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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  May 13, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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you commit adultery? you justify things, you say well, every man in paris or france has a mistress, i mean, it may make you smile. but when you're so old you don't think it is wrong anymore if you have a little bit of fun. you don't have much time. if you have a little bit of fun you can't do what you did before and nobody expects it. but you want to be cared for. everybody wants to be cared for. i made such a mistake. i thought that woman really cared for me. >> more of my interview tomorrow on my program. we'll see you again at 11:00 p.m. eastern, with a special edition of "ac360." cnn starts now. good evening, i'm bill weir.
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a packed show for you tonight. some say karl rove brought politics to a new low if that is even possible. and radio legend kasey casum is missing, more on the story with sterling v. johnson, and my colleague, anderson cooper, kind enough to hang out. so i want to hear your thoughts. let's set this up. there were a lot of rebuttals from magic, and real bald-faced contradictions. what donald sterling said, that magic called him. >> he called you up when the tape came out and he told you not to say anything? >> yeah. >> why did he say don't say anything? >> he just said wait, be patient, we'll work it out. >> why do you think he said that?
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>> i think he wanted me to just do nothing so he could buy the team. he thought nothing would be resolved. >> i told him i wouldn't do it. i said the number one thing you need to do is apologize to everybody and myself. i'll get to that, i'll get to that. >> so he wanted you to go on with barbara walters sitting next to him? >> sitting next to him. >> to kind of give him cover? >> exactly. so i said no, then i told him, i said donald, you should consult with your attorneys, i said this thing is a big thing and you should deal with your attorneys and let them advise you on what to do. but i said you need to go public and apologize to everybody. >> how did he respond? >> well, i'll apologize later but i want you to go on this show. he was adamant about me going on this show with him and i told him no, i wouldn't do it. and that is what happened. >> so anderson, clear it up. it was sterling that called magic, right? >> right, sterling's assistant
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called magic johnson at his office. this was about a week and a half ago. the previous friday, donald sterling met with me. he also met with barbara walters in los angeles on the same day, same hotel room. clearly, according to magic johnson, donald sterling wanted magic to go on barbara walter's program with him to kind of give him cover. to kind of basically say that magic johnson is friends with donald sterling and is vouching for him. magic johnson said there is no way that is going to happen and kind of ended the call. that is what magic johnson is saying and it certainly sounds a lot more credible than donald sterling's events, saying that magic johnson wanted him to remain quiet so he could steal the clippers. >> we'll get into his response later. but of course everybody learned of donald sterling's true character in relation to v.
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stiviano who we all were led to believe after that leaked conversation was having some sort of relationship with donald sterling. which made donald sterling green with jealousy. here is the answer on whether he even knows her. >> first of all, you were photographed with v. stiviano, you were probably photographed with millions of people. he claimed in this interview i did the other day he said you knew her and knew her well. >> here are the facts, i never met her, i took a picture with her, looked like at a dodgers game. that is it. that is all i know of her. and then he says i'm trying to set him up. how am i trying to set you up? >> so the whole thing, you pull one thread and it all comes apart in a lot of ways? yeah, donald sterling in my interview claimed that magic johnson knew v. stiviano well. in the original recording v. stiviano said look, i took a
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photograph with him. i respect him but i don't really know him. it was donald sterling who said you can do whatever you want, just don't bring him to games and be photographed with him in public. so just for the record to clear it all out, magic johnson pointing out he takes photographs with tons of people all day long. a lot of people want to be photographed with magic johnson, i took a photograph with magic johnson. and so the idea he knows her beyond that is just simply not true. >> i am just curious, as a journalist sitting down with these two men in l.a. back-to-back how would you characterize their demeanor, their preparedness, what was a contrast in comparison? >> listen, if somebody said the things about me that donald sterling said about magic johnson i would be hard appreciate epressed to show the kind of grace that magic johnson showed tonight. he could have with very good reason said some pretty terrible things about donald sterling.
