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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  May 7, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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terror in nigeria. more young girls kidnapped and threatened to be sold to the highest bidder. hundreds of children abducted and the desperate search to bring them back continues. we are live in nigeria with the latest. >> deadly fights in the streets between soldiers and pro-russian
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protesters. the country moves further into chaos. we are live in ukraine with what's happening right now. also this morning, a new phase beginning in the search for missing malaysian airline 370. what comes next in the hunt for the missing jet liner? we go live to malaysia with the latest developments on that. welcome to "early start." i'm poppy harlow. >> it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. we begin in nigeria. a group of armed terrorists abducting at least eight more girls. they try to track down more than 200 girls kidnapped from their school and held for weeks. president obama insisting bow c coe ha ram must be stopped. >> i can't imagine what the
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families are going through. this is one of the worst terrorist organizations in the world. we have long sought to work with nigeria on working with them. we are going to do whatever we can to assist them in recovering these young women. >> the u.s. is sending in a team of military law enforcement experts. is it enough three weeks after the girls were kidnapped. vladimir, have you seen any sort of evidence on the ground there's a move to find these girls? >> reporter: we have heard from the military and they have said that they are on a search and rescue mission to bring them home. you heard president obama say in that soundbyte that he can't imagine what parents must be going through. we had an opportunity to speak to parents of two young girls who were taken during that abduction on the 14th when armed
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attackers stormed their dormitory while they were sleeping. the pain and suffering they are going through is something you or i should never have to imagine. when it came to the question whether or not there was an effort by the military to find these 200 girls, here is what the father told us. >> when i'm hearing this over the media even, it provokes me. the federal government or the rulers are playing with we parents. they are looking at us as we are fools. military went into the bush to rescue our daughters we would have to see them. >> reporter: he says he hasn't seen anything. he told me, he and the villagers in his neighborhood have gone into the bush themselves, armed with bows and arrows.
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that's all they have to rescue, in any way they can, these young girls that have been taken. >> when you think about this, these young girls are going to be sold as child brides or used as sex slaves. the men who took them, the militants, they are traveling in huge convoys. why isn't there air reconnaissance? >> reporter: it's a good question. the military has, for the most part, remained silent on this. they haven't done a lot of press conferences, in fact, they haven't done anything. in fact, what they did, they kicked it back to the local government saying these are the guys we should be talking to to find updates. when we talk to the parents, when we talk to other parents, so far, they have seen nothing, nothing at all to let them believe there is any kind of
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military. they have been left behind. they feel neglected. >> incredible what the parents are going through. one called it a medieval slavery. you have to wonder what it does to nigeria and their sense of identity given they are one of the most populous nations in africa. >> reporter: we are in the midst of the world in africa. the economy has become the largest in africa. they want to be seen as a leader on the world stage. they want to be part of the u.n. security council. with issues like this, boko haram is responsible for killing 1500 people in this country in the first three months alone. anywhere else, that country would be at a standstill. not like that in nigeria. >> thank you so much. we'll check in later, thanks.
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in ukraine, a new plea from some joining the fight. some leaders are begging volunteers to form their own militias. as they battle separatists in the east. the acting president appointed a new army leader and fired the person in charge in odessa. we are live in odessa. at this hour, the situation is really escalating, especially in the city. what's the latest? >> reporter: these are the latest reports from the fighting east of here. what we have heard, according to a spokesman of the pro-russian side is there's been fighting on the outskirts of the city. ukraine forces attacked the barricade there. the council center they had taken over in the center of the city, the pro-russian camp
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abandoned. they are reporting five of their members were killed, another 15 detained. we are still trying to confirm those numbers with the government in kiev. they have not made comment available yet. we are hoping to get a statement later today. it would appear this is part of the ukrainian government push to regain control of key cities east in the country, especially before the may 25th election. that, of course, is the key date they are trying to gear up for. this violence has been ongoing for the last few days as they try to regain control. we'll try to get you the latest from the government as soon as we get it. >> nato secretary general saying, quote, today we are facing the gravest crisis since the end of the cold war. you have pro-russian insurgents in ukraine planning to hold a referendum for the eastern region of the country on sunday. what is the latest on that?
