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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 26, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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americans' lives. set your dvr this thursday at 9:00 and 6:00 pacific on cnn. i will be back with wolf blitzer in the situation room. newsroom with brook baldwin starts right now. >> thank you so much. it's wonderful being with all of you on this memorial day. >> this honors the american war dead. as we look at the skies, here we are 150 years later watching the
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national memorial day parade. it marks this day of national pride and of grief and of hope that one day americans will no longer need to make the ultimate sacrifice. and here now, just some moments as the nation reflects and remembers our fallen heroes. >> here lie the americans who fought through vietnam and those who won a long twilight struggle against communism. men and women gave their lives to keep men and women safe over more than a decade of war in iraq and afghanistan. >> i'm inspired each and every day by our men and women in uniform. on this memorial day, let us remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> to me it's important for me to raise him and let him know about his father. i want him to know about him and how great of a man he was.
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>> we will never forget your sacrifices and the sacrifices of your loved ones. >> and because of them, our nation is stronger, safer, and will always remain a shining beacon of freedom for the rest of the world. [ bugle playing taps ] ♪
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♪ >> and let's take you now live to barbara star who is standing in arlington national cemetery where we saw the president speaking this morning. i was a little girl in that cemetery where we buried my grandfather but you are standing truly on hallowed ground, section 60, the final resting place for those who served and died in afghanistan and iraq. i'm curious as we see some family members and children behind you do you get a sense today there that something is ending? >> well, i think most people are definitely aware that after 13 years, the war in iraq is over, the war in afghanistan is winding down. the president talking about that very fact yesterday when he was in afghanistan meeting with the
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troops. this is where you see the price paid. some of the 800, more than 800 troops laid to rest here having fallen on the battlefields of iraq and afghanistan. we spoke earlier today to one young widow who brought her very young son to the grave site of his father. i want you to listen. >> he was a break dancer, jumping off of walls and banisters and he would play guitar hero with me. i want people to know that he is like a nice and respectful guy. he's a hard-working gentleman. he's a pretty tough guy. >> this is just some of the families and people that we have met today. so many people here, they come every year as we do so, you know, i think people are beginning to understand that
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hopefully with the years of sacrifice are coming to an end. >> as we look at the grave markers, you have these families who come every year. they leave behind items and tokens that are so important that they lost. >> this actually will bring a smile to everyone's face. when we got here this morning we were told, you know, yet again, what you are mainly seeing behind us are flowers, photos, that kind of thing. they have a new rule that they very nicely describe as no glass containers because young troops would bring their buddies a bottle of beer or a bottle of something else and leave it graveside. now that's not supposed to happen. if you walk down just a few rows you will come to a couple of places where young buddies have stopped by today and left their fallen friends a cold beer or a
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cold glass of something else. >> thank you so much for sharing those stories with us at arlington national cemetery. the president spoke there this morning and he made a brief and sobering reference to the va scandal saying we must do more. and cnn senior white house correspondent has that part of the story. i spotted eric in the audience there as we all know he's the secretary of veteran's affairs. a lot of heat on him. did he have anything to say? >> he did not. and typically we don't hear from the secretary of veterans affairs. we hear from the defense secretary and the president, not the man at the top of the va. no question about it, the scandal is not only hanging over eric shinseki, but also president obama. he was in afghanistan, as you
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know, yesterday, on that top secret trip and back when he talked about taking care of our wounded warriors and veterans being not just a promise but a sacred obligation so the president hitting this point time and again and he did so earlier this iing arlington. >> we need to insure that they get the care and benefits and opportunities that they have earned. these americans have done their duty. it has nothing more, now and for decades to come.
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>> and we should point out over the weekend the va has started to make some adjustments to how veterans are receiving care. a directive from the department facilities across the country saying that these facilities are having problems with long wait times need to start looking outside of veterans affairs facilities to provide care to make sure they are getting care. they may be going outside of the va system from time to time in the future, to go after this problem, attack it and try to solve it and it is certainly unfinished business for the president as he heads into the rest of this week. >> we will get the update on that internal investigation. jim, thank you. and earlier today, i talked to actor gary senese. he tells me why he is spending so much time focusing on our nation's military. we will play that interview from
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last night for you. also ahead, pope francis yet again in the headlines. he is making an historic trip to the middle east. the pope made calls for a palestinian state. we will tell you that story and next this. >> i can't tell you how angry i am. it's just awful. and no parent should have to go through this. no parent. >> stunning, the father of a shooting victim speaks out to cnn after a 22-year-old went on a shooting rampage in a california college town. you have to hear this father. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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>> welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. shattered glass. a young man bent on seeking his idea of revenge. elliot roger, it's all about the evidence and so far there is plenty of it. a chilling 140 page manifesto and the news that roger's parents found out just before the killing spree started. a killing spree that claimed the lives of six young people. rodgers parents were searching for their son as the stabbings
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and shootings were happening. police conducted a welfare check at his home back in april after his mother came across some of his videos, she had not heard from him, she got worried, but he convinced police that everything was fine. the sheriff is defending his agency's previous investigation of this young man. >> they found him to be rather shy, timid, polite, well spoken. he explained that it was a misunderstanding and that he was although he was having social problems. it was unlikely he was going to continue to be a student here, was probably going to go home. he was able to convince them that he was not at that point a danger to himself or anyone else. >> now police are sifting through the evidence. this community must begin this healing process.