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instead he talked about praying for donald sterling and feeling sad for him. i think that is what a lot of viewers probably -- you know, kind of even maybe felt sympathetic towards donald sterling for a variety of reasons. but i think that shows the kind of person magic johnson is that he basically handled it in this way. and that he you know, set forth pretty -- you know, as far as i'm concerned explanations that make sense on everything and did it in a way with great grace, i think. >> do you think sterling regrets sitting down with you in. >> you know, i don't know, there was no coercion involved. what i said to donald sterling in the one time i met him, i said look, i think you need to get on the record. get out in front of this thing. i assumed he would apologize, i didn't know but i assumed that would be a wise thing to do to make a public apology. and i assumed people would
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either believe that apology or not. i did not know that when we sat down that he would yes, offer an apology and we're going to have more of his explanation on this tomorrow night on "ac360." but i certainly did not expect him to suddenly bring magic johnson into this in a way that you know, i think is pretty stunning. and you know, and you know, basically, justify to us you know, continuing to report on this. because he levelled all of these charges against magic johnson which frankly had to be answered. >> yeah, he could have picked a lot of guys to go after. magic right up there with superman in a lot of people's estimation. >> magic johnson is a remarkable guy and has achieved enormous things and given back. he has saved countless lives, people who may know somebody with hiv, who has gone out and
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gotten tested for hiv. you know, because of magic johnson countless numbers of people have done that and countless numbers of people's lives have been saved. >> thanks for sharing, anderson cooper, appreciate it. and joining me now, roger mason, president of the player's association. and he represented elgin baylor when he tried to sue donald sterling. gentlemen, good to see all of you, thank you for joining us. pat, let me start with you. i want to get a fresh reaction from somebody who knows the game well. your reaction to magic's grace tonight and this whole scandal in general. >> i can't believe he added to the insults he has already levied against magic and the african-american race. magic johnson is one of the most endearing and engaging people on this planet. that smile just disarms everybody from the street to the
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elite. let me tell you something, bill, when i asked magic to help me after the first year with alan, he flew with me to virginia and met with allen, and a mentor, he looked up to him. he gave his time and talent. he didn't have to. i heard anderson say, he is a superman. >> yeah, and carl, your experience with the elgin baylor case, i want to talk, we'll get magic's reaction to how elgin was treated. and we'll get to that but what do you make of these conflicting stories? who called who? who knew v. stiviano, none of it seems to line up. >> well, bill, from my experience sitting across the table with donald sterling over two separate sessions and probably lasting seven or eight hours combined, he has a
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proclivity of saying whatever, whenever that he needs to say to make his point. i think he lied under oath. i am almost certain he lied under oath not only in deposition, but also in a trial. in front of a judge. and a jury. and media watching. so it really comes as no surprise for me to hear that he has said things that magic has plainly disputed. >> yeah, roger, grade magic's performance tonight reacting to all that mud being slung his way. >> a-plus. wouldn't expect it any other way with magic johnson. you know, i grew up watching him play and grew up seeing what happened and how he has turned himself into not just a great businessman but a great human being. so i think he handled it with class and dignity. >> okay, gentlemen, if you will be kind enough to hang out when we come back we'll have more on the big interview with magic and how it sort of compares.
