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tv   New Day  CNN  May 13, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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johnson that johnson for having hiv around accuses him of not doing enough to help the black community. take a listen for yourself. >> here is a man who -- i don't know if i say this. he acts so holy. i mean, he made love to every girl in every city in america, and he had aids. and when he had those aids i went to my synagogue and i prayed for him. i hoped he could live and be well. i didn't criticize him. i could have. is he an example for children? because he has money he is able to treat himself. but magic johnson is irrelevant in this thing. what has he done? can you tell me? big magic johnson, what has he done? >> yes. he's a businessperson. >> he's got aids. did he do any business -- i
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like -- did he help anybody in south l.a.? >> he has hiv, not actually full-blown aids. >> what kind of guy goes to every city and has sex with every girl and catches hiv? is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashame of himself. i think he should go into the background. but what does he do for the black people? he doesn't do anything. you call up and say, well -- >> he's opened a lot of businesses in inner city neighborhoods. >> the jewish people have a company and it's for people who want to borrow money with no interest. they want to give them a fishing pole. we want to help people. if you don't have to money, we loan it to you. if you don't have interest, one day you will pay us back. i'm just telling you, he does nothing, it's all talk. >> are you saying that african-americans don't contribute to african-american communities as much as jewish people do? >> there's no
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african-american african-americ -- never mind. he's a good person. and he -- what am i going to say? s has he done everything he can do to help minorities? i don't think so. but i'll say it. i'll say it, you know. he's great. but i -- i just don't think he is a good example for the children of los angeles, that he would go and do what he did and then get aids. i mean, come on. jews, when they get successful, they will help their people. and some of the african-americans, maybe i'll get in trouble again, they don't want to help anybody. what has magic johnson really done for children's hospital? which kids are lying in the hallways. they're sick. they need a bed. whats has he done for any
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hospital? what has he done for any group? i don't know. maybe he's done a lot. >> all right. so basically we're dealing with two levels of offensiveness here. the general level and then the specific, of course, to magic johnson. so let's bring in some people and get some perspective here. shawn gregory and malik rose, two-time nba champ, game analyst for comcast. what we're here as today is human beings. let's deal with the general first. malik, when you hear the ideas, sometimes it's good to get out offensive ideas to expose them as that and make them less popular. what do you find the most offensive that you heard? >> what don't i find offensive with the way this man is talking. i'm still processing everything that came out in anderson cooper interview. the am of hate and the amount of
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racial bias and just evilness that's inside this man is mind boggling for me. i don't think the league can get this situation or this issue over fast enough. >> no particular agenda. it seems he just sees these things as basic truths that he's saying. >> his defense, i'm not a racist, i'm not a racist and then to just say racist things is unbelievable. anderson got him perfectly, are you implying that the african-american community is not as fiphilanthropisfill laph jewish community? he stopped himself before he said yes. >> anderson is a friend and colleague, but no debating here. he could have taken the questions any way he wanted. he decided, there. sterling, to take them the direction he did. he wasn't led downey path to get there. now specific to magic johnson. is there something i don't know
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about the history and this man and magic johnson? is there anything there? is there a plot to steal the team? is this guy so deeply paranoid about magic johnson? >> the only thing i would think that's on his mind is he doesn't want the team to be sold to a group or anybody that's associated with magic johnson. i don't even know if that's where all of this started from. the amount of disdain and hatred this guy has for magic johnson. he starts out the interview, i don't talk about people, i talk about ideas and then he goes on the diatribe ands assaulting magic johnson and the black community. >> when was the last time you heard someone going after someone for having hiv? >> it's not only racism, it's bigotry. at one point he says, he has aids, as if it was criminal. that was the view in 1985 when
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people didn't know anything and he still has that view. there is also bigotry involved within -- against the hiv community as well. >> fear speculation that he was going to say at one point there is no black community. am i putting words in his mouth? i don't want to be unfair because there's no need in this situation, he says enough. >> you're right. i would bet money, when anderson cooper asks him, are you saying when black people make it, they get successful, no one comes back to help the community. he starts to get irate, there is no black -- and he stopped himself. i would bet money the next word is community. that opens the door, not the window to a soul, a door to his soul and just many other businessmen that come in to the black community and exploit the black community for their own financial gains. i don't want to go off on a tangent but black people are probably the only race in america, the only community in america where we don't own our own community, we don't take care -- own our community
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financially. all the other races, and it's nothing illegal, but all the other races come in and own stores and own businesses. that's where he was going with that. >> the irony of that is that magic johnson is a leader, he's made a point of becoming, you know, a role model. >> empowerment. >> empowerment person for black entrepreneur ship. >> he hires youth, children. i don't see how mr. sterling missed all this. magic johnson is probably at the forefront of doing things in the black community. and quickly, from a guy who grew up in an inner city community and didn't see a man wearing my suit other than my pastor before i got my college, my pastor was the only one other than magic johnson. that inspired me to do things better and possibly have a job where i can wear a suit every day. he's going to turn around and say this man has done nothing for the black community is mind boggling. >> adam silver comes forward, nba commissioner. didn't have to but makes a
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statement of support for magic johnson. do you believe this has dug the grave for david sterling? if there was any question before, because there was a legitimate issue, how do we punish thought -- there's the statement. you can read it for yourself there. there had been a legitimate question about how do we punish thought. do you take property over thought? do you believe those questions are now erased by just the damage to the brand? >> it's the damage to the brand piptsz not t . it's not the conduct, it's the results of the conduct. you can argue free speech about getting dwi. >> and the issue of what made the tape that is gone, too. >> the window he opened up to his soul to the world, the world is seeing who this man is. the more he opens up his mouth, i think adam silver is cringing inside. on the one hand he's happy because he has proof now that this guy has lost it, he cannot be an owner. the damage he spews when he opens his mouth is becoming almost irrepable, he has to
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silence this guy. >> yes, he is 86 years old and, we yes, there was a different time and thought in culture in this country. . it's important to have the conversation because that time is over. it's important for it to be condemned, and mr. sterling did it himself. certainly no one led him there. kate? sterling had his say as we well know. tonight we're going give magic johnson the chance to speak. what does he difficult about sterling's criticisms aimed directly at him. johnson going to sit down with anderson cooper tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on "ac 360." on "new day," but he think the nba wants him out? we'll see. let's turn to an up believable scene at a home in new hampshire has it explodes on live tv. the blast coming just moments after a deadly shootout with police. now authorities are trying to figure out what exactly happened.
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don lemons is here in for michaela this morning with the details. >> it's unbelievable, kate. it happened in brentwood, new hampshire, when police were dispatched to the home to invest gate the report of a domestic dispute. this violent explosion tearing through a new hampshire home is leaving police puzzled and adding to the mystery just moments before the massive explosion a man in the home shot and killed a police officer. >> we just felt the explosion. we looked at each other. >> reporter: officer steve arkel was responding to a call of domestic disturbance when michael no land fatally shot him. >> officers arrived and a short time later the home was engulfed in flames and then exploded. >> reporter: neighbors also saying that a loud argument could be heard before the blast. >> you could see our house. we saw the explosion go up and stuff blow over to our house. >> not only did we hear it, we
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saw it simultaneously. very frightening. >> reporter: the cause of the fire and explosion are still unknown. a frightening scene leaving this neighborhood on edge. >> all the cops came, s.w.a.t. team, people there walking around house with machine guns. it was just scary, scary, scary. >> scary indeed. police believe the suspected shooter died in the fire. officer steven arkel leaves behind a wife and two teenage daughters. >> and a house not so far away from where that last happened. terrifying. thanks, don. let's get over to meteorologist indra petersons now getting a track of the forecast. >> a lot of crazy weather. we were we are talking about feet of snow out towards colorado. the picture shows you, a satellite picture of the last 24 hours. what happens when you mix the cold air with the warm humid air out of the gulf. the storm system makes its way across and literally explodes across the middle of the country. this is one part of the problem. the other part of the problem, this is the last 24 hours.
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still talking about the same position. here's the concern. more rain, more flooding concerns today as thunderstorms develop in the same region. forward in time. same storm system taking its time, progressing off to the east. by thursday, same storm system. heavy rain will be in the forecast. heaviest amounts, we'll find out right around the gulf. by the time in the mid atlantic, maybe two to five inches of rain over the next several days. temperaturewise, very easy to see. warm in the west, cold out west. in the southeast, hot. what is going on in the forth east? what is that 54 degrees in boston? let me show you. we are talking about a back door cold front sliding down. look at the temperature drop. 30 degrees cooler today in boston. pay attention. we're hooking you up. new york city, 85 to 69. do not forget the jacket. they're going to be shocked when they expect hot and it's going
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to be chilly. >> the spring yo-yo continues. 85 to 54. >> complainers. >> we're not complaining. the facts of life. >> never complain here. >> what? >> obvious -- >> don never does. >> me complain? what's wrong with you people? why am i up so early? i never complain. >> the obvious cause is inaccurate forecasting. >> you think so? >> there you go. >> no, no, no. >> who is complaining about the forecasting? >> talking about being baited into things, do not be baited into this. >> this is one of them. >> the data is there. coming up on "new day," the united states now front and center in the search for hundreds of abducted nigerian schoolgirls. american plane, technology, now a big part of the mission. we're going to tell you about the latest demands from the kidnappers ahead. a stunning and truly sad development in a north carolina congressional race. the businessman running against former "american idol" runner-up clay aikman. the businessman died. what happened and what happens now?
