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tv   Crossfire  CNN  December 27, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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out and demonstrate until the prime minister resigns. >> you will be following that, mohammed, and mohammed jamjoom stay safe. the violence follows the government's decision to declare the muslim brotherhood a terrorist group. elise labot is following the story for us. what does this mean for egypt as political future? >> it doesn't look good. as el note, it's the biggest political party in egypt. it's a huge movement, so you're not just talking about a wide swath of supporters you're alienating, but a lot of social services, charities, nongovernment organizations in the country will be shut down it
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further aliens yates the -- if the muslim brotherhood goes underground, who will they turn to? they started in the sinai, but they're gaining influence throughout the country. these are the groups that are believed to be responsible for some of these bombings. the concern is this could further radicalize the population. >> there's long-standing ties between the u.s. government and the interim government there in egypt. whagle plafr for plan for dealing with this government? egypt? >> it's really unclear, brianna. the us has very little influence. this was a symbolic amount of weapons and loans, that countries like saudi arabia, the united arab emirates, they share
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the concern, so they're making up the shortfall and more for the egyptian government. the u.s. doesn't really know what to do here. this struggle that the military has is seen as so big, they're really not sensitive to the u.s. concerns about democrat sick. they're fighting this on their own. you know they need them to be guaranty tees is the piecekeeping, so it's unclean. >> elise, thank you so much. faouad is joins us from new york and david keys, director of the organization advancing human rights and contributor to "the daily beast." after we watch this chaos unfold, david, looking specifically at egypt. is there anything that the u.s.
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can do to exert influence? >> i think there's an enormous amount the u.s. can do. it has to stay true to the aspirin tells. going back decades they have supportedsh whether it's in egypt or saudi arabia. the most important thing is to uphold maximum pressure on the government to uphold civil liberties, to increase space for freedom of express. it's not just the muslim brotherhood. it's also liberate activists. young bloggers, it starts out with the radicals, but i think it's the same egyp military which had abiron fist clamping down, so the united states should link foreaid to -- and should stay true that we should trust states as much as they trust their own people. by that standard, the egyptian government cannot be trusted. it's reverting back to the same
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military dictatorship. how much leverage does the u.s. have? its i think it has -- i think a lot of people in the middle east look to the united states for leadership. i've spend the last many years working with dissidents, and many, many people are dispoint. they look at upholding this theocratic tyranny in saudi arabia, look at aid sent to hosting mubarak and are pleading with america to take a greater role when it comes to upholding human rights in the middle east. when we stay true to our own fundamental principles, that's when the united states has the most power. i think a lot of people are being proven wrong. going back years, people said of assad he was a reformer, someone we could work with, a and now he's the monster that the
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dissidents knew all along that he was. >> tremendously concerning that we see this ally of the u.s., an opponent of both hezbollah and assad taken out. how concerned are you that violence is spreading across the middle east. >> well, i see brud, and for the lebanese, you have almost the horrific prospect of return to the past. the truth is any opponent of syria or lebanon, will -- syria is endangered. the death of this am bass do to washington, a ph.d. from the university of texas, and very decent and moderate man, targeting him means that they're back in the business of killing people, and they've been spared. he's been spared the wrath of the obama administration and is
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now back to what he knows best, which is terror, assassinations, car bombs and the like. >> it doesn't appear foaud, it doesn't appear to have changed. >> i think the u.s. has in a way, for better or worse, has taken time-out from the middle east. i think there's kind of an almost admission on the part of the obama administration that the troubles in the region are very huge. the troubles in the region are huge because of the absent indication of american policy towards syria. it all begins and ends to a considerable extent in the -- it all begins and ends with bashar al assad. american power spared him and now he's on a rampage. >> what do you think about that, david? obviously the foreign policy concentration of the obama administration has been to turn
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away from the middle east to asia, but at every turn, you have the middle east trying to grab that attention back. what does the u.s. need to do? >> i think what fouad has said is spot on. the middle east keeps dragging the united states back into the tentacles. i think there are a number of things the united states can do to re-claim its moral clarity. it has to support unabashededly and unreservededly true democratic throughout the region. it needs to speak up on behalf of the political prisoners denied freedom across the middle east. they should beginning meetings by raising the names of political prisoners. it can condition aid to human rights. so instead of given a blank check to the autocratic regimes, they can play a much more
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important role by not appeasing dictators, and by speaking clearly about how dangerous they are. >> the last question on this, how does the u.s. proponents of democrat sick this has been something very different for the u.s. government and its allies. >> i think david has it right. where do we begin? if you will. the past has not been very encouraging. we stayed with mubarak for 30 years or so. i think we have to be honest about this, with authoritarian regimes. as david said in reference to bashar al assad. this is a man that our secretary of state and diplomats told us that this man was a reformer. we have to -- we have to really begin to know the region as it is, and we have to turn to the egyptians in particular, because we haven't said enough about them.