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jews, when they get successful, they will help their people. and some of the african-americans, maybe i'll get in trouble again, they don't want to help anybody, what has imagine immigrant johnson really done for children's hospital? >> it is disturbing, it is sad, it is -- he didn't do his homework. tyler perry called me right after the interview. he was so upset. spike lee called me. i mean, look, we help each other. you know, and we -- what we try to do is ban together to see how
6:15 pm
we can better our community. we also give the information, because i'm successful tyler is successful, on and on, we go back and educate the others on how they can become successful. so it is not about just giving them money. it is also about giving them the tools so that they can be successful in the african-american community. >> that is magic johnson with anderson cooper rebutting those smears from donald sterling that he has done nothing for his community. we also tried to fact check mr. sterling's characterizations. and we couldn't find one, but we did find a reporter writing for buzz feed. he has a new book out called "good advice for bad people." life advice forhypocrites, i
6:16 pm
understand. >> there is a vast portion of america that is predicated on targeting low income minorities and ripping them off with financial service products. and virtually across the board in every facet of that industry you will find magic johnson taking a cut to serve as a figure head and a promoter for these businesses. one of the best examples was jackson huett, in 2007 they settled charges with the california attorney general. in 2009, magic johnson did a big ad campaign with them. consumer advocates complained about it and eventually the company stopped offering loans because the government did something that made them virtually impossible to offer, but magic johnson was promoting them. same thing with pre-paid debit card, don't use them. magic johnson has his own pre-paid debit card. if you want to talk about chances to get rich quick there is the magic johnson travel
6:17 pm
agency that is no longer in business. and washington mortgage, one of the worst lenders that went bankrupt. magic johnson partnered with them to open home loan centers in low income communities. and by the way, that is just a few of them. again and again and again this is a guy who would he need somebody like him telling people don't get ripped off. but instead, in exchange, magic johnson has sold his soul. >> wow, donald sterling would love to hear that. >> that is the last thing i want to say, magic johnson is not one of the worst people in america, he has gotten a free ride, kind of the same free ride that donald sterling got a couple of weeks ago. >> let's bring in roger mason, carl douglas and pat croce, as well. i'm interested in your take, because you tried to get justice
6:18 pm
for essentially slum lord activities, i'm sorry, carl douglas, this question is for you. here is magic talking about how elgin was treated. i remember reading a columnist in the l.a. times saying if elgin knew about this for years why is he just coming out now? it sounds like he is a disgruntled employee, and magic actually agreed that he got the wrong deal, listen. >> elgin baylor said he sued sterling back in 2009 for racial discrimination, age discrimination. he said a lot of these things back then and a lot of people didn't really support him. >> exactly. you are exactly right. and now we all feel bad that we didn't support him. because we should have. and everything that he says is comes to light today. >> yeah, i think even in 2009, the year he was suing them the naacp in l.a. gave sterling an award. >> yeah, yeah. and it has been -- i hope that
6:19 pm
elgin feels a lot better today. and i know he doesn't, but i hope that now he will get some justice, the things that he had to go through. hopefully nobody else will have to go through including myself. >> carl, what do you think of that? >> it is really interesting, and i have not had a chance to talk with elgin. but i suspect he is smiling. because he spoke of donald sterling having a plantation mentality back in the early '80s. and our trial, we were limited to being only allowed to bring up allegations that dated back two years. we had things that went back 20 or 30 years or more. so we were not able to pursue the racial claims in our case. but now, in my community we say god has a sense of humor. and i'm sure that elgin is
6:20 pm
smiling now feeling vindicated because the allegations, the mindset that he spoke of that donald sterling had has been proven to be true. and all of america, indeed the world, has had a chance to look deeply into his heart. >> pat croce, former president of the philadelphia 76ers, what happens next? how long do you think the board of governors or whatever the structure is at the nba can take this team away from somebody and sell is to somebody that everybody agrees would be more deserving? >> well, first, bill, i was shocked that adam silver would encourage the owners to get him out of there. but with the 76% vote the ownership will be gone, i think it will happen as quickly as possible. look, they already put parsons in as ceo. they have done everything possible to take control of the clippers and make sure all the players, not only on the
6:21 pm
clippers team but within the nba know that not only adam silver but the entire management team, and not donald sterling's crazy mentality. i think it will happen quicker than we think. >> yeah, and roger mason, i guess you're the ears at the nba player's association got to perk up when a guy like mark cuban came out today and said that the clippers could sell for over a billion dollars. >> yeah, that is not surprising. you saw what happened with the milwaukee bucks selling for over $550 million in a small market. so we know the temperature in our league is doing well. and this is a bit of a black eye now. but that franchise will be just fine once it gets in the right hands. >> all right, roger, appreciate it. carl douglas, pat croce, good angles all the way around on this story. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. and when we come back, karl rove raises questions about hillary clinton's brain health and sets off a predictable uproar. is this a preview of the next few years? if so maybe we should just move
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to new zealand now.
