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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  May 16, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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reporting on this issue. again, the federal government levying gm with a $35 million fine for the faulty ignition switches. you would think it would affect gm's stock, but it has not yesterday so far. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "@ this hour with berman and michaela" starts now. raging infernos scorch more than 10,000 acres in california's san diego county. mandatory evacuations are ordered as houses go up in flame. what will the weather hold up for the firefighters? >>. donald sterling has been playing defense since his racist rambling went public, but now may be switching to offense. reports at this hour that he doesn't plan to pay his fine. he might take the nba to court. then, isn't it awful that it's quite evident somebody is lying here? somebody is lying. -- captions by vitac --
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first the plane goes missing and now the data used to find it. where did that data go, and is someone lying? hello, even. i'm john berman. >> and i'm michaela pereira. we begin right now. >> we're going to begin on the front line of the wildfires raging in california. >> wow, there it is right there. there it is right there. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> the sights and sounds simply overwhelming. you can hear the terror in his voice. one person has been killed. extends of thousands have been evacuated as fire crews in san diego battle fierce wildfires that keep rolling from one community to another spawning firenadoes which are real
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things, funnels of flames that look like tornados. >> terrifying images there. terrifying to live through. we know this at this point. more than 10,000 acres have gone up in flames. we're talking about home after home. hood neighborhood after neighborhood scorched. our dan simon is live with us from escondido. they're hoping for better weather conditions. what is the situation right now, dan? >> reporter: first of all, it was a tough long night of firefighting. the latest neighborhood to get hit was where i arjs escondido. you can see this house. you can see some flames over there. that was a bedroom or a living room. right now the temperatures and humidity are rising. no wind. hopefully that will allow the firefighters to get a hand on this thing. there is a concern that things could get worse. we know that two people were
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actually arrest ed they're accused of starting fires. now you have two people arrested, accused of trying to start some brush fooirs. there's more speculation that perhaps they might be involved in some of the bigger fires, but that's something the authorities will be investigating. right now they're trying to put out the fires and simultaneously, they're going to be looking a tt cause. >> the priority is save lives, save structures and then they look at the investigation. dan, thanks so much. we want to join car throws. his home is right in that fire zone. are you able to hear us? >> i am able to hear you. good morning. >> it looks like your daughter here is with you. we understand one of the fires went right through your area. you sent us some really unbelievable video on cnn ireport. why don't you tell us what that experience was like for you and your family? >> it's pretty frightening.
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there's not much you can plan for or deal with. it just happens, and you're scrambling to try to save lives over everything else. you're just reacting, not anything else. >> describe what it was like when the fires came way to close to you and your family? >> it happened really fast. literally in a matter of probably 20 to 35 minutes there was literally nothing there. i had walked out, i looked at the area, there was -- the brush was all there and intact and i walked back in and wnl 20 minutes the entire area was 20, 30 feet of a wall of flames and the crews were scrambling to try to get there, and next thing i knew, there were helicopters doing air drops on top of us and
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20 minutes earlier, the winds were blowing in the opposite direction and everything was safe, sane circumstance and normal. >> when you see those helicopters come in, i know it is a relief, but they have a lot of work ahead of them with those high winds. that's a challenge. they can't always fly when those winds are strong. carlos, talk to me about those moments of when you figure, we've got to get out of here. tell us about that, what your plan was for your family. where did you go? >> well, immediately the first thing we did was we got -- we made sure all the kids were out and safe and then it was a matter of what can i grab within two or three minutes before everything's gone. we have insurance. everything's replaceable. you can't replace the kids and the lives, so it's literally that fast. you just put a couple of things that you can thing of, grab a couple of clothes for tomorrow, and get ready and scramble. the -- we've been here for a
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long time. we went through this firestorm in 2007, and it was the exact same scenario, but the amazing part with this one was the aerial assets. without those six or seven helicopters, the dc-10, the two planes, those things were unbelievable and amazing and they saved hundreds if not thousands of houses. and without a doubt, they saved our entire community and the university. >> give me a sense of the status of your home at this point. how did it do through these fires. and do you feel safe even now? >> our entire area, we rest up against a green belt that comes around right next to the university, and 270 degrees around us has all burned. there's nothing left to burn. we're same. our houses are intachlkt everything's good. there's some units that have a little singe, but honestly,
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we're safe now. there's nothing else that can burn or come around us. >> carlos macintyre and your beautiful daughter there, you're among the lucky ones. we're so glad know you're okay. please stay safe. thanks for sending us in that ireport and letting us know what that's been like. the fire fight is so very important and it's dangerous. those guys up in the water-dropping helicopter, they know what they're doing and they're so vital. but it's so early in the season. california fire has got their work cut out for them. >> there's good weather for them the next few days, so lucky for them. we have other headlines at this hour. we want to take you to turkey where 18 miners are still believed to be missing, trapping underground. smoke and fumes are making it very difficult to reach those men. rescue operations continue but hope is fating now that any more survivors will be found. 284 people are confirmed dead. turkish riot police have also been clashing with protesters in the town of soma, the town of
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the deadly mining disaster. just a few minutes ago, we learned that general motors is going have the pay the government $35 million. this is a fine to settle a federal investigation into gm, delaying a recall for ten years. notice was an ignition switch problem, remember, that was tied to at least 13 deaths. the company admitted the employees knew of the problem as early as 2004, but gm didn't start the recall of 2.6 million cars until this february. the los angeles clippers fell to the thunder, but now they're bracing for to storm. sounds like something you'd say, john. they were bounced in the playoffs by the oklahoma city thunder. now there are reports that owner donald sterling is going to fight over his ban and fines. he says he didn't do nothing wrong and shouldn't pay any feigns at all. can he win this fight?
