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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  May 13, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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with team and his wife's possible future role. he'll talk about it tomorrow night. magic johnson will be joining me with his reaction. thank you for watching. joining the hunt. the u.s. begins manned surveillance flights over nigeria as the nigerian government vows to do everything it can to find its kidnapped girls. the government of nigeria is here to explore all options for the release of our girls. fighting back. moscow takes a wait and see approach after separatists in eastern ukraine declare independence. big magic johnson. what has he done? >> insulted again. the banned owner of the nba
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clippers rips basketball legend magic johnson waiting to get another review by the nba commissioner. headed for a psych ward? a judge could decide whether oscar pistorius should spend 30 days in a mental institution. thanks for joining us. you are watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm john vause. we'd like to welcome our viewers around the world and in the united states. boko haram is showing the world the girls are alive or at least some of them are. >> the video appears to show 100 of the nearly 300 kidnapped girls. >> nigerian authorities are saying they'll consider all
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options for their release. >> the u.s. is flying
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>> as for the video of the girls, it was released through the press but we don't know where or when it was shot. . the christian girls in the group are converting to islam.
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>> here that man demands the release of his comrades. >> as you saw a moment ago, we've been speaking to some of the mothers of those. >> we heard from mary. now a woman called elizabeth, she has a message for the men who kidnapped the girls. >> reporter: if you were able to tell the people who took your daughter one thing, what would you want them to know? what would you want them to hear from you?
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>> reporter: do you think that your daughter will come back? >> reporter: what has it been like for your family since she was taken? the distress is just evident there in the family's faces. families are understand ab bli in anguish. >> it's impossible to understand what they're going through. we'll hear from the two women on what they're going through from the night of the abduction. >> to a very different story we're covering.
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>> this was incredible. it seems sterling may have made a bad situation even worse. his earlier controversial comments were targeted at magic johnson and during his conversation with anderson cooper sterling lashed out again at the nba legend. >> what kind of a guy goes and flirts with every girl and then he catches hiv? is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. i think he should go into the back drop. what does he do for the black people? he doesn't do anything. >> the commissioner of the national basketball association is responding to the remarks he just heard. >> adam silver is far from happy. in a statement he apologizes to magic johnson from the nba. he's sorry he continues to be dragged into the situation and degraded. the nba board of governors is
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continuing with itsds process to remove mr. sterling as expeditiously as possible. >> as for magic johnson, the retired basketball star tweeted that he doesn't want to hear anymore discussion about donald sterling. he'd rather focus on the nba playoffs. >> he will. court is now in session in tel aviv as former israeli prime minister awaits charges on bribery. we have the details from jerusalem. ben, the judge is reading from a very lengthy 50 page document. exactly when will we know if he will be the first israeli prime minister to do jail time? >> it will be shortly, john. he's already gone through about eight of the defendants in this case or the convicted, i should say. he's now discussing olmert himself. so far we've seen harsh sentences being handed out.
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one of the individuals received a five year sentence, another a seven, another a seven year sentence, another a three year sentence. certainly the prosecution did indicate that they were looking at a six year sentence for the former prime minister in addition to a fine of more thang this statement he stressed that those who had been convicted should be harsh because they violated public trust. he said they were treasonous. it looks like olmert will receive a harsh sentence. he will be, as you said, the first israeli prime minister to be convicted, sentenced, and go behind bars if that's the case. it's worth pointing out, however, that a former israeli president is currently serving a
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stephen year sentence on counts of rape. it would not be the first time a senior israeli official goes to prison. >> ben, we know that the district court judge is certainly handing out harsh sentences. as soon as we get mover information, we'll be back. ben wedeman live in jerusalem. thanks, ben. the man leading the search for flight 370, they say they're looking at all of the underwater signals. they're responding to a wall street journal report casting doubt on two of the four pings. some of the australian pings thinks the frequency of two of the signals is too low to be from the flight's signature nals. at this point it is too early to
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discount the signals. the four signals taken together constitute the most promising news we have. for more proof of how dangerous the middle east are, security concerns in yemen are so dangerous the u.s. embassy plans to stay closed for another two weeks. >> with tense battles between al qaeda and security forces intensifying throughout yemen, cnn has learned that it's become so critical the embassy will be shut down for at least two more weeks. an extraordinarily long time and quite rare showcasing how dangerous the country's situation has become. >> we said we would open it when it's practical. we continue to evaluate it. >> two embassy employees got into a deadly shootout with al
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qaeda militants who attempted to kidnap them. the americans were quickly moved out of the country. last week after street fighting between al cared da and the military worsened and more foreigners were targeted in sanaa, a decision was made to shut down the embassy. >> in late 2011 they actually conducted video surveillance in sanaa. they have the footage on the shelf and there's been a real push by the groups trying to attack it again. >> the recent uptick in attacks by al qaeda in the a rain ban peninsula shows how strong the organization remains. even though yemen's military with the assistance of the u.s. is battling the militants in several provinces. over the weekend they a it canned a security area.
