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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  October 7, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the worry i have is, it may not solve the mystery. hello and thanks for joining us on cnn, i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm john vause. we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. ahead this hour, we take you inside one of the u.s. military's ebola labs in west africa. they are calling it a game changer in the fight against this deadly virus. plus, in a rare move, the fbi asks for the public's help to identify what appears to be an american in an isis propaganda video. details on the mission to track down u.s. jihadis before they can do any harm. also ahead, shocking video of a routine traffic stop that ended with a taser being fired and now the police officers involved are facing a federal lawsuit.
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>> thanks for joining us. we start with the latest developments in the ebola outbreak. >> two patients in the u.s. are now receiving the same experiment drug. one of them the freelance nbc came cameraman is believed to be in stable condition and thomas duncan remains in critical condition. >> meanwhile, dallas county prosecutors are considering criminal charges against duncan. they think it's possible he knew he had ebola and exposed the public to the virus. his family insists he never knew that a sick woman he helped in liberia had ebola. reverend jesse jackson met with the family tuesday and shot down any allegations against duncan. take a listen. >> i think it's a juicy political headline snatch that has no substance. can't be proven, very expensive move to try to find the proof. what we do know he came to the
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country without symptoms of ebola. he went straight home to his fiancee to whom he was about to get married. knowing he had a contagious disease, he got sick. he went to the hospital. he came to this hospital with temperature and vomiting and guess what, he was released. >> jesse jackson there. well, the pentagon says it's doing everything possible to keep u.s. military personnel in liberia safe from ebola. >> those troops are among a small group of americans working at a mobile ebola testing lab that was recently sent there. four of them were sent there and cnn shows us how they're saving lives. >> this is what we do in our day job. >> reporter: for u.s. naval personnel deployed to liberia, the day job is testing for the ebola virus. their lab just minutes from a care center, the u.s. has funded four such labs in the fight
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against the virus. >> it's a complete game changer. i mean it -- patients were afraid at one point of coming to an ebola treatment unit because they are afraid of becoming infected. some patients have only minor simms and they're not convinced that they have ebola and so they might avoid coming because they're afraid they'll be become infected here and now that we have the lab, patients can get the results back within hours. >> perched on top of a hillside they feel very far away from the crowded beds and dinghy hallways of the liberian government centers. this 19-year-old waited a week for an ambulance. he was carried here bleeding by his father. today, he's recovered enough to tell us he thinks he's going home. for the naval consider stationed here it's hot and difficult work but it's worth it. >> in one aspect we're all humans, you know, this is a humanitarian crisis that we want
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to help with. but this isn't just a regional threat, really this is a continental and global threat if this were continued to allow to propagate. >> reporter: the imc treatment center opened less than a month ago and already a line of graves has snaked through this clearing in the jungle and more are being dug. president obama has authorized up to 4,000 troops, 200 have arrived in country, 600 are expected before the end of the .. but will it be enough? >> there is no question in my mind we are making an impact. there is no better fight worth fighting than the one in liberia right now. soldiers are used to moving toward the sounds of the guns. these are the loudest guns that the world has heard in a long time. >> reporter: how quickly they can translate the gains here across the country will go some way to silencing the guns for
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good. >> there's fear and anger at a hospital in madrid after reports another nurse's assistant there is being monitored for possible ebola. one of four potential new cases in spain. she worked alongside another nurse's assistant who is the first person to contract ebola outside africa. >> nurses and doctors gathered outside the hospital complaining that they haven't been given any information or guidance. listen. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: there is a total lack of security and information. we don't know how to treat the patients. they have told us nothing. i personally went through the emergency room twice yesterday and have no idea if i came into contact with this person. i have no idea if i might be infecting other people and we feel angry, pourerless. >> cnn's al goodman is live in madrid. there is a lot to cover here but
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let's start with these four potential new cases of ebola in spain and what we know right now about how the first person to contract ebola outside west africa was exposed to this deadly virus in the first place. that is indeed an incredible concern. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. we are outside the hospital where the nurse's assistant who has the ebola virus as well as the other four people or at least three of them are also in this hospital. now, as to how she got it, officials have not said. one of the leading newspapers here is reporting this morning it may have been a chain of errors, it's possible that she may not have followed all of the procedures but that is not confirmed. she is said to be doing all right. given the seriousness of her situation. as to the other four who are under close investigation for potentially becoming new ebola cases, one of them, a nurse's
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assistant late yesterday officials said she had tested negative and that she was due to be released but that still leaves us with three others. another nurse's assistant, the newest case, under on servaibob. the husband who does have it and another man who came from africa traveled to spain from africa recently. so we're watching those. now, in terms of the protests, you mentioned the protests. those happened on tuesday. more protests are expected this wednesday. also in the coming hour, the prime minister is due in parliament for the weekly question and answer session. he has not spoken publicly about it and may be asked about this ebola case. so there are a lot of developments here coming in this story which really has the country and europe quite concerned. you have eu officials looking in. there is a lot of attention to try to get this right now because clearly something went wrong earlier, rosemary.
