an engineer for fatigue. >> we are dealing with humans and we have frail tis. >> back on the rails, klein says he has too much to worrybefore in just a few hours. every day, hundreds of engineers are travel thousands of miles of track and driving a train is a lot like playing chess. you have to think several move ahead only you have to do it at 70 miles per hour. chris frates, cnn, chicago. >> for cancer patients who have run out of options they know the end is inevitable, but there
12:50 pm
issa i new treatment that is providing more than just hope. it's giving patients a real chance at living. here's elizabeth cohen with an amazing story about a bow's fight to live cancer-free. >> fred, researchers are calling this new therapy ground breaking. >> what is left for us to do as far as your learner's permit? >> reporter: a year ago john wilkins wasn't sure if he would ever get to teach his son to drive a real car. >> i really wanted to learn. >> nick who is 15 has had leukemia since he was 4 years old. he tried keep on therapy and a bone marrow transplant from his sister and both failed. >> there was a moment there where i thought that was it. he probably wouldn't live much longer. >> nick's last hope was an experimental treatment, a clinical trial at the university of pennsylvania. >> when they start talking about doing clinical trials as the alternative that's when you are
12:51 pm
really throwing hail marys. >> how do you feel as a mom to know this is it? >> a lot of uncertainty. just not knowing what was going to happen. it's hard. >> once day we're in his room, and i just wanted him to understand where we were at that, you know, this was probably the last treatment. >> were you telling him if this treatment didn't work -- >> he could die. >> in the treatment, nick's doctors tweaked his immune system to make his own body rid r itself of cancer. it's a ground breaking approach that has captured the attention of cancer drshgs but there were no promises. nick received the personalized cell therapy in may. for a month, john and lisa watched over their son. >> do you remember that moment when they said this appears to be working. >> they came back and said we don't see any leukemia cells and so that was the point of -- i think this is working. i think we're definitely headed
12:52 pm
down the right path. >> exactly how the treatment works is complicated, but nick is pretty good at explaining it, actually. >> they took out t-cells out of my body and then they engineered them to track down the cancer cells and kill them off. >> did they get them? >> i hope so. upon i'm feeling good now, so i think they did pretty well. >> watch as this gray cancer-killing zealot left attacks the green cancer cell which gets smaller and eventually dies. upon. >> doctors tried this in 59 patients. 25 are now cancer-free. >> our hopes are that eventually we'll, you know, he will be cured that he can kind of put aside this and start moving forward. >> i just want him to be able to enjoy a normal kid's life. >> his biggest thing right now is he is looking forward to getting his learner's permit. >> and soon, instead of playing with toy cars john will get the chance to teach his son how to
12:53 pm
drive a real one. >> you went from having cancer to now they can't even find it. how does that feel? >> really great. >> fred, it is so wonderful that nicholas' cancer is in remission, but there is a chance that the cancer could come back. his doctors are cautiously optimistic, because when they look in his system they still see the hunter cells, those attack cells are alive and working. fred? >> we are, of course, wishing the best for him and his family. thanks so much, elizabeth. you might know shirley mclane best for her acting and sing. now she's diving into pretty deep questions in her latest book and getting a kennedy center honor on top of that. you will hear from her next. ♪
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shirley mclane is an actor
12:57 pm
and singer and tonight she's a kennedy center honor. she sat down with "new day" to talk about her new book and the deep questions she tries to answer in it. >> with the world in the state it's in and, you know, i've been aware of that for some time i thought i would take a little experiment and see what it would be like to sit and basically, i would have to say channel my questions. you know, some great authors have told me in my conversations with them that they don't write their books. something else writes their book, and i -- that's up my alley, so i want to know what does that mean? and that's what i did. last year i sat down and i said okay, just whoever you are, whatever you are, i want you to write you as me. that's what i did. >> so it is sort of stream of kofrn you onness. if you open each page sometimes it's multipages asking a what if, did you hear them in your head? hear them in your gut?
12:58 pm
hear them in your heart? >> heard them in my heart would love to know myself, honestly, where they came from. i think they're good questions. i think they're relevant. i was surprised how they came out, and i let happen. it was such an experience to sit there and not do it yourself, just let the questions reveal, and i don't know where it came from. >> did you get any answers after all of these questions that you ask in the book? >> not really. >> it's part of the beauty of it. we're in the interview business and we're always the art of the question and why do you want the right question because you believe that it's going lead to more thought, the question itself. >> and that's what you believe that often questions lead to more question, but more productive thought. that's all questions are for. springboards for more question. >> i don't even think i'm interested in answer, to tell you the truth. i'm more interested in questions and the circumference of what that means because each question
12:59 pm
has a huge implication to it. >> has it always been that way? would you say in your 20s and 30s you wanted answers? >> no. since i'm ten. >> i've been a mystic since i was 10. i really have. >> what's the reaction to the book so far? >> people are entertained by it. i don't know what that means. >> you've been good at doing that for years now. >> entertaining and getting people's attention. >> i think the thing i'm most interested with in me and the things that interest me is how i've navigated the last, what? 14 books, i didn't even remember how many. how i -- i don't think people are asking oh, god, she's wacky anymore. i think they're beginning to see and there could be something to this. how can you go through what we're going through in this world and economically, weatherwise, and anything without asking some of these questions. where do you get the energy to write all of these books. >> i told you, i'm not writing them. >> she's got the universe of
1:00 pm
spirituality funneling through her. >> congrats to shirley mack lain on the kennedy center honors. hello, everybody. i'm fredericka whitfield. temperatures are falling. we'll show you who needs to bundle up for the deep freeze and with all of the congressional gridlock in washington, what did lawmakers actual willy accomplish this year? here's a hint, not much, say many, and police are investigating a bizarre murder in pennsylvania. they say a newlywed couple killed a man just for the fun of it. we've uncovered their alleged plot. millions of people are in the path of the dangerous storm. i want to start by showing you this video from wisconsin. witnesses say 50 cars were in this snowy pile-up near milwaukee. it h