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as the war against al qaeda gets murkier, one thing remains clear, the u.s. has become an even bigger target. cnn washington. on "cnn newsroom" we will have a lot more on our exclusive interview with donald sterling. >> that's right. the disgraced nba owner is trying to explain the remarks that might cost him his team. >> i'm not a racist and i've never been a racist. i'll never be a raysist. . >> kiev dismisses sunday's separatist vote as a farce. plus, why the prosecution in the oscar pistorius trial is demanding the defendant undergo a psychiatric evaluation. we'll have the details ahead.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. the israeli court has sentenced israeli prime minister olmert. ben wedeman is following this live for us now. ben, a very stiff sentence. pretty much what many people had expected. >> reporter: yes. he got six years from the judge. this, according to israeli radio. in addition to a fine of 1 million shekels. that's around $300,000. now it's important to stress that he now has the right of appeal. he's got 45 days to appeal his case to the supreme court. it's not clear if he will start serving time immediately or will be able to wait until after the supreme court rules on his case. certainly this is significant. this is the first time an israeli prime minister has been found guilty and sentenced and
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we assume unless the supreme court surprises everybody, serves time behind bars. john? >> ben, work us back here. exactly the case which we're looking at here, this is a ten-year long investigation into the holy land real estate development there in jerusalem. exactly what is it that olmert did that he now appears to be spending the next few years in prison? >> well, the holy land is a real estate development in jerusalem that began during his time as the mayor of jerusalem from 1993 to 2003. according to the legal documents, people around olmert accepted bribes from the land developers, the real estate developers basically to ease the way, to clear the way from some of the bureaucracy, red tape, zoning laws.
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now mr. olmert insisted this morning before going into the court that he never requested a bribe and never received a bribe, however, his brother yosi did receive a bribe from one of the real estate developers who apparently had no personal relationship whatsoever with the brother of mr. olmert yosi. the indication is even though he didn't receive anything directly, it was channelling through him as a result of his position as mayor off jerusalem. it's been a very complicated case but it's not the only case that mr. olmert has been the object of. there was another case of corruption where, however, he was sentenced only to community service and a fine of $21,000. he's currently under investigation for tampering of evidence and witnesses.
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so even though there is some finality on this case, he's definitely not out of the legal woods at the moment. john? >> to say the absolute very least. so we will wait and see what happens with his possible appeal. 45 days he has to get that appeal underway. there's the second investigation, the national fraud investigation unit on suspicions of tampering with evidence. ben wedeman in jerusalem, thank you. more now from anderson cooper's exclusive interview with los angeles clippers owner donald sterling. his racist comments have infuriated people throughout the nba and even prompted protests from his own team. he insists he is not racist. >> i'm not a racist. i made a terrible, terrible mistake and i'm here to apologize and to ask you
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forgiveness for all the people i hurt. i never dreamt that this could happen. it's a terrible, terrible nightmare. >> magic johnson has made a public comment. do you have something to say? >> what can i say to him? it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. i'm hurt, but it doesn't matter. >> you're hurt that he -- that he said -- that he spoke out publicly? >> i'm hurt that he called me up and said, don't do anything. wait until you hear from me. then somebody calls us later and says, he doesn't want to be involved. and then he released the tape that i said to him that i talked to him in confidence. here is a man who's -- i don't know if i should say this. he acts so whoholley. he made love to every woman and he had aids. i went to my synagogue and
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prayed for him. i hope he could live and be well. i didn't criticize him. i could have. is he an example for children? you know, because he has money he's able to treat himself, but magic johnson is irrelevant in this thing. he didn't do anything harmful to anybody and i respect him and i admire everything that he does, you know? i'd like to help even more if he would offer me an opportunity to help. i like to help minorities. >> imagimagic johnson said he w never attend a game as long as you were owner. >> he would never what? >> attend a clippers game as long as you were an owner. >> he was there at the game? >> yeah. >> i don't think it's worthy of even discussion. such a stupid remark. but he lulled me into waiting a week, you know what i mean?
