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tv   Unguarded With Rachel Nichols  CNN  November 7, 2014 10:30pm-11:01pm PST

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however, what if we showed you mopping up at a soup kitchen. >> to make up for past wrongs, i would want you to present at cnn heroes. is that something you would be will be to do? >> you trust me. >> absolutely trust you. thanks to kathy griffin, kid rock and gary sinese joining us and this veterans' day a special thank you to all the men and women who served. tonight on "unguarded" with rachel nichols. college basketball player lauren hill suffering from terminal brain cancer. inspired the sporting world. and she fought to play one last game. now, she explains why. >> there is families going through this.
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and there is kids younger than i am going through this. they're who i am fighting for. >> the latest on the nfl's most controversial players, ray rice and adrian peterson as both attempt to return to the field. it's totally gotten out of control. a situation that i think could have been nipped in the bud. >> former heisman trophy winner, herschel walker is fed up with the organization running college football. >> the ncaa, they turned their backs and did absolutely nothing. >> welcome. coming to you from our l.a. studios with a packed show. there is no better place for us to start than with the emotional inspiring stories coming out of cincinnati this week. last night, not a dry eye in the house. bengals' player, devin still got a visit from his 4-year-old daughter, leah. her first time seeing him play since being diagnosed with cancer. opposing players got so choked up they offered hugs, mid game. and even better, sitting in the suite, watching with leah was
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another cincinnati hero. college basketball player and fellow cancer patient lauren hill. remember earlier this week, lauren, inspired millions by stepping on to the court. she has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor after doctors told her they didn't expect her to live past this december. her school petitioned the ncaa to hold their season opener a few weeks early, just so lauren could play one last game. the result -- a truly remarkable moment from a truly remarkable young woman. i caught up with lauren to talk all about it. welcome. incredible few days stins since you played that game. and the outpouring of support you have gotten has been amazing. i want to play everyone a clip of you, addressing the crowd after you played.
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>> today has been the best day i've ever had. thank you guys so much. >> that feeling, out on the court, as you were standing there, what was that like? >> the was the best feeling in the world. because i was a little worried if i would be standing or talking or able to play the game at all. but i was there. i got to play. an, it was -- it was just the best moment ever. >> that's what i think, people don't realize. it wasn't easy by any stretch. can you describe symptoms you deal with as you try to get through every day life, much like, trying to play basketball? >> dizziness. like right now, sitting here talking, my whole right side is very heavy. i feel like there is like a tractor sitting on this side. and it's really hard to lift my hand.
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i go through a lot of joint pain. >> this has been going on for a while. when did you first start to feel sick. >> i first started feeling sick my senior year of basketball. i was very dizzy and disoriented. and the left side of my tongue went numb. >> you go to the doctor. you get diagnosed. they till you there is nothing we can do, it is inoperable. how do you even deal with that? >> i mean when they tell you that you have an abnormality in your brain even that just -- it -- it pulled the rug out from underneath my feet. i hit the ground. i was breathless for a couple second. the hardest part is probably been these past couple weeks. since my last mri. because my tumor grew. then they changed my prognosis again and said that i probably wouldn't make it past christmas. but, then i just picked right back up again and started asking
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questions. because that's kind of how i -- that's how i am. i'm more of a scientific mind. and then of course, my -- my question of the day was, can i still play basketball? >> there were so many people who wanted to see you play. first they had the game in a 2,000 seat arena then a 10,000 seat arena. tickets sold out in less than an hour. >> i remember my dad coming in saying the tickets were sold out and i remember going wow. wow. and i'm looking around, just kind of walking around my house. the only word i could say was wow. then i would repeat less than an hour. i was just -- i was amazed. >> you are telling your story to hope to raise awareness, pediatric brain cancer research is underfunded. you are working with the cure starts now foundation. what do you want your legacy to be on that front? >> there its families going through this. there are kids younger than i am
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going through this. which is what -- i mean -- they are who i am fighting for. not fighting for myself. i am fighting for little kids. one of the tumor symptoms is that it takes their voices away. that they can't speak anymore. they can't express symptoms or how they feel. >> lauren, those kids are very, very lucky to have you speaking for them. want to thank you so much for joining us. you have so many people rooting for you. >> thanks. i can't believe how many people are rooting for me. >> it is a lot. trust me. >> thank you. >> just amazing. you hear lauren there talking about fighting for little kids. you know why sunny made sure she was at that football game with leah still last night. and her message is getting amplified by sponsors as well. wheaties put her on a cereal box. ea sports made up a special video game cover for her not bad. breaking down developing news, ray rice, adrian peterson and
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welcome back to unguarded i'm rachel nichols. a busy week off the field. adrian peterson pled guilty to a reckless assault charge stemming from the whipping of his 4-year-old son with a tree branch. he applied to the nfl, for reinstatement, the league rejected for now. ray rice spent the days in front of an arbitrator arguing roger goodell had no right to indefinitely suspend him after seeing the video of him punching his wife in an elevator. i want to delve deeper into this with the panel of experts.
