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tv   Piers Morgan Live  CNN  December 19, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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finally tonight, we leave but newest species discovered in the world. it's called -- an olinkito. this is in colombiament they are very, very small so this little guy grows to all of two pounds. they eat fruit and insectsment they're knock tushl creatures which maybe explains why no one spotted him in the forest until now. cute little guy. that does it for me tonight. i'm brook baldwin. thank you for watching. in case you missed it, have a wonderful night. this is "piers morgan live", welcome to the viewers around the world and the united states. tonight, duck and cover, the war escalates over "duck dynasty" blacks in the cotton fields is outrageous. should anybody be surprised? is this about religion or hate?
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star jones will have an opinion on that. she's here tonight. plus the top ten moments of 2013 on the show and bill clinton's bono. >> i'm irish. when we're irish, we can imitate anybody. >> to warren buffet singing. >> ♪ more, much more than this, i did it my way ♪ to the lovely and tardy jennifer lawrence. >> i got pulled off kim the lal. >> we don't care about kimmel. >> we voted for your favorite ten moments of year. i'll reveal them tonight. i want to begin with the big story, the war over "duck dynasty. joining me now is ben ferguson and marc lamont hill and michael brown, the host of the line of fire, the author of a queer thing happened to america.
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what is interesting today, much more than "duck dynasty." mr. robertson made a mistake by the line. not about the bible or believing or not believing the bible it's about sick -- singling out a group. this is about targeting gays in america and saying you are not worthy eyes of the lord. >> i don't think so and if you look at gq he named about 11 other sins you're leaving out including greed, lying, stealing
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in the same list. i think this is an issue of "gq" magazine choosing to highlight this to start a massive war over a guy that's not very articulate. he is incredible blunt -- >> hang on -- >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> wait, wait, wait. he is articulate because actually, tmz unearthed a sermon from 2010, women on women, men on men, they receive the jude penalty for they are per visions, school of murder, their arrogant inventing ways of doing evil, 245 years after your forfathers founded the country. what are you going to do run with them, die? >> it's absolutely clear.
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the center is gay and lesbian people including beast alty. it is absolutely disturbing and disgusting he's using christianity. >> mark, my biggest issue, if you actually read again what he said in "gq" he did not equate being gay with beast alty. >> let me read the statement -- wait a minute, let me read the statement so there can be absolute clarity. it seems to me a vagina as a man would be more desirable than a man's an nus. start with homosexual behavior and morph out from there, beast alty, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. it's not right.
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forget what else he's condemning. he's condemning a homosexual behavior, isn't he, ben? >> sure he is and he believes that with the other list that he's against and has been on the show forever. i would never have said it the way he said it, let me make it clear but let's not put words in his mouth and take it for what it is. he did not equate being gay with beastiality. what is your view of this. >> first, he did express things in a crude way but you got upset about quoting from his message in pennsylvania, that was mainly the words of paul in romans the first chapter. it's not to say sexual acts outside male, female marriage are prohibited outside scripture. it's big getted that he gets fired. you have reality tv shows
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celebrating gay kids losing vir againty as teenagers on glee. that's fine. that's not a problem. that's to be celebrated. when he says i'm a bible thumper, i hold to biblical factors. i hold to these things, how is that bigotry? >> i hear this a lot from so-called christian -- wait a minute. i hear this a lot from so-called christians. i'm a christian. i'm a catholic, and i can look at the bible and say parts of it are utterly ridiculous. there is a part that say if you as a woman are not a virgin on your wedding night, you should be stoned to death. clearly, that's not what mr. robertson is spousing to. let me ask you this, sir, as a christian man, can you point to a single public utterance by jesus christ, the christ in christianity about gay people or about a gay lifestyle?
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can you name one single thing -- >> of course -- >> i'll name three for your e piers. number one in matthew five, jesus said he didn't come to abolish the torra. in matthew 15 he says all sexual acts and matthew 19 he says marriage as god intended it is the union between one man and one woman in one life. jesus didn't address wife beating and heroin use. of course he reinforced and piers, i would encourage you to study. we should love our neighbors ourself but that doesn't mean we approve everything -- >> piers, there are several problems with that interpretation. number one -- >> marc lamont hill first -- >> it does offer the words in jesus. the scripture about marriage and talking about being gay -- >> marriage is one man and one woman, sir.
