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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 3, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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thanks for spending "saturday smart" with us, set your dvr to auto record "your money" right now. you will never miss the money news that means most to you. see you back here next week. >>. hello, everyone, we are following several big stories for you this hour the violence and rhetoric getting more intense in ukraine. one separatist leader is calling for the formation of a new army. and the hunt for flight 3 seven is the about to change. it could involve a whole new search area thousands of miles away from where the crews are now. breaking her silence the woman who recorded donald sterling's racist tirades speaks oumt. hear her theory about why the
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l.a. clippers owner says what he said and the state of their relationship right now. violence in the ukraine is pushing the divide country even deeper into crisis. video posted on youtube shows a bus where people were warned to stay off if street today. cnn cannot authenticate that video. there were clashest this city. monita, a group of western military observers was released after being abducted a week ago by pro russian separatists. matthew, there have been a lot of statements coming out of russiaed too. what's the latest we are hearing. >> they have subject the kremlin has been sharply critical, condemning the violence in eastern and southern ukraine.
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vladmir putin is sending his condolences to the 40 people who died in the southern ukrainian city of odessa in which the building in which they were taking renew jersey and protesting inside was burned down. so a huge tragedy there. it's been greeted with a lot of anger by the pro-russian groups inside ukraine and by the kremlin here as well. also the kremlin saying they're receiving thousands of requests for help from southern and eastern ukraine. that's interesting and important. the russians have said all along, they reserve the right to intervene militarily, if they believe russian interests speakers are at risk. so there is a growing concern that russia could use the army. it's got position to cross the border from you kra into intervene and take areas, further areas of ukraine if it chooses to do so.
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at the moment, no such order has been given, there has been a telephone conversation between the russian foreman and u.s. secretary of state john kerry in which they called on mr. kerry to use all his flurngs all the influence that the united states to get them to end their military operations inside eastern ukraine. so, yes, a lot of tension between the two sides, the various sites here and the part of the kremlin in regards to what's happening in ukraine. >> matthew, there continue to be discussions about sanctions, mo more sanctions, does that seem to be much of a deterrent for putin? >> well, it could be, i mean, certainly the next level of sanctions being discussed, the sexual sanctions, the gas sector are likely to be sanctions. so far, the sanctions have been pretty much symbolic.
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they have been pin pediatrics in terms of the damage they may have caused. certainly not the kind of impact that the russian authorities the kremlin are not prepared to withstand. >> that could change, of course, if the russians decided to go into eastern ukraine or they decide to disrupt the election process the elections due in ukraine on the 25th of may. and so that's possibly something that the russians will want to avoichltd we don't though whether the events are trumping those economic concerns and those concerns about sanctions, fredericka. >> matthew chance, thank you so much in moscow. back here in the u.s., a woman who recorded the embattled l.a. clipper's owners racist rants is voicing her own opinion now about the controversy. v. viviano gives her take on dona
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done donald sterling's attitudes. she says he came up from a different generation and says he doesn't have hate in his heart. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> no. i don't believe it in my heart. >> have you heard him say derogatory things about minorities in general and blacks in particular? >> absolutely. >> you've heard him say derogatory thing? >> yes. >> don't they sound ratist to you? >> i think that the things he says are not what he feels. >> what did viviano say about the relationship she has with sterling? >> this is a young woman who made a clear distinction. she calls on donald sterling for being in love with her. at the same, she tells barbara walters, for the, shelves not in love with him. she loves him as a father
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figure. she was his personal aid, his wing man as it were, somebody who was always by his side and taking care of. she says it was a professional relationship. she has called herself an archivist. we don't know specifically what the nature of the relationship was. it is fair to say it was probably not platonic. the wife filed a big lawsuit alleging a sexual relationship saying that the reason her husband gave this young woman all the gifts that he did, the $is.1.348 duplex the cars the bentlys, ferraris the rang recovery is they were engaged in this intimate relationship. so a friend also said, you know, it was never described to her, however, as being sexual. but at the same, the same friend said, look, she looked at video of the couple taken by viviano and their behavior definitely
