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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 13, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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america. >> reporter: joe johns, cnn, the white house. cnn will bring the medal of honor ceremony live to you. it starts an hour from now, 3:00 p.m. eastern. that's it for me. thanks for watching. 5:00 p.m., i'll be back in "the situation room." newsroom with brooke baldwin newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- a lot to get to here on this tuesday. let's begin with three breaking stories. first one out of baltimore, where someone has crashed some kind of truck straight into this local tv station. evacuations are under way. live from washington. and athena, tell me what we know at this point? >> reporter: brooke, this is a bizarre story and scary story. at 11:45, folks from the station say a man tried to ram a large truck, it's been described by the station as a stolen dump
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truck, they're citing police there, tried to ram it into the front door of the station three times. eventually broke through. the truck all the way into the station lobby. he was shouting as he tried to do this, i am god. he was saying that he was god. this is still, as i mentioned, an active situation. this is a very densely populated area. there's a big hospital nearby, and a university. a school next door, pre-k through 8th grade, has been put on lockdown, as a precaution, as this law enforcement tries to make their way through the building. i'm not sure if you can see some of the pictures. it's a very, very large building. you could understand why it could take some time for police to make their way through. we're learning a lot from the people at the station themselves. they're on taped programming, because they've all been evacuated. one executive producer spoke with wolf blitzer just last hour and gave us a little bit more of an idea of what happened.
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this man tried to come through the front door. the security asked him why he wanted to come inside. he refused to answer. that is when we ended up getting back in this truck and ramming this front door several times to get in. now, another thing that this producer said is we know the man had several guns in his car, in his truck, so they say they believe he's on the second floor of this building somewhere right now. that's what law enforcement are doing. they're trying to make their way there you. as you mentioned, one more thing, the station has just tweeted about half an hour allege, that's the latest update we have, from twitter at least. saying that they're still on lockdown. those here are trying to stay positive with the situation. please keep the wnar staff and visitors in your thoughts. they have done a head count and said everyone is out of the building safe. they're just watching to see how long it takes and whether they can resolve this peacefully. >> i hear the phones ringing in the background. i'll let you go. we'll stay in close contact with you, athena.
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and this tv affiliate. so hopefully we can talk to her as soon as they're out of a meeting right now. thank you so much. baltimore also breaking, ground stop under way for chicago's two big airports because of an incident involving smoke. these are live pictures from o'hare. and you see, what, six, seven planes just sitting there on the tarmac. rene marsh working this for us. >> reporter: if you're flying in or out of chicago, you are going to be impacted by this. all flights, as you see right there on your screen, they are stopped from either taking off or coming in, to both chicago o'hare as well as midway. the reason for all of this, smoke inside of an faa air traffic control center. everyone had to be evacuated. and all of the duties had to be transferred to another air traffic control center, which was a high altitude air traffic control center. you know, we just visited o'hare. we can see it is topping the
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list of chicago airports as far as cancellations and delays. you'll be seeing some problems. at this point, we don't know what caused that smoke inside of faa's air traffic control center. still working on getting that, and no idea at this point when they will lift that ground stop. >> heads-up to people heading to chicago, or coming from chicago. you may be there for a little while. rene marsh, thank you so much. also, a developing story this afternoon out of orlando, florida. this involved that contagious virus blamed for hundreds of deaths in the middle east. now three people, not just one here, but three people are under close observation in the u.s., two in orlando. we just got word now from the white house that aides are briefing the president about this situation. elizabeth cohen, our senior medical correspondent, was here yesterday talking about the two people in orlando. now we have the latest here. >> yes. we have the big picture here. we have a patient in indiana, who has mers.
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we have a patient in florida who has mers. both of those people traveled from saudi arabia to the u.s. and now we have two health care workers who had contact with one of these mers patients who are ill. we don't know what's making them ill. they are watching them. they are testing them for mers. they might have mers, but they might not. this is two health care workers in orlando who we're watching, who are being watched for mers. and they are, you know, told not to be out and about in the community. one is actually in the hospital. they're being watched for signs of mers. they are not doctors. >> how concerned? and b, the issue being that these people were on these planes, multiple planes coming from overseas. so what about the people on those flights? >> right. how concerned you are depends on who you are. if i was the wife of this patient with mers, if i was a very close friend and spent a lot of time with him, if i was a nurse taking care of them or any
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kind of health care worker, i would be nervous. this disease has a 30% mortality rate. one out of three people die. that is high. however, if i were just a citizen of orlando, florida, i would not be nervous. because this doesn't seem to be the kind of virus that spreads easily. if you and i were having coffee right now and i had mers and you didn't -- >> it's not highly contagious in that way. >> right. they tend to be family members and health care workers who have close contact. >> elizabeth cohen, on your day off, thank you for coming in to report on that. now, this. alec baldwin, can't seem to stay out of trouble, it appears. because today he was arrested in new york. after biking down the wrong way down fifth avenue. that's a no-no. on top of that he got a ticket for disorderly conduct. poppy, what happened? >> alec baldwin not happy about this at all, tweeting about it. he was biking the wrong way in the street which you can't do here in new york, 16th street
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and fifth avenue. he was taken into custody. he was handcuffed. he was issued two summons. one for riding his bike the wrong way, one for disorderly conduct. the nypd telling us here at cnn that he got belligerent, started arguing with the police officers, using profane words. law enforcement also telling us that he apparently was yelling at some of the police officers saying, give me the summons already. interestingly, asking one of the desk agents at the precinct, quote, how old are these officers that they don't know who i am? because they had asked him for i.d., which he did not have on him. in terms of what his camp is saying at this point, they're saying he is back home with his family. so he's been released. but he is going to have to appear in court on july 24th here in new york. >> okay. the "you don't know who i am" line. we've heard that before. you mentioned off the top that he has since taken to twitter. >> yeah. >> what is he tweeting?
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>> they were in a matter of about ten minutes each, within the last two hours. the first one, he's calling out the police officer here who apparently arrested him, saying officer moreno, badge number 23888 arrested me and handcuffed me for going the wrong way on fifth avenue. meanwhile, photographers outside my home once again terrified my daughter and nearly hit her with a camera. the police did nothing. the final tweet, this is the final tweet from his foundation's page, which has, by the way, more than 1 million followers, saying new york city is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue, and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign. brooke? >> poppy harlow, thank you very much. just ahead, terror takes hold in nigeria. boko haram snatched hundreds of girls in the middle of the night. the u.s. is bringing in drones to help in the hunt for the missing girls.