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welcome back. now, u.s. spy planes are over -- flying over nigeria searching for hundreds of schoolgirls
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kidnapped by terrorists. the pentagon is also sharing commercial satellite data with the nigerians. but in this new video we're going to show you the leader of the al qaeda affiliate says they will only free the girls if boko haram prisoners are released. what can be done and what can be learned from this video as most important at this moment? let's bring in retired army major general spider marks and commander general of the u.s. army intelligence center. spider, let's play through the video. when we look at this video, the big question is, this is first time we're seeing these girls in the three weeks that they have been missing if this is them. >> right. >> what can we learn from this? >> well, first of all, you get the personal -- stop it there. that's a phenomenal picture. really put the personal face on this tragedy, this grotesque activity taking place in nigeria. if this is time stamped, we know how recent this is. and if there's any geo location data. experts can look at this and try to do terrain matching to
3:19 am
determine where this might be. those are the two key important things because we want to make sure the intelligence is not latent, that it's current. as a result of that you can start building a plan around what you want to do with these videos. >> let's say this is is two weeks old, does that mean the video is useless for intelligence purposes? >> no, very important. it gives us a couple pieces of understanding. not all of them are together. we have to assume that they have separated. it means that the forces of boko haram have been dispursed in order to take care of these pockets. this is important information to build this mosaic. it's a picture that has to be built before you can do something to rescue or do something with this tragedy. >> let's walk over to the map. authorities in the region were wanting to show the video even to the parents of the girls to get them to id them to have that confirmation. let's talk about ney year gentleman. the area we're focusing on and why the specificities are so
3:20 am
important. you've got lagos, chibok, these are the key areas. tell me why, but most importantly, how important boko haram is in this area? >> they wield a lot of power throughout the country. it's mostly concentrated in the north and east in this region of africa which is desert and it really to nigerias, one on the coast, the oil exploration, and then you have this vast wasteland up in the north and east, which is primarily, again, boko haram up north and throughout most of the country. >> so let's move through this because i want you now, you see the influence of boko haram. one of the challenges has been terrain and how to actually find these girls in difficult terrain. big forests, big challengeses that we're facing. that's why it's important that the united states and other countries are bringing in assets. talk about thes assets the united states are offering and why they're so important to the search. >> this is a classic
3:21 am
intelligence collection operation. you have to fight through intelligence. you have to develop the situation, military term, before you can do something. the intellectual has to proceed the physical. we've got to get a better picture. >> we're looking at the drone bases the united states has in the pre-john, right? >> drones have been used through the united states through partnerships in other nations in africa for quite some time. we've got a pretty good sense of this and primarily we have authority and we have familiarity to conduct and launch these drone strikes. >> pretty good access relatively speaking. >> absolutely. if not directly in this portion of nigeria, at least in the surrounding area which is really most important. >> what more -- the united states right now is offering ariai aerial surveillance as well as sharing commercial satellite data that we also have access to. what more could the united states offer because we know at this point they do not want to put boots on the ground. but chuck hagel just said to abc news that every asset will be
3:22 am
brought to bear from the united states if need be. >> right. the secretary of defense said this is a priority mission and we'll do whatever. the issue is with intelligence. you have to have multiple forms of intelligence. you have to have it layered. one form of intelligence would be a single source. confirm that with another source of intelligence. use uavs, satellites, fixed wing aircraft, air breathers to further refine it. most importantly, you have to have source on the ground. you've got to develop the sources which is why the army has a special forces "a" team which has intelligence guys, medical guys, it's got the ability to do strong logistics work. they are senior guys that will further development relations p relationships to further refine this picture. it requires patience. i think the sad part of this is this is such a mess. >> such a mess. >> horrible mess. >> a lot of information -- a lot of the information coming out from the nigerian government has been murky or contradictory over the last three weeks and that's
3:23 am
why it's so important to get u.s. on the ground to help. >> absolutely. what does that tell you about our relationship with them and the outcome that might occur here. >> spider, thank you so much. we will watch this closely. to find out how you can help the girls all over the world, quite simply, go to do your part to make sure something like this doesn't happen man. chris? all right. kate, thanks for that. coming up on "new day," a stunning development in clay aiken's bid to become congressman in north carolina. chief democratic rival just died. this happens before the results of their primary were even finalized. what happened and what will happen now in the election? also, shocking surveillance video reportedly captures beyonce's sister solange attacking jay-z in an elevator. what could have triggered this ugly brawl and is the boloom coming off the rose in jay-z's and beyonce's squeaky clean world?
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let's get over to don lemon in for michaela with the top stories. good to have you, my friend. >> no one could ever fill in for michaela. >> never. >> i'll do by most though. in an exclusive interview, cnn interview, donald sterling questions whether magic johnson should be a role model because he has hiv and suggests johnson hasn't done enough to help the black community. nba commissioner adam silver responded saying, while magic johnson doesn't need me to i feel compelled on behafld of the nba family to apologize to him that he continues to be dragged
3:28 am
into this situation and degraded by such a malicious and personal attack. the nba board of governors is continuing with its process to remove mr. sterling as expeditiously as possible. we will have more with anderson cooper throughout the morning here on cnn. breaking overnight. a six-year prison sentence for former israeli prime minister olmert accuse of taking bribes from developers. his attorneys are expected to file an appeal with the supreme court. corruption allegations forced olmert out of office in 2008. he was the first israeli head of government to be convicted on criminal charges. fire crews making major headway against a wind-whipped wildfire in texas in the panhandle. officials say the double diamond fire is 65% contained. it has burned more than 2500 acres and destroyed 65 structures. 91 homes. as the blaze monday, 400 people were unable to return home because of downed power lines.
3:29 am
kate, over to you. >> don, thank you. really a shocking turn of events in a tight democratic primary race in not carolina. the businessman facing off against former "american idol" runner up in clay aiken for a congressional seat that businessman has died. 71-year-old keith chris codied at his home monday from injuries connected to an apparent fall, they believe. chr chr chrisco was purportedly planning to concede today. let's bring in john frank, political reporter for the raleigh news and observer to find out more about what happened. john, thank you for coming in. this is such a shock for everyone in north carolina and beyond who is watching this race closely. what more are you hearing about what happened to mr. chrisco? >> this is a bizarre turn in an unusual race given clay aiken's entry into politicses.
3:30 am
>> his injuries and he failed. it shocked the political world for sure. he's being remembered as a dedicated public servant, served four years at the height of the economic downturn and ran a solid campaign for congress. >> a well-known man in the region, well respected businessman, as you pointed out. this was a razor thin or more -- i guess we should say a neck and neck primary race right up to the moment that this news was announced. where does this leave the race? >> the race -- the two candidates were separated by 369 votes. the official vote canvassing is today that would certify those results. chr there were not enough out standing to put him over the
3:31 am
top. this is one of the closest races in north carolina in the primary. and it wasn't expected to be this way. he's very well known north carolina. there are as many republicans as democrats coming out and mourning his death. >> absolutely. and clay aiken responded. he said he's putting -- suspending his campaign for today. what does that mean in the immediate future going forward? there's a tweet that clay aiken put out yesterday that he's suspending all campaign activities as we pray for his family and friends. what does that mean then? the campaign is -- as raw as it seems, the campaign must go on at some point. >> it will. the main impact here is that there won't be a recount,
3:32 am
regardless of how the tally turns out the state board elections officials say they're not going to go ahead with the recount given that crisco was going to concede and given his untimely death. his death does leave a void in this race. by not being able to concede, get out there publicly, support clay aiken, stand next to him in some cases, his supporters are left knowing whether crisco supported aiken. this race got nasty at points with both sides attacking each other and democrats will need to coalesce behind one candidate in order to win in the fall. >> and this was the democratic primary for this congressional seat. renay elmers who held it for two terms now and mitt romney won it in 2012. likely to remain a republican seat. but what are clay aikens chance, do you think? >> this is a sprawling nine-county district that was drawn this way to benefit republicans. mitt romney took 60% well ahead
3:33 am
of how he finish edfinished. aiken has a hope in that he's well-kno well-known. it's a name that everybody nose and that's the first obstacle for a politics to overcome. he's expected to be quite well funded and can probably put up a good fight. it could be closer than previous races but it still leans republican. >> john frank, thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate the perspective. not the way anyone wants to winne kind of political race. that's for sure. chris? coming up on "new day," this is something to pay attention to, a real health scare going on. a second case of a virus that's killed dozens in the middle east now reported here in the u.s. there is no vaccine or treatment for this virus. so how worried should we be? what can we do? stunning new surveillance video may be lifting the veil on the seemingly perfect lives of jay-z and beyonce seems to be jay-z fighting with his sister-in-law solange.
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it is a killer new virus with no vaccine or specific treatment. now there are two confirmed cases in the u.s. middle east respiratory syndrome, mers, that's what it's being called, don't confuse it
3:38 am
with merssa. this was first reported in saudi arabia, and now indiana and florida. officials are rushing to test 500 people. why? because they came in contact with one of the patients. that's how easily spread this disease can be. here to walk us through the information is professor of neurology and neurosicience. >> not mrsa, right, the resistant bacteria we're all so worried about, mers, what is it? >> middle eastern respiratory syndrome. it's a virus in the same family of the common cold and sars which you remember in the 2000s. it's a virus that causes regular respiratory symptoms like cough and fever. unfortunately in 30% of these patients we've seen death from this vir russ. >> all right. so let's go to the next thing here, what it does. you're talking about the symptoms. why would i care? if i hear that while it's just like a cold and then i hear 30%
3:39 am
mortalry rate, how does it go from a cold to a mortality rate? >> this is a new virus that we don't know about. just described in 2012. it's been brought to us from a place from the arabian peninsula. none of us have been exposed to this virus. when you have a vir vus exposedo a new herd it can present new problems. presents much like a common cold. >> or a flu. >> direct. and can progress from common cold to flu to pneumonia and ultimately death. >> it gets worse. as the virus multiplies if your body doesn't have the antibody response set up, it's going to over take. it's just a question of how long. >> that's right. so if you're elderly or compromised, if you're taking chemotherapy, these are symptoms you want to be aware of and tell your doctor. >> so these are the two known cases right now, self-explanatory. indiana and florida. this concern is that these people who came in contact with others, it starts to spread.
3:40 am
what will you do for me if i come down with this? >> the first thing that we do is to isolate you and quarantine you because the ability to spread, particularly when we don't know enough about virus, we can spread it by mouth or by finger to nose, finger to mouth, and finger to eye. we've got to get these patients quarantined and separate from the rest of the population. >> it spreads like normal viruss spread. >> right. >> what do you do? give me an iv and hope to deep fever down and hope for the best? >> right. we quarantine you and put the mask on all the health care providers. fever is well controlled, stay hydrated, well nourished. >> two cases, that's not a big deal, but the cases come from flights where look for the yourself on the television screen, they went a lot of different places. that's where we get this 500 number of people they want to
3:41 am
test. and the amount of time since they found out about this suggest they should be showing symptom. >> that's right. every virus has an incubation period. by the time he went to london and here in boston, atlanta, now he's in orlando, the incubation period is usually two weeks. on an airplane, in a tight quarter, you should be showing these signs. if you are one of these 500 people and you've been notified and you're having these symptom, tell your doctor. >> how long before you come up with an antivirus in a situation like this? >> the cdc is working with companies to develop a vaccine. remember when we went through these with other viruses in the past. there are vaccines that can help. up ma ultimately viruss can mutate and change. again, just notification and appropriate preventive measures would be helpful. >> hopefully the cdc has reached out to people here. they had the flight manifests of the different flights. look at the legs and if you know anybody going in these areas recently, this is about awareness and awareness to what
3:42 am
you feel in yourself if you're sick. maybe it isn't just a typical summer cold as we move into the season, sprang coing cold, summ cold. >> this is the time of year we're showing signs of a cold. tell your doctor. >> thank you very much. i'm going to call you first. kate? >> chris, thanks so much. it's a story rocking the music world and obviously dead ma manneding the headlines today. jay-z and beyonce are normally the image of cool per tekz but the public got a wildly different glimpse of the duo after tmz posted this video of beyonce's sister se loolange in elevator. >> you know, you have to wonder exactly what set beyonce's sister off. she had to be restrained in what she thought was the privacy of a
3:43 am
hotel elevatoelevator. >> a little chat with jay-z. >> reporter: beyonce and jay-z all smiles at the nets game monday night hours after tmz posted this security video recorded after the met gala which paints a different picture. the shocking video purportedly captures beyonce's younger sister solange attacking jay-z while instead the standard hotel elevator, even kicking him multiple times. jay-z at one time holding her foot but never retaliating. beyonce staying out of the fray. solange leaving the venue tooip tig tight lipped. >> they were getting along great before this and beyonce and solange were dancing together. >> reporter: the video, a huge departure from the superstar couple's carefully protected, some would say untouchable image. from the secretive yet glamorous birth of their daughter blue ivy
3:44 am
to their frequent visits with the president and first lady. with their extensive business and sports interests, they remained above the norpal tabloid fray. she's considered so untouchable snl poked fun of her with this sketch. >> i'm not a huge fan of this one drunken love song though. >> reporter: if anyone speaks ill of beyonce they get hunted down. >> jay-z and beyonce really control their image and they control it well. their private moments are just that. they put up a very large powerful wall between public and private. and that wall was broken down. >> reporter: last week beyonce posted this message on instagram. now attracting new attention. she asks god, quote, help me to choose my friends wisely so i won't be led astray. give me discernment and strength to separate myself from anyone who is not a good influence. the standard hotel is an incredibly chic, hip hotel that caters to celebrities.