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he said, don't do anything. >> you're saying he told you not to say anything? >> yeah. don't do anything. i know the girl, don't do anything. i'll help you. i'm waiting and i'm waiting and i'm waiting. >> what you're saying is magic johnson called you up or you called him up? >> i don't know his phone number. >> he called you up. >> i don't call anybody. i'm loyal to you. >> he called you up when the tape came out and he told you not to say anything? >> yeah. >> why did he say don't say anything? >> he said, wait, be patient, i'll help you, we'll work it out. >> why do you think he said that? >> i think he wanted me to do nothing so he could buy the team. he thought maybe the whole thing would be resolved in two weeks. what has he done? can you tell me? big magic johnson, what has he done? >> well, he's a business person. >> he's got aids. did he do any business? i'd like -- did he help anybody in south l.a.? >> he has h.i.v., he doesn't have full blown aids.
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>> what kind of a guy goes to every city and have sex with every girl and then he catches h.i.v. is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. i think he should go into the background. but what does he do for the black people? doesn't do anything. you call up and say -- >> he's opened a lot of businesses in neighborhoods. >> the jewish people have a company and it's for people who want to borrow money and no interest. they want to give them a fishing pole. we want to help people. if they don't have the money, we'll loan it to you. you don't have money, one day you'll pay us back. >> amazing. goes on tv to apologize and puts his foot right in his mouth. >> he opens his mouth to change his feet by the sound of things. filmmaker spike lee has said the attack on magic johnson is crazy and he has to go. >> for him to say how he's
12:23 am
helped minorities and then try to juxtapose that with what magic is doing is ludicrous. and this thing is getting volatile now. the wife says i'm not selling. she has 50% of the team. the other day lebron said -- and i think he was thinking for all the players. if the sterling name is attached to the team, it's going to be crazy. >> spike lee there talking with our anderson cooper. >> sterling had, believe it or not, a lot more to say. he talked about the clippers players, the media. stick with us, that's still to come in the next half hour. a sad and surprising defendant in the state of north carolina. one of the candidates, keith crisco was found dead in his
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home. he was 71 years old. crisco was in a race with clay aiken. final results were expected today. aiken tweeted out that he was stunned and deeply saddened by crisco's death. we're going to take a very short break now. just ahead, a new study has a grim assessment of glacial melting in the antarctic. >> what it could mean for coastal cities.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." we want to turn to kiev now where germany's foreign minister meets today with the prime minister. frank steinmier is pushing for dialogue to diffuse the crisis in eastern ukraine. >> the separatists are asking to join russia. jim sciutto explains why. >> reporter: it had all the trappings of an election. pro russian separatists immediately claimed an overwhelming victory. as much as 90% of voters in donestk voted to separate. they reported that many people like this woman voted twice and
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then vote again. and officials in kiev were quick to dismiss the election as pure fiction. >> translator: that farce is nothing more than propaganda, an excuse for the crime, awful crimes such as murder, torture and kidnapping. >> russian officials expressed some public support for the vote. >> translator: we respect the will of the residents of the donestk and lugansk areas will be carried out in a civilized way. >> reporter: but moscow did in the declare they would annex the provinces. still, nato says that new satellite photos show that they have not withdrawn their troops from the border. with crucial national elections approaching may 25th, european
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officials are trying to find a diplomatic solution. sanctions are targeting a handful of officials and two small russian companies. >> any attempt to disrupt the elections on may 25 in ukraine will be met by more severe sanctions. the imposition of more severe sanctions and that that is something that our european partners support. >> reporter: cnn conducted an opinion pole inside ukraine and found some interesting results. 2/3 of the respondents approved of sanctions against russia and 56% feel a stronger sense of loyalty to europe. only 19% to russia. an indication that the pro russian separatist movement is a small though vocal minority. jim sciutto, washington. an alarming study concludes that the complete melting of a major part of the west antarctic ice shade appears unstoppable.