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just when you thought donald sterling's comments couldn't get worse, well, his mea culpa on of all people, magic johnson. >> big magic johnson. what has he done? >> he's a business person. >> he's got aids. >> hmm. that, plus this may not bode very well for flight 370, because some 500 years later, divers think they may have now found the long-lost remains of the santa maria, christopher columbus' flagship vessel. avo: wherever your journey takes you
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welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. donald sterling speaks, controversy erupts. sterling's interview with anderson cooper was supposed to be his chance to mea culpa, make things right. yes, he apologized, but he couldn't resist taking new shots at magic johnson. he may have made his own troubles with the nba and court of public opinion even worse. he had a lot of issues with magic johnson. he criticized him that first got him in trouble in the first place. during his sit-down, during this exclusive interview with anderson, sterling opened up a new line of bitter criticism. take a listen. >> big magic johnson. what has he done? >> he's a business person. >> he's got aids. did he do any business? did he help anybody in south l.a.? >> just because he has hiv doesn't -- >> what kind of guy goes to
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every city and has sex with every girl and catch hiv? is that someone we want to respect? and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. >> that was just the beginning. sterling also questions whether magic johnson used his wealth to help others, including children and minorities. he even took it one step further implying that wealthy african-americans do not do enough to help their own communities. >> that's one problem i have. jews, when they get successful, they will help their people. and some of the african-americans, maybe i'll get in trouble again, they don't want to help anybody. what has magic johnson really done for children's hospital, which kids are lying in the hallways. they're sick. they need a bed. the jewish people have a company, and it's for people who
11:15 am
want to borrow money and no interest. they want to give them a fishing pole. we want to help people. if they don't want to give you money, we'll loan it to you. >> sir -- >> i'm just telling you, he does nothing. it's all talk. >> are you saying that african-americans don't contribute to their -- to african-american communities as much as jewish people do? >> there's no african-american -- never mind. i'm sorry. >> let's talk about this. let's talk about donald sterling's remarks. magic and beyond. we have the author of in black and white, race in sports and america. welcome to you both. macayla, for the first hour, that was the, i'm sorry, the mea culpa, it was the last 20 minutes apparently that he was
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like foot-mouth. here he is going off the last little bit. not just further on magic johnson, but further insults the black community. >> it was stunning to watch. i think what was interesting, he got loose, right? and he got more open. and my jaw was on the ground. i didn't know what he was going to say after -- when he stopped himself. but i think what's interesting here, and his obsession with magic johnson, i think magic is his greatest nightmare. >> why? >> because we've seen him have this very strange pathology around the black male physical superiority, or their athleticism or their prowess. and his wealth has been his weapon against that. and it has placed him in his superior spot. so here we have magic johnson, both a superior champion, and
11:17 am
wealthy, and a businessman, so he's completely displaced, completely dismantled. so this odd obsession that he's had with these players, and this is that mentality that he seems to say that he doesn't understand this idea of plantation mentality, of this weird pathology, and admiration and brutality around his players. but here you have michael jackson who breaks his ceiling. his wealth was his only protection. and now you have a man who is wealthy, and so well respected, and what he has done to break down the stigma around hiv and aids, in all communities, but particularly the black community, that he would pick magic johnson of all nba players. >> you said michael jackson, i think you meant magic johnson. >> i meant magic johnson. >> i'm with you. >> it's so absurd. he picked the most beloved player -- >> let me stay on that.
11:18 am
because kenneth, here's the other possible layer to this, which is, you know, as other people are now throwing their proverbial hats in the ring, if and when don sterling is out, if he gets to that three-quarters majority and he is forced to sell, magic johnson may be wanting donald sterling's job. to echo macayla's point, is it more of a personal or professional attack on magic johnson? >> it's certainly sounding personal in many ways. and whatever the women had to do with this, that seems to be part of the issue, too, at a personal level. >> he has the restaurants, the gyms. >> sociologically, the idea that you can invest in the african-american community. magic's really a mover of this
11:19 am
investment kind of urban situation. this is a gentleman, mr. sterling, who doesn't know what he's talking about. to talk about what giving the african-american community does not do. relative to the jewish community. giving is an individual decision. there's not a group ethic about whether or not you should give and who gives to whom. he's really off track, and as you said earlier, the more he spoke, the further he got away from what wasn't a very good apology in the first place. >> you listen to the possessive pronounce, my players. at the same time, he did say, you know, i am theirs. macay la, though, he still insists that his players love him. and i'm wondering, i mean, the man is 80 years old, he's been in the game for years and years, i'm wondering if he really in his heart believes that, or if that's just wishful thinking. >> i think he does believe it. when his wife said she thought he may have dementia, i think it's more delusional.
11:20 am
when we heard him saying that they still love him, and it's just the media, this interview had so many layers of -- >> so many layers. >> -- of areas in which i think, again, his wealth, i think, was able to protect him from the bubble. but again, in 2009, there was an article on espn with the opening line, donald sterling makes rush limbaugh look like martin luther king jr. >> ooh! >> so there has been -- >> it's documented. >> yes. >> i've talked to players and said, why are you playing for this man? they said, it's a job. i'm curious about this. let's say hypothetically we get to october. this whole thing could take months and months, we could still be in legal limbo by then. is it more of a message for the coach doc rivers to stay, to stick around with the clippers? or to leave in protest? which should it be? >> i think the professionalism of rivers will allow him to wait to see that the league moves at
11:21 am
a good pace. and i think the leverage that he sees him having, and the players understand they have, if the league does not move, that they have a lot of rights from one team strike, to the union striking, to rivers not signing back on. there are a lot of steps that can be taken. i think they're trying to -- we've got a business that we're involved in. we're trying to stay committed to the business. you've taken good steps in terms of bringing parsons in. let's see what you can do next. there's a great deal of leverage on the side of rivers and the players right now. >> thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> i can't wait to hear what magic is going to say. >> i know. let's talk about that. he's talking tonight. he's sitting down with anderson in a matter of minutes here. we'll be hearing this interview tonight, "ac 360," the special interview, anderson sitting down with magic, 8:00, only here on cnn. coming up, 500-year mystery
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underwater explorer may have solved one of the biggest mysteries in archaeology. what happened to the santa maria. the rhyme in 1492, christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue.
11:26 am
the man who found the wreckage described it as the mount everest of shipwrecks. okay. he knows a lot about christopher columbus. how sure is he that this really is this ship? >> he's pretty darn sure. there's a lot of evidence out there, and i should say, should note we're doing this under the watchful gaze of mr. columbus himself here in columbus circle in new york. he's pretty sure. there's the physical evidence they found under the water. the rocks you're looking at right now are actually what he believes is the ballast pile from the ship. there is -- the diary of columbus himself. here he is talking about some of the evidence that he has. >> we're looking under 20 feet of clear water for a big pile of stones, that's about 40 feet long and 20 feet wide.
11:27 am
which would be the fingerprint of the santa maria. >> so those stones are the ballast weight for that ship. and he believes that the size of it, the weight of it is about right for the santa maria, fairly small ship for even its day. but the big eureka moment for him is when they found a cannon basically, something called a long bar, a cannon with both ends open. he believes that indicates that this is most likely the santa maria. now they have to go in and prove it. he thinks it could take at best six months, probably longer to work out all of the details to get in there and actually be looking at the lombard right now, to see if they can find any trinkets, neg that they think columbus may have been taking back to spain when he was getting ready to leave the world for the first time. amazing story. >> miguel marquez, thank you very much.
11:28 am
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interview with anderson cooper has sparked all kinds of outrage and utter display, not for just an awkward apology for making racist statements about african-americans, but because he attacked beloved l.a. man, magic johnson, again. you heard the comments moments ago. in response, magic's long-time agent and friend said this to the "l.a. times." johnson is the exact opposite of the way sterling portrayed him on "anderson cooper 360." i've known ervin since 1979, and his whole mission in life has been to create business opportunities in urban america and to be charitable. rosen is the executive vp of the los angeles dodgers. let's talk about this with my friend in the studio. >> nice to be in atlanta with you. >> so you were in l.a. for nine years. you know magic. you've known magic for a few years. >> yes. >> you've watched all this unfold. you've been talking to your friends back home.