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does it look like it's going to go forward? >> reporter: depends on who you ask. on the eastern side, they say yes, they are going ahead with it. the ukraine government says any referendum is illegitimate and won't be recognized. what is frightening people is not only that it's happening across the southeastern side is the violence in odessa as well. it's on the western side of the russian border. the fact you are seeing tremendous violence just a few days ago and gearing up for victory day on friday. that is where they are fearful tensions will be flairing again. >> not long ago, we were talking about crimea and now fears in the east, now we are talking west. you can see how it is spiraling. appreciate you reporting live for us this morning. we are getting a look this morning at what americans think
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about flight 370 missing now for nearly two months. a new cnn poll thinks most americans think by a 2-1 margin the search for the plane should continue. they are split on whether they are looking in the right place. 51% think it's in the search zone, 46% think it's not. they don't think anyone on board is still alive. 52% think the public will find out what happened to the plane. 66% say it's likely it was the actions of the pilot or crew that caused flight 370 to go missing. >> for the families with loved ones on the plane, every day without answers is agony. they don't have answers about what really happened. danica weeks' husband was on board. she wants closure. >> there's so much conjecture
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and so much media reporting. this report has come out, it's contradicting statements. the malaysian authorities they made in the early days. i've just, i can't allow myself to think about what might have happened. we, as families, it's harrowing. this is 59 days. i still have no idea what happened to paul. >> absolute anguish. they want answers. no one answered the questions about what happened to this plane. officials from malaysia, australia and china are gathering today to go over what they do know and plan out the steps in the search, what is next. we will be live in kuala lumpur. they are having a big meeting today or perhaps it is concluded to talk about what can be done at this point.
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what do you know? >> reporter: poppy, we know this is really, this group going over all the satellite data one more time is a who's who as far as the top experts in the world from australia, united kingdom and the united states. all these experts working behind closed doors going over everything they know about the disappearance of the plane, doing calculations once again, perhaps simulations, trying to make sure they believe their best educated guess places mh 370 in this part of the indian ocean. they are planning on a massive, massive underwater search. to give you a sense of how time consuming it will be, the bluefin 21 covered less than 300 miles in the search so far. the ship that carries the
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bluefin-21 is in western australia getting maintenance work. it's going to need a lot of back up, poppy. in addition to reanalyzing the data, a lot of the meetings is to decide what technology they are going to bring in to better assist the bluefin. these are submersible devices, towed behind ships, perhaps vessels on the ship themselves that can scan the floor. this is nearly three miles deep. a huge task ahead that could take up to a year and cost $60 million. >> now, the ocean field and the bluefin-21 is at port, it is not searching. no devices are searching right now, just adding more pain to the family that is want answers. we appreciate the update, thank you, will. >> monica lewinsky breaking her
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silence after more than a decade. what she has to say about her affair with then president, bill clinton. breaking news overnight, a north carolina election putting an american idol one step closer to possibly being a congressman. new video of a teenager who stowed away in a plane wheel well. all that on the other side. listen up, thunder dragons, it's time to get a hotel. hey, razor. check this out. we can save big on killer hotels with priceline express deals. somewhere with a fitness center? hey you know what man, these guys aint no dragons. they're cool. these deals are legit. yeah, we're cool. she's cool. we're cool. i'm cool. hey, isn't that razor's old lady? not anymore. priceline savings without the bidding.