12:29 am
>> there could be high global sea levels. let's go to pedram where we're talking about this sheet of ice, it's pretty big. it's about the size of california and texas combined? >> yeah. it's putting more ice into the oceans than the entire green land ice sheet as it is. now we're seeing a larger scale separation taking place. climate change a major, major contributor to what's happening. this is a 40 year study that's taking place at the observation and the aerial observation. we know on the eastern side a far different story. set up across the eastern side the ice sheets are separated as opposed to what we see on the western side. they're more grounded to the sea beneath them. sea levels could be on the level of 1.2 meters high. sea level rise inside the area. now we think it will be upwards of four feet.
12:30 am
significantly larger. very rapid as far as possibly happening inside the next several decades. as long as the next several centuries. still, rapid progress taking place. takes you down across antarct a antarctica, the western ice sheet. the bedding, under side, grounded here. melting is taking place beneath the surface. we're spinning the layers beneath the surface holding the ice sheet together. gravity takes a toll. and then you have the float bed in place. the ice sheets one by one separate and move into the sea across this portion of antarctica. all of the areas indicating the retreating process that are taking place. larger than california, for example, and putting it together. that's how large the ice sheets
12:31 am
are as they begin to separate as they move into the ocean waters. they tamper with the salinity of the ocean waters. let me take this back. scaling back all the ice across antarcti antarctica. the areas in yellow and green are above. it's slamming into some of the areas and more rapid melting than expected. thank you for that. when we come back, a bombshell in the oscar pistorius trial. >> why the track star may be heading from the dock to a doctor.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm rose marry church. >> i'm john vause. it's just after 3:30 a.m. former israeli prime minister olmert has been convicted for bribery. he's being fined more than $300,000 but he has 45 days to file an appeal. boko haram says it will release nearly 300 nigerian school girls the group abducted only if its members that are in prison are freed. this video claims to show about 100 of those girls. boko haram claims the girls who were christian have now converted to islam. in an exclusive interview with cnn's anderson cooper los
12:34 am
angeles clippers owner donald sterling says he is sorry but was baited into making racist comments. he also blasted magic johnson in the interview. he was the original target of sterling's racist remarks. oscar pistorius has arrived at court for the 31st day of his trial and all eyes are turning toward the judge. >> she's expected to decide whether the olympian must undergo a psychiatric evaluation. this is an unusual move. the prosecution is demanding the defendant be independently evaluated. all of this unfolded after a witness revealed the track star suffered from an anxiety disorder. >> what makes mr. pistorius different from other defendants, from the normal person is that
12:35 am
he has a physical vulnerability and a generalized anxiety disorder so his reaction to situations may be different. >> yeah, sorry. >> i'm not saying that this constitutes a mental illness. >> all right. let's go now to cnn legal analyst kelly phelps. she's outside the high court in pretoria there. kelly, how damning was the testimony of psychologist for the defense even though they called her as an expert witness? >> reporter: it's not necessarily damning for the defense at all. in fact, it's central and very helpful evidence for the court because it provides a lifetime of context in which to evaluate mr. pistorius's thought process and actions on the night in question. and that will be very useful for the judge when she meets to
12:36 am
determine questions such as does she believe mr. pistorius's version of events? is it likely that a person in his position with his life history would have been under the mistaken impression that he was under. this is very important and helpful evidence for the defense, but they couldn't have necessarily foreseen that they would try to usurp that evidence to steer the trial in a different direction and it remains to be seen today whether he succeeds at doing so. >> yeah. so how likely is it that the judge will grant the prosecution's request to refer pistorius to psychiatric observation. if she does this, what happens next? what's the process? >> reporter: well, it's very difficult to predict the likelihood of her determination because 24 is really unprecedented, having a state prosecutor trying to force a defense on an accused person. so it really will rely on mr.
