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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  May 6, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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brick bring back our girls. protesters democrat murder be done to find hundreds of kidnapped girls as a militant leader vows to sell them. >> any country other fwho-- any who can help find these girls. we don't mind. they should help us. the clashes, growing casualties as ukraine inches closer to civil war. a long, protracted fight. the disgraced owner of the nba's los angeles clippers appears to be inching toward a legal brawl.
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and a changed man. the inmate who skipped out on 13 years of jail time walks free again. this time with a judge's approval. ♪ hello, great to have you with us. we would lake to welcome our viewers around the united states and the world trade center. i'm john vause. >> i'm rosemary church. this is "cnn newsroom." >> there's a market for selling humans. those words from the self-professed leader claiming responsibility for kidnapping more than 200 schoolgirls in nigeria. >> it happened in bonau state northeast. the fate of the girls are unknown. most if not all may not even number nigeria at this point. there's a small part of the near hour-long rambling video for the
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leader's rationale for the abduction. listen. >> the mass kidnapping has sparked global outrage along with protests in big cities including rallies for the girls on monday in washington, new york, and london. now early on in the drama, nigeria's government said most of the girls were rescued. in fact, only a small number have escaped. >> now increasing criticism over how they've handled the crisis. the government is imploring for international help. >> reporter: hundreds of young girls fasted asleep in their beds, awakened by the sound of gunfire. armed attackers have stormed
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their boarding school and set fire to dozens of buildings. nearly 300 are dragged from their dorm, loaded on to trucks, and carried away, deep interest the forest. amina is one of the lucky ones. she made a run for it and escaped. "we thought they were soldiers, and they asked us to board a vehicle which was headed toward damboa. may friends and i jumped and ran back home." authorities say this was another brazen attack by the group whose name means western education is forbidd forbidden. the group's aim, to establish islamic law. amnesty international says in just the first three months of this year, more than 1,500 people have died as a result of the insurgency in northeastern nigeria. 1,500. they've attacked churches, mosques, and markets. entire villages have been racse
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to the ground. this time, the targets were young girls. it's not the first time they've kidnapped young girls. in november, dozens were rescued during a raid by nigerian security services. some were pregnant, some had babies, and others forced into marrying their kidnappers. the campaign of terror is expanding. the same day the girls were kidnapped, the militants carried out an attack on a crowded bus station killing 71 people and wounding more than 130. what i see in addition to the shards of glass and hucnks of metal torn from the buses personal blngings. they're -- belongings. they're mixed with human blood and tissue. this is part of reality of everyday life here. this latest kidnapping has gripped the heart of the nation and exposed the inability of nigeria's government to protect its citizens.
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>> i'm a mother. it's shocking. the government won't make any official statement. awful we keep hearing are lies. they are not true. we need to hear the truth. >> reporter: close to three weeks later, no one can say exactly how many girls actually missing. authorities put the number at more than 220 but have said that could grow. officials have not released their names or photos, and the military has refused to share information about their rescue effort which they say is ongoing. fear for the girls' safety and anger at the government is growing. protests and rallies have been staged in several cities. meanwhile, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers wait helplessly not knowing where these girls are and if they'll ever come home. cnn.
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and nigeria's government could face more scrutiny at the economic forum. >> nigeria talked about that and the efforts to find these girls in an interview with richard quest. >> the plate of our girls is of -- is of the greatest concern to the government. and nobody can be more saddened than the people in government and nigerians as a whole. personally as a mother of four, i can't -- of which one is a daughter -- i can't begin to imagine what it means for the parents that their daughters are missing. this is what they have been living under for these past weeks. as the president explained last night, they've taken every lead that has been mentioned and tried to come both from airline survey and -- aerial survey and other means to find the girls. they haven't found them yet, but we're not giving up. >> that was nigeria's finance minister. we'll have much more on the
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search coming up later during a special edition of "cnn news center." we'll anchor that live, tonight, 7:30 in london. egypt's former military chief is not mincing words about his plans if he is elected president. in an interview broadcast on the egyptian satellite channel cbc, he vowed to finish off the muslim brotherhood. after mass protests, he deposed egypt's first democratically elected leader, a member of the brotherho brotherhood. egypt's election is set to take police in three weeks. at least six people have been wounded in a knife attack in southern china. state media say it happened in a railway station in the province. police say they shot one attacker. another is on the run. it's unclear what led to the attack.
