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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 9, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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examples of that worst of all possible worlds, an extremist hack. thanks for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. get ready. an arctic assault is on its way, and it could engulf more than 200 million people from minnesota to georgia. freezing temps and possibly snow on the way. and home at last. kenneth bae and matthew miller are back on american soil after being freed from north korea. >> we thank you all for supporting me, lifting me up, and not forgetting me. >> the reaction from their families and a look at the timing of they are release. plus, we go live to berlin, germany, where the 25th anniversary celebration of the fall of the wall is underway.
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>> hello. so great to have you along with us. i'm pamela brown in for fredericka wit field, and we begin with that emotional reunion seen around the world. the last two americans known to be held by north korea back with their families here on u.s. soil. they were sentenced to several years of hard labor. when he arrived, bae told -- talked about his ordeal and thanked everyone who supported him. >> it's been an amazing two years. i learned a lot. i grew a lot.
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lost a lot of weight. i am standing strong because of you. >> and cnn anna cabrera is right outside kenneth bae's sister's church in seattle. a lot of people might find it surprising that bae might say it's been an mazing two years. what else did he say about his time in north korea? we understand that miller did not speak. >> that is correct. well, bae is such a humble man, and you can see in that little segment that we played for everybody that he is just relieved to be here. he is thankful to be home. he also expressed a lot of affection for the people of north korea and asked the world to continue to pray for those who are in that country. we know he is a very devout christian, and we are outside the church of his sister and her family. they've been coming to this church for several years, and we know this has been the p site of
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several rallies and vigils praying for his release, and now this weekend those prayers are answered. we heard from terry this morning, the sister, who they say they plan to come to church to give thanks. it was an emotional moment last night. less than 11 hours ago when both kenneth bae and 25-year-old matthew todd miller stepped off that plane a moment that had been anticipated for months, even years. of course, kenneth bae was held for two years this past week. it was november 3rd, 2012, when he was detained. matthew miller was held for eight months sense april. both men had been sentenced and convicted of crimes against the government, "hostile acts against the government of north korea." they both had been sentenced to hard labor. bae had already been serving that sentence. talked about working in a field for eight hours a day, six days a week.
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>> they got a call at 2:00 a.m. yesterday morning, and when kenneth bae ask his sister spoke to the media last night, they were so elated. we want to play a little bit of that sound for you. >> thank you all for supporting me and standing by me during this time, and it's been just amazing blessing to see so many people being involved getting me released for the last two years. not to mention -- not only mentioning for the thousands of people that have been praying for me as well. i just want to say thank you all for supporting me and lifting me up and not forgetting me.
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>> we're hearing from people all around the world who are expressing their gratitude and they're giving thanks today as well for the release of both kenneth bae and matthew miller. i want to read you a statement from laura ling. she's the sister of lisa ling, a journalist who was also held capitalive back in between. she said "i was overjoyed to learn about the release of kenneth bae and matthew miller from north korea. i hope their release is a signal of potential opening between our two countries and that despite our stark differences we may find a common humanity." now the world watches to see whether this does open the door between the u.s. and north korea and where we go from here. pam. >> anna cabrera live in seattle for us. thank you so much for that report, ann wra. while the release of bae and miller is good news, the timing is raising eyebrows. will north korea's kim jung-un want something in return?
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>> a top secret mission in the dead of night. the top spy chief in the united states arrives in pyongyang carrying a letter from the u.s. president. why this sudden gesture from north korea? >> clearly they crave having this kind of high level attention. is he back in the spotlight. limping but without the cane. some believe pyongyang's offensive including a high profile visit to seoul, technically enemy territory, is a p.r. exercise to improve its image. the trigger, the united nations inquiry of human rights abuses in north korea, abuses the report terms crimes against humanity. >> it had to basically show a lighter side, a more humane side to the international community because although there could be
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legal sanctions or even the national criminal court proceedings against north korea, north korea is also very much conscious of its reputation. >> the release of kenneth bae and matthew todd miller comes two weeks after a third u.s. citizen, jeffrey foul, won his freedom. no u.s. citizens remain in north korean captivity. >> paula hancocks joins us live from seoul, south korea. paula, what is the reaction like there? >> well, pamela, there was shock to start with. i have to say. >> if you look at the statement that north korea released, they specify the fact that president obama made numerous requests.
