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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 5, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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recovery, how they are doing one year later but they still have a long way to go. that's it for me. thank you for watching. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. ukraine is on the brink of war or is it time we remove the word "brink" from that sentence. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. our guest, top republican sent in the artillery. also in world news -- a disgusting vow of the more than sell their young victims. will the u.s. step in to try and stop them? and the sports lead, did you really think that the man who ordered his mistress not to bring black people to his games
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would go quietly? the disgraced owner of the l.a. clippers now reportedly drawing up a game plan to fight the nba. >> in the eastern ukraine, it was the most intensive assault yet on the pro-russian separatists. ukrainian security forces claiming they have gained ground in the rebel-seized city of slovyansk but not without a fierce fire fight, of course. they are digging into their positions. officials claim they shot down one of their helicopters, though the rebels survived. the separatists blame civilian deaths on the government while the government has in turn labeled the separatists
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terrorists. the russian foreign ministry released a statement condemning the action and said we urge the kiev organizers of terror against their own people to come to their senses, stop the blood shed, with drdraw troops and si down finally at the negotiating table ways to resolve the political crisis. the government outright accuses rushing of fanning the flames. an official says that the u.s. is planning to add more ships and planes in eastern europe at that time. the flexing of american military night in the region. will that make them flinch? vladimir putin still has 40 to 50,000 troops along the eastern border. putin is no doubt intensely watching ukraine's government push into slovyansk. can forces regain that city? nick paton walsh is standing by
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near slovyansk. night has fallen. what are you hearing and seeing on the ground? >> reporter: well, it's quiet here but the ukrainian government tried to move down a highway. they have not made much of a gain but seem to control more and more of that road day by day. we saw them moving down this morning but the intense fighting happened. these two forces have been sizing each other open for the past few days and they moved into the first real open confrontation. four ukrainian soldiers claiming wounded militants and one in pretty bad condition. and explaining to me on a map quite where the forces were but say no negotiation until those forces are actually withdrawn
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and localre residents and a lotf anger simply galvanized by the military around them. jake? >> where does this offensive go next? >> reporter: the offensive, i think the fear is in the days ahead they may move more convincingly. they have to have something to show in the past few days and they were not in the building. there's a very strong pro-russian militant force in the middle of that and there's a timetable, may 11th, they want a referendum and really that's a euphamism for joining russia or staying with ukraine. on the 25th of may, presidential elections. we have a lot of political maneuvering here but on the ground the violence is getting intense daily and i think people are very worried, really, as to whether any presidential
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elections occur. >> nick paton walsh, stay safe, my friend. there have been sanctions on russia and sanctions on russia but a group of republican senators say it's high time the u.s. did more, such as sending weapons to bolster the ukrainian forces. senator bob corker of tennessee sponsors a bill. he joins me now. senator, good to see you. michael mcfaul was quoted in "time" magazine saying, this is real, this is war. do you agree? is ukraine already at war? >> there's no doubt a very violent conflict has occurred on the ground. we see it happening. we see that russia is actually accomplishing what they want to accomplish in eastern ukraine by not yet having forces there. and it's more about establishing a european strategy and taking
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that european strategy and focusing it on ukraine. as far as the authorization of the type of weaponry you're talking about, it calls upon the administration first to take an assessment of what the ukrainian government needs itself to be hardened and then has to be asked for by the ukrainian government. this is part of an overall strategy, if you will, not immediate but the immediate is to put sanctions in place against russia. we know what they are doing. we're listening to what they are doing and watching what they are doing and to put sanctions in place that will change their behavior. i think you have seen that last week the sanctions put in place are sanctions that actually calls the russian stock market to increase in value because it just didn't do the things that we thought we waited for a long time to see what they were going to be. they ended up being nothing. and it's not affecting putin's
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behavior. that's what we've got to do right now to cause them to pull back from fomenting the violence inside the country. >> i take it your bill does a lot more than just authorizing the provision of arms in the ukrainian military. but that is probably the most controversial part. i want to ask you about a "usa today" poll. 30% are for it. what would you say to the americans that would prefer two to one not to do what you suggest might be the good thing to do? >> well again, let me go back and say the administration is authorized, once they assess what the government needs. we have relationships like this, jake, with over 130 countries around the world where we help them provision their country in such a way to defend it and to ensure that they have the ability to have the sovereignty that they cherish. so this is not an unusual
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relationship. we have these kinds of relationships all over the world. we stated how important it is that ukraine keep the sovereignty that it has and yet we're not really doing those things to change the behavior of russia or allow ukraine itself to be more fully able to protect its sovereignty. again, most of us realize that nothing immediate is going to happen relative to their military -- military's ability. but again, this is part of an overall strategy. the most important thing i think today to change russia's behavior. they want to disrupt this election on may 25th, 20 days from now, they are doing everything they can and being very successful at it right now to keep that from happening. if they can delegitimatize what is happening, it will be a huge step for ukraine not moving towards the west which is one of the greatest threats internally to putin himself.