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now the latest from ukraine. government forces are on the offensive against pro-russian militant. reuter is reporting -- militants. reuters is reporting more than 30 have been killed near the city. >> as russia warns of a humanitarian catastrophe in separatist-held cities surrounded by ukrainian troops, u.s., polish, and canadian paratroopers are conducting joint nato training in polled. >> our reporter entered the embattled city. here's his firsthand look at the fear and anger of both sides and the civilians now caught in the acrossfire. >> reporter: on the way in, we passed ukraine's army, edging closer to its center and were told to hurry on. just around the corner, pro-russian militants were clearly massing, ready.
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the green van driven by their best equipped nearby. this day the probing side of the others stopped and broke interest the chaos of open conflict. [ siren ] a procession of ambulances to the hospital. this man's wife shot in the head. he said whilst on their balcony. she died moments later. the random suffering and moments of loss in what's fast becoming a civil war. militants brought in, too. from the other side, ukraine said it lost four soldiers and a helicopter whose pilot survived. here, closer to the front line, they look for snipers. up close, the masked are less mysterious, more human in their fury. "they shoot at the people to blame it on us," one said.
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another saying they fought not the army but far right militants. urging us to film the toll on civilians. the people fear only worse could come. they showed how ukraine's army have the town encircled. he'll only negotiate if they withdraw and sleeps in his office under guard. he has one message for washington -- "to barack obama, i'd like to say the following," he said, "please stop supplying fighters with money and weapons with military forces and mercenaries like black water." rhetoric that feeds loathing, fermenting blood shed and the near is not the climax of recent unrest but the start of whole troubles new. cnn reporting. we turn to south korea now where rescuers are facing a
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tragedy involving one of their own as they search for dozens of people still missing in last month's ferry disaster. on tuesday, a civilian diver died after losing his underwater communication line. the death toll in the ferry disaster now stands at 263. 39 people are still missing. when we come back on "cnn newsroom," the often outrageous dennis rodman is back in the news. >> this time he has some surprising thing to say about one of his trips to north korea and when he saw there. and racist remarks got sterling to retire from the nba. coming up more on a lengthy legal battle. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® pore refining cleanser. alpha-hydroxy and exfoliating beads work to clean and tighten pores so they can look half their size. pores...shrink 'em down to size! [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanser. neutrogena®.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." sinn fein leader jerry adams
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says the four days he spent in -- custody changed him. >> he was questioned about a woman questioned to be a british informant. monday he sat down for an interview. >> i am innocent of any involvement whatsoever in any conspiracy or any of the events including the abduction, killing, or burial of mrs. jean mcconville, and incidentally, i went voluntarily to the p.s., and furthermore, had this began a matter of public speculation two months ago, i contacted the p.s. through my solicitor and said i was available. >> adam of released from custody on sunday. he was rushed out the back of the police station as loyalist protesters gathered at the
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front. >> you can watch the entire interview coming up later on "amanpour." the show replays at 6:00 this evening in hong kong. y'all find it only here at cnn -- you'll find it only here at cnn. analysts in the united states are wondering what's happening beneath a blue tarp at north korea's nuclear test site. the tarp is draped over a tunnel entrance adding to already heightened concern that the regime is about to conduct another underground test. it's not clear whether the tarp is there to conceal preparations for a test or if it's meant to deceive the u.s. into believing a test is imminent. >> it is extremely difficult to get reliable information about the north korean regime. the country's iron-fisted leader has only met face to face with one person, former nba star dennis rodman. now the basketball player is raising some questions about the reported execution of the dictator's uncle. brian todd has the details.
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this was really different -- >> reporter: far from being contrite, dennis rodman still glowing about the trip he made to north korea in january and the basketball exhibition he sta staged for kim jong-un's birthday. he was impressed with what he saw that night. >> i was amazed just to see the people crying. i mean, literally crying. >> reporter: some of the interview was videotaped, but in the more substantive portion, rodman wanted just the audio recorded. he said that king jong un's uncle was still alive when he was there. >> reporter: the interviews were skeptical, asking again if the uncle was alive. this despite report from north korea's own government news agency the previous month that
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kim had had his uncle executed for treason. other rodman revelations -- he said he paid the other former nba stars who accompanied him to north korea $30,000 to $35,000 each out of his own pocket. he said he's held kim's baby and portrayed the uneven volatile young dictator as something like a cruise director. >> jokes and [ bleep ]. >> yeah. [ speaking native language ] >> reporter: rodman admitted he was drunk for part of the time and went to rehab after returning from north korea. he is the only person to have personal, face-to-face meetings with kim jong-un. he says un wants to change that. >> he really wants to talk to obama. he says he can't say it enough.