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>> thousands of students attended a vigil on campus saturday night. all six victims killed were ucsb students. let me bring in my guest from new york. i keep going back as i am reading more about the story this man, the shooter's mother saw these videos uploaded to youtube or social media, contacted a therapist, therapist contacts mental health, mental health contacts police, police go to this young man's home, yet they didn't have a warrant to go inside. what really can police do? >> he supplied them sufficient
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answers based on the information provided to the chief. he articulated himself well. he was polite. he expressed the fact that it was probably a misunderstanding. what they would be looking for -- >> you have been on these welfare checks. you know what they're looking for. >> absolutely. normally they involve the elderly people because they suddenly break communication with their children or their loved ones after a view days or a week. they call the police and say can you do us a favor and can you check on someone? they were fine but i wanted to make sure they were okay. it is more common place than people will think. they arrive at the scene, they interview him. they are looking for behavioral characteristics that are
11:17 am
inconsistent with a norm. he didn't display them. they had no reason to further this encounter. they had no license, warrant, permission to legally enter the home. so they stopped where they did and that was the right thing. >> and that's the thing, apparently this young man, this is part of his manifesto, being frightened that police were so close to upending his room. i had the striking and devastating fear that someone had somehow discovered what i was planning to do and reported me for it. if that was the case the police would have searched my room, found all of my guns and weapons along with my writings what i plan to do with them. police didn't have that warrant to search, to look through his things to maybe potentially have stopped him. what else could have been done? they were so close in finding
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that evidence, in stopping this. >> where i think we can go, we need to continue to learn from this episode. the police cannot enact a policy that authorizes them to conduct a search. you're protected under the fourth amendment. this has to go to the courts. the courts need to redefine what the prerogative of law enforcement might be. the reality is everything went according to the way it should have under the circumstances that existed. >> we hear people say ing sayin sick of koofring these stories. >> the vehicle wasn't correct. what the parent or mental health person should have done is gone to a court system. petition the court to have a
11:19 am
court ordered psychiatric evaluation and have this young man remanded. that's the process. you can have that done. the police do not -- how would you say, in a text book fashion, take people off the street unless they have good cause to believe that they are a risk to themselves or others. i want to point one thing out. this young man somehow at the age of 22 and a student had the resources to go out and purchase approximately $3,000 worth of handguns as well as 400 rounds of ammunition to go with it, driving a bmw. there are little problems here that have to do with this whole tragic episode that i think are worth addressing. there is no substitute for parenting. i'm not pointing the finger at the parents. >> let's not do that. we're not inside the situation. >> i agree. you have to keep track of your kids. it appears as though these
11:20 am
parents were doing that but they didn't know which vehicle to employ to further pursue this issue with their son. this needed to go beyond the police. he needed to be ordered into psychiatric evaluation with the possibility of holding him in a hospital and having him treated. >> we will have the entire mental health discussion and what more can be done if there is a next time. it's just frustrating every single way to talk about this. all six students who lost their lives late friday night were students at the university of kr california santa barbara. roommates were found stabbed to death along with another man. the two young women who were shot outside the sorority house. katherine cooper and ver ron ka
11:21 am
wiess both members he told her nothing had changed since the sandy hook shootings. take a look. >> he is our only child. he died on friday. i'm 61 years old now. never have another child. i'm doing this to try to see if we can do anything to make my son's death mean something. that's all we have got. >> he's not going to grow up to be a man to work in the world. what did we lose?
11:22 am
>> i think he had the capacity to be much more than we are. he was articulate, determined, nice, and tough. if there's all of those things in the media about the shooter, then there's nothing about the victims, then it sends the wrong message. and the people need to understand that real people died here. and they need to know, put faces, names, histories to the people who died to make it real for them. that it could be them. if you start talking about the people who died then they are real. >> we're all proud to be
11:23 am
americans. what kind of message does it send to the world when we have such a -- such a rudderless bunch of idiots in government? i can't tell you how angry i am it's just awful. no parent to have a kid die because in this kind of a situation, what has changed. we have learned nothing? where the hell is the leadership and the people we elect to congress that we spend so much money on. these people are getting rich sitting in congress. what do they do? they don't take care of our kids. my kid died because nobody responded to what happened at sandy hook. those parents lost little kids.
11:24 am
i had 20 years with my son. that's all i had. but those people lost their children at 6 and 7 years old. how do you think they feel? who is doing anything for them now? who is standing up for those kids that died back then in an elementary school? why wasn't something done? it's outrageous.