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>> i heard everything you said and i want to respond. the old testament is far from clear around gay marriage or acts. >> are you sure about that? >> if you let we finish, i'll tell you it's not about being gay. it's really about prostitution, many other things -- >> 18 -- >> here -- >> hebrew scholarship is my background -- >> that's fine. >> 18 is explicit for a man to lie with a man is contrary for what god -- it's not meant for sexuality. god designed a man to be with a woman. that's obvious, not hateful. that's obvious. the human strip tours are clear -- >> piers, piers -- >> again, many -- >> well let me -- >> marc -- >> here is the problem. >> wait a minute. let me say this, it wasn't just what he said about gays, deeply offensive, though i find what he
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said and many other people do, i can still understand people say well, you know, it's my religious belief that homosexuality is a sin. i think it's a load of fuey. what i find more reprehensible than that is what he said about african americans and he said this, i never heard one of them that is what he's talking about in the cotton field. i never heard one of them, one black person say i tell you what those dog gone white people, in the a word, preentitlement, prewelfare, you say were they happy? they were godly. they were happy. no one was singing the blues. this guy needs to go and watch "12 years a slave" doesn't he marc lamont hill. >> or have common sense. it's absurd blacks weren't complains. it's ridiculous. this is clearly bigotry and doesn't have a sense of history and represents a mind set that isn't exclusive to him. there are many people in america
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who believe this but corporations have a right to say we don't want to stand next to this person. >> this has gone directly. ben ferguson, respond directly to what he said about african americans. surely, you must find that offensive. >> i don't think that's the reality most were around. i can't call him a liar if he never heard someone that didn't say it. let's be honest, this guy lives in the back woods and may believe this. >> i have no doubt. >> that doesn't mean he's going to lie to the american people -- >> pre-entitlement, pre -- let's read that again to you, ben. wait a minute, pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say were they happy? they were happy. no one was singing the blues, but once black people got entitlement and welfare, wow, they got miserable. come on. this is unbelievable. >> piers, the outrageous thing here -- >> the best part of that quote
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is black people invented the blues literally as a response to the social misery, the social misery he suggested -- >> but here is what is more ridiculous. the media is not focussing on this. those comments are not the ones that got him booted off a and e. glad and hrc and these others immediately took acceptance to the other things. he was working with them. that's his prospective. i agree. i would never say that. the fact is that's not where the outcry is. that shows the extraordinary bias -- >> let me say this -- piers, piers, piers. >> okay, ben, ben ferguson, show me one example of gay marriage in the bible. >> today i want to say this is my problem with this. there is the bible and right and wrong and it's scripture is going to defend people in all sins but what urks me the most
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is you piers, tweeted out an art kiln that said and i want to quote, he said gay people won't go to heavy and being gay can lead to bestiality. he never said gay people don't go to heaven and yet, this is what the liberal media is doing and you sent it out there and people read it and think wow, all christians think gay people don't go to heaven which is not true yet it's being send out all over the world and that's not what he said. >> talk about splitting hairs, he said start with this -- wait, wait, start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. bestiality, that's what he went to next -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> where are all the heterosexual men responding? why is it homosexuality can be
9:13 pm
celebrated and poloigimy -- >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> wait a minute, dr. brown, nobody is celebrating being gay. people are saying they would like gay people -- >> are you kidding -- >> nobody is celebrating homosexuality? >> let me finish -- >> seriously? >> have you seen glee. >> with respect, it is my show. dr. brown, what they are doing is trying to espouse the same rights for gay people in america as for straight people like you. why should you, dr. michael brown, be entitled to more rights in america than somebody whose gay? give me -- >> should a man have a right to marry three women. should a man have the right to marry his grown daughter? piers morgan, should he have that right --
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>> you would personally like to have more rights. >> marriage is a union of man and a woman -- >> answer the question skied you. i asked you a very simple question. do you think you are personally entitled to more rights than gay people in america? yes or no? >> no, of course not. but marriage is -- >> you don't? so you don't? glad we cleared that up. >> should two brothers be allowed to marry? should two brothers be allowed to marry? >> say that again. >> should two grown brothers be allowed to marry or like in germany, a grown brother and sister separated -- >> now you're getting ridiculous. >> why is that ridiculous? there are cases in court about this -- >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> just being silly, dr. brown and you know you are. >> 50 years ago, it was silly talking about a man marrying a man -- >> [ overlapping speakers ]
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>> let me read a statement. i'll come to you, mark. let me read a statement from a and e networks. we're extremely disappointed to have read phil robertson's comments in gq are not based on his personal believes and are not reflected in the series of "duck dynasty." his views in no way reflect those of ae networks. given it's a 400 million dollar business, i got here on my desk this merchandise from "duck dynasty". >> courageous? >> i'm not sure it's courageous. i think they might be invested in gay and lesbians. if they don't take this position, people will run away and they are right because as a viewer, we wouldn't watch anymore. there would be too much controversy.
