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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 13, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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photographs that it is the flagship itself. you can read more about that at thank you so much for being with me. i'll be back here at the same place, the same time tomorrow. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. and now this warning from the government, i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the national lead, it kills 30% of the people infected and now it is here on u.s. soil with two confirmed cases. fresh fears today that middle east respiratory syndrome or mers is spreading. karl rove is the boogie man under the bed catching a lot of heat for something he may or may not have said about hillary clinton's president. she wants to be president, will she have to withstand more attacks like this? and the buried lead. as first lady, she wrote about fears of marrying a skirt
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chaser. i'm not talking about hillary clinton. i'm talking about jackie kennedy, putting into the words the private thoughts she never shared with the public. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. this is the national lead. fever, cough, sore throat. by then it could be too late. it's called middle east respiratory syndrome, or m ecer for short. both were placed in quarantine. one is still there. the other was sent home. they are not the only ones that may have been exposed. >> five team members were identified to be exposed.
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in the hospital a total of 15 to 18 members were exposed. >> all of those individuals are being tested. we are now awaiting the results. both of the two confirmed cases involve people who recently traveled to saudi arabia and then unwittingly flew on planes to the united states. that's why if you are flying, the tsa will post a check list. it's a health advisory that asks if you're going to the arabian peninsula, they warn you about this mers. athena jones is joining us. have they been put up yet? >> reporter: they are in the process of being put up. the cdc has put out an advisory and the tsa says they will put them at 21 airports across the country. not just here at dulles but
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major airports on the east coast and central and west coast. international airports may place this at various places around the airports. this is a level 2 alert. it's higher than a watch but lower than a warning. a level 3 warning which would mean that you should avoid all nonessential travel. it means people shouldn't change their travel plans but practice what the cdc calls enhanced precautions. that's basically looking after their health and following what is on this sign to avoid getting sick. wash your hands often, avoid contact with sick people, wash after symptoms like the one you mentioned, fever, cough, shortness of breath. contact a doctor and let that doctor know where you traveled. the cdc has not issued a formal travel restriction but they recommend that if you get sick,
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stay home from work, delay any future travel and advise that if you are sick while traveling, it's possible you may be denied boarding at any stage along your journey. jake? >> athena jones, thank you so much. the cdc is trying to assure travelers that the risk of mers is low for them but the virus has reached the white house. >> the cdc is monitoring the situation closely. it's something of a nature that would be briefed to the president and has been briefed to the president and our team is watching it very closely. >> our senior washington correspondent joe johns is standing by live at the white house. how big is the level of concern over mers in the obama administration? >> i think you really hit it there, jake. the concern about mers has now reached the highest levels of the government. this has been on the front burner for quite some time. many federal agencies, homeland security, health and human services, the centers for disease control, the national security council. but now at the point where the
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president himself is getting briefed, despite a low number of cases in the united states, a handful of people and protected, this is being seen as a homeland security matter with lots of updates across the administration. it's because the threat has crossed the border, it's being carried here by plane by saudi arabia. also, because the number of cases abroad has simply increased so dramatically. lisa monacco, counterterrorism in the white house would be the person taking the lead on that and also the person actually doing the briefing for the president of the united states. press secretary jay carney saying the cdc, of course, has taken all of this very seriously. we do know they are monitoring it very carefully and that's about it, jake. >> joe johns at the white house, thank you so much. here is what we know about the two confirmed cases of mers in the u.s. the first confirmed case involving a person we're going
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to call patient "x" was discovered in indiana on may 2nd. patient "x" is an american health care worker who traveled from saudi arabia to see family. patient "x" has been released and recovered. the second confirmed case traveled from saudi arabia to the u.s. patient "y" is still being treated. i want to bring in the director of cdc forress sp respiratory d. the cdc has confirmed that mers is a low risk for americans but you are concerned enough to post warnings in airports. why? >> whenever we see a new virus like this capable of causing severe illness and death, we take it seriously.
