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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 3, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> sufficient to say that some practices, such as eating raw camel meat, or drinking raw camel milk are almost certainly unsafe. >> it is not just camels. doctors and nurses caught it from patients. family members caught it from each other. they're working for ways to keep people safe for the pilgrimage in october. we are going to stay on top of the story. stay connected at keep the conversation going on 2013er. i want to hear from you. time to get you back to the cnn newsroom with randi kaye. you're in the cnn newsroom. we begin with developments in the donald sterling controversy.
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the woman that recorded his racial comments is defending him. v. stiviano told abc's barbara walters sterling is not a racist and she is not sterling's mistress. she opened up about her relationship with the 80-year-old, sterling. >> i am mr. sterling's right arm man. i am everything. i am his confidant, his best friend. his silly rabbit. >> his what? >> his silly rabbit. >> his silly rabbit? is that what he calls you? >> no, that's what i call myself. >> i see. >> i joke around, i make him laugh. i do things that some people find very silly. >> right now, sterling's l.a. clippers are just hours away from a crucial game seven playoff game against the golden state warriors. let's go to ted rowlands who is in los angeles outside the staples center. ted, stiviano says she talked to sterling after the scandal broke.
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what is she saying? >> reporter: she says that he's confused and that he's hurt basically. barbara walters asked her what donald sterling was going through, because we haven't heard from donald sterling. and one would think maybe donald sterling's not talking to her, but that's not the case. in fact, apparently he was at the barbara walters interview or at least there at some point with her. they're still together, whatever the relationship entails. here is what she said sterling is doing following the release of the audiotapes. >> you just left donald sterling. what is his state of mind right now? >> confused. i think he feels very alone. not truly supported. by those around him. tormented. emotionally traumatized. >> reporter: she also says she doesn't think that donald sterling is a racist, but that
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he should apologize and she said what we have heard, that portion of the audio, is just a small part of what she has recorded apparently. so it is unclear, randy, if we're going to get more as this saga continues. >> certainly was an interesting interview so far. ted, you're at the staples center. is the controversy as far as you can tell effecting the clippers' ability to focus on the playoffs and win basketball games? >> reporter: i don't think so. the reason is because of the nba's decision to be so quick and so decisive, saying that they plan to not only suspend donald sterling for life but then to start the process of actually getting him to sell the team. i think if it would have gone any other way, if it was stretched out, it would have made a big difference. right after this, players were upset, they were mad, they were also hurt. this is a guy they worked for, and the fact that the league was so strong i think has made them
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able to focus. >> they wanted action and they got it. ted rowlands, thank you. overseas now where the very real possibility of a civil war is looming. i am talking about eastern ukraine. a part of the country that borders russia. these ukrainian soldiers are rolling through one of several towns overrun by armed separatists who believe the towns should be russian. this is not right on the border, it is happening more than 150 miles into ukraine. dozens of people have been killed and people who live there are basically hiding out in their own homes. meanwhile, a team of international military observers that were held hostage more than a week by the pro-russian forces are now free. cnn's arwa damon is in eastern ukraine. >> reporter: that 12 member osce team finally freed, they had been taken hostage april 25th, accused by the self proclaimed mayor of being nato spies. on their release, he referred to them as guests. they appeared to be tired, but
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said they had been treated fairly well. the german foreign minister thanking the efforts of russian envoy and ensuring their release. the number two for the osce commission saying this is an example of how important negotiations are. but elsewhere throughout the country, we're seeing very little on the negotiation side. a lot more on the military side. the ukrainian forces continuing to maintain their positions in some areas and pushing into areas where they made some gains against the pro-russian camp. elsewhere, we are hearing from the pro-russian side, that they issued a deadline to all of the security services. police, military to declare their allegiance or face the consequences. under some self declared state of emergency it would seem, even a curfew put into place.
