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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  January 21, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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was just asking ohio republicans to nominate him for county treasurer. treasure this. >> i have been a republican in times good and i have been a republican in times bad. >> reporter: he didn't get the nomination but he did get in a volkswagen ad. >> everybody wins! >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> i will hit the ground running, come out swinging and end up living. >> reporter: new york. >> my family lives in minerva, ohio. i don't remember that guy. i'll have to call my mom, later today. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. a special cover of chris christie's inaugural address is next. bundle up and hunker down. half the country is back in the
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deep freeze. over 2300 flights are already canceled. there is another government shutdown in d.c. weather related. more snow and subzero temperatures are on the way, full coverage coming at you through that thickness. also, this hour, governor chris christie about to take the oath of office for for more years, facing an avalanche of allegations since his landslide election victory. just wait, the inaugural address is coming at you in minutes. she says, sexual abuse by her middle school teacher had haunted her for more than a decade. now. wait until you hear what happened when she finally confronted the teacher on the phone, on video and then went ahead an posted the whole thing on youtube. hello, i'm ashleigh banfield. it is tuesday, january the 21st. welcome to legal view. he beat his opponent by 22 points and bragged on election night that maybe the folks in washington should tune in and see how it is done. as the hour arrives for chris christie to take the oath of
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office for a second term as new jersey's governor, election night might seem like a long time ago. christie and the lieutenant governor, kim guadagno, will be sworn in just before noon eastern and our coverage of it all begins with cnn's erin mcpike in trenton. >> governor christie, do you have a few seconds? >> in his prepared remarks, the embattled new jersey governor is expected to discuss the need for smaller government and unity among the people. apparently missing, the scandals engulfing his administration. on monday, forceful denials and charges of lying flew back and forth between chris christie's lieutenant governor, kim guadagno, and hoboken's democratic mayor, dawn zimmer. >> the suggestion that anyone would hold back sandy relief funds for any reason is wholly and completely false. >> reporter: guadagno, a sandy
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victim herself, called zimmer's allegations false and illogical. zimmer spoke to anderson cooper sunday night. >> this isn't something you forget when the lieutenant governor of the state of new jersey tells you in a parking lot, if you tell anyone, i will deny it. you remember it. i was very upset. i did a journal entry a few days later. >> reporter: zimmer also accused richard constable of intimidation for the project. he said the claims are absurd, adding, i welcome a full and thorough law enforcement review. zimmer still supports christie's record as governor. >> he has done very good things for hoboken. i think he has done terrific things for the state overall. i do think he has been a great governor. >> reporter: a new national poll from the pew research center shows his infavorable rating doubling in the past year from 17% to 34%. a majority of respondents who
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have heard of the george washington bridge controversy say they don't believe christie when he says he wasn't aware his aides ordered the lane closures. >> reporter: as we first reported, christie decided to cancel his inaugural party on ellis island due to severe winter weather. the main event gets underway later this hour. christie will be sworn in here at the trenton war memorial around noon. then, he'll give what aides say will be a 25-minute address. he is expected to touch on themes on bipartisanship. he will say we can not fall victim of the attitude of washington, d.c., saying i am always right and you are always wrong. it is a more sweeping address and may still be a campaign preview if he is to run for president in 2016. take a look at the banner down below. reign of terror. that's pretty strong words. my next guest is about to share
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this with the governor for he is clearly no fan. richard cody, a former new jersey governor himself. he is live. despite this awful weather. thank you so much for being with us. wow, when i read some of the things you said in an interview to salon, i was astounded at some of the hyperbole. a reign of terror is pretty darn strong. things like, there has been an absolute cover-up, the arrogance, the governor should be totally destroyed. do you regret using any of this very strident language? >> i used that kind of language. what i said is that there has been an abuse of power. clearly, there is a cloud over trenton. it results not from the when we think of corruption in terms of somebody enriching himself. no, the governor would never do that or the lieutenant governor. there is a clear abuse of power here and a lot of fear. that's what's happened over the last few years.