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we have to return to the egyptian regime and make it very, very clear that if the banning of the muslim brotherhood is not a solution. the dream of an egypt without beards or veils is illusion yeah. thanks to both of you for being with us in "the situation room." >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. ahead, the star of the dallas cowboys' comeback won't be on the field. we have the latest on tony romo's surgery. plus the frat house that -- you won't believe somewhere molest most powerful people in the country really hang outs.
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let's get to some of the other top stories in "the situation room." the nfl's dallas cowboys have suffered a big blow. it actually took place on sunday when star quarterback tony romo took this hit in a game against washington. romo underwent back surgery this morning. he will be out for the rest of the season. that means kyle orton will start against philadelphia in sunday's
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game. all eyes will be on his backup, jon kit in a, a high school football coach coming out of retirpt. he'll donate his salary to his school. a murderous python is on the loose in bali. a security guard at a luxury hotel on the indonesian island was killed. the snake choked the man to death. a spokeswoman made clear the incident was not on hotel grounds. the hotel is under ren ovations and is closed. it is summertime in argentina, but a large crowd trying to escape the 100-degree heat couldn't escape. you see that there, a swarm of carnivorous fish. about 70 people were injured when they were attacked. some of these actually lost parts of fingers and toes. they like lie piranha, that's because they're related to the piranha, and they have very sharp teeth. during the christmas holidays, washington is like a college campus, it is really
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very quiet, because everyone has gone home for the holidays. there's a similarity to college even when congress is in session. some of the nation's most powerful men share living quarters, inspiring the new series "alpha house." cnn's chief correspondent dana bash takes us inside. >> reporter: paint peels off the walls, sheets covering the windows, broken blinds, a mangled chair covered up with a wood board, an ancient hole, and yes, underwear in the living room. what looks and feels like the most rundown frat campus is home to some of the most powerful men. >> welcome to omega house. >> dick durbin and chuck schumer, the second and third ranks democrats live here together. their landlord and third roommate is democratic congressman george miller. the house is so legendary, it
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inspired a new tv series "alpha house" except the senate roommates in the show are republicans. >> we want to say they are nothing like us. don't even begin to think so units when people see this house they'll know, because in the show it's a bit nicer. >> now, wait a minute. >> reporter: miller, the owner, started taking in tenants more than 30 years ago. the house hasn't been updated since. >> we stop buying lps. that's when the music stopped. >> but a report player. >> the same exact records are there now as the day i moved in in 1982. >> the best part about it are the products that are on the ka set player. >> this is my medicine cabinet -- >> i didn't know you were a metro sexual. >> as smooth as could be. >> whose closet is this? >> mine. >> oh, mr. neat's closet. >> hey sclal. >> schumer's stuff is strewn all
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over the living room. >> reporter: seriously this is where you sleep every night? >> every night. >> and you wake up to barack obama staring you in your face? he said this is the most you've ever made your bed. >> just for you. >> reporter: thank you. the blinds are particularly beautiful. >> well, that way you can see the weather. it's a special effect. >> reporter: the phone is still plugged in, but hasn't worked for year. 546-2543. i still re the number. >> reporter: what's the point? >> hey, he's always saving money. >> reporter: their couch was a money saver, too. >> my son wanted to throw it away, put it out in the trash, and it had to be 12, 14 years ago. i said it's better than anything we have. >> reporter: the refrigerator? well, a scary sight. >> that baguette, yeah, it looks aged. it's a lethal weapon. >> reporter: no wonder they have a problem with rats.
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>> the rats may have done that. >> reporter: wow 689 how many rats did you have? >> don't ask. >> i had a dream literally two nights ago -- >> i knew the rats were in the senate. i didn't know they came to the house. >> reporter: what year was that from? >> ben franklin gave that to us. >> reporter: the congressional roomies take the easy route, cold cereal, they buy it in bulk. >> you're the raisin bran. >> i like the mini wheat. >> reporter: the fick 'tis residents have breakfast together, not so much here. >> i usually come in midnight. >> and we leave while he sleeps. >> reporter: an opening scene shows a bowl of flag pins on the center. this is what they have on their counter. >> screws and a random pill, and a pen in case you need one. >> it's modern art. >> it's hard to believe such prominent politicians leave in this conditions. >> when my wife comes, she will
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not stay in here. >> but they're only in washington about three nights a week. >> what makes it work? >> we're friends. >> we love it. it's home. >> dana bash, cnn, at the real alpha house near capitol hill. how old are those spices above the stove, right? well ahead, canine combat vet who used to sniff out bombs, he's now patrolling the pentagon. we're aig. and we're here. to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays. there's no secondhand smoke in here... ...and no cigarette advertising around here.