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is karl rove suffering from brain damage? i'm not saying he is. but it might be a reasonable question given his recent comments about hillary clinton. "the new york post" reported while speaking at an event last thursday rove brought up then secretary of state hillary clinton's hospitalization. he reads quote, 30 days in the hospital and then when she comes
6:26 pm
out she is wearing glasses for people with a traumatic brain injury? what is up with that? mr. rove walked back the statements saying of course she doesn't have brain damage, he says he was just raising the point that if she runs in 2016 her entire health is fair game. but the clinton camp pounced. quote, they are afraid of what she is doing, she is 100%, period, time for them to move on to their next desperate attack. joining me now, republican strategist kevin madden, hillary rosen and political reporter, maggie haverman. so did karl bump his head? >> well look, i know the democrats are going to try to paint this as a conspiracy to illustrate hillary clinton's health in a negative way in any
6:27 pm
2016 conversation, truly as karl rove said himself is a rather awkward way of making a pretty obvious point which is that hillary clinton right now as a technical non-candidate has not faced a lot of scrutiny about what was essentially a health event that will receive a lot of scrutiny were she to ever become a candidate. i think that is just standard operating procedure on any campaign and he was pointing that out. >> let me get hillary's reaction to this. this sort of passive/aggressive innuendo, i am not saying this is true or we should make a big deal about barack obama's smoking pot in 2008, but it is out there. look at this from a strategist's point of view, what is going on there. >> kevin, thanks for the lead-in. i do think that republicans are looking for a way to try to undermine hillary physically because they have not been able
6:28 pm
to undermine her politically. and so doing that with her health is clearly the rumblings that they're trying. but the second thing is more about karl rove. which is you know, the right wing of his party has been pretty mad at him over the last two years. and i think in part, him getting out in front attacking hillary is one of his ways of showing the right wing of his party look, i'm really with you guys. here i am. and so i think he sees this as putting himself right square in the middle of the "get hillary" campaign, which heretofor has been managed by the right wing of the party. >> where does he stand in that party? >> i think he is right, hillary rosen is right, appealing to the base. i think rove has said this before in other speeches, and i believe that it has not gotten reported upon. it has been a whisper by a lot
6:29 pm
of republicans. kevin is also right. this will be an issue in the sense that any presidential candidate's health gets asked about. mccain has been asked about. i'm not saying that barack obama smoked pot, but both parties have had this happen. happened about the clintons, and obama, this is not surprising, what is interesting how the republicans seized on it. >> we were talking about this on the break, that they jumped on this, as well. it just -- maybe she o-- maybe she wants to play this out right now. but the other thing that rove went for is her age. it also seems to bring up the fact that she will be 69, if -- 77 if she serves two terms. >> this happened with mccain, as well, there were questions about
6:30 pm
his age. this was raised as a sub text issue, bob dole. >> but maggie it was raised by the republicans in 2008, not the democrats. it was raised by -- >> it was raised by everybody, in 2008, about mccain. there were conversations in the primary about them just as much as in the general election. >> karl rove did this first, he has a history of doing this. >> how is it reasonable to bring up secretary clinton's health in all context? because to be fair they were very coy about what happened with her fall, with the flu, what she was doing in the hospital. >> they were initially not forthcoming about the information. they were ultimately very forthcoming about the information the problem -- the problem with rove, saying she was in the hospital for 30 days is wrong. she was in the hospital for three days. you saw her leave. she testified the whole time, she was not going to testify in
6:31 pm
the benghazi hearings, that didn't happen. she was perceived as doing pretty well. so at the end of the day when you overreach that is a real problem. >> so kevin madden, end this off here and elevate this conversation. attack hillary clinton in a much more dignified way. >> well, look, the scrutiny that hillary clinton eventually gets on her health that is not something that is going to have to be driven in a parse way, they have done it for years, i think there is, you're right, bill, republicans, we have so much we can focus on with hillary clinton to criticize her on, on the substance that this is not necessarily going to be the focal point in any 2016 campaign. >> well, given her productivity we should all get injuries. >> we should all have the injuries. >> yeah, we'll see about the productivity part. >> kevin madden, great piece of
6:32 pm
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. and that means another act moved to the top with their first number one hit. the four-man band from los angeles named van halen, they have the biggest hit in the land named jump. if you remembered time when you discovered your new favorite band on an old timy device called a radio, and if your first encounter with music was scooby doo, he cut his teeth in small market radio and hit it big with american top 40 with that one signature sign-off.