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>> pope francis's trip took a turn. he gave a personal invitation to leaders of israel. he actually spoke with palestinian authority about having an encounter of prayer and cnn has learned that israeli president has accepted that invite. it will take place sometime next month. let's -- i van, do we know what prompted the pope to open up this invitation for a peace initiative? >> he came to the holy land calling for peace. that was the primary message he was trying to bring. he's the first pope to have started the trip by flying into the occupied west bank where he
11:29 am
declared the vatican support for the quote, state of palestine. he repeated the fact that he believes a state of palestine should be independent living with freedom and dignity side by side with a state of israel that does not have to suffer from terrorist attacks. occupation and conflict do not help that community so those are several reasons that may have prompted the pope to push forward with this quite unusual diplomatic initiative. >> it seems that he is asserting
11:30 am
the role of vatican as almost peacemaker. >> that's right. and you know, i spoke with the jewish rah buy from his native country of argentina. rah buy abraham who accompanied the pope on this trip along with a muslim sheik. he described his old friend, pope francis, as a revolutionary who does want to shake things up and believes strongly in peace and wanted to see the willingness to work towards peace from israeli leadership. >> a lot happened on that plane
11:31 am
ride. let's see if any news is made as he heads home to the vatican. thank you so much for that. coming up on this memorial day, i talked to actor gary sinise. he just performed in washington d.c. and he will tell us why this day is so important to him. also in the wake of tragic murders over the weekend, a lot of women have take on the social media, have you seen the hash tag yes all women? it's a response to the shooter blaming women but it seems like it's much bigger than that now. we're going to discuss. stay right here.
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because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> gary sinise is taking part in the national memorial day parade. live pictures on your screen from washington d.c. the man who played lieutenant dan in forest gump is helping veterans, traveling overseas. he is heartened by memorial day's recognition of american heroes, he told me that to him, every day should be veterans'
11:36 am
day. >> i spent a lot of time raising awareness. we have several thousand serving in afghanistan but they are not on the front pages so we are not thinking about them all the time. memorial day, everyone is focused on our veterans. just keeping awareness of what our freedom providers do for us over the years. we have to keep them at the forefront of what's happening, especially on a day like today, memorial day. >> absolutely. you used a word, i was reading an article today from a veteran's advocate. he says don't thank me for my service, today is about sacrifice. as we honor all of those who have sacrificed, you were hosting the national memorial day concert and during a
11:37 am
presentati presentation, you got emotional. you said this. >> they're the ones that made the sacrifice. but somebody like me has to come forward and tell their story. >> can you explain to me what you meant by that? >> well, there's a fairly large disconnect between the average american and its military. there is a statistic out there that says something like over 70% of the american people don't really understand what our military goes through, what our veterans are going through post service. >> uh-huh. >> exit's very, very important that if i can -- if i can do something to raise awareness about what they go through and keep them in the forefront of the american people, especially in a time where we're just coming out of 13 years of war, that's the way that i can serve. telling stories, letting people know what our military is going
11:38 am
through can help raise awareness and that will generate funding for non-profits and volunteerism within communities to help our veterans. >> you know, you do so much. of course we saw that the president surprising the troops in afghanistan. for the rest of us, just hearing you say yes it is memorial day and having the specific moments on a calendar but beyond days like today, how can we a as americans better embrace our veterans, understand them and help them living back here at home? >> i think education is a big piece of it. not a lot of people have a sense of what the cost of freedom really are. if you simply look at the fact that freedom has to be provided, has to be defended and fought for and that means there is going to be those that sacrifice for it, then we as americans who benefit from that freedom should do everything that we can to
11:39 am
support those who provide it and defend it. >> that was just part of my conversation with gary earlier today. join me next hour where i ask gary sinise who talked about in terms of solutions what the veterans are telling him and he makes an interesting point about all the thousands of non-profits that help our war wounded around the country. also if you would like more information on the lingering cost of war, go to a special feature written by a veteran who served in the wars in afghanistan and iraq. this is about sacrifice this memorial day. coming up, for those of you not working at home, hopefully firing up the grill for friends and family, there is a major beef recall that you need to know about. how can you know what to avoid?
11:40 am
that's the problem. elizabeth cohen will try to help us understand what we should not be eating. and next the 22-year-old who went on the shooting rampage left writings that seemed to indicate that he had a major problem with women. the hash tag yes all women has taken social media by storm. it is about all women, not just the six victims. a much bigger discussion about that coming up next.
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>> the killings in santa barbara
11:44 am
led to an instant and curious reaction on twitter. of course there were condolences to loved ones but also real anger. women acknowledge that not all men are ding rous but that is not the part. and yes all women have difficult at times place in the world. this hash tag that has now been trending for days, yes all women, trending since saturday, one woman summed it up this way. she tweeted not all men practice violence against women but all women live with the threat of male violence every single day all over the world. here is another tweet. yes all women. because i have a boyfriend is more likely to get a guy to back off than no because they respect other men more than women. if you think yes all women is an attack on men, you're not
11:45 am
listening to women, which is kind of a problem. they are joining me now. welcome. let me begin with you. you can really take time and read the tweets. i read your piece on the daily beast. what do you think this campaign is about? rsh women face sexism. with this hash tag, women feel more comfortable sharing their stories. when you see a woman talking about facing sexism, you feel more comfortable facing those experiences. >> there are all kinds of themes from an unwanted look on the street to stories of attempted assault.