12:37 am
roux and the differing interpretations and whichever she decides will determine the outcome. if it is successful, then the trial will be immediately halted and mr. pistorius will be sentenced for a period of 30 days of psychiatric examination. at which point the court will reconvene to determine the question of whether his conduct was the result of the impression of the mental illness acting upon his mind at the time or whether he was still acting with his own free will essential zbli this same expert witness the defense used a latin phrase that the prosecution took advantage of. explain to us the phrase and what impact that could have on the direction of the trial. >> that's colloquially called legal intention or constructive intention. it essentially means that the accused foresaw that this was a
12:38 am
possible outcome of his conduct but proceeded with that conduct reckless that have potential outcome. if that is established then that would be taken as proof of legal intention which they need for the murder charge. one does need to say though that is a very crucial part of the state's murder case but it doesn't necessarily preclude mr. pistorius from raising a defense to negate that intention. his defense essentially said he didn't know his conduct was unlawful. he thought he was acting lawfully. that would remove the intention from the record. >> we'll see what happens today as this all gets underway. our cnn legal analyst, kelly phelps, talking to us there out in front of the high court in pretoria. many thanks to you. rose marry, let's return to our top story. the hunt for the missing nigerian school girls. 276 of them aged between 16 and
12:39 am
18 each with a family waiting in fear and anguish. now we went to the village in chibok and found parents clinging to hope and prayer. >> what exactly happened on that night? >> reporter: you could hear the gunfire?
12:40 am
>> reporter: you went to look for her? >> yes. >> reporter: how far did you go? i mean, it's jungle. there's a forest there. >> yes. >> reporter: you weren't afraid? >> yes. >> speaking today with a mother of one of the missing girls. cnn will continue to have the very latest on this story. later today there will be a
12:41 am
special edition of cnn news center wi center live from the area. the group human rights watch has released a new report that strongly suggests the syrian government count carried out chemical attacks. this video which cnn could not confirm shows what happened after barrel bombs filled with chlorine gas were dropped on the villages. it has witnesses, photos and video reporting. human rights watch says at least 11 people were killed in the through attacks. hundreds more were affected. early exit polls indicate that hindu nationalists will become the prime minister. they say more than half a billion voters cast their
12:42 am
ballots, the biggest turnout in the country's history. the four major polls show moody and his opposition party winning the election. exit polls have been pretty catchy in the past. the results are due by friday. for more of our exclusive interview with l.a. clippers owner donald sterling is just ahead. >> here's a great big hint at who he is blaming for the scandal. >> the fans don't hate me. the media hates me. the media -- it's all the media pushing it. and we'll also get some insight on v. stiff have i annie, tanni -- stiviani, the woman who exposed it all, from her friends. tiff h stiviani, the woman who exposed it all, from her friends. ff hav stiviani, the woman who exposed it all, from her friends. ave i stiviani, the woman who exposed it all, from her friends. i -- the woman who exposed it all, from her friends. -- stiviani,e
12:43 am
woman who exposed it all, from her friends. -- stiviani, the woman who exposed it all, from her friends. -- stiviani, the woman who exposed it all, from her friends. stiviani, the woman who exposed it all, from her friends. stiviani, the woman who exposed it all, from her friends. stiviani, the woman who exposed it all, from her friends. checked his credit, he found out his daughter didn't pay her bills. but he's not worried. now he checks his credit report and score at, allowing him to keep track of his credit and take a break of his own. experian. live credit confident. we have more now from anderson's exclusive interview with los angeles clippers owner donald ?