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i think right now our actions are being more on the sanctions piece but working to bring ukraine along in the way that the bill lays out in a very thoughtful manner. >> you just said that russia is disrupting ukraine's election. president obama lowered the bar for these tougher sanctions by entire sectors of the russian economy. he said originally it had been if they invaded. now he's saying if they meddle in the ukrainian elections. do you think that russia is meddling so much that the sectoral sanctions should be put in place? >> no question. i've been saying that for weeks. what we can do is hit four banks and it lays out which four banks we should hit. these are what are called second party sanctions. in other words, it's business that we do between ourselves and
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the institution. it would send a really strong signal to the russian economy but it's not something that implicates europe and i think right now we're hiding -- we're hiding behind europe as it relates to these sanctions. it's very evident that we're not really willing to lead on this issue. but yes, i think we should hit four banks, one or two of the energy companies, not the entire sectors but just to let putin know that there is a price to pay for the meddling that is taking place. the intimidation of the troops, plus what we know they are doing through black ops inside the country. no question is it destablizing the country. you're watching it on your television screen. and yet we're doing nothing, nothing to change their behavior. the sanctions that we've put in place are nothing more than tweaks. they are not things to effect how people inside russia feel about what is happening. as a matter of fact, putin's polls right now, because there's been almost no punishment, his
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poll numbers are better than they have been because people are proud of this nationalism that is taking place and so, look, i'm very disappointed but candidly, more than that, i'm very concerned. when you allow these types of activities to continue and continue and continue, there's an expectation that is there and when something different occurs, these are the kind of things that create major world wars. and so i'm very concerned about the fact that there doesn't seem to be a very clear communication about what expectations are. >> all right. senator bob corker of tennessee, thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up on "the lead," did defiant terrorist brags about the 200 girls that are hostages and says that he will sell them because allah wants him to. and should democrats or republicans be worried? our politics lead is coming up.