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monica lewinsky says it is time to bury the blue dress. the former white house intern breaking her silence ability her affair with president bill clinton calling it consensual. she deeply regrets what happened. she regrets the label hillary clinton gave her, narcissistic looney tune but understands the reaction. as for why she's speaking out now, it was time to stop tiptoeing around her past and
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finally take back her own narrative. in north carolina, cnn projects the republican candidate held off a tea party challenger. speaker of the house, tom tillis will avoid a run off. he will face kay hagen in the fall. clay aiken, right now, his democratic primary for congress, well, believe it or not, it is too close to call with aiken leading the closest challenger by 400 votes. itis not clear if the vote will be subject to a recount. new details on what may have been going on inside the administration of governor chris christie. a former aid witnessed suspicious activity. she worked directly for bridgette ann kelly. christie's deputy of staff is
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kelly who sent that famous e-mail calling for quote, traffic problems in ft. lee. she's described as erratic. she doubts kelly ordered the shoutdown of lanes on the george washington bridge. a troubling incident that led to a white house shutdown. access was shut down after a car followed a motorcade carrying the president's daughters through the white house gates. the 55-year-old driver holds a pass for the treasury building next door. he was stopped at a check point. he's charged with unlawful entry and due in court this afternoon. we are getting a first look this morning at security footage of a 15-year-old stow away in the wheel well of a 757. the video shows the boy lowering himself to the ground and shakily walking to the front of the plane.
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the teen, probably survived a 5 1/2 hour flight from california to hawaii despite little oxygen and subzero temperatures. he's back in san jose where he could face trespassing charges. the government of brunei including death by stoning for anyone who commits adultery or sodomy. many celebrities are boycotting the famous hotel and some demonstrated outside, including jaylen know. >> not a political issue. this is not something that is debatable, it's people being stoned to death. hello. >> other events including a fund-raiser for women's rights has been moved from the venue. the ceo of the company says the anger is misplaced. this will hurt the employees in the hotel, not brunei.
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happening now in oklahoma, wildfires racing through the state. warnings are up for a huge area west of oklahoma city as dry ground and dry air spark places. the biggest worry is woodward
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where hundreds of homes had to be evacuated. at least one home has been destroyed. >> chad myers is tracking that threat and the rest of your weather. >> good morning. a pleasant day in the northeast. partly cloudy skies. you are in the cool here. the hot air is through the deep south. temperatures in the 80s and some spots 90s here. severe weather through the plains. more like a hail and wind event than tornadoes. martin savidge is out there watching those storms. a severe fire threat, extreme fire danger out here in the southwest. oklahoma, texas, kansas, because of the wind and the very dry air. places like woodward, oklahoma, yesterday, had fire around it. it was 100 degrees. the relative humidity was 5% and the winds were gusting at almost 40 miles per hour. rains in the valley's and mountain shows out here in the northwest. here we go for temperatures today. cloudy across the northeast, a
1:25 am
few showers. 68 d.c. and 69 new york city. 82, see that warm air to the north, 89 in kansas city and dallas. the red is where the fire danger will be, again. tomorrow, severe weather. a larger area from minnesota back down to texas. i think the bulk is probably somewhere from iowa to kansas, missouri and oklahoma. we'll see. it extends to the north and the south with mountain snows to the west. 83 chicago. 75 for kansas city as the front cools that area down. 79 in dallas tomorrow. again, a few more showers there at 85 in memphis. 67 in l.a. a pleasant 65 in san francisco. enjoy your day. >> thank you, chad. happening now, a desperate search to find hundreds of kidnapped girls in nigeria. armed terrorists are threatening to sell these girls on the market as child brides or sex
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slaves. the white house is getting involved with that, live, next. dog: get four years interest-free financing
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girls for sale. armed terrorists kidnapping more children in nigeria, promising, threatening to sell them to the highest bidder. this morning, outrage and a push to bring the girls home. how the u.s. is getting involved and what's happening on the ground right now. we are live. ukraine sliding closer to civil war this morning.
