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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 26, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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it is about your team. it is about who you got. it is about where you came from and we always say you got to have people around who can check you. when they hit you up, they are like hey, fall back. >> good to see you guys. always great perb iappreciate i. >> if you are wondering, kid's hat is paying homage to the birthday of hip-hop. here are the stop stories that we are following at this hour. a family fighting a hospital. the machines are off for a brain dead pregnant woman. what decisions came today that change
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changed the case. police have learned next and it has been 50 years since the beetles took america by storm. so what is it about those four guys that has changed so much in our world. more on that coming up? we begin with breaking news a brain dead pregnant woman has been taken off breathing machine after a battle. texas court said it would not fight to take her off the machines. nick valencia is live for us now outside the hospital. nick, what have we heard from both sides in this? >> we have heard from both sides so far. eric munioz did not speak to the
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media publicly. but attorneys said at 11:30 am central time her body was disconnected from life support and released to mr. munoz. the family will now proceed with the somber task of laying her to rest and this has been about an 8.5 week journey for the family who has fought the hospital all that time to try to get her removed from the ventilator. she was legally pronounced dead two days after she was found unconscious on her kitchen floor. the hospital said they had no legal case law to go off of and felt that keeping her on the ventilator and giving her life sustaining treatment was the right thing to do. an hour before we got the
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statement from the family, we heard from the hospital and they said in part, from the onset, the role was not to make or contest law but to follow it. on friday, a state district judge ordered the removaal of life sustaining equipment. they decided to do that at 11:30 am sunday morning. any indication about whether there will be a battle coming for that state law? that is a great question and this is a battle that is far from over and the hospital says they will follow the court's mandate and they said nick, we will follow the court's mandate. there is no word yet on whether the state will intervene. >> a day after the deadly
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shooting inside a maryland ch shopping mall. investigators have identified him as 19-year-old darion marcus aguilar. police say he shot and killed two people. five other people were hurt and the gunman killed himself. and now everyone is asking why. aaron, what more have we learned leading up to this event. >> reporter: county police say he purchased his shotgun legally a month ago and transported himself and the shotgun here yesterday morning by tax i. >> police still aren't talking
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about a possible motive. although they say the 19-year-old aguilar lives in the same college park neighborhood as one of the victims. >> we have not been able to verify any relationship at this point between him and either of our victims. we can't establish that there is one or there is not one. >> videos police say revealed that he arrived by taxi around 10:15 saturday morning walking by a children's carousel and carrying a backpack with two explosive devices. going downstairs and then going back into store zumiez. he fired six to eight shots and the gun fire in jurying another woman in the foot on the floor
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below. >> people started running and said he has a gun. >> as witnesses ran away in the chaos, authorities say he then killed himself with the 12-gauge shotgun he bought last month in neighboring montgomery county. police finished searching the mall early sunday morning but it remained closed. howard county officials plan to hold another press briefing in the next couple of hours and they are expecting to talk about the protocol for reopening the mall. >> 19-year-old russian man in pennsylvania has been arrested and charged with possessing a weapon of mass destruction. they say they found a homemade bomb and bomb makie ing materia. this man told them that he wanted to blow things up. he is being held on a half million dollars bail.
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health investigators are trying to figure out what is making people sick on a cruise ship. within the hour they are boarding the ship to investigate the gastrointestinal illnesses. they are going to look if there have been any new cases. they sent this video to cnn. >> they would like to know what it was like being on the ship with the virus? >> terrible. i'll never come back again. not on this line. we were here with them two years ago. the same thing. the ship was over run with this sickness. you know. any sickness is going to einvolve. but it is the most disorganized trip i have been on in my life. i'm almost 80 years old. it is sad.
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the ship left new jersey on tuesday and went straight to san wan to be sanitized yesterday. this is the second ship to get hit with sickness this month. france's former first lady visits india a day after the prince announces the couple's separation. he said that he was ending his partnership with her. she is helping support an anti-hunger campaign. >> the seattle seahawks and the denver broncos are arriving in new jersey today even though the big game will be played in east
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rutherford, new jersey another city across the hudson is getting all of the attention. amid the excitement super bowl xlviii in new york. >> i can only send one of you to cover the game in new york. >> this is east reggrutherford, jersey. >> did you think this would put you on the map? >> absolutely. >> a detail that looks to some as if it has been over looked. he didn't realize that the stadium was in new jersey. >> in east rutherford there isn't a single banner in sight. only a small sign that the mayor
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had to other itself. and because it used the nfl trademark, they could object. >> i think it could be dopey of them to tell us to take it down. >> do you feel like you are left out in the cold here? >> i'm used to it. >> you kind of used to it. and you know, you accept it. life goes on. is there a little new york, new jersey rivally playing in here? >> our answer is i'm sure glad i'm next to the biggest city in the world because that is how i make my living but i'd like to kick them in the shins. >> the nfl insists that new jersey isn't getting the short straw. >> players are staying in jersey city training and media appearances will be held
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instate. >> come game day the mayor will feel proud. >> i also will probably be sitting in my lounge chair on my recliner watching the game. >> cnn east rutherford, new jersey. >> and a teacher is accused of doing something at a recent dinner party. ♪
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responsibility. what's your policy?