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we've been preparing for two years since this virus emerged to be ready if the virus was imported. that preparation paid off when we did see the first importation to indiana and now the second to florida. we do take it seriously. we know some things about this new virus. we know that it is not easily spread person-to-person. the spread that has been seen so far has generally been with ex troom treemly close contact in the health care environment. that's why we've seen tracing along health care workers and households. it's really out of an abundance of caution that we've been contacting people on the same flights as the two patients who traveled in with the virus. we don't know yet that this virus can be spread in that kind of context but early on in an investigation like this, we like to gather as much information as we can quickly so that we can improve or recommendations going forward. so right now we've been working
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to contact everybody who was on flights with the patient who traveled into florida. that contact work is ongoing right now. and i would imagine over the days ahead we'll learn more whether there was any transmission at all. based on everything that i know so far, i'm not expecting it. but i think it is likely that there will be more importations and because of that, we're really working closely with the state and local health departments. >> doctor, just to play devil's advocate, there's been two confirmed cases in the u.s. one of those persons is cured. the other person is treated. more people will die today in car accidents, from guns, from slipping in a bathtub, from obesity. explain to me why these drastic measures -- drastic is overstating the case -- why putting up these warnings in airports when really the fatality, as you explained, the
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difficulty to get mers is so low. >> we think it's really critical to avoid overreacting in the community but also avoid underreacting in the health care environment. the reason for the signage is so that we can promptly identify potential cases so they can be separated from other people. what we saw in the sars virus is somewhat like this and what we see in certain episodes in the arabian peninsula is outbreaks in the hospital environment. those outbreaks can get larger and larger if you don't know who is infected and who isn't. we think it's important to make sure people traveling are aware of this new virus and are aware to tell their doctors about their travel history so that they can promptly be diagnosed. the sooner we know about a problem, the sooner we can control the exposure. >> really an educational step. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. a clinton nemesis takes a
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shot at hillary's health, indicating that she maybe has a brain injury because of the glasses she was wearing in 2013. how is clinton responding. plus, donald sterling says he doesn't do anything for african-americans and magic johnson is responding. he spoke with anderson cooper. that exclusive interview is straight ahead. passion...
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welcome back to "the lead." the politics lead now. after decades in washington, hillary clinton, whatever you think of her, she has weathered some memorable and personal attacks. rivals have called her everything from cold to a murderer. now with rumors of her possible presidential candidate at a fever pitch, here comes some brand-new ones. south of los angeles, last thursday, one of the republican
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parties' most lauded strategist upped the ante by just asking the question, asking the question if she may have suffered a traumatic brain injury after a fall back in 2012. brianna keilar is here with more. brianna. >> so rove apparently said this last week but this just broke on the gossip page of the new york post today. karl rove back peddling but not apologizing for hinting that hillary may have suffered from brain damage back in 2012. former bush's top aid, raising new questions about clinton's medical scare when the then secretary of state suffered a blood clot between her brain and skull. >> she had a serious health episode. this was a serious deal. >> reporter: in off-camera comments reported by the new
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york post's gossip column, page 6, rove said these glasses were patients for people suffering traumatic brain injuries. clinton actually spent three days in the hospital to treat the clot caused by a fall while battling the flu. and those glasses -- >> i think that the idea that you have specific glasses that are used for traumatic brain injury is not necessarily accurate. the glasses have helped her tremendously during that year, year and a half that she's been using them. the fact that she doesn't seem to be using them now means very sugge sugge suggestively improved by it. >> reporter: calling his comments, way to insert smears about her health and age into the political debate because, quote, they are scared of what she has achieved and what she has to offer.
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what he's doing is its own form of sickness but she is 100%, period. time for them to move on. clinton emerged healthy, according to her team and doctors and withstood harsh questioning three weeks later at a hearing in benghazi. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> reporter: at that time, former bush officials were saying that she was faking her illness as she left the state department in 2013, clinton spoke with cnn about her health. >> i am lucky because i've been very healthy. i feel great. i've got, you know, enormous amounts of energy that have to be harnessed and focused. so i -- i'm very fortunate and i'm looking forward to this next chapter in my life. >> reporter: rove is holding firm saying that clinton needs to be upfront about any health
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problems should she run. now, that may be where rove is correct. she will be 69 on election day in 2016, years older than republicans, years older than the proper republicans who may jump into the field. >> that's interesting, brianna keilar, thank you so much. insinuation is a delicate art here in washington. so was rove really saying clinton was actually brain damaged or just raising the question? let's bring in stephanie cutter and newt gingrich, host of "crossfire." stephanie, great to see you back from maternity leave. i've seen your baby. he's beautiful. congratulations, mr. gingrich, good to see you. let's talk about that, you've been victim of this at well. the clever insinuation. i'm just raising the question, speaker gingrich. >> this was not clever and it wasn't insinuation. this was karl rove running headlong into a brick wall.