11:46 am
this has gone way beyond the mass shooting in santa barbara and it seems like this is obviously coming from somewhere. >> it has been a collective trigger for women. we have an example here, there is absolutely no excuses is he was clearly anti-woman. he clearly felt that women owed him something. that he was being denied his due and the hate that he spewed was specifically targeted at women using sexist degrading language. and i mean manifested itself in violence and actual murder i think there was a familiarity in that language that hit home for a lot of women who live with thisimplicit threat of danger. someone said yes all women
11:47 am
because i always text my friends after we go out to make sure they got home safely. fl there is an extra layer of danger that comes with being a woman. let me quote it devalues women's and men's lives. we must exam the dangerous values that treat women less than human and make them according to elliot roger, deserving of death. i mean, are we all contributing to this culture?
11:48 am
>> i think that the culture minimizes women who push back and who complain and who call out sexism. there's a sense of just take a joke or hey baby it's a compliment. or what's up, why don't you give me a little smile. there is a sense that women are on display that their purpose is gratification. that the most important emotion is that what is experienced by men even on this hash tag. it's an important hash tag to read. don't protest, just take it in. the push back i got back was oh, we're not allowed to say anything? what about us? >> what has the push back ben from men? >> i think a lot of men are
11:49 am
failing to understand how we can look at this senseless violence and take from it a broader social issue. a lot of men do not want to be associated with this lunatic who did this mass killing but this is a big issue. this boy was a product of this culture. it is not wrong and i think we do need to talk about it if we want to know how to end this kind of violence we need to address the culture that created the violence. >> now we're having an actual conversation. now we're having an actual conversation. now what? >> we keep having this conversation and i think that making the issues explicit, forcing people to examine their attitudes. all of this is part of moving towards the elimination of rape culture, the recognition of real
11:50 am
bias and real sexism that woman experience and the more this happens, this is one of the conversations that has been about the fact that 98% of these mass shootings are perpetrated by young white men. the last time i was on this show with you we were talking about mark cuban's comments about crossing the treat. the cops that came to interview elliot roger, they said they found a perfectly nice polite boy. would they have reacted the same way if they had gotten a tip about a black man in a hoodie. we need to redistribute our assumptions. >> let's check ourselves. thank you both very, very much. >> thank you for having us.
11:51 am
>> coming up, a lot of people flipping those burgers on this memorial day but with this massive beef recall. you are probably wondering which beef to buy, which not to buy. not exactly crystal clear. that's the issue. we will explain what we should not be eating after the break. nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes. the problem isn't likely to go away... ...on its own. so it's time we do something about it. and there's help. premarin vaginal cream. a prescription that does what no over-the-counter product was designed to do. it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream
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11:54 am
>> there is a massive beef recall underway on a day when a lot of people are probably getting ready to fire up the
11:55 am
grill, one week after wolverine packing plant recalled over 1 million pounds of ground beef. the beef is being blamed for at least 11 e. coli illnesses. it's beyond frustrating because people don't know what to buy. >> someone just asked me at the hair salon, they recognized me and said what should i not buy and i said i can't tell you. i don't know. usually they say don't buy xyz brand. in this recall we don't know. this is really frustrating to advocates who have been working to make it easier her son went from totally healthy to dead in
11:56 am
12 days. here we are in 2014 and i still can't tell people. >> i got two answers. she said i zroent the authority. we can't tell consumers what brands not to by the second thing is that it's very complicated. if you look at this case you have that one beforer who issued the recall. there are more than 200 distributors. one of those 200 alone has 7500 customers. so you can see that this is, it's not like when a pharmaceutical company recalls a drug. this is complicated. this is thousands of people who need to contact other people. >> what do you do when you want to eat a burger because i just did last night? >> as did i. i think the people whose house i was at thought i was crazy. >> i feel good if i was eating a burger with you.
11:57 am
>> you have to look for thissest code on the product and look for these production dates. >> so you can looking if sr. something. on some of these, we didn't find any codes or production dates. who's going to remember that code? we have it up here and in our news story? are consumers really going to remember that? that's really hard to do and pretty unlikely. everything really thoroughly. make sure it gets up to 160 degrees do not go by color and do not mix up your meat with tomato slices or lettuce. >> thermometer, got to get one. thank you so much. and coming up in the next hour, the secretary of defense speaking out on the embattled va secretary who we saw this
11:58 am
morning at that arlington national cemetery event. we will play that interview coming up next. stly, the off-set really off for me. i've got a lot to do. that's why i got my surface. it's great for watching game film and drawing up plays. it's got onenote, so i can stay on top of my to-do list, which has been absolutely absurd since the big game. with skype, it's just really easy to stay in touch with the kids i work with. alright, russell you are good to go! alright, fellas. alright, russ. back to work! peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away.
