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tv   AC 360 Later  CNN  January 13, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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welcome to "ac360 later." a new headache for governor chris christie, new doubts about whether nsa eavesdropping is keeping us safe. also the golden globes and why childless couples are so happy. the reminder, you can join the conversation by tweeting #ac360later. with us tonight, christiane
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amanpour, dan savage, and margaret hoover. we begin with the story reported by chris frads, chris christie under investigation for using sandy relief money for an ad campaign to get people to come back to the jersey shore. >> the jersey shore is open. >> the word is spreading. >> we're stronger than the storm. >> you bet we are. >> the critics say it is more about pumping up his image and his office says it was approved by the barack obama administration. this comes in the bridge scandal. joining us is goloria borger. talk about the person who is pushing this story. are politics involved? >> well, i'd be shocked to think there are not politics involved in the state of new jersey.
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yeah, look, people see a weakness in chris christie. this story about -- that you just referred to about the money for the ads, the story is that the ads would have been a lot cheap for they hadn't included the family. a democratic congressman, frank polone who is a political enemy of chris christie asked for this investigation. >> why would they have been cheaper if the family was not included? >> that's a good question. so, we're trying to get the answer to. that he asked the inspector general to look into how the money was spent and that was last summer. so now, the inspector general said this is worthy of a serious investigation. the fact it leaked out at this particular time, i think you'd have to say is a little bit politically suspect. >> and to the question you were
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asking. part of the $60 billion given to new jersey there was a line item for marketing budget. the most expensive was a $4 million line item including the christie family. and if they had not pursued that there was a $2 million marketing video that would not have included the company number one knows who would have -- >> those are just for the production of the commercial. they spent $25 million airing it all over the country in advance of his presidential bid and re-election in jersey. it's all a little smelly. >> but on the other side of the argument is that this is to say to people, look, the jersey shore is open for business, just as was done after hurricane katrina, for example, come visit new jersey. >> i don't understand why the commercial with the christie family would be more expensive than ones without. >> it's higher production value. you have to go to the shore and
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put makeup on them and have them rehearse lines. >> food service and catering. >> look, the issue, i think, here, is you have a challenge with christie. two stories where it looks like he has gone for a political win over the people of jersey. if that solidifies he is having a real problem. >> you think this could have legs? >> it's the accumulative effect of the two stories on top of each other. and if there is anything else it could damage him. >> and there are smaller stories popping up that we have been reporting today about, for example, chris christie going around the state. his advisers saying we want a lot of democrats to support us. this was a prelude to a national political campaign. the mayor of ft. lee, new jersey -- >> the mayor of jersey city, i
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think. >> the mayor of jersey city had appointments with top leaders in the state and they were all cancelled within an hour. >> do you think this kind of stuff -- giuliani is like this happens all the time in political campaigns and staffs whether or not the person knows about it or not. >> it does to an extent. listen to you talk about these through all these debates. but it is beat up on christie time because of this rich gift of this traffic jam back in september. >> where they were not just punishing the politicians they were punishing all these citizens. >> thousands. >> someone may have died. paramedics couldn't do their jobs. i'm going to get all the people who voted for you. that it's a different degree. >> and it's all the christie
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stuff coming out again. is he a bully or a raging ego maniac. you had the acceptance speech and you all described what an egomaniacal speech it was. >> and he was supposed to be talking of romney. >> the interesting to me is that a president really can't do this kind of stuff. a president in an odd way doesn't have the political power that a governor does. a governor can do this and say good-bye and i'm not going to meet with you. but presidents can't. >> gloria, thanks. a bombshell report claims that aides to hillary clinton drew up a list of friends and enemies ranking them on a one to seven scale with one being most helpful and seven being treacherous. some of the sevens are former presidential candidate, john