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>> okay. i have to leave it there. we got to leave it there. if you want to buy your bobbles, you can buy one if you want to. i think i'll give it a miss. a woman never shy of speaking her mind, star jones, i would love to hear what she has to say about all this. [ male announcer ] you've got to try red lobster's four course seafood feast,
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the "duck dynasty" uproar shows no slowing down.
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joining me is star jones, the national association of professional women. star, what do you make of this? am i right to feel as incensed as i feel? >> you should feel outrage whenever anybody claims to love america, but clearly can't stand a bunch of americans, and i understand that the traditional christian marriage definition is that between and man and a woman. when the government issues special rights and privileges to the status of being married, then the equal protection clause of the united states constitution demands that we treat people equally in the united states. this is a no brainer for me. i don't know why we're having this argument, and even more importantly, i don't know why we're giving the amount of time we are to someone whose opinions
9:21 pm
are to the right fringe of what is going on culturally in the united states of america and more importantly, what is legal. we're having a discussion about something that should never even be considered right now. you don't treat people differently. that the just the bottom line. that's not the way america is supposed to do it. >> i got a statement from the robertson family released earlier. says we want to thank all of you for prayers and support. we want you to know first and foremost we're a family rooted in our faith and god and we believe the bible is the word and comments to the reporter were course and his believes are grounded in the teachings of the bible. phil is a godly man that follows what the bible says, love the lord your god with all your heard and love your neighbor as yourself. phil would never encourage hate and we're disappointed phil is being placed on hay hiatus.
9:22 pm
we're in discussions with a and e to see what that means for the future. thank you for the continued support. "duck dynasty" has 14 million americans. the picture portrayed in "duck dynasty" is very removed from the reality of what we heard prom this gentleman in the last 24 hours, portrayed as a soft, kind, god loving family and you document hear this bigotry out on the show. is it the fact we unearthed the rather dark under belly that there is a problem here? >> we are celebrating a part of the american culture that a lot of people have never experienced. you know, i'm from north carolina and although i wouldn't say i'm from the backwoods of north carolina, i've encountered
9:23 pm
people throughout my lifetime that are very similar to the people on "duck dynasty." i make no judgment against them or value judgment about them, however, i can tell you this is not some kind of show i would be watching. i'm not a reality show watcher. i'm not interested in seeing people be made fun of and in all honesty, that that is why i would watch this show is to giggle how silly and ridiculous this family is. i'm not their target audience but i'm the target audience of sponsors of that show. i am target audience, women are the target audience on a and e, in general, some of the other shows, and a and e made a business decision. they decided to weigh whether or not "duck dynasty" in all it's glory would alienate so many viewers they would turn off the television or not support the sponsors. it was a cost benefit and they
9:24 pm
made the decision. it's their right. it's the business decision networks do every day. i don't know why we're making such a huge deal about this guy. this guy is acting like a red neck, and what did you -- >> i think the answer -- the answer, star, it's such a big show, it's a phenomenon, 14 million viewers. >> have you seen some other reality shows. you have women that jump cross tables and slap each other on the face. you have girls who are celebrated for having children out of wedlock. these are shows we're celebrating no now days -- >> let me ask you this -- >> and a bit of racist on a show -- >> i'm not surprised at all. give than we unearthed from tmz this sermon he made in 2010 before he joined "duck dynasty" clearly a&e knew his views and yet, they still hired him for this show.
9:25 pm
so are they able to maintain credibility by now saying we're disgusted by what he said, given they hired a guy who they must have known already got these views? >> i'm not sure -- what did they do a google search on whether or not the duck dynasty dude had said some offenses things? they looked at him with his weird looking beard and thought he would be good television. they made a business decision now that benefitted them and made a business decision now that benefitted them. that's the way the business world works. i don't want us to sit here and be naive about it. if the gay community, african american community, the thinking community said we're not offended, he would be back on television. they did a cost benefit analysis and decided it was more beneficial to suspend him right now. that's the only reason.
