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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  May 13, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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but you need space for freedom. >> we have more ways of expressing ourselves in public and private. that's great. we have to focus on the government for what they are doi doing. >> sorry to our guest that didn't get to speak but this may be the only proivacy we get. it was a very heated discussion so we wanted to add a little levit at the end. i'm don lemon. ac 360 starts right now. good evening. magic johnson did not ask to be part of this story when we spoke today he made it clear he would much rather be talking about the nba playoffs but in a very open conversation johnson spoke about
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sterling's claims he is not a good role model about his history with sterling and future of the l.a. clippers. first let's quickly get you caught up in how we got to this point exactly. it all started when the woman, v.stiviano posted a pk tour, showing her with magic johnson. for whatever reason this photo upset donald sterling. he said it was simple jealousy. others say it was flak out racism. here is part of the conversation subsequently released. >> i saw someone i admire. i admire magic johnson. >> okay good. >> sorry. he made a lot of changes for his community, for the world, for the people, for the minority. he has helped a lot of people. >> i'm finished talking here. i have nothing more to say. >> i'm in a picture with someone i admire. >> okay. >> and he he happens to be black
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and i'm sorry. >> i think it's nice that you add mir him and in your whole entire life admire here. bring him, feed him. i don't care. but don't do it for the world to see. and don't bring him to my games, okay? >> so now magic johnson find himself in the middle of something for taking a picture with someone that he does often. now this went much, much further. lashing out in a way that is simply shocking. >> here is a man who -- i don't know if i shared this, he acts so holy. he made love to every girl in every city and in america and he had aids. and when he had those aids, i went to my synagogue and prayed
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for him. i hope he can live and be well. i didn't criticize him. i could have. is he an example for children? he has money, he's able to treat himself. but magic johnson is irrelevant in this thing. i didn't do anything harmful to anybody. i respect him and admire everything he does. i would like to help even more if he would offer me an tount to help. i like to help minorities. >> he called you up when the tape came out and told you not to say anything or something? >> yeah. >> why did he say don't say anything? >> he said wait, be patient, i'll help you, we will work it out. >> why did he say that? >> i think he wanted me just to do nothing so he could buy the team. he thought the whole thing would be revolved in two weeks. what has he done? can you tell me in big magic
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johnson, what has he done? >> he is a business person. he's -- >> he's got aids. did he do any business? did he help anybody in south l.a.? >> i think he has hiv. he doesn't actually have full blown aids. >> what kind of a guy goes and has sex with every girl then catches hiv. is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? >> i think he should be ashamed of himself. i think he should go into the background. but what does he do for the black people? doesn't do anything. >> we're going to have magic johnson's feelings about those particular comments in this hour. we begin our conversation today talking about the first recording that surfaced. recording that started it all. >> when you first heard the audio tape that was released, a couple weeks ago, what did you think? >> well, i was just -- i was blown away. i was -- i couldn't believe that he had said those things. first of all. made those statements.
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those racist statements. and then, you know, threw me in. don't bring him to my games. and so you personally attack me. and so -- and i had known donald. not very well. i knew him. i met with him three or four times. been to his office. >> were you guys friends? >> i would say we were friends. my first trip, when i got here in l.a., over 35 -- about 35 years ago, dr. bus took me to his beach house for his annual beach house party in the summertime. that's one of the first things i did. to reflect back to that, to the statements he made about myself and minorities, it was disappointing and i was in disbelief he would say these things. and then, you know, to throw me into the situation. i don't know the young lady. barely know donald.
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so now i'm caught in the middle of a love affair, whatever they have. and so it was sort of disappointing. but i had to respond, okay, you don't want me to come to your games. okay, i won't come to your games. you don't have to worry about that. but i was also upset because he threw minorities in. african-american webs latinos, into the situation. i had to speak up. look, i'm one of the leaders of the black community. i can't let anybody attack our people and not respond. that's why i responded. >> first of all, you said -- you were photographed with v.stiviano. you are probably photographed with millions of people. he said you knew her and new her well. >> i never met this young lady. i took a picture with her. looked like at a dodger game. that's it. that's all i know of her. and then, he said, i'm trying to set him up. how am i trying to set you up. >> one of the things he said in the interview.
