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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 8, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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spirituality funneling through her. >> congrats to shirley mack lain on the kennedy center honors. hello, everybody. i'm fredericka whitfield. temperatures are falling. we'll show you who needs to bundle up for the deep freeze and with all of the congressional gridlock in washington, what did lawmakers actual willy accomplish this year? here's a hint, not much, say many, and police are investigating a bizarre murder in pennsylvania. they say a newlywed couple killed a man just for the fun of it. we've uncovered their alleged plot. millions of people are in the path of the dangerous storm. i want to start by showing you this video from wisconsin. witnesses say 50 cars were in this snowy pile-up near milwaukee. it happened on i-94 late this
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morning. no word on injuries. troy dunn an is staying on top of the road conditions, and particularly in the mid atlantic and she's in roanoke, virginia. it doesn't look like you have a whole lot of pedestrians out there, but you have parked cars so people are getting on the road, aren't they? >> reporter: yeah, fred, there are people out and about. let me just say i'm going hawaii for christmas and being out here is making me appreciate that fact. >> rubbing it in. >> i would appreciate that. period. good weather ore not. >> >> anyway, it is cold here and we are seeing people kind of come out, but not as many people as you might see on a sunday and that's because they're decided to cancel some of the church sers here in roanoke. people are being told to stay off of the roadways. i want to show you this. it's kind of a good example of what we're seeing because it's not necessarily sleeting right now or raining or anything like
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that, but just left over ice from this morning when we did see those kinds of effects and the department of transportation officials are afraid of this happening later on this evening, that some of the roadways might ice over, so they're telling drivers to avoid the roadways later this even and to tonight for that very fact. also having to do with ice, the sleet later on, they're afraid that may be on power lines as well as trees and obviously that causes power outages and right now it's just cold out here. people are kind of uneasy about what may come later on wondering how the monday morning commute is going to go, you know, they're used to the weather in roanoke and maybe not in other parts of the country that have seen it over the past few days or so, fred. >> hopefully, the morning commute isn't too nasty and we'll dined out more about the forecast coming up. thanks so much. let's fibered out about travelers who are hiting to the skies and find out what's happening with the airport across the country. this is causing delays and
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cancellations for today. dallas' airport is still operating on a limited schedule with hundreds of passengers stranded as you see in the terminals getting their naps in. oh, boy, cnn's gary mcpike is live for us now at reagan national airport in d.c., so it looks like is it still kind of a groundstop there or are there flights that are taking off? >> reporter: well, fredericka in the last hour it's gotten a lot worse out here. the temperature has certainly dropped and we have a ton of freezing rain and icicles all over our cameras, but the runway, if you can see out there a little bit are not that bad. there have been snow crews at the d.c. area airports over the last couple of hours taking care of that, however, it's the airlines that have canceled a number of flights in the last two hours. u.s. airwayings hs has cancelle number of flights out of reagan airport.