1:30 am
pro-russian demonstrators near the battlefield. we'll take you live to ukraine with the latest on that. happening now, the search for missing malaysian airline flight 370. after weeks of mounting questions, investigators are taking a fresh look at finding the vanished jet liner. we are live in malaysia with the latest this morning. welcome back to "early start." >> it is 30 minutes past 4:00 a.m. on the east coast. let's turn to nigeria. the desperate search for 200 missing girls. now comes word of a group of armed terrorists that abducted at least eight more girls. boko haram insists women should not be educated. president obama is calling what happened awful. as a father, he can understand
1:31 am
the pain they are going through and the u.s. will do everything they can to help. >> we are sending in a team made up of our military and law enforcement and other expects and we are glad that nigeria accepted the help. >> vladimir has been following the story for us. you had a rare opportunity to speak with a father whose two daughters have been abducted. what is he saying about the effort, the fight to get his children back? >> reporter: yeah, poppy, it was a heart breaking interview with a range of emotions. father and the mother who agreed to speak with us because they say that they feel neglected by their own government. they feel as if their military is not doing anything to bring home these girls abducted in the middle of the night more than three weeks ago by arm ed group
1:32 am
called boko haram. he didn't see a significant military force on the ground. he turned to sadness when he talked about the range of emotions they are going through. take a listen. >> life is very dangerous right now. since april 14th, to date, we don't sleep at home. in the evening, right from 6:00, you see the people come into the town. around 5:00, 6:00, people disappear to the bush because there is no security. there is no security. we sleep in the bush with all our little ones. >> reporter: poppy, you can see, not only your children go missing in the middle of the night and there's nothing you can do to bring them home. you are not even able to sleep
1:33 am
in your own bed. you are sleeping in the bush. they told me when they hear commotion in the outdoors and sometimes they hear gunfire, the entire town runs into the bush. that's where they sleep for the night. something we cannot imagine. >> it seems, it's clear there's a mounting global pressure on nigeria. the u.s. is speaking out about it. senator susan collins telling cnn more can be done by this administration. she wants forces deployed. the united states is not sending troops. do we know, clearly, what sort of help nigeria has accepted by the united states? there's a lot of back and forth on that on how much help they are accepting from the u.s. on this. >> reporter: right. well, we spoke to two senior administration officials here in
1:34 am
nigeria. they said the president is ready and willing to accept any kind of aid the united states is going to provide. president obama said that is going to happen. for the first time in a long time, poppy, the nigerian government realizes it is a problem too big for them to tackle alone. that's why they are reaching out. >> do we know what that aid is, what the u.s. is doing? >> reporter: we don't. there have not been specifics that have been made public to us and the nigerian government is not saying what the united states will be doing. from my experience reporting here over the last two and a half years, they conduct joint exercises on a regular basis. we have attended a couple of them. we assume there might be a side that works that way. >> good perspective to have. appreciate the report this morning, thanks so much. now, to ukraine where the
1:35 am
fighting left at least five pro-russian acceseparatists dea. none were ready or willing to give in. the military cannot handle this alone. they are calling on volunteers to perform their own self-defense militias. we are live in odessa with the latest. when you look at what's going on here, the pro-russian forces looking to separate the cities that give access to the black sea. >> reporter: exactly. all up and down that eastern border with russia is exactly where we are seeing those flash points. even so, a city like odessa, where i am today, saw a surge in violence where dozens of people were killed because they were trapped inside a building where prorussian and proukrainian groups clash. there are fears it could get
1:36 am
worse. this is a port city 500 kilometers east of the black sea. there, we heard government forces tried to retake control of the city center. we have a crew that's there at the moment. they said when they first got there, they saw the ukrainian flag up at the city council center. since then, it appears that the flag has been taken down by pro-russian groups and it's not clear exactly what the police are doing. so, this is the kind of fluid situation that's happening in a lot of cities in eastern ukraine. at the moment, in mariupol. >> the activists are refusing to accept the authority of kiev. is this a move by russian vladimir putin to put off or disrupt this vote, the presidential vote that's expected in a couple of weeks?