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most recently, another building was captured by the pro-russian camp. arwa damon, cnn, ukraine. tonight is washington's very own nerd prom. that's the affectionate nickname for the white house correspondent's dinner. but is the event actually bad for reporters? search teams looking for flight 370 might not have one cutting edge device forever. they're up against a deadline with a high tech device so many were counting on. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare
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hollywood has the oscar's, washington has the white house correspondent's dinner. for one night only, d.c. reporters trade note pads for champagne fluting, rubbing shoulders with the people they report on. they take a scathing look at the sometimes incestuous relationship. he is a correspondent for new york times magazine. good to see you.
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washington loves its nerd prom. should it is the question. does it make reporters more or less likely to get tough with the people they're covering and reporting on? >> i think it makes them less, sort of goes to the larger coziness people complain about with the media and political class in washington. the larger point is this goes on five days. we have two dozen parties and after parties devoted to the media celebrating itself, and both parties celebrating itself, and all of the institutions in washington celebrating itself. frankly, what are we celebrating? the rest of the country doesn't look terribly highly on the major institutions of the city, and it is in direct disproportion to how we view ourselves. >> it has actually grown, right? it never went on the way that it does now. you think it is sort of over the top? >> totally. tens of millions are spent on entertainment and food. there's this high minded sense that they, you know, have some scholarships they give away, it is good, a good cause. i just think it should be like
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in lieu of flowers when someone dies. i think a news organization should in lieu of going to the parties and putting on parties and spending millions on parties, give it to a good cause. >> let's talk about the crowd that gathers there once again. are any reporters as far as you know squeamish about getting cozy there? >> no, a lot of them are. "the new york times" where i work, we're not allowed to go to the dinner any more. bureau chief in 2007 said that the dinner had outlived its usefulness, and that's fine. i have been to a bunch of them. you can get some work done, but it is not that big a deal. really, there's a soul crushing sameness to this over and over again. same people, same outfits, the same media cluster bomb. i just don't know why we continue to do it. >> i would imagine the first one had to have been sort of fun. >> totally. >> do you miss going at all? >> no, i don't. i mean, the best part frankly, you can see on tv. the president's comedy routine
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of either party tends to be pretty good, because both major parties have good joke writers and presidents are very comfortable before big groups and they're pretty good joke tellers. that's always fun. the comedians can be good, sometimes it can be pretty bad, but no, i don't really miss it. i occasionally go to a party, have a drink or something. i don't know if i am getting old, it is getting stale, but i think it outlived its usefulness. >> do you think the president whoever it may be enjoys it at all? >> the president i would not speak for the president. i think this president in particular enjoys a good comedy routine, can deliver it pretty well, he can be pretty truthful and scathing. few years ago went after donald trump in a pretty annihilating way, it was pretty memorable. in a weird way, comedy can be a form of scathing truth telling, and i think presidents in both parties enjoy that part of it.
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>> is there serious networking to be done there? >> i think there probably is, especially for smaller news organizations that don't normally get to hob knob with high level cabinet people or white house people. you have everyone in the same room, in the same city. there's a weird group of celebrity people all over the after awhile, it becomes a drunken haze. maybe because i drink too much, but i don't think i do. but look, it is overwhelming. it is just this big mass of people and booze and food. and again, what are we celebrating? >> all right. on that note, thank you very much. >> sorry to be such a downer. sorry. no, everyone had fun. i don't want to ruin anyone's good time. >> all right. thanks again, appreciate your time today. cnn will give you the best seat in the house for the correspondent's dinner, from the red carpet to the main event. our live coverage which will be fabulous starts tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. imagine your son or daughter going to school and never seeing them again.
