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tv   New Day  CNN  January 20, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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arctic air will bring more rounds of snow and ice. driving in some parts already proving treacherous. on interstate 65 in indiana saturday, a 13-vehicle accident, including nine semi-trucks ended in this fiery blaze. on a snowy interstate in iowa,
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this fedex trk ja-- truck jackknifed, leaving a 40-car pileup, backing up traffic for hours. while it may be cold, take solace that plummeting temperatures are not expected to be as severe as earlier this month. >> right now minneapolis seeing temperatures by the afternoon averages only about 6 below, chicago will be below freezing as well. on the east coast not too bad, expecting temperatures above normal. notice your morning low, a lot of single digits already out there, morning lows about 12, if not 9 degrees in boston. 30 below in minneapolis. notice a different.
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there's about 65 low. there's a drastic difference here. by tuesday or so you'll notice temperatures well below normal, even having spread all the way to the northeast and down to the southeast. while it's going to be very cold, it not going to be that polar vortex air we had a few weeks ago. >> it will feel like what it's going to feel like. >> semantics. >> and news surrounding new jersey governor chris christie, his administration is fighting back, denying allegations they threatened to withhold superstorm sandy recovery money. good morning, erin. >> reporter: kate, good morning to you. christie said at a big political dinner party for 500 guests thrown for him last night in florida that he hasn't enjoyed the last 11 days, as no sane person would, and as to
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questions about whether he'll seek his party's nomination in 2016, he said "come see me next year," for now he's focused on doing what's right for new jersey. he's expected to come out swinging today against allegations of bullying. >> the fact that she came, the lieutenant governor came me asaid and said you got to move forward with the rockefeller project. this project is really important to the governor. she said she had been with him on friday night and this was a direct message from the governor. >> on sunday, zimmer met with federal prosecutors for several hours, turning over a journal
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that she says details the alleged ultimatum and other documents at the request of the u.s. attorney's office. christie's spokesman calls her accusation categorically false saying the allegations are false. the bridge lane closure investigation is going full throttle. christie spent the weekend fund raising in florida for fellow gop governor rick scott and talking to prospective donors to a christie for president campaign. when asked when the so-called bridgegate scandal will end, christie responded "i don't know" and questions continue to
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mount about whether the governor misused funds for sandy relief on television while using his family. rudy giuliani is calling it all -- >> a political witch hunt. >> reporter: with all the allegations of cronyism, his swearing in ceremony will be less festive. >> all right, erin. it seems like this has gotten beyond the point of mere criticism. let's treat it more like what it appears to be a political prosecution or persecution, depending on your perspective.
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congressman, thank you for joining us. do you believe a federal investigation is warranted by what we know so far? and why? >> well, i mean, if this is a whole issue of abuse of power and what i call a culture of corruption, i mean, many of these, in many cases, including the one that i brought to the public's attention, it's really an administration that's threatening people, bullying people and this is what we're hearing so i don't think there's any question that the u.s. attorney and various legislative committees need to look into this. there are too many allegations now. we don't know all the facts but the facts keep coming out every day and they're not good. >> but when you pick through them, just for the point of debate here, okay, because this is getting serious. it's taking a lot of your time and taking a lot of my time so it deserves the parsing because it's become too convenient for those in politics and those in
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the media to pick sides here. when it comes to bridgegate do, we have any information yet that connects what happens there to governor christie directly in any way? >> well, these are all the people that work for him, you know, top people in his administration. you know, they're not saying that he's directly involved but now with this latest development in hoboken, the mayor is saying that this was basically a threat that came from the governor himself. so i think it's a pretty serious charge that needs to be looked into. >> right. here's what i want to ask you about that. let's not be naive, congressman, you're much more savvy than i but neither of us are surprised to hear that any kind of executive said to a lesser executive do this and you'll get something else, if you don't, you may not. that's not unusual leverage in politics so let's unpack what happened -- >> well, i don't agree with you,
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chris. >> go ahead. >> i don't agree with you. i think it is unusual. remember, we're talking about money that's coming from the federal government for relief after a major superstorm. and to say that you're not going to get that unless you do a development project, i don't think that's business as usual. i think we have to hope it isn't and make sure it doesn't continue. >> i think that's a fair point of criticism that this is the kind of thing you want to stomp out. i'm going to how unique it is and let's unpack her situation. she had only gotten $300,000 and said see wanted $100 million but she wound up getting $70 million and got a special development that only four places in new jersey got. doesn't that mitigate her original charge? >> no, i don't think so. i brought up the whole issue with the tv ad campaign. once again what we're hearing
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with this case is that there were two bidders. rather than take the low bid exte -- bidder, they took the high bidder because they offered to put his family in the ads. it was $2 million more. a lot of people haven't even gotten money to help them rebuild. so all these things are pretty serious in my opinion and it's this sort of -- go ahead. >> january 11th, nine days ago, mayor zimmer said something different. she said i don't think that this was a quid professional quo, i don't think i was being strong armed and then she changed. it's unusual someone has such an easy shot at a political opponent and doesn't take it. what do you make it have? >> chris, you have to understand there are too many charges like this now. we've known as elected official
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for years that the christie administration, you know, does bullying, does threats. i hear it all the
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where he talked about everything from sports to, yes, marijuana. president obama getting real in the pages of "the new yorker" about his battles in the white house and opening up on a
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personal level telling editor david remnick in an interview if he had a son, he wouldn't let him play football because of concussions. and on marijuana, he called it a vice but didn't think it was more dangerous than alcohol. and he talked about his on use of marijuana. >> i never understood that line, the point was to inhale. >> reporter: five years ago today, obama was sworn in, vowing change no matter the obstacle. >> with hope and virtue, let us brave the icy currents and endure what storms may come.
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>> reporter: and the storms did come. and now a more realistic obama, describing himself as swimming upstream. obama likens himself to a relay swimmer in a river fulp rapids. he says at the end of the day we're part of a long running story. we just try to get our paragraph right as he talks about reducing income inequality. it's a goal he's recently made a hallmark of his second term. we want to restore the upward mobility at the heart of america. >> reporter: obama also revealed he will write a memoir about his time in the oval office and that the first lady has already begun working on hers. >> and on the issue of edward
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snowden, he said he doesn't have an answer on clemency. he said people were put at risk. >> when we come back, a big fight is brewing over the postal service and its latest of the to make some money. workers are angry that staples may become your new post office. >> and it could be the perfectnding perfectn ending to peyton manning's career. >> it's the horses versus the hawks. ♪ we are the champions of the world ♪ it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you?
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let's go around the world now starting in ukraine. demonstrations continuing in the
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capital city of kiev where thousands are rallying against new laws. >> reporter: there were clashes in the streets of kiev after thousands gathered to protest new laws. the new legislation severely restricts people's ability to demonstrate in the ukraine. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has been very critical of the enough legislation, saying it was rammed through parliament without transparency or accountability. following sunday as clashes, the government has agreed to negotiate with the pro-eu demonstrators. >> in japan, a dolphin hunt continues today despite international outrage against it and calls for many of it to stop. paula hancocks has the details from tokyo. >> reporter: more than 200 bottle nosed dolphins are set to
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be captured. they say it is a culture. the ambassador said she is deeply concerned about the
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♪ wait a minute mr. postman >> welcome back to "new day." getting a lot of attention today. check thought new promise. it knows just what you're about to order. it's calling it anticipatory shipping. the internet giant has a patent on getting you your stuff before you actually click buy. here to explain what it means is chief business correspondent christine romans. anticipatory shopping. explain what they mean by this. >> it means they know what you're going to buy before you buy it figuring they ship it to you before you ordered it. so the idea here is to really cut down on the shipping times to ship it before you even know. now, this is the wall street journal found a patent they had applied for. >> so this isn't a done deal? >> no.