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we're going to talk all about it with a sports attorney in the next few minuteses. this story is going to surprise you. this new hampshire police officer is refusing to apologize for calling the president an "n" word. a crowd of angry residented demand an apology. he used it in march. the woman who hartd roped the town manager about it and she received a reply from him. he said, quote, i believe i did use the "n" word in reference to the current occupant of the white house. for this i do not apologize. he meets and exceeds my criteria for such. let that sink in for a moment. wolfeboro is a town of some 600 people. 20 of them are african-americans. as of now he's still the police commissioner. >> can we follow in story?
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do you think the punishment handed down, the fine, the business deal, you do think that's fair or unfair? >> well, i think it's a little bit harsh, but what is a league supposed to do? >> which part? >> they're in a storm, and a stupid owner has created all these problems. they have to show they're not going to stand for it. they won't stand for racism, i'm telling you. i did it. so is it harsh? of course, it's harsh, but it's not like i don't deserve -- i thought they were going do more. >> you heard donald sterling say he thought he deserved a harsher punishment for his racist rant.
8:15 am
now he's refearing to pay his 2 fnt 5 million dollar fine, he's rejecting his lifetime ban from the league. >> and on top of all that, he's planning on suing the ba if the nba does not leave him alone. this is interesting. we're talking with sports attorney dominic romano. he's with us in new york and our stephanie elam is in los angeles. stephanie had the honor of attending the l.a. clippers game last night, the final game of the l.a. clippers season, they fell to the oklahoma city thunder last night. stephanie, the players, the coaches, do you get the sense they're now blaming the sterling controversy with this loss? >> not at all, john and michaela. they could have pointed out things but they took the high road. chris paul said when he was lacing up his shoes, he said the last thing he was thinking of was donald sterling. said the only thing that felt like it was weighing on them was the first game in oakland.
8:16 am
wi us at that game as well when they wore their jerseys inside sought, the warmup jerseys. they said that's the only time it affected them. take a look at what more chris had to say. >> to tell you the truth, we don't think about that, you know what i mean? like that's the least of my worries right now is him. we just lost the damn series. i'm sorry, but we don't care about that. >> they were really classy about it. coach doc rivers said the same thing. did it play into it, maybe a little bit but they didn't want to take away from the fact that the thunder won the series out and out. >> now that the playoffs are over, i think it will be more front of mind for the team and the coach. obviously i want to bring in our attorney and talk about this thing. we should point out, this is "sports illustrated" reporting the fact that he's not going to pay -- donald sterling is not going to pay the fine, that he's going to sue. i want to talk to you about that
8:17 am
aspect. he's bringing in an anti-trust lawyer. what is the purpose in that? what can with gained, and does he have a case? >> belcher, a lawyer who has represented him before we moved the clippers from san diego to los angeles. >> yes. >> it's interesting. anti-trust or anti-competitive restraint of trade is what he's probably going to allege. but think about this. he's part of the billionaires club, owner in the nba. his franchise went from under $13 million to pay for it to reportedly close to a billion. so it's hard to have sympathy. on one hand he's saying or his lawyer is saying, look, he's not admitting any guilt. he's done nothing wrong. the lawyer's lettering belcher's letter says he's done nothing wrong but on anderson cooper he said, i'm terribly, terribly sorry, aren't i allowed one mistake, i'll never do it again. which is it? >> the question is not whether we have sympathy with donald sterling but whether he has a case here. if you were arguing against me, i would run for the hills
8:18 am
because you voice is so low and powerful, but does he have a case here especially considering -- i've got to say if he comes back next season, those players aren't playing for him. >> there is a need for speed here. the nba want this resolved as soon as possible. maybe there's a negotiated settlement but at the end of the day i don't see how it's not going to be. he signed the anti-trust agreements and the agreement. he agreed for 35 years to be bound by their rules. all of a sudden he's ruling against them. all of a sudden he's refusing to pay the 2.5 million dollar fine and go quietly. >> that's the important thing. he's setting up for a fight. we'll have to see how that plays out. stephanie elam, thank you so much. you're going to kojts to watch. and thank you also so much. we're talk about another sports story. the kiss seen around the world. michael sam. was that orchestrated for the world? some are asking that? and the back loesh over his