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the anke is 1:43 right now and it's hitting the mid atlantic and also the inbound flights and we're seeing delays in the arrival times with the airports servicing the newark area, laguardia, newark and jfk. it's impacting chicago's o'hare airport which is the united hub. the average delay there forra, rivals is about an hour and as the storm gets worse, we're expecting more delays and more cancellations and that's obviously going to slow down the monday morning commute. so we might see a later start than usual and it's the business during the workweek on monday. also the dallas airport has gotten hit the hardest and things are starting to get back to normal there and there's still a 35-minute delay wait time there, fred. >> okay. thanks so much, erin. you talk about philadelphia being hard hit and we have new imashlges to show how hot they're being hit. >> they're laying snowball,
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three to six inches and let's check in with elise andrew, and it's a beautiful picture, but great looking. >> it looks like wisconsin pictures. >> washington, d.c., and the cars are moving and accumulating on the grassy surfaces and the snow is coming down. you can see in the mid atlantic just the back edge of this already coming in. so the snow, we've got it in washington. philadelphia is kind of seeing the bull's-eye of the snow. you can see where it's the brightest white color and that's where we're seeing the heaviest of snow. visibility between baltimore and philadelphia is about a quarter of a mile or so. new york city just not moistening up the atmosphere to see the snow begin to fall. a little bit we'll make it move in. >> here's the bit with of no through the mid atlantic, you can see we're going new farther
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north, and overnight it all becomes a rabemaker, and you can see by tomorrow morning it's just rained around because the temperatures will be in the 40s. unlike the ice storm of dallas and memphis a few days ago this really will be a different animal. washington, d.c., the advisories are posted and it's changing over to sleet and this is the caveat with it all. during the overthe night hours it will go from freezing rain to rain. one to two inches of snow and sleet. philadelphia will see the greatest in the accumulation and maybe three to six inches of snow and sleet. right now it's snow, changing over to sleet, mixing in tonight and becoming a rain game and the new deal with it already, but will finally watch overnight, but potentially half an inch,
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and then fund for them as well. >> tomorrow morning's commute will not be pretty. >> no. >> alexandra, thanks so much. let's go to pennsylvania for something else. an investigation under way. police a say newlywed couple killed a man just for the thrill of it. investigators say the couple confessed to plotting and killing a 42-year-old man. they're facing several charges including homicide. alexandra field joining us from sunbury, pennsylvania. tell us more about this motive and the reason why they did this allegedly? >> reporter: fred, a really bizarre case anda after a few weeks police believe they put it together. they tell us a young newlywed couple, they're talking about irin anda barbour and her husband elytte barbour. they met a man there after they advertised paid companionship services. troy laferrara, 24-year-old married man, had been found and
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stabbed to death 20 times. she confessed to stabbing laferrara repeatedly in her car after they had arranged to meet at a mall. they went for a drive and he started to touch her and then she stabbed him. at the time her newlywed husband and her husband of just three weeks elytte barbour came out and spoke in an interview in he defense. here's what he said. >> that was malicious whatsoever. i believe that she was attacked and that under those circumstances she took the necessary measures to defend herself. >> reporter: miranda barbour was arrested first and charged with criminal homicide and then police arrested her husband elytte barbour and charged him with criminal homicide. he put a rope around laferrara's neck to keep his head from moving while his wife stabbed him. police say that elytte barbour has also said that he and his wife just wanted to kill. they had tried before, and they had not been able to, fred.
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>> wow! those are horrible details. so this couple -- is there any sort of track record or is this a first-time offense? do we know anything about whether there are other investigations involving them? >> reporter: fred, we know that they were new to the area. they had just moved here from north carolina a few weeks ago. police are focused on the investigation here in pennsylvania right now, but we do know that miranda barbour has a 1-year-old child. the father of that child is deceased and there's now an investigation surrounding that death as well, fred. >> alexandra field, thanks so much. all right. across the world for that matter, millions of people are celebrating the life of nelson mandela. all part of a special day of prayer particularly today in south africa. coming up, we'll take you to johannesburg where some of the biggest services were held. and what would this pretty i'm thinking the ford fusion... ho, ho, ho!....the what?