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>> clearly and, al, look at those pictures of the nurses and doctors in spain, very upset that they've been given no information on this ebola scare. you would have to ask why not at this particular time. we've already seen back in the united states where the hospital there dropped the ball, what is happening there in spain? we've had enough warning this is out there. >> indeed, because spain brought back two spanish missionaries who were working in west africa, each two men who got the ebola virus, one in liberia, the other in sierra leone were brought back to this facility which is where they died. the last one died in late september and the nurse's assistant who is now a patient with the ebola virus was part of the team that was treating him. now, those people clearly at the reference hospital they have information and it's some of the other specialized centers but what the complaints are is that
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other people who may have come in contact with the thursday's assistant, the 50 some odd people who are being monitored by authorities, 30 of them from here would have had protection but at a different hospital where she first went in complaining of high fever. they didn't have any protection so there's a lot of concern, you could call it alarm in some quarters, rosemary. >> people in the medical profession and at the government level just don't seem to know what to do in the midst of this. cnn's al goodman reporting live from madrid. many thanks to you. well, the first norwegian to contract ebola has arrived home for treatment. unnamed staffer for doctors without borders was working in sierra leone. she was put in isolation over the weekend and flown back to norway tuesday. doctors without borders also known as -- [ speaking a foreign language ] -- source one of several aid groups to stop the ebola outbreak in africa.
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turning now to the fight against isis, the u.s. government is trying to stop would-be jihadists traveling to the middle east to join the ranks and know who they are should they ever decide to come home. >> the fbi is asking your help. pamela brown has the details. >> the brothers of the mujahadin that captured them -- >> reporter: tonight the fbi is asking for help to identify this person. for weeks the fbi has been using facial recognition and voice analysis trying to trace his accent and compare what they find to other americans, the intelligence community has been watching. fbi director james comey told "60 minutes" there are about a dozen americans currently fighting in syria but worried about the americans not currently on his radar. >> i don't know what i don't know. ♪ >> reporter: the effort is part of a broader public appeal by the fbi to identify americans
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seeking to join jihad diss groups fighting overseas coming on the heels of a 19-year-old chicago man arrested czar. mohammed khan wasn't on the radar until recently. >> i don't think he would have come on our radar screen at all without the digital footprint. he was in contact with someone online. allegedly trying to help him get into syria to fight with isis. when police arrested chan at chicago o'hare's international airport, fbi agents were simultaneously searching his house where chan's family members refused to talk to report sdmrers what should we know? >> reporter: he paid $4,000 for a round trip ticket from chicago then into istanbul, turkey. >> it tells me probably that he was trying to evade being caught by purchasing a round trip ticket versus a single one-way ticket, by spending more than
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the el cheapo ticket you could get and not going direct so he is more likely than not not raising a red flag for intelligence services. >> and chan is expected to be back in court for a detention hearing on thursday. we have reached out to his attorney once again today and have not heard back. >> thanks to pamela brown for that. chan was on the ground in turkey for three day, the round trip and that is what alerted the airline and called the fbi and investigation proceeded from there, yes, it was a good plan but he kind of fooled himself on that one. three days on the ground just wasn't long enough. >> it was lucky. started as a routine traffic stop. it ended with accusations of police brutality. and it was all caught on video. you will see what happened for yourself after this short break. [ male announcer ] ours was the first modern airliner, revolutionary by every standard.