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seven time pro bowler, torrie holt, former pro bowl running back, jamal anderson. and former green bay packers vice president who now works for espn and "sports illustrated." let's get started right away with ray rice. initially, suspended two games after that incident in the elevator. then the day tmz releases the video. shows him punching his wife. the nfl, of course, suspends him indefinitely. the ravens cut him. the question is, did roger goodell fail in his handling of the case? >> i think roger goodell when you watch the press conference. the video was released. the outrage. there was initial outrage. i thought surely the commissioner with the power of the nfl and the power of the commissioner's office, and the nfl securities that he has seen the video of course he has seen all the facts that are, that are going to take place in this case at this time.
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this is the decision that he made? and we, everybody was shocked about that. >> yeah, totally gotten out of hand the i agree, jamaal, i think the commissioner knew something. saw the video. ray rice told the commissioner exactly what happened in the elevator, that he struck his wife. right from the jump, ray rice should have been suspended a tougher suspension more than two games originally when this first happened. >> what we are talking about now, the credibility of the league at stake. the credibility of the commissioner. what went on in the hearing this week is ray rice's team is making the point that they gave a complete and full accounting of everything that happened. not only to the ravens, but to the commissioner. and nothing changed. they're saying this is a knee-jerk public reaction to that video coming out. >> how much do you think the fairness of rice's suspension is the issue being decided or a challenge to the commissioner's perceived absolute power here. >> yeah, little bit of both. the commissioner's word, versus ray rice's word. right now. the commissioner is saying one
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thing. obviously ray is saying the other. more importantly though, it is, once the case is done and we move forward, what will be the rules -- what rules will be in place going forward in the national football league if this incident happens again with any player in our league? >> this whole idea of player conduct and personal conduct, not only on the field but off the field, that's been important to roger goodell. i think a lot of the economic issues in the cba and the nfl, they come from the owners. but i think this conduct issue prosecute ocomes from him this somewhat archaic notion of higher conduct, of role modeling. it is very important to him. and in that hearing yesterday, my sense is that he said yeah, i had the punishment. i found new information, i reupped the punishment. that's my right, that's my power. >> what responsibilities does the union have also in telling its own players that their peers, frankly expect more from them. >> nobody certain from the
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union's perspective is going to say hey, we're trying to defend this player. but you have rights as a player and the union must defend certain rights of each and every player in its union. >> let's say the arbitrator does reinstate ray rice to the nfl when this ruling comes down, probably next week. the ravens have cut him, so he would be free to sign anywhere. i mean, andrew, if you were still with the packers, would you take a chance on him this season? do you think an nfl team would? >> that is a tough one. if i had to say, no. this is something that has the to be run all the way up the flagpole. not only with the coach and general manager, but with community relations, public relations, all the way to ownership. >> jamal, do you think a team would sign him? >> i do hope he has an opportunity down the line to play football again and get a second chance. this has all been so awful. but as long as he does everything he need new do and continue to move forward if i believe in a second chance. >> guys we have to stop there. thank you so much for joining us. really good insight. certainly still a long way to go on both of the stories. all right.
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up next, we are going to switch to the nba. a very revealing conversation with new l.a. clippers owner steve balmer. stay tuned. what he says not what you would expect. >> there is only going to be two teams in l.a. for the next 50 years. all of that made me feel good with the bid i made. down. we'll even buy you out of your contract. so you can get the samsung galaxy note 4 for zero down today.
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i'm rachel nichols. welcome back to unguarded. tonight in l.a. where steve balmer is toast of the town. a breath of fresh air after the donald sterling fiasco. thanks to the $2 billion the former microsoft ceo laid out
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for the franchise, he is also the subject of intense interest. so i took a little trip down the road here to find out more about the nba's newest celebrity owner. ♪ ♪ ♪ i got a new attitude >> so, you have had time to get used to it. does it feel real yet? you own an nba team? >> it doesn't feel real yet. even when i first retired in february. somebody said, you don't need to look at l.a. no team in l.a. ill ever be foresale in your lifetime. so i think it is a very unusual chan of events. >> a lot of the bidders didn't value the clippers as high. did you worry that you overpaid? >> i knew what i felt was a fair
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deal the if you compare it to tech companies, my practice. it makes more money for its cost than many tech company, and lower down side risk, there will be two teams in l.a. for next 50 year. all made me feel good with the bid i made. >> steve balmer. >> building microsoft up, part of your personal story you. can go on youtube and see your sale pitches. >> introducing, microsoft xp. how much do you want the new windows? wait one minute before you answer. >> have you always been like this? >> no, actually. you will not believe it. i was a very shy kid. over time you just sort of practice, you grow in confidence, you build your skills, but, now it's something i guess, i, i do so to speak. at lest i have fun doing it. >> lot's bring out steve balmer. >> then the fan rally you had mid august. love you came out to eminem.