8:19 am
decision to star in a reality show is. that the right move for his football career. that's ahead. also this half hour, a woman's cancer goes into remission. why? she was given measles. that's right. a huge dose of mealses. is measles now a miracle cancer cure? we'll explore coming up. [ dog barks ] ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine the cars we drive... being able to see so clearly... to respond so intelligently and so quickly, they can help protect us from a world of unseen danger. it's the stuff of science fiction... minus the fiction. and it is mercedes-benz... today. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. seemarge: you know, there's foa more enjoyablefers way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm
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we have afternoon amazing medical story to tell you about right now, an experimental cancer treatment that really will surprise you. doctors at the mayo clinic said a huge dose of the measles put a
8:23 am
woman's cancer into remission. >> i had a saito ma here on my forehead the size of a golf ball. within 36 hours it was gone. >> could this be new hope for a whole range of cancer patients? let's talk to our medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. this is not a miracle cure but there is it for some cases, correct? >> correct. this is not a treatment anybody can get any time soon nor should they because we're not quite sure it works well for everybody. in fact, we're quite clear it doesn't. for this one patient, 49-year-old, she got the treatment and she had a great response. the cancer went away. but id did come back nine months later. it did return. she then got a littl bit of radiation, it went away again and it is still away several months later. it worked for her, but it did not work well for five other
8:24 am
patients. so doctors are in the exploratory phase here. why did it work for her and not the others, how can we tweak this? what can we do? are we absolutely sure this is safe? those are the kinds of things we're talking about right knew. >> let's talk about the way they're going about this. viruses, other viruses, have they been shown to battle cancer before? >> they have worked with it. viewer russs are natural born killer, that's what they do, attack things and then they engineering this particular measles virus to be particularly vicious against cancer. there have been some sort of varying levels of success with other viruses. this one seems to work particularly well against a particular le bad case of cancer. >> where do they go from here? obviously more research is needing. >> right. more research and more patience and they need to look more specifically. we should have been vaccinated against measles or people had
8:25 am
measles as children. >> that's a whole other issue. >> right. whole other issue i won't go into right now. our bodies seem to be fighting off this treatment which maybe why it's fighting off other treatments. the bodies are saying, oh, i know measles. i'm going to fight this off. one thing they did that was incredibly smart they gave the virus so that she wouldn't get the measles. they tweaked it. >> you're already sick enough. you don't need to be dealing with that. interestingly that this could be promising for some cancers. we'll continue to watch this. thanks. straight ahead, a riot brings down where a deadly mining accident occurred. this is going on right now, and we'll bring you there live next. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley.
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some news in to cnn. turkey where the mining accident has happened. there are still some missing. there have been protest this morning that have turned physical and turned violent outside that mine. you're looking at some of these pictures right now. >> the locals have been very upset about the safety of the mine. they have concern that the government hasn't taken the proper procedures to secure this mine, and you can tell tempers have erupted. we have riot police in place and they're obviously trying to
8:30 am
quell an upset crowd. >> it's very interesting. in the united states when we have this kind of disaster, you see the government coming in to assist people, people rallying around the relief effort. here it seems to be a very much pitched battle of rhetoric between those affected by the mine disaster. the prime minister said something highly controversial. he said, hey, mine disasters happen all the time, almost seemed to be downplaying the situation. that only infuriated the mining families and the victims there. >> again, many lives were lost right in the beginning. some rescues were made. you can see how violent this is getting. people stomped on the ground. you can tell temperatures are flaring. our ivan watson is on scene and we've established to get contact with him. ivan, give us an idea where you are and what we're seeing.