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welcome back to "the lead" in world news. the sickening new video by the militants in nigeria who not only confirmed but bragged about you a laughed about selling young girls as child brides for 12 bucks a piece. we are now learning that after the kidnapping, eric holder asked the u.s. intelligence agencies for the group responsible, boek boko haram means western he had kigs
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is sin. authorities say the group has received communication training from al qaeda affiliates in the middle east. cnn's isha sesay is live at the capital. this video is adding to the grief and frustration at this point. >> reporter: no doubt about that, jake. really creating a sense of despod despondency here. three weeks have passed and there's been a feeling until now the government has not put enough effort into that. the government says otherwise, they are doing the best they can. but to the people that we have spoken to here on the ground in nigeria, the sense is that the government is not doing enough and certainly not sharing enough
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operational detail about what they are doing. there had been these reports that the girls had been taken into the forest and that they have been married off to some of their abductors. none of that confirmed but to have the tape today in which the leader of boko haram says on tape, i have abducted your girls and will sell them off and allah says i should do this creates so much distress. i spoke to people here on the ground and there's a real sense of despondency. jake? >> does the tape offer any clues as to where the leader of this group is or where the girls might be? >> reporter: no. we only see the leader. we do not see the girls in the video. we had the nigerian president
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himself speaking on camera on this matter for the first time on sunday saying the nigerian government has no idea where these girls are. it has been three weeks now and they do not know, is what he admitted on television yesterday. and this tape does not provide any clues. there are so many rumors. you have to understand that the area where this took place is so remote and some of that terrain is so forested and secluded that they could be hiding in that area but, quite frankly, nobody knows and as a result, there are rumors that they are there and there are also rumors that they have been taken out of the country. we just don't know, jake. >> isha sesay, thank you so much. jay carney spoke out just a short while ago about this. >> this is an outrage and tragedy and we are doing what we can to assist the nigerian government to support its
1:20 pm
efforts to find and free the young women abducted. >> a u.s. official says that the united states is sharing intelligence with nigerian authorities but no one expected a covert rescue operation, at least not yet. there are no plans for troops to get involved. but are the u.s. and the rest of the world doing enough? joining me is an attorney who advocates on behalf of the u.s. policy. i wish you could be under different circumstances. >> me, too. >> we're told that the u.s. is going to offer intelligence help to the nye yenigerians. what else can be done? >> nigeria has had many attacks by the boko haram. now we're seeing such a brazen, brazen attack.
1:21 pm
we're talking about 276 girls. can you imagine if this happened in any other country? it's very distressing. >> initially, the nigerian government said, oh, they have been returned. three weeks ago they were kidnapped and they said they've been returned. this is something that they are obviously somewhat embarrassed about and there's been odd behavior by the first lady. what did she say, exactly? >> this is why the parents are speaking out. they have taken to twitter. they are using the international media because they don't have faith in the government. patience jonathan who is the first lady told the mothers that they needed to be quiet and they were bringing shame and embarrassment to nigeria. also, she had two of the leaders demanding that they do something, she had two of the leaders arrested. the people of nigeria, frankly, are losing confidence of their government and that's why
1:22 pm
they've taken to the media to say, no more. enough is enough. bring back our girls. >> and the president, goodluck jonathan, criticizes the parents for not cooperating with the police, for not sharing information. there's a good reason for that. explain why the parents are not sharing information, names, ages, and photographs? >> i certainly support the government and what they are doing. it's a little bit of blaming the victim, though. the parents are concerned, does that mean that the terrorists will kill their children? you're going to worry that any move that might hurt your child, you don't want to be involved in it. there has to be a way that nigeria uses its wealth and infrastructure rather than making them feel like they don't have a right to speak. >> lastly, there's a lot of people out there. this story has touched a lot of viewers out there. african stories often get ignored by the media and the public. what can people at home do?
1:23 pm
>> first of all, it's education. i think one of the most beautiful things that has happened is people are saying #bringbackourgirls. they are saying we need to talk about this. we need to intensify and make sure there's an investigation and make sure our own government is helping in any way that we can. it's catching fire. there's still more to do. >> nicole lee, thank you. we'll stay on top of it. you keep us honest. what is kim jong-un up to? it's not clear what is going on at a nuclear site because the north koreans are using their cloaking technology and by that i mean a tarp to conceal it. cnn has learned that spy satellite photos show that a tarp has been placed over the area. that means that they may be getting ready to conduct a test and it may be in the final
1:24 pm
stages or, maybe not. with north korea you always wonder are they preparing something or do they just want the u.s. to think that they are getti getting ready to hold something. his wife and alleged girlfriend breaking their silence. what are they saying about the disgraced owner? and it might be totally wrong. why officials are using the data that suggested that malaysian flight 370 ended in the indian ocean. what that means for finding the plane and the 239 people on board. let's see what you got? rv -- covered. why would you pay for a hotel? i never do. motorcycles -- check. atv.