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if you don't support the governor or the administration, they are going to get you. that's what happened over in ft. lee and that's what happened in owe broken. hoboken. if you are not on board, we're going to get you. >> when you make such cat gore c cat gore cal accusations, there has been a cover-up here, there is no proof that leads directly to the governor. i am sure having worked in the law for as long as you have, you know those claims won't hold up in any kind of court. >> i don't know where you got that. i didn't know where you got those. >> i haven't spoken to salon in a long time. the event that happened out in ft. lee clearly goes to the top people in the administration and this new allegation from mayor zimmer goes to almost the very, very top when we're talking about a lieutenant governor.
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yesterday, unfortunately, she didn't even answer questions from the press. miss zimmer made herself available to the press. she has journal entries. she aides that said right after the conversation, she told us what the conversation was. these are very serious, serious things. they have to be thoroughly investigated. it is going to take a while for these two investigations to unfold. we'll see who does and who doesn't remain as time goes by. >> i am going to read a direct question and answer. do you believe that the governor shut down? >> i did not speak to salon magazine. >> it is quoting you as saying no. at the very least, this could have created a climate. again, there is a difference between a climate and a direct accusation that there is a cover-up. are you saying this reporting in salon is just 100% off base? >> yes. as i said, i have not spoken to salon in a long time. there is a climate of fear here
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in trenton. i've said it before and i will say it right now, no question about it. >> well, it's intriguing to say the very least. i appreciate you taking the time, specially with the weather the way it is, to speak with us, specially on a day where you have other duties as well. senator, thanks so much. >> thank you very much. so the republican congression congressional candidate, steve l lonegan is standing by. we are going to speak with him, stand by for that, the other side of the coin. from a political storm to a literal storm. you saw the pictures behind the senator. a snowstorm is grounding flights and shutting down federal government offices. details on how much snow is expected to hit the east coast and a lot of the rest of the country. it's all coming at you straight ahead. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses.
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as if we did not get enough
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snow already, there is plenty more coming today. from the virginias to massachusetts. i want to show you the scene in north dakota. does that remind you of the movie, fargo? it should. the high winds, blowing snow, memories of old country. this is creating dangerous driving conditions and also very dangerous if you get stuck out in that. this nasty weather is just getting started for the northeast as well. according to flight, braise yourself. more than 2500 u.s. flights have now been canceled. in washington, well, just before we get to washington, schools are closing early. many are being canceled. in d.c., for some people, work is being canceled too. the federal government announced they are going to shut down a whole lot of their offices therement one person who did not get the day off, athena jones. she got the bad one, outside, bundled up at the national mall. jennifer grey gets the warmer assignment but very difficult. she has to track this awfulness. i am going to start with athena, so we can clear her. jennifer, it is cold out there.
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how are you doing out there? >> reporter: hi, ashley. it is cold out here. the temperature has been falling already. it's only been snowing for just over an hour but you can see it is blowing around. it is beginning to stick. this is just beginning, as you mentioned. we are going to see as many as 8 or 9 inches by the end of the d day. it is supposed to snow until 9:00 p.m. the temperature is going to be falling. wind gusts as well. the national weather service has put out a winter storm warning and a windchill advisory, advising people to stay home, not to travel. travel is going to become dangerous, to be like me, to have on hat and gloves. many schools are closed. i just called the museum. many of these smithsonian museums did open on time. they may clothes earse early be the weather. a meeting the president and vice president were to have has been postponed because of the bad weather. they were going to meet with the presidential commission on election administration to talk
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about how to make elections more efficient and cut down on pole lines. kathleen sebelius was set to travel to orlando, florida, to talk to folks about the affordable care act and educate people about that law. that's also been canceled. those are just a little bit of the impacts we are seeing along with all the snowplows we have seen passing several times out dropping salt on the roads and preparing to plow that snow when there is enough of it. ashley? >> you know what i thought was so cool, athena, just like the post office, apparently, supreme court justices don't take a day off for snow or weather. they are operational. supreme court is hearing arguments today. i can't imagine how they are going to get everybody to turn on the lights and the heat. thank you. go warm up. jennifer grey, this is not the polar vortex, i'm told that we were experiencing last week but it feels like it nonetheless. >> reporter: it is a very, very strong push of arctic air. it is coming. it is going to be affecting the northeast. if you have to commute home this
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evening, it is going to be rough. interstate 80, 95, from new york city to washington, even up to bossen to, as we get into the late hours. this is where the snow is now. we'll zoom in on d.c. you can see it already coming down. baltimore seeing snow. traveling up 95, you can see new york city getting the snow right now and then boston will be pushing in your direction as we get into the late afternoon hours. we'll track this. look at rush-hour. 6:00 p.m., we have snow in d.c., new york, and boston. as we go through the early morning hours of tomorrow, d.c., new york, you should be better off. then, some lingering snow showers in boston before this thing pushes off. it is going to be fast moving. it is going to affect you toad and tomorrow morning. that is it. look at these snow totals. 6-10 inches of snow across portions of pennsylvania, new jersey, 8-12 inches along the jersey coast. boston could pick up some of the highest snow totals.