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let me play that part. he said to me, that you called him up, he doesn't have your number, he didn't call you. you called him up after the tape was released end told him to kind of lay low. don't say anything public. i want to play that mp magic johnson, made a public comment. do you have something to say to him? >> what can i say to him. it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. i'm hurt. but it doesn't matter. >> you're hurt that he -- that he spoke out publicly? >> i'm hurt that he called me up and said, don't say anything. wait until you hear from me. then later someone said he doesn't want to be involved. then he released a tape that i said to him, that i said to him in confidence. >> these are the facts. i'm sitting in my office, i get a call from donald sterling. >> he called you. >> he called me. i took the call.
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>> apparently he has your phone number. >> yes. his assistant called my assistant and she put him through. this is what happened. he asked know go on the barbara walters show with him. >> this is a week ago, week and a half ago. he met with barbara walters on a friday. >> it was before that. i told him i wouldn't do it. i said the number one thing you need to do which you haven't done is apologize to everybody and myself. i'll get to that, i'll get to that. >> so he wanted you to go on with barbara walters sitting next to him? >> sitting next to him. >> to give him cover? >> exactly. so i said no. then i told him, i said, donald, you should consult with your attorneys. this thing is a big thing. you should deal with your attorneys and let them advise you on what to do. you need to go public and apologize to everybody. >> how did he respond? >> well, i apologize later. but i want you to go on this show. he was adamant about me going on the show with him.
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i told him no, i wouldn't do it. that's what happened. >> that's it. >> then i called adam silver, our great commissioner, and told him what happened. >> you told adam silver that donald sterling called. >> had just called. i wanted him to know that it happened so he wouldn't be blind-sided either. >> so then i called all my people to let them know, donald sterling had just called me. >> there's a report that an attorney for you or somebody called his attorney and said, look, don't keep calling magic. don't call magic back. >> yes. because he wanted to call me again. so my people, my attorneys and advisers said, look, you can't be talking to donald. i said, okay. so that's what happened. so we just called his attorney and said, don't be personally calling me. i didn't want him to feel that he could just call me because he hadn't apologized to me. this is really weird. i'm really disturbed by the fact that, you know -- when he called me, he should have said, magic, i'm sorry. >> right, and i asked him
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specifically if he apologized to you. and he said, no. >> no. he didn't apologize at all. >> it seems like a surprise to him that he should be expected to maybe an apologize. >> he said don't bring magic to my games. he is the one who made these comments. so i was expecting at least an apology. and american public wanted an apology. he finally did that. but this is sad. when i saw the interview, it's sad. it really is. i'm going to pray for this young plan. i hope donald can see the mistake that he has made and also the people he has hurt along the way. and then what's really sad, you know, it is not about me. this is about the woman you love, outing you and taping you, and putting your conversation out here for everybody to know. that wasn't me. i didn't do that. i don't know this young lady. this is between you two. but then he want to include me.
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and i'm not included in this situation. then he wants to, you know, ask me what i've done in the minority community. that's well documented what i've done. >> and we're going to talk about that in a moment. magic johnson was gracious, throughout our interview today, including during a part that was very uncomfortable to bring up. i played for him donald sterling's outrageous comments from when he and i spoke yesterday. >> can you tell me, big magic johnson, what has he done? >> he is a business person, he -- >> he's got aids. did he do any business -- >> did he help anybody in south l.a.? >> magic johnson's response to that, coming up. ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you outlive your money? uhhh. no, that can't happen.