11:33 am
>> i've been a hearing a lot from the folks from los angeles. it was interesting to watch it through the eyes of myself, of somebody who lived in los angeles for nearly a decade, covered that city extensively in the news. covered things that magic was involved in. and was in the communities that he was directly affecting. i've heard from people -- donald sterling was completely off-base. they're shocked, and just the fact that he got it plain wrong about magic. look at the things he has done. >> not just a little bit wrong. >> not just a little bit wrong. aside from the racial comments, but the attacks on magic. there are two separate things that are completely combined. look at his foundation. you know, we could even pull up some information that we have here. look, back in '91 is when he started the foundation, working with hiv awareness, and campaigning to get more people tested. he cites the fact that his own coming out prompted a lot of people to get out and get tested. it was the same year that he announced he was hiv positive.
11:34 am
awareness testing. mobile clinics going into the community. still doing that. one of the challenge that many people expected him to fail before our eyes, he has thrived. he looks so healthy. and he is concerned because he looks so healthy, other people would think that they would do just as well with hiv. and he says that it's something that proves there's still more work to be done with hiv and aids awareness. >> he lived in l.a. you went to magic 24. >> right, in south l.a. scholarships. this is a thing that made a lot of people really upset, is that the fact that donald sterling made the claims that magic has done nothing for people of color. if you go into south los angeles, and you look around, the infrastructure that is there in terms of some of the businesses, that previously wouldn't go into los angeles, are there. the starbucks. he's since divested of them. the 24-hour fitness.
11:35 am
this is where i worked out in the san gabriel valley. burger king, the movie theaters, one in harlem and one in los angeles. he put these businesses in south l.a., proving to these companies, you can do business in these communities and they will be supported. that influence is still found there. there's a chili's in englewood. >> quickly, so l.a., either lakers, clippers. >> well, see, my better half is a lakers fan. and i'm a clipper fan. and this is the thing. the clippers are always seen as sort of the jv team to their staples center, you know, roommates. for a long time, sterling was never seen as somebody that was taking the team seriously. you know, they never thought of him as a serious owner. but the fans are devout and devoted to the team, through thick and thin. and with cp 3 and blake griffin coming in, it's more exciting down there, if you're a clipper
11:36 am
fan. this is not what they need, this is not what the fans need, and certainly not what the nba needs. >> i wanted to hear how you perceived it. >> people in los angeles, saying in the "l.a. times," this is not -- this is not l.a. >> thank you. coming up here, reminder, magic johnson speaking exclusively to cnn, definitely tune in tonight. this is happening. we're actually sitting down shortly this afternoon. magic with anderson. he will be speaking. we'll hear this whole interview tonight, "ac 360," 8:00 p.m. only on cnn. coming up, stunning video, this house explosion, happened to be caught live as the news helicopter was hovering over this home in new hampshire. it's unreal to watch. it happened minutes after an officer went inside, was shot and killed. that explosion shook that entire neighborhood. the officer responding, was there for a domestic dispute
11:37 am
reportedly between a father and his son. neighbors were just stunned by what happened. >> you could see our house, saw the explosion go up. stuff blow over to our house. >> not only did we hear it, we saw it simultaneously. very frightening. >> it is believed that the gunman died in the fire, or the explosion afterwards. state and federal authorities are investigating that. just ahead, legendary deejay vanishes. frantically searching for him. the fear now, that his wife has smuggled him out of the country. yep, smuggled him. more on that bizarre story. we're talking beyonce's family drama and what actually it takes to break a story like this, coming up. sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years.
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a couple crazy in love. on top of the world. ♪ but now, the intensely private jay-z and beyonce find themselves in an apparent family feud, that it now has its own hash tag on twitter. #with jay-z. this video, watch it with me, to the curiosity here, the woman on the right throwing the punches, according to tmz, the younger sister of beyonce, and the man in the white tux jacket according to tmz jay-z. beyonce's husband since 2008. but even gets kicked. never hits. never strikes back. the woman beside him on the left, see, right there next to jay-z, she never interconvenience. tmz said that is beyonce. the tabloid website also reports
11:42 am
at one point the apparent bodyguard stopped the elevator on the 12th floor as this whole scene played out. the ugly episode reportedly happened during one of the most glamorous nights for the a-list. the hotel is investigating the apparent security breach with, quote, the utmost urgency. the couple and salange knowles are declining to comment. beyonce and jay-z were all smiles here. joining me to chat about it, brian seltzer and john. you're in the grocery store and you see the celebrity magazines, and you think, celebrities are just like us, they shop, get coffee. they also have family drama, right? >> that's right, brooke. this is really humanizing this couple. i call them the prime ministers of privacy. they don't share a lot about
11:43 am
their life unless they're putting it in their music. sa lange likes to buck the system. she's like the latoya jackson of the family, if you will. it's a com bustible situation. she's mad. now you see how she acts when she's mad. >> what i really noticed, to follow up on that, when you see beyonce, in this elevator, she doesn't flinch, which makes me wonder that this has happened before. >> either she's accustomed to her sister flying off the handle, or she thought, this dress i have on costs so much money, girl, you're not going to make me have to pay for this. >> could be. brian, listen, when it comes to tmz, this sparks an interesting conversation in our morning meeting. it got us thinking, they have broken multiple major stories. you have the story we're all talking about, the sterling audio. michael jackson's death. can you braexplain to our viewe
11:44 am
how much they pay? >> i wish i knew how much they pay. i think there are a wide variety of circumstances, no two stories are alike. in some cases they're not paying for the material. in other cases they probably are paying for the material. they might not be paying the person directly involved, they might be paying a third party. they have lots of different sources in hollywood. it all comes back to relationships. the same kind of relationship that it takes to get magic johnson, as anderson cooper has tonight, the same kind of relationship it took for edward snowden to share his top-secret nsa files. tmz has those relationships in hollywood. >> i need to pull away because we have to go to the white house as the president himself is about to bestow quite the honor, the u.s. medal of honor on a former u.s. army sergeant. let's listen. >> renew -- our de voice to our
11:45 am
country. the men who fought that day. those who now rest in eternal peace. increase our faith, oh god, that we may live lives worthy of honor, that we recognize today. we pray all this in your holy name, amen. >> amen. >> good afternoon, everybody. please be seated. welcome to the white house. it has been said that true courage is a perfect sensibility of the measure of danger. more than 12 years with our nation at war, the men and women of our armed forces have known
11:46 am
the measure of danger that comes with military service. but year after year, tour after tour, they have displayed a selfless willingness to incur it. by stepping forward, by volunteering, by serving and sacrificing greatly to keep us all safe. today our troops are coming home. by the end of this year, our war in afghanistan will be over. and we'll welcome home this generation, the 9/11 generation, that has proven itself to be one of america's greatest. and today we pay tribute to a soldier who embodies the courage of his generation. the young man who was a freshman in high school when the twin towers fell. and who just five years later became an elite paratrooper with the legendary 173rd airborne.
