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tv   Your Money  CNN  January 11, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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>> the d.a. decided to bring charges against the transgender teen. >> we will talk about that. it has a lot of different angles. "your money" is next. >> the economy is ready to take flight. will the weakest job growth in years keep the plane on the ground? i'm christine romans. this is "your money." 74,000 jobs created in december. far short of what the economy needs. the unemployment rate fell to 6.7% for the wrong reason. the drop largely from workers discouraged and they left the labor force. 170,000 college graduates simply stopped looking. they no longer count. they are still out of work. who got jobs and who joined the labor force? 400,000 high school graduates with no education said they were
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hired. we have been warned for years that the rules of economic recovery don't apply here. ken, if we listened to you four years ago, we would be fully healed by now. >> by the way, no. i don't think there was any easy move to make when you are dealt a hand like this. very easy to say i would have done this or i would have done that or infrastructure spend organize bailed out. >> the odds of finding a job if you are out of work for a year are one in ten. the odds of finding a job if you were out five weeks, 31%. that is better. better for the newly unemployed. is that what we will see the recovery look like? >> the big gap with the long-term unemployed which are one-third. the long-term unemployed are having trouble reentering. it is collateral damage of the financial crisis. the shorter-term is normalized
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more. >> i asked the labor secretary tom perez what we need to do to get people back on the job. listen. >> the most important thing we can do in the short-term for them is to extend emergency unemployment compensation. a requirement of receipt of emergency unemployment compensation is they continue to look for work. the studies show when you don't receive that, you are likely to leave the labor force. >> are the extended benefits masking structure problems? you can extend benefits -- it is a band aid. those are not growing good paying jobs. >> on the other hand, this is an extraordinary recession. it is lasting a long time. extending unemployment beyond the usual makes sense here. it won't necessarily make employment go faster.
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yes, people look a little longer. it is the fair thing to do in a very unequal economy. >> ken, stay there. it is no surprise americans struggling to find jobs are angry. wall street got their bailout and let's look at what wall streetbailout. the taxpayer funded insurance bailouts for aig and freddie mac and fannie mae. they paid it back. the bailout prevented a complete collapse, but it prompted this in lower manhattan. >> we got sold out. >> the banks got bailed out. >> we got sold out. >> that anxiety and anger permits. let's look at what main street got. americans in their homes with varying degrees of success. working americans got to keep more of their own money thanks
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to the payroll tax holiday. and the auto bailout kept 1.5 million americans on the job. the government launched a massive expansion of the safety net. in june of 2008, president bush extended unemployment benefits that were provided by the states. that program has been extended 11 times. the cost so far, $225 billion. the obama administration says it kept 11.4 million people out o poverty. ken, the question is did they do enough to keep people? >> the answer is no. we should have kept more of the borrowers in their homes. that would have helped everybody. that would have helped the banking sector indirectly. the mess would not have unfolded as badly. we should have done more
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infrastructure. this would have lasted a long time. they worry some of it will be spent seven years later. you have to bear in mind nobody knew what was going on. they thought europe would collapse. it could have been worse. if wall street had collapsed, then main street would have been worse off. >> it is easy to be mad at wall street when wall street recovered. >> there is no question there is an important feeling of unfairness that strains our social contract and something needs to be done to make an adjustment to that. there is no debate about that. >> the unemployment benefits program is not the first recession program to end. the payroll tax holiday ended. the food stamps benefits were cut back last year. are we pulling back too soon? >> we are pulling back too soon. food stamps program is the best program out there. >> the republicans are asking
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for reform of the program and asking for work requirements for people to get food stamps. >> there are details of the program i did not like. i wish food stamps was more narrowly subscribed for more healthy things. the unemployment benefits, i hear the idea that well, we will get higher unemployment if we make it easier for people to be unemployed. we are an extraordinary situation where a lot of people cannot find a job. >> things are getting better? >> i do think so in spite of the embarrassing recent report, the overall news has been good. the united states is doing better than almost everybody else who experienced this crisis. you know, it is the glass might not even be half full, but it is filling. >> ken rogoff, nice to see you this weekend. >> thank you. why do women make less than men? a new study finds men are more competitive, more confident and
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better negotiators than women. the report by the federal reserve bank of new york shows women and men are not expecting the pay gap to end soon. women expect 19% less than men by age 30. for more stories that matter to your money, give me 60 seconds on the clock. it's money time. >> check out the curves. samsung unveiled the bendable tv in las vegas. the screen exchange shape to enhance viewing. game over for china's ban on gaming consoles. sony, nintendo and microsoft can tap a huge market, but they have to make them in china. the ban started in 2000. chinese officials worried about violent content and potential for moral decay. facebook says it cares about your privacy, but its ceo doesn't talk about it much.