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it could be they think somebody else might do this so they're getting the patent for it or they're developing a system are where they can look at your data. >> maybe they ship it to the hub first and they've seen your history, they know you buy coffees diapers and sheets this time of year. so they ship it to be close to you so
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. you have the christie administration using their authority to try and get something. >> the christie defense. new details on how the new jersey governor plans to take on allegations of corruption as the latest mayor to accuse him goes to the feds. how valid are her claims? >> it's back. another round of vicious cold set to freeze out the midwest and northeast this week. how low will temperatures go? we're tracking it all.
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>> co"cool running" part two? can the jamaican bobsled team make it to the games? they qualified but what they need to make it to sochi. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> good morning. welcome to "new day", it's 7:00 in the east on this martin luther king, jr. day. new this morning, the most direct challenge to governor chris christie's administration yet, this time from a fellow jersey politician. hoboken mayor dawn zimmer said chris christie ordered the withholding of sandy recovery funds. this morning the mayor is expected to speak out and chris
4:01 am
frates is here with the late peps. >> reporter: a source telling me lieutenant governor that kim kim guadagno is expected to categorically deny these allegations. dawn zimmer said funds would be withheld unless she backed the redevelopment plan that chris christie supported. kim guadagno says zimmer is the one who pressed for sandy funding during their conversation. according to the source, the lieutenant government said she told the mayor, quote, you can't tie those two things together, those being sandy funding and reredevelopment for hoboken. >> so the lieutenant governor is saying, yeah, we talked about the sandy funds in this plan but
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it wasn't me, it was the mayor who was tying them together, pushing if there were any quid pro quo, not the lieutenant governor pushing it. is that right? >> that's right, chris. my source is telling me she doesn't specifically recall discussing this project that had been brought up by the rockefeller group. and another interesting point here, chris, kim guadagno isn't supposed to have anything to do with sandy recovery efforts. inside the governor's office, she's always been kept separate from sandy funding because she's been personally affected. my sources tell me she can't talk about sandy. the lieutenant governor remember this as a friendly conversation and says that after this conversation, she twice visited hoboken and zimmer never brought up any concerns she had about this conversation or told the
4:03 am
lieutenant governor that she had been upset by it. >> boy, this is going to get deeper and deeper into the weeds and makes the mayor's contemporaneous writings even more interesting. thanks for digging down deep on this. >> reporter: thank you. >> and we're seeing and hearing from kenneth bae. he's speaking out and admitting guilt. what more are we learning from mr. bae? >> well, kate, this was an unexpected press conference today. we understand from associated press saying that kenneth bae called it at his own request. that has to be taken at face value. he is a prisoner in north korea. prisoners have said they've done this sort of thing under duress.
4:04 am
he's wearing a gray prison jacket. he said he wanted the u.s. government to do more it secure his release and he said he has in fact committed a crime in north korea, that the authorities there, the regime says he carried out hostile acts against the government. now, this could allude according to associated press from a comment from the u.s. vice president joe biden who said last month that he was many held for no reason, that he did and i ask the u.s. government to do more. very interesting press conference we're seeing here. he also went on to saturday north kreeian government does not abuse human rights. they having this press conference. clearly some of it under duress. >> thank you very much for the
4:05 am
last details in a russian city torn apart by terror. the the olympic behind the attack are causing real concerns about security at the olympic games with a new video warning of more atax during the games. with just two and a half weeks to go, officials in russia say they have security under control but not. >> is convinced. let's bring in fran townsend, cnn's security analyst. a lot to cover. security around olympic games is always a concern, any large, public event with so many people coming together is always a concern but here it seems to be a higher concern than usual. first on that video, what do you make of what we learned, two men claiming responsibility for those 2010 bombings and threatening more attacks to come? >> reporter: well, kate, it's a pretty bold move, right?
4:06 am
you've got their faces are clearly seen, they're taking responsibility for the two volgograd bombings and throat threatening more. presumably russian authorities are trying to track down and identify these individuals and take them into custody. pretty brazen, right, two and a half weeks before the games again. but russian officials ought to be unnerved by this, as i believe are athletes around the world gathering at sochi now. these terrorists have demonstrated the capability by virtue of those volgograd bombings and there's no reason to think they're not serious and don't have the materials and people to execute those bombings. >> vladimir putin says they have control, there will be a show of force and everyone is going to be --
4:07 am
>> when we worked in prior olympics with host countries, the the olympic village where the athletes are staying is the most protected, along with those of the dignitaries. but once you move out from the olympic village, it becomes more and more permissive an environment. especially transportation modes, the public lobbies of hotels, public sites and tourist sites. things that are open and very difficult to screen for people. that's where you're most vulnerable. >> the cooperation between the governments seem to be a point of concern at this time. mike rogers, he used the type of wording like it there's been a cooperation of --
4:08 am
>> look, i can remember when we were preparing for the olympics in athens. the intelligence sharing was extraordinary. there was a real degree of transparency between american and greek officials so we could identify threats before they showed themselves. that's not going to be the case. we remember recently they threw out an alleged cia spy from russia. we've thrown out from the united states alleged russian spies. so there's a really contentious relationship. it not surprising the -- remember, athletes have traend for years to get to this moment and now they're going to worry about not just their own security but the security of their families who don't enjoy the sort of level of protection
4:09 am
that the athletes enjoy. >> with that you will of this in mind, i find it important that u.s. officials are sending over fewer american security experts than in any other olympics in recent memory. >> it is surprising but that's a function of the bilateral relationship. the russian security services are very capable. i think they believe they don't need it and don't want the help. there's not a lot of trust that there won't be independent homing going back one city. we'll be talking much more about this in the coming days. fran, thanks so much. chris?
4:10 am
>> here we go again, another blast of dangerous cold. much of the nation is about to be in a deep freeze because arctic air will send temperatures plummeting across the northeast and then it will dive done to the south and spread into the northeast day by day. so where are we today? let's take a look at the upper midwest. chicago already seeing temperatures below freezing for your high today. that's 4 degrees below average. not too bad, right? minneapolis in at about 21. on the east coast, still seeing above normal temperatures. enjoy it. that is going to be changing quickly. by tomorrow morning you'll have the temperatures with the wind chill at 30 below. i want to put it in perspective,
4:11 am
still about 30 rounds than the last arctic square. new york city a wind chill of 16. this chill is out there. look at the highs by tuesday afternoon. temperatures still stay in those 20s. dc also only looking at another side to this. the latest weather model brought in the second quip are notice the taps in all this moisture right off the ocean. look at the advisory as the low puts all of that snow right along the coastlines. if you're newark or d.c., heads up, anywhere from 4 to 8 inches, d. krvlgts look being for a good 5 to 8 inches. do you guy like me still? >> they do. the polar vortex a big headline.
4:12 am
>> and nearly 2 million pounds of craft shelf stable eyeems including -- so far no reports of anyone getting sick. >> the nuclear deal between iran and major world powers going into effect today. u.n. nuke kwlaer inspectors are disconnecting the centrifuge program. strong split reaction from the international community. the syrian opposition says it will withdraw until the invite is revoked. >> new zealand experienced a 6.2
4:13 am
earthquake. power is out for thousands. we're told train service has been suspended. so far fortunately no reports of casualties. >> and the shake did shake loose a an eagle statue. >> and this man was able to get his dog back on to the ice but then he fell in about 75 feet from shore. he is now being treated for hypotermia the denver broncos beating the new england patriots 26-16 to take the afr titles the seahawks' top rated defense helped carry them over the rye alf and fran. and thing about game will be played on neb 2.