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crosses the line and makes neither of them look particularly good some more will be coming out. right now, she is holding to her story, that they met at the clipper's foundation and that she began working for him and she was paid off the books. fred. >> all right. so the owners are expected to meet on mr. to force sterling out what can they do, really, legally? >> legally, they're basically following the stems. the committee met last week. they want to move ahead as quickly as possible. they said their next step, bake amy, is not to vote. it's to reconvene sometime this week. they got to write donald sterling a letter. everybody right now highly lawyered up. because there are a lot of things that, you know, donald sterling can do. he's a very wealthy man. a very powerful man. you look at all the owners. that's the interesting thing about this they are all extremely wealthy. at least half are billionnaires. they're financeers, they're
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bankers, mortgage lenders. there is one obviously, you know, michael jordan. he's the biggest basketball player. he's not a billionaire by the way. i think it's $750 million. there are a lot of power. wealthy people. donald sterling, he has nothing to lose right now. take a listen to one expert that we spoke to in terms of the power that these teams sort of imbue, these businessmen. >> it's primarily ego. it's .poise for boys in his fantasy basketball with billions of dollars at stakes. this is every day, it gets them more media attention they would be able buy in any other manner. >> you think about that. look. i'm not a basketball fan, i couldn't pick donald sterling out of a room full of ten people. because he's on the side of that court, everybody know who's that is. that elevates him. that's the pornsz of it. it's not just the basketball
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rights. it's the media in which they live. a lot of stakes. >> there are a few hand. of nba team owners who are quite notable. people know them for other things, ventures, mark cuban, statement acting and then, of course, you see him on a popular television show in the evening. so, you know, i guess real nba stars might know who the majority of the owners are. >> i don't think, you know, that's one thing -- >> if you had that money. i don't know. >> owning a team is one of those things -- >> i would be owning my own island right now. >> they probably do that to. that's the distinction between them and us. thanks so much. we appreciate it. all right, an underwater drone provided by the u.s., as searches the ocean floor 18 times now, now, we've learned when its mission will end altogether.
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. president obama will get a first hand look at the devstakes of this week's severe weather. the white house says the president will travel to little rock, arkansas on wednesday, he will meet with family an recovery workers. the city was one of many affected after a slow moving storm brought tornadoes to the mid-wet and record flooding as well from the golf coast to the teeft. in all, nearly 40 people died. hope is fadeing for the korean disaster. the death count is at 278. many were high school students. divers have not found any air pockets which would indicate survivors. pine time, they search the
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office of the sunken ferry offices and the home of the billionaire whose family had ties to the company. the ferry sank during a routine trip ail 16th. . all right, new developmentles in the hunt for malaysia airlines 123e7b9. a u.s. official tells cnn the u.s. agreed only to extend the deployment of this under water searching device until late next week the blue fin drone finished its 18th under water mission yesterday. it has not found traces on the indian ocean ploor t. hunt for the plane has expend tended 1,000 miles away. cnn has more. >> reporter: the acting transport minister here in malaysia is speaking more about that search happening in the bay of bengal for the possible krek wreckage. this is a fuse release.
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they say there are three ships in that area, including a survey ship. one is equipped with sonar technology to allow crews to look for debris they are looking for quebecage that may be floating there they say it's highly unlikely anything will be found in the bay of bengal on monday, there is a meeting coming up, where officials from malaysia, australia and coin will get together to come up with a blue print for how to proceed in the weeks and months ahead. we know it could cost an estimated $60 million this meeting will allow officials how to alocate those resources. keep monitoring the situation. we will keep you updated on the search. what is the next step if the bluefin doesn't find traces of the plane?
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we'll discuss. also, royalty visits memphis, tennessee. what brought prince harry to the home of the king of rock 'n' roll and get ready for the last two minutes in sports. the countdown to the kentucky derby is on. we could see a historic whiz. live pictures right now of churchill downs. .