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a college professor put more than 150 speeches and appearances by mark zuckerberg by a cloud. what did he say the most? people and things. the great liquid gold mystery. velveeta cheese disappearing from store shelves. kraft says it is not sure there is a shortage, but just in time for your super bowl party. are you in the market for a home loan? mortgage rates held steady. the fixed dipped to 4.51%. the 15-year fixed dipped to 3.56%. rates have been on the rise since sum irrelevamersummer. i wouldn't want you to look at the chart. interest rates above 4%.
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dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ attention target shoppers, 70 million of you lost your name, address and phone number or e-mail address to hackers. the company said friday the data
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breach affecting holiday customers significantly worse than originally thought. we are not talking about encrypted pins and credit card numbers, but your personal information. susan grant is with the consumer federation of america. susan, target is offering one year of credit monitoring protection for customers. they said they will let you know soon how to get that. is that enough? >> i don't know that it is. first of all, it depends on what kind of i.d. theft protection service they are providing. if it is just credit monitoring, that detects new accounts opened in your name, not takeover of existing accounts. >> i want to know if you think consumers should request new credit cards? go to your bank and say i know i shopped at target. i don't trust what is happening
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next. can you please change the number on my account? >> i think if consumers using their credit cards between november 27th and december 15th, they should get their credit card numbers changed. not just wait to see if there is fraudlent activity. >> another advice, people should be careful about phone calls or e-mails. i'm here from target to make sure you haven't been breached in the data problem. that is just more scammers coming after you, right? >> that is right. you could get calls or e-mails from scammers pretending to be from target or from their card issuer or theft service. or telling them to click on something to load spyware. >> our information is stored in so many places. someone told me up to 5,000
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places, my financial life is floating around at any given moment. if it means taking a hit for the financial companies, will they spend more money and make sure it doesn't happen again or are the hackers so sophisticated? >> it is not only losing money, but customer confidence. that is fatal for businesses. so they need to be able to convince consumers that they are taking every measure that they can to keep their data secure. >> susan grant, thank you so much. really good advice. avoid the e-mails that look like they are from target and avoid the phone calls that are from a scammer and change your credit card number. thank you, susan. if you are one of the 70 million target shoppers that were compromised, go to for advice. coming up, you run a race
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remember the question we asked before the break? if you are running a race and you pass the person in second place, what place would you be in now? the answer second. passing the person in second means you take their place in second. not first. that is the example of the questions companies are asking the iq and personality tests. they are more popular. some start ups are asking you to play video games.
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zane asher joins me now. >> we're not talking "call of duty" or "grand theft auto." they are measuring your reaction time or whether you are motivated by money. the question is will online video games become the job interview of the future? it might look like my keyboard is jammed. i'm actually taking a test to see the type of job i'd be best suited to. >> it is measuring how quick i am to react. >> more and more companies are using online video games to test job applicants reaction times and how attentive they are to detail and emotional or impulsive they can be. >> uses can go on and play short fun games to find out strengths and weaknesses and map them. >> i have to judge a state from the series of photographs while this test is more likely to
6:51 am
gamble if the job is higher. these games are testing among recruiters. the video game can know you better than you know yourself. this is labeling me good at memorizing and generous among friends. it said i was emotional and impulsive. >> you are good at putting in effort and getting reward. >> i'm a hard worker. >> the main benefits of this is when somebody is going through thousands of resumes, this testing can be more informative. >> the one word of caution. some of the tests can lead to discrimination. reaction time is faster for younger than older folks and there is a question of social background. >> people from social groups exposed to games and technology and puzzles will do better from cultural backgrounds where that was not part of their experience
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when they were growing up. that is unfair and wrong. >> reporter: but hr companies are intrigued by online game testing and they are asking the best sales person to take the test so they can hire people as similar as possible. >> what these tests do is they run those people through the games and come up with a profile and you run everyone else through the profile. they are trying to figure out what is statistically different between the people who were best practice and the rest of the group. >> reporter: the company really wants to hire employees that all share the same traits. >> diversity is important, but if you are exhibiting strong sales sales ability, we want to play to your strength. >> the companies says we believe in the science of this, but it is supposed to be one data point. not to replace a job interview or ignore the resume of the person or be all and end all. >> hard worker, but impulsive.