3:45 am
they say this is a breach of security. they are launching an investigation with the possibility that they will press criminal charges. as for beyonce and jay-z, even solange, none of them are commenting on this incident. kate, chris? >> you do raise an interesting point for the hotel specifically, if people think that everything on their security cameras are going to be released to tmz if you stay there. >> this could be so bad for business. when you go to a hol tell like this, expectation of privacy. in an elevator? >> yeah. >> it's going to be a problem. >> a problem in that family for sure. >> it's a problem everywhere. >> that's right. >> everywhere. nothing is private anymore. there are cameras everywhere. everybody is taking pictures. everybody talks. >> right. >> there is no discretion. there is no privacy. >> we're giving aaprivacy every single day in ways we're not aware of and we do it willingly. >> there is no difficult kregs. nobody is looking to protect these people anymore. everybody wants the negative out there as fast as possible. if they saw him giving someone
3:46 am
20 bucks you would not hear about it. a fight with his sister-in-law, you're going to hear about it. >> it's unfortunate. let's take a break here on "new day." when we come back the underwater search for flight 370 set to resume. but, there are new questions about two of the electronic signals thought to be coming from the plane's black box recorders. were they pings for real? that's the question. our experts weigh in. plus, much more of donald sterling in his own words. does the disgraced clippers owner think the nba will force him out? you will be interested to hear what he has to say about that. yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close. new at&t mobile share value plans.
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3:50 am
boy, oh, boy, they call lebron james king james for a reason. he showed up last night. the miami heat continuing to roll through the playoffs. another big win against the brooklyn nets. of course, it was just the man leading the charge. brian mcfayden breaks it down for us this morning in the "bleacher report." you know how great lebron james
3:51 am
is when they say he was a point shy from 50 because 49 is not enough. brian? >> he is the man. that's right. lebron james, one point shy of scoring 50. tying his career high. game was close going back and forth. hebron was unstoppable. he did stop and say what's up to jay-z and beyonce. hey, girl, sitting courtside. heat go on to win, 102-96. they take a 3-1 series lead. trending on, the trail blazers keeping the playoff dreams live. miller leading the way with no answer from the spurs. super bowl winning coach carol on hand, too. the guy lives the life. rubbing elbows with mr. paul allen. more nba playoff action on tnt tonight. pacers have a chance to finish their series with a win over the wizards. clippers and thunder get going at can 30.
3:52 am
their series is tied at two games aplease. michael sam pit 249th in the nfl draft. has more jersz sis sold than number one pick clowney. this is according to the sales at important to know that fans won't get delivery of their jerseys until a number is assigned. cleveland browns quarterback johnny football, johnny manziel. back to you, kate. >> thank you so much. let's move on to the search for flight 370. officials prepare to set an international standard for tracking flights. there are new doubts as to whether they're searchinging in right place for missing flight 370. crews prepare to resume the undert water search for the plane in the area where those electronic signal, the pings were detected last month. but were those pings really from the plane's flight data recorders? do they have any clue where the plane is? joining us this morning to discuss, miles o'brien, cnn aviation analyst, and pbs science correspondent. miles, we began this discussion
3:53 am
yesterday. now we're learning more about this. so let's talk more about this -- the pings and discrepancy here. first you have the "wall street journal" talking to australian officials who say they are casting doubt on the last two pings that were detected of the four pings. then you have the top australian in charge of the search coming out to say, simply, they have the four pings. this area of all four of them together, is the area of highest probability and it is too early to discount any of them. what do you make of it? >> i tend to go with angus houston on this because one of the key points here, kate, is in the absence of other evidence, this is all they have. and so while you've got two pings that are closer to the frequency that you would expect from the flight data reporter or the cockpit voice recorder and two others that are much lower frequency and somewhat mysterious in that respect, taken together, the fact they are found in this general
3:54 am
vicinity which happens to march the arc which would be drawn on the planet by that last communication between the aircraft and the inmarsat satellite. if you don't look there, where are you going to go? >> that's a great question. one they don't seem to be to the place yet where they're ready to begin that question, begin having that conversation, right? >> that's correct. they're looking at this -- they're investigating, i should say, this two-hour ping detection. that was b looked at first for a lot of reasons but one of the things they're discovering -- of course, we know more about the surface of the moon than we do the bottom of that ocean there. and they're finding deep crevas crevasses, finding all kind of difficult terrain. you have to wonder if that bluefin device, the bluefin-21 which is doing the sonar search of the seafloor bottom, you have to wonder if it is not the right piece of gear for this. and, you know, i've said this repeatedly. i always have the sense that
3:55 am
there's not enough assets on station for this particular search given the magnitude and the consequences of all of this. >> they're working to get more assets put in place and more crews put in place. we have been having -- that has been a conversation going on since the plane has gone missing though. do they have enough assets in place and could still be additional weeks before there are the new assets coming in. miles, let's bring in david soucie, the author of "why planes crash," former faa inspector as well. david, one question i'm getting from folks. if these last two pings are not from the black boxes is anyone suggesting quite yet what they could be? i believe early on we had some conversation that what the pings -- what could sound like a ping but do you have any guess? >> i really don't if if you listen to what angus houston said though he said they're not from machine made source. so, you know, there are some whales that, believe it or not, that make a frequency like that
3:56 am
and they do tend to repeat about a second per time. it's some kind of communication that they do. whether or not those whales are in that area and the fact they would have been able to put it out for that long at a second per pulse, it's unfeasible to me. but the fact that angus houston said it wasn't from a manmade source is very perplexing to me. >> i think that comes from the captain of the ocean shield, the captain of the ship deploying the bluefin. seems to be -- there doesn't seem to be -- there is a discrepancy between the people in charge of the search. >> yes. >> let me get your final take on a report out from atlantic magazine. miles, i'll start with you. they have a report out that really kind of calls into question the analysis of the inmarsat data which is important because this is what this entire search area has been based on is the analysis of the inmarsat data. they question why the inmarsat data led them to the southern arc. it could have led them to the
3:57 am
northern arc they believe. is there an easy way to explain that? >> well, here's what i want to say about this article. it is a very fine piece of journalism. a thorough analysis of an incomplete piece of data. they don't have the full picture because inmarsat has not released it. so they've taken what is an incomplete body of data and subbig holes in methodology and attempted to analyze that using great experts. unfortunately we don't know whether they found some bona fide holes in inmarsat's logic and conclusions or they're just operating in the dark somewhat and we have to give inmarsat the benefit of the doubt. at this point, until inmarsat releases this data and that's up to the malaysians, and they've said no so far, we're just going to have to keep groping around in the dark. and that's unfortunate. >> david, final thought from you. do you think if the malaysian authorities would for some reason decide to release it, i would be inclined to think they who l. not considering their
3:58 am
track record to this point, do you think it could change the analysis? >> i think it could. at least it would refine it into a closer area. so i think that's a good thing. if they would get -- need to get it out, need to get it analyzed by a second set of eyes. >> well, that seems to be the call from outside of the inner circle making those decisions by and large. david soucie, miles o'brien, thank you, gentlemen. great to see you. there is a lot going on to start your "new day" today. donald sterling insisting he's no racist and then proves to many that's exactly what he is in our cnn exclusive interview. american planes now join the search for the missing nigerian girls as the men holding them have new demands. do we negotiate with them? red wine and chocolate. they're good for you, they're bad for you. there's an ingredient you have to hear about. what's the latest chapter? let's get to all of it right now?
3:59 am
>> some of the african-americans -- maybe i'll get in trouble again -- they don't want to help anybody. magic johnson, what has he done? did he help anybody in south l.a.? i think he should be ashame of himself. doesn't do anything. >> this groups and other groups in al qaeda have made millions of dollars off of kidnapped ransom operations. >> each bringing what they could, machetes, homemade bows and arrows. >> made a sound of gunshot, explosions everywhere. >> good morning. welcome fwook "new day." tuesday, may 13th. 7:00 in the east. donald sterling, he is a lot of problems with a lot of people. cnn exclusive interview with anderson cooper the clippers owner lashes out at magic johnson. the media essentially blaming them for his predicament if he claims the public sentiment is against him and it's all hype that he's t got plenty of
4:00 am
supporters who just haven't spoken out yet. here is sterling in his own words for you to judge. >> i'm a good owner. i have a good team. there are people that want to buy my team. but because the media says that the owner s want me out doesn't mean they want me out. >> have you talked to the owners? >> i've talked to some of the owners? >> have any of them support you? >> of course they support me. they can't understand why i would say that. i can't understand why i would say that. >> you're saying there are some owners of the nba teams who want you to remain the owner of the clippers? >> i don't speak for the league or for the owners. >> have any owners told you that? >> i didn't ask them. i'm embarrassed, the league, i humiliated them. i don't know how -- why i did it. it's so terrible. and -- >> so you don't believe though that the owners would vote to have you removed as owner? >> i don't think so. the players don't hate me.
4:01 am
the sponsors don't hate me. >> you don't believe the -- >> the fans don't hate me. the media hates -- the media, it's all the media, pushy. >> you believe this is just the media? >> i believe it's 100%. i believe it's 100%. people call me by the thousands and give he support. >> you don't think -- >> they think i should have said that. >> you don't think the players don't like you? >> why wouldn't they like me when i'm respectful and i -- >> when they reverse their jerseys and didn't wear the name and they wore black socks? >> they have to do it. >> you think it's just pressure? >> what do you think? do you think they're all going to walk off the team? they're going to all -- can any of us just stop working? we all have to work. we all have to earn a living. we all have bills. we may work for an employer we don't love. i contend that they love me. >> you think they still love you? >> i do. >> you believe the players of the los angeles clippers love you? >> absolutely. they know i'm not a racist.