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they also said that he gave an apology. >> domestically he can now show that the most powerful man in the world gave an apology. it makes him more relevant on the international stage. it gives kim jong-un a lot in the short-term, and analysts expect him to want more in the long-term. >> paula hancocks, thank you so much. the calendar may say fall, but the temperatures, they're about to plummet into an arctic winter impacting about two-thirds of the country. cmn's meteorologist jennifer gray says an estimated 200 million people will experience the blast of frinl i had air. jennifer. >> pamela, we have some very, very cold arctic air that's sinking down into much of the country as we go through the beginning part of the week. we're talking 200 million people affected by this. we are going to see temperatures
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well below normal. when we talk about the northern plains in the midwest, we're going to talk about temperatures 35 degrees below normal. in fact, today already we have winter storm watches and warnings in place. we have winter weather advisories that stretch across seven states, and we could see as much as a foot of snow in minneapolis. that's going to be the hard errs hit area right around minneapolis on into portions of wisconsin. we also could see anywhere from six to nine inches of snow in the dakotas. this is basically going to be where the snow is concentrated. anywhere south of this, this is going to be a dry front, but we are going to have very, very cold temperatures behind it.
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we could be looking at an eight-day stretch. a lot of wrarz around here will be about 35 degrees below normal. new york city, won't even hit 50 on thursday. >> a little early for all this to be happening, it seems. thank you. president obama due to arrive in china a few hours from now. we take a look at his agenda up next. (receptionist) gunderman group.
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after his party's thrashing in the midterm electrics, president obama is on his way to asia. he left earlier to weigh in on massive foreign policy challenges and an eight-day trip that starts and stops in china. erin mcpike is live at the white house for us. what is the president hoping to accomplish in this trip? >> pamela, he does have a wide array of foreign policy goals. first, he is in beijing right now where he will be meeting with the chinese president there and those two will talk about, of course, trade and climate change, but president obama is also expected to probe into some of the cyber crime that is are happening in the u.s. largely due to chinese hacking. the most important part of this meeting, though, is about the economic relationship between china and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has called this relationship the most important economic relationship that the u.s. has, and i would point out that when president obama was running for re-election in 2012 one of the
11:15 am
things that foreign policy analysts said was that president obama has done a very good job of managing china's rise and the relationship there. now, next he is going to myanmar, and you may remember that back in 2012 president obama was the first sitting u.s. president to visit that country, and there have been a number of political and social reforms that have happened there largely due to u.s. influence. he wants to keep those going even though some international community members are saying that that is beginning to backslide. then the last stop is in brisbane, australia, where there is the g20 summit. the important thing to note there is that russian president vladimir putin will be there, and as you know, the relationship between president obama and president putin has been frayed over the last eight months or so. they're not scheduled to have a bilateral meeting at this point, but they might have some sort of side conversation and we'll be looking for that, pamela. >> all eyes will be on that. erin mcpike, thank you so much.
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we'll check back in a little later from now. one thing is certain from an economics standpoint. the president's trip to china is very important. for that part of our coverage of mr. obama's asian tour here is christine romans. >> president obama travels to china on monday. secretary of state john kerry sums it up well. >> the u.s.-china relationship is the most consequential in the world today. period. it will do much to determine the shape of the 21st century. that means that we have to get it right. >> first, trade. the u.s. trade deficit with china is the largest in the world. the u.s. imports more from china than from canada, mexico, japan, germany. china has become america's factory floor. the u.s. imports so much more from china than it exports.
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the trade deficit is hundreds of billions of dollars. where do all those dollars go? the communist leadership is flush with cash to invest in oilfields, factories, buildings, and it lends the rest to the u.s. government to finance american borrowing. you could say china is america's banker. second, china's economy is now slowing after a decade of breakneck pace thanks to those government investments, construction, and an expanding middle class. home prices are slowing. lending is getting tighter. if a china bubble were to burst, china is so big, it would hurt everyone. officials in beijing always denying engaging in government-backed cyber espionage, but it's an issue many are urging the president to take up directly with chinese
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leadership next week. christine romans, cnn, new york. and still ahead right here on "newsroom" live to berlin, germany, where the anniversary celebration of the fall of the wall is in full swing. our own fred flankin is there. fred. >> we'll show you the best pictures of the amazing celebrations here where 7,000 balloons were released into the air as this country and the city commemorates 25 years sin the fall of the iron curtain. when we come back. turn the trips you have to take, into one you'll never forget.
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a huge celebration is happening right now in germany marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. music, fireworks, and emotional speeches are rount re-counting the painful war divide between east and west berlin. the joyous moment on this day in 1989 when the wall came crashing down. cnn's frederick joins us now live from berlin.