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that was the area identified by an australian ocean survey firm that claimed to detect some airplane far from the search areas, thousands of miles from the south. several aviation analysts say that company's claim never did hold water. the search drone hasn't produced any better results after 18 missions in the southern indian ocean. meanwhile, in beijing officials toll family members of missing passengers to go home. passengers' relatives gathered around the clock at a beijing hotel, waiting for any word from the search. government officials gave them 'til today to clear out. they have been missing 58 days. david soucie is with me, former inspector and safety analyst, and miles o'brien, aviation analyst joins us as well. let me start with you. you heard searching the bay of bengal turned up nothing, but apparently they're not giving up. malaysian transport minister says they may send a ship to check it out. a lot of people are not happy
2:19 pm
with the alternative search area, miles being one of them. where do you stand on this? >> it has gone beyond hoax. the problem with it is there is some legitimate technology i used in mining that does similar things. so when you look at what this has done, it not only discredits or discredits their company but discredits an entire industry. you can't look under the ocean like they're talking of doing. there's no technology that does that. to make this statement is absurd. it is not just hurting families, it is hurting an entire industry as well. >> miles, where do you stand on it. we heard what david said. >> i have been very outspoken on this. when i heard about this, i know a little about space and satellite imagery technology, just from covering it over the years. so what i immediately did was reach out to three or four of my favorite contacts who really know this business. and they were all just mystified this could be possible. they said they know of no such technology. i have no reason to believe they
2:20 pm
would hold back on that. i started to look further into the company and realized what we have is an opportunistic company trying to get publicity. the horrifying fact, preying on the emotions of the families. look at the video of them, these people have been through the ringer. it is practically criminal. here is the thing. i hear that the malaysians are going to take precious resources potentially off the real search, where we have real evidence, and send it to the bay of bengal, that's when i get most upset. bangladesh navy, if they want to check it out weren't involved in the search, that would allay concerns that it might be true, that's fine. other than that, i would say we have to nip this one. >> so i guess the question is, david, what's next. the bluefin we know has been pulled out of the water as you said for the day. it seems to not have turned up anything so far. it will go until may 31st we
2:21 pm
understand. what if the bluefin doesn't show anything? >> i am very confident, even more so after the report came out, gave a little more information how the satellite and arch was drawn. i am more confident they're searching in the right area. i think the bluefin was the wrong tool. they started with the ping where they could reach the depths with the bluefin. now they have to retool and get to the deeper ocean to the north and search there. that's the next step. >> miles, we obviously had trouble finding mh 370. they searched for air france 447 for a couple years before they found the wreckage there. what about this idea of real time tracking? could this prevent something like this from happening again? >> well, prevent is a different matter. it would change the equation significantly. we can track an 18 wheeler going from new york to los angeles much better than we can a 777 leaving on the way to beijing. that statement is just absurd on the face of it, isn't it?
2:22 pm
the airlines and regulatory agencies have got to step up their game on this. this is important and it is not expensive. the technology is all there. would it prevent? no. the bottom line is in the end, no matter what we put on the planes to track them, make them safer, improve them, make them bulletproof, whatever you have to do, whatever it is, you have to trust the person driving the bus as it were. if that person is going to be a problem or if another human being, a hijacker is able to come and deer a plane, all of that is for naught in the prevention category. >> where is this all going, david? are you confident they will find the plane? i know you think they're searching the right area. finding it is another story. >> i am. the pings, i researched the pings. there are several that said the pings they found were not from underwater locator beacon, they were things that track whales or
2:23 pm
turtles. i checked with everybody. they said the pingers that ping every second as these did are no longer manufactured. haven't been for ten years. the fact that someone said that could be out there, i think the batteries are probably dead now on those. i am very convinced the more information i get, the more i am convinced they're in the right place searching. >> miles, you, too, do you think they'll find it? >> i do. it is a matter of time. it is unfortunate. we heard the pings, that was a very fortunate thing in the search, unprecedented, not having wreckage on the surface to hear the pings. i am pretty confident those are the real thing. but i think we had an expectation it would be a matter of days before they find wreckage and it is not that simple. >> miles o'brien, david soucie, great to see you both. thank you. can twitter help reunite families in nigeria? ahead, a campaign to bring back hundreds of girls kidnapped by a militant group takes social media by storm. we'll talk to the woman behind that effort. then sick veterans waiting for care and some dying in that
2:24 pm
wait time. an appalling story of failure by the veterans administration and effort to cover it up. first, ned norton made a career of training people. when a spinal cord injury came into the gym, he found his calling. meet this week's cnn hero. >> when i am running, i feel limitless. being in motion makes me feel free. you are really pushing yourself, that's when you really feel alive. but there are millions of people around the world that are facing severe physical limitations. they can't be independent. they can't live their lives. i spent years training olympic athletes, football players, body builders. one day a young guy newly spinal cord injured, came to the gym, asking for help. at first i didn't know what to do. just work together. he made tremendous progress. take a breath. reach out. reach out. bring it back.