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one of the frankly strangest parts of my interview with donald sterling was his attack on magic johnson as a role model, somebody who has done a
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lot for his community and his very misinformed rant of magic johnson having aids, for the record, he does not have aids, he is hiv-positive. some of his responses. >> two comments that outraged a lot of people, i was shocked, frankly when he said them to me. listen to this. >> can you tell me, big magic johnson, what has he done? >> he is a business person, he has -- >> he has got aids, did he help anybody in south l.a.? >> well, i think he actually has hiv, he doesn't have full-blown aids. >> what kind of guy goes to every city and sleeps with every girl and catches hiv? is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself and go into the background. here is a man, i don't know if i say this -- he acts so holy. he made love to every girl in every city in america, and he
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had aids. and when he had those aids i went to my synagogue and i prayed for him. i hoped he could live and be well. i didn't criticize him. i could have, is he an example for children? >> i'm embarrassed to even play this in front of you. >> yeah, yeah, well, you know, here is a man who we would think would be educated. and a man who would -- is smart enough to build his type of wealth and own a team that has an incredible platform to change the world. but he is doing it in a negative way. you know, first of all 22 years ago i announced that i did have hiv. and i came out like a man. you know, i told the world. >> because of -- the hiv virus that i have obtained, i will have to retire from the lakers
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today. >> i didn't blame nobody else. i understood what i did was wrong. okay? so i announced that to the world. and i hope that i was able to help people in doing that. and i think i did. >> you helped countless numbers of people. >> and i have been to hospice, hospitals, hugging people with hiv and aids, you know, before they were dying. or people who had -- didn't know if they could live a long time. i hugged them. i counseled them. i talked to them. i talk to them about taking their meds and making sure that they stay on their regimen, which is key. i talked to a lot of young people who had just gotten hiv and thought about committing suicide. and i tried to talk them out of that. and we have given away over $15 million, my foundation. i joined the hiv president and aids council.
8:18 pm
i have done a lot of work in the hiv community. >> the magic johnson foundation has done work for over 20 years. you have given millions and millions for hiv/aids, education, you have expanded out to other areas for people in under-served areas, community outreach. the idea you don't go out and do stuff, you don't put ads in the paper about what you do which is something that donald sterling has done, but you do the work. >> yeah, i do the work and we work with great hiv organizations across this country, we partner with them. so i don't have to sit and publicize everything i do. it is not organic like that. look, i just feel sorry for him. i really do. it is sad. >> it is interesting to me that he clearly doesn't know the difference between aids and hiv, which is -- you know, whatever, a lot of people of probably don't understand that difference. but also that in this day and age he would bring this up as
8:19 pm
somehow -- what he feels is like a club to wield against you. and to me there is a larger issue here of discrimination against people with hiv. >> right. >> and attitudes towards people with hiv. and i was reading studies on the way over here. you know, there is still this stigma about hiv in this country. and i think some of what he said really -- it is like a teachable moment on this. there are still people who believe you should not -- you know, they don't want somebody working in the kitchen who is serving food to them who is hiv positive. they don't want somebody working in the office, going in the same bathroom as them. there is still this stigma around them. >> anderson, our biggest fight in the hiv/aids community is stop discriminating against people who have hiv and aids. we have to continue to educate people just like donald sterling about those who are living with hiv and aids. and then the last thing, we have to continue to care for people who have it. i hope this doesn't set us back.
8:20 pm
the stigma is still there. we know that. we have been fighting it for years. and what we want to continue to do is just educate the world that it is okay, a person, you can high five a person who has hiv. it is okay. >> you can play on a sports team with somebody. >> exactly, your kid can go to school with somebody, a kid who has hiv. there is nothing that is going to happen to them, so it is a shame that donald used this platform with you to, instead of coming out and apologizing to the world, which would have been great. and said you know what, i'm sorry i made some mistakes. and just left it there. magic johnson should not have been included in your conversation. because i have nothing to do with this. but since you put me in it again and then you want to try to disrespect me, the work that i have done in the minority
8:21 pm
community that really makes me upset. and then my competitive spirit comes out because i have done all of this great work. all the kids we've sent to college. i have 150 kids on scholarship right now. >> and again, this is not something you publicize -- and a young man talked about going to school, and you gave millions to open up churches in urban communities. and again, you don't trump this. even your business work. not your foundation work, even your business work is devoted to largely under-served communities, urban communities and bringing businesses in. you were instrumental in bringing in starbucks and all of these businesses and movie theaters into areas. >> it was important that we have options that we can go and go have the best cup of coffee served by starbucks. but also it brought jobs.