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>> keep your feet in the ground and keep reaching for the stars. >> it is an american motto and pushed his worth into the millions, casey had three children with his first wife, and then married the woman who you may remember who was on the hit sit-com, cheers, jean never got along with her step children and cut them out of her life. blocked visits as he came down with an illness like parkinson's or alzheimer's. now at age 82, casey kasem is missing. yesterday in an l.a. court a lawyer for jean kasem claimed he had no idea where the radio legend is although he suspects he may be in another country. this brought a stunned reaction from the children of casey kasem who join me now from los angeles. carrie and julie kasem, also carrie's attorney, and in case
6:38 pm
we get into dicey legal areas here, he is joining us, casey, thank you for joining us. we're all such huge fans of your father in this building. our hearts go out to you. i want to go back to this in a second, but just tell me about the moment in court when you heard that even your step mom's lawyer has no idea where your dad is. >> we had a heads up, actually, from one of jean's family members that said hey, i overheard a conversation that possibly jean is trying to get him out of the country onto an indian reservation first and out of the country from there. we kind of had a heads up. we were not sure where he was and if that was accurate. so when we heard it from her attorney that he was already out of the country it was shocking. >> how did it come to this? have things always been tense between you guys and jean? >> you know, in the beginning it was -- it was hard. we didn't understand why she didn't like us. we were very young.
6:39 pm
but 20 years ago it was -- we kind of stopped seeing her, she didn't want us at the house or when we were at the house she would leave. pretty much i think the last 20 years maybe talked to her three times. >> wow. >> and how was his health? when is the last time you saw him, and can he communicate? is he lucid? >> so let's see, last time we saw him was last tuesday when carrie -- one of her attorneys was able to get us into see him at the facility where he was staying. and so we spent like a wonderful few hours with him there. and i don't want to speak specifically to his health. but i mean as it has been said, he has a louis body dementia, so his communication is obviously diminished. that being said, he knows who we are. he was able to respond to simple questions or simple things we said to him.
6:40 pm
it was very clear he was able to smile and say i love you. when we told him we would be back, dad, he looked at us and said when, which was heartbreaking. anyway, so you know, it is -- there is so much more meaningful communication we can have with him. we want him back. he knows that -- we're his children and he knows how much we love him. he feeds off that love. we feed off his love and we want him back. >> i understand some visits got so tense with your step mom, there was an armed guard. that sort of eroded in recent visits. but you just learned the true nature of his illness, you thought he had parkinson's up until just recently? >> that is correct, we were told he had parkinson's disease, i'm a physician assistant. i work in hospice and end of life care. my husband is a cardiologist, she would not let us get near his physician or ask any questions or go to the doctor's
6:41 pm
appointments with him as advocate or anything. what we heard at the time it was parkinson's disease. louis body disease and parkinson's sort of mimic each other, so that being said, now we know it is louis body dementia. it is unfortunate that we were not privy to that information ahead of time. >> we did reach out to jean's attorney, craig marcus for comments and statements. he never got back to us. just so we understand the legal ramifications. last year we understood that the judge ruled that your dad was well cared for by his wife, jean. and the -- >> first of all, bill, it is not entirely true that the request was denied. what happened was there was a settlement.