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millions across south africa celebrated the the life of nelson mandela in a day of prayer today. services were held across the country. they were the part of several events in honor of the former president. cnn's errol barnett joins us from where the services took place. what have you seen? >> fred, we've seen a number of events throughout the country on this third of ten days of mourning. current president jacob zuma was seated next to winnie mandela, at one methodist church, but you know what? you didn't have to be in the house of the lord to hear people praying and singing for nelson mandela. here outside of his home in an upscale suburb of johannesburg where he passed away late thursday there was a growing memorial wall, you can call it of flowers, candles and well
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wishes and people singing in a euphoric embrace, but make no mistake, fred, the week ahead is going to be a massive logistical challenge for the government here. they've announced today that there are some 59 dignitaries who are are confirmed to attend including u.s. president r barack obama, a number of formal presidents, george w. bush, bill clinton, former president carter as well as the head of the u.n. and many others. this will be a massive issue for the government to make this next week a run smoothly. also you've got the millions of south africans who want to take part in bidding nelson mandela a fairwell and tuesday, you'll see the formal memorial service and you will remember this from the world cup in soccer city. they will have three overflow stadiums. the transportation industry has announced that 41 trains will will be allowing people to transport to these stadiums for free on tuesday and there will be some 90 big screen monitors
1:15 pm
all over the country allowing people to watch that service. that precedes the lying in state of nelson mandela, wednesday, thursday and friday and his body will go in a procession to the capital building in pretoria each morning publicizing the route allowing as many as south africans as possible to take part in that and all of that, fred, precedes the final funeral on saturday in qunu, the ancestral region where nelson mandela is from. there will be a traditional funeral on saturday and a state funeral to wrap up these ten days next week on sunday. so what you are saying are all south africans pulling together for a man in a way pulled them together 20 years ago. >> errol barnett, thank you so much. an incredible week of tribute for nelson mandela. it's remarkable enough that a young massachusetts woman made it got times of the arab's got
1:16 pm
talent reality show, in the end the 23-year-old jennifer grout who barely speaks arabic did not win. an american shouldn't have been allowed to compete in the first place, still, she made many viewers of the popular arab tv show stand up and take notice. >> i feel really good. i'm really happy i was in the top three and it was such a good experience. >> a syrian -- >> every parent wants of their kid. >> i think she'll definitely continue to do that, you know? it doesn't end with a talent show. the opportunity continue to explore arabic music could take her an entire lifetime. >> spoken by proud parents there. >> a syrian dance troupe actually won that competition. you've heard this phrase before, do-nothing congress. this year we're crunching the numbers to find out just how little they've gotten done this session and it's not pretty. every day we're working to be an even better company -
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[[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] they showed up to work, but they're gotten very little done. we're talking about the congress this year. some are calling the house and senate the do-nothing congress. less than 60 bills have been signed into law this year. our cnn analysis shows this
1:21 pm
congress could end up the least productive in four decades. a cnn poll of polls shows congress with an approval rating of only 10% while 85% disapprove of how congress is handling or not handling their jobs. ron brownstein is cnn's political analyst and director of the national journal. so house speaker jon boehner blamed senate democrats. so who is at fault here, ron? >> you can -- the question for the blame is even the right word. the fundamental reality we have two coalitions reflected in the democratic majority in the senate and the white house and the public majority in the house that have antithet cal views about what the government should be doing and what the country should look like and they have proven unwilling or unable to bridge their differences and that is the fundamental divide we are facing and there is no sign it's going to end any time soon. you talk about the number of bills and talk about bills of
1:22 pm
substance. there may be only a single one that was approved earlier this year and even that passed with opposition from a majority of house republicans so we are looking at very low levels of productivity. >> and then, of course, upcoming we have the deadline to reach a new budget and that would be friday. bo jon boehner said come friday we're at the end of the session and done. does this give you encouragement that these negotiators will come to terms this week and hammer something out so when they leave for that christmas break friday there will be a budget the president can soon sign? >> i think there will be a budget deal. you know, the republicans took enormous hit from the government shutdown and the flirting with the default. they have since felt that they have moved into the driver's seat and looking forward to the election of 2014 with the controversy and difficulty over the rollout of the affordable care act and i cannot imagine they want to open themselves up to the you vulnerability to the
1:23 pm
potential shutdown. >> recently, we talked about and we heard our own dana bash in her reporting show that the gop is instructing one another on how to, you know, woo women voters and how to talk to women leaders, et cetera. at the same time, is there a feeling that democrats are taking women voters for granted? >>. >> well, you know, i look at this as sort of within the context of the broader reality that we face. house republicans have largely barricaded themselves into homogenously conservative districts and 80% of them are more white than the national average. they tend to be leaning very much to the right and that basically allows them to pursue a politics that allows them to keep the house and does nothing to deal with the broader challenges in the electorate that have prevented them from wing the popular vote in five of the last six elections. questions about insensitivity to women parallel the same issues like immigration. they feel no incentive to get
1:24 pm
things done because so few of them are in the district with large hispanic population, but the party overall recognizes that it wants to get this off the table for 2016. the issues with rem women are exactly the same. having said that, mitt romney beat barack obama by 14 points among white women. so democrats are not immune to challenges in that part of the electorate especially as the economy has struggled. ron brownstein, appreciate it. >> a heartfelt good-bye to actor paul walker. fans are gathering to honor him. we'll take you to his special tribute. my name is mike and i quit smoking.