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where are you be? what kind of cheese dip are you making? are. >> >> are we going to -- is there an alternative to this? >> where are we going to do it? i have the most room but i have the kids there. >> that's okay, i'm a great aunt. >> you'll be picking them out of your hair for like two hours. >> got to love it. we'll take a break. up next, the christie crisis deechens. another mayor comes forward, this time accusing the governor of withholding sandy aid. >> and the president like you've never heard him before. plus, the surprising items he carries in his personal bag. we know you want to know. we'll tell you. [ male announcer ] she won't remember this,
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let me ask you a question, pierce. how long is your drive to work? >> i don't know, maybe 15 minutes. >> oh, well, that's a nice commute. it would be a real shame if something were to happen to it. >> governor, are you threatening me? >> i don't know. am i? >> "saturday night live" poking fun, i'm sure you don't need me to tell you, the new jersey governor chris christie.
4:19 am
this morning chris christie's team is fighting back against more allegations of political strong arming. first there was bridgegate. now hoboken mayor zimmer is saying chris christie threatened to withhold sandy aid. anna, first to you. you were in florida. what do you make about the allegations of chris christie and his team? it was a pretty fiery pushback. >> he did several fund-raising events and he did a confab with republican donors that was not a fund-raising event. i'm in the same place i was with
4:20 am
the old events. i don't know what's there. we still don't know what the "there" in there is. there's a lot of allegations flying around now. frankly, it's getting a little hard to keep track of who's where and what's what and who's saying what. it some republicans it's beginning to look like a pile on. the bottom line is we don't know yet, they are still developing. they are pushing back very hard. they're saying that the mayor's numbers are not true. she has gotten considerable funding and this is just a trumped up political story. i'm seeing them go on the offense on this one and be a lot harder in pushing back than they were on bridgegate where they admitted bad faith under their watch. >> very often in politics, you wear your problems on your face.
4:21 am
what did you see about the governor? >> reporter: a big difference between saturday and sunday. on saturday he was worn down, tired, exhausted. and then the chris christie yesterday in palm beach was dramatically different. it's like he was a boxer on the ropes and shakes it off and keeps on fighting. he was calm, collected, human yesterday. he had a good event with potential donors and was well received by them. >> what do you make of what anna and other republicans are saying? there's a chance that this is piling on, this is another mayor with an ax to grind who wants to get her face on tv. >> i think he's worn his outward aggressiveness on his sleeve, it's been his calling card. now when you have people coming out and saying i was bullied by
4:22 am
the governor, people believe it. people say if you do this for me, i'll do this for you. it's been going on for generations so i don't know what's different about that. people see him as a bull in a china shop. now if you're going to start seeing drips and drips and drips of different jersey officials saying i was pressured, i felt bullied, it's going to be a problem for him. a lot of national republicans are taking glee in his misfortune right now and i think that's unfortunate for him and the debate. >> the florida governor supposedly pulled back a little bit, wasn't as visible with christie right now. congressman pallone is saying he should step down. you have one cable network dedicated to little bit bringing down chris christie.
4:23 am
>> i want a national figure on the republican side that's a normal person and chris christie was one of those normal people. i didn't think chris christie was a bad republican. when things like this, it needs to be investigated and if what he said at his press conference is true, if he had nothing to do with bridgegate, it's going to pass over. but if you're going to see all 65 mayors of new jersey say i've had problems with chris christie, he bullied me, he's going to have a hard time moving forward. >> do you think you'd have a hard time finding any local mayor of any state saying they've been strong armed about something? >> they always feel they're being pressured above them. every elected official thinks they should be president of the united states. every mayor of new jersey probably thinks they should be governor of new jersey. every congressman in new jersey thinks they should be governor
4:24 am
or senator in new jersey. of course they're going to try to find a way to raise their stature and make a run for it. >> if that is part of the reality, friends get rewarded, people who don't work with you, they don't get so much rewarded but republicans nationally seem to think this seems to raise to a different level. >> i'm not sure that's accurate yet. i think everybody is in a wait-and-see mode. i think chris christie took lead on that this weekend. i heard him on saturday and on sunday say 2016 is on pause. about 2016 he said yesterday to these very big potential donors, "come see me next year." it's a year where on the political front i'm going to focus on helping governors get elected. he said the same thing on saturday. so he himself is pushing the
4:25 am
pause button on 2016. i don't see this national glee from republicans. yeah, there have been a couple here and there. >> i -- >> let me tell you about what i saw this weekend. i saw long-time republican donors who flock to hear chris christie. the verdict is still out. but nobody's running from him like he was toxic waste. >> the difference between the people you were with in florida, are those in the governing caucus members of the republican party. unfortunately the republican primary in 2016 is not going to be decided by those people, it's going to be decided by people on the far right who don't like christie at all. he committed the biggest sin, he hugged president obama. that's going to haunt him. when he really needs help from national republicans, a lot of them are going to run from him because they feel he's too close to the president. >> who you're picking as a example is rand paul, they've
4:26 am
had a long running feud going -- >> lindsay graham of south carolina. >> and money matters, too. ask romney. the rabl he was able to withstand months and months of primary is because he had the money and structure to withstand it. they're realizing right now what they the press wants to talk about is not graham's achievements in floridas, they want to talk -- >> rick scott's achievements in florida. i'm trying to think of one, i can't. >> ironically, anna, that's why chris christie got out of new jersey, because he's wants to expose himself to other political climates. >> what do you mean, chris? it's 70 degrees and sunny here. >> the reason this could hurt him in 2016 is because if he doesn't run a clean shop, it's going to be hard to be an
4:27 am
executive at the next level. >> and we'll continue to see, christopher. great to see you. anna, great to see youses always. >> coming up next on "new day," marijuana and the president. he's talking about his own drug use in the far, far pot. what do his comments mean for legalizing the drugs nationwide? >> and let's not forget. on this holiday, we want to honor him. "we need it today as much as ever." we'll be right back. ♪ can you tell me ♪ it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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well commonwealcome back to" an ominous new terror threat. a video has surfaced with two men believed to be the people who killed 34 people last night in volgograd. they pledge more attacks making specific threats against the olympics and tourists who come from the game. >> and a man is in suicide watch after shooting his wife in the chest. the motive is also unclear but deputies say this man, william dresser, is cooperating. >> fire crews are getting a handle on the wildfires in the hills east of los angeles.
4:32 am
it is almost under containment. five homes have been destroyed, 15 others were damaged. it's believe the flame was sparked when campers used papers to feed a camp fire. they are now in jail and facing charges. >> and we're hearing long lost audio recordings from martin luther king, jr. he's heard discussing steps then senator john f. kennedy took to get his release in. >> it is true senator kennedy did take specific steps. he was in contact with officials in georgia during my arrest. he called my wife, made a personal call and expressed he was working and trying to do something to make my release possible. >> that sound is from a tape found in a tennessee attic a few
4:33 am
years ago. >> extended hours today at the national zoo in the washington area for the huge crowds that are packing in to see bao bao the panda cub. bao bao, whose name means precious in mandarin, was born in august. don't worry, if you can't get there in person, you can always tune in to the panda cam, chris, on the national zoo's web site, knowing you're a big fan of baby pandas. >> it's very, very popular. >> bao bao. >> check it out. >> i find you both very bao bao, by the way. >> i'm going to take that as a compliment. thank you. time for our political gut check. president obama opens up on a new in-depth profile by "the new yorker's" editor in chief. they covered everybody from football to marijuana to candid reflections on the office of president.