9:26 pm
>> star, can't let you go without mentioning barbara walters who is retiring, one of your old colleagues, what do you make of barbara? >> i have to tell you, i had two great mentors in my career, my mentor as a lawyer is of course johnny cochran and my mentor in media was without question barbara walters and it's one of the things that makes me proud in representing napw, we would not achieve what we have without what barbara did. i'm not sure any on us would have been able to take on some of the challenges that she took on when she first began in this business. she taught me the art of the second question, the first question is easy as an interviewer. i still think she's one of the best interviewers i've ever seen on television. >> yes. >> and i'm so glad we put our relationship in the proper
9:27 pm
context. i consider her to not only be a friend but a colleague and somebody that i will value their friendship and what she did for me bringing me as part of the view for the rest of my professional career. i'm proud to know her but i also have to tell you, i know bw, i don't trust she's retiring, i don't believe it, and i'll believe it when i see it. >> i agree with you. i'm seeking hope she doesn't. star, great to talk to you and have a great holiday. >> you also. coming up next, my top unforgettable moments from this show of 2013. we asked you to vote yours. we'll reveal them when we come back. as you can see i'm now in a straight jacket. this is probably every second amendment's fan's dream. >> that is bull penis. >> not since prison. hi honey, did you get the toaster cozy?
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are you still wearing women's clothes. >> currently, only to appear taller. the heels do make you a little taller. >> we were told, i'm sure you'll recall, the drag element, that's just going to be for the pilot. we'll get the series sold that way and then you guys can go on and be hip, clever young guys. >> right there. >> one of the more extraordinary moments of the year on this show, tom hanks and robert peter voted ten on your top ten moments. cnn entertainment correspondents
9:32 pm
join me with marc lamont hill and the editor of "yummy." all star panel. number one was rachel jeantel when she explained, she was the key witness of trayvon martin's friend, when she explains the "n" word. fascinating moment. >> start spelling n-i-g-g-a. >> what does that word mean to you, spelling that? >> that mean a male. >> a black male? >> any kind of male, black, chinese can say nigga or nigger or nigger, i advice you not to say that. >> the use of words in america
9:33 pm
the "n" word, the f word with the alec baldwin thing. where do you think we are? >> right where we started. >> exactly not allowed. >> white people don't do it. >> she said i'm a n-i-g-g. >> that's where she and i wildly disagree. >> you can't open that door again. you got to close that door and open that door to leave any room for that whatsoever is a big mistake. >> the good thing is we're talking about it again, and i think the more we talk about it, even though marc is right, we haven't gotten far, the more we talk, the better it is. >> i can that's a valid point. that's what i believe. the more you debate it, the less of a stigma thing it becomes. >> let's see what the robertson family things about this. >> exactly. we got to run quickly through this. this is warren buffet, the richest, most successful
9:34 pm
businessman in america he played "my way." listen to this. >> i lived the life of spoil and traveled each and every highway and more, much more than this i did it my way ♪ >> bill, warren buffet what does he say about america? this guy an extraordinary man. >> i think he's 83 years old and singing this version of "my way." i don't think he's going to be stepping away from the pathway any time soon to take on music career. >> the best thing is he did it to a cord a woman back in the day. that is just charming, charming and charming -- >> i suspect he didn't need an instrument to cord a woman now . [ laughter ]
9:35 pm
>> i love warren buffet, very, very normal nice guy. >> this is number seven, dr. oz giving me a flu shot. >> very large needle. >> i love this part. >> this is literally the biggest needle i could find. please give me a muscle. that's it? >> that's the biggest muscle you've seen for awhile. >> that's it, that's it, one, two, three. >> bloody, oh. >> now two things happened in the three weeks that followed is that i got flu not once but twice. [ laughter ] >> and i have now -- turner, he told me the government was apparently treating the wrong strain so there was millions of people like me getting these completely unnecessary wrong shots. did you have one? >> absolutely not. i was thinking, piers, you're crazy. i always said i don't think i'll
9:36 pm
get one because i'll get the flu and doctors tell me no, you can't say that. you need to get your flu shot and i never get one and i have not gotten the flu. >> i've never got the flu shot. >> watch me get the flu,. >> i never got the flu until i had the flu shot. >> i used to get flu shots but after watching that segment, i'm never getting a flu shot again. >> i have an immune suppressed kid and the flu shot is protecting him. it's supposed to warn off all tragic flu everywhere where people are spreading the flu around that aren't taking care of germs and themselves, so, you know, it is i think the lesser of the two evils. >> we'll come back with a triumph of glory, charlie sheen, snoop lion and more. if that doesn't keep people tuned in, nothing will. anyone have occasional constipation,