11:47 am
today we present our nation's highest military decoration, the medal p honor, to sergeant kyle j. white. kyle is the second sky soldier to be recognized with the medal of honor for service above and beyond the call of duty in afghanistan. today he joins staff sergeant salvatore junta, and members of the medal of honor society, some of whom are with us here today. we have a lot of vips here. i'd like to acknowledge the most important, kyle's parents, cheryl and curt, and kyle's girlfriend helen. i am told that back home, in bonnie lake, washington, when kyle wanted to enlist, at first he had set his sights on the marines. but his dad, kurt, is a veteran
11:48 am
of the army special forces. so i'm told there was a difference of opinion. and i suspect a good family discussion. as commander in chief, i cannot take sides in this debate. bottom line is, kyle joined the army. and in doing so, he carried on his family's proud tradition of service, which found its expression on a november day over six years ago. across afghanistan, base commanders were glued to the radios, listening as american forces fought back an ambush in the rugged mountains. one battalion commander remembered that all of afghanistan was listening as a soldier on the ground described what was happening. they knew him by his call sign, charlie 16 romeo. we know it was kyle, who was only 20 years old, and 21 months into his military service. earlier that afternoon, kyle and the 13 members of his team,
11:49 am
along with a squad of afghan soldiers, left an afghan village after meeting with elders. the americans made their way back up a steep hill, single file along a narrow path, and cliff rising to their right, and the slope of rocky shale dropping on their left. they knew not to stop, that they had to keep moving. they were headed into an area known as ambush alley. and that's when a single shot rang out. then another. and then an entire canyon erupted with bullets coming from what seemed like every direction. it was as if kyle said the whole valley lit up. the platoon returned fire. kyle quickly emptied a full magazine, but as he went to load a second, an enemy grenade exploded and knocked him unconscious. he came to with his face pressed against a rock. as he moved to get up, enemy rounds hit, just inches from his
11:50 am
head, sending shrapnel and rock shards across his face. most of the unit had been forced to slide down the cliff to the valley below, but kyle saw a teammate, specialist mccain schilling, trying to treat his own shattered arm. later came to be called the smallest tree on earth. i'm sure that's how it felt. kyle sprinted through enemy fire and began applying a tourniquet. gunfire shredded that tree. kyle saw another man down, marine sergeant phillip box, in the open, 30 feet behind them. too injured to reach cover. kyle remembers thinking it's just a matter of time before i'm dead. if that's going to happen, i might as well help someone while i can. with bullets impacting all around him, kyle ran to box and began to pull the injured marine to cover. worried he would expose box to more gunfire, kyle retreated. enemy rounds followed him. he ran out again pulling box a
11:51 am
little farther. once more he retreated to distract the enemy fire. once more he went out. over and over thinking to himself, i'm not going to make it. kyle could feel the pressure of the rounds going by him. miraculously, they never hit him, not once. one of the teammates said it was as if kyle was moving faster than a speeding bullet. finally kyle succeeded in pulling his comrade to cover. tragically, there on that cliff, sergeant box succumbed to his wounds. with his final moments, this american marine certainly found solace in kyle white, the american soldier who to the very end was there by his side. now, that other injured soldier was still out there. he had sustained another injury, this time to his knee. kyle ran out once more to cane's side. kyle ripped off his own belt for a tourniquet and soon got his hands on a working radio. the voice of charlie 16 romeo
11:52 am
came into base. crouching behind that lone tree, kyle began calling in air strikes to take out enemy positions. kyle stayed with specialist schilling as night fell. he was too badly injured to move. kyle was starting to feel the fog on his own concussion set in. but he knew that he was cane's best chance to get out alive, so kyle took charge and ordered the afghan soldiers to form a security perimeter. he called in a medevac and made sure cane and the other injured were safely on board. and only then did kyle allow himself to be lifted out. as the health pulled away, kyle looked out the window, watching the darkness as they pulled away from that single tree on the cliff. when you're deployed, he later said, those people become your family. what you really care about is, i want to get this guy to the left and to the right home. this family was tested that day.
11:53 am
not a single one of them escaped without injury. and six brave americans gave their lives, their last full measure of devotion. and we remember them today, sergeant phillip a. box, captain matthew c. ferrera, specialist joseph m. moncore, sergeant jeffrey s. mersman, corporal lester g. rokay, and kyle's best friend corporal shawn j.a. longsmith. some of their families are here today. i've asked them to please stand so we can recognize their extraordinary sacrifice. [ applause ]
11:54 am
>> the legacy of these fallen heroes endurs, and the strength of their unit. 14 men, forever brothers in arms. we're proud to welcome those who fought so valiantly that day. specialist cane schilling, the soldier that kyle saved, and members of the second battalion, chosen company of the 173rd airborne brigade, would you please stand. [ applause ]
11:55 am
>> we honor kyle white for his extraordinary actions on that november day, but his journey from that day to this speaks to the story of his generation. kyle completed the rest of a 15-month deployment in afghanistan. he came back home and trained other young paratroopers as they prepared to deploy. when he completed his service, kyle decided to pursue a different dream, and with the help of the post-9/11 gi bill, he went to college and graduated, and today works for a bank in charlotte, north carolina. when kyle walks into the office every day people see a man in a suit headed to work. that's how it should be, a proud veteran walking into his community, contributing his talents and skills to the progress of our nation. kyle will tell you that the transition to civilian life, in dealing with the post-traumatic stress hasn't always been easy. more than six years later, yhe
11:56 am
can still hear the images of that battle. he wakes up thinking about his battle buddies. if you look closely at that man in the suit on his way to work, you'll notice the piece of war under his shirt sleeve, the bracelet with the names of his six fallen comrades who will always be with him. their sacrifice motivates me, he says, to be the best i can be. everything i do in my life is done to make them proud. kyle, members of chosen company, you did your duty. and now it's time for america to do ours. after more than a decade of war, to welcome you home with the support and the benefits and opportunities that you've earned. you make us proud. and you make -- you motivate all of us to be the best we can be, as americans, as a nation to uphold our sacred obligations to your generation, and all who
11:57 am
have faced that measure of danger, and the willingness to incur it. may god bless you, and may your courage inspire and sustain us always. and may god continue to bless the united states of america. with that, i'd like to have the citation read. >> the president of the united states of america authorized by act of congress march 3, 1863, has awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor to specialist kyle j. white, united states army. specialist kyle j. white distinguished himself by acts of gallantry at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty, while serving as a radio telephone operator with
11:58 am
company c, second battalion airborne, 503rd infantry regiment, 173rd airborne brigade during combat operations against an armed enemy in afghanistan on november 9, 2007. on that day, specialist white and his comrades were returning to an outpost from ashurah with the village elders, as the soldiers traversed a narrow path surrounded by mountainous rocky terrain they were ambushed by enemy forces from elevated positions. pinned against a steep mountain face, specialist white and his fellow soldiers were completely exposed to enemy fire. specialist white returned fire and was briefly knocked unconscious when a rocket propelled grenade impacted near him. when he regained consciousness, another round impacted near him, embedding small pieces of sh rab nell in his face. shaking off his wounds,
11:59 am
