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tv   Forensic Files  CNN  August 3, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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welcome back to cnn newsroom this monday. >> here are the headlines. in about 30 minutes, israel plans to begin a seven-hour ceasefire in parts of gaza. hamas has not agreed to the temporary truce. the u.s. has used its strongest language yet to condemn what it calls a disgraceful attack very close to a united nations-run school in gaza. palestinian officials say nine people were killed. in yunnan province, china, rescue and relief efforts under way, but damaged roads are hampering the operation. 381 people are confirm dead, with more than 1,800 injured. >> the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention, say they
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are sending 50 of its experts to west africa to fight the ebola outbreak. the cdc's director admitted the epidemic is out of control in part, but says researchers know enough about the disease to stop its progression. hamas says it's a no-go, their reaction to an israeli plan for a seven-hour ceasefire. this comes as israeli troops are undergoing a redeployment, but no withdrawal at this point. what should we make of this possible upcoming ceasefire? >> errol, if we look at the facts this morning of how this ceasefire will play out, or how it was announced, that might help you understand what's going
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on, as far as both sides are concerned. israel announced a ceasefire unilaterally, didn't have any agreement from hamas. that's what hamas says, look, we didn't agree to the ceasefire. what israel is also saying, this is a ceasefire, but not in its entirety across the gaza strip. it's a ceasefire that isn't a complete ceasefire. it's selective. it does not apply to rafa, that area where we saw that shelling on friday, where the soldiers were also killed, the three soldiers, including one who was believed to be captured, but was actually killed on friday. that broke the initial 72-hour ceasefire. it also says that israeli soldiers will continue to carry out their work, wherever they are. now, hamas has responded by saying, well, that's not really a cease fefirceasefire, becausee saying, fighting will not be carried out in the areas where there's not fighting already.
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also, let's not forget there's a lot of international pressure on israel. hamas is saying the reason why israel announced a seven-hour window of humanitarian ceasefire due to start in the next half hour. the united states, of course, came out with the most strongest worded statement yesterday after that shelling of a u.n. rwa school, or what is now a shelter, housing 3,000 people. the united states said it is appalled by sunday's disgraceful shelling. so, an incredibly strongly worded statement from an ally of israel that recognizes its right to self-defense. but what it did point out, and i'm going to read this to you, the suspicion that militants are operating nearby doesn't justify strikes that put at risks the lives of so many innocent civilians. what israel had said in a statement last night by the idf, they believe three militants on
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a motorbike were traveling through that area. those are the people they were trying to target, but of course as we know, a shelter was also struck. several people dying. errol? >> so this brings us back to the question we've all been asking since this began. what will it take for either side to see a victory, or at least stop the current fighting? does israel see the dismantling of hamas tunnels as a victory? if not, what would victory look like? >> 64 soldiers killed, three civilians. we've had 1,850 and counting, people killed in gaza. it's interesting that you use the word victory. because there is , behind the fighting, a lot of politics at play here. hamas need to be seen as
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fighting the aggression of the israelis. the israelis need to be seen as defending their right to exist and defend against the rockets that are being fired against them. right now, we're not seeing any kind of escalation, because you're right, they both want to see some kind of victory. and of course there's a lot of playing to your domestic audience as well. inside israel, there's a lot more support for this battle against hamas to completely demilitarize the gaza strip and perhaps see the plo come into gaza instead of hamas. so there's a lot of domestic support, while there's a lot of international condemnation for israel's operation in gaza, errol. so whether we'll see any kind of truce or ceasefire depends if both sides are willing to come and talk. we've had so many ceasefires announced. we've been on air and had to say
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that ceasefire has been violated. they have to come to the table to talk. errol? >> let's not hold our breath. sima, thanks. >> the leader of hamas says israel thwarted the last plans for a truce by staying in gaza and destroying tunnels there. >> translator: a truce is a truce. but the presence of the israeli forces inside gaza and destroying the tunnels means it's an aggression. because they're inside the gaza territories. therefore, we told mr. kerry that the palestinian resistance has the right to self-defense and the right to deal with invading israeli force rs. >> he had a lot more to say about hamas and whether it uses humans as human shields as israel alleges.