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kerry, jay rockefeller, and claire mccaskill. one source saying it's old news. but do clintons ever move on? i want to bring in top bill clinton aide paul begala. >> i'm so frightened of hillary clinton. >> when you hear she has a hit list that sounds ominous. >> it was a list without a single hit. they don't even allege in the article. maybe it's a good book. i don't know these journalists. but you think after what, six years, there would be at least one act of retribution they could point to. >> are you saying that the clintons don't hold a grudge? >> here's what bill clinton used to say, he would quote abraham lincoln by saying i destroy my
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enemies by making them my friends. i called or e-mailed the people on the list and they all said this is nonsense. one is my favorite is from congressman andrews. he said this is a chapter in a campaign to attack secretary clinton in advance of the campaign. he has nothing but positive interacts with them. but he does cite two instances of retribution. president clinton sent me a personally autographed copy of his book and hillary wrote me a note of personal congratulations after my re-election and posed with my daughter after the 2012 inaugural. these people are just ruthless. >> you have done a heroic job of defending hillary clinton and
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the truth of the matter is, it is probably overblown. but they do have a reputation and everybody knows that bill clinton was upset after all the democrats who turned away from hillary and went to obama. >> they have a loyal cotry. >> everybody is thinking she is going to run and the democrats, many of these people who have been names are running back to her side. so it's cyclical. don't you think? >> i'm shocked that a politician didn't keep track of these things. >> on a one to seven scale? >> who helped me and dent help me. >> it's very detailed. >> you don't think there is anything surprising? >> not only nothing surprising, here's the point of the article. the point of the article was to remind people, hillary clinton has high approval ratings right
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now. she is sitting on her laurels and on the sidelines thinking about whether she is coming back hour not. this is the article designed to remind people what they used to hate about hillary and the clintons and the negative side of the clintons in national life. hillary has a choice. does she want to retire on her laurels and coast with a good legacy or get in the muck and dirty mud slinging of national politics. this is only the beginning. >> bill campaigned for those democrats who supported his wife after the 2008 election. but then he went back and was a major part of president obama's re-election. isn't it just par for the course and politics as usual? >> i think so. and it's what we are talking about with chris christie too. how different is this from the tonalties of chris christie. >> she is not attacking the
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people who voted for these people which is what christie did. >> you can't say that. there is no evidence. there is absolutely no evidence. >> doesn't smell -- >> a republican supporter of them. factually speaking there is no evidence. >> there is no evidence. >> paul? >> but christie's government, his administration apparently the deputy chief of staff did participate in this. and citizens, constituents were harmed. hillary didn't even make them wait in line at the passport office. and as christiane points out, hillary served with unflinching loyalty to the man who beat her and her husband delivered the speech that helped to elect the president. if this is vengeance it's thin gruel. what was it like to be on
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. welcome back. in a moment, former nba great charles smith on what it was like traveling to dennis rodman who when asked about the trip unleashed an epic tirade. >> no, no, no. i don't give a [ bleep ] i don't give a rat's -- look at them -- >> charles smith's hand was trying to control him there.
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and rodman has apologized for suggesting that kenneth bae had done something to deserve his fate. he said he was stressed out and had been drinking when he made those remarks. joining us now, charles smith who travelled to north korea with dennis rodman. also joining us -- mr. smith thank you for joining us on the phone. first of all when you agreed to go to north korea, did you know in dennis rodman's mind this was a birthday present for the man he calls his good friend? >> i did not know it was a birthday present. that was stated afterwards. but i think i said afterwards if i did know that, i don't think that would have changed whether i would have gone or not. >> you know the criticism. did you feel at any time what
7:17 pm
you were doing and dennis rodman was doing were inappropriate. standing there and hearing dennis rodman singing "happy birthday" to kim jong-un. having been there do you feel it's not so bad. >> i felt that. that was something that dennis did unilaterally. we did not know that was going to happen and he just did that. and you know, we spoke afterwards. i thought that was a little over the top and that might have been a little inappropriate and that would not have had any bearing whether the game to the success of the game or not. i think if he would not have done it it would not have mae a difference. we spoke about it afterwards. >> this is christiane amanpour. can you tell me how much you were paid and who paid you and the others to go there? >> i said this several times.