4:02 am
i'm not a racist. >> all right. so that's his thoughts about what's happening with him vis a i have the league and the players but there's much, much more. he went after specifically nba legend magic johnson in a way that is almost inexplikable. take a listen to it. >> big magic johnson, what has he done? >> he's a businessperson. >> he's got aids. did he do any business -- i'd like -- did he help anybody in south l.a.? >> i think he has hiv. he doesn't have full blown aids. >> what kind of a guy goes every city and has sex with every girl and catches hiv. is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? >> it was almost -- you didn't even know where that part was coming from. obviously the nba commissioner heard this, adam silver, and this morning he responds to sterling. he says, quote, put it up on the screen. i just read a transcript of donald sterling's interview with anderson cooper and while magic
4:03 am
johnson doesn't need me to, i feel compelled on behalf of nba family to apologize to him that he continues to be dragged into this situation and be degraded by such a malicious and personal attack. the nba board of governors is continuing with its process to remove mr. sterling as expeditiously as possible. let's discuss. let's bring in malik rose, game analyst for comcast sportsnet philadelphia and cnn commentator, legal analyst. you do not need to be a lawyer to know that mr. sterling did the work for the nba owners for them. fair assessment, that if he did one thing if he accomplished one thing here, it's that the vote to oust is now very likely. >> it's one and done. i saw anderson last night when he walked off the set and i said, you know, i think you're going to get flowers from adam silver tomorrow morning because all he has to do is hit play. donald sterling should change his name to donald truck because he's looney tunes. the more he opens his mouth,
4:04 am
it's stunning the worse it gets. >> couple of things. since it happened , since the first tape, everyone says we have to hear from donald sterling himself, we have to hear from donald sterling himself. when he comes out everyone is saying, you should probably stop talking. >> exactly. the more this guy opens his mouth, more hate and hate and negativity comes out of it. and what's ironic about what he's been saying to me is, ironic part is magic johnson, a man who has done nothing to him, he ly despieces and the woman who detrays his trust and exposes as a bigot he shares his undying love and support for her. >> he cried for her. >> that was to me one of the weirdist parts or i guess -- it was almost the most authentic part because it's clear he is crazy in love. >> he's completely authentic. i don't think any of it is contrived. he can't have an agenda. >> you know what was striking -- the two most go together then,
4:05 am
the feelings for the woman and his feelings about magic. >> one way to explain the feelings for magic. >> there is? >> what he says is that magic called him -- i don't know if this is true but he says in the interview magic called me and told me to the to talk and that would help. and then he kind of goes on this tangent about, well, why does everybody want magic to have the team, why is he such a good guy and i'm a bad guy? it comes right off the rails. >> jealousy there, too. i didn't want other black guys being with her, sleeping with her. he's not black. listen, let's just say this guy is -- i don't want to say he's nuts. >> he's nuts. >> he's clearly delusional if he thinks the players who said -- who have said if you are part of this team, i'm going to walk off or boycott. i'm not going to play. he thinks these guys still like him? he's nuts. he is so out of touch. and, yes, i did want to hear from him because now it further exposes his racism. and that he doesn't even realize
4:06 am
how racist he is. he denies, he calls anderson racist. >> the other thing, for the first time, if i were v. stiviano and i'm with this guy and this is what he's like and nobody believes me, i can kind of understand why she would be taping him saying you've got to listen to the way this guy talks. >> i think we're going to be slow to put her on a pedestal of integrity. i think that what's nice about this is, she's irrelevant now. this can be examined on its own. one value here is, whether it's age or generational or being a little addled, it does allow you to expose ideas that you want to have out there as a culture so you can condemn them and say this is now absurd talk. talk about hiv and aids as if it's a blemish on someone's character. >> he's 80 years old. he lived through the civil rights movement. we can't excuse people for age because you live in the here and now. especially with young players. there's a turnover on his team
4:07 am
every single season of young people. he should be more aware of the way the world is progressing. >> what is the impact of hearing this on the players? i can assume doc rivers has done a really good job of saying, look, we are going to focus on thor isries and the play yous and all of this is happening off the court. >> for me, being a player that's served in the union, i was on the executive committee member in the union for over seven years. to sit across the bargaining table from him, he wasn't the one speaking but he represented the owners. and this is a guy, this plantation mindset we're talking about where my players love me. the disconnect there to makes him believe in spite of all of this, the clippers still love him. i thought it was an interesting analogy that spike lee put on after the anderson cooper interview, you know, they still love me in spite of it. that's like that racist plantation owner's mindset. >> love me because i put food on
4:08 am
the table. >> for me as a player, i always knew he was cheap, always kind of like the clip joint, nobody wanted to play for the clippers because they were cheap. now it's coming full circle. elgin baylor was not crying wolf, he got it right. all of this stuff is being exposed. >> malik, great point. this didn't happen just last night. there have been people around this guy for years that have been hearing this and have done absolutely nothing. >> one interesting point i want to get your point on. he said a whole lot of things we were not expecting him to talk about, right? where should we begin. the one place, the one topic that he's wanted to be tight lipped was about the legal strategy going forward. he had that line down. when anderson asked him if he thought they were going to kick him out he said we weren't there yet so why should i address this issue. i don't want to fight with my partners. we all do what we have to do. he had that down. >> he's right. if he says i'm not going to sue, they're going to kick him out
4:09 am
immediately because they know there's no repercussion. given the fact that the conversation blew around like a leaf falling from a tree, who knows where he's going to do. >> even suing is out of the question, lee steinburg last night hit it on the head, he gave up the right to sue when he signed in to get the franchise. >> this is a club. >> a private entity. there are rules and regular ragss in place. when you damage the brand the way he has, when you jeopardize the revenue making capabilities of the nb, it's within the power of commissioner silver to do what he did and is up to the owners then falls on the board of governors to kind of like give the step two, get him out of there. >> i love that adam silver came right out yet again strong, this is what we stand for, this is what we don't. had a statement out there immediately. >> a statement basically saying he basically helped me. >> can we talk about he had those aids, when he has those aids, the aids, it's like, man, really? >> how many more people is he
4:10 am
going to result in his apology? >> back to 1980? i don't know. there's more tonight, right? >> yes. >> more interview airing tonight? >> yeah. you know, there's good and there's bad. some people like, why are you fanning the flames, we don't need to hear it. you do need to hear it because it makes it easier for people to condemn it and say it is unacceptable. another thing that it's brushing over is how do we punish thought in society going forward? there was a real issue here about do you take his property for what he thinks? it's a private club. he's now kind of overwhelmed that by the nature of his comments. so we're going to have much more of the interview later this morning, incluunincluding his thoughts on magic johnson as he try to make sense of them. thanks to mel and malik. i like this sound of that. >> m&m. >> m&m. >> even though magic johnson is saying he wants to move forward from this he is going to take an opportunity to respond. he's going to do it exclusively with cnn. he's going to do it with anderson on "ac 360" 8:00 p.m.
4:11 am
eastern of course only here on cnn. >> much more measured conversation we would hope on that one tonight. let's get it back over to don lemon for today's other big stories. >> there are other stories going on. that one is amazing though. a fourth va hospital is being investigated for allegedly covering up potentially deadly treatment delays. two workers at the durham, north carolina, va hospital has been placed on leave accused of cooking the books to cover up long wait times for patients seeking appointments with doctors. va policy states, no veteran should wait more than 14 days to be seen. cnn has already uncovered treatment delays at v. hospital in phoenix, arizona, that are being blamed for at least 40 deaths. national security agency reportedly planting a back door spyware in american made computer devices embedding surveillance tools before they're shipped overseas. details of the nsa intercepting devices before export now come from documents leaked by edward
4:12 am
snowden to journalist green greenwall. they don't deny using it to protect u.s. interest but won't comment on specific activitacti a unbelievable scene in a home in new hampshires a it l literally explodes. it's moments after a police officer was killed in a home. steven arkell was responding to a dispute and then he was gunned down. yeah. it's -- it just exploded. as you said, pointed out earlier, right next to other homes. >> looks like it's on a cul-de-sac right near other homes. coming up next on "new day," u.s. spy planes being used to help nigeria's search for the missing schoolgirls. we're going to go live to nigeria where a cnn crew found out firsthand how that village is trying to protect itself since that horrifying abduction. brain damage? all indications are that hillary clinton is in perfect health. on "inside politics" we're going
4:13 am
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4:16 am
welcome back to "new day." spy planes provided by the pentagon are now patrolling the skies over nigeria searching for nearly 300 schoolgirls kidnapped last month by terrorists. as officials try to determine whether it is the girl wes see in this video released by the al qaeda affiliate beck coharam. cnn is the first international
4:17 am
journalist to make a dangerous journey to the town where the kidnappings took place. she spent the night on patrol with the villagers. she's joining was much more of this cnn exclusive. tell us more. >> the reality, is, kate, this is very much a dangerous area. boko haram still roam well. the villagers feel it's time for them to take patters into their own hands. they can't wait for help to come to them from outside. look at this, kate. nightfall in chibok and with it the fear returns. bringing back memories. it's at night people here feel most vulnerable. most abandoned by the outside world which is why they've started going on nightly patrols like this i've sense that horrifying night of april 14th, the men here have come together, each bringing what they could,
4:18 am
machetes, homemade bows and arrows, trying, hoping that they will be able to protect their families. >> it was nearly dark, made this sound of gunshot, explosions everywhere. >> daniel muvia and his family witnessed the terror firsthand. >> we have to run into the bushes for our lives. so it was -- it was my whole family. fear is everywhere. >> reporter: daybreak does bring respite, but the burned out school stands as a reminder of the sheer scale of the devastation. near a month since the night when the radical islamist group boko haram stormed this town, more than 200 of the girls are still missing. tired of wait for help to arrive, fear is making way here for resilience. what is really extraordinary, chris, is how this community is picking itself up and it's
4:19 am
moving on. they're patrolling their own streets. they reopened the market. some of them have even gone deep into the sam babisa forest to l for their daughters. it was just amazing to witness. chris? >> nima, thank you so much. we know how much you risked to get there but now you are giving us a way to see. there are many as well as what is actually working and what needs to be done to help keep kids getting kidnapped. thanks to you, tina. let's bring in paul and fran townsend, cnn national security analyst, former hoerm land security adviser forth bush administration. she's also on the external advisory board of cia, fran, you better have all the answers for me this morning. >> oh, great. >> i'll give you a chance to compose yourself because there's so much on you. paul, we hear from nima's reporting and we see in video that local militias are organizing. now, to the uninitiated you
4:20 am
would say, what can they do against bochco harac beck who c aren't they the best so far? >> chris, that's right. these vigilante groups have led to a number of setbacks of boko haram in the years. they've drif then them out and into the countryside, into the forests of the region. we've seen boko haram now lash out with now extremes of violence and, hence, this operation they conducted to abduct the schoolgirls. this is a group on the defensive because of these local whatmili groups that are fed up with their violence, chris. >> it does speak to the sishtfy of nigerian government and their ability to protect these people if local militias are necessary but somewhat of a side issue for us because the headline, fran, is that boko haram is coming forward and saying we want to
4:21 am
talk about how and under what conditions we will give back the girls. they want to negotiate. now, we're all going to say but we don't negotiate. but does our rule have to apply here? >> it us didn't, chris. look, we have -- the u.s., as you say, u.s. policies don't negotiate with terrorists in a dialogue with them but we know our allies have. israels that engaged in prisoner swaps with the palestinians to get captured soldiers back. so the interesting thing here is, we don't know as much as we would like to know even if you were going to consider engaging in such a dialogue, right? we've seen the video. you don't know when the video was taken. typically in a video where you're looking for proof of life in a condition of a captive you want there to be something in it that makes a reference to a current event. >> a time stamp. >> that's right. so it references the outcome of an election so you know it couldn't have happened -- the tape couldn't have been made
4:22 am
before then. we don't know that. we don't know the condition of the girls. we're unlikely to get sufficient proof of life as to all of those young girls who are captive. so it's a very difficult circumstance in which to even consider engaging in such a negotiation. >> what do you see as ogss on the table though, paul? why is it so wrong to negotiate in a circumstance like this? what else can be done? >> well, it's going to be very, very tough to get them in some sort of military operation, special forces operation. in the past, boko haram, they have executed hostages before special forces have been able to get to them. maybe some sort of negotiations is the only hope of getting some of these girls back. this group has a track record of abducting girls in order to force concessions for the nigerian government, almost exactly a year ago the leader of the group abubakar shekau abducted a dozen girls from
4:23 am
northeastern nigeria and a deal was done a year ago in that case. there were 100 boko haram prisoners released in return for those girls. some precedent for that. >> for what it's worth, the organization says boko haram, organization, whatever you want to call it, is saying, you did this to our people in cameroon and elsewhere, that's why we're doing it to yours. we know that when you've tried to do it with force they've killed the hostages. we know when you've negotiated they have returned hostages. so what does that make as a formula for you? >> the answer, chris, you've got to have in your own mind what does success look like? we've got to be realistic. eastbound in a negotiation because of the large number of captives you are unlikely to return all approximately 300 girls to their families and reunite them healthy, safe, and well. so you've got to have realistic expectations. you may be able to get the majority of these girls back.