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the lone actor who played the father in "seventh heaven" is facing charges of child molestation. >> reporter: shocking allegations around steven collins lead to his firing of "ted 2" and abrupt resignation from the screen actors guild. he is accused of child molestation in divorce papers in 2012. in the documents grant says
10:16 pm
collins admitting to molesting three underage women. two in new york and one in los angeles. according to a new york law enforcement official, in one case, a woman went to police and said, collins sexually assaulted her when she was 14. but the official says no charges could be brought against collins due to the statute of limitations and in los angeles, police did look into a case but closed it when no victim came forward. collins responded to the allegations in court documents stating this is really an attempt to extort concessions in settlement. cnn reached out repeatedly to both collins and fae's reps and did not receive comment. i'm mary muller. >> traffic stop that ended with a man being tasered led to a federal lawsuit in the state of indiana all caught on video by the driver's 14-year-old son. it's quite stunning to watch this. according to the lawsuit against the police, the driver was on the way to hospital to see her dying mother. >> a couple of things you should
10:17 pm
know before we play the video. the man in the passenger seat is the driver's friend. her two children are in the backseat. the officer stopped the car because the driver wasn't wearing her seat belt. and you will hear her talking on the phone to 911. take a look. >> if you're going to give me a ticket for no seat belt give it to me because the doctor told me to come in because my mom is about to pass away. all right. so i guess he's looking for his information, his book bag. when he digs in his book bag, they pulled a gun out. what was the purpose of a gun? and now they asking me to open my doors so i could get out. i'm scared. -- if you pull out a gun in front of two kids in the backseat. >> you understand? now they're about to mess -- no.
10:18 pm
>> i'm not the operator. if you do that, i'm not the operator of this vehicle. >> are you going to open the door? >> why do you say someone not going to hurt you? police getting shot by the police. oh! >> damn. >> ow. >> that was crazy. >> mom! >> horrible. >> this is -- are you recording this? >> yes. >> this is terrible. >> tough to hear those kids' b soso sobs. the driver's friend was arrested and cited the driver was cited for not wearing her seat belt. they only use force after the passenger repeatedly refused to leave the car. they say he kept reaching towards the backseat and they were afraid he may have had a weapon.
10:19 pm
>> unbelievable. just incredible vision there. isn't it? when you think that they were pulled over because of a seat belt violation. >> the shooting at the gas station, of course coming after ferguson, missouri where michael brown was shot and many african-americans now fear being stopped by the police. >> and getting out of the car. back now to those allegations of child molestation against actor steven collins. >> "l.a. times" reporter kim mathis joined us on the phone. thanks for being with us. all of these allegations came out by the website tmz and it was during a therapy session a few years ago. what are the details on this? all part of a divorce. >> reporter: well, tmz reports that the -- this tape they allege it was steven collins, they allege it was recorded during this therapy session. if you listen to the tape itself, it mentions alleged
10:20 pm
sexual abuse against three girls under age at the time. >> so we now have a situation where these allegations are out there but collins isn't facing any criminal charges because of the statute of limitations. how does that work? >> it's not necessarily the statute of limitations have come to play. both the lapd and nypd aren't even at that level yet. the nypd has confirmed they have an open investigation into the allegations. the lapd said today that they have been in touch with the lapd, that they are reviewing the audiotape. they are reviewing a 2002 or 2012 excuse me case involving steven collins but that they have no formal investigation of their own open at this point. so at this point both departments are looking into these allegations, nothing has risen to the level of charges at him right now. >> we're still to hear from collins in this matter.
10:21 pm
but has there been much shock in hollywood with these allegations now out there? often, you know, in the past people are not surprised when these things come to surface so what's been the reaction over the last couple of hours? >> collins has been dropped from one of the films he was working on. there have also been channels and networks that are pulling reruns of "seventh heaven" tonight outside his home obviously there were reporters camped outside there. neighbors kind of confused by everything that was going on so it definitely has created a little bit of a buzz out here. >> yeah, of course, the report that there were gunshots heard at the house and turned out not to be true. the lapd quickly saying that there were no reports of that and he wasn't even at home at the time of that. so on the line with us, a reporter with the "l.a. times" thank you so much. >> we'll take a very short break. but ahead in hong kong student leaders and the government set a
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welcome back. small erdeer demonstrations in kong wonder if they're losing steam. >> the woman with the microphone is leading a pro-beijing demonstration. there she is.