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a recent pot luck dinner left several guests sick.
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>> one of the partygoers was rushed to the hospital with severe reactions and was hospitalized. the next morning a nether partygoer was taken to the hospital because she was under the influence of something she wasn't sure what it was. >> hospital confirmed the presence of substance. >> one of the attendees took some of the food home and one of them became ill. >> the person that brought the allegedly laced dish.
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witnesses told detectives after the party she admitted to them that she put pot in the dish. >> what i'm hearing from you guys is out of character. she is kind, she is adedicated teacher and someone who keep to herself. badger was arrested friday afternoon at her home when our cameras were there an upstairs light was on but no one answered. >> police didn't comment on what item she brought to that party. >> president obama gives his state of the union address tuesday. what does he need to say, i'll ask presidential historian. ♪
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we've been talking about president obama's state of the union address.
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>> we can say with reviewed confident that the state of our union is stronger. there is not so much to brag about when it comes to his poll numbers. >> a year ago soon after this re-election victory his ratings stood in the low to mid 50s. after the nsa and irs controversies the president's numbers tumbled. according to a new cnn poll of polls which averages the most recent surveys. his approval ratings stand at 53%. >> the president's approval rating has stood at or near all time lows at many surveys. he said that he doesn't obsess
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over polling. how does mr. obama compare to his most mediate two term presidents in the white house? >> george w. bush's numbers were also under water but bill clinton and ronald reagan's numbers were outstanding. fred? >> all right. thank you. so much. pa paulste paulsteinhouse paulsteinhouser. cnn will have the details live from washington at 7:00 on tuesday night. the annual state of the union speech is the president's chance to get a jump on things. they have a new plan. presidential historian and american university professor
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alan lichman with us. good to see you. >> thank you. >> the president, he will be relying lesson apiecing congress and perhaps using the power of the executive office. that is not something that he is not likely to lay out in his address or what he? >> i don't think he is going to make a big point of it in his address. already that has been a lightening rod for the republicans. as long as the republicans control the house and that is likely to continue throughout his second term there is little he is able to get through the congress and a president has enormous powers to act through executive orders. few people know that the peace corp was miinitiated by executi
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order before it was suggested by the congress. >> what does he need to say versus what does he want to say? >> what he needs to do is the following. he needs to explain by the american people that the medicine within the affordable care act is good for them. he has done a miserable job of selling his most important initiative. he has to explain why the early roll out problems don't work. social security has been amended numerous times. he has to explain what he is going to do some revive the slow economy and hope the middle class whose economic prospects have been staggerred for years. and of course climate change which could be in the future
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humanity's greatest challenge. how important is the state of the union speech in terms of defining the presidency. not all that important. they are rarely memorable. we tend to remember ironic statements. like bill clinton talking in the mid 90s. exploding since then or george bush defining the access. occasion ali, a state of the union can define a presidency and define history like franklin roosevelt's history speech we still talk about it. >> thank you. appreciate it from washington. >> a one-of-a-kind wedding is happening on stage tonight with the grammies. details from the red carpet coming up. and a legally blind teen in
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georgia sees the world differently. she has collected and donated 10,000 pairs of shoes for the homeless. her impact is inspiring others. >> meet 13-year-old mcklain hermes. fierce competitive swimmer. she is legally blif. her vision began to fail when she was 8 and doctors say in a few years she won't be able to see at all. but she doesn't want your sympathy. she wants your old shoes. in 2009, her father showed her an article about foot wear soles being recycled. they were giving a discount on a new pair if they turned in shoes. >> shoes for the souls was born. >> 7.