7:18 pm
i don't know what the issue is about how much we got paid. i have no reason to answer that question to anyone. that's my personal business. i think the question is a little personal and inappropriate. it's just personal. no one asked any of you on the set how much you got paid. my salary was public when i played in the nba. >> but you were paid and there is a legitimate question about who paid you. can you -- >> anderson, that is a legitimate question. our documentary film group out of ireland, both companies are -- >> you are saying that north korea did not pay you? >> we did not accept any dollars from north korea. and we know that. and we knew that going in that that would not be a good thing to do. >> so beyond the payment and you know, piers morgan talked to
7:19 pm
another members and he said he would give some of it to charity. but what is the point of going and going and keeping on going back to this country? kenny anderson said he thought it would have been worth it had they been doing clinics for young people or something that was sports diplomacy or advance some kind of decent agenda rather than going and singing happy birthday. do you regret having done it or would you go back be again? >> there are a couple of questions there. but would i go back again? i think i would under different circumstances. i think this trip was off and on and off and on and it came together kind of at the last minute and that's how the trip went from beginning to end. we were invited to come back, but i don't know whether that will happen.
7:20 pm
>> you have talked about cultural exchanges and letting people there see american culture and meet you, you learning from them. but, it seems to me what is different about this trip as opposed to other trips in taiwan and elsewhere, you are not meeting regular north koreans. the people who were in that auditorium all dressed exactly alike giving a standing ovation to a dictator for ten minutes those are all people whose lives hang in the balance based on the whims of this man. it's not as if you're meeting regular people in north korea out in the countryside malnourished and under threat of being sent to prisoner of war camps or concentration camps. do you feel you got a real glimpse of this place? >> i did. i did. i went out -- i don't know whether it's humorous but it's i went out for a walk a couple
7:21 pm
times in the morning and by the time i got maybe five blocks away, one of the tour guides who was with me asked me to come back to the hotel. you are always under their guidance when you go out to any restaurants. i did take a two and a half hour drive outside of pyongyang to a ski resort that they opened up maybe about a year ago and i got a chance to see the countryside and certain villages at the foot of different mountainsides. >> let me just jump in here. you talk about going to a ski resort. this is a country where there are 150,000 people in concentration camps. when kim jong-un decides to punish someone they sent you, your children, your parents and grandchildren. it's three generations of punishment. it's the only dictatorship in the world that does this
7:22 pm
currently. do you have any regrets -- you're talking about it as if it's a place that has ski resorts that people can go to. >> no, well, listen, there's a couple things, anderson. i did not know some of the statics that you just mentioned but that is not for me to know. we went there for one reason, and but reason only you talk about cultural exchange. i considered myself and a few other guys cross cultural ambassadors and we did go and engage in their custom and their belie believes to the point we wanted to understand somewhere about them. we did meet some of the residents in pyongyang. we didn't spend too much time with them. i have one incident that was really critical. there was a gentleman that i met at the hotel and, mind you, there are other americans who had more freedoms than we had. but i met a gentleman there.
7:23 pm
he went before he shook my hand to find that i was the first african-american's hand that he has ever shook. he had a certain image of me. i talked to him for a while. the next day he came up to me and said i'm sorry. that was good for me to change his thought process and how our people are. the biggest thing out of all of this is that the door was opened and a lot of times, as people, we're requiring everyone to think change and grow in a short period of time to reach out to another culture. >> let me just ask you. >> you don't know anything about them until you try. >> the north korean team beat you in basketball. if you beat them did you have concerns that they would be sent to a prisoner of war camp or killed? >> no, not at all. that never crossed my mind. >> people are disappeared in
7:24 pm
north korea for offenses far less than losing a basketball game. >> all the things you are talking about, we have not had a lot of information. and hopefully this is an opportunity. i don't know where you get a lot of your statistics from. >> i tell you i get it from, from a man born into a concentration camp who is only the person to escape. >> and the fact that we are making a connection there, to delve into it a little more and get more information and to establish a relationship, who knows, down the road we might be able to help. maybe not but it's a start. >> charles smith, thank you for being on. p.j. when you hear -- >> i'm often in awe. i picture 3-cpo playing scrabble with darth vader. this is so far into the land of hooey. >> i have been to north korea twice. there is a place for cultural