8:16 am
we're going to see anywhere from 6-10 inches of snow. d.c., a lot of snow. 4-8 inches of snow. this is going to be hanging around, ashley. like we said, tonight is going to be the big troubled spot for folks trying to get home and tomorrow morning for places like boston. >> i'm breaking out the suv to try to get home today and back to work tomorrow. i'll cross my fingers. thanks so much, jennifer. nice to see you nice and warm and toasty. live pictures i'm bringing to you now. while that looks like the symphony, it is live pictures from the state house in trenton, new jersey. chris christie is about to take the oath of office about 44 minutes from now. we're going to talk live with one of his supporters. you heard a critic just moments ago. the other side of that coin right after the break.
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so a couple of pictures from trenton, new jersey. that's a live picture. i mentioned it was the state house before the break. it is not the state house at all. in fact, it is the war memorial. that's where the swearing-in of
8:20 am
governor chris christie is going to take place in 40 minutes or so. it happens one minute before the top of the hour. we're going to have live coverage for you. earlier on in the program, a staunch critic, former governor, richard codey appeared on the program to talk about what he thinks is bridgegate and a culture of sort of bullying in the governor's office. well, not to be outdone, i'm joined by a man that ran against chris christie in 2009. it was the republican primary twachltsit was a pretty con tension fight. the man you are looking at is a defender, steve lonegan, whom governor christie endorsed and raised money for. i can call i mayor lonegan. you were the mayor of bogota. >> yes.
8:21 am
state of the state on the circumstance that chris christie finds himself in from your perspective. >> you hear about how this is an administration retribution and retaliation. if anybody should know, that would be me. i ran a hard-hitting campaign against governor christie in the primary. we held back any punches. we had a really brutal battle. i had never seen any sign of retribution who as a republican was his critic. i supported him when he did the right thing and whacked him when we did things that we didn't think were right. i have never seen even the slightest trait of retribution. when they use their position to move the agenda, that's government. that's what he has been doing. what i've been watching is what i call the democrats going through a cathartic bent after putting up barbara buono and many of the democrats supporting governor christie. you think they are making amends
8:22 am
for leaving her out there and the dnc saying, hey, guys, what are you doing? you are building this governor up to beat hillary clinton. you are making him a star. let's go after him and pull him down. >> all the things you are saying may be fine and dandy. when you go across american and you ask americans what they think, this has had an effect. there may not be a tie directly to the governor but the op eds have had their effects. almost 6 out of 10 americans say they do not buy chris christie's account of the lane closures. there are the numbers. 32% say, sure, i'm in. 58% say they do not believe his protess tations. that's painful if you are looking towards 2016. you have to admit that. >> we just heard richard codey say he didn't do that interview with salon that made these claims that this was a reign of terror. this is a movement to pull down
8:23 am
governor christie's image. no one has proven that he knew a single thing about the bridge being closed. >> there are optics and you have to admit that he this are important when you are looking toward a potential front-runner. let's talk about what it takes to be a front-runner. you, yourself, said you went up against him in a primary. if he chooses to go to the 2016 nomination, he will be in a primary as well. do you think what's going on right now is going to have the opposite effect of what democrats want in that the base is strangely, those that don't like him within the base, are coming to his aid. the poll that shows among republicans, there has been no change. >> i can see that. a lot of republicans might have been not such strong supporter of christie. they are looking at this as a pile-on, looking at what happened with lieutenant governor kim gaudagno, the democratic governor from hoboken says she was being strong armed into pushing in a development program. >> it is not so implausible when
8:24 am
you start to see the stories coming out of the woodwork. where there is smoke, there is fire. >> it is when you see that hoboken has $100 million in aid approved. >> that number gets thrown out a lot. a lot of it is flood relief, which had nothing to do with chris christie. that came from the feds and that is outside the number that was approved for chris christie. let's make sure we are not calling apples oranges. >> exactly right except that hurricane sandy funding which she said was held hostage is determined by fema, the white house and the christie administration has pushed through money for school construction, through the sale of a hospital, to help the medical school. that community gets millions and millions of dollars. there isn't a sign of them not getting money. >> each time a new story erupts or a new allegation of a scandal erupts, it does erode someone's trust in whether they should give the benefit of the doubt.