4:24 am
what condition they will be in and what they have been through remains to be seen. this is a brutal group. the notion that they've cared for these girls well is sort of ridiculous. so they're likely to have been harmed in some way, but you hope to be able to recover as many of these girls and reunite them with their families as you can. >> this is happening in realtime because ney jooeria is going back. interior ministry is saying no but director of administration ministry said it could be an option to negotiate. paul, thank you. keep us in the loop. and, fran, thanks for helping us understand it because it doesn't get more simple as time goes on. >> right. >> thanks for this. kate? coming up next on "new day," they were once a hot lead in the search for flight 370 but are those signals picked up in the indian ocean now being dismissed? new concerns about their viability in the hunt for the missing plane. richard quest will be here to explain and discuss. ahead, vicious and
4:25 am
unsubstantiated rumors. we'll see what karl rove is saying about hillary clinton's health. (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program that helps moms stay on track with their doctors and get the right care and guidance-before and after the baby is born.
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4:28 am
a lot of news this morning. let's get over to don lemon with the top stories. >> the biggest store roift day, exclusive interview with clippers owner donald sterling. questions whether magic johnson should be a role model because he has hiv and suggests johnson hasn't done enough to help the black community. nba commissioner adam silver responded in a statement, quote,
4:29 am
mi while magic johnson doesn't need me to, i feel compelled on behalf of the nba family to apologize to him that he continues to be dragged into this situation and be degraded. the nba board of governors is continuing with the process to remove mr. sterling as expeditiously as possible. we'll have more on sterling's interview next hour on cnn, throughout the day as well. now to the latest in the conflict in eastern ukraine. separatists in donetsk celebrate and say they're ready to join russia after declaring a landslide vote for self rule. kiev blasted the referendum and going to the general election in two weeks. some experts say they fear the separatists may actually disrupt or block the general vote. this is a tragic twist in a north carolina congressional race between clay aiken and keith crisco 71-year-old crisco died monday reportedly from an accidental fall at his home. the democratic primary contest had been too close to call with
4:30 am
aiken leading by more than 300 votes. officials are expected to certify the results today but aiken suspended all campaign activities after news of crisco's death. it's certainly a very interesting turn. i mean -- >> it was already getting more attention than a normal democratic primary does in a congressional race in a red district. but now it's so unfortunate l. >> he was our congressional correspondent so you know everything about this. >> dialing back. >> it's such -- the worst way to win. >> that's right. >> hard spot for clay aiken to be in but everybody's thoughts are going to be with mr. crisco's family. >> unexpected, healthy, 71. >> you've got that issue. >> it is an odd twist. former "american idol" winner and you have this and the guy dies. come on. strange turn of events. >> a lot of bizarre stuff. that's often what happens in politics. there's another one going on today as well. let's take it over to john king for "inside politics" on "new day."
4:31 am
you have to deal with what karl rove is stirring up as well. >> good morning. we begin as we go "inside politics" and with me to share is margaret of bloomberg news. let's start, robert and margaret, with shocking and i'll say rep prehensible from karl rove. the new york post reporting this morning that in a conference last week in los angeles he brought up hillary clinton's health. he said this, 30 days in the hospital b and when she reappears she's wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury. we need to know what's up with that. margaret, now, anyone who runs for president is going to have to answer questions for health. she was hospitalized while in the cabinet. no question she would be asked what about your health records. that's fair game. but to say she has essentially saying i think she has brain damage or some sort of a traumatic brain injury? beyond the pale? >> yot across the bow would be
4:32 am
the understatement to describe this. i think karl rove is sending a very clear signal that if she really wants to do this, it's going to be hard core from the get go. he is going to take heat about this. maybe he figures better him than the republican candidate. is she going to have to talk about, you know, what happened after the fall? of course. does it have to be framed this way? no, absolutely not. >> robert, that asks the question. liberals don't like karl rove. he's been their boogeyman for some time. he says a lot of provocative things. a lot of people are going to say this is reckless. i think it's way over the line. you can raise the question. you don't have to raise it this way. but he doesn't do thingsly accident. >> the new york post reports that he repeated this. >> karl rove is not a doctor but he is very connected to wealthy conservative doen nars. he's trying to signal to them in 2016 hillary clinton's health will be part of his conversation.
4:33 am
he's trying to cross that threshold early. i think the problem for rove is, as much as some in the gop base may cheer speculation about clinton's health, at the same time, some donors, wealthy donors, may be wary of rove's comments. when you look at groups that he's associated with will those dollars still be there if this is the way karl rove is going to operate ahead of 2016. >> a clinton spokesperson told the new york post, assure dr. rove she's 100%. karl rove has deceived the country for years but there is no words for this level of lying. no question republicans are trying to lay down a marker for her, if you run we are going to be tough. we're going to bring back up monicalewinsky, benghazi and the state department. but again, i'm just having a hard time where you would suggest someone has traumatic brain injury before -- as they're considering a candidate for presidency. they think they're going to scare her out? do you think they're going to say, don't you just want to be a grandmother and have a peaceful
4:34 am
life? >> we've seen her on the road already in come pain events where she's talking about complex issues, ducking a throwing shoe. she is going to be demonstrating by her daily actions as she's out there whether or not she's in fighting shape. so to some extent that will short itself out. this is a very aggressive tact to take. >> reflex republican nerves. it's only may 2014. >> nerves or fear? >> they're not sure if they can beat her, they're not sure if there's a candidate on the republican side who can beat her. if they're already talking about her health in this way at this time, there is fear in the republican ranks about their ability to really combat her in 2016. >> interesting. we'll continue to watch this one. and this is at a corporate meeting reported by the new york post. what we have not seen yet is if there's any video or audio of this event. also be interesting to see if his employers at the fox news channel, whether he's asked about it on the air and whether
4:35 am
they think that that's appropriate for one of their employers. it was not on fox news when he said this. let's turn to speaker john boehner. a lot of speculation because the conservative base is so unhappy with him. john boehner says he's run for re-election. he expects to win. he expects to keep the speaker's gavel. >> i'm run for re-election. i expect to be speaker. >> do you fully expect to serve out your full term, mr. speaker? >> i can't predict what's going to happen? i'll be 65 in november. i never thought i would live to be 60. so i'm living on borrowed time. >> why robert costa, the last part, i'm not sure if i'm going to complete my two years as speaker. why not just say i assume so, sure? that's what the election is. why would he say that? >> boehner is candid. he knows he's going to stay through november because he wants to carry house republicans through the election. at the same time, i think there's always been this rumor about potential retirement. he is maybe looking toward the door. he knows republicans take over the senate he's going to be in
4:36 am
position as speaker to get reforms through to really push up against the white house. and if republicans don't take the senate, retirement may look like a pretty good option. >> and margaret, robert is talking about after the election. if the republicans take the senate. there are a lot of people that wish speaker boehner before the election would bring immigration reform up for a vote in the house. he has dali danced around this a couple of times. he says it's still a possibility this year although people think it's not going to happen before the election. listen to tom donahue, his organization, the political ask spending a ton of money to help republicans this year. if republicans don't do it soon, listen -- >> i'm sorry. we don't have the found here. if republicans don't do it they shouldn't bother to run a candidate in 2016. think about that. think about who the voters are. i just did that to get everybody's attention. obvious demographics, the rise in the latino population. it's hard to see nevada winning new mexico, winning florida, the
4:37 am
battleground states unless republicans improve their standing here. how much of that is frustrationnd how much of that is serious? >> i actually think it is serious. when you connect the dots you look at what boehner is saying, which is i want to serve out, you know, g-ethe remainder of m time as speaker but i care about immigration reform and this is a card i have in my pocket. it's always been debated, would he be willing to lose his speakership? donahue is saying, look, republicans are not in the game if they're not talking about immigration reform. this is certainly shaping up to be a major issue in 2016 and could become an issue earlier. >> would the chamber withhold money in 2016 for republicans? >> i don't think so. donahue know it's not there to do anything. however, when he looks at the 2016 field he sees jeb bush, paul ryan, marco rubio and other republicans supportive of comprehensive immigration reform efforts.
4:38 am
they're rising. >> appreciate you coming. we know one of the republicans who is push for immigration reform, who might run for president in 20106 is a guy named jeb bush, former florida governor. he was messing a little bit, mr. cuomo, i guess, with your neck of the world. listen to him, jeb bush, joking about his own future but working in a little something else. >> there's been a lot of speculation about what may happen in the future. i've been candid that i'm weighing my options. but i'd like to take this opportunity tonight to confirm that, if asked, i would be willing to chair the rudy 2017 campaign against bill deblasio. let's do this, mayor. >> that is a fun way to stir up a little trouble. that's a fun way to stir up trouble as opposed to what i'll say is the reprehensible conduct
4:39 am
of mr. rove. >> i think that's probably the good way to stir up some trouble, good trouble. deflelkt, deflect, deflect, until it's time for you to announce. >> i don't really like this strategy. i get why it works. i get why it works with us. i come from a political family. i feel like being straight about it is often -- >> so fine, chris, announce, are you running in 2016? >> i'm going to run for the door. >> you come from a political family? >> i do. the women, horrible. >> right. >> i saw your brother last night and i said, hey, krirks jokingly, he didn't smile at all. >> did he punch you in the face? >> that's a joke with them. >> my boss said, hey, you have to get up, you have to be on at 6:00 a.m. he didn't like that, either. >> thanks, john, by the way. >> he likes to say that cuomo has helped people for a living except for chris who talks to people who help people for a living. love families. >> chris until tend unless the
4:40 am
governor wants to take me on. >> no, he loves you very much. everybody likes you. i'm the problem. rudy can run in 2017, by the way. he could. just saying. >> i love when chris though throws up a just saying . new tag line, just saying. >> put it on a tie, lengthwise. coming up on "new day," there are growing doubts that the pings detected in the search for flight 370 were from the plane. why? we'll explain. and also, there are new questions about what it will mean for where the search goes. plus, listen to this. don't cry yet. it turns out red wine and chocolate may not be so good for your health after all. this is very difficult for a pregnant woman to hear. we're digging deeper on a new study that dismisses their supposed benefits so what is true, what is not? we will tell you.
4:41 am
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there are new concerns this morning about the search for flight 370 and whether all of the pings that have been detected and have been so important to the search in indian ocean are actually from the missing plane's black boxes. these doubts are being raised adds an international organization is exploring the future of plane's safety including realtime flight tracking. here to discuss is cnn's own richard quest. richard, it's great to see you. so the global aviation community is coming to the to essentially
4:45 am
look at better ways of tracking flights which means better safety in flights. what are some of the things that they're discussing that could make a real difference, do you think? >> well, of course, now that we've moved from the initial phase of the investigation going into a much more detailed, much more difficult phase under water, but the aviation industries that to deal with the future. that means the very real question of realtime tracking of aircraft. international civil aviation organization, iaco, based in baltimore, they reason galvanized into action but the awfulness of mh370 and frankly i have never seen this organization move so fast. a, to recognize a situation. and, b, to decide to do something about it. so by tonight, we expect in montreal icao to have come out with a short-term solution. what are they going to do to
4:46 am
make sure planes never get lost like this again. and then, put in place a medium and long-term solution that will see the aviation industry through into the future. >> is it wrong for folks who have kind of talked about aviation safety for a long time to be skeptical of what icao is going to come up with? we know that the discussions of how to have more realtime tracking, safer flights, all of that jazz was you discussed also after the 2009 disappearance of the air france flight and nothing came of it. what has been the hold-up and what is different this time? >> and there you have elegantly put your finger on why icao cannot afford to be seen to drop the ball again. you're right. the 447 report said explicitly this needs to be dealt with. the malaysian airlines interim report had a safety recommendation, the preliminary had a safety recommendation, so
4:47 am
they can't ignore it. the issue is how do you do it? but here you have inmarsat which came out yesterday and basically said, 11,000 planes flying around at the moment have our technology and we will give them free realtime tracking. now, they hope to sell them premium data services, too. but this is a short-term solution. not long term. it's a short-term solution that would help prevent, not that one would expect another 370. >> absolutely right. what about not being able to turn off things on the plane. that's a huge problem with flight 370, is they turned off some of the tracking devices for lack of a better term or they were turned off somehow. what about just not being able to turn them off? doesn't that seem like a simple solution? >> yes, it does, but you need to give the flight crew the flexibility to respond in certain situations. i'll give you an example.