10:25 pm
hundreds of angry activists confronted and mobbed her group. a lot of yelling and name-calling, went on for 15 minutes then the pro-beijing group moved on. it's all a little calmer right now. 24 past 1:00 in the afternoon. andrew stevens is live with us in hong kong. andrew, it seems the promise of talks between the protesters and the government have really taken some of the wind out of the democrat statinstration demonstrations. >> reporter: absolutely, john. it is a time for negotiations now and those negotiations begin tomorrow between the hong kong federation students and various government representatives here in hong kong. but it does look like it's going to be something of a longer term process given the fact that the initial round of talks is going to be talking about constitut n constitutional and legal frameworks, so they can then talk about the key issues about the future of the chief executive here and more important about the process
10:26 pm
which has been approved by beijing about how the next chief executive will be chosen. there are fewer people here without a doubt but it is -- feels a lit like sort of the end of the beginning rather than the beginning of the end here. i think there has been a big turnout seen over the past 10, 11 days, people are now stepping back new in no way are they retreating. just to give you an idea this is the central government offices, this is the main entrance to the offices, hundreds and hundreds of workers file through those doors every day. they've got total access to work but if you just look around you you'll see this is still very much an occupy site. only about 20 or 30 people here so far but they're here for the long haul to give you an idea. they've set up a little bookshelves here for -- these are just books of fiction, a couple of english language book, as well so it's all designed to sort of make people as
10:27 pm
comfortable as they possibly can while they continue this occupy movement. there are supplies over there. there's tents over here so it's all very much this seen where, yes, people are leaving but the framework they've got here is still in place and they can come back very quickly should they need to, should the student leaders call them back. >> okay, andrew, thank you. of course, much will depend on the progress of those talks on friday. if they see that they are progressing in a positive way, then it's expected the protests will continue to diminish but if it doesn't go well it will flare again. thanks, andrew. >> we'll continue to watch that story. very closely. we want to turn to the weather and stronger storm on the planet so far this year is churning in the western pacific ocean. let's turn to pedram javaheri who joins us now with all the details, incredible there. look at the size of that. >> yeah, it's very impressive storm. just for the viewers in the
10:28 pm
united states one thing worth noting with this storm system if you measure the cloud field associated wit, you put this over the united states from its eastern fringe way up to its western fringe beyond the philippines, this will stretch from oregon to the state of massachusetts. that's how large of a storm that is as far as the cloud field. w winds sitting to 180 miles an hour. easily a category a, in fact, if it was a category 6, hypothetical category 6 this would reach the strength how strong this is. wave heights ahead of it 50 feet high. 15 meters high and fortunately with the storm it will weaken in the long term in the immediate future believe it or not some strengthening is possible in the next 24 hours but across taiwan and eke gnaw what in the coming couple of days should see a weaker version of it as opposed to what we see now. very little in the way of strengthening beyond 300
10:29 pm
kilometers per how. the law of physics inhibit storms getting to that magnitude and comes wobbly as it goes through time in the next couple of days akin to take agent top and spin ig the after a few days or seconds in the top's case it becomes wobbly is what's happening here as it begins to weaken beyond the next two days but certainly sitting there with ideal condition, water temperatures, 30 degrees celsius and great out sflflow associate with it. this storm system forecast to get there late this weekend into early next week. as it does at that point equivalent to a category 2 so considerable weakening ahead of it but still tremendous damage possible across portions of southern japan early next week. quickly want to leave you with video coming out of the south of france. impressive footage of severe flooding that took place the second of its kind in the last nine days for the city of month
10:30 pm
pelli montpelier. it caused major issues around the city and you can see the damage left in place with the severe flooding that occurred here early on tuesday. >> a lot of damage to those cars. >> yeah, vin scully. >> flooding everywhere. >> coming up next on cnn, u.s. air strikes targeting kobani but despite the air support the city is still on the verge of falling to isis. ♪ [ male announcer ] this man has an accomplished research and analytical group at his disposal. ♪ but even more impressive is how he puts it to work for his clients. ♪ morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. oh, it's not a big deal at all. come on in. [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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to learn about our whole range of life event discounts. newlywed discount. new college graduate and retiree discounts. you could even get a discount when you add a car. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back to cnn. i'm john vause. >> i'm rosemary church and it's time to check the headlines for