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back with more of the top ten moments from this show in 2013, number six, charlie sheen and an interesting reaction when i showed him his previous visit. >> if you do follow the
9:41 pm
programs, they can work and lots of people will watch this saying it worked for me. >> and i can have a life like theirs? i'm going to pass. >> why? >> because i'm a winner and it looks like they are losers. >> you just watched that. >> cringeble. hard to watch. i thought i looked okay. it's a guy involved in something other worldly at the time, very bizarre. >> literally at war with everyone. >> yeah, whether they were picking a fight or not. >> wouldn't it be nice to replay interviews with all interview objects? >> that's what i loved so much about this, is you made him look at himself, and if we would do that, if we could look at ourselves and see how we come across, we would be ashamed and maybe we would all be better people. we thought we were watching the destruction of charlie sheen before our eyes and look at him
9:42 pm
now, he's like an ever lasting gob stopper. he just goes. [ laughter ] >> i love that. >> this is this moment, right, we're supposed to watch charlie sheen look at himself and he's healed right? yet, he watches this and one of the first things out of his mouth is, i think i look good. [ overlapping speakers ] >> jay -- >> i don't think it was unjust. that's what celebrities do. they are vein. he's not crazy anymore, that makes me happy. >> he was surprised he looked good. that's a pure example of crack is whack. when you look back after smoking system -- >> i first interviewed charlie sheen 20 years ago, he was crackers then, he was crackers two years ago, i estimate he'll be crackers next time. number five snoop lion this is great. one of the great revelations of the show in the year. watch this.
9:43 pm
>> me and snoop smoke a lot, and every country we've been in, i guess, i was in amsterdam one time and snoop called me and wanted me to sing. he said where are you? i said amsterdam and he took the next plane over. >> on that trip in amsterdam, we had so much fun and went to kentucky fried chick and we ordered food and went through in drive through and had the box of chicken so me and willy sat side by side and put our hands in at the same time and grabbed the same piece of chicken and i said you know what? that's yours, willy. [ laughter ] >> marc lamont hill, can you picture the seen of kentucky fried chicken, two of the richest stars in the world squabbling over chicken. >> that's surprising to me. i'm surprised they can find their way to kentucky fried chicken. i've never found two more people obsessed with weed than snoop
9:44 pm
and willie. >> let me go to bill, you have the year-end music issue featuring bruno mars. tell me about snoop lion and his reinvention in the last year or so away from the old snoop -- from dog to lion. what do you make of it? >> the funny part about snoop dog, lion, snoop is frost. right? there is probably no artist more strongly identified with a particular persona and you just saw it than snoop so it's funny when he changes his name. not like anything else is changing. >> he did have a transformation. >> i love snoop. number four, jennifer lawrence what crashed my show, late and suddenly burst on the set. this was quite remarkable. watch this. >> wait, she's approaching at high speed. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> sorry. >> thank goodness. >> jimmy kimmel and i got pulled
9:45 pm
off, apparently late. >> we don't care about kimmel. this is breaking news. this is as good as it gets. the world's hottest actress. better late than never, young lady. >> i had no idea i was late. >> you look fabulous. >> thank you. >> how was kimmel? i don't care. don't answer that. >> heather thompson, are we in agreement she's absolutely fabulous, jennifer lawrence in every way? >> she's amazing and so refreshing jennifer lawrence because she's so real and easy and realistic. i tell her, rock what you got, jennifer. she's doing her thing. >> she's awesome. >> and so amazingly refreshing. >> attention -- we got to move on. tension is now mounting. we got to move onto the top three. after the break we'll be back with ricky and bill clinton but i'll leave the number one hovering in the air. you may be able to guess, actually. been a certain theme to the show. people don't have to think about
9:46 pm
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the moment of the day you've been waiting for, the top three moments of 2013. the joke by the brilliant ricky gervais? >> why does piers morgan wear a pink tie? >> why? >> because he's [ bleep ] >> i need to know the bleep. >> annoying. >> very quickly, i want you-all to fill in the blank. what did you think he said? >> because he's fabulous. >> thank you. i think you're getting the theme here, bill? >> can i go full bleep? >> don't do it. don't do it. don't do it. >> because he's fashionable. >> because he's a freaking bleep hole. >> he's got my answer. >> it was actually even worse. marc lamont hill, piers morgan is a bleep. >> bleeping is annoying. everybody swears and you have to watch language but you can't bleep a joke -- >> actually, if you heard what
9:51 pm