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>> and welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin and let's begin this hour on memorial day with these pictures on this day, of course the nation pauses to remember just how deer and devastating the price of freedom is. accord the country hundreds of thousands of americans are going to events to pay tribute to nearly a million military service members killed in service since the american revolution. it was an american civil war that sparked the first day to honor the american war dead.
12:02 pm
it marks a day of national pride and grief and hope that one day here now in just a few moments we wanted to share as our nation is remembering and reflecting on our fallen heroes. >> here lie the americans who fought through vietnam and those who won a long twilight struggle against communism. here in section 60 lie men and women who gave their lives to keep our homeland safe over more than a decade of war in iraq and afghanistan. >> i'm inspired each and every day by our men and women in uniform. let us remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation. >> it's important for me to raise him and let him know about his father.
12:03 pm
>> we will never forget your sacrifices and those of your loved ones. >> because of them our nation is stronger, safer, and will always remain a shining beacon of freedom for the rest of the world. ♪ ♪
12:04 pm
>> let's go now live to barbara star at section 60 there in arlington national cemetery. specifically where you are in that section, that is the final resting place for those who served and died both in afghanistan and iraq and you have been to that section for a number of years on memorial day, barbara. i'm just curious talking to families, is there anything or anyone that really stands out this year? >> well, you know, now that's late afternoon here, brooke, and some of the numbers of people have gone home, what we have seen here in the last maybe 45 minutes is in several cases it's the young troops showing up late in the day to search out their comrades. we saw two young men in weekend attire but very firmly there are
12:05 pm
sunglasses on their face, stopped at a grave site, lit up a couple cigars and clearly had a private moment. we have talked to so many families over the years but we talked to one young widow, very young who brought her very young son. i want you to meet and listen to brit any jacobs. >> to me it's important for me to raise him and let him know about his father. his dad would want him to know about him and i want him to know about him and how great of a man he was and i want to always grow up knowing it and seeing it. this morning he was asking questions and was like why can't daddy come from heaven. is daddy hurting? those are the hard things we're going through. >> what to you tell him? >> i say daddy's not hurting. daddy's in heaven, and he can't
12:06 pm
come see us but he's in our hearts. he's having a hard time understanding that. >> christopher jacob served five tours in the war zone, brooke. he came home and he died here in the united states in california in a marine corps training accident. we have seen so many lives and so much service more than 800 veterans laid to rest here. >> that precious son of his in that uniform. so many stories like that. thank you so much at arlington national cemetery. if unaffordable topics concerns the deaths of veterans as they away treatment here at home at va hospitals. the president remarked about the scandal playing out on his watch. >> we must do more to keep faith with our veterans and families
12:07 pm
and ensure they get the bet fens that they have earned and deserve. these americans have done their duty. they ask nothing more than that we do ours now and for decades to come. >> jake, for all of the solemnness that is part of this day, we can't not mention this overriding story about the va. >> that's right. this is a day to commemorate those who are no longer with us, it is not veterans day. still a lot of veterans are gathering and a topic on many of their lips is the va scandal. i had a chance to interview chuck hagle and one of the first things i had to ask about is his reaction to the scandal. he is, himself, a vietnam
12:08 pm
veteran. take a listen. >> you come at the va controversy from an interesting perspective. not only are you a veteran, you were once deputy administrator are you appalled when you see these stories? >> i suspect i'm not unlike any american. it makes me sick to my stomach because it is a clear respect we have as a koundry and people to take care of these men and women and their families who sacrificed so much. i know that systems are imperfect. i get that. what we do know and you're right. we do need to get the facts.
12:09 pm
sure, everybody is upset with this. >> a little back story. when he was deputy administrator, back during the early years, he resigned in protest because the administrator was loathed by veterans groups. compared agent orange to nothing more than teen aged acne. resigned, went to president reagan and told him why he was resigning and disappeared for a few years. >> i know we will see much more coming up on your show. let me ask you about your twitter page. you have a tremendous following and have been very involved in veteran's issues. give me the back story on all of these photos that all kinds of people are sharing with you. >> it's really interesting. there was not really any plan to this. because i wrote the book, the
12:10 pm
outpost about afghanistan and about one specific outpost in that country, i know a lot of veterans and gold star wives and dads, i am now very cog any zant of what me more y'all day is. on friday i just started tweeting some of the stories of these individuals and trying to put a face to the name because i find that people respond to that so much more when they can see and look at the face of the young kid. >> there is so much more to it once you put a face on it. people read names but seeing these faces takes it to another level. >> it really changes it from a name or a number to like this is a real person and look i could imagine my son or husband or my brother posing in such a position. then it just took on a life of
12:11 pm
its own. john kerry sent me a picture of a buddy of his who died in vietnam. i don't know who these people are but they are tweeting me photographs of people that they knew or people in their family who paid the ultimate priss exit's just i didn't plan for it. i will stop today but it is something that i have not been able to stop doing. you look at each face and know there is so much pain and sacrifice. it's important for me to think about it on a day like today. >> it's awesome that you did this, that it just came naturally to honor all of these people and their sacrifices is tremendous. let me tell everybody to go to your twitter page and we will see you at the top of the hour. thank you so much for sharing that with us. we will talk to an actor who has
12:12 pm
dedicated much of his life to serving those who serve in our military. i talked to him about why he has done that but also asked him about his thoughts on this ongoing va scandal, what he is hearing, what are some collusions. also ahead, a major development related to the missing plane. so that's huge nus coming up. also ahead, just the real raw emotion from a father dealing with the lost of his son killed over the weekend in that california rampage. >> i can't tell you how angry i am. it's just awful and no parent should have to go through this. no parent. >> that is next. those little things still get you.