8:25 am
i am reading that carl lewis, the olympic athlete, is saying he fell out of favor with the governor. he was all set to become an athletic spokesperson. he decided to run for a democratic nomination and chris christie cut him off and one of his employees that was to be paid. the employee is saying that happened. >> this reminds me of an episode during the labor administration where ray donovan was attacked as being corrupt during the reagan administration. he had that famous line where he was vindicated saying where do i go to get my reputation back. the democrats are doing everything they can to pull down the front-runner in the republican primary for president. >> all of this is politics. as soon as i see a shred of evidence that governor christie knew about bridge gate, that there was any money held back in hoboken, i will be the first to admit it. >> you will come back on this
8:26 am
program. >> a absolutely will. you have to wonder, what's happening with the development program in hoboken. if anybody knows hudson county, try to et go through planning boards, zoning permits. you have to smuge this guy. >> you were supposed to be on about 23 minutes ago and he wa was five blocks away. thank you for being with us. good to meet you and see you. we are continuing with our coverage. there is a story that has come across our radar, very disturbing. a woman says she was sexually abused for years by a female teacher in her middle school. when i say years, i mean more than a decade. i want you to watch what happens when she telephones that teacher to confront her on tape. >> you realize that you brain washed me and you manipulated me and that what you did was wrong?
8:27 am
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a california woman says it took her years to muster up enough courage to confront her middle school teacher for sexually abusing her. when 28-year-old jamie koreo did confront her teacher, she did it over the telephone and she decided to roll it and record it. then, she posted the video on youtube. here is a clip of this dramatic phone call. >> so what happens when a student comes in and says that they are having sexual relationship with a teacher? >> that would involve law enforcement. >> how is that any different from what you did when i was in the middle school?
8:31 am
>> it's not. >> so why are you excluded from the law? why did you do that? >> i was only 12 years old when i met you. do you realize that you brain washed me and manipulated me and that what you did was wrong? >> yes. and i regret it. >> do you know that i am completely messed up, that i have so many issues because of you? >> i just wanted to help you. >> how is having a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old student helping? >> it wasn't anything that i intended. i don't even know what happened. >> are you doing this with other students too? >> no. >> is that how you help them? >> no, not at all.
8:32 am
>> you ruined my life. you ruined my childhood. do you realize that? >> no. you sicken me. you sicken me. every day when i think about what you did, you sicken me. i have kids of my own and i'm the age now that i pretty much met you at and i could never think about doing the things that you did. you should be so ashamed and so disgusted with yourself. >> i am. i am. >> how dare you. >> i regret it every day, every day. >> you are disgusting. bye.