he said, you would definitely want to bleep it. [ laughter ] >> i'm not saying it wasn't accurate, i'm just saying you can't air it on a family show like this. >> what was the answer? >> you got to share, man. >> obviously, if we bleeped it the first time, i can't give the answer now. it was an earthing english remark. number two is bill clinton, this brilliant moment when he suddenly pulled out a pair of shades and began to imitate bonno from youtube. watch this. >> i'm irish, you know, when we're irish, we can imitate anybody. but at last, i've been singing so loud and screaming so loud at these concerts that i'm horse, so i got to be careful with my voice. >> bill, you're mr. music, how good was -- >> come on, man, he sounds like the animated --
9:52 pm
>> you have to grade it on a curve, man. >> professional -- >> well in a different kind of way. i give bill clinton an a for effort. the fact he can sit there and do that a drum roll. this is number one. this was voted for by viewers all day long on twitter, on the social media, on the internet. this is the single most popular clip from my show of the year. and i think it plays very well to the main theme of the show this year, too. let's watch this. >> hitler took the guns. castro took the guns. chavez took the guns. i'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our fire arms. it doesn't matter how many lemons you get on the street begging for them to have their guns taken. we will not relinquish them. do you understand? that's why you're going to fail
9:53 pm
and the establishment knows how much prop granda the republic will rise again when you attempt to take our guns. you don't have to ask me any tough questions, i'll just keep talking. >> that guy has a gun and probably has several guns. >> i can confirm, he has 50 guns. >> of course he does. >> he was led kicking and screaming into the street. he was last seen screaming his way down fifth avenue ten minutes later. let me ask you this under the blusters, there is a lot to this competition. he launched the petition to have me deported. president obama, i'm sure you're very grateful stepped in to save me. i know that is a hugely popular decision by the president. where are we with -- where are we with guns in america?
9:54 pm
it seems disspiriting that a year after sandy hook there have been 26 more school shootings and not a single change of legislation federally in this country. >> and that's a good point, piers. i think the conversation is still being had. now what's going to be done with it, we don't know. i think there are a lot of people not as voicterous as alex who do feel that way though, who feel like maybe their rights are encroached on. they did grow up with guns. they feel they're responsible gun owners. they don't want anything to change. i think there is a larger segment of the population who says maybe we don't need our guns taken away. but we do need some regulations. i think that's where we're going. >> absolutely. >> bill, you're shaking your head. what do you i >> she said the conversation is happening. the truth of the matter is the conversation sadly isn't even happening. if you go to the google, every time there is a school shooting for six hours, the conversation is happening. and then the conversation just goes away. >> listen if, the guns were like they were in 1776, you know, by the time they filled in their gunpowder, the mall would be emptied.
9:55 pm
we're not talking about the same type of weapons that we were talking about then and there needs to be change. >> you and i debated this on and off throughout the year. it's a passion of mine. in britain we had a huge outrage in the '9 0's and everything. we haven't had a school shooting 1996. 26 in america since sandy hook. what is going to change this? >> it's going to take people to stand up to the gun lobby. dhoent represent the dominant pen in america. we have to elect people in office that are willing to push back. >> is the dominant opinion let's get rid of guns or regulate? >> i think reasonable regulations. people who believe in a second amendment but don't believe the bear to bear arms is any kind of arm at any time with any limitations. i think reform would reduce the school shootings considerably. >> i do. too.
9:56 pm
>> thank you for being here. terrific panel. for all your contributions to the show throughout the year, please come back in the new year. this will be my last show of this year. i'll be back january 5th. after the break, we'll reveal what is happening tomorrow night. a little exciting thing is happening on the show tomorrow. it doesn't involve me, you'll be pleased to hear. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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tomorrow night we have glenn beck.
10:00 pm
wait until you hear what he says about chris christie. >> libertarianism is the future. and that is everybody be cool to each other. everybody live responsibly. and live freely. >> that sounds really good. but let me ask you about -- >> no, let me ask you about the real world. chris christie is the real world. >> chris christie is not the real world. chris christie is a fat nightmare. >> a fat nightmare, well, i look forward to watching that. "anderson cooper 360" stardz right now. a 360 exclusive, dr. sanjay gupta, an expert in treating pain. why did his patients in his clinic o.d. and die? hackers take target.


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