8:22 pm
see it brings jobs. we have created thousands and thousands of jobs in urban america. those people can now walk to their job. they can take care of their families because of starbucks, 24-hour fitness, on and on, the magic johnson theaters. so i have continued to do good work in urban america. i will always do that. my whole life is devoted to urban america. so you know i just wish he knew the facts when he is talking. but he is a man who is upset and he is reaching. he is reaching. he is trying to find something he can grab onto to help him save his team and it is not going to happen. it is not going to happen. >> well, beyond the factually incorrect assertions that donald sterling made about magic johnson's track record of helping other people, what is strange is the animosity that he has against him, which is misplaced. it is not lost on magic. >> he needs to address this young lady, because that is the problem. that is where the problem started. not with magic johnson, it
8:23 pm
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as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. when i spoke with donald sterling, he maintained that he is a good team owner for the l.a. clippers and that other owners support him. he seemed to be clining onto the idea that he can maintain ownership of the clippers and said the players actually love him. that is what he said. the players with the clippers still love him. when i brought out the fact that they wore their shirts on back wards, he said in if one did it, the others had to do it. >> we all have bills, we may work for an employer we don't
8:27 pm
love, i contend that they love me. >> you think they still love you? >> i do. >> you believe the players still love you? >> i do. >> you believe the players of the los angeles clippers love you? >> absolutely, they know i'm not a racist. >> why haven't they come forward and said that? >> well, you see people are intimidated by even the thought of racism. and around this world, they call me from australia, from london, and they ask me from different media, are you a racist? i'm not a racist. >> well, despite what sterling may think, the nba is moving forward with their plan to oust him. i asked magic johnson if he thought the league was doing a good job with that and then the talk turns to v. stiviano, and the rift, and people not helping each other. >> and silver, the commissioner, did a wonderful job, abandoned him for life. now the board of governors have
8:28 pm
to do their job. and again, i'm going to pray for the man, even if i see him today, i'm going to say hello to donald and his wife, as well. i'm not a guy who holds grudges and all that. yes, am i upset? yes, of course. but at the same time i'm a god-fearing man. i'm going to pray for him and hope things work out for him. and he needs to address this young lady because that is the problem. that is where the problems started. not with magic johnson. it started with his girlfriend. >> i want to play one other thing he said that has gotten a lot of attention here. >> i remember when he came from detroit. he came to my house. you know, he was a great player. great player. but what i would like to know exactly -- what does he do? he works with the dodgers? >> he has a business -- >> do you know what i do? i spend millions on giving away
8:29 pm
and helping minorities. does he do that? that is one problem i have. jews, when they get successful, they will help their people. and. and some of the african-americans, maybe i'll get in trouble again. they don't want to help anybody. what has magic johnson done for children's hospitals which kids are lying in the hallways, they are sick, they need a bed. >> this larger idea that he has that african-americans somehow don't help other african-americans? >> you know, it is disturbing. it is sad, it is -- he didn't do his homework. tyler perry called me right after the interview. he was so upset. spike lee called me. i mean, look, we help each other. and you know, what we try to do is band together to see how we
8:30 pm
can better our community. we also give the information, because i'm successful, tyler is successful, on and on, on and on. we go back and educate the others on how they can become successful. so it is not just about giving them money it is about giving them the tools so that they can be successful in the african-american community. we work very well together. reverend sharpton, you have different people who always work together to make it better for the others and that is what we do. so it is a shame that he doesn't know what he is talking about. he didn't educate himself before he actually came on and talked to you. >> is this the donald sterling that you know? you only have talked to him a couple of times, hung out with him a couple of times. his wife indicated in an interview with barbara walters that perhaps he has early onset dementia. does this seem like the donald sterling you talked to earlier,
8:31 pm
without him saying these things about you to your face? >> i don't know this donald. you know, we had basketball conversations. we never had life conversations. i knew about the lawsuits and things that happened before. i didn't know that he would take it to this level. and -- >> do you believe that he is slipping? that he has some sort of dementia or do you think -- i mean, to me, i'm not a doctor. i wouldn't do an interview with somebody i felt was not up to doing an interview. he certainly seemed lucid during the interview, remembered things that he had said, brought it back to the conversation when he wanted to. does he seem much different beyond the content of what he is saying, what he is speaking to? >> you know, i only judge by what he says. and he seems like he is all there. in your interview he is a guy who is making conversation. and he remembers time, dates, i mean, he remembered when i came