7:25 pm
exchange. there was criticism of the fill harmonic for going but it did turn out good. there is a place for ping-pong diplomacy. but we can't get any sense that is what they're doing. i can't figure out what they have been doing. >> there is also never a moment when dennis rodman sitting next to kim jong-un says, kenneth bae, let him come back to us. >> is he still there? >> no, they -- he's gone. but they made no effort. they never mentioned kenneth bae to him. charles smith met kim jong-un and shook his hand and said that people love the great leader. they love kim jong-un there and got a ten-minute standing ovation. if you don't applaud for ten minutes you could be disappeared. >> remember what happened in saddam hussein's iraq. if the team lost at football
7:26 pm
they were killed. >> it's not out of the ordinary. >> i don't for this cultural exchange. >> it does work. ping-pong diplomacy. it does -- it can work. >> but if all you are meeting is the functionary of -- >> right -- >> a goodwill ambassador sent by the country. >> but with a -- the system of concentration camps that is different than china. >> you and i know all this. >> the fact that they didn't do any research before going to me is -- >> you and i know all this. but i will say always worth going to these places to try to see what is going on and report a little bit. but i'm disappointed with what has come out from this team. >> we know how bad it is, but the silver lining of their continued persistence in travel there it has elevated the level
7:27 pm
of corruption in north korea. it may legitimatize it but americans have a sense of how bad it is in north korea. >> not to these guys because they are drinking cognac and smoking cigars and going skiing. if you ask american officials whether the national security agency vacuuming up phone records, they're answer is yet. the nsa director saying the same thing. at least 50 threats have been averted because of the program. now a study by the new america foundation calls that claim overblown and misleading. they say that they have had no discernible impact and only the most marge mall of impacts preventing terrorist activity. jeffrey toobin, what do you make of this?
7:28 pm
>> the new america foundation has done a study. there is a limited amount you can learn if you don't have a security clearance. they were hamstringed by that. but it is true that the new america foundation, as well as president obama's own commission, said that the metadata program was not that valuable. whether that means it should be scrapped or reworked in some way, that's something the president will announce, i think, on friday. his answer to that question. but it is -- it does appear that this is a program very expensive, very intrusive that has not paid the dividends. >> i just hate the idea that nsa
7:29 pm
is able to gather this information and i'm thinking about the post office, a big government bureaucracy, a ton of mail, e-mail, as it may be and phone messages and so on. the post office can't get the letter to our house. is the government doing anything valuable with this information? i doubt it. >> i think what's fascinating is no matter what one might think of edward snowden is he has had the debate and sparked it worldwide on the parameters of government surveillance. there is a place for government surveillance but the president, has jeff says, is going to outline new restrictions on this. it is really, really interesting what he has done. >> many people had said congress has oversight. congress has only oversight about what they are told about by the nsa themselves. there are not members of the staffs --
7:30 pm
>> i have the same oversight over my 16-year-old daughter. >> can i speak up on behalf of the post office? >> thank you. >> you know, is it the best 50 cents you can spend in america. you can get a letter -- >> he is calling me out. >> they do a great job. >> once a twice in my life -- >> they are an easy target. >> it's a cheap shot. anything large and slow moving attracts my attention. >> the republicans have done their best to hamstring the post office to prove that the government can't do anything. >> i like a show that stands up for the postal service. >> but back to excessive intrusion. i interviewed two of the eight burglars who did the first such raid of documents in 1971. and they found stuff that the
7:31 pm
government was doing and they said, listen, you know, we knew that j. edgar hoover was untouchable and this group of people went and took these documents and it made change and made people aware of dirty tricks and terrible things. >> but to jeff's point -- >> i know, jeff. >> and they -- >> i don't even have to talk. >> it wasn't the second amendment that led to those reforms and protections. but that kind of activism and sometimes you have to break laws to make better laws. >> the church committee came out -- >> we have to take a quick break. a ruling in the case of the cursing toddler after a video he was in went viral.