specialist white noticed one of his comrades lying wounded nearby. without hesitation, specialist white exposed himself to enemy fire in order to reach the soldier and provide medical aid. after applying a tourniquet, specialist white moved to an injured marine providing aid and comfort until the marine succumbed to his wounds. specialist white then returned to the soldier and discovered that he had been wounded again. applying his own belt as an additional kurn ket, specialist white was able to stem the flow of blood and save the soldier's life. noticing that his and the other soldiers' radios were inoperative, specialist white exposed himself to enemy fire yet again in order to secure a radio from a deceased comrade. he then provided information and updates to friendly forces, allowing precision air strikes to stifle the enemy's attack and ultimately permitting medical evacuation aircraft to rescue him, his fellow soldiers,
12:00 pm
marines, and afghan army soldiers. specialist kyle j. white, extraordinary heroism, and selflessness, above and beyond the call of duty, are in keeping with the highest tradition of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, company c, second battalion airborne, 503rd infantry regiment, 173rd airborne brigade in the united states army. [ applause ]
12:01 pm
>> let us pray. to god's gracious mercy and protect us, we commit ourselves, inspired by the actions of sergeant kyle white, strengthened by divine province, that we go our way in peace. be of good courage, we hold fast to that which is good, and enter no evil, no one evil for evil, rather there to be strengthened in the fainthearted and support the weak, we help the wounded and honor all persons. the blessing of god be with us
12:02 pm
today we pray in his holy name, amen. >> amen. >> that concludes the ceremony. but not the celebration. i hear the food here is pretty good. and the drinks are free. who gave a big shout on that? i heard somebody. but i hope all of you enjoy the hospitality of the white house. i hope we all remember once again those who have fallen. we are grateful to the families who are here. and to kyle, and all who serve in america's armed forces, we want you to know that we will always be grateful for your extraordinary service to our country. thank you very much, everybody. have a great afternoon. [ applause ] >> so as the celebration and the eating commences there at the
12:03 pm
white house, jake tapper, let me bring you in. you talked to a lot of u.s. troops. i think listening to the president, this is now the seventh recipient of the u.s. medal of honor. what jumped out at me, what the president said, this image of this hero, yet here he is, with the gi bill, post-9/11, goes to college, he's now working at a bank in charlotte. throws on a suit each and every day. just to think that people see him in a suit and have no idea what he did in november of 2007. >> it is remarkable. and this is the tenth medal of honor given to somebody for actions in afghanistan. some of those medals, of course, were given posthumously. of these ten, nine of them have gone to soldiers operating in just two provinces in eastern afghanistan, kunar province and nearstan province, where some of
12:04 pm
the heaviest fighting has been. if it weren't for the quick actions of sergeant white, then what would have happened would have been that the 14 troops and marines attacked that day, ambushed that day, by locals in ku nar province, the death toll would have been much higher than six. possibly including wiping out the entire platoon. it's a very tough part of the war. it's a very tough part of the world. and of course, we see the actions -- we see the emotions these guys feel, where they're focusing almost entirely on the guys who didn't make it back. >> yeah. just reading the stars and stripes article, sergeant white was asked about the excitement of this day and this honor. of course, it's outweighed by the cost of losing friends and colleagues. keeping that in mind, as the celebration at the white house begins. jake tapper, thank you very much. >> thank you, brooke. now this. this is cnn breaking news. as we continue on, we begin with more breaking news. i'm brooke baldwin.
12:05 pm
thank you for being with me. first, out of baltimore, maryland, someone has crashed a truck into a tv station. we know that evacuations are under way. we know reportedly this individual in his landscaping vehicle, reportedly still inside this tv station, getting reports from the news director and from the executive producer at wmar tv there, all of their people, all of their colleagues are evacuated, are accounted for. so no injuries, at least reportedly at this point. but according to some of those employees, and you see the s.w.a.t. members and authorities walking in, trying to figure out what is going on, according to these reports this individual, after he smashed through the front of the station, he was yelling things like, i am god. we're working on that story. also trying to stay in touch with the employees to figure out what is going on and why. so stay with me on that one. also breaking right now, a ground stop, still under way for
12:06 pm
chicago's two big airports, because of an incident involving smoke. rene marsh, let me go to you in washington, d.c. what do we know at this point? >> we can tell you we've been watching the cancellations and delays, brooke. an hour ago, when we spoke, we see the number of cancellation and delays just increase. right now, close to 500 cancellations and delays for flights departing chicago o'hare, as well as arrivals as well, too. we're seeing those numbers continue to climb as this ground stop is still in place. here's what we know. we know an faa air traffic control center that handles intermediate air traffic, essentially there was smoke in that building. we don't know what caused the smoke. but we know everyone had to be evacuated. once that happened, they had to transfer the duties to a different air traffic control tower to take over the duties there. while that transfer was
12:07 pm
happening, they've put in place this ground stop. flights lined up on the tarmac there and not going anywhere. we're still trying to get some information on when this ground stop will be lifted, and what caused that smoke in air traffic control. but until then, if you're going in or out of chicago, it's a nightmare situation for you at this point, brooke. >> patience. thank you. >> we'll do. now to alec baldwin. he is such a talented actor, but he also can't seem to stay out of trouble. today he was arrested in new york city after biking the wrong way down fifth avenue, and then on top of that, he got a ticket for disorderly conduct. poppy harlow is working this for us today. poppy, what happened? >> he was biking against traffic. you can't do that here on the street in new york city on 16th street and fifth avenue lower manhattan. pulled over by the cops. they took him into custody. they handcuffed him. apparently he didn't have i.d. on him so they took him in. he got two summons, one for
12:08 pm
riding his bike in the wrong direction, and also one for disorderly conduct. the nypd is telling us in part that alec baldwin got belligerent, arguing with police, using profanity. also, a law enforcement source telling us here at cnn that alec baldwin was sort of yelling at some of the officers saying, quote, give me the summons already. and then at the desk agent, at the precinct, who are these officers that they don't know who i am. alec baldwin's camp is saying he is back home with his family. he's obviously been released. he's going to have to appear in court on july 24th for this one. >> and as we know, he has done in the past, he hopped twon to twitter. and what did he say? >> within a matter of minutes, three tweets. let's go through them one by one. the first one, talking about the officer that arrested him.
12:09 pm
officer ma reno arrested me and handcuffed me for going the wrong way on fifth avenue. just a few minutes later, he tweets, meanwhile, photographers outside my home, once again terrified my daughter and nearly hit her with a camera. the police did nothing. then the third and final tweet so far, we haven't seen a tweet in about two hours, he said new york city is mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign. brooke, it's interesting this is coming now, he took to twitter with these three sort of rapid-fire tweets. but this comes from a man who had this big essay in "new york magazine" in february saying i'm done with public life. forget it. i want to show you an excerpt from that long essay that he told to "new york magazine," because it talked to new york specifically. he wrote, quote, i probably have to move out of new york. i just can't live in new york anymore. i want my newest child to have as normal and decent a life i can provide.
12:10 pm
new york doesn't seem the place for that anymore. he also said in the magazine, i don't want to be mr. show business anymore. he's had numerous run-ins with paparazzi. also, he was accused of shouting an anti-gay slur at a photographer, according to tmz. we all remember that. he later apologized. after that, his show on msnbc was canceled. they called it a mutual parting of ways. but this, the latest from alec baldwin. we'll see if we get more from his camp. but right now we have these tweets and we know he's back with his family. >> poppy harlow, thank you very much. coming up next, let's talk about that donald sterling exclusive sit-down, that interview with anderson cooper. it began with an apology, a mea culpa, which is what we probably expected. but then the clippers owner discussed everything, from plantation owners, to african-american philanthropy. and that included a direct attack on magic johnson.