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now your boss knows and so does america. >> it said my best career would be in a field of education. they don't have a box for reporters. >> thank you, zain. up next, i will tell you why marissa mayer -- >> i pulled an all nighter once a week. >> and "girls" actress le lea dunham, why they hold the key to getting america back to work. natural gas? nuclear? or renewables like solar... and wind? let's find out. this is where america's electricity comes from. a diversity of energy sources helps ensure the electricity we need is reliable. take the energy quiz. energy lives here.
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they are the biggest, most educated, most plugged in generation, me lennials. think kids from birthdays from the early '80s to 2 thousands. grown-ups. entitled, lazy, immature, might not fit in the typical corporate
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culture. instead they're creating the jobs they want. for example, the 17-year-old who sold his start-up to yahoo! last year. cool $30 million. yahoo! ceo marissa mayer brought him on board and this week he revealed the new yahoo! news digest he's been working on. she's acquired dozens of start-ups and young entrepreneurs with them. like the yahoo! ceo i'm biullis on millennials. no celebrity represents millennials like dunham. her business is all about lost 20 somethings and business is good. >> everything has been so terrible and painful in the last few months, leading me to this point. >> award winning show, a multi-million dollar book deal, and a whole lot of buzz, all by age 27. >> everything actually is awesome for me. >> inspired by her own
6:58 am
post-college aimlessness, lena dunham wrote, directed, and started in "tiny furniture." it won praise on a indy circuit and best narrative feature at the 2010 south by southwest festival. >> how do i look? >> reporter: two years later dunham hit it big with "girls," creator and star working along side comedy director and producer. the hbo series tells a story of 20 somethings struggling to get their lives on track in new york. >> and then i am busy, trying to become who i am. >> reporter: some have called dunham the voice of a generation but many disagree saying most can't relate to her spoiled out of touch characters. >> what is wrong with people? >> reporter: some are offended by dunham's frequent newtity. >> most situations it's not a good idea to be naked on television. >> reporter: a lack of diversity in the cast. >> i'm sure people dislike the show for plenty of reasons. >> reporter: but ratings don't lie. seasons one and two brought in about 4.6 million viewers a
6:59 am
week. >> are you serious? >> reporter: and won two golden globes and an emmy. season three promises more of the same. off screen, dunham is writing a fun funny how-to book. the price for their advice, reported $3.5 million advance from ran dam house. she ventures into politics. she made suggestive ad about voting for obama. >> i don't want to get married until all gay people can get married. >> reporter: now working on another original series for mbo, untake lost character she plies the business of being lena dunham is all grown up. >> thanks for starting your saturday smart with us. coming up on a brand you "your money" at 2:00 p.m. eastern, marijuana is legal in colorado but so is being fired for smoking it. but coming up next on "cnn newsroom" -- >> i am embarrassed and hue mill yated by the conduct of some of
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the people on my team. >> the so-called bridge gate scandal just getting worse. now some wondering whether governor chris christie's hopes for a 2016 presidential run will be dashed, after his top aides were linked to a 2013 bridge closure that may have been politically motivated. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. israel, mourning the passing of a leader this morning. former prime minister ariel sharon has died. his leadership and regular gas si ahead. >> the questions just keep coming as we get more documents from the new jersey bridge scandal. we'll ask the state assembly man who released those papers if he thinks christie is telling the truth. a transgendered teen bullied for years fights back now, but is facing criminal charges. we're going to talk to her live. i hope saturday hasn


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