1:26 pm
>> she say around 10,000 pairs of shoes have been collected over the past four years. today, she is making a special delivery to an, atlanta homeless shelter. >> if you have a dream and you think it is unrealistic keep on doing it because you will get there. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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another retailer may be a victim of hackers. this time it is the craft shane store michaels. it said it has learned of possible fraudulent activity on customer cards. and starting today it will cost
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you 49 creents to mail a liter. you buy them at the current rate and they are valid forever even if the price goes up again. two race car drivers are recovering after a bad crash at daytona today. officials say one driver has a broken back and the other has a concussion. both were awake and responsive this morning. drivers complained yesterday that they couldn't see because of the sun. and now we are a few hours away fr from the grammy awards. producers are hoping for a water cooler moment with a mass wedding of gay and straight
1:31 pm
couples on air. the marriages will take place during a performance of "same love". >> there will be a superstar maid of honor there yes? >> they hope it is one of those water cooler moments. you and i are talking about it right now. the show is a few hours away. they are going to perform and during this performance 34 couples will be getting married, black, white, straight, gay, old, young all different finaty
1:32 pm
of people will be getting married. queen latifa will be officiating and madonna will be singing open your heart and her song with a flip twist to the same music. it is going to be a big night, a big moment. what else is expected. the host said you cannot miss the opening. have you learned any sense about what may be entailed? >> yes, a little bit. so i don't have officially exactly what is going to happen. either jaycee or beyonce or both together could be the first thing that you see.
1:33 pm
everywhere you hear them don't miss the opening. there is going to be you know the gramys has a moment or two or three. some of the things that i'm looking forward to, too. blake shelton is a favorite. and i think it could be interesting tonight. he is up against miranda lambert. you better hope wivy wins, because happy wife, happy life. >> let's talk about the fashions. there are a lot of glamour don'ts. it is not like you are looking for the best. sometimes you are looking for the worst in fashion. >> have you seen anything. >> you are looking for the outrage us. hey, listen. i love to people watch.
1:34 pm
i could rock my tennis shoes and be fine. people wear anything here. this is where we saw lady gaga come out in an egg and this is where niki minaj had the nun's habot. >> we still don't know. this is where anything goes but we see glamour. taylor swift always comes now and she has turned into a major fashionista. we may see somewhat was that moments. >> that whole egg moment was happening live on our air and i remember the correspondent was talking like you and i and all of a sudden the egg was goes by and it was like oh my gosh what is that so. all right, i guess. >> it is going to be a good
1:35 pm
night, fred. this is a long red carpet. it is a big red carpet. chris, can you pan down a little bit. we have e next to us, mtv, this is a very long. big, chaotic red carpet. it is a lot of fun. very fun. we'll be washing you throughout the evening as well. have a good time out there. >> sure. >> they are the best group in music history and they are celebrating the american history of theirenvation. what is it about the fab four that makes them so timless. if you are thinking of taking a trip here are three reasons why you should denver, beer, burritos and ice skating. we have our travel insider in the mile-high city.
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>> diy network in snowy, denver, colorado. follow me in my town, the mile-high city. ♪ >> on a cold day there is nothing like a hot brunch. one of my favorite dishes smothered breakfast burrito. >> it hits all of the afavorite foods. >> it is ret row. it has that late 70s. feel. >> time to work off that grub. here at the ice skating rink. ♪ >> the place is 8.5 acres and has 12 hockey rinks and i giant free skating rink. i'm topping my day off at the
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♪ if it makes you feel all right i don't care too much for money money can't buy me love ♪ ♪ it has been a long and winding road for the beatles. the super group sparked a music revolution. tonight, they will accept a gramy life time achievement award. tonight many are asking what took the group so long. >> good to see you. so answer the question what did
1:41 pm
take so long before they could get a life time achievement award at the grammies. i don't know what took them so long but they have been given a life time achievement award by many aspects of the culture for a long time. i would say the beatles some of the songs that they have created were some of the standards of the american sound track and they did influence music in so many different ways. what stands out about the most influential as except of their music. rock n' roll was brewing in the united states. hill billy songs. blues. african-american songs going way back to the plantations and elvis had introduced of that
1:42 pm
being co opted into a more main strain level what was interesting is the american rock n' roll goes across the atlantic and comes back in the form of the british invasion the beatles and the stones and the rest of them there. this home grown type has to get it's credibility over there to come back and that was an important step in the new mu tick that would become rock n' roll. >> they influenced fashion what way did you see that everything they brought retnated so much?
1:43 pm
kids started having these haircuts and i think it really kicked in the idea of the garage band. if you and three of your friends can get together with a drum and a guitar and voice maybe you can get people streaming for you as well. >> what group would have been as influential as them? they were dangerous but loveable. they didn't seem like they might trash your town like the stones. we out to remember. he was the delivery system to
1:44 pm
the -- of anybody into the main stream culture. but the beetles would have happened ed sullivan or no ed sullivan. while sullivan was important to accelerating them. it was a really big show it really was. thank you so much. you don't want to miss the 60s. right here on cnn. a tennessee way tress was known after she fell down on her luck. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself.
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after 8 months over seas lieutenant colonel sellers wanted her homecomes to be memorable. so she snuck up on the freethrow line at his middle school basketball game. >> that is all right derek. >> that is so sweet.