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>> reporter: some are speculating he is planning another underground nuclear test. rodman says un only wants nuclear weapons to defend his country. rodman was not only apologetic for the regime but in denial over the human rights record. when asked about the hundred of thousands suffering in labor camps, his response, "which country does not have that?" brain tod brian todd, cnn, washington. north korea is firing back at its critics, namely the united states. the news agency pushed what it calls a news analysis on poor human rights records in the u.s. >> in this report, north korea calls the u.s. a living hell. it slams soaring housing prices. >> the report says u.s. citizens are impoverished and all movements are monitored by the government. it concludes the u.s. is the world's worst human rights abuser. >> another interesting point
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that the release made was that the president lives a luxurious lifestyle whilst the people live in poverty. >> something. >> yeah. okay. the nba acted swiftly it ban don ampd sterling for life. >> but getting him to sell the clippers could be a long, drawn-out battle. ahead, firefighters get the upper hand on those raging wildfires in the central united states. that could change. details after the break.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." should donald sterling be allowed to keep the l.a. clippers basketball team? a poll shows americans are divided. >> incredibly surprising.
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the league banned sterling for life after the comments that were made and recorded on line. we know this by now. the interesting thing -- opinions are split over whether he should be forced to sell the team. a cnn/orc poll of more than 1,000 americans, look, 47% believe he should have to divest his interests. but despite all of the outrage, all of the news coverage, everything which has been said about this, 50% don't think so. we should say that is within the poll's sampling era. if the other nba owners decide sterling does have to sell the clippers, the billionaire could fight back through the court. >> reporter: as the clippers launch into the second round of playoffs tonight, another court is warming up -- legal court. at center, embattled clippers owner donald sterling. >> the only limitation is a lawyer's korea test in terms of who to sue and how to sue to drag this out.
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>> reporter: playing defense says this attorney is sterling's first move after the nba banned him from the league for life. despite that harsh ban. mayor garcetti said he spoke with the billionaire who doesn't fully understand the effects of his now infamous remarks. >> i think he thinks he's going to be the owner for a long time. he wants to stay the owner. i said, this will be a long, protracted fight. >> reporter: in los angeles, sterling has a long history of civil court cases. potential players in this legal battle -- the nba. now that commissioner adam silver banned sterling, the league says it will begin a search for a new clippers ceo. >> his legal defense would be that by trying to force him out, that the league has violated the contract. >> reporter: it may not stop with the leak. there's also the nba owners. 3/4 of the current owners must agree to force sterling out. he could then sue them for
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unfairly ganging up on him. potentially the most powerful player in all of this -- his wife, shelly sterling. in a statement, mrs. sterling says of the commission's ban of her husband, "i fully supported his recent swift and decisive action. while it see-- action." while it seems to undermine her husband, don't be so quick to bench this player. >> in one sense, her interests are very much allained with donald. that is the one winning play for donald and his heirs which would include shelly would be making this litigation so protracted and complex that the court case outlives donald sterling. >> reporter: why? for the lucrative end game. avoid taxes on a force and rapid sale of the team. with sterling alive, a sale today means a potential tax on hundreds of millions in profit. as an inheritance, that tax shrinks significantly. it's why some lawyers believe
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the sterlings may even head to divorce court as straytegic move adding another -- strategic move adding another court. and in an interview with barbara walters, steviano says sterling is not a racist, but his word don't match what he feels. >> mr. sterling's right hand, arm, man. mr. sterling, i'm his everything. i'm his confidante, his best friend, his silly rabbit. >> is she a part of all of this legal maneuvering behind the scenes? >> somehow i'm skeptical that she's a real player in all of this. maybe there's a book deal or short-lived tv show in her future. i don't see this as a long-term play. resign donald sterling moving forward with his legal play reportedly calling major law