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bottom of the hour now. i'm fredericka whitfield. sdwloo nuclear inspectors are in
1:28 pm
iran today for their third visit to a heavy water reactor. the site is being carefully monitored because it could, in theory, be a source of plutonium. that's one of the two possible elements along with highly enriched uranium that could be used as fuel for a nuclear bomb. iran denies that it is trying to build a bomb. hundreds of thousands of protesters in kiev comboknocked the statue of a former soviet hero. they are upset the president called off talks with the european union about making the ukraine an official part of europe. it would open up trade, but some say it would hurt the country's relationship with russia. there won't be any heart at seawor seaworld. the music group canceled its show at seaworld because of the controversial cnn documentary black fish. the film raises questions about the safety and humaneness of keeping killer whales in captivity. seaworld has not responded to cnnay request for comments about
1:29 pm
that cancellation. scottish singing sensation susan boyle has announced she suffers from asperger's syndrome which is a form of autism. the singer told a newspaper that she was relieved to actually find that out because she had been diagnosed incorrectly as a child. the 52-year-old singer became famous overnight after her audition for britain's got talent in 2009, amazing people around the world who saw it on the show and on the internet, her ability to sing. in southern california, fans of "fast & furious" star paul walker are honorings in life in a very special way right now. they organized his tribute to him and his friend roger rodas in santa clarita. fans have been pouring in by the hour paying their respects in so many ways. walker and rodas died last week after a porsche rodas was driving crashed into a light pole and burst into flames. cnn's paul vercammen is near the crash scene where it was filled with lots of people who are
1:30 pm
paying tribute to this actor. >> reporter: that's right, fred. well over a thousand people have gathered here today in santa clarita. one part of this tribute is a lot of very nice cars behind me and a lot of them are gunning their engines. let's look at the memorial scene and the crash site, it just keeps growing by the minute. not just with candles and notes and flowers, but a sign of the times they put up a christmas tree right now and they began decorating it and all of it in honor of paul walker and his good friend and business partner rojser rodas here in santa clarita. people have driven a long way, i mean, not only from southern california and northern california, but we've run into these guys and they're from arizona. tell us quickly, what did paul walker mean to you. why would you drive this far to pay tribute to you? >> he was great for racing.
1:31 pm
i have a mitsubishi as fast and the furious 2, and for me to get that car was a huge inspiration. >> what about yourself? >> growing up with him and seeing the movies and racing and all, it's a thrill, un, watching him act and doing what he does and, you know, we're going miss him dearly. >> reporter: a lot of fans choked up. >> you brought a license plate. >> and we all -- our crew, right here, we all signed it. az love, you will be remembered and missed to paul and roger. >> a lot of love from the valley of the sun coming out to represent and show that we also have love out there. we also support what's going on here. not only we came, but we love paul and people from texas came down and we met up with them and we all got here and it just really inspired us, not only me, but look, everybody. yeah. it touched our hearts when we
1:32 pm
heard the news that he actually passed away, we just couldn't believe it. we had to look up cnn, everybody, and we still beingn't believe it. to this day i'm still looking that the and -- can't even say the words that, you know, still can't believe it. words cannot describe. >> reporter: we appreciate your sharing your memories of paul walker with us. you got a sense for, fred, people have come from far and wide to be part of this ever-growing memorial that stretches far down this block from the crash scene and a lot of fans leaving mementos and taking picture, just trying to remember paul walker in their own personal ways. back it to you. >> some heartfelt comments from the fans there and their show of love for the actor and his business partner. what about the investigation? is there anything new being revealed about exactly what caused this crash? >> reporter: well, the day of the investigation the word came out that they thought that speed might have been a factor, that might be self-evident. don't forget that porsche gt an
1:33 pm