4:34 am
here to break it down is cnn's chief washington correspondent john king. good morning. >> reporter: happy monday. >> quite a read. a different perspective coming from the president as he's in his second term. what did you find most revealing? >> reporter: i think at times the president is debating himself in this article. this is not a one cup of coffee article, it's a full pot of coffee article. but david remnick is a wonderful writer, he's spent a lot of time studying the president. it's a very thoughtful article. the president seems to be debating himself at times, saying he still thinks he can still get some things done, though it's still a tough climate in washington. he describes himself and the presidency as you're a relay swimmer in a relay race.
4:35 am
you get your one paragraph of what you're trying to write. at times he's that aspirational president who won in 2008 and at times he seems to have more modest aspiration. >> we hear the pot is not any worse than alcohol. that will get some buzz. but i really was taken -- first of all, he's talking to the media and he knows the media is not his friend. but he seems beat down. maybe that's just about interpretation. but where do you hear he is in terms of his enthusiasm for keeping the good fight up? >> again, you get in fits and starts. you'll talk to some who see the president and they'll say he's energized for this fight. he'll give a state of the union address just around the corner, he'll talk about raising the minimum wage. if he can do one thing, it's to
4:36 am
fight for those who have been knocked down and can he get that done in his final two years of his presidecy. a beatdown, i think washington has taken some of the zeal out of him. if you go back and compare barack obama 2007 and 2008 running, saying he would make things different, he would change washington, it would be transformational, he was an aspirational candidate, he sounds at times in this article much more tactical, trying to get this or that done, not a broad view. >> he's talking about abraham lincoln in that one section saying lincoln's achievement acknowledges at the end of the day we're part of a long-running story, we just try to get our paragraph right. i find that striking between the barack obama we know from 2007 and 2008 to the barack obama we know now. >> is it a humble take in the presidency, he spend as lot of
4:37 am
time with presidential historians or is it a realistic take after living in a tough climate. he says all those pictures are in the wall and you see them all the time. he says ronald reagan, franklin roosevelt, abraham lincoln, he said they're among the president who is made a big difference, they actually impacted and changed society and he wants to be one of them. he has a challenge over these last three years to see what he can get done in a very, very difficult environment. >> i wonder which of the statements he made in there will lead to the motion action. legalizing pot, that's not going to change on the federal level. he already said that. the stuff about football. the federal government really has no reason to weigh in there. what do you think will will wind up getting the most purchase. both of very interesting as a parent. he said if he had a son, he wouldn't let them play football. he said he compares those who do to smokers saying it's all out is there now, they've seen the
4:38 am
chris being, if they want to do it, let them do it. he gives the green light. it wasn't that long ago his justice department was fighting the state effort to legalize or decriminalize marijuana. he makes a point he thinks it's young black and latino kids who get thrown in jail for smoking pot and more white kids don't and so he thinks it's an equalizer. >> and you know he knows exactly what he's doing -- >> >> reporter: he knows exactly what he's doing when he speaks about this. he's also not up for reelection. >> thanks for pointing that out. >> and coming up, we're learning target was not the only store that was hit. >> and cool runnings. find out what stands between the
4:39 am
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4:42 am
. all right. so, indra says another polar vortex is on the way. i think this is another arctic blast both unrelated and distinct in its properties. >> really? >> no, i kid. >> indra, drop some science. >> basics, guys. polar vortex, it is always there, it's circulation at the poles, it goes round and round and round. if it weakens, this lobe comes down and you get that very cold air. the difference this time is the
4:43 am
lobe is going down but not all the way. the very cold air stays up here. arctic air, which is not as cold, is dipping down. that is key. everyone keeps saying it wrong. do you not have a polar vortex come to your region, the vortex is always there. you are going to freeze. you are not going to like this. minneapolis still talking about temperatures a good 30 below. they're still about 30 degrees warmer than the blast you saw last time. new york city seeing about 16 with the wind chill, last time about 14 below with the wind chill. regardless, by tomorrow that cold air spills all the way into the northeast. temperatures in most place as good 20 degrees below normal. even some heavy snow in the latest forecast. new york city and d.c., as much as 8 inches in new york city and a good 5 inches out toward d.c.,
4:44 am
guys. a lot going on. >> that's right. >> not a polar vortex. >> now we do. >> that was incredible science. we're going to talk about new developments in the hack attacks. remember the issue with target? upwards of 110 million customers may have had their information stolen. target may not have been the only store to have been targeted because the software behind the breach was undetectable. our next guest is the chairman and ceo of isight. he joins us this morning. talk to us about how the malware works. >> it's advanced and it has to achieve five objective. you have to establish yourself
4:45 am
on the system. you have to hide yourself so you can see the information on the magnetic data before it's encrypted, you have to leave the environment and then you need to cover your tracks. i malware effectively allows all five of those attacks to take place. >> how were they able to get around the existing security? was the security that was there enough? >> the security in place today in most retailers is in complains with pci standard, which is the governmental regulations around how you can protect credit card data, which requires them to get the data encrypted, store it a certain way. all the bad guys know exactly what you're doing to try to protect against their efforts. so they craft strategies to specifically counter your defenses. in this case it looks like
4:46 am
they've been pretty successful. >> so clearly our government standards aren't enough. can't they do more? if the bad guys are more sophisticated than the good guy, we've got to step it up. >> think of how long it takes the government to put out a standard and how long it takes to implement it and put all the controls in place. you're fighting a history channel when you're really looking for new releases. in this case the adversary will continuously adapt their strategy until they're successful. unless you can track and see how they're changing, see the new tools and techniques they're using and adapt as the adversary adapts, you're always going to be fighting yesterday's battles. >> absolutely. >> some reports reports point to a russian teen-ager as being the source of this malware. is that what is happening here, that a 17-year-old russian
4:47 am
teen-ager is our worst fear? >> no, not at all. he's just a part of the equation. if this is the guy potentially, what he he's done is create the weapon and sell the weapon. it doesn't mean he's the guy who used it. he's obviously a good coder and he created a piece of software that can be distributed among mutt many criminal groups around the world. once they have the core set to use whatever systems they want. you now have this unbounded set of attackers. imitation is the greatest form of flattery. i think we'll see a lot of flattery in the coming months. >> do the companies who have been named in this government report, do they not have an obligation to tell their customers that their information may have been compromised? >> well, i think once they have
4:48 am
the clear data they have been compromised they certainly have anable gags to report. we've seen victims reporting. the key issue here is how you can inform potential victims that they may have been compromised already and they just doesn't know it temperature keep in mind the five steps, the last one is hide your tracks. it's very hard to detect whether or not you've been compromised. the secret service work that they've done and we supported them with to put out a report to say here are the technical artifacts of the attack. that way potential victims can determine whether or not they've been attacked. this is all one phase. one thing for sure is the criminal gains will pale in comparison. they harvest the credit cards, they have the information, you industrial to monetize the cards and get the host back in the country. the flip side of that, on the victim side you clearly have to reissue all those cards that
4:49 am
have been compromised at great cost, the brand damage, customer confidence damage has a real ripple effect. >> customer confidence is a very real issue for so many of these retailers. john waters, thanks for joining us. we appreciate your perspective. >> coming up on "new day," they made history before but they'll need some real help to make it to sochi this time around. what will keep the jamaican bobsled team from making it to the games? we're going to talk about it. ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifully practical and practically beautiful cadillac srx. lease this 2014 cadillac srx for around $319 a month .
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♪ welcome back to "new day". it took 12 years but the jamaican bobsled team is back. two man team has qualified for sochi but they might not get a chance toe compete with 18 days left the team is racing to raise tens of thousands of dollars just to get to sochi. john berman is looking into this. >> you would think the biggest obstacle for a bobsled team from jamaica is that they are in the caribbean without snow. the big problem here is cold cash. >> for the first time in more than a decade the big just underdogs in bobsledding have defied the odds and qualified for the olympic games but the jamaican bobsled team isn't packing their bags just yet. the problem? they need a lot of money fast.