1:37 am
>> reporter: we have been hearing indications of that have lavrov who said these are not the conditions for an election to go ahead. some diplomats are preparing the ground work to say any election held in ukraine will be legitimate. from ukraine's point of view, they need to get control over the cities to go ahead with a vote. that is critical for the government in kiev. at this point, everything is so fluid on the ground. it's hard to say if it will go ahead at this point. in places like this, literally, by the minute, it is switching from one side to the next whether or not pro-ukrainian forces have control of the government center or pro-russian groups. with this fluidity, it's hard to have a vote. >> you can't have a vote that is legitimate if only half is voting. thank you. now, the search for missing
1:38 am
flight 370. we have a new sense of what americans think about the investigation and what may have happened to the jet. a new cnn poll finds most persons support having the search continue. 69%. only half believe the plane is in the part of the indian ocean where crews are searching. 46% believe it might be someplace else. a vast majority believe no one on board survived. more than half of americans believe we won't know what happened. 52% of those polls think the truth will eventually come out. as for who was responsible for the plane's disappearance, 66% say actions of the pilot or crew that are to blame. >> it's been nearly two months since the jet went missing. families are saying it's harder and harder to make sense of it. danica's husband was on board. she says the hardest part is
1:39 am
trying to explain it to her young son. >> how do you explain to a 31/2-year-old that his father is not coming back, he can't. he cries every day for him. he knows he's missing from his life. paul was a very hands on father. he can't get the concept that daddy isn't coming back. that's just gotten harder and harder for me. this is, you know, for the families, every day, things are hard to do. my mother has been looking after us all at 59 days. i'm not capable to do the smallest of things. >> the families are not the only one that is want to know what happened. search crews turned up no wreckage yet. top officials gathered today to go over all the data once again, line by line, to make sure they are looking in the right place.
1:40 am
we have live in kuala lumpur. will, what is next? do they think there's something in the information they have that perhaps they overlooked? >> reporter: well, they certainly are going to take a close look at that. tomorrow, if you can believe it is the official two month anniversary of the plane disappearing. in some ways, it seems like it's flown by, in other cases it seems like it's been a decade. think of the families some in kuala lumpur, some in australia and some in china. they are in a pergatory because they do not know. it's making the work that's happening in australia so important right now. we have a team of experts, an international team going over all the data, once again, to make sure they are looking in
1:41 am
the right place. this is a who's who list of top aviation experts from australia, united kingdom, the united states, boeing will be there. all this work happening behind closed doors. we do not expect constant updates. we know the work they are doing will define what happens next in the search for this plane over the next up to 12 months, how the $60 million are going to be spent, where they are going to deploy assets. >> when you think of the area they are searching, a poll says 46% of all those questioned don't believe the plane is in that area. they are going to have to search a huge amount of ocean. is it possible or is it -- is it going to be impossible? what are they thinking? >> reporter: it's possible that it's going to take a lot of time t. bluefin-21 getting
1:42 am
reconditioning and software upgrades completed 18 missions and only searched 154 square miles. it was the small area they thought the plane might be located. they didn't find anything. think of that, 154 square miles over all those missions. they need to search 23,000 square miles. they have to bring in a lot of other technology. >> stand by. we are going to check in later. time to bury the blue dress. monica lewinsky is speaking out about her affair with former president bill clinton and the lesson she has learned since. white house locked down. the man arrested accused of following president obama's daughters home from school. we are learning new information this morning. that, coming up. every day, people fall. from a simple misstep, to tripping over a rug, to just losing their balance.