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firms. tmz says he's reached out to the lawyers that represented paula deen in the wake of her "n" word scandal. kyung lah, cnn, los angeles. in the midst of the controversy, the nba may be trying to make lemonade out of the lemons being served up. >> in the wake of the comments, the league is selling t-shirts that read "we are one." they come in serious sizes and versions, including one with the lakers' logo and one with the clippers' logo. the profits will go to anti-discrimination groups. authorities in oklahoma say the fire that hit the u.s. state was about 75% contained. that was on monday morning. they also say it is still posing a threat to about 150 homes. >> the wildfire started as a controlled burn, but it got out of control. it actually killed one person. about 1,000 others had to flee their homes. >> this isn't the only fire burning across the united states. right now, there's soaring temperatures as drought
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conditions out there is figuring this at the international weather center. >> very early start for us to take place. we're seeing conditions, historic temperatures in the next couple of days over much of the state of oklahoma. the last six months, across the state of alabama, the second driest period ever. we told you about the extreme conditions on the cusp of that. something worth noting, back to the fires, i read a statement from the usgs. there have been over 180 quakes to this region of magnitude 3-minute drive 0 or grater. two on average in the last 30 years. the usgs says there's a warning for a high loold across the state of oklahoma. look at the perspectives, some eight million people live in the areas of the red flag warning area. this region, if you're an international viewer, that's the
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size, extremely high winds, tropical force winds at 40 miles per hour. dry there in western oklahoma. one of the main areas to play concern. 556 active flames across the united states this hour. we know about 21 that are contained. the prospective across portions where the satellite imagery shows the smoke as seen from space with the expansive fires. the one we saw video of, 30 or more miles from oklahoma city. 75% contained, but that only means the fire is not going to expand on its own. with the gusty winds forecast, the population is roughly 10,000 people in the next couple of days. look at temperatures and forecast highs. record highs are set to be broken in areas. childress, texas, 100 fahrenheit, 10 in the shade. oklahoma city, 96 degrees, well
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above the average and a treating trend in the forecast in the midwestern u.s. cleveland, up to the 80s, chicago also warms to the 80s. yes, spring and quickly summer feels like it at least is around the corner here. >> yeah. back to the more than 500 active fires across the u.s. extraordina extraordi. nary. >> for the month of april. >> the extremes are becoming the norms. thanks. praying, crying, and torn apart. >> how a neighbor's testimony will affect oscar pivot' defense and what we can expect in court today. and sentenced served -- sentenced man relived.
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and a warm welcome back to
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viewers in the united states and all across the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm john vause. it's 3:30 on a tuesday morning on the east coast. time to check the headlines this hour. the self-professed leader of the islamic militant group is claiming responsibility for the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls in nigeria. he says he will sell the girls because allah told him to. in ukraine, deadly fighting continues in the eastern city. reuters is reporting that more than 30 pro-russian fighter have been killed. meanwhile, ukraine -- ukrainian officials have shut down the donesk airport. no word on when it will reopen. analysts in the united states are looking into the possible significance of a tarp that's been placed over a tunnel entrance at a north korean nuclear test site. they say the tarp could be hiding preparations for a new test or may be there to make the
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u.s. think that a test is imminent. day 27 of the oscar pistorius trial is now underway. after a grueling five days on the stand, the olympian and his defense team are trying to strengthen their account of the night reeva steenkamp was killed. lawyers called the first person who arrived at the scene to testify pistorius begged steenkamp to stay alive. >> his commitment to save the young lady's life. when he put his finger in his mouth and tried to keep the airway open to breathe. how he begged author stay with him. how he begged her to keep her
12:33 am
alive. no. i saw the truth that morning. i saw it. and i feel it. >> testimony there from yesterday. let's go to cnn legal analyst kelly phillips live at the courthouse in pretoria. kelly, how strong was that testimony yesterday? the first witness to arrive at the scene right after the shooting of reeva steenkamp, and tell help pistorius recover from the fallout of his really tough cross-examination? >> reporter: we know that the purpose of the rest of the defense's case is essentially to lay out a context in which to understand and construe mr. pistorius' testimony and his
12:34 am