11:23 am
frederick, there have been ceremonies throughout the day and evening there. describe the scene for us. >> reporter: it was an amazing ceremony here, pamela. it's going to get a bit noisy. it was an mazing ceremony. the climax was some 7,000 balloons being let off into a crowd that was chanting in jubilation. the place that i'm at here right now actually has a lot of significance as well. i'm at the longest stretch of the berlin wall that still remains. it's called the east side gallery, and it is a stretch of the original wall that was then turned into art. i would say there were tens of thousands of people here to celebrate this moment. a lot of them, of course, are still very much here. it was really interesting also because 25 years since the end of communism and since the fall of the wall, germany has really grown together. you can get that sense of unity as you saw from the people that came here in the celebrations
11:24 am
today, pamela. >> frederick, you're german. that are your memories of the wall coming down? >> reporter: well, i have some very vivid memories of the wall. i was on the communist east side for five years of my life. my parents worked as west germans in east germany, and it really wasn't very nice at all. my family was speed on by the secret police. they use listening devices. there were spies that tapped into my parents and tried to spy on my dad. both of his office as well as our home was broken into. certainly not very good memories of the wall itself. the wall came down, and it was really a special time. there was a time of great celebration for many people, and one of the things that i always say is that it really is remarkable to what extent the people of germany have come together because there were a lot of difficulties at the beginning. there were a lot of people in the east of germany who lost their jobs. there were a lot of people in the west of germany that weren't happy with the amount that unity was cost, but if you look back at it now 25 years later, the vast majority of germans will
11:25 am
tell you that every single penny they paid was worth it, pamela. >> frederick, thank you so much. a lot of memories of a very pivotal time in history, and joining us now francis, a senior fellow at stanford university and the author of the origins of political order. you were working for the state department when the wall fell. tell us, did it take the world by surprise? >> oh, absolutely. i was in a meeting of nato planning departments in late october, so this was just a week before the wall came down. i remember the german representative there saying we will never see german unification many my lifetime, and then we went on to east berlin after that, and we were set up with meetings with young members of the communist party in east germany because the embassy thought this was going to be the future of east germany for the foreseeable future. absolutely nobody in the state department at that time really
11:26 am
understood what was about to happen. >> everyone who was alive then remembers the emages. describe what that moment signified for germany as a whole? >> well, i think that the paradigm completely shifted because previous to the whole existence of the west had been under the threat by the massive soviet military machine where you had divisions in the outskirts that we had been planning against for the previous two generations, and all of a sudden that entire structure was dissolving. i think the possibility of democracy spreading not just in germany, but throughout eastern europe and to other parts of the world became a really live possibility. >> and the wall, it is really a simple fear of the repressive east german regime. we were just speaking to fred who grew up in east germany
11:27 am
until he was 5, and he was -- his family was actually speed on. describe what it was like for people living in east berlin during the cold war. >> well, i think we forget completely about communism. it was a totalitarian system, meaning they wanted to control every aspect of your life. i mean, not just political activities, but what you thought, what you read, and people began to change in the early 1970s with the opening up with when east germans suddenly began to realize that actually there is prosperity and freedom and personal liberty on the other side of the wall. thank you so much for sharing your insights and your visions. thank you so much. >> thank you.
11:28 am
president obama sending more u.s. troops to iraq, but he says his strategy for defeating isis hasn't changed. we'll take a closer look right after this break. stay with us.