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>> i picked it. my shot. one moment. one opportunity. i love that line. >> can i got a rap here. fantastic. >> you don't want that. you didn't want that. i love the theme. kind of our time. just one moment. one opportunity. for all of us. because, whatever the, the clouds were so to speak. can been the back ground. the team can get it done. >> this past year, highs, lows, not without controversy. the "seattle times" released an investigative report talking about the basketball program at your kids' school you were having students come and have improper been fits or helping get their grade relaxed do. you have a rinse to that? >> well, i haven't paid any coach. we are donors to the school.
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that should come as no surprise. i have, i have and i am very proud of the support that we have given toward the program that -- that the coach actually started. but to try to take kids, primarily from the inner city of seattle and help with ak dem -- academics, life mentoring basketball. i'm proud of those things. that the paper could make it sound look anything but great. disappointing. >> such scrutiny of franchise owners in the nba. do you feel that? >> little bit. if the worst can be said i was part of things designed to help kids develop using both basketball and economics as a hook i've will take that. a criticism i will take as a compliment. >> do we have any clipper fans here? >> going forward you have an opportunity to establish a new footprint as a clippers owner. >> i hope people say he cares as intensely as any body else, the team, cares about the community, doing the right stuff. as long as people say that they can call me a knucklehead any other way. >> maybe rapping later. >> guarantee, nobody wants me to rap. nobody wants that. >> oh, come on.
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well i guess we will have to wait on that. it is clear that with balmer around, l.a. has some interesting times ahead. all right, coming up next, we will take a look at the controversies in college football. with within of the best to ever play at the level. heisman trophy winner herschel walker. >> a lot of things happen within the school more than you thing. post science fair projects. schedule guinea pig feedings. video chemical reactions. take pics of mr. bones. time the next launch. calm down principal jones. i can do all that with my android from tracfone. 90-day plans start as low as $20. unbeatable nationwide coverage. no contract. the samsung galaxy centura android smartphone. tracfone. do everything for less. do you guys have identity theft protection? [ male voice ] i'm sorry, did you say identity distribution? no. protection. identity theft protection. you have selected identity distribution.
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welcome back to unguard. this should be one of the most exciting times of year for college football. the games are fantastic. and interest is building in this year's first ever playoffs. but no matter how good the
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action is on the field. controversy keeps flaring up off of it. we thought there would be no better person to break it all down than herschel walker. heisman trophy winner and all-around college football legend. as you are going to see here, he has got a lot to say. welcome, herschel walker. so many, use w have to got to. you are a former georgia running back who won the heisman. start with georgia's current running back, todd gurley, the guy everyone thought would win the heisman. then suspend ford taking money to sign autographs. how did that incident change your perception? >> young men are entitled to make mistakes. what it did, it did hurt his heisman chances. i think coach rick did the right thing by suspending him.
10:58 pm
i think the ncaa must do a much better job than what they did in determining his punishment along with everyone else. you know they waited so long to, even, continue to give todd his punishment. then some of the other people they haven't talked about it. >> you are hardly alone. a lot of fans frustrated with the ncaa. on the one hand they feel like the ncaa is penalizing player, signing autographs in a haphazard way as you point out. on the other hand you have players like last year's heisman trophy winner, winston. caught on tape shoplifting. accused of rape. stopped by police for shooting off a pellet gun in public. yet he is still playing. and even one college football highest honor. >> the ncaa just sort of turn their backs, they did absolutely nothing. i think that's what is sad. if you are going to have the school have the situation because i have seen athletes get in trouble. schools are, we are not going to let him practice this game here. he can play in the game. that's not punishment. >> do you think it is a college coach's responsibility to take a talented kid and teach him life lessons. >> there is no doubt. the coach's responsibility to. because that is a young man that just left home. he just left home.
10:59 pm
you are not his dad. you really are. you are the adult in his life. i don't know if the coach is doing it. other coaches are doing it. that's what will hurt the young man. >> interest too. you broad it in out to schools. talking about the responsibility of colleges. we have had institutional fill year as well. a huge nearly two decade long academic scandal unearthed at university of north carolina. yet student athletes getting grades for fake classes. should we be shocked by this kind of thing. you are in insider does it happen more often than we thing. >> more things happen inside the school than you think. point back to the ncaa. what has the school done to punish the school right now. i would look to be on something, dealing with ncaa determine thing that happened. i've asked that a long time ago. be on the deciding board. i have earned my stripes in the business world and outside of that as well.
11:00 pm
they need former athletes have integrity. say, guys jump on it right away. >> always fantastic to talk to you, herschel walker. appreciate it. a sport people care about. they want it administered it the right way. >> that would be interesting, herschel walker as ncaa official. you get the feeling he would be making a lot of changes if they set him loose in that office. that's our show. follow me on twitter, facebook, or the web. . and, of course, we'll be right back in this spot friday night for more "unguarded" where the end of the game is just the start of the story. good night. ♪ ♪


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