8:31 am
obviously communication is really difficult with i varngs but the pictures speak a thousand words when you look at the anger coming on the part of the protesters, the reaction of the riot police there involved that. >> the unrest has spread at times beyond this town. this is something that's become a political incident there that could have serious ramifications for this government there. i know ivan is trying to re-establish contact. we will go back to him if we can, but, again, that's the scene in soma in turkey right now. >> we're going to take a short break. in a moment "@this hour" continues. (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program
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8:35 am
people lying about this. >> another bizarre turn in the event of flight 370. days after officials said they can't turn over the data to family because the satellite company has it. they say they handed it over weeks ago. malaysians say they don't have it. our analyst speak to it. david, let me ask you this. is miles right there? who's lying about this? either the malaysians have the data or they don't. >> you know, there's a fine line between lying and ignorance, and think that's kind of what we're looking at here, the fact that they don't even know they have the raw data, when you look at the analysis reports, and i've seen some of this in the past, they are mix. you have the analysis and raw data as part of that. try to look at it at this level of math and complexity. it can appear they don't have the rah data. they do have it.
8:36 am
but they don't know they have the raw data. i don't know which is worse. >> mary, let's go with the idea they say they don't have it. they're not misunderstanding they don't have it. what's in this data that could be so controversial that they don't want the families and public to be made aware of it. why could they be so closely guarded? >> well, initially what was said is they said it was propry party data or that it was and it's all known inmar sat is using this. so other than prepoprietary information, there's nothing, but think david's right. i think they probably have it and don't realize that's all there. is. i mean sometimes when you're used to very technical investigations, you say, is that it? i think this is the that's it.
8:37 am
>> isn't that a stupid argument. shouldn't inmar sat get in there and say, hey, guys, this is it. turn it over and go ahead and do it? >> well, of course, they should. i mean you look at annex 13, the rules that say if you're a parties to the investigation, that you're not supplying poised to release any information but malaysia has the authority to investigate that. the investigator in charge, what that person does is says he's part of the investigation. inmarssat has that information. it has do with just the facts, ma'am. >> it seems to go back to sort this mixup, who's in charge, who's on first, et cetera, et cetera that we were seeing early on in the investigation.
8:38 am
i thought that's why the int international committee was set up to, you know, avoid these kind of issues? >> yes. at this point it's very critical. they're trying to make up for your the $90 million bill that they want for the investigation and no one wants to do that if the investigation is in shambles. i'll bet if i'm a betting person, the ntsb has pulled their people back. they're not going sit around and wait. i bet boeing is a skeleton team. they're going have to put their cards on the table or they're going to go broke with this investigation. >> all right, mary schiavo and david soucia. you can see why the families are so outraged. coming up next, michael sam, the first openly gay man to be drafted into the nfl, now he's
8:39 am
opening up his life to the cameras. his teammates, they aren't too excited about it. >> but first we want to take a look at this week's cnn hero. >> i initially got hurt in 2005. i had 46 surgeries ain i a temps to salvage the leg. i people decide on amputation. a lot of people view it as a loss, but i got my life back. >> very often people are saying, okay, i survived, but now what. and we want to be that now what. >> i was a world-class adventure racer in the world championships. i hit the deck, and the doctor said, you're never going to run again. i've had four hip replacements. after my first, i said, e i'm just going to put something on my calendar so that i'm still training for something. it just make use realize it's not about the setback. it's about the comeback. so i thought, let's do that for
8:40 am
other women. i started an organization that helps survivors of medical or traumatic setbacks live an adventurous dream as part of their recovery. this is about you going out there and being the badass that you are. >> i was in a strong place of such uncertainty, so finding the website was such a message of hope to me. here was a group of women who understand it on a different level. >> athena girls, yeah, baby. >> being an athena, you're not just a survivor. you're an adventurer, we give them a different label to put on themselves, and it's something they become on their way to the finish line. >> as you know, every week we honor a cnn hero. you can nominate someone that you think should be recognized. you can do it at huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more
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offer ends june 13th. and download our free lennox mobile app. ♪ lennox. innovation never felt so good. he was the first openly gay player drafted by the nfl. now he's made history again. he's the first gay player drafted by the nfl that has his own reality show on oprah winfrey network. now, the backlash. >> some of the st. louis rams not so pleased to have cameras coming into the locker room focusing on the teammate who hasn't proved himself on the
8:45 am
field. some are slamming the smooch. some say it was orchestrated for the cameras. also here, michelle turner, our entertainment correspondent. good to have you heefrm really an interesting conversation. one has to wonder. we've heard the critics, dock it in. is this a good move for a guy who hasn't improved himself yet? >> i think we need to cut him a break, okay? whether you like it or not, he's going to be the focus of the narrative. why not tell the story. if we had footage of jackie robinson integrated back in the day, it would be not only interesting but would be important for us to document. >> jackie robinson ended up being the mvp of the league. mammal sam was a seventh round pick not very good in the combine. obviously this is groundbreaking for the nfl and i want him to succeed there.