version of events. certainly yesterday's testimony corroborates it in a fundamental way the aspects of pistorius' testimony that related to the aftermath of the killing. it does lead to a sense of consistency in that version of events between the evidence being placed on the record and that you got a sense in court yesterday that the defense was picking up momentum again. the prosecution had vigorously cross-examined witnesses before the break. yesterday, the witnesses were originally state witnesses so the defense had not had access to them during the trial up until the state raced to this case. and hearing that was familiar with the testimony of these witnesses. and that left him fewer gaps and fewer opportunities to exploit in cross-examination. and therefore, you saw a subdued hare nell in -- harry nel in
12:35 am
court. the defense will continue to put forward their witnesses. and each one of these witnesses will essentially be playing the purpose of trying to corroborate and strengthen and lend an air of believability to pistorius' fundamental story. they asked key people we hadn't heard from. we know we'll hear from further neighbors pertaining to the screaming evidence. we're expecting further expert witnesses, particular leforensic and ballistic analysts. we will also hear crucially from a psychologist which will be critical to the charge of culpable homicide. >> all right. cnn legal expert kelly phelps joining us live from the front of the courthouse in pretoria. many thanks to you. john? ♪ the self-professed leader of the terror group has claimed
12:36 am
responsibility for kidnapping more than 200 nigerian schoolgirls. nigeria's government is asking for help to track them down. cnn has learned the u.s. is sharing intelligence with nigeria. the white house secretary talked about it on monday. >> this is an outrage, and we're doing what we are to assist the nigerian government to support its efforts to find and free the young women who were abducted. >> the mass kidnapping has sparked a global social media campaign. #bringbackourgirls is appearing all over twitter. there are prominent names and faces urging action to ensure the girls are returned safely. >> reporter: nigerians are finally achieving exactly what they hoped. the hash tag #bringbackourgirls campaign has become a global phenomenon. visualizes twitter chatter. as you see, #bringbackourgirls
12:37 am
isn't just a topic of conversation in nigeria. from america to australia, the missing nigerian girls are the topic in the world's social sphere. hillary clinton used the hashing too tweet this message -- #accesstoeducation is a basic right and unconscionable reason to target innocent girls. we must stand up to terrorism. the tweet generating the most attention is this black and white photo from malala declaring "solidarity with nigerians and people everywhere, calling for action to bring back our girls." now petitions are gaining momentum on line. an appeal on white has more than 13,000 signatures and a has more than 250,000. nigerians were originally tweeting messages of hopes and prayers. now their tweets are increasingly complicate of the
12:38 am
government's handling of the situation. and they're already saying this will change in votes in the 2015 elections. joy from nigeria tweets, "no one who turns a deaf ear to the clarion call to bring back our girls is worth your vote come 2015." samuel burke, cnn, new york. are you participating in the #bringbackourgirls campaign? we aimed like you to share your thoughts, videos, and phonies onem with. you can also see photos that other people from all around the world are sharing on this really sad tragic story. south sudan is being threatened with sanctions from the u.s. as bloody clashes erupt between rebels and government troops. the punishment would involve a travel ban placed on leaders from both sides. financial assets would also be frozen. it comes as a violent tug-of-war
12:39 am
takes place for control of an oil-rich town. john kerry was urging both sides to the negotiating table days before the fighting broke out. south africans will vote on wednesday this their first national election since mandela man's death. he was the first democratically elected president. the incumbent, jacob zuma, is widely expected to win even though there's growing frustration with the running party. >> reporter: she says she was born for this -- [ all talking at once ] >> reporter: she shares her last name with south africa's president, jacob zuma, although they're not related. she came into the world on the east eve of the first political election. she says, "there's water and fad thanks to the anc."
12:40 am
in the heels of her birth and shadow of his homestead. in the city, there's a political lightning rod. after the state watchdog agency alleged more than 20 million dollars of taxpayer money was misused and improvements to the sporting checks. he denied any wrongdoing. here away from the public speculation, education and denials matter very litch its letter remain strong. >> the perks of a ruler." rip while the polls show zuma is expected to carry around 60% of the vote in cities, discontent is growing. >> many people are beginning to understand that the struggle today is not the same as the
12:41 am
struggle yesterday. >> reporter: this is a letter of the democratic at louparty. in the first election after nelson mandela's death he says identifying with young voters is more kroeshl than ever. >> i think that's a jingzal say what is a great pity now is only a few have registered to vote. it becomes hard. >> reporter: paul will also miss out on wednesday's many are born without birth certificates and are unable to register. "i'm very upset, i want to vote. when i go to the government office they tell amendment to come bought, back. >> reporter: so, too, a strong connection to its political past.