4:54 am
>> that's why we're looking forward so we can fulfill the dream. >> the team needs to raise as much as $80,000 to cover travel and equipment fees so they turned to fundraising websites to make it happen. in just under 24 hours the team raised horse than $16,000 and donations continue to pour in. >> we're jamaican. it will happen. >> we're not bobsledding yet. >> oh, yes we are. >> the jamaicans are the most famous team in the sport due to the movie "cool runnings" that chronicled the journey of the country's first olympic bobsled team. after missing the last two winter olympics the bobsledders were determined to qualify for sochi. >> this is such a real, really great feeling. >> the team who refers to them
4:55 am
as "cool running," the sequel know the odds are stacked against them. but they are hoping that with some help they will have another shot at olympic glory. >> it's not many people can say they are from a tropical country and do a sport which is winter sports and we're so good at it. >> i think they are going to make it. i certainly hope they are. you saw the captain there. he's a great story himself. he's 46, which is pretty old for the olympics and he's been retired from competition for ten years and he came back for one last push. >> i love it. that's so great. >> i don't know if it's the camera angler or what. you two have no excuses. >> i have ton of excuses. >> i watch a lot of tv. >> your sleep schedule. >> that will be fun to watch. we have hope.
4:56 am
coming up on "new day," terrifying new threats, new hype surrounding the olympics we're talking about right now in sochi. we'll sort through it with someone who knows terrorism and once had to figure out how to secure a olympics. form are homeland security tom ridge. stay with us. hey guys! sorry we're late.
4:57 am
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes
4:59 am
and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? i am very concerned about the security status of the olympics. >> new fears on attacks of the olympic games. we talk live to the man who helped keep the utah olympics secure after 9/11. are the games safe this time?
5:00 am
under fire. another democratic mayor accusing chris christie of bullying. she's now talking to federal prosecutors. what her journal may reveal about what happened. and how christie's team is fighting back today. lighting up the debate. president obama weighing on pot saying it's nor dangerous than alcohol. your "new day" continues right now. good morning. welcome back to "new day" on martin luther king, jr. day. it's january, 20, 2014, it's 8:00 in the east. security threats mount ahead of the winter olympics. now 18 days to the sochi games a threat playing out before our eyes. in a new video released from the suicide bombers, in it they are in the video directly threatening tourists traveling
5:01 am
to sochi for the games. the video came the same day that the olympic torch game through volgograd. we'll talk about the situation with tom ridge who helped keep the 2002 games in salt lake city safe. let's start with phil black with the very latest from russia. phil? >> reporter: it was in this transportation building behind me three weeks ago where a man walked up, walked up to the security screening area, blew himself up and killed 18 people. the next day someone else blew himself up near a bus and killed 16 people. two men are seen claiming responsibility for that attack but disturbingly they say those attacks are only a small taste of what to expect during the olympic games.
5:02 am
mounting concerns in russia this morning as the olympic torch relay makes its way through the bomb stricken city of volgograd. two extremists in this video claiming responsibility for the two back-to-back suicide bombings last month that claimed 34 lives. and warning that more attacks could come during the sochi olympic games. in the hour long video the purported suicide bombers are seen constructing explosives and explaining their motives, all before heading to their targets, triggers in hand. the two men apparently part of an islamist militant group vowing to prepare a present for the olympics and all the tourists who come over. members of congress are very concerned. >> if something does happen, what is the evacuation plan and emergency response plan that would take place? >> others worried about americans heading to sochi. >> i would not go, and i don't think i would send my family. i am very concerned about the
5:03 am
security status of the olympics. i do believe the russian government needs to be more cooperative with the united states when it comes to the security of the games. >> reporter: russian president, vladimir putin deploying a security force of 40,000 police officers and soldiers to the region. in an interview with abc news, putin says he'll do whatever it takes to keep athletes and visitors safe. and pledging that russia has adequate means of security. security around the olympic venue on high alert. metal detectors and bomb sniffing dogs visible as the dogs get under way in just over two weeks. despite the recent attacks, russian officials say they are not changing or all terrifying their security plan in sochi because they believe they have everything else in place but when we saw the olympic flame arrive here at the train station this morning, there were more members of the security forces than members of the public here to welcome it.
5:04 am
there is clearly now greater concern, even if sochi is locked down that there are potentially other vulnerable targets in other parts of this country. back to you. >> maybe even more so because of the concentration of security around the olympics. there's a lot of concerns and questions. let's dig deeper with someone who has had to find out answers to these type of questions, tom ridge. he was the first secretary of homeland security. was governor of pennsylvania, of course, previous try to that. he's now ceo of ridge global a security and consulting management company. you know what it takes to secure olympics. when you look at the situation over there, basic question is russia up to the task? >> i certainly think they are up to the task. they've had several years to prepare. they've learned and it's customary for them and hosting countries to spend a great deal of time with the previous olympic countries to determine the protocols that they've used.
5:05 am
make no mistake about it, the russians have had an ongoing and sustained problem with islamist fundamentalist in that region and you can't take it lightly. i don't take the video lightly. it's one of the longer ones that i think we've seen from a terrorist organization. with great specificity. but then i recall the days i was secretary of homeland security and we had to deal with that kind of video threat on a fairly regular basis. at the end of the day it comes down to what kind of intelligence they have and some congressmen explained their concerns about perhaps there's not enough information sharing with their american counterparts. >> does tom ridge go to the olympics? does tom ridge send his loved ones to these olympics? >> i would be inclined to go. i think if i enjoyed winter sports. having said that, i think that the fundamentalists, if they were to make a statement are
5:06 am
more likely to make a statement outside of the village and the venues. russia is a vast country. they can express their hatred towards putin, defire for a separate islamic state by bringing terrorism and terrorist attacks in other parts of this vast country of russia and it will serve the same kind of message. >> when we get to the logistics of this, you have so many people coming there, they all won't be in that immediate secure area, they will be living in other out lying areas. how big is the risk? >> one of the challenges that you and i have right now is we don't know what we don't know and that's not a dodge on accountability. we're taking a look at the entire scenario. fortunately, i think the fbi sent over several dozen of its agents and hopefully they will get that on site view and be able to make a determination as to the relative safety and security. it's fairly impolitic to talk
5:07 am
about this but when we provided security in the winter olympics in 2002 we did it within the constitution. russia can be far more aggressive from vied security for visitors, spectators and athletes. at the end of the day i still think it's very important for the fbi on site in collaboration with their intelligence community and our intelligence community to give some advice to our president. i remember that president bush on our daily meetings and we met daily to discuss terrorism and when we got closer and closer to the olympics that was the focal point of discussions. at some point in time i believe the president will have to make a statement with regard to the information our government has relative to the safety and security of sochi. >> you think it's an open question at this point whether or not the u.s. should participate or do you think it's safe, it's just about how we do it? >> i think it's about how we do it. we should be inclind to go.