8:32 pm
to his beach house. and that was 35 years ago. so he can't be slipping that much. but the problem is he is living in the stone ages. he can't make those comments about african-americans or latinos, he just can't do it. >> spike lee said he has messed with the wrong brother. >> you know, anderson, i'm always going to fight for myself and my people. i will never change. and so when he attacked me personally i have to speak out about it. >> well, magic johnson has a lot more to say tonight. donald sterling insists that the players still love him. you heard him say that. the fans don't hate him, he says. it is the media that are out to get him. is what he says. >> here we are in the league
8:33 pm
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not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. well, we've heard magic johnson say tonight that he will pray for donald sterling and that he doesn't hold a grudge against the clippers owner, despite the fact he is the man referred to in the now infamous recording. here he is. >> i think it is nice you admire him. i know him well and he should be admired. i am just saying too bad you can't admire him privately, and during your entire [ bleep ] life, your whole life, admire
8:37 pm
him, bring him here, feed him, [ bleep ] him, i don't care. he can do anything. but don't put it on this event for the world to see so they have to call me. >> i wanted to replay that, sort of the ugliness of it because i think it is powerful, especially when juxtaposed against the grace of magic johnson, and this next part in my exclusive interview with magic johnson, we talk about the ugly words and the possible ownership and the estranged wife who may try to maintain control. and whether or not magic would want to buy the clippers. that was one of the allegations, that magic johnson called him and told him to remain silent so that he could secretly take the clippers away from donald sterling. obviously all of that was a lie. >> in the league, there is over -- at least 75% of
8:38 pm
african-americans. he wants us to play for him, but he doesn't want us in the stands. he wants us to help him win the championship but he doesn't want us in the stands. the same thing happened in the housing, he wanted to discriminate against latinos and african-americans, it doesn't make sense. first of all, i don't know who is advising him because this interview was not good. >> yeah, i was going to say i told you before he went on. we got to his house, he doesn't have any media people there, there were no attorneys there. it seemed to be very much him. there were two friends of his giving him advice. but that was it. >> and again, he says i walk around like a holy. no, i lean on my faith but i don't walk around like i'm better than anybody. that is why i'm basically forgiving him. i'm not going to never not speak to him or anything. and then we think it is about this team. and anderson, look, he --
8:39 pm
>> he claims the clippers still love him. he claims the players, he believes the players genuinely love him and they were just pressured by the media and others. >> really, now he is delusional. and not only the clippers don't love him. the other players in the nba don't love him. so the players have rallied together. now, the only thing they're waiting for is to see what is going to happen with the vote. and the board of governors. >> by the other owners? >> by the other owners. and i hope they understand we can't have this type of action in our league or in our society. we just can't have it. >> sterling claims that when push comes to shove. he with buy time. the players can play, the sponsors -- in the end, they have contracts, sponsors want to make money. everybody wants to make money.
8:40 pm
he clearly believes there is is a route for him to remain as owner of the l.a. clippers. >> can't buy his way out of this one. he has bought his way out of all the other situations, can't do it this time. >> do you think that goes for his estranged wife, shelly? right now it is a trust that owns the clippers. >> i don't know his wife, shell that well. so our commissioner, adam silver has to deal with that as well as the board of governors. so i can't tell you what is going to happen there. all i know is that donald sterling is not welcome back in the nba -- he should not be welcomed by the owners so i hope they voted right. but the players, former players and the fans i was there the other night at the clipper game don't want to see donald sterling as the owner anymore. now, what he thinks and what he feels, he is in another world if he thinks that everybody wants
8:41 pm
to see him back owning the clippers. >> you know, he was saying there was a $3 billion tv deal on his desk with fox that he can negotiate that there is money to be made and he is the guy to do it. >> well, i think he is right. no question about there is money to be made. >> are you interested in the clippers? i mean, there is a lot of reports you would be interested in being an owner or part owner. >> we have to wait. that is going to be eight months to a year to see if it ever hits the market. but for me, if it comes out and it is for sale and my partners and i say okay, we want to take a look at it and buy it of course we'll make a run for it. i could be an owner tomorrow. i could have been an owner, my friends who own golden state asked me to join them. i could have been the owner of golden state warriors. the detroit pistons, i could be an -- could be an owner of the detroit pistons. it is not about owning the team.