6:42 pm
there was an agreement that was reached between julie and between jean that provided for semi-regular visitation. carrie didn't agree to that because it was much too restrictive. and there were other problems with the agreement. the case was dismissed because there was a settlement which was almost immediately breached by jean. >> i understand. so whether or not happens next? the judge ordered an investigation, protective services to try to figure out where your dad went? >> that is right. you know, we have adult protective services looking for him. we have the court-appointed attorney looking for him. you know, and troy talk a little bit about -- because i don't know much legal jargon, but i have been appointed temporary co conservator, but we're waiting for the paperwork to go through. >> basically we have been having
6:43 pm
a little problem with the authorities and solidifying what her obligations and authority is. we couldn't get that until we had the order that just got signed by the judge today even though he stated -- now that we have the order. it was signed today, we will be taking those steps with the appropriate authorities to make sure that we can get mr. kasem back here safely. >> and carrie, where do you think he is? what about this indian reservation? do you think he could be out of the country? >> it is possible he is still in the country. and this is why we're doing so many interviews. this is why, i mean, we want -- as many people to you know, be on the lookout for our dad. if you see him and know his whereabouts, if you know anything about him please call the police. you know, we can't to stop her from moving. you know, we think she has moved him quite a few times. and this is terrible for his health. a man in his condition should not continually be moved.
6:44 pm
and especially with louis body disease, he is confused and is probably very afraid. and he is not getting properly medical care. >> carrie, julie, our hearts go out to you. good luck in finding him. i hope you see him, as well. we really appreciate it. troy, as well. coming up, he says he turned up a priceless 500-year-old mystery. he says he has found the santa maria christopher columbus, but could he possibly be right? that's why i got my surface. it's great for watching game film and drawing up plays. it's got onenote, so i can stay on top of my to-do list, which has been absolutely absurd since the big game. with skype, it's just really easy to stay in touch with the kids i work with. alright, russell you are good to go! alright, fellas. alright, russ. back to work!
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when folks in the lower 48 think athey think salmon and energy.a, but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. thousands of people here in alaska are working to safely produce more energy. but that's just the start. to produce more from existing wells, we need advanced technology. that means hi-tech jobs in california and colorado. the oil moves through one of the world's largest pipelines. maintaining it means manufacturing jobs in the midwest. then we transport it with 4 state-of-the-art, double-hull tankers. some of the safest, most advanced ships in the world: built in san diego with a $1 billion investment. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. and no energy company invests more in the u.s. than bp. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
6:48 pm
. tonight, a mystery that has happened for half a millenium, a mystery about columbus sailing the ocean blue. what you are locking at may be the long-lost remains of the santa maria, christopher columbus' voyage. the man who says he found this missing ship is here, his name is barry clifford, nice to meet you. >> good to meet you. >> you found this map, just how many miles off haiti? >> two or three miles off the haitian coast. >> about two or three miles, given where columbus would have been? >> well, columbus says in his diary, that it was near navidad.
6:49 pm
the problem was, nobody really knew where it was, so it was misdiagnosed about the actual location. but at the end of our expedition we determined the exact location of navidad, we put one end of the comp aass there, and swung e compass out in the bay and exactly the distance where it was supposed to be is where we found this 15-century artifact. >> you found this smoking gun, the canon. >> yes, i have done some studies, since we had him here talking about magic johnson, pat croce, do you know him, a fellow explorer? >> i don't. >> pat croce, pat, do you think
6:50 pm
barry deserves congratulations? do you any he found the santa maria? >> well, barry is my hero because he found the widow, the pirate ship in 1994, so he had found an authentic pirate ship. to find this santa maria, which drifted into a sand bar in 1492 and was stripped to the gill, all the boards which columbus used to build the fort, i don't see how -- he only had a couple of canons on this ship and he gave one to the fort, one he took back on >> okay. in having dissected and understanding this perfectly, remember, columbus wrecked the ship on christmas eve, 1492. he left for spain seven days
6:51 pm
later on january 2nd. they did not have time to strip this giant ship. he said on december 26th that the ship was stripped. that's when he made the note in his dario, the day after the ship had come ashore. and on january 2nd, leaving the bay, he said in his dario, that they loaded a lombard and fired it through the isn't a santa ma it traveled through the water. that tells me there is enough of the ship sticking up out of the water that he had a target to shoot at on his way back to spain. and based on what we saw. based on the way i have interpreted the dario, that the ship was not, only they took the surface material off the ship. they describe cutting a hole in the side of the ship.