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we'll have the complete interview for you next hour. >> let's bring you up to speed on what's happening in ukraine. the ukrainian military is moving closer to donetsk. clashes between rebels and government forces have killed six people over the past day. officials say another three people died during shelling in a separatist-controlled area. >> british prime minister david cameron is calling on nato to rethink its strategy on russia in light of the crisis in ukraine. he'll meet with the organization's secretary-general today. but a plan to bolster reaction to potential russian force is already in the works. >> reporter: cnn has learned the u.s. military is backing a nato proposal for u.s. and european troops to be able to respond within 48 hours of any russian
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military aggression against nato members. the move, meant to send a stern warning to russia, but also reflecting a fundamental worry that in the future, nato and the u.s. cannot dismiss the threat that russia could decide to move beyond ukraine into nato's eastern flank. >> we need to be absolutely sure they understand they can't apply this sort of pressure to a nato nation. >> the deputy military commander tells cnn that air, land, and maritime force rs would be on higher alert, all in response to the nearly 15,000 russian troops now within what one u.s. official calls, spitting distance of the ukraine border and the continued flow of happy weapons into ukraine. >> our business is to be ready for the worst. >> reporter: currently nato forces, including u.s. troops, have up to 30 days to respond to a threat. if finalized, the new two-day window will be part of a new military headquarters in europe
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for quick response. >> this is not an aggressive response. it's absolutely defensive in nature. >> but ukraine is not a member of nato. there is no obligation to defend it. the president today said, there are limits. >> we have done everything that we can to support the ukrainian government and to deter russia from moving further into ukraine. but short of going to war, there are going to be some constraints in terms of what we can do. >> to help boost ukraine, the defense department is asking congress for another $20 million to help train and equip their national guard. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. all right, coming up next here on cnn, toxins in the water. >> yeah, what one city in the united states is doing to turn their drinking supply from green to clean. plus, faces of war. one family's tragic, yet
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this is california. southern california, major flooding there, after a weekend of heavy rain. at least one person was rescued from rising waters in san bernardino county. many roads were completely inaccessible and residents were advised to stay indoors. >> hundreds of cars were reported stranded along one of the state's highways.
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in one area, almost eight centimeters of rain came down, about three inches of rain all at once. that's why they're dealing with such massive flooding. >> and in a state that's seen so much drought, got a little too much too quickly. about 400,000 people are without clean drinking water in the u.s. city of toledo, ohio. >> i can't imagine what today is like waking up for all of them. high toxin levels, what you're seeing here, turned up in the city's water supply. there are no reported illnesses, but the toxins are having a major impact. >> the national guard delivering water by the truck load. the red cross handing out gallons. >> come get some! >> the store shelves are empty and people in ohio are clamoring for cases. >> if i don't have water, my baby doesn't eat. so that's going to be an issue. >> can't wash dishes, can't wash
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up, you can't cook. it's hell. >> 400,000 people in the toledo area are without drinking water. boiling it will only make the problem worse. the warnings first issued on saturday. >> i want the community to know that everything is being done that is humanly possible. >> the issue appears to stem from algae blooms growing in lake erie. you can see this bloom from space. routine testing turned out two readings with micro toxins released from algae blooms. more testing is under way, but additional results are needed before the ban can be lifted. >> all i can tell you, everything is trending in a positive direction. >> officials say the water is safe to bathe in, but it's not recommended for people with sensitive skin or weakened immune system.