8:33 am
>> on monday, she held a news conference. she was joined by her attorney and by her fiancee. in the news conference, she accused her teacher of brain washing her. >> she told me that my family didn't love me. she told me that nobody cared about me and that she was the only one that loved me. she made me believe she was my only friend and that i could trust her. >> according to our affiliate, ktla, the accuser, says that the teacher actually took her out of town multiple times to have sexual relations with her. according to "the los angeles times," a link to the video was sent to the school that was currently employing that teacher. the school then according to the "l.a. times," the school then forwarded that link to the police and within hours of the video hitting the internet, that teacher resigned from her job at
8:34 am
the school. the school officials who hired the teacher told the "l.a. times" she had stellar recommendations and she completed a background check. the teacher has not responded to our telephone and e-mail requests for comment. carrillo's attorney says the teacher was investigated back in 1999 for the abuse but that no criminal charges ever resulted. that is a cornucopia of legal conversation. i am joined by criminal defense attorney, heather hanson. first of all, this accuser claims the statute of limitations she had discovered had run out. she had no other recourse but to go online and make this accusation on the telephone with the teacher. what's wrong with that? >> it begs the question as to why there is a statute of limitation in these types of cases. more and more, we're hearing by children that have been molested, whether it is because of repressed memories or relationships like this, which are manipulative, they don't
8:35 am
realize the molestation until the statute has run. that's the first problem. the second problem its that this taping of the conversation could lead for problems offer the accuser. >> in certain states, let's be very clear, in certain states, you can't just run a microphone when you are having a conversation with someone if that other party isn't okay with it. california is one of these states. >> exactly. both parties have to consent for you to tape-record a conversation, to videotape a conversation. if that's not the case, you, the recorder, are susceptible to potential criminal charges. >> what could happen to her? when you look at the circumstances, would any prosecutor say, i think she needs punishing. >> not only would a prosecutor not pursue this, would any injury find her guilty of this. the maximum penalty is a year with a $2,500 fine in california. it does va ry by state. >> now, let's turn the tables towards this teacher. the accused teacher is allegedly
8:36 am
heard on tape saying, i regret it. i know. i did these things. but ultimately, is there anything she can face. is there anything else she could face civilly. >> no. the civil statute of limitation is eight years from the time of majority. she is 28. >> that's civil and criminal. >> they are different. it is different in every state. it is different depending on the type of sexual relations. it begs the question as to why there is a statutes of limitations. there is not one for murder. >> parentally, there was an invest in 1999 and this woman not only passed with flying colors, there was no disciplinary action or criminal charges. then, she gets something called a stellar recommendation to move on. this sounds like what happened in catholic church. is anybody liable for passing what could be very damaged goods, if the accusation is true, into a brand new pool of
8:37 am
children. >> that's the best lawsuit possible here. she said in one of the reports that she is investigating going after the school district that hired her. the school district from before. if people are handing on bad information, if people are hiring someone without really, really checking on their credentials, this he said that they have but that's something that's going to be subject to discovery, there is going to be a cause of action there. that will not be under the same statute of limitations as the other actions. >> i'm thinking of the people that hired and got stellar recommendations. how on earth were they to know if somebody in the past buried all of this. >> they said they had stellar recommendations. you will have to go back and see who did you get those recommendations from and what did they say and how far did you dig? >> who wants to hire an abuser, honestly. >> it is not going to be an intentional act, more negligence. it would be more letting it slip by. >> do you see this young woman is going to have some kind of relief. >> if she has any relief, it is going to be against the school districts. >> it is just so sad to see this
8:38 am
all almost play out, i hate to say, live but live to tape like that. very distressing no matter how you slight it. heather hansen, thanks for coming in. >> pleasure. coming up, chris christie is going to begin a second term in a matter of minutes, in fact. he is going to swear in. after the swearing in and all the hoop la ala and all the fla what does the governor have to do next to get past the controversy, specially if he wants to run for president. that's coming up. there's a new form of innovation taking shape.