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think hour. u.s. flight attendants want more extensive screening of passengers traveling from countries at the heart of the ebola outbreak. their union says airlines are relying too much on voluntary disclosures by passengers. the union's president also says flight attendants don't have the training or protective gear to handle a potential ebola patient. >> a western diplomat says syria has far more chemical facilities than originally thought. the u.n. security council was briefed tuesday and was told three of the facilities are for research and development. the fourth is for production. syria has not responded to the allegations. >> canada's parliament has voted to send several warplanes to the fight guns isis in iraq. the canadian strike force will include up to six fighter jets and other aircraft for surveillance, reconnaissance and refueling. the coalition air strikes have not stopped isisilitants from gaining ground in the
10:35 pm
syrian town of kobani and u.s. officials admit it's about to fall into extremist hands. >> kurdish forces have been battling isis for control of the turkish border town for weeks now. chief u.s. security correspondent jim sciutto has more. >> reporter: with kobani on the brink of falling into the hands of isis, a kurdish rebel told cnn the u.s.-led coalition finally woke up. with the situation on the ground deteriorating coalition warplanes unleashed several air strikes overnight and into the d day. relieved kurdish fighters welcomed them however u.s. officials are making clear saving kobani is not a priority inside syria. >> certainly no one wants to see it fall but our primary objective here is preventing isil from gaining a safe haven. >> reporter: air strikes remain
10:36 pm
focused on isis command and control, critical infrastructure and funding sources principally oil. still, as we visited the refugee camps across the border in turkey where many of kobani's residents have fled, the turkish president said even the broader air campaign is doomed to fail. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: you cannot resolve this with air bombardments. months have gone but nothing is achieved. right now kobani is about to fall. >> in his own country, however, demonstrators are demanding turkey do its part. the kurdish minority takes to the streets in protests that turned violent. the turkish parliament author e authorized action but president erdogan has not yet taken it. in taking down the government of bashar al assad. >> the more ambitious goal to topple the regime in syria and
10:37 pm
to put in place a friendly regime that's going to look first and foremost to ankara for guidance. >> reporter: jim sciutto, cnn, washington. the siege of kobani is sparking calls for action from around the world. >> in brussels about 50 kurdish protesters stormed the european parliament building. belgium is taking part in air strikes in iraq but the protesters are demanding tougher action. >> this was the scene in germany where protesters rallied to show their solidarity with the people of kobani. demonstrators in stuttgart also marched. >> protesters at heathrow called for the british government to arm the kurdish fighters batt battling isis. in london they're expected of planning an attack. >> they are part of an ongoing investigation into islamist extreme i have. nic robertson has the details. >> reporter: the metropolitan police commissioner in london says that this was a serious
10:38 pm
case they are taking -- police are taking a more interventionist tactic and these arrests relate or have ties going back to iraq and syria. an indication therefore not saying it specifically but an indication, therefore, that they may have links to isis. >> officers say one suspect was tasered in the raid but was not injured. police are not revealing any details about the alleged plot. of course, the great concerns about terror like isis have for some cast religion of islam in a pretty harsh light. >> yeah, we visited a madrassa in india, home to the world's second largest muslim population and spoke to teachers who say muslims should follow moderate traditions. ♪ >> reporter: thousands of miles
10:39 pm
away from the war, muslims lament. ♪ to those who have lost their way, let us show them the right path and spread the message of humanity, they sing. isis militants, al qaeda or anyone who practices terror are murders, they say and against islam. this is just one of thousands of madrassas in india. the indian government is pushing all madrassas to modernize. we are learning history, geography, science, math, different languages like english, arabic and farsi so the perception that madrassa radicalize is completely wrong, he says. >> until it was lost to you -- >> reporter: at this english class students learn john keats. they're teaching the students everything they need to be a good human being and get a decent job.
10:40 pm
once there is room to improvement they strive to balance tradition with modernity. what is modern and not is all relative but this madrassa says it is being progressive and teaching the 500 students who study and live here the latest curriculum. there are some 175 million muslims in india, the second largest muslim population in the world. perhaps no surprise al qaeda would want to set up a branch here. in this video address al qaeda leader ayman al zawahiri urging muslims to raise the flag of jihad but in india most say al qaeda is unlikely to succeed. >> quite impossible. >> reporter: it is only when people are subjected to injustice or press that people become extremists. muslims in india are generally not persecuted and were more
10:41 pm
educated, he says. most of these men are proud of their moderate tradition. advocating strongly against any form of extremism. loathe to say or do anything that would strain the country's multireligious social fabric. cnn, india. >> all right. we will take a very short break but coming up the olympics almost no one wants. just two cities left in the running to host the 2022 winter games. what it means.