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there is growing world outrage over the plight of more than 200 teenage girls abducted last month in nigeria. crowds rallied today in new york to draw attention to the abductions which have gone largely overlooked outside nigeria. 276 girls were taken from their dorms in the middle of the night april 16th. about 53 managed to escape, but the rest are still missing. it happened in nigeria's northeastern borno state, threatened by boko haram.
2:30 pm
they oppose education for girls and dedicate to making nigeria an islamic state. earlier today, john kerry said the u.s. would work to help find the girls. families say they waited too long for the world and the nigerian government to take action. the father of one girl spoke with cnn. >> i and my family are in difficulty. we have no rest of mind. no security in the town. the government didn't provide security even presently as i'm talking to you. most of the people do sleep in the bush because of fear. and our daughters have been kidnapped. no action the state government nor the federal government has taken. as of now, as i'm talking to you, my wife is back in the
2:31 pm
hospital. because she was so disturbed and she cannot even eat. she was attacked by blood pressure because of thinking how we lost our daughter. >> joining me to talk about efforts to raise awareness of the nigerian girls plight, commercial director and founder of the online campaign, bring back our girls. good to see you. why did you first decide to get involved in this type of issue and create this hash tag? >> you know, i heard about this story on the radio and i looked and saw there was very little being spoken about it and i could not ignore it. it was so atrocious that this happened and no one was doing anything about it. >> what kind of response have you been getting so far? >> thousands of people around the world joined in and wanted to help. everyone is asking what can they do. my main focus has been to give people action points so that they can feel empowered and help
2:32 pm
raise awareness. my initial target was to spread the word around the news and to get people talking about this issue because they weren't. now they're talking and now we are going through action plans, asking people to write senators and write our government leaders and tell them they must act. it is wonderful that john kerry has spoken out. i want to see what he's going to do. i want to see the world come together and help rescue those girls immediately. >> raising awareness, you say to tell them they must act, but what can they do? what should be done? >> well, one, we can tell our friends what's happening, and we can ask our friends and do ourselves the favor of writing our leaders and telling them that we care about these girls. there are over 150 million school girls in the world who are uneducated and who are needing to get educated, and these 260 plus girls that were kidnapped are the future of our
2:33 pm
world. you educate one girl and they'll go back and they're less likely to have children young, they're more likely to educate their sisters and their families and break the cycle of poverty. and the fact that these 230 plus girls were kidnapped and the world has not stepped in is atrocious. we have everyone searching for an airplane in malaysia, and you have these girls that need us now. >> if this happened in the u.s. and not nigeria, i mean, you can only imagine what would be done to try and find them, right? >> that's what i keep saying. if this was someone, if this was girls in the u.s. or in the united kingdom, anywhere else that were white, sorry to say, they would be home now and be in their beds. i believe the world has become decent tiesed to what's happening in africa. we need to see what's happening there, and know it is a reflection of what our whole entire country could become. if we do not step in and rescue these girls, what are we saying to the future about the
2:34 pm
importance of education and the importance of helping each other? >> these girls we know were taken in the dead of night. why do you think they were taken and what is your greatest fear for them? >> i believe they were taken to sell and to be used as slaves and my greatest fear is that many of them have been killed, many of them have been raped, and that they are in really dangerous situations right now, and that because the groups were fractioned off, that will be more difficult to find them. that is one of the things that's so heartbreaking about the story. when i found out about it ten days ago, i began the social media campaign, i told people we have to act now. the longer we wait, the quicker this will become a difficult challenge to find them. and that is what has happened. i know there are smarter people than myself who can figure out a way to locate the girls and to bring them home. >> and it sounds like you think the action certainly needs to happen outside of nigeria, not there, which hopefully it will,