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hillary clinton is going to have the same questions that ronald reagan had and she's going to answer them the same way ronald reagan did. you go out and campaign and give speeches and answer questions. if, in fact, you can do that, nobody is going to believe this stuff. i think it is the worst kind of republican consultant behavior to get into this kind of personal, you know, negative attack. on crossfire, we're going to talk about a lot of things but there are good policy issues to debate and performance issues to debate. we don't need to get into this kind of stuff and i would urge every republican, don't touch it, don't get near it. >> stephanie, to play devil's advocate here, when she had her health scare, and it was a health scare, she did appear with those glasses when she testified on benghazi and it wasn't just the conservatives talking about it, nbc news ran a story last year, hillary clinton
1:20 pm
sports new lenses due to lingering issues from her concussion. she was wearing special glasses that help bring images back into focus. it's fair to ask questions about her health. >> is that what you think that karl rove was doing? >> i'm asking a different question. >> we know what karl rove -- >> what was he trying to do? >> he was starting to lay a drumbeat out there questioning whether or not the health care that she did have, that she's been open about and has worn those glasses in front of a senate hearing, he's laying the ground work to start questioning whether or not that health scare is somehow disqualifying of her of being president. we know that it's not. the american people know that it is not. look at what she's done over the last year. nothing has slowed her down. anybody who is questioning whether or not hillary clinton is going to be outrun by somebody younger or somebody who didn't have a similar health scare is going to be proven wrong. but this is what karl rove does best.
1:21 pm
he's just putting it out there. he's not suggesting anything. he's putting it out there. and people are going to start nipping away at it. it's interesting to see him try to double down on it at one of your competitive networks this morning and they didn't bite. even they were questioning the facts of what rove was putting out there. >> look, since both of you are such seasoned hands, even though neither of you look seasoned -- >> i'm a lot more seasoned -- >> especially stephanie. since both of you are seasoned hands in politics, when decisions are made, for instance, i remember the clinton campaign in 2008, different operatives would bring up -- senator obama is going to be asked about his past drug use. i'm just asking some of the questions that people were disassociated from the clinton campaign after that. but when that type of thing happens, is it planned? how is it done, based on your guess? because neither of you have been involved in anything like that.
1:22 pm
>> well, i think that it probably happens in all sorts of different ways. i don't think this was planned by anybody but karl rove but he's clearly been thinking about it for a long time. he raised it unsolicited last night and brought it up again this morning. he's trying to walk it back. the damage is done and it's out there. >> speaker gingrich, you know what i mean. sometimes the decision has to be made and again, certainly you never did it. the decision is made, look, we need to get this out there. nobody is picking up on it. we're going to have joe go out there and say it and we'll say, well, i don't know anything about that. >> national politics is and should be very tough business. both of us have been involved. you've covered it. that's fine. i think what you have here, this isn't some random, small -- this is one of the major political figures in the republican party saying something that is totally inappropriate and doing it in a way that represents the worst
1:23 pm
kind of modern politics. nothing drives people away from running for office more than this kind of attack because they would say, why would i put my family through this. it weakens the fabric of democracy when we have this personal stuff. we have lots of stuff to fight with hillary clinton about. big things, important things. we shouldn't be engaged in this. >> former speaker newt gingrich, stephanie cutter back from maternity leave, we're going to see you back here on "crossfire" at 3:30 p.m. pacific. coming up on our money lead, a warning to those who are close to retirement. that's coming up next. plus, donald sterling making a bigger mess by attempting to defend himself. who allowed him to speak out? that's coming up. when folks think about what they get from alaska,
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welcome back to the money lead now. the stock surged up to 1900 for the first time ever today. goldman sachs predicted that the
1:28 pm
index would close this year at that number. so with the markets a full eight months ahead of schedule, will the good times on the trading fro floor keep on rolling? host of "your money" is christine romans. the market shows no signs of slowing down. what is driving this? >> corporate earnings and the fact that companies are squeezing profits when they are not getting more sales and they are managing to make money and they've got a lot of money in the bank and the economy is slowly improving. stocks reflect corporate earnings and corporate earnings are doing fine. and when you look at stocks, you see the dow a record today, s & p a record today. i think people get a little blaise about how many records we've seen. look at these records over the past two years. up 40%. the stocks in your 401(k) most likely look like the s&p 500.