12:42 am
rob robin kernau, south africa. ahead, he was convicted of a serious crime but never asked to report to jail. this young man had been taken into custody. he'd been a model season for all these years. find on out life, that's coming up next. plus, one of these mice is young, the other is sold -- the day we rescued riley, was a truly amazing day. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at
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an equipment malfunction is being blamed for injuries during a circus performance in the u.s. state of rhode island. you are about to see what went wrong on sunday. first, of course, a warning -- some viewers may find the video disturbing. the accident happened while the circus troupe was performing its act called "the human
12:45 am
chandelier." authorities say a steel clamp failed and sent them all plunging to the ground. nine performers were injured along with two other people. >> this is incredible, this next story. he was sentenced to 13 years in prison back in 1999. there was an error. he never went to prison. nerve served his time. -- never served his time. >> when authorities realized the mistake, cornelius mike anderson was arrested. the judge assessed anderson was a changed man and decided to release him again. russell kinsel has the full story. >> reporter: when mike anderson came to court to argue for his freedom, he didn't know if he would have to finish his 13-year sentence or get to go home. >> had no idea. i was believing by faith. praying he'll be right. i don't have words. i don't have words. to have my son walk out, come home. it means the world to me. >> reporter: it was 1999 when anderson and a cousin robbed a burger king in st. charles.
12:46 am
he was sentenced to 13 years but released while he appeared. because of a clerical error was never told where and when to report to prison. for the next 13 years, he married, became a fourth of four, coached at youth football and went to church. when the state discovereded the error, they locked him up. >> thinking about my family. >> he would never acclimate. that was one of the things he didn't do. he didn't socialize, he stayed in his room. he went to church services. he refused to become part of the system. >> reporter: in court the judge said keeping anderson locked up would be a waste of tax dollars and punishing a good man. the judge applied the 13 years he was free as time served and told him to go home to his family. >> i believe this teaches us that justice can be swift, justice can be harsh, but just ask also be merciful. >> thank you for everyone who signed the petition. all the support. >> give that judge a prize for
12:47 am
having common sense. decent thing to do. >> worked out well. not surprisingly, anderson's wives she's pretty happy that her husband is book home. >> yeah. good story. a surge in polio cases on three continents has the world health organization declaring an international health emergency. >> the who says three countries have allowed the virus to spread. those countries, pakistan, cameroon, and syria. it's urging that anyone that travels outside those countries be vaccinated before leaving. and they carry proof of vaccination. >> country with people infected with the virus but that are not currently spreading it include afghanistan, dorel guinea, iraq, israel, somalia, and nigeria. relief in sight for you. scientists at harvard and stanford universities may have found a way to reverse aging. >> why are you looking at me? when old lab rats got blood from younger rats, they tended to do a little better on those
12:48 am
age-related tests. but be warned, libya c -- elizan says there could be side effects. they're calling it the vampire therapy. >> reporter: the studies out of harvard and stanford are fascinating. in one of them, they actually sewed together an older mouse with a younger mouse so they shared blood. guess what ended up happening -- the older mouse got stronger it. had a better memory as they could see when they ran it through mazes. the mouse could spend more time on the treadmill. they're not sure where the young blood helped out the older mice but think it might be a protein called gdf-11. it helps promote new cell growth. now i want to say something, and i can't emphasize this enough. this is a great day to be a mouse. this may mean absolutely nothing for human beings. it may be that when they try this, if they try this in humans, that it won't work or do
12:49 am
anything. if may be that if they tried this in human beings, it would cause terrible side effects. this may never happen in human beings. if it did work, could maybe would stave off thing like alzheimer's disease, muscle wasting, all the things we associate with aging. back to you. >> two questions. i'm not too sure being sewn to another mouse makes it a great day to be another mouse. want what to the young mouse? >> because of the intersection, of the young -- yeah, okay. not something -- do you want to follow for -- >> no, thank you. starting today, it is legal to grow, sell, and consume marijuana in uruguay. yoohoo. they approved it on december, as of tuesday, light 'em up if you've got them. >> there are rules. you'll be happy to know a single
12:50 am
household can grow six plants and produce 480 grams per year. the proposed price starts at two pesos per graham. the law does not give foreigners the rate to smoke or buy the drug. >> you said minimum of 400, it's maximum. >> really? >> yes. just -- >> what am i thinking? >> fyi, there's no legal minimum. >> lucky you're here. >> yes, indeed. coming up, baloney was this hot air we were having. when a palestinian kaulz the rrmt d-- and more. knockout scenery. tasty shrimp on the barbie. beautiful beaches, some say it's a magical oz. the world's happiest nation ahead.