4:48 am
if there is a serious electoral issue on the aircraft and they need to switch off the electrics fast, they need to be able to pick and choose, which ones to pull, which ones to keep. you need to have the ability to we decide, we don't need that, switch it over. there's a fire over here, leave it on. and that, of course, would constrain the captain and the first officer in what they do, but having said that, of course there are ways in which you can satisfy the needs of the flight crew and at the same time make sure that the plane is always traceable wherever it is in the world. switching off the transponder is a relatively simple one to solve. it's not a difficult issue long term. >> this may be a little premature because the recommendations have not yet come out. but any suggestion that the airline industry, the airlines themselves, are ready for this type of change? it had been suggested to me that
4:49 am
the airlines and the cost of making these upgrades, if you will, that had been one of the obstacles previously. >> it was indeed. because not only is the more equipment on the aircraft potentially, there's the cost of the data transmission, there's whether or not the satellites simply have enough data bandwidth to cater for all the information that would be coming from various aircrafts. those arguments have long since gone. everybody -- every airline ceo that i've spoken to in the last two to three months have basically said it's not a question of the, it's a question of when and a question of how. so now everybody is looking at the modalities by which it can be done. one point to make, before we finish, of course, because they are going to be looking now back at 370 and everybody is starting to pull apart the evidence and the science upon which the search has been based. we've seen one article destroying or attempting to
4:50 am
destroy the inmarsat handshakes. the "wall street journal" article drew criticism on the so-called underwater pings. but here's the real problem with all of these critics. if you take away the signs that they've been looking at you've you only have the inmarsat handshakes, you only have the underwater pings, and frankly since the batteries have long since died, if all of these are wrong, or inaccurate, then we are facing a very challenging, a very different, a unique situation, and, i might add, one in which that is why they're having this complete and utter review of the evidence and the science. >> if you do not search where this data suggests, you have nowhere to search and no path forward.
4:51 am
great suggestion. thank you so much, great to see you. >> which again puts pressure on the malaysian authorities to give up all information and analysis they have. the vice president inmarsat, the nate data saying they've turned all the data they have. a quick break on "new day." when we come back, we'll call it built per sweet. the ingredient in dark chocolate and red wine may be too hold to be true. i know. hold your surprise. we'll tell you about all the new healthy hype. my name is michael, i'm 55 years old and i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain was terrible. um, i remember my feet hurt so bad that it felt like i had hot pins and needles coming from the inside out of my skin. when i did go see the doctor and he said, "i think i can help you" and prescribed lyrica. it helped me. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain.
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4:55 am
can't dance to -- >> takes me back to my "yute." >> sounded too good to be true, anyways. for years, drinking red wine and eating chocolate promoated better health. the suggestion is it may not be the fountain of youth. as i said, many people hoped it would be. here to explain, the director of women's heart health and lenox hill hospital. what gives here? we were all loving it. >> i know. >> do we have to talk about it now? this is, like -- those are the two things i'm really excited about postpregnancy. more red wine and more dark chocolate. >> what does this all mean? it's not good for you? >> i wouldn't say that. i wouldn't say give up the red wine and dark chocolate but it showed us in one study, about
4:56 am
800 people in italy, where they do drink red wine, is that the amount of rez bear toe rezbarat drank, it didn't prevent heart disease and cancers like they were hoping. so it's not that we're saying rezbipartisanatrol is not good for you but it's not a magic fix. there's is no such thing as a magic pill to make you live longer and be healthier. >> they drink a lot, perhaps, and forget about their problems. 783 men and witch age 65 or older, used urine to measure the levels for nine years. found the levels did not influence heart disease, cancer nor longevity. >> that's what it is. so when we talk about people going out and buying supplements, really, we know is a huge thing, about $30 million
4:57 am
were spent on resveratrol in this study. even if you take a lot of it, it's not going to change your life, make you live longer. what's the take-home? hate to brang eak it to everybo it's really about eating a diet filled with the bioflavinoids, those found in cocoa and berries, and eating, i have to say, the best diet is mediterranean. >> you're not saying, we really want to know this, i can't have red wine? you're not saying -- >> yes, you cannot have red wine right now. >> you can have red wine now. right? moderation? >> the excuse for it has gone out the window. >> you can still use it as an excuse. the reason, because it's really part of the mediterranean diet. it is part of that heart healthy diet. >> in moderation.
4:58 am
the problem with the studies we're looking for something easy and over do it. don got himself in great shape recently and he did it the hard way. he changed how he ate. he changed how he moved, and he made sure -- >> get on the treadmill. >> got to do it the hard way. >> look at "the biggest loser" people who are losing weight. what are they doing? they're going out, exercising, they're changing their diet, they're changing their lives. there is never, ever, going to be that one pill that's going change everything and make you healthy. you've got to do the work. you have got to do the work. >> the best diet, i found, is let stuff roll off your back. just let it roll off your back. >> doctor, you're wearing a red dress. it is also important, i think, and a great opportunity to point out that heart disease is not just a man's problem. it is one of the leading causes of death among women. pay attention to this and take care of this. >> i'm a pokes perssspokespersod
4:59 am
this is something we can control, number one killer of women. control it 80% of the time. diet, exercise, lifetime, not about the pill, the red wine, it's about the big picture, getting rid of stress and really taking care of your heart. >> next time bring samples of red wine. >> i brought some. >> okay. keep. quiet. america won't hear it. >> anything worthwhile is hard. you have to just put in the time. we all know it. common sense tells you. >> good to see you. >> great headline. coming up on "new day," donald sterling. he lashes out at nba legend magic johnson. why? we have no idea. you have to hear it for yourself. here what he says about magical battle with live. we'll bring in one of magic's final teammates, a.c. green, knows him well, and he's going to speak for his friend, when we come back. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that won't trap me in a rate. that's correct. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that?
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♪ woooooah. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. zillow. good morning and welcome once again to "new day." it's tuesday, may 13th, 8:00 in the east. in donald sterling was looking for redemption he probably did not help his chances last night. in a cnn exclusive, sterling took another shot at magic johnson, if you can believe it, questioning his place as a role model and how much he thinks johnson's done to help the black
5:04 am
community. nba's commissioner is responding, respoending it quickly saying he won't stand for his remarks. despites had apologies sterling made things worse for himself. >> here is a man, i don't know if i can say this. he about thes so holy. he made love to every girl in every city in america and he had aids, and when he had those aids, i went to my synagogue and i prayed for him. i hoped he could live and be well. i didn't criticize him. i could have. is he an example for children? you know? because he has money, he's able to treat himself, but magic johnson is irrelevant in this thing. what has he done? can you tell me? big magic johnson. what has he done? >> well, he's a business person. >> he's got aids. did he do any business? did he help anybody in south
5:05 am
l.a.? >> i think he has hiv. he doesn't actually have full blown aids. >> what kind of a guy goes to every city, has sex with every girl and then catches hiv. is that somebody we want to respect and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. i think he should go into the background. but what does he do for the black people? he doesn't do anything. you call up and say, well -- >> he's opened a lot of businesses in inner city neighborhoods. >> the jewish people have a company, and it's for people who want to borrow money, and no interest. they want to give them a fish pole, a fishing pole. we want to help people. if they don't have the money, we'll loan it to you. you don't have interest, one day you'll pay us back. i'm just telling you, he does nothing. it's all talk. >> sir, you're saying that african-americans don't contribute to their, to african-american communities as much as jewish people? >> there's no africa-america.
5:06 am
never mind. he's a good person and he -- what am i going to say? has he done everything he can do to help minorities? i don't think so. but i'll say it. i'll say it, you know. he's great, but i -- i jut don't think he is a good example for the children of los angeles. that he would go and do what he did and then get aids. i mean, come on. jews, when they get successful, they will help their people, and some of the african-americans, maybe i'll get in trouble again, they don't want to help anybody. what is magic johnson really done for children's hospital? which kids are lying in the hallways. they're sick. they need a bed. what has he done for -- any
5:07 am
hospital? what has he done for any group? i don't know. maybe he's done a lot. >> let me guess. you're shaking your head right now. right? so was the nba commissioner adam silver who responded to sterling says, "i just read a transcript of donald steshlgrling's interv and i feel compelled to apologize to him to be dragged into this and degraded by such a personal, malicious attack. the nba is continuing with its process to remove mr. sterling as expeditiously as possible." i want to bring in a.c. green, a retired, great, nba player, and a teammate and friend of magic johnson. a.c., the first thing to get to this morning is that shelly sterling, obviously, the estranged wife of donald, spoke this morning about what she thinks about what her husband had to say about magic johnson.
5:08 am
let's play that for everybody. >> he's not the man i know, or i knew. there's something wrong. i really think personally, he has dementia. >> some people look at that and think, maybe you're making excuses for him. >> no. i don't make excuses for anybody. >> can you shed any light on what he said about magic johnson? >> why would he bring magic johnson into the issue about what's happening now? i mean, that's where i feel pity, because he couldn't get all the dots together. he couldn't connect the dots. i'm very angry, and i'm very hurt, and i've even cried listening to that, because i just feel bad. >> what do you make of that, a.c.? >> well, i feel bad, too, at what mrs. sterling is saying, i echo her comments. i don't necessarily know donald sterling like a personal friend
5:09 am
but tell you what, the dots are definitely not connecting. i am appalled by just hearing the statements that he made about my friend magic johnson, my former teammate. and talking about behavior that was 20-plus years ago, obviously, the man is totally changed. he is everything that donald sterling was saying he's not doing, public will tell you that ivin mat earvin "magic" johnson is doing across the country. >> it has to do with this one man, donald sterling. notably, to actually blame magic johnson for his fight with hiv. i haven't heard anything like that in 20 years. have you? >> no. no, i haven't, and that's exactly the point. i mean, i think there's the just -- there's something haywire upstairs in mr. sterling's mind. so his reality is definitely clouded. you know what?