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welcome back to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. the sports lead now. it's absurdist theater with 90 feet of with a backdrop. v. stiviano gave an interview with barbara walters. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> no, i don't believe it in my
1:29 pm
heart. >> have you heard him say derogatory things about minorities in general, blacks in particular? >> absolutely. >> did you follow that? i'm not sure i did. even murkier is the future of l.a. clippers. sterling is banned from the nba for-. will he fight to keep the team? mike wise is joining us. there are reports that donald sterling is shopping for lawyers. what do you think is next in this saga? >> my gut is that this is a person with a very litigious past and reports are that he's already conferred with the attorneys that represented paula deen in her suit after the fact that she said the "n" word in a deposition. that one wouldn't shock me. he's also spoke with a very
1:30 pm
prestigious law firm. i don't see the big law firms taking this because of the backlash. i think he will try to take whatever legal ramifications he can to prolong his ownership and i don't think it's going to work. >> let's assume that he is forced to sell the team. there have been a lot of big names bantied about. you are very plugged in to basketball circles. who is doing this for publicity? >> everybody seems to be banding about different names. you hear about this partnership between oprah and layrry elliso. magic johnson, even though he said earlier in a tweet that he's not interested in buying the club, people are saying that he might be reconsidering right now. he would make more sense than, say, the celebrities only
1:31 pm
because this is a guy who got together with the googenheim partners and he cleaned up a big mess when they incinerated the dodgers during his stewardship. so i could see a person like magic coming in there. i think it's up for grabs. i'm surprised that wolf blitzer has not put a team together. >> we should talk about that. the blitzer and tapper team. >> i'll put in $20. >> i'm good for another 15. this story did take another weird turn over the weekend. sports illustrated published ann dote from a profile of sterling. they wrote back in 2000 but sterling shortly after the topic of the 1988 nba draft donald sterling invited the player and
1:32 pm
his agent to talk contract in beverly hills. it was recounted to me how sterling lounged around in his robe with nothing underneath it. how much do nba insiders know about bizarre behavior? how much did they not report about sterling? >> when i was covering the nba for "the new york times" years ago, donald sterling called me out of the blue during the collective argue bargaining negotiations and i got that he was not only a hard line owner but just a bizarre guy. i didn't know it went to these kinds of levels. when i saw the anecdote that spiked it, it really gave me pause. i do think that in these cases everybody says, well, david stern knew this guy was in his league and crazy racist uncle donald has been around a long time. guess what, we as the media have to also be complicit in this as
1:33 pm
well. there was a public record ten years ago in which people talked about often that said essentially of the things he said about african-americans that rented from him and the fact that he didn't want him around. this was a guy practicing housing jim nation, which is the biggest modern form of segregation that everybody could practice and we didn't go after it until it affected the nba. the moment that everybody said imagine sdwr magic jo magic johnson, take her off the media, everybody went crazy. coming up, new cnn polls show that voters are going to send a message to the president in november. is it an opposition or show of support? that's next coming up in our politics lead. ♪
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sometimes i do feel disrespected by your reporters but that's okay. seattle sauk cornerback richard
1:38 pm
sherman is here and he gave me some great tips on how to handle it. jake tapper, don't you ever talk about me like that! i'm the best president in the game. >> welcome back to "the lead," the politics lead. that was, of course, the leader of the free world taking a shot at yours truly at the white house correspondents' dinner, thank you for letting me relive that moment in the control room. new cnn orc poll numbers released that show americans are not happy with president obama's performance. obama 43% of americans approve of the job that president obama is doing. i want to bring in dana bash and usa today washington bureau chief susan page. dana, how worried are you right
1:39 pm