5:08 am
in the real world putin has a great deal to lose. he's hosting these olympics. his visibility in the international community has risen and though putin is at odds with the united states on just about everything he cannot afford a terrorist incident anywhere in the village or at the site. as i said before if there's an attack it's likely it's some place else. i would be leaning towards going but i would make a final decision once i got on ground reports from the fbi, our intelligence community and in consultation with our allies. at the end of the day it's about intelligence. >> because putin has a luster on him right now in some international circles makes him a more tempting target. did anything ever happen at utah that we didn't hear about? >> not that you need to worry about. at the end of the day, i guess, chris, at the end of the day americans would have been pleased and gratified by the extraordinary, extraordinary
5:09 am
coordination and collaboration, multiple federal agencies, seat agencies and the local government and it was years and years in the planning under the leadership of governor romney. there were dozens of state agencies and local agencies involved down to the most infinite detail. the olympics went off very well and we can only hope the same thing occurs in russia. >> was there anything you had to stop? >> no. >> secretary tom ridge thank you very much for the perspective this morning. we'll check back with you again as we get closer to the olympics. >> good talking with you. >> always a pleasure. so we're looking at another blast of arctic air returning to a huge chunk of the country this week. it's not the cold snap of unprecedented proportion we shivered through a couple of weeks ago but sure is close. indra petersons is here with much more. >> just when we were hoping to stop bundling up like a snowman. still winter time, guys.
5:10 am
we'll definitely be talking about another blast of this cold air diving down. today not so bad every where. we'll be talking about a lot of this cold arctic air diving down the south. notice this cold air. not justin south but in the northeast. today not as bad. notice on the east coast temperatures still a good 10 to 11 degrees above above normalal. below normal in the upper midwest. early hours tomorrow morning look at this difference. minneapolis you'll feel with wind chill 30 below. no. not the 65 below you saw at the beginning of the month. either way it doesn't matter. that's very cold air. single digits will be out towards pittsburgh, new york city looking for 16 degrees with that wind chill. put up a perspective last time new york was 14 below with wind chill. 30 degrees warmer than last time but either way tuesday this cold air is here to stay even through the afternoon look at the highs. expected to be below normal.
5:11 am
good 20 degrees in many places below normal even down south they will be feeling this chill with temperatures in atlanta just into the 40s. wish i could stop there. that's not the only story. here comes the clipper. we'll be talking about that clipper pulling that moisture off the ocean and chance for heavy snow. if you're in d.c., new york city, might want to check out the latest forecast. it's a new one. four inches for new york city. d.c. three to six inches of snow. so, yes, snowman days. >> just enough to pull out the skis. >> go for it. let's take a look at our headlines. making news, breaking news out of north korea, we're hearing this morning from kenneth bae, the american missionary jailed in that country for more than a year now. he's appealing to the u.s. government for his release. bae was under guard during a press conference he held at his own request telling reporters he's a criminal but he could
5:12 am
possibly be released if there's cooperation between the u.s. government and north korea. a massive food recall. 2 million pounds of velve everyone ta cheesy skillets singles. there's no reports of anyone getting sick. if you bought the product you can return it to your supermarket for a refund. in west virginia this morning some are saying they still will not use the water despite assurances from the government it's safe. after coal processing chemical spill. on saturday the last do not use order was lifted but some folks are doing their own testing say they may never consume tap water again. martin luther king, jr.'s daughter is urging people to observe today's holiday named after her father by making today a no shots fired day. dr. bernice king calling for church bells to ring in the name of nonviolence. services and tributes will be
5:13 am
held across the nation today on what would have been his 85th birthday. this morning the hollywood award season certainly heating up sending oscar pool spinning. the critically acclaimed film 12 years as a save tied with "gravity" with the producers awards on sunday. "american hustle" took home the trophy for an outstanding performance by a cast at the saturday night s.a.g. awards. i still have many movies to see. "american hustle" among them. >> amazing. so many good films up for best picture this year. i have not seen any of them. >> you know there's so many great films. >> i've read the synopsis. "word on the street" is they are fabulous. you know what else the word on street. denver and seattle fans have a lot to celebrate. these teams were two of the best
5:14 am
in the regular season. how will the number one offense in the league and arm of peyton manning stack up against nfl's "best defense". let's go to the man who knows. andy. >> reporter: this is the unstoppable force meets the movable object. peyton manning broncos record setting offense and seahawks top rated defense on the other. the seahawks defense is the best and richard sherman is the best. sherman made the game winning play in the closing seconds of the nfc championship against the 49ers and he wasn't very modest about it. he got in michael crabtree's face and went on an epic post-game rant. >> i'm the best one in the game. that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me! >> who was talk being about you? >> crabtree. don't you open your mouth about the best. >> reporter: all right. we'll have to see how sherman
5:15 am
fares against peyton manning. he was great yesterday. peyton is trying to do something no other quarterback has ever done that's win a super bowl with two different teams, and a fun fact. peyton will be the oldest player in this year's super bowl at age 37 and second oldest quarterback to ever start a super bowl. anyone older is his boss. >> those are some fun facts. awesome fact. >> andy, quick insight how will peyton do or how has he done in the past when he's put on the ground because that's going to happen in this game. >> he's not very good when the game temperature is below freezing so we'll have to see how that pans out. the broncos when they had to run the ball this season have done well and we'll have to see if that's the case against the seahawks. the seahawks have that amazing secondary. we'll have to see how it goes. it will be the passing game of the broncos against the secondary of the seahawks.
5:16 am
>> can't pass from your back. >> i guess that's a good point. okay, andy, thank you. >> the horses versus the hawks. that's what the game is becoming known as. coming up on "new day" the biggest trouble for governor chris christie yet. this time a fellow new jersey lawmaker says he pressured her. we'll sort out the accusations, see if they stand up to scrutiny. >> also this morning we're remembering martin luther king, jr. in his honor. a live look at the memorial in washington. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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5:20 am
is. welcome back to "new day". we're following new accusations this morning against governor chris christie. another new jersey mayor claiming the christie administration claimed toe withhold superstorm sandy recovery money in order to push their own agenda. we have all the new developments from trenton, new jersey. good morning, erin. >> reporter: good morning, kate. don't forget all of this is going on as chris christie prepares for his second inauguration tomorrow but that gnawing erection is certain to be a lot less festive now. the embattled new jersey's governor second in command is expected to come out swinging today and allegations of bullying and intimidation. hoboken mayor has gone public with allegations that christie's lieutenant governor delivered what she called a threat on the governor's behalf. to withhold much need superstorm sandy relief funds for her flood
5:21 am
damaged city if she did not support a development project. >> the fact is she came, lieutenant governor pulled me aside and said, essentially, you got to move forward with the rockefeller project. this project is really important to the governor. she said she had been with him on friday night and this was a direct message from the governor. >> reporter: on sunday, zimmer met with federal prosecutors for several hours, turning over a journal she says details the alleged ultimatum and other documents at the request of the u.s. attorney's office. christie's spokesman calls her characterization categorically false saying it's very clear partisan politics are at play here as democratic mayors with a political axe to grind come out of the wood work and try to get their faces on television. this new controversy comes on the heels of christie's famous bridge lane closure probe. it's going full throttle into his administration's involvement
5:22 am
into the lane closures on the george washington bridge. christie spent the weekend fundraising in florida for rick scott. and talking to prospective donors to a christie for president campaign. when asked last night in a closed door event on the so-called bridgegate scandal will end, politico reports christie replied i don't know. and as if all this wasn't enough, questions continue to mount about whether the governor misused funds in sandy relief commercials featuring his family while running for re-election. the public relations nightmare for team christie has reached such a fever pitch that rudy giuliani is calling it all -- >> a partisan witch-hunt. >> reporter: there's a new "new york times" report that at that dinner last night with wealthy republican donor, many of those donors say he needs a new national team with experience
5:23 am
around him. >> joining me is the man standing by the governor, a man who was former governor of mississippi, haley barber. the newest suggestion by a local mayor. does it give you more concern about the atmosphere of chris christie's culture? >> the news media is willing to leak any far fetched story with basis in fact unbelievable. this is a lady mayor who asked for $127 million of hazard mitigation money from the governor to give that to her from federal money, when the state was only receiving in its entirety $300 million. it is absurd to think that one town would get well more than a third of the total amount of money. this town that was being punished got over $70 million in
5:24 am
hurricane relief. she has other projects pending. but she's already received over $70 million. more than $4 million of hazard mitigation block grant money and that's the particular program that she was asking money for. >> so hazard mitigation block grant money which unlike what your reporter said is not to repair damage from much needed damage is to prepare for the future. >> so let's say she asked for too much money. let's grant that. she says -- >> amen. >> she says 70 million she got wasn't state authorized, it was private insurance remember don't count it in terms of what she got and she says something more important than the numbers, governor. she says the lieutenant governor came to me and said if you want help you have to do what we want to you do somewhere else. she has journal entries of this conversation and how disappointing it was to her. do you find that compelling in terms of her being strong armed?