2:35 pm
as a result of all of your action in terms of raising awareness. thank you so very much for your time and putting your attention to this issue. we appreciate it. >> thank you. two lists for vets needing medical care. one was public, the other secret. now the secretary of veteran's affairs is being asked to explain why some vets were left to wait and in some cases die while weighting for treatment. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files. reckless seeding... ...failure to disappear. a backyard invasion. homeowner takes matters into his own hands. ♪ ortho weed b gon max. with the one-touch, continuous spray wand... kills weeds without harming innocent lawns. guaranteed. weeds killed. lawn restored. justice served. weed b gon max with the one-touch wand. get order. get ortho®. weed b gon max with the one-touch wand. ♪ ♪
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an update on our series of exclusive reports about military veterans dying while waiting to see doctors at a va hospital. already, president obama has weighed in. the head of the phoenix va hospital and two other administrators were put on leave. now a whistleblower has come forward, a doctor at the phoenix hospital where patients died while awaiting treatment. senior investigative correspondent drew griffin has been following this story from the beginning and has this special report. >> reporter: this is the report that aired one day before the director sharon helman was placed on administrative leave. as you're about to see, it was our final attempt to try to get answers from her. after being stonewalled two weeks trying to get answers from the phoenix va hospital, it came down to this. >> director helman, can you talk to us? >> off the property, both of you. >> reporter: surrounded by federal police, that is the va's director of the phoenix medical
2:40 pm
facility, sharon helman. who on monday literally sped from our cameras. >> please talk to us, director, director helman. a short time later, a change of heart. the director and chief of staff decided it was time to answer the allegations that have three arizona congressmen now calling for her resignation. as we first reported, multiple sources tell cnn as many as 40 veterans died while they were waiting for medical care at this va facility. our sources tell us many were placed on a secret list, designed by va managers to hide the fact veterans were waiting months to see a doctor. >> those are the allegations we asked the office of inspector general to review. >> but those are the allegations i assume that you two would know direct knowledge of. >> again, those allegations are ones that the office of inspector general are reviewing right now. when we heard about this during the house veteran affairs
2:41 pm
committee is the first time we heard about those allegations, and that's why we asked the office of inspector general to come in an do a thorough, impartial review. >> reporter: that's an odd statement, considering that as early as last fall, the va's office of inspector general had already been pursuing allegations of a secret waiting list and veterans dying while waiting to see a doctor. helman's explanation? yes, she says investigators questioned her in december but she didn't know what the questioning was about. >> they don't tell us what the allegations are surrounding their investigation. i can just confirm that yes, they were here. >> reporter: multiple sources inside this hospital tell cnn under direction of management, a secret electronic waiting list was created and paper evidence of when patients first went to the va seeking care was shredded. and those sources say sharon helman and her medical chief of
2:42 pm
staff, dr. darren deering new about it, because it was their plan. >> i am asking you, maybe you directly, sir. did this or did this not happen? >> i think what we have here, drew, i think there's some confusion amongst our staff. when we came on as a leadership team in 2012, the practice at that time was that they would schedule new veterans that were coming in for care, way out into the future. sometimes a year, sometimes 14 months. what we did is we took the patients scheduled way out into the future and put them on this national tool, ewl, electronic waiting list, so when we had an appointment came up, if a veteran called next week and cancelled their appointment, we could pull a veteran off this list and get them into that slot, so it actually improved the probability of the veterans getting an appointment sooner. there were some folks that did not understand that, and i think that's where these allegations are coming from. >> so when i'm talking to sources inside this hospital who literally in tears are telling us that patients have died waiting on these lists, those people are confused?