8:39 am
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we are less than half an hour away from chris christie's second swearing-in as new jersey governor. we have a live picture at the new jersey war memorial. new jersey can be one state and i quote, because we got some excerpts of what he is going to say. chris christie won his second term without breaking a sweat effectively. while he may be sweating a bit now, don't expect to hear about the multiple scandals in the inaugural address. excerpts focus on unity and compromise and common purpose instead of bridges and tourism ads and real estate deals in hoboken that may or may not have been strong armed. here is a quote that's coming up minutes from now. one of the lessons that i have learned most acutely over the
8:42 am
last to your years christie says, is that new jersey can really be one state. this election has taught us that the ways we divide each other, by race, class, ethnicity, wealth, political party, is neither permanent nor necessary. we can not fall victim into the attitude of washington, d.c., that says i am always right and you are always wrong. which sounds like, you know the bullying that we hear about in washington, d.c., he is suggesting that's not him. all of this brings me to my college, jake tapper, who is anchoring his program from the new jersey war memorial. you got the assignment. it could have been a weather assignment, a politics assignment. you are going to be spared the weather assignment. you are going to have to put up with it. i apologize. it was on outdoor shot for you today. talk to me. i think i'm going to be doing both weather and politics together. can you just look ahead for me while everybody sort of winds
8:43 am
themselves up in what's happening in the moment and where chris christie stands and who has done what and where is the proof. what about the future? what does chris christie have to do once he swears in to try to move beyond what's going on right now? >> reporter: he has to work with the democratic state senate and the democratic legislature in accomplishing some of the things he wants to do. he spoke quite a bit in his state of the state last week about education reform. today, in his address, his inaugural address, he will also speak against some of the things the democrats want to do in terms of the size of government. tax increases to accomplish some of the goals. beyond that, he is also going to be responsive to the scandals. they are not going away. however much he wants to move pass them, there are questions from the mayor of hoboken, about the bridge scandal. other questions, he is going to have to be forthright in answering all of the questions. subpoenas are going to go out
8:44 am
and members of his administration are going to have to testify under oath before the legislature. >> if i'm in idaho, nebraska, iowa, ohio, do i really need to know about all those things that chris christie needs to accomplish on a local level within his state or do i only laser focus on how he handles the scandal? >> i think both are important and both are significant to his leadership, what he is able to accomplish or not accomplish legislatively. there is no president that takes office and doesn't have some scandal or controversy, whether it is president bush or president obama. some people in the white house doing things you wish they hadn't done. how a governor or senator
8:45 am
handles some sort of scandal or controversy on his watch is indicative of how that person will handle it should he or she ever be elected to the white house. i think both are significant. i don't know whether or not these current controversies in trent t trenton, new jersey, are going to sandbag his presidential hopes. no matter what, they are a test of his leadership, ashleigh. >> i always wonder when someone is swearing in for a presidential term for four years, how do you square a presidential run with quotes like that? >> reporter: well, he hasn't decided to run for president. he has said that is not going to be anything he is looking to make a decision about for quite some time. i suspect even more so now with these scandals. he has to see how it all shakes out.
8:46 am
he has to see whether his big fund-raisers, his big supporters are going to be with him or not. that's a big question at this point. a lot of those people who are financial backers of his, who tried to get him to run for president in 2012, who were there when he won re-election back in november, they are taking a wait and see attitude. they support him. they want to see how much comes out of this, whether he emerges intact. that's real willly a question f down the line. is with unof thoone of those qu where he will have to make up his mind later. >> jake, bundle up. you're going to be back at the top of the hour. it is chilly out there. thanks for being with us at this point in the hour as well. got some tape coming up for you that is harrowing. a ski trip in colorado's back country capturing an avalanche as it happens. the dude skis through it. are you kidding me? talk about a go pro. hear about how he survives this
8:47 am
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8:50 am
against north korea. you will remember he has been in prison for 16 months sentenced to a lengthy sentence of >> we are very scared for him, and i think we feel the urgency more than ever, which is why we're imploring our leaders, now is the time to bring this man home. >> scary as this is for the family, the experts say that these new images of bae could actually be a positive sign, given north korea's history of coercing these kinds of confessions right before releasing their captives. a hearing in south carolina today could term if a 14-year-old will get a new trial neefrl 70 years after the state executed him. george stingy was convicted in the murders of two white girls back in 1944. look at the mug shot. he's just a kid. 12 white men faced him from the jury and decided his fate after
8:51 am
delivering, are you ready, ten minutes. a death penalty verdict in ten minutes. the family of the girl still believed he's guilty, but a former cell mate says that is not the story that stinney told. >> he said, johnnie, i didn't do it. i didn't do it. he said, why would they want to kill me for something i didn't do. >> i don't think somebody that was found guilty of murder like he committed should be exonerated for any reason. and with him being gone as long as he's been gone i think it's foolishness. >> just to be clear, you cannot execute people under the age of 18 in this country anymore. that's for sure. want you to check out some remarkable video of a back country skier caught in an avalanche. take a look at the snow and the fissures and jumping off the rocks. everything looks okay at first, but then the snow starts barreling down to his left.