now? >> very worried. these poll numbers are not good. i also don't think they are telling these -- these poll numbers are telling democrats anything they don't know. there's a reason why you are seeing them very, very specific in how they are trying to structure their midterm message, try to get the democrats that are still excited about the democratic policies, are still worried, from their perspective, a republican takeover of congress, get them angry and get them fired up. that's why this is a base election on both sides and even and especially among democrats. >> the most worried right now are the democrats, the democratic senators in purple states or red states. one of them, al franken, a senator from minnesota was on abc's "this week." listen to what he had to say. >> how difficult is it right now to run as a democrat in the sixth year of president obama's term? >> i'm very comfortable doing that. i think that the rollout was
1:40 pm
pretty disastrous. there was a little bit of a catch 22 there. you're not going to defend the state because you think you'd rather talk about something else. >> so that's al franken. it's tough for a democrat, even one who is running in basically what is a blue state. minnesota is very blue even though franken just barely won re-election. >> if you look at the poll out today, the disappointing news is that even though the unemployment rate dropped and even though a lot of the problems with the health care website have been addressed and they've got good numbers there on enrollment, it hasn't budged. attitudes towards the affordable care act, the president is in a weaker situation now than he was four years ago and that was not a midterm election. >> there's a slew of numbers asking republicans who they would vote for in the fall, the republicans or democrats. this looks very similar to 2010
1:41 pm
when the republicans recaptured the house. does this mean, do you think, dana, that democrats are due for a shallacking and that democrats are going to lose the senate? >> republicans are pretty confident that they are actually going to gain seats in the house. never mind, you know, democrats even coming close to gaining. democrats don't even any that that is true. when it comes to the senate, look, it's entirely possible, just as it was in the last election and the election before that, that we could be where we are and it looks like there is no question that republicans are going to lose -- take back the senate and then something happens. people put a foot in their mouth and there is a domino effect. that could p happen. >> what are you saying in terms of trying to predict what happens in november? >> things happen but what we show is that americans aren't inclined to vote for the congressional candidate by 4 percentage points which may not
1:42 pm
sound like a lot but it's bigger than we've seen in the last several decades. this sets up as a landscape that democrats need something big to shake that up, a big republican misstep, a big achievement by the white house to make it difference. >> there is no mitt romney saying that there is 47% of people wanting to live off the government. there's going to be a vote tomorrow in the senate on the keystone pipeline. what can we expect? >> we've learned something interesting. when harry reid, the senate majority leader announced last week that they were going to go forward and have a vote that effectively has congress going around approving the keystone pipeline, it was surprising because he's opposed to that. doing our reporting, we realized that the reason is that he set
1:43 pm
up a vote or a series of votes likely to fail but politically or at least -- but politically be a big success for those endangered democrats in the senate that we were just talking about. >> so vulnerable democrats in red states will get to vote for the pipeline? >> they will be on the record, vote for it, go home to their states and be able to push back against republicans who are saying you are not doing anything to help us up in washington particularly with this issue like keystone which is a big jobs issue and the reason we know this is because our ted baird has said there are three democrats that have effectively changed the votes and they are going to vote against it. >> susan, democrats thinking about not cooperating and not getting any members. why? >> i don't think americans are trans fixed by the benghazi situation. >> the republican base voters are. >> but the republican base voters are. the republicans will have a
1:44 pm
special committee and try to keep the story alive and then democrats will be free to say, hey, that's yesterday's story. let's talk about things like jobs and the economy. >> i should say that the democratic leadership in the house, they haven't fully said that they are not going to participate in the select committee because they are not entirely sure about the politics. >> dana bash, thank you so much. coming up, the flight 370 coordinator says they are still looking in the right place. so why is the data being questioned? plus, it's the most profitable toy company in the world but that's not enough for lego. why the toy company is setting its sights on world domination of another kind. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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welcome back to "the lead." a reboot for the flight 370 search without any new clues. the australian prime minister announced that they are moving forward with a new larger expanded search area. >> the operation must now enter
1:49 pm