12:13 pm
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12:16 pm
>> welcome back, i'm brooke baldwin. his plot may have been years in the making but it took mere minutes for elliot roger to take the lives of six innocent young people. ten crime scenes in 12 locations across california, just blocks from uc santa barbara's campus. the first victims, three young men in elliot rodgers own apartment and then he shot three women outside of a sorority house. two were killed, another seriously injured. and then the last victim, christopher martinez, a young man shot and killed while getting a sandwich at a local
12:17 pm
deli. all were students at ucsb. ken, we have to talk about this interview you did with one of the victim's fathers. when i first saw it, i stopped in my tracks. it gave me chills. you can't help but be infuriated for this father. this father wants that reaction. he knows this now because he has seen it so many times, the news tyking. public attention. it is going to be a very limited period of time that anyone is going to care about him. when you count the number of mass shootings he says that is a very large club and that is what is driving him to go before cameras.
12:18 pm
>> our son christopher martinez are dead. they talk about gun rights. what about chris's right to live. >> very unexpected. why did you do that? >> to honor the memory of my son, to make it try to mean something. that's why i'm here. if there's all these things in the media about the shooter, and there's nothing about the victims, then it sends the wrong message. people need to understand that real people died here. >> chris martinez wu just 20 years old, an english major at ucsb, he went to the deli when the gunman opened fire. he dreamed of being a lawyer like his father. >> he's our only child and he died on friday. i'm 61 years old now.
12:19 pm
i'll never have another child. he's gone. >> you're sitting out there safe in your family room with your children safely around you and i'm telling you they walk out on that street it can happen. it's happened far too many times now. >> i don't know how many mass shootings i have covered. i don't know how many parents i have interviewed who have been in the position you have been in. how do you make that difference? how do you as one parent make that difference? >> i can anticipate that the nra and some of the gun people are going to be saying it's the rants of a grieving father. he's just emotional and we shouldn't be listening to him. but in fairness to me, i think i can be both emotional and rational. >> he is a veteran, has owned guns but wanted to know why a
12:20 pm
mentally unstable man owned three guns and hundreds of rounds? >> where is the leadership? where are the politicians that will stand up and say we need to do this. we're going to do something. thoes gutless bastards have done nothing. it's outrageous. absolutely outrageous. >> he's talking about newtown, connecticut, students gunned down at sandy hook. president obama pushed for tougher laws, expanded background checks that failed in the senate. >> my kid died because nobody responded to what occurred at sandy hook. those parents lost little kids. it's bad enough that i lost my 20-year-old but i had 20 years with my son. that's all that i had but those people lost their children at 6 and 7 years old. how do you think they feel?
12:21 pm
and who's talking to them now? who's doing anything for them now? >> mr. martinez says there are many things that he wants but two things that he's trying to get at least right now. he wants to try to get all of the family members here together. he wants to have a conversation. he wants to include the shooter's parents and says he wants to see his son's body one last time to say fair well. brooke? >> wow. let me just ask this. is mr. martinez taking a moment to take care of himself? >> he says that doing these interviews is how he's taking care of himself. i asked him that very question. how are you sitting here with me for an hour plus talking and expressing all of this? he says this is how i'm taking
12:22 pm
care of myself. this is something i can do for myself, my son, my family. the country desperately needs to have a conversation. how you feel about the mental health care system and how you feel about gun rights. he says this has to continue. there has to be a real conversation. if government won't do it the peemd should i am glad we are sharing his story and hopefully more will happen beyond this conversation. we will be right back. ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry
12:23 pm
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12:26 pm
>> we could be just hours away from the crucial clue of the mystery flight 370. malaysian investigators say they will finally release that data that has been guiding their search. families have been begging for this data for weeks and weeks. >> last week the active minister of transport agreed to release the data that the families have been demanding. the minister assured me it will be released in the next 24 hours. >> inmarsat probably tomorrow. wait until tomorrow. what's the hurry? the most important is getting to the truth. >> isn't it important to release the data as promised?
12:27 pm
>> so 24 hours will not make that much difference to the truth. >> so data tomorrow? >> hopefully. >> but it does matter. it matters to the loved ones. it is all that the multinational search is relying on to locate the plane. today we have learned that the minister said they have been reviewing the data themselves since receiving it from inmarsat. >> there might be other areas that we need to focus on. but all the signs as indicated in the last week or so, all the signs still point to the area that we are looking at. but even the area that we're looking at is not small. >> this is undeanibly an unprecedented situation.