extremely difficult car to drive, basically a 600-horsepower engine, so again they're looking at speed. they don't think anybody was raying, but this whole office park area forms a natural oval. look at it as sort of a lopsided nascar track and it's well known that people like to test the performance cars around here and they're looking at speed as the main factor in this accident, fred. >> all right. paul vercammen, thanks so much for the update. let's move to the east coast and south carolina where a sheriff in a county there refuses to lower the u.s. flag in honor of nelson mandela. why is he doing that? nick valencia is joining us now. >> the argument is that he's not an american citizen and that's why he's not doing. just in the last hour we're learning he might not be alone. the state capital in south carolina may not be doing it as well. they have the flag at half-staff
1:34 pm
but only to commemorate pearl harbor, not nelson mandela. he said it should be an honor reserved for american citizens and he spoke to whns. >> i have no problem with what he did in south africa and their country, but for our country it should be the people, in my opinion, who have sacrificed for our country. >> some may say rick clark is being stubborn about not lowering the flag at half-staff, but he's receiving an overwhelming amount of support on his facebook page when he came out with his position. take a look at his comments left on his facebook page from cheryl miller johnson. proud to have you in office, rick. thank you for all that you do. others left on this page supporting the sheriff. it seems a lot of folks have lost sight of this. >> he's saying he has no problem with the south african embassy, and the u.s. embassy in south
1:35 pm
africa lowering its flag, but it shouldn't be done here. >> no response from either corner? >> there is no legal ramifications this sheriff is facing. he's well within his jurisdiction to do this and it's more of a guideline than it is a mandate and it's been done before, just to give precedent. it's been done three times before that we know of. george w. bush doing it for pope john paul ii and will clinton doing it for yitzhak rabin and lyndon johnson for winston churchill. there is precedent in the united states, but as far as he's concerned he has no place for it in south carolina. >> thank you so much. preventing gun violence in america. can the u.s. learn anything on gun control from other countries? cnn's fareed zakaria investigators. ♪ ♪ ♪ i wanna spread a little love this year ♪
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it's no secret america has seen far too many mass shootings that have taken so many innocent life, but after so many tragic deaths some feel washington still hasn't done enough to prevent gun violence. it's an issue that our fareed zack aria is investigating tonight. here is a preview? control in america is deadlocked so i decided to look at what other countries are doing to prevent gun violence. i want to show you just one example from my new report, global lessons on guns. even mobsters in japan stay away from guns. why in they call it the nuclear option. listen in. known as the yakuza and often recognized for their full-body tattoos, japanese organized crime doesn't lack for muscle. they've had enormous reach for business and politics. once described as the largest private equity group in japan by morgan stanley, but many don't
1:40 pm
like conducting business with a gun. >> translator: guns are like nuclear weapons. >> translator: weapons that the yakuza have, but won't use. a former boss sat down with us to give us his take on the mob's attitude. he insisted on wearing a mask, but showed us his tattoos and his partially missing finger, another yakuza trademark to prove his identity. guns are kept and controlled by strict regulations within the yakuza organization so it's prohibited for members to take the gun out and use it. >> that's because punishments for gun infractions are very high in japan, he says. simply firing a gun can get you life in prison. now i'm not saying we should
1:41 pm
become like japan or we being, but consider one fact, there were four gun homicides in japan in 2012, just four. they've made it really difficult for people to buy guns and that seems to work for them. watch my program sunday, 7:00 p.m. eastern global lessons on guns. we don't look just at japan. we look at colombia, switzerland, australia,a you will over the world. fredericka. >> thanks so much, fareed, we'll be watching tonight at 7:00 eastern time. people post a lot of personal stuff on facebook, but a murder confession and a picture ofio you are wife's dead body? that's what police say this man did. the impact your world team is honoring nelson mandela's charitable legacy on we have included links to his charitable organizations along with suggestions on ways that you can help carry on his good work. we'll continue to update and our social media platforms.