2:43 pm
>> drew, what we're saying is that we implemented the electronic wait list. and any concerns that staff have, i share in those same concerns. >> have you found cases where veterans are on the waiting list and have died? >> yes. and that is in the course of health care delivery, we have patients who unfortunately pass away. we have found veterans on the list who have died, but we have not been able to connect their death to the delay in getting their care. >> it seems cut and dry to me. whatever happened happened, and the people who know what happened are right before me. >> i think that's a question for the office of inspector general. >> we have never instructed our staff to create a secret list, to maintain a secret list, to shred a secret list. that has never come from our office as far as instruction to our staff. >> it's never come from me. >> are you kidding? >> dr. sam foot is the person
2:44 pm
that first became public on cnn with his accusations. he is a physician, recently retired after 24 years with the phoenix va, who along with several sources inside the va says there is no confusion. the secret list existed and veterans died. >> so you're not backing down at all. >> no, sir. >> so what they're telling us, false? >> i would say so, yes. >> director helman, even the president of the united states has spoken out about this particular issue. three congressmen this morning are calling for your head, they want you out of here. are you leaving? >> i am telling you right now, the office of inspector general is here reviewing all of the allegations and as a leader of this organization, i am going to continue to provide the best health care that these veterans deserve and earn. >> reporter: cnn learned the investigation may now be expanding, no longer just on veterans who died waiting for care, but veterans who died waiting for return care, follow-up appointments that they could not get.
2:45 pm
one day after that report aired, less than a day, director sharon helman and two staff were placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this big investigation taking place at the phoenix va. the veterans affair secretary said if these allegations are true, they are absolutely unacceptable. >> cnn has reached out to veteran's affairs secretary eric shinseki and so far no response. in kentucky, fabulous hats, delicious mint juleps and possibility of a history making ride for one jockey.
2:46 pm
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this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. welcome back. live pictures here from the washington hilton. it is the center of the political universe tonight for the white house correspondent's dinner known as nerd prom around town. there you see jeff goldblum walking in. see all of the highlights from the white house correspondent's dinner from the red carpet to the main event. live coverage starts on cnn at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. to louisville and today's 140th running of the kentucky derby. a field of 19 horses will run in the event billed as the greatest
2:50 pm
two minutes in sports. the favorite is a horse called california chrome, who was unbeaten as a three-year-old. a former joique herself. >> that's right. this is 140th running of the kentucky derby and the first leg of the triple crown. we have a jockey bidding to make history today. she is trying to become the first female jockey ever to win the kentucky derby. her horse is trouble and joe sharp is the owner of that. that would be a sentimental favorite here and we have wicked strong who was renamed after the boston bombings to honor all of those affected by the bombings. at the center of his woings and total career earnings will be given to the one fund. but the horse they all have to beat is the favorite, california chrome. if he could win he would put his
2:51 pm
trainer in the record books. art sherman at 77 years old will become the oldest person to be a kentucky derby winner. the weather is perfect and excitement is building and not too long until the two most exciting minutes in sports. >> experts will tell you it's not a good idea to pick a winning horse based on its name but if you're a fan of the old school group new addition you know you have to root for candy boy. general a-rod is not named after yankee fallen star alex rodriguez but named after its owner armon rodriguez. then uncle cy is named after one of its stars. a storm could dump more rain and a nasty system crossing over the great lakes. karen has the forecast for us. >> looks like problems in the weather coming up for the great lakes region. also pushing into the northeast
2:52 pm
in new england. we will keep the gray skies and rainfall moving in and some areas could see up to an inch of wet weather but if you remember, back a few days ago, it was the panhandle of florida that just got soaked with astounding rainfall totals. we are still looking at some pretty heavy rain but this time over central and southern sections of florida. 2 to 4 inches is expected. oklahoma city, is it possible? we could see close to 100 degrees by monday! computer models are saying plenty of sunshine and not too much to interrupt that. certainly it is the possibility. the santa ana's were ferocious. in the triple digits but looks like monday see the temperatures
2:53 pm
back off a few degrees. not so bad as we go into the beginning of the workweek. still a little on the toasty side but near normal temperatures all the way from boston and new york and readings mostly in the 60s. >> karen mcginnis, thank you very much. who would make the best boss? a media mogul, a basketball hall of famer, a rapper? a casting call is held who will buy the los angeles clippers. ♪
2:54 pm
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welcome back. don lemon joins me now. >> we just played musical chairs. >> i switched. i like it over here. very comfortable. kind of nice. before i go for the night we want to return to our stop story. >> our top story is the l.a.