8:46 am
he also went to missouri mizzou and i'm concerned about that because -- >> like you said, i am a missouri tiger and i roots for all things and all players from missouri so this does pain me. i believe it's too much too soon. that's because it's a little bit hypocritical here. what he's said is i want to be a football player, that's it. leave me alone. >> he said i want to be true to myself and to who i am. let's be true to everything. the statement he put out, i actually understand where he said my focus is football. but if somebody can be helped with my story, then i want them to see it. >> can we chalk this up to being the first time off -- and trailblaztrail blazers are the first. can we chalk it up to growing
8:47 am
pains, of being a trailblazer? >> yes. let's give him a break. why not allow him to shape the narrative, see what he goes through. let's not rush to judgment. we don't know how the series is going to be or what approach they're going to take. >> it will be. >> why won't we allow him his celebratory moment. if it were a heterosex yool man kissing his girlfriend, would we be rushing to criticize? >> i think we should step back and see how it place out. >> this is oh prachlt i dolet thing that's the issue. his issue is twiemt be football player regardless of what you think about this. >> listen, listen, listen. listen to what i'm saying. if you're trying to make the team and you're a seventh round draft pick, you have to devote your time to the game. filming a reality series takes away from doing your job. >> there's going to be cameras
8:48 am
in his case. >> >> is it going to help him focus? if he'll focus -- >> will he be the first drafted or the first to play in the regular season? >> he could get cut. >> let's see how he does. >> are you going to watch? i'm going to watch. >> i'm going to watch. >> dominic, thank you so much for being here. nischelle, we're going to held you here. we're going going to talk about another interesting conversation. first, general motors has agreed to pay the government $35 million. >> yeah. it's a fine to settle a federal probe into gm, delaying a recall for a decade. an ignition switch problem is tied to at least 13 deaths. the companies admitted to its employees that they knew of the problem as early as 2004 but gm did not start a recall until this february. just a moment ago at a news conference, the government said gm must change its ways. >> the fact that gm took so long
8:49 am
to report this defect says something was very wrong with the company's values. gm must rethink the corporate documents we reviewed, including training materials that explicitly discouraging employeed from using words like defect, dangerous, safety related, and many more essential terms for engineers and investigators to clearly communicate up the chain when they suspect a problem. >> the settlement calls for gm to make internal changes that regulators say will help it do a better job of detecting safety problem. despite the settlement, general motors is not completely out the words. gm could still face additional fines. >> still to come at this hour, you know the problem with jay-z's sister-in-law and his wife, well, the threeo --
8:50 am
really? trio caught in the infamous scuffle on security brands, what does that say about beyonce's brand? >> what does it say about all of us? >> that's a better question. use. exactly, no discomfort, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. and for more 100% real dairy treats you'll 100% enjoy look for lactaid® ice cream and lactaid® cottage cheese. and for more 100% real dairy treats you'll 100% enjoy i missed you, too.ou. hi buddy. mom! awesome! dad!! i missed you. ♪ oh... daddy. chevrolet and its dealers proudly
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this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. well, it appears jay z and solange have made up. i know it's concerning to you after this crazy video, it went viral online. the family released a statement, saying, look, all is well. >> can i just say thank goodness this long national nightmare is other? the statement, the most important thing is our family has worked through it. jay and solange each assumed their share of responsibility for what has occurred. both have apologized to each other. let's bring in our entertainment correspondent nischelle turner and senior media correspondent brian setter who hasn't been able to sleep for days because
8:54 am
of this. >> he asked me the other day what the solange was. so carry on. >> i'm speechless. >> is this now a done deal? they've dealt with this, the jay z/beyonce machine has now completely put this to bed? >> if you believe they've really made up after seeing that tape, i mean, i don't think it's all done. i think there's still some side eye going on because that was a full-on rage. i don't think i could be over it in ten days. eventually, could i get over it, eventually, can they get over it? yes. but ten days later, no. this is just a sit down and shut up and leave us alone statement. >> so, brian, the machine has scrubbed it and issued this statement. you can look at that statement, as she said, the old side eye to the statement, because talk about managing their pr, did it succeed or not? >> well, i think what they're trying to do is never have to
8:55 am