5:25 am
>> it might be found compelling except she repeatedly and repeatedly sent out tweets praising governor christie. there's an article written by a hoboken writer who supported dawn zimmer for mayor on hoboken. who said on the tv show msnbc she repeatedly contradicted herself. here's what he said. look at the facts. tweet after tweet after teeth illustrating zimmer's approval of mr. christie's handling of sand die days, weeks and months after the storm. one gets praise and adoration from the hoboken mayor and it seems to be prompting a question few in the media asking. if zimmer had a problem with christie why continue to offer public praise and be a big proponent of the governor? there's a writer from hoboken who seems to me he has some good
5:26 am
judgment. >> look, i think there are some things that's problematic just on january 11th she said she didn't think there's a connection. she said i don't think anybody would believe me. this praise came before the strong arm thing. i got written down here. now people are creating a safe harbor for these type of allegations i'll come forward with mine. is that so far fetched? >> i think it is more far fetched than what she actually said on msnbc. she said, quote, and i'm reading it because i don't want to misquote her. so what i'm hoping comes out of this by coming forward is to say, governor, please support this rebuild by design competition, come forward, fully support us. give it your very direct endorsement and understand, governor, that we have to make, when we're making our development decisions we have some real challenges. so what she said on msnbc is i'm doing this and hoping i can
5:27 am
bluff him or rough him up so he changes his mind to support us. i don't think she's going to succeed in shaking christie down on this but that's not what haley says her purpose was, that's what dawn zimmer said on television. >> what do you think you would need to see for this to be more than hyper examination of culture and partisan attack by a cable company. >> you got this problem. a journal that's written can be written any time. you know, i'm a recovering lawyer but i do still remember that from when i practiced law. and why was she sending out all these tweets that have been preserved on the internet that said one thing that was totally different from what she was saying and then she comes back and says i'm hoping i'm putting enough pressure on him he'll fold and let me have my $127 million, which by the way $300 million of hazard mitigation grant money, most of that won't
5:28 am
even go to local governments. it will go to individuals and businesses that have to elevate their homes and that sort of stuff. i've done this with hurricane katrina. you always have people who want more than there is. new jersey has received $14 billion of requests for hazard mitigation money when they are only getting 300 million. for her to think that this is going to shake that money loose, that was a surprising thing to read in her interview. >> governor barber, i appreciate the perspective. obviously this is going to be not just about outcome but tactics and this will continue for some time. appreciate you adding to the conversation. >> thank you, chris, for having me. >> kate? >> we'll take a break. coming up next on "new day" president obama admitted smoking marijuana when he was younger. now he's weighing in on the debate to legalize marijuana in a new interview. what he has to say and what
5:29 am
impact it might have. also what do the newest bachelor and one direction william payne have in common? we'll tell you what they were talking about.
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
welcome back to "new day". it's monday, january 20th. coming up, president obama gives a long, wide ranging interview in "the new yorker" talking everything from u.s., foreign
5:33 am
policy. would you let your kid play football? he wouldn't. what's worse for you booze or weed? hear his answer. >> plus a very special good stuff today about a police officer doing the right thing, and it was all caught on camera. we'll have more of that. all right. now for the five things you need know. fresh concern about security at olympics. extremists threatening attacks during the games. >> kenneth bae speaking out to reporters, calling himself a criminal. he's pleading to the u.s. government to intervene. the massive security breach at target could be spreading. cyber crime experts say six other u.s. large retailers were hit by the same attack and there could be more. get ready for another arctic blast. the eastern half of the nation expected to see well below average temperatures starting tomorrow morning. and the two best teams in the nfl to punch their tickets
5:34 am
to next month's super bowl the seattle seahawks go head-to-head against the denver broncos in new jersey on the 2nd day of february. go to "new day" for the already latest. we're talking a lot about the cold because bad stuff coming this way. what about the west? there hot, dry conditions causing trouble as well. will there be any relief in natural regard? indra petersons is here to answer those questions. >> january, february, we should be seeing the west coast looking like this. they should see the dip in the jet stream and seeing rain. unfortunately it's been almost a year this huge ridge has been setting in place. it's producing the exact opposite of what they need, that fire danger. they are stuck in this pattern for as far as we can see. no good news for them. no good news for the east. the cold air is diving down.
5:35 am
look at the wind chills we're expecting by tomorrow morning. 30 below for minneapolis by tomorrow morning even towards new york city, talking about just the teens. single digits out towards pittsburgh and even as we go through the afternoon the cold air is making its way in. highs are expected to be below normal. they stay that way through the middle of the week. even down to the southeast same problem temperatures will below normal. that's what we're talking about today until the latest weather model came out. this clipper making its way across picking up moisture and a lot of it. we're talking about heavy snow, d.c., philly, new york city look for anywhere between four and eight inches of snow. less by d.c., whopping five inches. no longer is it the cold and a lot of snow. >> i was looking at what you're pointing out. chicago has been getting the brunt of it. everything has been coming our way on the east coast. chicago has been getting it
5:36 am
worse. i can't complain. >> so cold. >> four to eight inches for tomorrow? >> yes. >> get excited. thanks. >> coming up next on "new day" a revealing interview with president obama, what did he say about marijuana and alcohol? and could it mean a change in law? >> so there's a proposition. pc police making a false arrest or celebrities offending common sensibilities. we have the biggest stars saying stuff on social media that force ad lot of sorrys. judge for yourself. ♪
5:37 am
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welcome back. this morning president obama is getting quite a lot of attention for what he said about marijuana in an interview, that he said previously he smoked it. and sees it as just a bad habit and that's in his words no more dangerous than alcohol. colorado and washington state as you well know have legalized recreational pot use. what does the president stepping into this debate do about the debate about marijuana nationwide? joining us are our cnn commentators. ben ferguson and mark lamont. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> morning. >> no pot jokes. first let's go to what the president said, mark i'll have you weigh in. this is what really has this conversation going. he said in this interview with "new yorker" magazine, he says has has been well documented i smoked pot as a kid and i view it as a bad habit and vice not very different from the cigarette its smoked as a young
5:41 am
person up through a big chunk of my adult life. i don't think it's more dangerous than alcohol. what was your first thought, mark, when you read this what the president said? >> i said duh? i thought everybody knew that. this is not a big deal. the president made a comment that many people know that most people understand as a collective understanding but awesome to hear a sitting president concede this point. to be clear he wasn't saying it's good just that it's no worse than alcohol. >> do you think it was an important step in the marijuana debate or do you think people are paying attention to it because there's a bit of a giggle factor when the president talks about weed. >> it's both. obviously we all giggle when we read it. some of us pumped our fist. at the same time it moves the conversation forward. when you're the sitting president you acknowledge you need to move it forward not just for health reasons bullet reasons. >> do you think the president is moving this conversation forward? >> he's certainly moving it forward but i don't think it's in a way he should be.