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a man accused of killing his wife and then posting pictures of her body on facebook has pleaded not guilty to a first-degree murder charge. darren medina said he was acting in self-defense when he shot his wife. >> mr. medina, an indictment has been returned charging you with first-degree murder. >> another chance for derek medina to plead not guilty and throughs this attorney he did this time to first-degree premeditated murder for which a miami-dade grand jury called to indict him last week. his apparently tortured relationship jennifer alfonso went shockingly public last august when medina posted this photo of her shot dead in kitchen and said i'm going prison for killing my wife. just received some records from pacebook as a result of the
1:47 pm
subpoena we issued and that was tendered to the defense. >> facebook records are a large part of evidence as is medina's videotaped statement to detectives that he shot an unarmed alfonso in self-defense because she was the violent one and that's something his father who was in court today had told us last summer. >> we recently received the facebook evidence which is thousands -- i would say, close to 7,000 or 8,000 documents that we're going need to review. >> that was glena millberg of wplg. i am joined now by our legal ladies, carry hackette is a criminal defense attorney. >> let me begin with you. self-defense. he is now saying i didn't do this even after the facebook posting. so how will his -- i guess, attorneys defend him on that? >> i think they'll have a hard time. i think they'll try to build the story that they had a very contentious relationship which i
1:48 pm
believe they do if you read the transcript and a lot of the details. she did brandish a knife that night, but she was also kneeling and shot eight times at point-blank range after he left her and came back with a gun. so i think they'll have a very hard time proving self-defense and that's why i do believe the charges were upped from second to first degree because you see premeditation in his actions. >> it seems as though, carrie, he's undermined that defense by the images. i could go to jail for this and go to jail for the rest of my life in prison. >> that's one of the worst things for a lawyer to have to deal with, are facebook posts thattic incriminate your client. i agree with mo that, yes, you can see heat of passion here. you can see premeditation and they'll have an uphill battle. >> these days there's certainly a greater pattern, is there not, with people united states yooing
1:49 pm
social media and text messaging in their defense or for prosecutors to land someone in jail. >> he was an actor on one episode of barn notice and he was definitely someone who was seek the validation that social media sites give to you and know what you're doing. he was following a pattern of behavior that you could see he had problems all of the way through. >> let's move on to another case and this one rather strange. employees alleging that they are being discriminated against because their boss is using strong language to drieescribe them. it's a lawsuit filed by white employees at archie comics. they sued their boss for gender discrimination. they're accusing her of referring to them by their j genita genitals. white men aren't a protected
1:50 pm
class. carrie, how does this case proceed? >> i think that's interesting because the way the complaint was actually filed it's not filed as a violation of federal law. and protected class, that's generally a federal law issue there. so they filed as violating new york state law and interference. so i think that they actually do perhaps have a cause of action here. >> really? >> you agree, mo? >> i do think they're a class. historically we think of a class, and we think of a class discriminated against for a long time, women, and this is more about a battle of power. if you read all of the stuff that's going. they have a lot of issues at archie comics and they're going through a lot of stuff and they just want her gone. this is just one method to go through the the back door to get it done. >> verying about, because this history, i guess, a, that you've got this woman who is the boss, you know, and you're talking about archie comics and people are thinking jovial, great,
1:51 pm
creative environment. >> right. >> and forward thinking especially since you have a woman who is in charge. >> and she used to be a teacher. so she has a very sort of like double personality. >> she's trying to. >> maybe it's backfiring. where might this go? >> i think that this could go in a lot of directions. i think there very well could be a settlement. if they want to save the company, probably the best bet would be to settle with these gentlemen, maybe. i sense she'll not take herself off the front burner as head of this corporation, but i think that it would go a long way for her to do so. >> fascinating stuff. all right. thanks so much. mo, carrie, always good to see you. you always have rather intriguing cases. eccentric ones, too. we like those, don't we? good to see you. we want to remind you about an amazing story that does air tonight. an unreal dream tell us the story of michael morton who was robbed of 25 years of his life. you ladies have heard about
1:52 pm
this, right? the day after morton's 32nd birthday, the year, 1986. morton's wife was attacked and killed in their texas home. michael morton was at work at the time and had no motive, yet he was charged, tried and convicted of murder. now freed with help from the innocence project, watch "an unreal dream" tonight right here at cnn. a memento of history of one of jesse owens' 1936 gold medals won in berlin has been sold at auction. next, who bought it and for how much? [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: if every u.s. home replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, the energy saved could light how many homes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is... 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency
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could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz. energy lives here.