1:48 pm
she said that she was worried that derrick might cry right there in the gym. right in front of his friends. in the end it was a celebration for everyone. everyone was crying. you know it. >> in tennessee we have a story of a good hearted waitress that was down on her luck until her customer came to her rescue. >> when she is not working at a server she is making homemade pies, soup, muffins and serving it to the homeless. >> all that service stopped sththis month when her mother had a heart attack. >> i just wanted to see my
1:49 pm
mother one more time. >> she saw her mom and wanted to pull through. she missed a lot of work and did not have enough money to pay her bills. >> second and final notice. >> still she went to worked with and delivered service with a smile. >> this table sat down and it was a man and woman and the father ordered a country stake and they split a fish taco. they were sitting on the stable but it was turned upside down and normally as a server when a ticket is turned upside down that means you didn't get a good tip. >> i was like my god i lost my balance and i said does this say $1,000? >> it said 1,075. it said jesus has blessed us and
1:50 pm
we were led to give it to you. i'm thinking i do believe it. i believe god sent them my way. >> she said she knows what she wants to tell them. thank them thank them so much. because i'm humbled. i'm grateful. you were i do believe that god led you to me at this time in my life and i hope and pray some day that i'm able to do this for somebody. and at the first opportunity i would do it. >> sometimes strength can come in small packages. a premature baby is home after 8 months in a hobl. >>. >> it has been an uphill battle for this baby when faith jackson was born last may she weighed
1:51 pm
10.5 ounces. the smallest surviving baby ever born in california. >> it was scary they were telling us that babies sha small don't usually make it. >> parents were told by doctors that the baby's chances for survival were slim. >> i held her in the palm of my hand. >> but this baby has defied all odds and after 8 months a miracle is now going home. >> it is like winning the superbowl. >> the family has a home based oxygen machine and while it has been a roller coaster ride they never lost faith. >> today a true miracle as she
1:52 pm
gets to go home. >> a bless that go has baffled the nursing staff. >> we were not really -- we were doubtful. but she isner name a miracle is a miracle. >> while the baby is not out of the woods just yet the family says babies come in all shaped and sizes. that baby was born 15 weeks early she faces some health problems but she is going home and she is doing well there. we'll be right back. hey guys! sorry we're late.
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this breaki ining story, the maryland shopping mall where people were killed yesterday will reopen tomorrow. the u.s. congress returns to work tomorrow after taking a week-long break. and there is much more in our week ahead. also monday, former new orleans mayor goes on trial for corruption.
1:56 pm
tuesday president obama delivers his state of the union address. while it insists the president's message will be optimistic, senior adviser made it clear that he will pursue his agenda with or without senior consent. >> central bank decides to cut back that bond buying program ipt ra interest rates will rise. ep oprah turns 60 years old. it re-ignites the landmark musical revolution of 1964 starting with the beetles ground breaking trip to the u.s.
1:57 pm
on friday, ben bernanke wraps up his term as the chairman of the federal reserve. >> here is genie mose. >> reporter: it is jail jump suit he faced the music and we don't mean his own. ♪ baby, baby, baby joofrnlgts baby this is the biggest mistake you could make. >> at 19 his first mug shot. >> he's smiling from another to ear. >> i wouldn't be smiling if i were you justin bieber.
1:58 pm
>> his hair looked great. >> reminiscent of frank sinatra. >> one tweeted the mug shots are in and they are incredible. >> we love you justin. >> they rested their cameras on their heads. >> they got yelled out by police. >> hey! get off the friggin car. >> and they got a descent shot when he perched on top of an suv. >> remind you of any one say michael jackson waving after pleading not guilty after charges charges? >> and then there is the matter of how to refer to the pop star. >> biebs. >> he was with the biebs this
1:59 pm
morning. >> mr. beeber you are charged with the following. >> justin timberlake. >> oh, i apologize. >> online jokes like this circulated. captioned photo of justin beeber being arrested. >> from snl to jimmy fallon. >> i'm going to reflect for a minute if that is cool with you. >> we abscess about this hair or photoshop his make up. at least his mug shot didn't look like nick nolti's. >> what volumizer if he use? >> height? seems like a new low. >> hey, there is a lot more news straight ahead. >> my colleague miguel marquez
2:00 pm
is joining us from new york. >> thank you very much. have a great couple of days off. police now know how the gunman got to the mall and they do know the shooter's name. erin mcpike is outside the mall. one thing remains a mystery. what is the latest? >> well, we learned a little bit ago that the mall will reopen at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. that is a day earlier than expekt expected this morning. >> when the mall does reopen, we will ensure that we have a ro