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welcome back. new development in the case that outraged a lot of people in the country. we showed you a video of a toddler after nebraska police union posted it on its website. we have blurred out the child's face. here is some of it. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> you doing the finger right now? >> the boy is egged on by adults off screen. the video went viral and the
7:36 pm
uproar that followed the boy and three minors were taken into protective custody including the toddler's mother who is 17 years old. they are in foster care. and the judge ruled that they can stay together in the same foster care. sunny hostin joins us. >> i'm the daughter of teenage parents. when i saw this child surrounded by violence and obviously drugs and alcohol i was surrounded by the same things. i think what was so interesting to me and saddening was that people were attacking the mother. people were calling this little boy a thug. and i thought i had the same upbringing, i don't think that anyone will call me a thug. but i'm surprised at the reaction. and i think many people have forgot man the equation that the mother is a child as well. >> you object to the police union mosting the video on their website. >> sure. >> they say in their defense
7:37 pm
they contacted the relevant authorities to see what could be done. >> they only did that after the public outrage. >> i don't see how it is legal for them to do it. >> it was posted on a public facebook page. the man and the uncle to that toddler apparently posted it on a facebook page. >> but they didn't blur the face. i think they exploited the child. it is clearly evidence of a crime when you see child abuse on video and as law enforcement you post it rather than use it as an investigative tool. >> we would not have been having this discussion if that video had not been posted and the issue of how kids are being raised and the obstacles that young mothers are facing is a valid discussion to have. >> i think that's right. i think if anything, anderson, good came out of that is that the child -- both children,
7:38 pm
mother and child are now in a safer place. and hopefully she will get the support she needs including education and parenting classes to break the cycle. >> the cps had had house "t" house under investigation at the house. there was a shooting at the house. the grandmother -- >> who is 38 years old. >> had been arrested related to gun or drug activity. >> that's true. so i think, you know, when it was posted, certainly, the officer said, you know, this is the cycle of thuggery and the cycle of violence. but was that really helpful? i don't think so. >> you were interested in the study -- >> you know what is helpful. >> mtv had the show "16 and pregnant" a lot of people saying it glamorizes teen pregnancy. >> you talk about the cycle of children having children.
7:39 pm
"16 and pregnant" has been correlated to nielsen ratings in counties where kids were having a high rate of pregnancy. and it has affected the teenage pregnancy. >> it dropped. >> positively. >> is it not the first study that showed it. it's the one that showed it most conclusively. >> the father of a 15-year-old. >> and i had a show on mtv for a year. >> a lot of people said it is glamorizing it and making the teenage moms into celebrities. >> if you ever watch the show you would never think it is glamorizing. >> only people who said that were people who never saw the show. you get to be a star if you are pregnant at 16. >> i have a 16-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old daughter. they do watch the show. because i am a bad supervising dad. and i didn't stop them. >> but -- >> their take away from this is,
7:40 pm
well, they think it's funny, icky, pathetic, horrible, stupid, kind of like twerking. >> it makes them think twice. >> absolutely. >> i told my son to watch it. >> in a less high-tech way, in parts of africa it is shown where the notice board that gets filtered down and people can see who are good partners and others. >> when you see how difficult it is. i had my first child at 34. i was an old bird. i did not want to repeat. >> i had my first at 50. >> good lord. that is another segment in and of itself. >> still to come on the program, some of the funniest and weirdest moments from the golden
7:41 pm
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welcome back. we're here with the panel. we have two moms at the table with margaret, a very new mother. >> thank you. >> and two dads at the table. it will be interesting to get margaret's take on this. a study shows that childless couples are happier with their relationships than couples with children. moms were happier than any other group.
7:45 pm
do you believe childless couples are happier? >> it's easy to see. it said kids, and i have one. i can see if we added multiples it would be difficult. >> inevitably children stress a relationship. >> and furniture too. >> until they can do stuff for themselves. >> i heard this report and go duh. of course they are happier. but it depends on what kind of happy do you want to be. >> and the roproof is in the pudding. >> but having children is supposed to give life your meaning and a lot of people go into it with screwed up expectations. those people are miserable. if you go in it without blinders on. >> if you come from a large irish family you know what you are in for. >> when you are high you have
7:46 pm
never been so high but when you were miserable you regret that first needle. >> as the only nonparent at the table, the energy that parents have, i have nieces and nephews and when i'm around kids i love kids but after an hour i'm like uncle needs a nap. >> we don't have the luxury. >> so does daddy. >> parents can't do that. >> you'd be surprised. >> of the women, the mothers are much happier than the childless women. but the childless dads are happier than the fathers. what does that mean? >> that doesn't surprise me. >> that means what college costs today is what that means. i mean i'd be retired now. i'm 66 years old and have three so tend through school. >> but i would be interested to see if it is parents of
7:47 pm
teenagers or parents of kids -- >> parents of teenagers, according to what day of the week it is. >> what hormones are peaking. >> when it's good it's great. but there goes -- there is a teenaged period where it just ain't good. >> you're right in the thick of it. >> i have 13 and 16. 13-years-old are still sweet but you can see the storm clouds gathering. >> my parents said you are not parents until you are outnumbered by their children. and we have one and one is kind of easy. it's like a relay race. one can have off time while the other entertains the kid. >> we have friends with, like, eight. and they call three hobby children. >> let's switch quickly to -- from drama to comedy and talk about the golden globes. it was the highest rated show they have had in years.