12:11 pm
coming up next, we'll tell you what magic johnson is saying now, and how people in los angeles are responding. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ my mom works at ge. honestly, the off-season isn't i've got a lot to do. that's why i got my surface. it's great for watching game film
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12:14 pm
welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. donald sterl was supposed to be apologizing to nba fans and those offended by his racist rant. so he sat down and talked exclusively to anderson cooper. but the interview, very quickly,
12:15 pm
took a turn and when sterling started in on nba hall of famer magic johnson for the second time, you just have to hear this. we'll play parts of the rant. sterling suggested johnson was trying to steal the clippers from him. here he was. >> why did you say don't say anything? >> he just said, wait, be patient, i'll help you. we'll work it out. >> why do you think he said that? >> i think he wanted me to do nothing so he could buy the team. he thought maybe the whole thing would be resolved in two weeks. what has he done? can you tell me? big magic johnson. what has he done? >> he's a business person. >> he's got aids. did he do any business? i'd like -- did he help anybody in south l.a.? >> he has hiv, he doesn't have full-bone aids. >> he goes to every city and has
12:16 pm
sex with every girl. and then he has aids. is that somebody we want to respect and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. i think he should go in the background. what does he do for the black people? he doesn't do anything. you call up and say, well, you know -- >> he's opened a lot of businesses in inner city neighborhoods. >> the jewish people have a company, and it's for people who want to borrow money and no interest. they want to give him a fishing pole. we want to help people. if they don't have any money, we'll loan it to you. you don't have interest, one day you'll pay us back. i'm just telling you, he does nothing. it's all talk. >> are you saying african-americans don't contribute to african-american communities as much as jewish people do? >> there's no african-american -- never mind. i'm sorry. you know, i -- they all want to play golf with me. everybody wants to be with me.
12:17 pm
>> the second round of attacks on magic johnson has sparked all kinds of outrage, and calls for sterling's ouster. we are talking to sam mitchell here in the studio with me. a hot minute here, sir. nice to see you. let's go straight to los angeles to stephanie elam, who is there. when we hear sterling say that magic johnson has done mog for the city of los angeles, just on shear facts alone, that is wrong with a capital w. >> oh, the numbers never lie, brooke. that's the thing, you can go and see what's documented by what he's done. he's helped to revitalize this city, and parts of the city that did not have that. despite he played with the lakers and was a bigger than life star for the team, as an afterthought, he won a gold medal in the olympics. he's also brought businesses to places people did not expect it. like starbucks, for example, a great example. there are starbucks in south l.a. that no one thought they
12:18 pm
could put businesses. he showed them, there's money to be made here. same with movie theaters. same with gyms. that sort of business. he made money off of this, but also showing that there is a way to integrate these two issues. you take a look at what he's done with his foundation. the magic johnson foundation. he's been giving out many scholarships, helping people with aids and hiv. he's well documented in doing this. it's not secret. you can find this stuff out. but the fact that he continues to attack him -- you know, that second recording that we heard was also donald sterling, this would make the third time in three different times that we've heard from donald sterling where he's bringing up magic johnson. so he clearly has an issue with him. >> personal, professional, all of the above, we don't know. we're not inside donald sterling's head. stephanie, thank you. former player, former coach, good to see you, sir. >> nice to be here, brooke. >> we're talking commercial break when you were walking out about how, listen, you watched
12:19 pm
the interview. you watched donald sterling's facial expressions, the words. and whether you think -- some people say it was authentic at first, the mea culpa, but then what was your impression? >> well, at first you like the apology, you like the people he apologized to, the people he offended, the owners, the league, the players, the fans, the sponsors. but at a certain point you need to stop. and just let that be. when he started to explain himself, it just kind of -- then when you start bringing in magic johnson, who is idolized by not just current players, but former players, and all of the things he's done on and off the court. >> we're not donald sterling, but what do you think it is? is it because the lakers -- i know it's a lakers-clippers town. magic johnson led the lakers to so many championships. maybe a jealousy thing. might it be something more? maybe magic would throw his hat in the ring to buy the team? >> it could be jealousy about how much the city of l.a. and
12:20 pm
the country has for magic johnson. when you look at magic's life, we've all been through things, but you look at the things he's overcome and the man he is today. donald sterling is looking at him saying, why can't people give me the same pass. in his mind. i think he thinks that. but he doesn't realize, your apology has to be sincere. it takes time to prove that you have changed. i think if donald sterling would have just stopped with the apology, and apologized to the people he needed to, and then started living his life that way -- >> he might have been okay. >> exactly. but i think when you start dragging other people in, take accountability for what you've done. it's not about anybody else but you. >> let me ask you about this, though. on the magic note, sterling claims that magic told him to keep quiet. to quote him, magic told him, i'll help you. we'll work it out. what do you think that means? >> coming from donald sterling, who knows. if that's even the case.
12:21 pm
if magic even had that conversation. he's just all over the place. and i think that's the thing, we're seeing someone -- i'm starting to feel sorry for him, quite frankly. >> are you really? >> well, he just doesn't get it. my mom said she feels sorry for him. they don't get it. because the world is changing. if you're not going to change with it, if you're going to keep those ideas, you're going to feel that way. then the world will pass you by. not only the nba community came out against it, the world so to speak, say there's no place for that. there are people out there with that type of thought process. what it's going to do is, they need to stay on the ground with those thoughts. they don't need to verbalize them. people don't have the patience for it. >> the other variable is the estranged wife shelly sterling. i see you smiling. let me ask you this. she talked to nbc news. i want you to listen, because she's basically claiming, she said i'm fighting for my chunk, my share of the clippers. and she basically slams the
12:22 pm
league for being sexist. roll it. >> are you saying the nba's being sexist by trying to push you out? >> i really think so. would an owner's wife say the same thing, and would the owner be asked to leave the nba? or would they just say, well, she's only the wife. >> okay. when you are a player, and you are collecting a check, and the owners are the ones handing out the checks, do you think a player really cares if an owner or a partial owner is a male or woman in the league? >> no. the gender of the owner doesn't matter at all. the players coast care less. >> there are no female owners, right? >> no, there's not. let's say looking ahead to october, this whole thing is still locked up in some sort of legal fight, which it very well could be, and you have technically donald sterling as the owner, do you think it would -- as a former coach,
12:23 pm
thinking about doc rivers, do you think it would show more of a message not just to l.a., but the nation to stay put in l.a. and keep coaching the clippers, or should he leave in protest? >> wow, that's a tough one. that's personal, that's between doc -- i can only tell you what i would probably do. and everyone has their different opinion. i understand that it's hurtful when you work for someone that expresses those types of views. then you have to try to look at the bigger picture and understand what you love and what you've worked for all your life. and the league is doing -- >> hang on, and finish your thought, what would you do? >> me personally, i would not let anybody take away my dream. especially now. it's different. the league stepped in and trying to handle this situation. there's going to be some type of resolution. regardless of what that is, i'm confident that the league is going to do the best to its ability and do the right thing. that being said, once the league does what they have to do, if i'm in that position, then i will probably stay put. because again, i'm not going to let you win.