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a canine combat vet who used to sniff out roadside bombs is now patrolling the halls of the
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pentagon. >> reporter: when the emmy comes to work at the department of defense alongside pentagon police officer eric harris, her nose is already on alert. checking, pausing, sniffing, emmy is trained to detect explosives. >> good girl. stay. >> reporter: but this 6-year-old lab is also a combat veteran. the first on the pentagon's canine force. >> what do you know about emmy before she came to you? >> before she came to work with us, she did two tours in afghanistan the marine corps unit over there. she was an ied dog. her sole purpose was to find ieds. >> reporter: he said when emmy arrived, she brought her war zone work habits with her. >> she is nonstop working. i will say that. pretty much like any other marine or soldier. 24/7. >> reporter: emmy brought one has been she developed herself to cope with the blistering heat in afghanistan. >> really hot.
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she will dunk her face in a bowl of water and dip her front pads in the water as well, i'm assuming, to cool them off. >> reporter: harris said her partner in afghanistan, marine corporal andrew lindstrom contacted the military when he came home. >> he was very concerned of how she would be treated once she retired as a marine corps dog. for him to go through all that trouble to find out just how emmy was doing and sure she was taken care of shows me what kind of bond they had over there. >> reporter: even now as she protects the pentagon, emmy likes to stop and visit. her special attention, devoted to other marines. she makes sure there is time for officer harris to tell about her old unit. >> the reserve unit out of hawaii, now we'll give her a job here and keep her working. she is not ready to quit yet. >> reporter: but then it is right back to work. sniffing, searching, patrolling to make sure everyone stays safe. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon.
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>> a great story. what do you think were the top stories of the year? go to and to go your top ten choices. you have until midnight eastern time tonight. the top ten will be revealed on monday. here are some of our picks. >> a funnel cloud that has just developed. it appears to be on the ground in oklahoma city. >> it is a populated area. we just fear that not everyone may have gotten the word. >> when i got homey realized there is nothing left of my house. >> luckily the only rooms spared were the rooms we were in. >> we're at the end of a searing day. staring at a neighborhood that is almost unrecognizable. >> that's on me. i mean, we fumbled the rollout on this health care. >> i wanted to have the opportunity to have insurance. i don't have insurance at all. >> we should have done a better job getting that right on day one. >> breaking news, a assumer
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typhoon is slamming into the philippines right now. >> i don't have the words for it. it is really horrific. it is a great human tragedy. >> this is really, really bad, worse than hell. worse than hell. >> his papacy is being hail by many as a fresh start. his demeanor, style and words have garnered attention the world over. >> if a person is gay and accepts the lord and has good will, who am i to judge them? >> there is a kind of rock star quality to this man. a sense of a new day dawning wherever he goes. >> it was just absolutely surreal. no one really knew what had
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happened. >> there has been some significant progress in the case. >> it is over. the second of the two suspects is in after a harrowing 24-hour chase and manhunt. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> completely shocked. utter shock. i cannot believe he was not found guilty. >> the not guilty verdict ends a trial where zimmerman claimed he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense. the martin family believed their son who was not armed at the time was profiled. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> around 30 students had gone from an elite school here in eastern china on a study group tour to the u.s. tonight they are holing a vigil, lit candle examines sent messages to their friends who they say are in heaven. >> there's no doubt the arrival of this royal baby has the world
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waiting. >> the new royal heir in the united kingdom. >> it's nice that people want to see george. so i'm just glad he wasn't screaming his head off the whole way through. for me, catherine and now little george, my priorities. the key players are faring fairly poorly right now in the american public's eye. >> if the united states congress does be fulfill its promise to pass a budget today, much of the united states budget will be forced to shut down tomorrow. >> we're expecting south african broadcasting television to be making a statement on the health of nelson mandela. >> fellow south africans, our beloved nelson mandela has departed. >> remember you can follow us in
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what's going on. you can tweet me, and tweet the show at cnn sitroom. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. next, news on "duck dynasty." plus a man charged for a knockout assault. his attorney come "outfront." the massive hack of 40 million customers. data pin number also stolen. how can you protect yourself? let's go "outfront." -- captions by vitac -- good evening. i'm don lemon in for erin burnett. "outfront," breaking news. a & e caves. they just announced they are lifting the suspension of the "duck dynasty" patriarch phil robertson. the company suspended the reality star just nine days ago after coner


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