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>> when they reversed their jerseys -- >> if one does it, the others have to do it. >> you think it was just pressure? >> what do you think? do you think they're all going to walk off the team? i mean, can any of us just stop working? we all have to work. we all have to earn a living. we all have bills. we may work for an employer they don't love. i contend they love me. >> you think they still love you? >> i do. the players don't hate me. the sponsors don't hate me. >> you don't believe -- >> the fans don't hate me. the media hates me. the media -- it's all the media pushing it. >> honestly, you really believe that? >> i believe that 100%. i believe that 100 -- people
12:45 am
call me by the thousands and give me support. >> you don't think they -- >> don't say i should have said that. >> sterling went on to admit that his comments have caused frustration for other people. >> yeah. he says he feels especially bad for his fellow team owners. >> i wanted to apologize to my partners, i have 29 partners in a league that's a wonderful league. i respect them. every owner knows me. i love the commissioner. i'm sure that it's terribly difficult for him to impose severe punishment because he knows me so well but here he is trying to do his best. the league actually believes in doing everything in its power to eliminate racism. >> sterling says he loves the nba commissioner. not too sure those feelings are
12:46 am
actually reciprocated. the apology coming from sterling may be a little too late for the nba. >> the nba commissioner rebuked sterling for his latest comments about magic johnson. he says the league is working expeditiously to force sterling to give up the clippers. sterling discussed v. stiviano. he still thinks she's a good person. >> perhaps she's made some mistakes. i thought she cared for me. i was stupid. how could a woman care for a man 51 years older? she didn't or she wouldn't have released those tapes. >> okay. he may feel disillusioned, but some of stiviano's former friends say they're not. >> reporter: v. stiviano as
12:47 am
these women see her, clubber, crown wearing performers and reality tv star hopeful. santa monica police department she was mon anything call gallegos. nearly a decade later v stiviano posing in these pictures for a reality tv show loosely called "friends with benefits." >> reporter: is this v. stiviano's reality tv show? >> absolutely. it's her pilot. >> she's loving every second of it. >> reporter: they say they've known her for years. raquel says she knew stiviano best. she's pictured here meeting her friend'ses about, donald sterling. >> i fieeel like they had a goo relationship. >> reporter: this was -- >> fame seeking, money seeking, attention seeking among all else. >> she's always said, i'm going
12:48 am
to be famous. she would walk around with body guards. i personally heard her say when i'm done with donald sterling i'll own the clippers. it's nothing that she was hiding. so i feel like maybe it was something she was planning for a while and she made her move when she saw the opportunity. >> reporter: the ensuing spectacle. act two in what these women call an unscripted yet proven plan. >> i want everybody to look at me. >> reporter: given where we are today, does any of who she is as a person really matter? >> it should matter. >> reporter: you are a unique group including v. because you're all biracial. how much did you discuss race? >> a lot. i only hang out with you black girls because you're pretty. >> she's coming off as this black woman who outed this white
12:49 am
man when you don't even like the fact that you're black. >> reporter: in an interview with barbara walter v. stiviano defended her relationship with sterling and said she suffered in this episode, too. >> it hurts to see people specula speculate, throw darts at you when they don't know you, when they don't know your story, when they don't know the truth all based on hearsay and assumptions. >> reporter: stiviano's attorney says about these women, they are not her friends. he says his client hasn't seen them in years and added, everybody has an agenda. the women agree and allege stiviano has nearly accomplished hers. >> i think her five minutes are almost up. she's going to have to do something zblels she might. >> reporter: this is, after all, an unfolding tale based in hollywood. cnn, los angeles.
12:50 am
>> they seem like nice friends. >> i guess they won't be continuing with that reality show. what do you think? >> that's done. >> nice job there. still to come on "cnn newsroom", a brewing celebrity family feud. >> it was all smiles last week but we'll show you a different side of beyonce this week.