12:28 pm
>> thank you again. that's supposed to happen tomorrow. in the meantime, the identity of a cia agent working in afghanistan revealed and it was the white house that leaked it? we'll explain how and the rep r pu -- r r reprecussions. >> we have asked what they think should come of this instead of heads rolling. we will share that with you coming up next. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness.
12:29 pm
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12:33 pm
there are snipers all around the area who would love to greece an officer. >> he is advocating for vets as his full-time job. >> his foundation works to raise money for vet rap's groups. he wants communities to get to know their local heroes. >> we as americans who benefit from that freedom should do everything we can to support those who provide exit defend it. that's what memorial day is about but to me, every day is veteran's day. making sure we take care of our service members before during and after the battle is critical. we have a lot of residual
12:34 pm
effects from over 13 years of war now and we will be facing those effects for a long time and the sacrifices that people have made going to afghanistan, iraq and throughout the years. >> given the sacrifices and the facts that our men and women are coming home and apparently not getting the help that they need, that this massive va story, cnn helped break this wide open. we know there have been issues for years, in the wake of this story, what are they telling you? in terms of solutions, in terms of solutions, how we can fix this? >> it's a very difficult problem. obviously, i think, you know, there are over 46,000 military non-profits that have popped up
12:35 pm
in the last dozen years. that should tell you something that there is a great need within the military community and a great hunger from the american people to serve the veterans' needs. if many of the military non-profits were not as successful as they are, we would have a huge, huge catastrophe on our hands. we have resid wual effects of 1 years of war. many are working independently for many things. there is a lot of need out there. unfortunately the government is never going meet all of those needs. it's important that non-profits work together to get more done and we highlight the fact that
12:36 pm
they all have veterans. >> absolutely. we can all do better. gary sinise, thank you for your time and for stopping by. thank you so much. >> for this next story let's stay in washington because the white house is facing backlash after accidentally revealing the idea of the top secret agent. jim acosta has more on this one. how the heck did this happen? >> that is a question that a lot of people are asking, not just people inside the white house but inside the press corps. basically the white house and the cia are not commenting at this point. cnn and other news outlets are not identifying the station chief's name who was revealed
12:37 pm
during the president's trip to afghanistan. here is basically what happened. white house press officials provided this name to the print reporter who is traveling with the president. that reporter was part of the pool, that small group of reporters who traveled with the president, watches movements and report them back to the other colleagues. and that print reporter took that name along with the other participants this is something that typically happens at all of these events. that reporter put that list inside and sent it back to the white house, went through the white house again and out to the 6,000 or so news representatives. it was at that point that the print reporter nodesed the name in there and said to the white house wait a minute, do you want the station chief's name from afghanistan in this report,
12:38 pm
white house said no. let's get it out now and they made the correction but by that point the identity had been put out there. people inside the white house are very worried and furious, really about what happened here. >> on the worry point, does this individual who we are not naming need to be yanked out of afghanistan for any period of time? is that person's security vulnerable? >> brooke, i can only imagine that that is already taking place. if it has not it will be seriously considered. you will recall this just doesn't happen very often where, you know, the top cia official in a very vulnerable and dangerous hot spot such as afghanistan is released. we don't see covert operatives names ever really coming out. remember valorie plane?
12:39 pm
her name was outed by members of the bush administration who were upset about her husband's criticism about the case for war in iraq. that became a big deal. she tweeted about it and said as on theished that goes to, brook, some of the feelings that exist inside the intelligence community that sometimes people at the white house may not always have their back and sometimes screw ups can happen and this was a co-las sal one. there is no underscoring how potentially dangerous this could be. >> we will watch for the presumable fallout. coming up next we will take a closer look at what can be done
12:40 pm
to stop tragedies like the one that unfolded over the weekend. we know that the gunman had therapists for years. should health care professionals have a bigger role when it comes to warning police about their patients? let's go there next. what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... oh yeah, and frosted! what's your most favorite of all? hmm...the kind i have with you. me too.
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12:43 pm
>> reading through this santa barbara shooter's manifesto, pages and pages, you can't help be surprised. at times it sounds normal and others totally deranged and sometimes both. when he describes practicing his shooting before the planned rampage he wrote i couldn't believe my life was actually turning out this way. there i was practicing shooting with real guns because i had a plan to carry out a massacre.