12:24 pm
if you feel that way. >> i'm not going to let you win. sam mitchell, thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me. and now, nba commissioner adam silver actually rushed out this statement reading in part, while magic johnson doesn't need me to, i feel compelled on behalf of the nba family to apologize to him that he continues to be dragged into the situation and degraded by such a personal attack. the board of governors is continuing with the process to remove mr. sterling as expeditiously as possible. how is magic johnson himself responding to these comments? anderson cooper interviews him tonight, "ac 360," 8:00 eastern, definitely tune in and watch for that reaction. mr. magic johnson himself. a voice actor vanishes. casey kasem's family, fearing that his wife smuggled him out of the country. we'll talk live with someone who is friends with casey kasem. knows the family drama all too
12:25 pm
well. that's next. stay with me. [ female announcer ] working together means working efficiently. and a lennox home comfort system may just be the perfect example. its air conditioner works together with the furnace, and that works together with the air purifier, and that works with you by saving you up to half off your heating and cooling bill. call now to get up to 1,700 dollars back or special financing on select lennox home comfort systems. offer ends june 13th.
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12:28 pm
welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. bottom of the hour. for generations, the smooth of silk voice of casey kasem told us what songs top the charts. >> thank you, and hello again, everybody. welcome to america's top ten. let's turn right to the action on the billboard pop singles chart and count down the ten most popular songs in the land this week. >> but now, dischord among his family members has reached a new level. his grown children cannot find their own father. and fear he has been yanked out of the country, while a court has ordered that authorities look for the 82-year-old radio legend. the judge also ruled that kasem's daughter carrie became his legal caretaker.
12:29 pm
she and her siblings have complained his new wife has kept all family members from seeing casey. he was first misdiagnosed with parkinson's. >> we had an incredible relationship with my father. we don't ask for money, we're all successful. why she's doing this is beyond me. >> joining me now, law professor, avery friedman, you go back with casey kasem three decades. >> that's right. >> avery, it's wonderful to have you on. i hate the circumstances here. you talked to casey, what, just a number of months ago? how did he seem? >> a little bit longer than that. you could tell that casey kasem is suffering right now. and because of this condition, the children know that they may not have that much longer, brooke. so what they wanted to do is just see their dad. well, the wife has said no.
12:30 pm
and so the legal issue interestingly enough, i'm not here to do legal analysis, is spousal rights versus children's rights. the wife has whisked him out of the country, whether or not that's true we don't know. what a court did yesterday is grant temporary conservatorship to one of casey's daughters, carrie. now they have access to the medical exam. when the judge asked the wife's lawyer, where is casey kasem? he said, i have no idea. so the judge -- we now are actually involved in a manhunt to find the legend of american radio, casey kasem, to find out where he is, and how he is. >> a manhunt for casey kasem. i never would have thought those words would come out of my mouth. let me tell our viewers at cnn, cnn has tried to reach casey. court documents show jean feels
12:31 pm
the kids' protests have shattered their lives and disgraced their father and vilified their stepmother. have you met this woman? have you met jean avery? he used to be an actress and people knew her from "cheers"? >> yeah, she was on "cheers" and in "ghostbusters." when one of casey's daughters was getting married, and casey was walking down the aisle, she said, casey, i wasn't invited. that gives you an idea, a mistake on my part. it gives you an idea of how dispersed this family is. and how troubled the situation is. and this has been the most recent of an ongoing battle. so they're going to find casey, and we're going to get him care, and hopefully the children will have access to their dad. >> once they find him, you know,
12:32 pm
maybe we can have you back on. and you can have the legal hat on and see how it plays out in the court system. thank you so much. and tonight, 9:00 eastern, cnn's bill weir sits down with casey kasem's children as this manhunt for him intensifies. keeping a close look on the baltimore area, as this man, with his landscaping truck, apparently smashed straight into the tv affiliate in the city. and is reportedly still in there. as all these newsroom employees got out of there. they're aok. this news briefing is about to begin. stay with me. cnn's there, live on the ground. in pursuit of all things awesome, amazing,
12:33 pm
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lennox home comfort systems. offer ends june 13th. and download our free lennox mobile app. lennox. innovation never felt so good. this is cnn breaking news. let's pick up on the breaking news out of the baltimore area, where someone, just a couple ours ago, crashed a truck, rammed it right into a tv station, wnar, evacuations have been under way. according to the tv station officials, executives, they say everyone is accounted for. but a news conference is about to be under way, because toure, as i bring you in, you're standing outside the news station, this individual is still holed up in the station, correct? >> reporter: yeah, you're correct, brooke. this is an extremely tense situation happening right now.
12:37 pm
i'll give you a sense of what's going on. they've got the crime scene tape up. they have the whole roadway blocked off. look above the wnar tv sign here, you'll see literally armed police inside the bushes there, standing by, ready for what could come next. let me sort of back up a little bit and tell you what's happened here earlier today. it was just before noon, when employees here at the station say a man came to the front doors and started rattling the front doors, was angry, yelling. they didn't let him in. that's when apparently, according to the people who worked here, he decided to get into a landscaping truck and drive that truck through the front doors into the lobby. and then according to employees as well, went up to the second floor, and that's where it's possible he is right now. but brooke, very serious situation happening here right now. and as you can tell from the pictures behind me, authorities are treating it as such. >> torii, we'll stay in close contact with you. we're waiting for the news
12:38 pm
conference to begin. the executive producer talked to wolf blitzer an hour or two ago, he said apparently as this man was slamming his truck into the tv station, was claiming that he was god. that's what we know, according to the folks who work at the tv station. incredibly frightening. torii, we'll come back to you as soon as we see the officials step behind that podium. this is just an amazing moment to watch a medal of honor individual receive such an honor at the white house, as we did just a little while ago with sergeant kyle white. he just spoke outside the white house. take a listen. >> good afternoon. on the surface, this is a piece of blue fabric and carved metal. at its core, it is a symbol of the nation, a nation forged in war. of men and women who heroically give their all for the nation and for each other. at its core, it is a symbol of
12:39 pm
the soldiers departing for distant lands. a responsibility that locks us all in bonds of brotherhood. the medal of honor is said to be the nation's highest award for valor by one individual. for me, it is much more. it is representation of the responsibility we accept as warriors and members of a team. it is a testament to the trust we have in each other, and our leaders. because of these reasons, the medal cannot be an individual award. battles are not won by men. if that were true, the taliban would have won on that trail in afghanistan because they had every tactical advantage, including the numbers. battles are won by spirit. and spirit is present in the relationships built from the trust and sacrifice we share with one another, in times of
12:40 pm
hardship, and by that definition cannot be possessed by one person. without the team, there could be no medal of honor. that is why i wear this medal for my team. i also wear a piece of metal around my wrist. it was given to me by another survivor of the 9 november ambush. he wears an identical one. this is maybe even more precious than the medal, the symbol just placed around my neck. on it are the names of my six fallen brothers. they are my heroes. though i am still uncomfortable with hearing my name and the word hero in the same sentence, i am now ready for the challenge of wearing this blue piece of fabric and carved medal, with the same re verence of this bracelet. i vow to live up to the responsibility of doing so.