a new phase and we'll be focused on intensifying the ocean floor search over a much larger area. >> cnn aviation correspondent rene marsh is here. they will meet later this week to work out the details of the new phase of the several. what else do we know? >> we know one major development from today. the data that they've been relying on for two months has led crews to the search zone. it will be reviewed again today to see if there are any flaws in their calculations. >> the operation must now enter a new phase. >> recalculate. >> all of the data that has been gathered and make sure that there's no flaws in it. >> reporter: and reorganize. >> the meetings will look at the same time as to what assets might be required. >> reporter: more than 300 search flights, over 3,000 flying hours, and at least 1.7
1:50 pm
million square miles of ocean off the coast of australia searched for flighting debris. that's like scanning the entire state of alaska three times. the underwater search of 154 square miles also found nothing. a giant operation back to the drawing board. >> one of the key elements of the next stage will be to undertake more detailed oceanographic mapping of the search area. much of this area has never been mapped. >> reporter: a major meeting today between australia, china, and malaysia. they will be use the bluefin-21 and more specialized sonar equipment likely from private companies that can dive deeper and withstand the pressure. these coffee cups were in the bluefin-21. the enormous pressure shrunk
1:51 pm
them during their three-mile dive. the search effort paused. "ocean shield" is docked to refuel and bluefin sitting on deck. both will return to search where pings thought to be from the black boxes were detected. >> i still believe the expert team in kuala lumpur has done, that is the best information we have. >> reporter: the next phase of the search could last a year and cost about $60 million. well, last week 11 people were arrested on suspicion they were involved in a militant group that is responsible for planning terror attacks in and outside of malaysia. the first question is, did they have anything to do with the disappearance of flight 370. malaysia says that at this point there is no connection. jake? >> rene marsh, thank you so much. coming up on "the lead," a toy of a child's past is back in a huge way.
1:52 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." legos toys and the theme parks, and maybe you've even seen the movie. it's grossed $500 million. it's been quite a journey for the plastic bricks that almost vanished a decade ago. lego is already the world's most popular toy manufacturer and may be poised for something even
1:57 pm
bigger. lego is seemingly everywhere. last night "the simpsons" had a 3-d generated lego springfield. lady gaga topped the lego artist to turn her torso into yellow bricks for her latest video. it all comes on the heels of a massive year for the danish toy maker and it is the most profitable toy company in the world. >> they got themselves into businesses they didn't understand. some of them might have been good for another company but they weren't good for lego. >> reporter: david robertson is
1:58 pm
a professor and author of "brick by brick." he says for years the success of lego was directly tied to toys based on two film franchises. "star wars" and harry potter". >> they are left with 94% of their product line, which is unprofitable, unpopular, and in some cases just not very lego-ee. >> they changed their focus. >> lego pays $3 per kilogram and sells it $75 per kilogram. so they are making lots of money on the boxes of bricks but the kids are buying the story, really. >> reporter: the company has expanded to create lego video games and has reached out to girls with more gender neutral ads and princess and disney
1:59 pm
products. >> hello. i am emmit. >> reporter: the sister company of cnn within time warner made the lego movie. >> we certainly hoped that what we were creating would be very appealing to families with children and what we found, i think, is that it has far surpassed and really engaged and entertained audiences we did not even imagine. >> it's been a monster hit and lego may have something even bigger in mind. >> it's not an accident that the week the movie came out there was more than a dozen different kits in the stores that kids could buy and play out within the movie. i really see lego as moving away from competing with mattel and competing with disney. >> competing with disney? lego executive michael mcnally doesn't go that far but he says
2:00 pm
that the company sees potential. >> the idea that we could have motion pictures is truly exciting for us. >> in other words, lego will keep turning those plastic bricks into cold, hard cash. so what's next? the "lego movie 2" is already in the works. i'll turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." wolf? jake, thanks very much. happening now, breaking news, ominous signs in north korea. u.s. satellites spot something suspicious. they believe north korea is getting ready for a nuclear test. and dennis rodman opens up. is he still in denial about human rights abuses? shocking terror video. the leader of a violent islamist group vows to sell more than 200 kidnapped school girls. so what is the u.s. doing to