8:52 am
how he managed to actually survive this mess that he got himself into. >> yeah, i looked over, i saw the entire slab break to the left, and then i realized that i was skiing on the slab. so i just kind of went for it, based on instinct, just tried to straight line over the cliff instead of getting swept over it. and then just immediately looked to deploy my air bag. >> that's crazy stuff. the man behind the oscor nominated film "the wolf of wall street" says seeing the movie about himself made him sweat. jordan belfort spoke to piers morgan last night to talk about the film and the crimes he committed while he was a stock broker. >> i would say 90% was legal. in terms of the day-to-day operation. 95, probably. but the 5% was incredibly destructive and disgusting and poisoned everything else. >> i'll say. belfort served 22 months of a
8:53 am
4-year sentence for securities fraud and money laundering. he was ordered to pay about $110 million to his victims and has paid back about only $12 million so far. so not quite 10%. 1 world trade center will open by the end of this year. feast your eyes. there's the outside and now the inside. cnn money got a sneak peek inside the building where workers are still building out the main lobby. but the marble is the same from the lobby as the original twin towers. and look at that view, folks. wow. just stunning. the top three floors are going to serve as an observation deck. food and drinks, a small theater will be up there. 55% of the office space has already been leased. spectacular. so if you're coming to new york, make a plan for the end of the year. just a couple minutes from now, new jersey's governor, chris christie, is going to take the oath of office for his second term. we're live in trenton. watching the dias.
8:54 am
he's not there now, but will be shortly. we're back in just a moment. there's a new form of innovation taking shape.
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8:57 am
>> and that i will to the utmost of my skill and ability. >> promote the peace. >> promote the peace. >> and prosperity. >> and prosperity. >> and maintain the lawful rights. >> and maintain the lawful rights. >> of the said state. >> of the said state. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, governor. >> so there you saw it. you saw it live, right here on cnn. chris christie being sworn in to a second term. getting some hugs and kisses from his family there. chris christie re-elected in a landslide. let's listen into some oh of the pomp and circumstance. >>
8:58 am
. >> and so the celebration is beginning now in new jersey. there you see, that's the lieutenant governor there. she is watching what's going on. we are, as well. welcome to this special edition of "cnn newsroom," i'm wolf blitzer in washington. this would normally be governor christie's day to shine, as supporters hoped it might submit his status as a front runner to become the republican party's presidential nominally in 2016, but two controversies now overshadowing the governor's big moment. there you see the governor and his family. the -- our reporters and analysts are standing by. we have special coverage of what's going on in new jersey
8:59 am
this hour. chief political analyst, gloria borger, cnn investigations correspondent, chris frates. gloria, set the scene for us now. we're going to hear what chris christie says. he's not necessarily going to address the specific issue at hand, namely the charges, the allegations being leveled against him. >> no, he really isn't, wolf. just to set the scene for you. everybody knows that chris christie has had an awful lot of difficulty lately. this is a man who won re-election by a landslide. who managed to get a lot of support from democrats, as well as independent voters. it was supposed to set the stage for a presidential campaign, and still may well set the stage for that. as somebody who is able to win as somebody who is able to win bipartisan support. -- captions by vitac -- ththen the ththen th stallpthen the sn
9:00 am
bridgr bridge, sap brid about it. spent and over the last couple weeks, wolf, more stories have come out, along the lines of the theme of did chris christie abuse his power as governor. and so as -- as he is sworn in today -- >> gloria, hold on for one moment. lieutenant governor kim guadagno being sworn in for a second sturm right now, as well. >> and that i will bear true faith. >> and that he will bear true faith. >> and allegiance to the and to the governments. >> and to the governments. >> established in the united states. >> established in the united states. >> and in this state. >> and in this state. >> under the authority of the people. >> under the authority of the people. >> and that i will faithfully. >> and that i will faithfully. >> impartially. >> impartially. >> and justly. >> and justly. >> perform all the duties. >> perform all the duties. >> of the office of lieutenant governor. >> of the office of lieutenant governor. >> according to the best of my ability. >> according to the best of my


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