7:48 pm
huge numbers of people watched. here are some of the highlights. >> julia has chose on the sit in the film section tonight. >> hi, julia. >> hi, julia. you know us from tv. hi. >> hi. >> julia. julia. >> "gravity" is nominated for beth best film. >> it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> like a supermodel's vaginalet say hello to leonardo dicaprio.
7:49 pm
>> now who actually watched? >> i did three hours. three hours. i love tina fey and amy poehler. >> the speeches were lamentable. >> you watched three hours? >> i didn't know who was going to get the best film and actor. >> tivo it. >> it's amazing that people in the entertainment industry can't give a good speech. >> they are actors who are used to people writing their -- >> i have to show you jacqueline bisset's speech. she clearly -- i don't know what was going on. take a look. >> okay. scottish background to the front. okay. i believe if you want to look good you have to forgive everybody. you have to forgive everybody. it's the best beauty treatment.
7:50 pm
forgiveness for yourself and for the others. i love my friends. i love my family and you're so kind. thank you so much. >> i think she is dating dennis rodman. >> we have edited that together. it went on for a long time with a lot of pauses. >> isn't that what we watch this for? it's nascar for -- >> it's like we are all watching for these train wreck moments. >> that's the thing. it's the drunken awards show. >> the british are much stricter liable laws. friends say she needs rest. >> but amy poehler and tina fey they welcomed the audience of women and gay men who would be watching. >> emma thompson was great. we don't have her? she took off her shoes and threw them away.
7:51 pm
she was awesome. >> it's nice to see unscripted moments. >> diane keaton. >> the oscars have yet to find their footing. >> amy poehler who won gave a jibbering performance. she would have really skewered that speech had she been presenting and commenting on that speech. >> none of the nominees never gave a just in case practice speech. >> let's be honest it's been a fabulous year for film. >> we don't watch dentists give each other awards. i like the movies but it's i don't watch the oscars. >> i'm a big fan of real estate but it's i don't watch the realtors give each other awards. >> are there are so many -- >> we have to take a quick break. up next, items you might have
7:52 pm
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if you can't afford your medication, for atrust bufferin, the only non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain reliever formulated with special buffers so it's gentler to your stomach. welcome back. time now for what's your story? >> troubling a troubling expansion of a troubling phenomenon in africa where more and more countries are outlawing homosexuality. the latest is nigeria. and this is president goodluck jonathan who has not shown these kinds of tendencies right now. 14 years for going to gay bars and being in a gay relationship? >> what's your story? >> i'm going to pile on.
7:56 pm
the uganda law has not been signed. this is a time when the pope could step and say to the ugandan people this is an offensive law that should be vetoed. it would be nice to hear him speak up. he could take real action here. >> and i'm going way lighter. i'm a huge fan of aaron soerken and the "newsroom" was reupped and cancelled. but we will get a season three of "the newsroom" if you like -- >> quantitative easing.
7:57 pm
doesn't that sound like one of the prescription drugs for older people promises? >> do you have easing that lasts for more than four hours? >> thanks to all in our panel. that does it for "ac360 later." we'll see you tomorrow night. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the dusty basement at 1406 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ so, if you're sleeping in your contact lenses, what you wear to bed is your business. ask about the air optix® contacts so breathable they're approved for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. serious eye problems may occur.
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-- captions by vitac -- tonight 360 investigates the death of a young man in texas and doubts about the investigation. and a major scare and screw up in the skies. why pilots dropped this airliner on to a runway for a cessna. why did it happen at all? and an alleged scammer cashing in on the new