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politicians sometimes drone on and on, speaking words but not saying a whole lot. >> one candidate for state office in the u.s. took offense when a reporter summarized in an interview, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. jeanne moos has more. >> reporter: if you think the news is a bunch of blah, blah, blah, in this case, you're right. >> i called you out for putting blah, blah, blah, blah, blah on your notepad. >> reporter: five republican candidates for senate were being interviewed by the oregon paper. the only candidate not actually present, ask oray pe -- joray p, was on the phone. and when they got a rambling answer, he got nabbed by another candidate. >> you know what i'm talking about, disrespect. you wrote down blah, blah, blah, blah, blah for everything that joray said. she's a respectable woman.
12:53 am
>> reporter: whether you prefer to say blah, blah, blah, or yadda, yadda, yadda. >> we went back to my place, yadda, yadda, yadda, never heard from him again. >> it's fun not putting down blah, blah, blah. >> the interviews moved on. >> climate change. myth or real senility. >> it's a myth. >> where are you on the easter bun? >> reporter: that's when the climate really changed and candidate mark callahan started quoting "a few good men." >> are these really the questions i was called to answer. >> reporter: the newspaper's editor warned the candidate they might ask him to leave. >> that's two strikes. >> who do you think you are? >> okay, you may leave now go ahead. >> reporter: the newspaper's editor didn't think his reporter's blah, blah, blah was disrespectful. but he did think the easter bunny crack went a little too far. >> i do turn to nigel when i
12:54 am
say, now, that was disrespectful. as a reporter, how often have you listened to an elected official or candidate for office who said something that is completely vapid and you have said to yourself, not to him, blah, blah, blah? >> reporter: there was nothing boring about how this blah, blah, blah blowup ended. >> against literals like yourself, there's the door. >> i have better things to tdo with my time. >> clearly. >> reporter: the moral, it may be better to sing it than right it down -- >> you wrote down blah, blah, blah. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> not a happy man. maybe he should look to the happiest nation for happiness. good segue. he should look down under. >> that's it. that's where we come from. we should be there according to a new survey. australia is the world's
12:55 am
happiest industrialized nation for the fourth straight year. taking the top spot in the better life index from the organization for economic cooperation and development. >> reporter: number two, norway. above average ratings in the criteria deemed essential for a good life. >> sweden is number three and the top performer in environmental equality. number four is denmark which has the best work life balance. and canada rounds out the top five according to the oecdc survey. the rest of the top ten includes switzerland, the u.s., finland, the netherlands, and there we have new zealand at number ten. >> all the places to live if you wanted to be happy. yeah. a threat of increasing weather with jim, what's going on? >> reporter: i got that last statement, it deficit makes sense with australia. a little bit.
12:56 am
we'll touch on the severe weather across western europe. thunderstorms rolling through, portion east of paris. the morning rush hour, rough across paris several years ago. they have history minneapol-- le perspective in bavaria. this of the scene the last couple of days. spring bliss, temperatures into the 20s. sunny skies even across the north of france out there on the coast of the english channel. sunny skies, temperatures about 60 fin 60 degrees fahrenheit. changes in the forecast, again, still in the transitional period trying to climb up into the storm system, the one with severe weather in the forecast, wants to -- the possibility of large rail, heavy tornadoes, three reports of funnel clouds across france in the coming together. something to watch for you over the next couple of days. any time i talk about tornadoes,
12:57 am
people are at least of europe. it number of twisters in this portion of the world. from 2000 to 2012, we've had some 4,000 reports of tornadoes across europe. really every corner of the continent has been covered by tornadoes. the vast majority indicated in the green being the f0 to f1 scale. we had one fas several years ago. it has storms for the next few hours. want to talk about the meteor showers that are taking place. go out now if you're in the united states to sun its rise the -- debris of how he's comid rolls every spring and hally's comity itself viewable every 96 years. nafttown is are is the last -- it's the last time he will be retired on a beach. >> something for a young mouse. >> that will save you. >> thanks. and thanks for watching "cnn
12:58 am
newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm john vause. it's "world business add to."
12:59 am
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happening now, al qaeda-linked terrorists threatening to sell hundreds of kidnapped girls. the threats made in a terrifying, new video. now the fbi offering to help bring these girls back. we are live in nigeria with the latest this morning. unrest in ukraine intensifies this hour as the death toll rises in bloody fights between soldiers and pro-russian protesters, this as diplomats from ukraine and russia prepare to meet in vienna. is civil war imminent or can this crisis be solved? we're live on the ground with what's happening right now. and the show must go on. ringling brother