5:10 am
if anyone needs pray right now it is mr. sterling who needs it, because no one really understands what's going on in his mind. i think the gentleman, what i understand, is pretty much living, quote/unquote in a box in beverly hills feeling he can't come outside of his own home because of what the public really feels about him at this point in time in los angeles. >> he just made the worst case for himself that he could, probably. let me ask you. you know magic. is there any chance along allegation, a suggestion without proof. right? and donald sterling makes one. he seems to be suggesting that magic somehow knew this woman in his life and somehow got him to be recorded and baited and to say these horrible things in some type of gambit, maybe to help get access to the team. do you have nip reason to believe some type of scheme like this is existing? >> that is such a farfetched story. i mean, if magic really wanted to go and try and buy another, another sports team, let alone
5:11 am
the clippers, i don't think he'll have a problem doing that as mr. adam silver has said, he's a friend of the nba, a lifetime friend of the nba. he can make that call to the commissioner and find out what team is available, and if it happen to be the clippers, it happens to be the clippers. he doesn't have time noor petfo petty type of stuff to come up with a concoction to take the clippers away? that really doesn't make any sense. >> to your knowledge, does he have any type of relationship with donald sterling to say, be quiet about this and i'll hil you out. to your knowledge, do they have that kind of relationship? >> well, i think there's a business relationship and a mutual respect for the things that they've done and what they're trying to do in l.a. itself. but i'll tell you what, i can see magic reaching out to donald sterling and trying to help him and trying to understand the situation, but i'll tell you what i also think. i think once he found out exactly sort of what has been said and assess what the damages
5:12 am
really were done at that time, i wouldn't have called donald sterling back either. >> and so if anything, he would be reaching out to help, but you don't think he was in any way plotting against donald sterling? >> no. i have -- there's nothing within me that would think magic would ever think about plotting against donald sterling. that's just ridiculous, honestly. >> now, your friend has tweeted, look, i want to talk about the playoffs. i don't want to talk about sterling anymore. how wounded is it to be reminded of his fight with hiv? obviously, a life or death -- what impact has it had on magic johns johnson? >> look, magic's a successful father, husband, businessman, respected figure in our community as well as just across this world. and to have at the same time, really, a colleague, someone that you do respect, because you have to go to battle with, you, in a sense, you do some similar
5:13 am
things in the community, but to have someone say -- that you have a sense of relationship and a level of respect for say something like that, i mean, honestly, that is so far below the belt that i know earvin well enough, he will forgive him and move past this but this is a call for a low blow and it has no merit whatsoever. so why would a person have to dig up something so many years back that has no relevance to 2014? i just don't get it, but then again, no one gets donald sterling these days. >> one thing we know for sure for all the questions raised by this interview is that, if magic johnson or anybody else wants to buy the clippers, it looks like it will be available. a.c. green, thank you very much for joining us. pleasure to meet you. >> thanks, chris. appreciate your time. >> oh, yeah. all right. so magic johnson, obviously, unfortunately forced into this situation. what is his actual take?
5:14 am
you heard from his friend right there. you're going to get to hear from him directly. anderson will sit down with him in a cnn exclusive with the nba legend tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on "a.c. 360." tait? a stunning scene in new hampshire as it literally explodes and it happened on live tv. the blast coming just moments after a deadly shoot-out with police. now authorities are trying to simply figure out exactly what happened here. don lemon has been taking a look at it. don? >> you look at that video, it is unimaginable and happened in the town of brentwood, about 25 miles from manchester, new hampshire. pli police were dispatched to investigate an altercation between a father and his son. >> reporter: this violent explosion tearing through a new hampshire home is leaving police puzzled, and adding to the mystery just moments before the massive explosion, a man in the home shot and killed a police officer. >> we just felt an explosion. looked at each other, we got to get out of here.
5:15 am
>> reporter: officer steve arkell was responding to a call of disturbance when he was fatally shot. >> officers arrived. a short time later the home was engulfed in flames and later exploded. >> reporter: according to neighbors, nolan lived in the home with his father. neighbors also saying a loud argument could be heard before the blast. >> we could see our house -- we saw the explosion go up and stuff, like blow over to our house. >> not only did we hear, we saw simultaneously. very frightening. >> reporter: the cause of the fire and explosion are still unknown. a frightening scene leaving this neighborhood on edge. >> all of these cops came. the s.w.a.t. came and the people walking around the house with machine guns, and it was just scary, scary, scary. >> frightening. police believe the suspected shooter died in the fire. officer stephen arkell leaves behind a wife and two teenage daughters. the officer. >> awful story and important to rep the family left behind.
5:16 am
thanks, don. coming up on "new day," american planes and technology, part of the mission to get back the girls kidnapped in nigeria. meanwhile, new video of them just released. we'll show it to you as well as the calls for their release and asking for negotiations by the men holding them. rep steve hatfielduinta.coms the ready for you alert, the second his room is ready. you know what he brings? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's! he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at! afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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well, in a terrible situation, there is a little good news. the united states is front and center ins search is for nearly 300 kidnapped nigerian schoolgirls. american planes in the skies over nigeria hoping to somehow find a spot to zero in on a location the girls may be and help determine werther it really
5:20 am
is them's in a new video released by boko haram. meanwhile, the nigerian army arrived in the town where the girls were taken. live from abuja, nigerinigeria,s the latest? >> reporter: chris, well, in addition to the u.s. assets you pointed out helping with surveillance, with reconnaissance, they'll also do intelligence gathering and providing hostage negotiation techniques for the nigerian government, we're learning now after speaking to parents in chibok, americans arrived in the town yesterday. eight pickup loads of them in the town. a lot of residents still not trusting the military will be able to get the job done on their own but this is a welcome sign. in addition to the startling video released yesterday, which purports to show not only the leader of boko haram, abubakar shekau with the girls he kid
5:21 am
na napped. they're looking at all options to secure the release of these girls. kate? >> let's continue the conversation and focus on the video and how to get those girl backs. with me, retired general, a cnn military analyst and former commanding general of the u.s. army intelligence center. spider, let's lay ought, once again, where we're talking and why it poses such a challenge to finding these girls, not only talking a month later. we're looking at a map of nigeria. the two capital cities, lagos, and when the girls were taken from. is it all over nignigeria? >> no the all over nigeria, where is this presence and also their ability to touch. >> the fear. >> that's all over nigeria. you got it, and expanding throughout the world right now. we're talking about it. in terms of physical presence,
5:22 am
it's primarily in the upper two-thirds, most importantly in the northeast which is really the desert region of nigeria as compared to what you see along the coast, the oil exploration, where that takes place. this is an area that would be entirely easier to get to in terms of intelligence collection, because it's not forested. you're not down there on the coast where there's some natural cover. so this is an area where we can gather good intelligence and we can acquire that intelligence through technical means which is what we're doing now. it's a layering effect. satellites, uavs, drones flown. the key issue, kate, try to get sources, forkes on the ground. not u.s. folks but indigenous, local, willing to risk getting up into that area to further build the picture of what's taking place. >> as you look at the map, you can also see why there is a big concern amongst, especially u.s. intelligence officials, that the girls have been not only split up, but also maybe moved into
5:23 am
the neighbors countries. chad, cameroon, niger, right? >> absolutely correct. there are borders established, not well-recognized or certainly policed. if the united states was going to do anything, we have a presence in a number of neighboring countries, and if we were going to try, if we had the authorization, the good symbol jsymbol -- intelligence and the authorization -- >> we have drones that can help with the aerial surveillance. >> correct and exactly right. we have presence, reship, able to operate before. if we were going to do something in northeast nigeria, we wouldn't do it stage from southern nigeria. yeed go to some place like chad to come across the border quickly, do something precisely. intelligence is fleeting. we don't want it to be late. if we have a good picture what's going on we want to act as quickly as possible. >> you mentioned before, it's not only important to have the drones in the air, to have the aerial surveillance to try to find the girls, or some
5:24 am
indication where, their captor, but also to have eyes on the ground to corroborate them? >> absolutely correct. you never want a sole source of intelligence, kate. you want to verify it through other means. clearly, the best and most precise picture we're going to paint if it has all of these different forms of intelligence, human intelligence, imagery intelligence to get from satellites. signal intelligence. these folks communicate. you want to be able to break into signals and break it down and get a better sense what they're doing. >> when you take all of this into account, spider, get your take on the fact nigerian officials say everything is on the table what they'll do and can do to get the girls back. we know in the video where we finally saw some of the girls we believe since the first time they've gone missing, the leader said you won't seen them again until you release our brothers you have captured. then top of that, layer in the united states as policy does not negotiate with terrorists. does that pose a problem for our
5:25 am
involvement. >> oh, sure. >> in this search? >> well, first of all, yes. short answer is, yes. the united states does negotiate with terrorists. we can qualify that, but this is the nigerian government. >> their deal? >> absolutely their deal. the united states is in a support-type role but we have great capabilities we bring forward, and the key thing not only is the intelligence, but with our special forces presence, albeit a small group of folks, they have what's called a command and control capability to fight beyond their weight. there are more capabilities that can are brought in and controlled by that small group of incredibly talented young americans, that would really help clarify the situation on the ground. but any time you're talking about a hostage release, it's a matter of weighing the risk. you're going to give something up, get something in return. if you have incredibly grow ttee people coming out of jail, recidivism, going back to bad
5:26 am
behavior and go join the ranks of boekko haram. that's not a good outcome. >> no. spider, thank you so much. the focus should remain on how to help these girls and how to help girls all over the world. how can you help? go to and do your part. chris? >> thanks for getting the word out, kate. coming up on "new day," music's first couple. hits a sour note. what had beyonce's sister trying to pummel jay-z. see what you make of it.
5:27 am
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get the it card and see your fico® credit score. disturbing the pantry. ortho crime files. a house, under siege. say helto home defense max. kills bugs inside and prevents new ones for up to a year. ortho home defense max. get order. get ortho®. my favorite beyonce song, by the way. >> somebody was looking crazy. welcome back. jay-z and beyonce seen courtside at the brooklyn/nets game. one blowout. maybe doing damage control, because there may have been a different blowout. look at this. tmz 30eposted a wild video. beyonce's sister solange attacking jay-z in an elevator. cannot confirm the authenticity of the video but it is bringing
5:31 am
scrutiny on the otherwise pitch-per expect couple. >> looking at that piece of video, the person you don't see who's sort of pressed up against the wall is actually beyonce. she was in that elevator along with her sister while this was going on. all we know, whatever happened to solange, she had to be restrained from beating up other brother-in-law. >> with jay-z -- >> reporter: all miles at the nets game monday night, hours ar this security video was recorded after the met gala, which paints a different picture. the shocking video purportedly captures beyonce's younger sister solange attacking jay-z, kicking him multiple times. jay-z holding her foot but never retaliating. beyonce staying out of the fray. solange leaving the venue tight-lipped. jay-z opting for a separate vehicle. >> they were actually getting along great where they were
5:32 am
before this and beyonce and solange were dancing together. >> the video, a huge departure -- ♪ all-night >> reporter: from the superstar's couple carefully protected, some would say a untouchable image. from the secret birth of their daughter blue ivy. ♪ o say can you see >> reporter: to their frequent visits with the president and first lady. [ applause ] with their extensive business and sports interests, they remained above the normal tabloid fray, considered so untouchable, "snl" poked fun at her with this sketch. >> not a huge fan of that one drunken love song, though. >> reporter: if anyone speaks ill, they get huntsed down. >> jay-z and beyonce control their image and control it well. their private moments are just that. they put up a very large, powerful wall between public and private and that wall was broken down. >> reporter: last week beyonce posted this message on
5:33 am
instagram. now attracting renewed attention. she asks god, help me to choose my friends wisely so i won't be led astray. give me disternment and strength to separate myself from anyone who's not a good influence. and the body language of everybody in that elevator certainly speaks volumes. they were seen leaving the elevator together. beyonce showed no apparent emotion, portrayed it nothing of what had gone on inside that elevator. it's a chic hotel. they are investigating and clearly cater to a lot of celebrities. their reputation now on the launch. they're going to launch a criminal investigation to file criminal charges as for all those involved. right now nobody is making any comment as to what happened, why solange did what she did, and a lot of people, though, on the twitterverse saying, jay-z, very restrained. didn't fight back. sort of, back very defensive and in terms of his accesstions, bu frantic moment in the elevator.