5:42 am
the commander-in-chief is a guy you should look up to. when you're a little kid most kids want to be a policeman or fireman or president. if he says hey if you get busted smoking weed tell your parents it's the same thing as a cigarette. not that big of a deal. it's a terrible precedent for the president to basically say illegal activity is really not that big of a deal. it is a big deal. and as president of the united states of america he should make sure he let's kids know smoking spot a big deal and it's not the same as going and buying a pack of marlboro reds. >> i'm so glad you said that. that's exactly what he said. i tell my children you shouldn't do it. i tell my children bad idea don't try it. the president didn't say you should do an illegal attack. he said we should move towards
5:43 am
legalization. >> he normalized it. he normalized the act of smoking weed. that's my big issue. he normalized it to make it seem it's the equivalent of getting caught with a beer or getting caught with a cigarette and there's a difference and the president of the united states of america should know there's a difference and that when you say this -- >> what's the difference? >> if i have a beer -- i'll explain it to you. if i have a beer i'm not drunk. if you smoke weed you are high. there's not not getting high from getting weed. there is a difference. now if you used alcohol that's totally different you can have a beer in society and not be drunk. you can't smoke weed and not get high. >> that's an argument for why the president said it's a bad idea, it's a vice we shouldn't engaging. from a health perspective it's not worse. from the criminal justice
5:44 am
perspective it's far worse because a small portion of society is being punished more so than everyone else. those are the president's critiques. >> you bring up a good point that ben i want your reaction. when the president talked about his reasoning and where he is on the marijuana debate he said this in part. let's throw this up on the screen. he said middle class kids don't get locked up for smoking pot and poor kids do and african-american kids and latino kids are more like try to be poor and less likely to have the resources and the support to avoid unduly harsh penalties. >> i don't have a problem with the president coming out and saying we need to change the sentencing laws around marijuana and you shouldn't have an advantage when you're wealthy because of the resources you have to stay out of jail where another kid doesn't have those resources and he goes to jail. i don't have a problem with the
5:45 am
president saying we need to look at sentencing laws. that's not what he said. he said, i've told my kids it's not a good habit. i've told my kids it's something you shouldn't do. it's basically no different than alcohol or cigarettes. that's the comparison that bothers me the most because the president has the weight of the world that -- the influence of the world all over the place and if i'm a young person and i hear what the president said, i'm going to think hey the president said it's not a big deal so i can smoke weed and it's not that big of a deal and that's not what the president of the united states of america should be implying. >> mark, i want to get your take. you know the president knows exactly what he's stepping into. he knows when he comments about this, he knew what he was doing. why do you think he did it? >> because he's been re-elected already. he has nothing to lose. he actually believes in the conversation. >> i agree with that.
5:46 am
>> one of the great things about being a second term president you can move forward policy and leaf a legacy and he's genuinely concerned with the fact that a certain population, poor people, black people, brown people or oversentenced on this issue and he wants that to stop. >> last comment. >> mark brings up a brilliant point. he didn't have the guts to say this before he was running for re-election. as much as he claimed he did, then why didn't he bring it up five years ago or four years ago or six years ago. he got re-elected okay let's go off the record on pot so no one has to vote for me again so i don't care. >> mark, you can respond. >> i never say that. the president has guts. all politicians make decisions in the second term than their first term. >> one thing we agree on there's two vastly different views on this topic which mirrors the debate in the country which is
5:47 am
why it's a great discussion. thanks guys. great to see you. >> happy mlk day. >> chris, back to you. >> coming up on "new day" celebrities and social media not a good mix. just ask the newest bachelor orma donna or one direction's less am payne. we'll tell you what got the pc police on their back sides. ll m. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreling down i-95.
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♪ you can call it the big bachelor back track the star of the latest season of the bachelor is apologizing what he said about same sex couples. he said having them on the show are a bad example. he called them perverts. he's now saying sorry. chris farley is here. >> happy mlk day. >> i guess we have to talk about the apologies. let's start with the bachelor. let's play the sound of what he said. >> there's this thing about gay people that, it seems to me, you know, i don't know if i'm mistaken or not, well i met great, you know, friends like
5:52 am
that but they're more pervert in a sense. >> he tried to stem the tide and said english was his second language and he was misinterpreted. >> he was born in new york. in new york state but grew up in venezuela. he says english is his second language. but if you look at his apology on facebook it's almost worse than what he said original aly characterizes gay people as more affectionate and that's why they didn't belong on tv. my whole feeling guys like him should get someone to help him with social immediate area monitor their tweets and facebook posts and apologies so they don't make these kind of mistakes. >> that's the thing. that could very well be the topic right here in general is that a lot of the people that we're going to talk about could be using their publicist to vet
5:53 am
some of this. let's move on to one direction. liam payne adored by millions of people. >> and those who don't like one direction. got to add that in. there are people that don't like one direction. >> let's clarify. basically he's facing massive criticism because he tweeted support of willie robinson the member of the family of "duck dynasty". tweeting, huge love to you, your family, huge respect for your business prosperitiys and the family values you still all behold. got a lot of heat. >> he tweeted explanations saying, attacking the media. second mistake people make, attacking the media for a problem you're having, like a tornado destroys the house, no sense punching the air. it won't help. i don't understand why he's
5:54 am
doing that. blasting the media doesn't help. he should have signed off and said i'll stop talking about this. he got himself innor troubles. fans, they are attacking the media too. >> the fan of one direction tends to be the younger age, correct? >> yes. >> i wonder if the fans of one direction even know what he was even talking about in that tweet. >> this one over here, you're squirming in your defense. >> these two examples are running up against political correctness. there are a lot of people who believe what the bachelor said. yes. was he auk sfwhard probably. there's an underlying feeling about gay life being different. that is unaccepted in the culture of political correctness but a lot of people feel that way. >> it has nothing to do with political correctness. >> sure it does. what's allowed to be said -- the diversity of opinion is shrinking. this kid comes out, he backs "duck dynasty" which i believe a
5:55 am
& e learned a harsh lesson when you quote out of the bible be careful before you criticize someone. i understand the backlash but sometimes they don't see it coming. >> when you're a mainstream product like the bachelor or "duck dynasty", if you're going alienate large sections of your viewership that's not a good idea. >> people don't want to hear that. >> they want to see the fun, they don't want your views on gay life. >> they barely want to hearning. >> next example, madonna. >> do we have time? >> madonna used the n-word on instagram. she described as a hash tag describing a picture of her son calling her son the n-word and said it was a term of affection. >> said it was a term of endearme endearment. very odd thing for her to do. here's the problem with madonna.
5:56 am
she deleted the original post, add ad new caption first attacking her critics and then apologized. you can't delete anything online. somebody took a screen shot, somebody can find it. deleting doesn't help the problem it signals to people hey you're not going to stand up to what you said before and trying to cover things up. it made her look bad. >> a lot of these people can use publicists. chris farley great to have you here. >> we'll take a short break. >> absolutely. san with olive garden's best 2 for $25 yet choose two melt-in-your mouth entrees like new parmesan crusted chicken or tortellini topped with velvety alfredo 3 full courses of our best 2 for $25 yet, at olive garden!
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♪ obviously today is martin luther king, jr. day. if you're going to measure a
6:00 am
man's impact or someone's impact on how their words live on certainly he's a great man. my 10-year-old is learning one of his speeches in school and to hear the words they really do ring true today. we need him today just as many as any. take some time to reflect. it's a good day to do that. a lot of news. let's get to you the "newsroom," miss carol costello. >> thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. this morning a new scandal overshadowing new jersey governor chris christie and his possible bid in the next presidential election. latest embarrassment now surrounds his lieutenant governor, kim guadagno. she's accused of strong arming the mayor of hoboken.


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