8:42 pm
now what i would really want to do is own the lakers, if any team i want to really have or be a part of would be the lakers. not the clippers. but if i can't be a part of them and it is a team out there like the clippers that i like and my partners like because you have to remember it is going to be a billion dollar deal. so i have to include mike walters and todd. >> part of the contract. >> that is right, they're going to be a part of that. but we have to wait and see. but this notion that i want his team. if i was going to trick somebody or deceive somebody, be dishonest to somebody, steal somebody's franchise it will be the l.a. lakers. let's make that clear right now. >> you're putting that on the record. >> it wouldn't be the l.a. clippers. look, i'm a respectable guy. i'm a guy who has worked hard to put myself in this position. i am not going to do anything bad to ruin that.
8:43 pm
i can't look my kids in the face and say hey, i'm a thief. i'm a guy who back stabs people to get to where they want to get to. i don't do that. you go and ask howard schultz of starbucks. you go and ask all of my partners, you go and ask the african-american community, the latino community, all the work i have done. i never deceived anybody. i never tricked anybody and i would never do that to gain wealth for myself or popularity for myself or whatever the case may be. >> do you think -- obviously, you don't know what is going to happen. do you think it would be appropriate for any member of the sterling family to retain some level of ownership? >> i think the players, the fans, the sponsors wouldn't go for it. that is what i feel today. now, if the board of governors decides that they're going to vote him out and one of the
8:44 pm
sterling family members can take it over, so be it. now the clipper players and doc rivers has got to make a decision as well as the players in the nba and adam silver has got to make a decision. >> when the tape initially broke, you tweeted you and your wife, cookie, would not go to a clippers game as long as donald was the owner, why did you go the other night? >> i wanted to support doc griffin and the rest of the players, i wanted to show that they stepped up and banned him for life and did a wonderful job. and i wanted to support that decision, as well. and so that is why i went to the game. and i'm happy i did. i saw a great game. >> it was a great game. >> and anderson, this is what is so bad about this. lebron james scored 49 points last night. we should be celebrating that. the clippers and oklahoma city is in a great series, we should be celebrating that. these playoffs have been the
8:45 pm
best playoffs we've seen in the first round in 30, 35 years. we should be celebrating that. the nba. right now we can't celebrate that because of the fact of what donald sterling is doing. >> up next, i asked magic johnson if he has any advice for donald sterling, he does, quite a lot, as a matter of fact. >> if i was him, i would just you know, benefit from the fruits of my labor and just take the money, go and enjoy your life.
8:46 pm
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8:49 pm
well, the l.a. clippers battle oklahoma city tonight in game playoff. magic johnson has nothing but praise for the team and coaches and offered his support for silver. then, the conversation turned back to the past and the racist comments made. >> last night, as you know, adam silver responded to the comments made by donald sterling. he said i feel compelled to answer as he continues to be dragged into the situation. and be degraded by such an attack. the nba board of governors is continuing the process to remove mr. sterling as quickly as possible. do you think they're moving fast enough? >> oh, yeah, yeah, it -- it is tough right now because you got a lot of those owners in the
8:50 pm
playoffs trying to win a championship. you know, and so to get everybody together to get a vote and also they all got schedules. but i think that adam is doing a wonderful job of rallying everybody. they will get the vote soon. look, there is no rush, let's get it right. i thought that adam silver, our commissioner, got it right. he took his time, got all the facts and then banned donald for life. same thing has to happen here. just get it right. get everybody together and do a good job and that is all everybody wants. and so i'm happy the way it is proceeding. >> you know, i was -- doc rivers, the players have got to be in a really tough position. it has to be really hard for them to be in these playoffs and dealing with this at the same time. >> yeah, i feel so bad for doc. doc rivers has done a wonderful job of rallying all of those guys and making them focus on -- first it was golden state, when
8:51 pm
they beat them. and now with oklahoma city. and then to give chris paul a lot of credit. he is the leader not only of the clippers but also the player's association. he is the president, i believe. and so he is doing a wonderful job of making sure that his clippers stay focused and also did a wonderful job on kevin durant, as well the other night. the guys know they have a job to do. look, they have gone after something they wanted to do their whole life as little boys, winning an nba championship. so i'm glad they're still focused on that. let adam silver, the nba, the board of governor, handle donald. you guys focus on playing. >> do you have any advice for donald sterling, what would you say to him? >> he has finally apologized, he has not apologized to me personally, even if i don't get it, i'm fine with that. look, you're 80 years old. you have had a tremendous life.