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monica lewinsky, a name that defined the presidency of bill clinton. she's now breaking her silence for the first time about the affair she had with the then president. it's an affair that led to his impeachment and made her a household name. in "vanity fair" she writes she regrets what happened, her boss took advantage of her. her relationship was consensual. she wrote, it was time to stop tiptoeing around the past and take back her own story. breaking overnight, cnn projects north carolina's speaker held off the tea party. tom tillis was facing seven candidates including a libertarian. he will come up against kay hagen in the fall. another closely watched race is really close. clay aiken's run to be the democratic house cant in a
1:47 am
district near raleigh. he's leading his challenger by 400 votes. it may be subject to a recount. new questions about what was going on inside new jersey governor chris christie's administration when lanes were ordered shut down. another aide testified to a state legislative committee, she witnessed suspicious activity, but was afraid to speak out. she described bridgette ann kelly as erratic, but doubts she ordered the shut down. kelly sent the e-mail calling for traffic problems in ft. lee. a man followed a motorcade following the president's daughter's at the white house. the secret service says the 55-year-old driver has a past with the u.s. treasury building,
1:48 am
which is next door. he's been charged with unlawful entry seasoned is due in court this afternoon. president obama will see firsthand the devastation from the tornadoes, visiting arkansas where the twister took 15 lives in the towns of mayflower and vilonia. he'll receive an award from a foundation dedicated to preserving interviews from holocaust survivors. protests in the streets demanding a hotel be sold. it's after the break. the conversation about her mortgage didn't start here. it began on her vacation in europe on the day she arrived in london. someone set up a bogus hotspot, stole her identity and opened some credit cards in her name. but she's not worried. checking her credit report and score at
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on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection? don't miss the memorial day sale. ♪ mattress discounters happening today, a firy british cleric expected to take the stand in his own defense at his terror trial here in new
1:52 am
york. he's accused of helping a shoe bomber and 9/11 hijacker and conspireing to kidnap tourists in yemen as well as trying to establish a terror camp in oregon. he has pled not guilty. where do lethal injection drugs come from? there's a call for more information on the source. state authorities must reveal the name of the drug supplier. robert campbell is set to die next tuesday for the rape and murder of a houston woman. the information on where the drugs is coming from is necessary to avoid the repeat of a botched excuse in oklahoma. texas uses a different procedure than oklahoma. >> speaking of the execution in oklahoma, an attorney for the inmate who died is asking for a second independent autopsy. he died of an apparent heart
1:53 am
attack 40 minutes after lethal injection drugs were administered. they blame a collapsed vein. we are getting details this morning about what happened inside a fedex facility near atlanta when a 19-year-old armed with a shotgun, knives and bombs opened fire. six people were hit including a security guard. he called 911. take a listen. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> i have been shot. >> 16775 airport road? >> who did it, sir? >> i don't know. a young gunman, he's got a shotgun. i have been shot. i have been shot. >> stay on the line with me. >> tell my wife i love her. hurry. i do not want to die. >> hard to listen to. he is still in the hospital. he's expected to recover. the shooter, a 19-year-old getty
1:54 am
kramer took his own life. they don't have a clear motive to why it happened. >> we have new video to show you from hawaii where security cameras captured these images of a 15-year-old stow away on the tarmac in maui after he hitched a ride to california. the video shows the teen emerging from the wheel well, lowering himself to the ground. he is back in san jose where police say he could face trespassing charges. a new look at a jump off new york's tallest building, one world trade center. it's a jump that landed four in court. three jumpers and one accomplice. they pleaded not guilty to burglary. they insist their jump was no danger to anyone on the ground. [ inaudible ]
1:55 am
>> it's a beautiful experience to have, to experience life from that perspective, take a moment and and just enjoy your life. >> they claim they spent many hours inside and on top of that high profile building before the jump. it highlights security problems at the site. they report the building is secure. we'll be back with more "early start" ahead after the break. ♪
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further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system. only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. terror in nigeria. more young girls kidnapped, threatened to be sold to the highest bidder. hundreds of children abducted and the search to bring them back. we are live with the very latest. crisis in ukraine. it is escalating. deadly fights in the streets between soldiers, pro-russian separatists. an election fast approaching as the country moves deeper into chaos. we go deeper into odessa with
2:00 am
what is happening now. the search for missing malaysian flight 370. investigators are meeting to see what comes next in the search. we are live in malaysia with the latest developments. good morning, welcome to "early start." it is wednesday, may 7th, 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. we begin on the east coast. a group of armed terrorists abducting at least eight more girls as it has world demands nigeria do more to track down 200 girls after they were kidnapped from school and held for weeks. now, the united states is adding more tools to the search with president obama insisting boko haram must be stopped. >> obviously, what's happening is awful. as the father of two girls, i can't imagine what the parents are going through. this organization is o


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