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welcome back. big questions are being asked point future of the olympics and just how much is too much when it comes to the soaring costs of hosting the games now that two cities are left in the running for the 2022 winter games. beijing and a city in kazakhstan. krakow in poland pulled out and germany and switzerland considered making bids but didn't because of a lack of public support. let's bring in the publication around the rings. he joins us from dolondon. un-democratic cash records don't need public support, not quite the olympic ideal, is it.
10:45 pm
>> it's much more easy for these cities to make the promises to provide the guarantees needed for the olympic games, if any don't have to rely on public support, the endorsement of the population that will be supporting the games, yes, makes it much easier to say, yes to the ioc if you're from china or a place like kazakhstan where they won't have referendum that have defeated several of these potential bids for the 2022 winter olympics. >> but does the ioc really want to be in bed with these kind of countries over and over and over again? i know there were some advantages that come over time but this does seem to be a growing trend here. >> well, it's a situation, the ioc would like to not find itself in because it knows in the next few years when either city is selected to host the 2 2022 olympics they'll have to undergo criticisms and questions
10:46 pm
about human rights records and anti-discrimination against gays, the various political controversies that surround beijing and kazakhstan will come to the fore instead of talking about sport and the olympics and the ideals of the olympics, so it is a bit of distraction for the ioc. >> there's also the question of cost, i mean, beijing spent $40 billion on the summer games. a know a lot was capital infrastructure and same thing for sochi, 50 billion for the winter games more than any other before it. norway pulled out because of this list of demands made by the ioc. should oslo be applauded for pulling the pin. >> well, oslo probably is going to -- oslo is going to set a trend. the ioc is about to embark, finish up, if you will, a reform to the bidding process in
10:47 pm
december that are supposed to make it easier for cities, less owner rouse for cities to make bids for the olympic games. the list of demands that the ioc makes is a bit of a legend, it's half true, half false. but the ioc does make some requirements on the host cities to carry out in terms of accommodations, transportation, but they don't ask for red carpet treatment. they don't ask for car jar. they don't ask for special lanes for olympic visitors to travel around the city. so you know there is a bit of a miss perception exactly how much the ioc wants out of the cities. at the same time there's a great obligation on the part of the city that's selected. >> so wasn't a 7,000-page list of demands made by the ioc as reported by the norwegian media including free mobile phones,
10:48 pm
that kind of stuff. >> that sort of thing is part of the legend behind the contract. >> very quickly, running out of time. why not have two permanent cities one for the summer and one for the winter games and end the gravy train for the ioc. >> it disenfranchises the rest of the word and allows only those two cities to stage the olympic games and there's a real interest on the ioc's part to bring the games all over the world as practically as possible to share the wealth. to share the ideal of the olympics to bring it as many cities as possible. >> there is a lot of wealth to be shared. ed, thanks for being with us. good to speak with you. ed hula from around the rings. >> all right. let's move to the weather now and parts of the u.s. state of arizona getting ready for another round of heavy rain. remnants of a tropical storm moving in and on top of that a
10:49 pm
blood moon is hours away, pedram javaheri with news on that. great pictures of blood moon look forward to those. >> are you ready for it. >> i am. i am. i also want to throw into the mix it is fluffer nutter day here in the united states. >> thank goodness you are up on that. >> today national fluffer nutter day. >> well said. i like that, john. we're going to talk about this tropical storm and top that with the lunar eclipse we have but the storm in place now post tropical losing all of its tropical characteristics, a few isolated thunderstorms at this hour but as the sun comes up across the valley of the sun and portions of southern arizona we are going to see some thunderstorm activity begin to brew because of the moisture left in place, if you're watching us across the region no major threat for any sort of flash flooding but still could see a couple of inches come down in areas scattered about southern arizona from casa grande to tucson and baja, 1 to
10:50 pm