1:29 pm
40%. it's got a lot of people wondering if maybe the good times are going to have to come to an end at some point. >> those getting close to retirement may want to keep a closer eye on their portfolios, experts say. why? >> they absolutely should. the closer you get to reti retirement, the more you're going to need your money. there has not been a 10% technical correction for about two years now. usually you get a couple, three in that time frame. you certainly don't want that to happen as you draw down your money to live on. it's really important, if you're close to retirement, to make sure that you're not too heavily weighted in the stock market and are more weighted for your risk. young people, though, young people want to see a pull back. they want to see the stock market sell off so they let stocks get cheaper so they have their own nest egg. >> christine romans, thank you. what does magic johnson
1:30 pm
think of the clippers' owners latest accusations, that he doesn't done enough for african-americans? that's next. plus, has a 500-year-old mystery been solved? someone says that they have found christopher columbus' ship. what does he claim is the smoking gun? ♪
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1:35 pm
sterling did not back away from his criticism of magic when he talked to anderson. >> big magic johnson. what has he done? >> well, he's a business person. >> he's got aids. did he do any business? i'd like -- did he help anyone in south l.a.? what kind of a guy goes to every city and has sex with every girl and catches hiv? is that something that we want to respect and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. >> how did magic react to sterling doubling down on his hate for him? >> yeah. you know, it was obviously
1:36 pm
shocking. and to respond to what he said, it seems beneath magic johnson. i spoke with him and he takes the high road. that's what magic johnson does. he could not have been any more malaysia jous about all of this and taking it in stride. but let's play what he said. >> my whole life is dedicated to urban america. i just wish he knew the facts when he's talking. but he's a man who's upset and he's reaching. he's reaching. he's trying to find something he can grab on to to help him save his team and it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. the board of governors now have to do their job. adam silver, the commissioner of the nba did a wonderful job of banning him for life. now the board needs to do their job. i'm going to pray for the man. even if i see him today, i'm going to say hello to donald and his wife as well.
1:37 pm
i'm not a guy that holds grudges or anything like that. am i upset, yes, i am. but i'm a god fearing man and i'm going to pray for him and hope that things work out for him. >> donald sterling in my interview last night made all sorts of allegations that magic johnson had called him up, had told him to remain silent, don't say anything in a bid to steal the l.a. clippers away from him. magic sets all of that to rest and addresses all of that directly tonight. basically setting the record straight on what really happened, who called whom and said what. but it's obviously -- magic johnson, the last thing he wants to have happen is to be caught in this drama between donald sterling and his alleged mistress. >> if you gave pr classes, you could give a lesson. i have to ask you, did you ask him if magic is trying to buy the clippers?
1:38 pm
>> i hope you're not referring to me as a sportsman because, as i hope you know, i know nothing about sports. i'm probably the last person who should have done this interview with magic johnson. yes, i absolutely asked him about that. the response is very funny. it's actually quite long so i don't want to try to summarize it because i'm not going to get it right. but he talks about his interests in basketball and in a basketball team. he talks about whether or not he wants to buy the clippers, how long that process might take and some other teams. he might be interested in buying. >> anderson cooper, thanks for sharing a sneak peak of your interview with magic johnson. tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. there were times when donald sterling teared up. but whether it was for his racial comments or for misjudging his alleged mistress, that was difficult to discern. let's hear some more of donald sterling's ostensible interview.