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former san diego mayor and congressman bob filner will be
1:56 pm
sentenced on criminal charges involving sexual harassment against three women and that's where we start our look at the week ahead. tomorrow ex-mayor bob filner will be sentenced to three months of home confinement and three years' probation. those are the terms of a plea deal he accepted in october. filner resigned in august after more than a dozen women accused him of making unwanted advances toward them. a newlywed bride accused of pushing her husband off the cliff in her death in glacier national park goes on trial tomorrow. jordin graham will is charged with murder. graham was married to cody johnson for just eight days and admits pushing him off the cliff in july skwl. she claims she did it in self-defense. on thursday nominations will be announced for the 71st golden globes awards. if you loved former snl stars tina fey and amy poehler when they hosted the awards show earlier this year, you'll be happy to know they'll be back to host next year's show in january. finally, a big deadline
1:57 pm
friday on capitol hill. congressional negotiators must reach a deal to fund the government for 2014. the pressure is on if are them to do it to avoid another federal shutdown. another world record-setting performance for jesse owens. ron burkle, the co-owner of the national hockey league's pittsburgh penguins bought the olympic champ's 1936 gold medal. the price, more than $1.4 million. that's the highest price ever paid for a piece of olympic memorabilia. jesse ox wens was just 23 years old when he shocked the world winning four gold medals in track and field. his win disproved hitler's claims of arianne superiority and broke barriers for generations to come. i talked with owens' daughter about the medal which owens gave to his friend bill "bo jangles" robinson and was auctioned off by the robinson estate. >> what does that make you feel that one of your dad's four gold
1:58 pm
medals is on the auction block? does it bother you at all or is that just the way it goes? >> well, it is disturbing that his medal is being auctioned off. we, as a family, just hope that it -- if whoever gets it, puts it on display and holds it in high esteem. >> it looks like that's likely to happen. a fortune of the proceeds from the sale of the medal will be donated to the jesse owens foundation. burkle released this statement saying, quote, jesse owens is the quint essential american hero, the son of a sharecropper who stood up to injustice abroad and at home and did it with grace and poise that may not be equalled in sports history, to be able to share this piece of history with the public is an honor, end quote. and burkle plans to take the medal on an educational tour
1:59 pm
along with the faulkner nobel prize for literature which he also owns. that's going to do it for me. i'm fredericka whitfield. much more straight ahead with deb feyerick in new york. a very inspirational -- it was heartfelt that this item was being put up for auction at least according to jesse owens' daughter and then hearing that, it seems as though the penguins' owner is greatly appreciative of the history that comes with that medal and so maybe that kind of -- i guess, puts the family at ease to a degree. >> he'll keep it in the right historical context and treat it with respect that it definitely deserve. great interview, by the way, fredericka. thanks so much. >> have a great evening. see you in a bit. you are in the cnn "newsroom." i'm deborah feyerick opinion does anybody remember summertime? i certainly don't. it seems like a lifetime ago.
2:00 pm
>> got a big chunk of the country to show you today. people in several states were dealing with a one-two punch of ice and extremely bitter cold. this is the twin cities, minneapolis, st. paul where normally they eat winter storms for breakfast. 12 degrees right you in in minneapolis and with the windchill, zero degrees fahrenheit. forecasters there say this might be the coldest cold snap in ten years. question, are you a casual football fan or are you a die hard football maniac? an impressive of blanket of snow didn't keep fans out of the stands or the players off the field in philadelphia. look at that. the philadelphia eagles won, by the way, 34-20 over detroit. both teams are winners when you think about what they played in. the highway patrol says eyes and bad visibility to blame in this pile-up in milwaukee countiy,