12:51 am
12:52 am
this was a fiery and explosive situation at a crime scene in the state of new hampshire. >> look at this. state and federal investigators are looking into the blast that tore through this house in the town of brinkwood. >> the state's attorney general says the police officer was shot and killed responding to a domestic incident there. the shooter died in that fire and subsequent explosion. investigators say it's still not clear what caused that fire. okay. what appears to be celebrity
12:53 am
feud is getting a lot of information online. >> they are showing beyonce's younger sister wrapping at jay z throwing punches while another man pulled her away. it's unclear what the argument was about. >> it seems to be business as usual for jay z and beyonce. they were chatting with lebron james in new york on monday night. when michael kissed his boyfriend on television, it a kt traed some negative feedback. >> yeah, but as jeanne moos now reports, as the times change, so, too, do saboos on tv. >> reporter: forget breaking news, we're talking breaking taboos. you know, like the big, strong football player celebrating by kissing his boyfriend when he
12:54 am
got drafted. think of all those other taboos that have been broken. the first interracial kiss on tv in 1968. >> i'm not fresh. >> captain kirk and lieutenant ohura needed a twist. the plu tonians used mind control to force them into kissing to entertain the aliens. as for gay kisses, lesbians came first in 1991. l.a. law turned a friendly tap into a flicker of passion which smoeldered though never quite burned. sometimes what's interesting is what's missing, what they didn't show. in 1994 melrose place almost showed two gay characters kissing, but advertisers weren't quite ready so they cut away at the crucial moment and came back when it was over. six years later dawson's creek completed a guy kiss only it turned out the kissee was taken.
12:55 am
perhaps the oddest case was the first one in 1896. they weren't brad and angelina as they whispered sweet nothings. and then there were all those husbands and wives sleeping in single beds. you don't count nonhumans like the flintstones. it wasn't until "bewitched" that a wide audience saw married people sleeping together. in 1947 there was a sitcom called mary kay and johnny that featured a double bed. we couldn't find any episodes to show you. what about the first swear word on tv? once again, it was "star trek." boldly swore as no man had sworn before. >> get the hell out of there. >> reporter: even showing a flushing toilet was taboo until
12:56 am
"psycho" in 1960 when marion was permitted to flush her notes down. fodder in the shower. no problem. what would fred flintstone say? yabba dabba taboo. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. do you remember when barbara eden had to fill in her bellybutton in "i dream of jeane." cbs wouldn't let her show that. >> i remember. >> let's check the weather because there was some major flooding on be tuesday. pedram has all of that. >> we'll take you to texas off the top. brand-new video coming in. rosie and john having too much fun. coming out of dallas, tremendous
12:57 am
rainfall. radar images. this is what came out of it. six inches in spots. exceptional drought in the pan handle. they'll take the rainfall. checked in with houston and dallas airport. total cancellations this morning exceeding 105 across that region. incredibly. reported 4008 lightning strikes in the last "60 minutes." the model is featuring 3 inches over austin and 4 1/2 to 5 inches over houston. we had full reports of tornadoes on monday afternoon compared to 34 on sunday. detroit beach in the town of monroe south of detroit, report of a tornado town there. look at the heat wave taking place. excessive heat watch.
12:58 am
temperatures, around 80 in seattle. nearly 90 in san francisco. 100 in los angeles. 26 degrees above average the heat wave expected to be one of the warmest we've seen for this time of year in a very long time across southern california. you see how monday shapes up across the west coast. thank you for staying up late for us if you're tuned in from los angeles or san diego. we want to leave you with video coming out of the state of nebraska. monday, storm chasers getting too close. john, take a look at this. irrigation equipment coming right at you out there. they were close to a tornado, caught it on tape. decided they were too close and tried to drive away. as close a call as you can get. scary site. >> really asking for trouble. >> triple digits in l.a. on thursday. it's dry heat. they'll be fine. >> that's good to know. pedram, thanks. thanks for watching "cnn newsroom." >> i'm rosemary church.
12:59 am
>> i'm john vause. "early start" is coming up. >> for everyone else it's world news sfx: bing. >>who's got two hooves and just got a claim status update from geico? this guy, that's who. sfx: bing. and i just got a...oh no, that's mom. sorry. claim status updates. just a tap away on the geico app.
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apologetic, yes, but also on the attack. donald sterling lashes out at magic johnson as the l.a. clippers owner tries to explain the racist remarks that got him banned from the nba and instead he launches a tirade on why kids shouldn't look up to johnson. that's ahead. the search intensifying for hundreds of nigerian girls kidnapped from their school by armed militants. u.s. investigators flying manned missions over the country, hoping to track down the terrorists. we're live with what's happening right now. is ukraine on the brink of breaking into pieces? eastern ukraine, the provinces there have