1:39 pm
>> i think you're more of a racist than i am. >> how is that? >> because i'm not a racist and i've never been a racist and i never will be. >> the classic i know what you are but what am i? but when it came to his alleged mistress, sterling did take some responsibility. >> i don't know why the girl had me say those things. >> you're saying you were set up? >> well, yes. i was baited. that's not the way i talk. >> responsibility may be a stretch. but he did say he didn't believe the words and after giving an interview like that one, is there anything short of getting locked in an elevator with solange knowles that could bring donald sterling back? we should note that howard
1:40 pm
represents magic johnson's wife and knows magic johnson. if sterling would listen to you, and it's not clear that he listened to any pr officials, what would you have advised him to do before in this interview and now in the aftermath? >> i have a saying that serves me very well. silent is golden, duct tape is silver. shut up. okay? nobody wants to hear from you. it's not going to change the outcome. nobody is going to be sympathetic and with all due respect to my friend anderson cooper who got a great get, i would not have had him say anything. it can't do anything but what it did, which is exacerbate the situation. >> what if he called now and said, can you help me clean this up? >> yes. i would put out a statement and say, i apologize 2,000% for everything i said. i own it. i'm giving $10 million to build
1:41 pm
a youth center in south center los angeles. i will relinquish ownership of the clippers and thank you for your support through the years and you won't hear me again. people will applaud. >> are public apologies a good idea for people caught in a situation like this? i can't even imagine what you can say when you spew such hate. >> when you apologize, you have to understand, even if in your heart you feel you're 50% wrong, you have to take 100% responsibility. and -- because the goal of an apology is to move forward and to get beyond it and so he blew it on every level. but having met mr. sterling numerous times, what you have to understand is this. there are certain celebrities who you sit across the table and you talk to and are on the same wave length. donald sterling is not one of those guys. he's very insulated and goes
1:42 pm
from his beverly hills mansion in his limousine to the office that he owns to a few choice restaurants where they treat him like a king. he doesn't live in a real world and in his mind people say it's senility. i've spent time for the last 25 years and it's the same guy for the last 25 years. he lives in donald land. >> you know magic johnson well, howard. sterling seems to be seething about magic, for whatever reason. what would you advise a client when you know that he's going to be asked about someone that he loathes. what should he have said? >> he should have said, magic johnson does amazing work and i'm sorry for any reference to him and i appreciate all of his contributions to basketball. magic johnson could run for mayor of l.a. and probably win. he's beloved here. he's respected. he's respected for his integrity, he's respected for what he's done in the urban
1:43 pm
community in los angeles. and this is the last guy to pick on and one of the stupidest things you can do. >> i've got a theory of leadership which is, some people succeed so much that they reach the stratosphere where there is no one around them that can say, don't put that jamaican frog in your movie, it's going to ruin the whole franchise. or don't bring that attractive biographer with you to afghanistan, it's a bad idea. don't do this interview with anderson because if you do, be completely repentent. does donald sterling have no one around him that can say, shut up? >> even if they said shut up, he would not listen. someone close to him said i need your help. i said, no, ma'am oumber one, h going to listen. number two, he's beyond
1:44 pm
salvation and number three, i'm going to advise him to shut up and i don't expect any of those things to work. i've got enough in my plate right now that you don't need a client that's going to listen. >> howard, thanks so much. >> thanks, jake. when we come back, six men killed in an ambush that is being called a terror attack as violence escalates. and later, her personal agony being married to a womanizer. for the first time, jackie's deepest thoughts are revealed. what she said about her own ambitions and her fears about her husband's wandering eye. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention.