3 inches over the next couple of days and a lot of cloud cover going to impact travel delays with thunderstorms in the region. phoenix making the billboard up to 45-minute delays expected at phoenix's sky harbor international airport into the morning hours of wednesday there with isolated storms across portions of the midwest also causing a few delays and, again, the clouds bringing the temperatures back down a little bit down to 82 when it should be closer to 92 across the valley of the sun. i tell you about the lunar eclipse and this total one, visu visually permitting, pretty expansive ee inventory taking place over the next few hours and basically what you have h e here, the moon begins to dip beneath the earth's shadow and takes shape at 5:15 a.m. eastern time, 9:15 gmt and as you move
10:51 pm
into the total phase there totality begins at 6:25 a.m. eastern in the united states ending around 7:24 in the morning that is about 11:24 gmt and this again, something we'll see two more times in the next year or so and after that it'll take about 20 years to get this active pattern of eclipses and a blood moon that rosemary told you about. of course, the earth's atmosphere scatters and bends light and appears reddish when it reaches totality at 3:5 because the red glow coming from all the light bent from sunrises and sunsets. it is because of that. the sunsets and sunrises. >> beautiful vision. >> do you know what a fluffer nutter is. >> i have no idea what you said there. i played it off -- >> it's a sandwich with peanut
10:52 pm
butter and marshmallow fluff. >> i am glad you know that. >> national day today. >> in the united states, right? >> absolutely. >> people will be eating them across -- >> fluffer nutters for breakfast. >> thanks for that, pedram. coming up here on cnn, kangaroos can be pretty tough creatures and a pair of them put on quite an exhibition match in australia. we'll show it to you. people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar, ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss or blood-pressure drug, farxiga may help you lose weight and may even lower blood pressure when used with certain diabetes medicines.
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it now has a new glass floor in the eiffel tower. it gives them a bird's-eye view of what's going on. a7 meters or 187 feet below. >> all part of a $38 million renovation which includes shops and a museum. visitors are already lining up and lying down to take selfies and you can also get the elvis fluffer nutter which includes bananas and bacon and peanut butter. >> are you obsessive compulsive. can't let it go. the phrase let's take it outside was apparently taken literally by a couple of kangaroos. they decided to fight it out in a neighborhood in australia. >> that happens. as jeanne moos reports they were engaging in a. tradition that's the stuff of sideshows. >> reporter: there's a rumble in the street.
10:55 pm
no, not two guys like that. two guys like this. snoudz snou-- no wonder it put it to music to the "nutcracker" fighting for dominance or fun in a suburban setting north of sydney, australia. ♪ it's not so much like boxing but rather ultimate fighting. nan geo wild described it this way in its world deadliest series. >> using the forepaws to grip the opponents then quickly kicking with their huge clawed hind feet. but if you want to see their coolest move, watch this. as he raises his legs to kick, freeze it, he stands on his tail momentarily supporting his whole body on that tail. they fight like a silent pair of
10:56 pm
dinosaurs from "jurassic park" a trained boxing canning ra took on his handlers during a demonstration at a cleveland tv station. >> oop. >> wait a minute. >> this is my husband. >> now, who's the last guy you'd ever imagine boxing a kangaroo? >> you're going to watch me fight the australian light heavyweight -- >> a young woody allen who seemed to mez mer rise his opponent in this '60s variety show. woody threw a few pretend punchers. he had woody in his clutches but no harm done. same goes for the brawl in australia seemed a draw with one knockdown but no knockouts. but who needs a leg to stand on when you've got a tail? jeanne moos, cnn. new york.
10:57 pm
♪ >> they are powerful creatures not to be fooled with. >> very true. >> you are watching cnn. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm john vause. errol barnett takes over the next hour with all the day's top stories. goodnight. goodnight. for those kept awake by pain the night is anything but good. introducing new aleve pm. the first one with a safe sleep aid. plus the 12 hour strength of aleve for pain relief that can last until the am. now you can have a good night and a... good morning! new aleve pm for a better am. are the largest targets in the world, for every hacker, crook and nuisance in the world. but systems policed by hp's cyber security team are constantly monitored for threats. outside and in. that's why hp reports and helps neutralize
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hello. a big welcome to those of you joining us from around the united states. >> there is no question in my mind that we are making an impact. >> it is being call a complete game changer. we'll take you inside a special lab set up by the u.s. military designed to fight ebola in west africa.