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in the worst cases, it can lead to liver failure. >> it was stressful at first, definitely worrying about i have a couple of dogs at home and four children. i wanted to make sure we had enough water to brush our teeth and to drink. >> you don't appreciate it. you don't know about it until you don't have it. >> the algae blooms, not a good thing. >> scary stuff. heavy rains have been battering japan. >> this storm has weakened, but japan and surrounding countries are bracing for more downpours in the days ahead. halong is picking up speed and expected to slam southwestern japan later this week. flood warnings are in effect. a lot of people watching in japan right now, so at least they'll have an opportunity to prepare. but the country is not really in a good position when it comes to severe weather this week. >> one after another. the town of coachy has seen more
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rainfall. about 24, 26 inches of rain per year. they've received that in about seven to 10 hours across that region, the southern portion of japan. the storm system very unimpressive on satellite imagery. but the amount of moisture associated with this storm system came down in recent days, absolutely staggering. that line is where the storm went. the moisture, battered portions of japan, brought down more than 26 inches, or some 680 millimeters of rainfall in spots in just a matter of a couple days. that's nearly doubling their monthly average and even portions of south korea. 1,600 homes without power, 70 flights canceled in that region all of that because of blinding rainfall. and more rain in the forecast over the next couple days. look to the south, doesn't look
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like a depression. it's a menacing typhoon, category 4, roughly 140 miles per hour winds. this storm system has potential for significant damage, but at this point, the track, moving directly north, and guess where it's headed, to southern japan. so a second impact in southern japan, closer to category 2, as opposed to 4. but still menacing, moving into that region in the coupling couple days. and the winds with this, well over 200 kilometers per hour, or 130 as it approaches land in the coming days as well. we have a tropical storm, bertha, moving 60 miles per hour. the models push it to the north
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and veer it off to the east, then portions of perhaps newfoundland really the only area interacting the storm system way down the line. so good news for our friends across the united states. some rainfall on the coastal cities. rains a lot better than 150 mile an hour winds that we're used to. >> thank you. still to come for you, britain marks the 100-year anniversary since it entered world war i. >> one woman's tragic tale of war coming up after the break. mm-hmm. i'm just comparing car insurance rates at is that where they show the other guys' rates, too? mm-hmm. cool. yeah. hi. final boarding call for flight 294.
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if you're a history buff or not, you need to know that today marks the 100th anniversary of germany's invasion of belgium and britain's entry in world war i. in the coming hours, there will be commemorative events. >> on sunday there was a commemoration ceremony. the leaders said the world must learn from the first world war in order to prevent similar atrocities from ever happening again. >> one uk family knows the atrocities of war very well after four sons volunteered to fight and never returned home. >> but there was a fifth son.
11:52 pm
here's the story. >> falling to pieces, because it's nearly a hundred years old. it says here, the four sons of corporal and mrs. shallis. all fallen in action. >> just a few treasured relics have survived. a tattered, much fingered old newspaper cutting. a few vintage photographs, and a clutch of their medals from the great war. but altogether, they're enough to tell the saddest of stories. of glorious sacrifice and one mother's unfathomable grief. they had ten children, seven boys, three girls. they lived at a modest corner house in hulls den in north london. as a boy george lied about his
11:53 pm
age and joined the army at 15. as a patriotic 53-year-old dad, he reenlisted in 1914, he encouraged his own lads to join up too. his oldest boy, also called george, died first, age 26. he went down with the ship when it hit a mine off northern irela ireland. bert was killed in what is now turkey. he was 21. harry, also with the infantry, was killed on the western front in france. he was the youngest of the four, just 20. the last brother killed, leo, died in the battle of jutland. he was 24. >> two of them died within the
11:54 pm
happened to the fifth cenotaph in london. she was by then 60, a faintly shrunken figure in black, proudly wearing her son's campaign medals. >> i felt that the king and queen and i and the masses of
11:55 pm
people were just one big family, thinking together the same dear thoughts of our sons who died for us. i could see the queen's face quite clearly. i felt she was proud of my four boys, who gave their lives for king and country. and that she was sorry for me. i felt proud of my four sons and their courage. i felt proud that i was their mother. >> kate and george shallis are buried in the local cemetery in willesden, near their old home. their sons' names on the grave stone too, the shallis boys. their bodies, of course, never came home. lost at sea, or buried in anonymous graves where they fell. and again, we'll be covering the commemorations in britain of
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this anniversary in world war i's history coming up later on cnn. that's our first hour. >> we'll do it again. we'll bring you the world's biggest stories and update you on this temporary ceasefire due to take effect four minutes from now. stay with cnn. ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. amam rich. my social circle includes captains of industry,
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ceasefire is going into effect right now in parts of the area. there's very little optimism it will hold. also ahead, hundreds are dead after a strong earthquake strikes inside china. we'll tell you why emergency workers are struggling to get help where it's needed most. thank you for joining us. it all has gone well. a temporary israeli ceasefire has just taken effect in parts of gaza. >> but there's so much pessimism that this will last. it's 10:00 in gaza. this is the scene people are waking up to. israeli forces say they plan to observe a humanitarian truce for seven hours to allow displaced palestinians to go home and to allow aid to get through. hamas, though, has not agreed to today's


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