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the thoroughbred. the countdown to post-time with the lovely topper. i love that hat. fr francesca. let's begin with that jamaica trying to make history. >> reporter: they are bidding to become the first female joke, she has come closest than any in the past with her fifth place last year. she is in trouble. who is trained and may they might meet her. the assistant trainer's very own husband. they are jumping from post position two, which hasn't produced a winner since 1978. they will have to put the tricky part from the inside. but she has as good a chance as any, although, she has to beat the favorite.
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it's so impressively. you know for his trainer art sherman who is 77-years-old, it's his first runner in the race. it would be a record if you were to when at that age. >> wow, that would be impressive. well, we'll all be watching. so you got 160,000 fans or so at churchill downs, an exstrord fare number. the big race is the mane attraction. that's not the only reason why a lot of people are there. what else are they doing? >> reporter: the fashion is such a central point of the kentucky derby. i have seen some great outfits, including one lady dressed in red with the most enormous red rose on her head. the rose obviously being the flower of the derby. the winning garland that goes over, weighed 40 pounds they're
11:52 am
all and stitched on to there. there's a lot to do on connecticut derby day. >> oh my goodness. with some of those toppers. it's a good thing it's not raining, folks wouldn't be able to. >> not raining. a bit windy. it looks like you have great weather. i'm so glad. a little extra. all right. francesca, thank you very much. okay, royalty in memphis usually means the king of rock 'n' roll, elvis presley. well, not this time. prince william and prince harry made a trip to attend a close friend's wetding. their friend's wedding is this evening. princesss eugene na and beatrice are in town of guy pelley a prend of the royals for 20 years now. it has never happened before, doctors are now treating the
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very first patient in the u.s. for the deadly mers virus, how it got here and how concerned you should be now. oh no.
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americans in at least two major city are demanding students fromny from nigerian schools be rescued. nay say the person preerpetrato be brought to justice. right now to the health story
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you got to hear. a deadly virus from the middle east spread to the u.s. for the first time. it's called mers and stands for middle east res pla tore syndrome. a man from indiana was hospitalized after he began experiencing symptoms, shortness of breath and favor, officials are trying to figure out how he contracted the virus. dr. sanjay gupta has more. >> we are getting more details. we know this is an american. someone who works as a health care worker doing that job if saudi arabia and traveled back from saudi arabia through london, chicago and took a bus to indiana, it was three days after they arrived here, they began to get ill and were in a hospital in isolation. he appears to be if stable condition right now. on oxygen, not on a vent lator, we don't know where this virus
11:58 am
comes from three quarters have the virus, itself, in camels over there exactly how it gets transmitted. is it if droplets or unpass curized camel milk? nay don't know. this patient appears to be doing well. unlike sars, this does not appear to spread easily from human to human. 'mers, we don't know yet. we will keep an eye on things in many ways this wasn't expected. you have a global system. have you people moving from country to country. there have been people in yurp. now he's the first case in the united states. we'll keep an eye on it. back to you. >> president obama says the u.s. is ready to help after a deadly
11:59 am
landslide in afghanistan. 257 people are likely buried alive in a sea of mud. it happened as a remote wedding was taking plus. hundreds wednesday to help when another landslide hit. officials are declaring the site a mass grave. >> hi, hello again for those of you j you now joining us. welcome again to the newsroom. we are following several big stories this hour. first up, the woman who describes herself as donald sterling's wing man is breaking her silence on his racist rant that she reported. v. viviano speculates about his motives and describes her relationship with the l.a. clipper's owner in an interview with barbara walters. the big headline out of that interview, viviano believes
12:00 pm
sterling is not a racist but, she says, she is not fully supportive of his reaction to the controversy do you think that donald sterling should apologize? >> absolutely. >> did you success discuss this with him? >> yes. >> will he apologize? >>. >> our ted rolands joins us live. what did she say about her relationship with sterling? >> that's one of the big questions since this started a week ago, water the deal about the 80-plus-year-old and the 30-year-old, water going on will? barbara walters asked what is your relationship? >> he's in his '80s, are you in your 30s? >> i'm 31.