2:57 pm
clippers getting ready for a do or die playoff game. their owner donald sterling is forced not to attend the game. >> oprah has some interest in buying the clippers. we are tracking how much the clippers might be worth. >> reporter: we spoke to a number of investment banks that specialize in the sports industry. the thinking is the l.a. clippers could go from $850 million to a billion dollars. how did they get to that total for a team like the l.a. clippers? the answer is they look at other teams, for example, that have recently sold, so we know that the sacramento kings recently sold for $535 million. we know that the milwaukee bucks recently sold for $550 million. which is a huge amount of money when you consider that the bucks are in a much smaller tv market
2:58 pm
than the clippers. for example, in dire need of a new arena. people are saying, well, you know, if the milwaukee bucks can sell for $550 million then the l.a. clippers must be worth a lot more especially when you consider that los angeles is the second largest tv market in the country. we are talking 5. 6 million tv households and clippers tv deal is up for renewal soon so they could renegotiate for a much larger sum of money than they are currently being paid. on top of that you have to consider just how infrequently a team like the clippers changes hands. the last time they were up for sale was in 1981 when sterling, himself, bought them. just the rarity of this event really will drive the price higher. lastly i will say that anyone who buys the clippers at a time like this really stands to benefit from a huge amount of positive publicity. they come in looking like a hero and certainly there is is a premium for that.
2:59 pm
zane asher, cnn, new york. there is no shortage of possible buyers for the clippers. if or when the team goes on sale, we want to know who would you want as a billionaire boss? a tough decision. >> who do you think? >> here is a couple of names out there. floyd mayweather, the undefeated boxer has a knack for making money but he also loves to gamble. >> he is also really late. any time i've ever interviewed him he is hours late. >> probably not a good boss? >> probably not. >> how about long time and long suffering clippers fan billy crystal? he told "forbes" we are in negotiations. do you think he is joking? >> i think he would be great. you know how spike lee is for the knicks? that is what billy crystal is to the clippers. his heart is in it and i'd rather have a boss who is a fan and heart is really into it. >> i agree with you on that one. how about larry ellison? $50 billion, he has deep pockets. you could get raise? >> no. >> not good?
3:00 pm
>> okay, well his bid? case you're wondering might include oprah also. she has given show audience cars. what would she give an employee? >> she would get a lot of eyes and publicity and goes a long way and that will get you paid. >> i agree with that one. music and show biz insider david geffen is another possibly. worth more than $5 billion. >> i would like that. i would like him. he would be cool. >> so you're going to be here and people, i guess, you guys can all tweet don and let him know your pick for the night, right? see if anybody agrees with you on oprah or anybody else? >> i'm not just sloughing off here. i have an outfit i'm going to change into. >> you're handling the correspondents dinner. >> i will be wear a tux late. >> pretty fancy. do you have time like in a commercial break? >> wait until you see who is the opening announcer. >> okay. >> should i tell?