6:52 pm
going into the side of the ship. and taking out jars. they don't describe -- when he made the statement that the ship had been stripped, he made that the next morning after the ship had wrecked on december 26th. now, my point is, is that you're not going to strip a ship built with these huge timbers in a matter of a couple of hours. >> what is this worth, if it is the santa maria? >> first of all, we don't sell artifacts. it is an educational tool. it is the ship that made possible the discovery of the americas. it changed the course of human history. and it is a touch stone to this period that has to be preserved and protected. and that's what we're doing. we heard rumors that the ship had been looted. we put together an emergency te team. so we were touched with the
6:53 pm
haitian government and in touch directly with president mar telly and it is my mission to preserve, excavate the shape and make sure that it is put on display in a way that would help the haitian people. >> you can give it to pat. he would put it in his museum. >> be glad to. bring it to st. augustine. >> it t is a roif is a rivalry, already. and pat, thank you. you're our yo man working for us tonight. i love that you love pirates. i want to come see the st. augustine treasure and pirate museum. >> be my guest. >> coming up, never-before-seen letters of jackie o.
6:54 pm
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6:57 pm
i'd like to read you a deeply personal letter and see if you can guess who wrote it. maybe i'm just dazzled and picture myself in a glittering world of crowned heads and men of destiny. and not just a sad little house wife. that can be very glamorous from the outside. but if you're in it, and you're lonely, it can be a hell. so were the words of jackie kennedy. and one of dozens of letters she
6:58 pm
wrote to an irish priest. when she was jackie buf yay, visiting that country at age 21, she met a pen pal confidant for years. even when her stationenerry had a presidential seal. he became like my father. he loves the chase and is board with the conquest and wants married, needs proof he is still attractive so he flirts with other women and reaccidents you. i saw how that nearly killed mummy. but a year later, she wrote how much she loved being married. much more than at the beginning. the most heart breaking passages come after jfk's's assassination. i feel more cruelly everyday that i lost. i would have rather lost my lost than lost jack. i feel so bitter against god. this ended when the priest passed away. the only reason we are seeing them is that an irish auction
6:59 pm
house put them up for sale and they will make a killing. these are from one of the most fascinating an private women in history. fascinating and private don't generally go together. it may seem like a complete nonsec wittor. but for some reason this made me think of jay-z and beyonce this week. the closest thing we have to a camelot couple in 2014. as hard as they try to manage their image, they couldn't stop the release of this elevator confrontation, between beyonce's sister and her husband after a night of posing and smiling for the whole world. who knows what caused it. all happy families are alike. each unhappy family is unhappy in their own way. maybe they are working out stuff every family. maybe welt get the story when beyonce's pastor sells her letters in 50 years. tragedy plus time equals comedy.
7:00 pm
but it also adds up to a unifying humanity. if jackie shared these feelings as she was feeling them, you have to know how it changed her image or their pain. it is so good to bright all this down, get it off your chest, she wrote to father leonard, because i never do really talk it. with anyone. i'm bill weir. thanks for checking in tonight. hope to meet you back here in 23 hours. tonight's special report with don lemon starts now. >> this is a cnn special report, i'm don lemon. tonight, magic's he moment. magic sits down with anderson cooper and takes on his biggest critic, donald sterling. >> i'm one of the leaders in the black community. so i can't let anybody attack our people and not respond. >> so why would donald sterling attack a legend of the nba and american icon? >> i think he should be ashamed of himself. i think he should go into