mention it again. this way, now they have a statement out. if they're questioned about it in interviews in the future, on the red carpet or something, they can say, well, we put out a statement, that's behind us, we're not going to say anything more. i don't think that will work. that almost never works. we're seeing that right now with "the new york times," they forced out the editor, the publisher tried to issue a statement and be done with it, it's not working there either. it probably won't work but i understand why they're trying. >> extra credit points for equating the executive editor of "the new york times" with solange. nischelle turner, i have a prediction that solange's second line, as we say, the second part of every sentence we hear about her for a long time will be solange, the guy who beat up jay z. >> the guy? >> woman, sorry, the woman who beat up jay z. >> her narrative needs to s to beyonce's little sister. now it's solange, beyonce's
8:56 am
little sister who beat up beyonce's husband. i suggested earlier, she needs to go make fun of herself. "saturday night live," go be the musical guest, sing kung fu fighting. they're not ones to put themselves out there. but we saw that video. it was that bad. she's got to do something to repair her image. because she's in a world of hurt here with her image. >> i want you to take the weekend off because you've worked hard for us at this hour. >> i'm going to l.a. >> you are? all right. >> check out the clippers game. that was too soon, too soon, berman. >> could all of this family drama hurt beyonce's soup are star career? you can find out on cnn's "spotlight, beyonce," 10:00 eastern here on cnn. we want to talk to you about something you had the chance to do. you had a conversation with the host of abc's good morning
8:57 am
america's robin roberts this week. >> she talks about her battle with her new book, "erverybody' got something." >> she talked every day. when she was away recovering from her illness, "gma" talked every day about her and kept people up to speed. there was a lot people didn't know at the time. i talked to her about going to therapy after her surgery as a part of her recovery. >> i've been doing a lot more work lately with cancer survivorship. the millions of people who survive cancer after going through a lot of collateral damage with the medications and other things that have saved our life. i'm not ashamed to say i needed help. i needed to seek a therapist and do from time to time just because of the psyche. because when you not once but twice have been at death's door and you're still standing and you go through this guilt of, why am i still here and others who have faced a similar situation. you hear from loved ones.
8:58 am
so it is something that i think is very important. it's still a teachable moment for people. >> even someone like robin roberts. you think we've heard everything, but i was surprised to hear her talk about that. >> i can't wait until this interview. i've never heard her talk so introspectively before. also, brian, a lot to talk about on "reliable sources" with the whole "new york times" thing, a huge week in the media. you cannot mention brian stelter's show "reliable sources" sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. >> good to have you with us, brian. >> thank you. >> a california city wants to make bullying a crime. there are some, though, that are arguing that what they're doing is going just too far. >> carson will be one of the first cities in the country to criminalize bullying. they want to make it a misdemeanor. it will cover anyone bullied or bullying from age 5 to 25. the mayor of carson, just outside of l.a., said many kids committed suicide because of taunting and physical threats.
8:59 am
he says there needs to be a solution. >> this ordinance is designed to protect the victims of bullying. it it also protects the bullies themselves in the sense that we now have adults who will be intervening in their lives to find out why they're doing the bullying. they naturally have to understand there are consequences. >> you can hear more of our conversation with carson's mayor. also with hln legal analyst joey jackson. is this on our facebook page, joey is actually, you know, he thinks this is an awful, awful idea. he said making this illegal raises a whole bunch of problems. >> the one thing he did contend, though, something needs to be done. we've seen what an issue bullying has been. he agrees that something needs to be done. he argues this isn't the right approach for it. he actually has concerned it's not going to stand up in court. >> there are enforcement issues, complicated, to say the least. >> that's it for us at this hour. i'm michaela pereira.
9:00 am
>> i'm john berman. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield. it's friday, may 16th. welcome to "legal view." we begin with southern california dealing with the fire season there, a fire season from hell. and hell has come early this year. more than 17,000 acres in san diego county devoured as several fires rage on there. the pictures tell the story. fire season typically starts in late summer. but more than 15,000 people in escandido have been told to get out, run for their lives. the fire is dangerously close to their home. just watch this one move. it's what looks like a tornado, actually called a


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