5:34 am
>> beyonce -- i'm not expert. reading body language. like, okay. this has happened before, or maybe there she goes again. she's just standing there. >> just standing there. >> but a guy who grew up in a family with all women and sisters, usually someone reacts that way when they're defending someone and beyonce didn't move. jay-z sort of -- moved at the end. okay, now, solange, that's enough. >> analyze, analyze, at the end of the day, this is likely family business that is unfortunately now -- >> who knows. >> don lemon, the obvious. >> we always go, oh, we don't know. it's the obvious. look at the body language. listen, we all have families. we all have family members, we know people act up sometimes. usually the people being in the public eye who act up and don't understand the pressures of the public and how things can go viral are people not in, family members not in the public eye. solange is in the public eye and should have known better. she did in the elevator, still -- >> never in public, at all. >> we don't know that it's her.
5:35 am
we don't know what was said. >> that it's solange? come on. we keep saying, we have to say this for cnn. oh, there are going to be people in the standard hotel dressed exactly like beyonce, jay-z and solange coming out. >> we don't know what state she was in. just came from the met ball. we don't know what was said in the elevator. we know people will make fun of jay-z for having bodyguards. if the bodyguard weren't there if he so much as put his hands on her, i don't care if um canning at him with two machetes, he'd probably be arrested right now. >> he's never going to press charges against this sister-in-law. nothing will come from this and maybe they'll comment on it one day later. >> families and what's happening. what are you talking about? >> he's never going to i agree >> and with that -- >> here's what happened. >> it was the shoes. >> according to my vision, it was the candlestick.
5:36 am
>> what did you say about my shoes? >> great shoes. let me prove it to you. >> i do like the shoes. >> if someone's defending me, i'm not going to move, move against them. >> protect yourself. >> yes. someone's defending me, stand there and go -- >> we'll going to find about it in the break. we've analyzed it enough. i'm moving on. coming up next on "new day," questions raised about the pings from the indian ocean. big "if," if this is a dead end, what's next? not much, but our experts are weighing in.
5:37 am
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welcome back to "new day," everyone. this morning officials are exploring the future of plane safety including realtime flight tracking in response to the disappearance of flight 370, and as crews prepare to resume the underwater search for the plane, there are new doubts about the electronic signals detected last month, believed to be from the plane's flight recorders. joining us now, miles o'brien, cnn aviation analyst and science correspondent david soucie, safety analyst inspector who wrote the book "why planes crash." good to see you this early in the morning. usually we're on late at night. here what it said. that they had no -- increasingly believe only the first two signals detected are relevant to the search. what gives here? because there were supposedly, what? eight pings, miles? >> well, boiled down to four, really. we had two. one that's about a two hour in length. one that was shorter increment, around 15 minutes. these other two captures on another day, at a much lower
5:41 am
frequency. the report that came out in the "wall street journal," maybe those other two are not as important ux and they were certainly lower on the list of pings to check out, but the head of the search in australia, the former -- >> angus houston. >> the former head of the air force there, angus houston, saying, look, put the four together, this is all we've got. are we going to shove off, move on? where do we go to? so the search presses on. >> saying it's the best we got. start with more pings, narrow it down to smaller, smaller, smaller. will we get to the point, maybe those weren't the pings at all and we're looking in the wrong place? >> you know, i even have my doubts about those first new pings after getting new information within the last week. say that there's no pings at all. what are you going to do? where are you going to start? miles was saying, just go home and wait until something else happens? no. you've got to start searching that region, that lower arc anyway, do it there. that's the most likely place.
5:42 am
by just looking at the inmarsat data, it's the most likely place. continue the search. like miles has said all along, do they have the right resources? there needs to be more resources out there, looking, remapping, doing a lot more work than just what the bluefin can do and they know that, they're working on that. they have a lot of contractors, people i've talked to as well saying, look, they've been contacted. we want our equipment, we've got to get it out there but it will take weeks to position the bluefin and the people. >> get the bluefin in the water, give grace images. you doubt theablyfin is the right apparatus to have down there? miles? >> i think it's at the edge of its capability. it may be a little beyond. remember, we don't know much about what's on the ocean floor there. that's pretty much a mystery to us. we know a lot more about the moon. the bluefin is in uncharted territory. it's finding some areas that are perhaps deeper than it has the capability to properly map. so, again, this one device searching for this plane, which the whole world is demanding
5:43 am
answers for. i still think did is a search that needs more resources, now. >> i'm not sure, though, if it's that black and white, david. you know, i was thinking about what you said. where else do we search? just sit around and do nothing? but also, they're spending a lot of money, and if they're looking in the wrong place, many way look at it as a waste of resources. >> yeah, well, again, it's about having the right tool for the right job. and you know, a towed sonar would be much more useful. they know they're. they're working on getting one out there'sthe bluefin 21 isn't the best tool to be used, from what i understand from dave gallo and the other folks we've spoken with. best tool, start with a map first. even flight 447, a map of the floor before they started. i think that's the first step, to map the entire area and then come back and do the more tailed search with the right equipment. >> the most amazing thing, even the "wall street journal" report, most af mamazing, all o
5:44 am
these weeks and still nothing. zero sign of the flight. appreciate you joining us. thank you. have a great day. >> thanks, don. >> thank you. coming up next on "new day," more from our exclusive sitdown with anderson cooper. his exclusive sitdown with donald sterling. so much criticism of magic johnson. would the nba owners really let him keep the team? two-time nba champion will share his thoughts on the interview, ma'lik rose. whatever happened to good? good is choosing not to overshoot the moon, but to land right on it. good is maxwell house. ♪ good to the last drop
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5:48 am
zillow. welcome back. have you heard that donald sterling, the exclusive interview on cnn? well, you need to, because the l.a. clippers owner says he's no racist, but his words seem to paint a very different picture. he's also, for some reason, slamming nba ledgeant magic johnson. questioning whether he should be a role model in part because he has hiv. let's bring in malik rose, two-time nba champ and game analyst for comcast sports net philadelphia and mr. kessler. co-chair of the sports group at winston and strong, llp. thanks to you both. first take, malik. do you believe these are the words of someone who doesn't know what therapy sayiy're sayi doesn't know how what they're saying will impact others? >> i think clearly a case of someone not knowing how what he
5:49 am
is saying is going to impact others. i thought anderson coop der a good job of pointing out, although not a medical doctor, mr. sterling yunds stounderstoo anderson was asking, and reviewed then went on. that meant for him it was safe to go on. not that he was questioning a person with dementia. >> his wife came on the media and said he has onset dementia, i don't know this man. he can't connect the dots. do you agree or think she's giving herself some cover? >> again, i'm not a doctor, but have a grandmother that suffers in the early stages of dementia and she still teaches us, does the grandmotherly things. prays over us, teaches us to be good people and do this and that and the dementia part comes she forget who we are, and where she is, but she doesn't forget who she is. >> my father is 81. i'm lucky if i can beat him at anything, maybe a foot race.
5:50 am
my mother only 35, a long way to go. >> there you go. >> counselor, in terms of what this means for the nba's process, do you believe that donald sterling in this interview did the work for them, and now it is almost a forgone conclusion about his fate? >> well, i think he's digging a hole deeper and deeper and deeper. i agree with malik. he just reveals what his attitudes are, and those attitudes are not something that anybody else in the nba wants to be associated with. >> before this, i had argued there was a legitimate question about how we punish in society. do you make someone surrender property? obviously, it's a little more convenient here because it's a private organization, but do you believe that that issue did exist and now doesn't exist as much because of what he said? >> well, i don't think it was ever really an issue here,
5:51 am
because to point out, the nba ownership is a billionaire's club. and when he joined that club, he agreed to a set of rules, and one of those rules was, if you did things, and he did things. he said things. that cast a bad light on the a nba, a light that nobody wants to be associated with, then you have to pay the price, and by the way, the price here is for him to sell his team and make hundreds of millions of dollars. no one has to feel sorry for mr. sterling. they have to feel sorry for all those who have been forced to associate with him for even one more minute. >> litigation, on that topic. i wonder if there's any litigation, magic johnson probably wouldn't bring the cause of action, for the things he says about magic johnson. insulting him for having aids. that that doesn't make him a role model, and, also, did you pick up this suggestion that
5:52 am
somehow, in donald sterling's head, he thinks there's some connection between the woman in his life, magic johnson and some plot to pick up his team. >> absolutely. that magic was the one that possibly leaked the tapes and called him saying he would handle it, would go back channels to get the team sold in two weeks. a major league franchise sold in two weeks. clearly, it goes on to, lends credence to just how screwed up this guy is, and what's going on in his head, what's inside of his soul, and he has no -- no semblance of understanding the people he's hurting, the people he's insultingened a the damage he's doing to the nba brand. >> when's the last time you heard, counselor, somebody talk about the jews versus the blacks in terms of how they treat their communities? i think i was in my teens the last time i heard that some somebody. >> it is just so upsetting. so difficult to watch him.
5:53 am
when he speaks -- i thought, frankly, one of the most cringing moments is when he'd spoke about how he was sure all of his players loved him. really? >> maybe he defines it differently. >> absolutely. that goes along with the disconnect. >> i think we -- i think we all know how he defines it. >> yes. >> the disconnect what this man is experiencing with the world around him and the world he perceives in his mind. >> at least it's out there. the rest of us can say what's acceptable and what isn't and hopefully get stronger moving forward. thank you for the legal analysis. mr. kessler, always a pressure. magic johnson, unfortunately caught up in the center of this through no fault of his own. what does he think about it? we're going it find out. he's sitting down with anderson cooper exclusively tonight on "a.c. 360" only here on cnn. coming up on "new day," dedicated volunteers find the perfect dog for the perfect owner, but what makes them so perfect for each other?
5:54 am
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say "hi" rudy. [ barks ] [ chuckles ] that's why i'm so excited about these new milk-bone brushing chews. whoa, i'm not the only one. it's a brilliant new way to take care of his teeth. clinically proven as effective as brushing. ok, here you go. have you ever seen a dog brush his own teeth? the twist and nub design cleans all the way down to the gum line, even reaching the back teeth. they taste like a treat, but they clean like a toothbrush. nothing says you care like a milk-bone brushing chew. [ barks ]
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you know, don, sometimes when we have something we want to discuss, like some of your incisive analysis what's happening in an elevator. >> please, let's continue t. is better suited to a different venue where you can more easily hit me without this stuff in front of me. let's grow to the couch. >> what if i don't want to go to the couch? time for a double dose today. starts at the central nebraska humane society. rosy the dog, great story.
5:59 am
pit bull. don't let that change your perception. she wasn't responding to them until they realized she was deaf. for months they thought rosy sign language and slowly she came out of her shell. >> amazing to watch her blossom into a dog. i don't think she knew how to be a dog. >> learn sign language. wow. >> that's the good stuff. right? listen to this. rosy was doing well, but another challenge. time to find her a home. no takers. who would adopt a deaf dog? here's who. >> i'm going to teach you -- for deaf people. she's my dog. she can pick up fast. >> how beautiful and perfect is that? that's cindy cooke. she looked for years for a deaf dog and couldn't find one. rosy and her new owner are doing great. the shelter is overjoyed. >> it's -- what i hoped would eventually happen, and she couldn't have gone to a nicer family.
6:00 am
>> wow. >> the best dogs ever. pitbulls. >> who knew? who knew? tough stuff going on in the news. always good to end with "the good stuff." a lot of news. get you to carol costello. >> have a great day. thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. first came the apology, then the attack. disgraced l.a. clippers owner donald sterling says he made a terrible mistake, and insistence he is not a racist, but in the same exclusive interview with anderson cooper, sterling goes off on magic johnson, and takes shots at the media, who he seems to blame for his problems. here's sterling, in his own words. >> here is a man


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