8:52 pm
you're going to benefit whatever the price tag is from this team selling. just go ahead and enjoy the rest of your life. you know, you're fighting a battle that you can't win. and then you're putting your family in a tough situation, as well. it is not just him. he is making his family members look bad by going out saying these things, about myself, african-americans, on and on. so if i was him i would just benefit from the fruits of my labor, just take the money and go and enjoy your life. >> maybe give some of that money to some folks who need it. >> well, i would say give it to some, especially in the inner cities that could use it and benefit from it. but at this point i don't know if they would even take it. because they have been -- you can't upset minorities today and then expect to buy them off or to write a check and they're going to accept it. it doesn't happen today. >> you know, elgin baylor said
8:53 pm
he sued donald sterling back in 2009, for racial discrimination, age discrimination. he said a lot of things back then and a lot of people didn't really support him. >> you are exactly right. and now we all feel bad that we didn't support him because we should have. and everything he said is coming to light today. >> yeah, i think in 2009, even though he was suing him, they gave donald sterling an award. >> yeah, it is been -- i hope that elgin feels a lot better today. and i know he doesn't, but i hope that now he will get some justice. the things that he had to go through, hopefully, nobody else would have to go through. even including myself. here i am sitting here doing this interview with you, which i don't mind, because you know you do a wonderful job. i should be conducting my business and going on with my day.
8:54 pm
and here i am, answering questions about donald sterling. >> finally, that gets to my last question, i think you tweeted out late last night this is a week we should be focused on the games. this is the last week we should focus on donald sterling. >> that is it, i'm going to be one more interview and not anymore. i'm tired of talking about donald. i'm -- it is a shame. i wish i had done something to deserve this, right? taken a photo with a young lady and then i have to answer all of these questions. but that is okay. i'm going to pray for him, i'm a god fearing man. i'm going to pray for donald and his family and i just hope the board of governors does what they're supposed to do and i can get my life back and go back to just being magic johnson. let me correct, donald, what does he do? he owns the dodgers, he doesn't work for the dodgers, he owns the dodgers. >> we'll leave it at that.
8:55 pm
>> he owns the dodgers, doesn't work for them. i should point out that last night of course we spent the hour airing a lot of my conversation with donald sterling. when i spoke to donald sterling we spoke for about an hour and 20 minutes and frankly ran out of time to bring you everything he said. there is a lot more of that conversation. there is some of that conversation right now coming up. who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ] ...that secured the data that directed the turbines that powered the farm that made the milk that went to the store that reminded the man to buy the milk that was poured by the girl who loved the cat. [ meows ] the internet of everything is changing everything. cisco. tomorrow starts here. woman: welcome to learning. spanish in the car.c on. the internet of everything is changing everything. passenger: you've got to be kidding me. driver: this is good. woman: vamanos. driver & passenger: vamanos. woman: gracias.
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well, tomorrow night we're going to have much more of my exclusive interview with donald sterling. we spoke for an hour and 20 minutes and covered a lot more great about his life, the clippers, and also about his own personal behavior. >> i think we'll divorce. i think she has already filed. i guess i was bad committing all of those terrible -- i don't even want to say it. but you know, people say how do you commit adultery? you justify things, you say well, every man in paris or france has a mistress, i mean, it may make you smile. but when you're so old you don't think it is wrong anymore if you have a little bit of fun. you don't have much time. if you have a little bit of fun you can't do what you did before and nobody expects it. but you want to be cared for.
9:00 pm
everybody wants to be cared for. i made such a mistake. i thought that woman really cared for me. >> more of my interview tomorrow on my program. things good evening, i'm bill weir. a packed show for you tonight. some say karl rove brought politics to a new low if that is even possible. and radio legend kasey casum is missing, more on the story with sterling v. johnson, and my colleague, anderson cooper, kind enough to hang out. so i want to hear your thoughts. let's set this up. there were a lot of rebuttals from magic, and reald-