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welcome back to "the lead." in our world lead, assassination attempt, burning buildings, blood in the streets. it is not quite been open warfare in eastern ukraine but for months we've teetered on the edge of it. there's more violence raging. two regions voted to leave ukraine and declared
1:49 pm
independence. kiev calls that a farce and a new poll shows that half of ukrainians in general want to stay out aligned with the west. not with russia. two-thirts of ukrainians want to see moscow face more sanctions, according to our poll. meanwhile, the chaos and the violence continues. and jeffrey pyatt is joining me now. soldiers were killed in what kiev is calling a terrorist attack. do we have any evidence that russia, putin are behind if not specifically this terrorist attack, the violence in general? >> well, jake, we have evidence that russia is behind these conservative groups. what we've seen is it involves heavy weapons and rpgs and other things. we hope very much that russia
1:50 pm
will join the united states, the european partners and try to get everybody focused on de-escalating the situation and get this under a diplomatic track. >> your opposition in ukraine would argue that it's the ukrainians that are engaging in a lot of violence. one separatist was shot today in an apparent assassination attempt. dozens of others have been killed in odessa a week and a half ago, most of them pro-russian separatists as they were trying to escape from a burning trade union building. what's your response to the kind of violence that is hurting the pro-russian forces? >> well, there's been too much violence on both sides, which is why we're putting a lot of energy into this national dialogue process and the osce road map and the goempb governor of ukraine's road map. there are going to be about 100 leaders across the spectrum talking about the government and
1:51 pm
helping ukraine move forward in a political way and setting the stage for what we think is going to be a critically important presidential election on may 25th. >> some european analysts say that putin doesn't actually need to invade ukraine anymore. he basically has control of crimea and because of the separatist actions and this referendum, he basically controls parts of eastern ukraine and has made it ungovernorable. is that true? has putin already won? >> russia should want to have a stable relationship with a prosperous and politically stable ukraine. moreover, the sanctions which have been imposed on russia as a result of its invasion of crimea and now the aggression in eastern ukraine are taking a toll, if these actions continue, there will be additional costs. >> geoffrey pyatt, thank you for
1:52 pm
your time. >> you bet. let's go back to third grade and how we found out in 1492 columbus sailed an ocean blue to a new world. barry clifford says he's found tt flagship of santa maria under 10 to 15 feet off the coast of haiti. a canon found at the site is a smoking gun, he says. if true, it would be one of the biggest discoveries in history. since i can hear many of you typing on twitter already, i'll save you the time, they found the santa maria before they found the malaysian plane. letters that have never seen the light of day from jackie kennedy until today. she was as strong and private as she was adored and idolized. we're getting a look at her private thoughts and venting
1:53 pm
sessions, everything from jfk's appetite for other women to her own feud with god after that fateful night in texas. cnn's tom foreman has more of us. >> i perhaps you could tell me some of the issues that are important in this campaign. >> reporter: jackie was only 21 and on a trip to ireland when she met the man who would become part adviser and part pen pal. the 73-year-old irish priest, joseph leonard. from the start, she wrote about her most intimate thoughts. for example, a new york stockbroker she was dating. so terribly much in love for the first time and i want to get married. it's the deepest, happiest feeling in the world. that relationship ended. but when she met the young and ambitious john kennedy, she wrote about that, too. he's like my father in a lot of way. loves to chase and is bored with the conquest and needs proof that he's still attractive so
1:54 pm
flirts with other women and after she married, new address, please note. the kennedy family compound. there are 33 letters in all to be auctioned off. the auction house will only say they are selling them from a private source. they are letters to father leonard from 1950 to 1964. 130 pages about religion, i terribly want to be a good catholic now and i know it's all because of you, about living the high-life. maybe i'm just dazzled and picture myself in a glittering world of crowned heads and men of destiny and not just a little sad housewife. if you're lonely, it could be a hell. and when the president was gunned down in dallas, she wrote, i think god must have i can taken jack to show the world how lost we would have been without him.
1:55 pm
god will have a bit of explaining to do to me if i ever see him. although, she added, i have to think there is a god or i have no hope of finding jack again. father leonard died in 1964 and most of all the letters reveal a deep affection between the young woman and the aging priest. so much so that even though they met only twice in life, on paper they appear still and forever friends. this is the sort of thing really, jake, that excites not only historians but people. this rare, rare look that you get into this very unusual relationship. met the man twice in person and yet this long correspondence, all these details, these thoughts that we never knew about, it's a treasure trove. >> it's really a confession that she was doing with a priest. >> in so many ways. and yet she also noted one of the things that she liked about him, you are not like the priests i have known. >> be sure to follow me on
1:56 pm
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