12:44 pm
even elliot rodgers sounds stunned that he is plotting to kill several people. what really does that mean? what needs to happen to stop this from happening? and doris told you over a commercial break, i love having you on but i hate all of these subjects but it's important to talk about mental illness. a blanket term people use to try to murder. in this case, it seems like with the shooter, there was ample evidence that something was up. >> it gets thrown around and describes a lot of different things. when we look at james holmes when you looked at the videos, some of the background you could
12:45 pm
clearly see someone with symptoms of a severe psychotic disorder. elliot is a different case. asth as hateful as it sounds, he does not seem deranged. in this case, as you say, the thing with elliot roger there was ample evidence to some people danger is the threshold that every state has for getting someone evaluate d for psychiatric distress. one of the questions is where
12:46 pm
did the system fail where we did not get this young man making very specific threats, why didn't he get caught? >> it seems when you read more about him, apatieparently he ha been seeing therapists since he was eight. yes he mother had seen some bothersome videos on youtube. she contacted the therapist who contacted a mental health official who contacted police to check him out. my question is when it comes to these therapists, what authority do they have to ring the alarm bell? >> well, it really depends -- there are many rules for who can initiate an emergency evaluation to see if somebody is in trouble. california is a state where
12:47 pm
citizens can't initiate. elliot's parents could have gone to a court and said we believe our son is dangerous. >> so it's a court system and that battle? >> they could initiate it. >> it's the law. it's what the law allows and the law in california is very narrow. only a mental health professional and some designated professionals could initiate that process and that's really, that is the entry door for getting someone who is in trouble at least evaluated. doesn't guarantee they will get treatment or what happens afterwards but it does mean they will get looked at. not by a police officer who is not a trained mental health worker. >> what needs to change? what needs to change? >> well, well, we need to mix the system. we always say this every time we talk.
12:48 pm
we need more hospital beds. if santa barbara had the state average of acute crisis beds, it would have 70. it has 16. it does not have any beds for people in crisis. now the police get called and go interview. in this case he looked good but let's say he didn't. they know there's only 16 beds. are they going to roll him in? this is always a question that the police have to worry about. so then we have a situation where we have got a law that doesn't let the parents get him, we don't have beds, the police know we don't have beds, the parents are cut out of the system. it is like a micro chasm of everything. and nothing happens and he's dangerous. >> yeah. dead people. we have done a half hour on mental illness. let's keep the conversation going. thank you so much for coming on.
12:49 pm
i really appreciate it. >> thank you, brooke. >> coming up next, the pope's historic trip to the middle east. why his remarks made headlines around the world. we will tell you exactly what he said. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain. this is humira helping me lay the groundwork. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms.
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12:52 pm
. pope francis is wrapping up his three-day trip to the middle east with visits to key places
12:53 pm
in jerusalem that are important to muslims and jews there. today he met with six survivors of the holocaust and kissed their hands in a gesture of humility. he removed his shoes and prayed and left a note at the western wall, the holiest place where jews can pray. here to look at the significance of the pope's stops, why they are so worthy, father beck, nice to have you on. >> thanks, brooke. good to be here. >> let's talk about some of the poignant moments, specifically just looking over my e-mail that you sent me, seeing the pope standing with perez and abbas inviting them back to the vatican to pay for peace. >> yes, it seems that the pope wants to continue his image as a peace broker. he said please, no military
12:54 pm
aggression. he had another day of fasting and prayer and intervening in that peace process and it seems that he's intent in intervening, too. even though there's controversy thus far about his interventions, especially, of course, his stop at the security wall where he bowed his head in prayer. >> why is he doing this, beyond the role of peacemaker? bigger picture here, father? >> i think the pope sees it a question of justice. how long does this land need to continue to be divided. so when he stood at that security wall, we know that he's not in favor of that wall because, from his perspective and from the perspective of many others, there are oppressed people that are encamped behind that wall. now, i understand that prime minister netanyahu did not like the fact that the pope stopped at that wall and it's reported that they had a little bit of a testy interchange when netanyahu said to the pope, you know,
12:55 pm
jesus is from israel and jesus would recognize the need for this wall and security. he spoke hebrew and the pope corrected him. he said, no, he spoke arabic and i will talk to you about the security wall once the reporters leave the room. so the pope pushed back a little at netanyahu and said, we need to talk about this. yes, israel is entitled to security. it's a necessaity but palestinians are entitled to freedom. how can we make this work. >> looking at these pictures is this a first for the pope? >> yes. it's also the first for the pope to enter the territory through the west bank there. >> flying directly in? >> exactly. he came through jordan and he wanted to first meet at the west bank with the president of the palestine. only then did he meet with the president of israel. so something symbolic is being said here by the pope but, of
12:56 pm
course, he balanced that all out, brooke. and then today we saw those wonderful images of him laying a wreath at the tomb who said, of course, that israel has a right to security, a right to a homeland. you showed those images, the holocaust museum. usually people come up to the pope and they kiss his hand or ring. what does this pope do? he turns it around and kissed their hand. so he made remarkable images and gestures during this short trip. >> so exciting talking about and covering this pope. father beck, thank you so much for sharing your perspective with us. appreciate it. >> thanks. coming up next, the largest memorial day event in the nation. stay right here.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
and before i let you go, these are live pictures from washington, d.c.. it's the largest memorial day event in the nation and, of course, honors those killed in every war since the american revolution. it's broadcast live to troops all around the world. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with us on this memorial day. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. with so many red flags, how was it that nobody was able to stop the santa barbara killer? i'm jake tapper. this is the "the lead." >> he looked directly at me, he talked to me and then shot at me multiple times. >> the national lead. rampage. the killer making no secret his pathetic motive was some sort of sexual frustration. but in this case, certain warning flags were caught and the bloodshed happened anyway. also inat