12:41 pm
thank you all for allowing me to share this day with you. god bless you, the united states army, and god bless america. >> sergeant kyle white, thank you, we salute you and all members of the u.s. forces. let me just add one more thing that the president brought up when he was bestowing quite the honor on this young man. he said, after 9/11, he chose to leave the army, went to college, and we saw him in his uniform, with all his medals. but he now works at a bank in charlotte, just wearing a suit each and every day. just to imagine working with this man, thank you. coming up next, men with homemade weapons on night patrols all in an attempt to keep their families safe. >> the men here have come together, each bringing what they could, machetes, homemade bows and arrows, trying, hoping, that they will be able to protect their families. >> cnn's correspondent traveled
12:42 pm
to one of the most dangerous places in all the world. this is the same area in nigeria, more than 200 school girls were abducted. more on what she found, and more on what the nigerian is willing to do to get the girls back. hey. i'm ted and this is rudy. say "hi" rudy. [ barks ] [ chuckles ] i'd do anything to keep this guy happy and healthy. that's why i'm so excited about these new milk-bone brushing chews. whoa, i'm not the only one. it's a brilliant new way to take care of his teeth. clinically proven as effective as brushing. ok, here you go. have you ever seen a dog brush his own teeth? the twist and nub design cleans all the way down to the gum line, even reaching the back teeth. they taste like a treat, but they clean like a toothbrush. nothing says you care like a milk-bone brushing chew.
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up to 1,700 dollars back or special financing on select lennox home comfort systems. offer ends june 13th. and download our free lennox mobile app. lennox. innovation never felt so good. new revelations here about the latest chilling terror video, the one that shows about 100 girls wearing hijabs, reciting the carran. 54 girls here, you've season this video by now. they've been identified by name. according to the governor of
12:46 pm
nigeria's borno state, they're all part of the school in chibak. the u.s. is sending manned military planes over the area. even with the world here really honed in on nigeria, families continue to live the frightening grip of the terrorists. cnn's nim reports from one of the most dangerous places in nigeria, and all the world. >> reporter: the fear returns. bringing back memories of when nearly 300 girls were abducted here. it's at night that people say they feel most vulnerable, most abandoned by the outside world, which is why they started going on nightly patrols like this, ever since that horrifying night of april 14th. the men here have come together, each bringing what they could, machetes, homemade bows and
12:47 pm
arrows, trying, hoping they will be able to protect their families. >> the sound of gunshot, explosions everywhere. >> reporter: daniel and his family witnessed the terror firsthand. >> we have to run into the bushes for oir lives. so it was horrifying. fear is everywhere. >> reporter: day break does bring respite. but there's a reminder of the shear scale of the devastation. nearly a month since the night when boko haram stormed this town. nearly 200 of the girls are still missing. tired of waiting for help to arrive, fear is making way here to resilience. >> joining me live from abuja, nigeria. we have seen your incredibly compelling interviews with the
12:48 pm
mothers of the missing daughters. i have to ask you, i understand just to get to this village, it took you some four days. it should have just taken hours. can you just tell me about your harrowing journey to tell the stories? >> reporter: well, as you said, it took us an awful long time. a lot of that was on roads that were very, very exposed. and the closer you got to chibok, when we finally turned off the main road, two hours before chibok, there were reinforcements where you would imagine there would be some kind of support there, there was nothing, brooke. there was no phone that worked. it was just open savannah. there was a real sense of -- perhaps a small sense, i should say, of what it's like for the people living at the center of this tragedy every single day. you don't know where the danger is coming from. the road we were traveling on
12:49 pm
just the day before, policemen had gotten into a fire fight with the boko haram. so this threat for the village, for the community out there, while trying to deal with coming to the terms of the theft of their daughters, that threat is ever present here, brooke. >> the theft. that is the absolute appropriate word. my heart-felt thanks to you and the crew for risking what you have to tell those stories. thank you. live in abuja, nigeria, for us. coming up next, karl rove makes an absolutely outrageous comment about hillary clinton's health. so shocking, that even the man known for his biting remarks is now backtracking. is this a sign of what's in store for a possible clinton presidential run? stay with me. ♪
12:50 pm
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12:53 pm
>> test tofl. >> karl rove is apparently taking a page from the political operatives play book. this is a page that when the going gets rough, suggest your opponent is crazy. karl rove says, like it or not, her health will be an issue. he's saying in the new york post that clinton's brain is damaged. "the post" says rove mentioned several times at a conference that clinton suffered a blood clot in 2012 and then wore glasses made for people with brain trauma. now, rove is saying "the post" got it wrong, at least sort of wrong. >> no, no, no.
12:54 pm
wait a minute. i didn't say she had brain damage. she had a serious health episode and my point was that from the 7th of december in 2012 through the 7th of january of 2013, she underwent -- first she had apparently a serious virus. they announced that on the 15th of december that she had some period in the past a week fallen. they didn't say where. they didn't say when. she was recovering at home. on the 30th of december she goes in and it turns out she had a blood clot. they won't say where. my point is, hillary wants to run for president and she would not be human if this didn't enter in as a consideration. and my other point is, this will be an issue in the 2016 race whether she likes it or not. >> jake tapper, he's up next with "the lead." they say that karl rove is
12:55 pm
guilty of a flagrant foul. >> i don't know if it's a foul. we see it time and time again, a political operative looking to inject something into the bloodstream of the political media world says something seemingly outrageous. the condemnations come but he does interject this, introduce this subject. we saw it in the 2008 election a number of times. i remember a lot of operatives for hillary clinton doing this about obama, about his drug use when he was a child, a teenager. he's going to be asked about this. i'm not saying that i support it but he's going to be asked about it and then there also was a time when some operatives for then senator obama started using interesting language about senator john mccain that seemed to be suggesting that his age would be an issue. they kept talking about his losing his bearings or being confused. >> does it work, more or less? >> it can work.
12:56 pm
there's a risk because when you do that, you risk repercussions against yourself and the person you're advocating for. we're having this conversation right now and, for that reason, to a degree, karl rove succeeded. absolutely. >> jake tapper, we'll be watching you in a couple of minutes on "the lead." thank you, sir. and we'll be right back. get together for over 70 lunch combinations starting at $6.99. all part of olive garden's entirely new pronto lunch menu. choose from handmade sandwiches and flatbreads. paired with unlimited soup or salad. 70 lunch combinations starting at $6.99. at olive garden. what if it were more than something to share? what if a photo could build that shelf you've always wanted?
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12:59 pm
before i let you go, you remember the story of christopher columbus and the three ships sailed the ocean blue? well, this underwater explorer says he has found the last one just off the coast of haiti. clifford described the santa maria as, quote, the mt. everest of ship wrecks. how about this, divers just took
1:00 pm
photographs that it is the flagship itself. you can read more about that at thank you so much for being with me. i'll be back here at the same place, the same time tomorrow. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. and now this warning from the government, i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the national lead, it kills 30% of the people infected and now it is here on u.s. soil with two confirmed cases. fresh fears today that middle east respiratory syndrome or mers is spreading. karl rove is the boogie man under the bed catching a lot of heat for something he may or may not have said about hillary clinton's president. she wants to be president, will she have to withstand more attacks like this? and the buried lead. as first lady, she wrote about fears of marrying a skirt