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only at t-mobile. stuck in a contract? we'll even buy you out of it. so why wait? switch now and get the samsung galaxy note 4 for zero down. >> bottom of the hour. welcome back. i'm pamela brown. here's a look at the top stories making news on this sunday. the last two americans held prisoner in north korea are back home. kenneth bae and matthew todd miller met with their families after landing in washington state late yesterday. bae told reporters he thinks the u.s. and north korean governments for their roles in his release. >> also, i would like to thank the north korean government as well for allowing me to go home and come home and be united with our family. >> bae and miller were found
11:32 am
guilty of hostile acts. they have been serving multily year sentences in labor camps. an army veteran who was -- was shot outside his homecoming party. he was gunned down during some sort of arg utility. nick valencia joins us with more. >> very heartbreaking story. >> sad tragic story for my hometown and los angeles. 22 years old. he had survived his tour in afghanistan. only to be shot and killed at his homecoming party. now, police tell me that his girlfriend threw a party for him after he had been back just a week. the suspect and the victim had some sort of contact, according to the lapd. this boiled over only for the suspect to come back looking for garcia. police tell me they believe garcea was the intended target, and they speak also about the ironies that garcia was able to survive his mission in afghanistan only to be shot and killed in his old neighborhood. >> it is a sad fact, yes. he was in afghanistan combat,
11:33 am
and comes home and has this happen to him. i think it's terrible. i really honestly do. >> no one else was injured in the shooting right now. right now the suspect is still at large. police say there were witnesses in the shooting, pamela, so they're asking the public to come forward with any details or information that they may have. >> hopefully we'll learn more about that. thank you so much, nick. let us know. >> well, the last of polar air is about to send shivers through 200 million americans across two-thirds of the country. >> temperatures will plunge prosecute montana to myrtle beach. highs many some cities could drop as much as 35 degrees below normal. in two days the united states will pause to honor military veterans, and u.s. forces will continue to face new challenges and dangers. president obama plans to send 1,500 more troops to iraq as advisors in the fight against isis. this morning president obama defending his decision about
11:34 am
deploying more troops. >> what hasn't changed is our troops are not engaged in combat. >> should we expect that more troops may be needed before this is over? >> you know, as commander in chief, i'm never going to say never, but what, you know, the commanders who presented the plan to me say is that we may actually see fewer troops over time because now we're seeing coalition members starting to partner with us on the training of the effort. >> let's bring in now retired army lieutenant colonel tony shafer. colonel, thanks for coming on to talk with us. we talk about the fact that these troops are going to be advisory roles. do you think this is just a matter of semantics? my understanding is that they would still be in harm's way. >> absolutely. this is how vietnam started. i hate to say that that is part of the narrative. it's absolutely correct. during the early days of vietnam they were doing two primary
11:35 am
missions. training the vietnamese military and assisting them. the assistance missions, pamela, were those which were most dangerous by the fact that to be an effective advisor, it means you have to be able to deal with those you are advising, and that's what's happening now. admiral kirby, on friday i listened to his entire briefing to the media really try to downplay this issue, but clearly -- i have gone record on several other interviews with the network saying this will inevitably result in u.s. casualties probably sooner than later gsh again, if they're going to be effective, our advisors have to lead with the iraqis to be effective. >> do we know wherever they're going, if they're going to be sort of protected? is it a kind of area -- my understanding is some parts of where they're going is an isis controlled area. >> right. >> irbil and close to baghdad are the two ahs ensible starting points. we have folks one of my close friends, his son is actually there right now. they're moving troops around very quietly, but they are
11:36 am
moving them in. we will be engaged in combat one way or another there, and this is where the president i think is losing the narrative both practically and politically. people know what's going to happen. we're going to be effective in depending the iraqis, helping them. we will be in harm's way. there's no way we're not going to be in harm's way the way they're doing this right now. >> hmm. >> do you think that congress should authorize military action? >> the debate has to be done. the 60 days of the war powers act is up. and no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, congress has the obligation to do this. plus, pamela, they've asked for more money. they've asked for approximately $5.6 billion to go along with this effort, so to approve that, they have to approve first an authorized use of military force, which must be separate and distinct.
11:37 am
the one the president has been referencing regarding using the one from 9/11, this is not rel vapt to the 9/11 issue at all. >> haven't be been down this road before? >> then we saw them drop their weapons and flee when isis was coming to iraq? why is this time around different? >> it's not different. this is why the president was advised by the central commander to alieve 20,000 troops in place to do the training and advising role. now we're having to pick up again. it's very clear if they're left to their own devices, they will probably drop their weapons and run. they're trying to train a total of 12 brigades. nine regulars and three peshmerga. they are the best bet, and they continue to double down and triple down helping them. i think that's the best move of this new party strategy. >> we'll be training kurdish forces as well.
11:38 am
thank you, tony. we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you for having me. well, president obama has a message for house speaker john boehner. is there any hope for an agreement? we debate it up next.
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i did it. you can too. ♪ just a few hours ago president obama delivered a message to house speaker john boehner about passing immigration reform. >> i still prefer to see it done through congress, but every day that i wait we're misallocating resources. we're deporting people that shouldn't be deported. we're not deporting folks that are dangerous and need to be deported. so, john, i'm going to give you some time, but if you can't get it done before the end of the year, i'm going to have to take the steps that i can. >> obama's warning comes after both boehner and senator mitch mcconnell are warning the president not to act on his own,
11:44 am
so can anything get done on immigration reform? that is the big question. we're now joined by cnn political commentator and democratic strategist -- and rachel camp yoes and spokesman for the libra. i'm going to start with you. >> the republicans have been dragging their -- there's a good senate bill that has been languishing in the house for over a year now. that could have solved this problem a year ago. republicans have time and again -- on the american economy which stands to gain more than 1.5 trillion dollars if we are
11:45 am
able to get comprehensive immigration reform done. if we're able to get comprehensive immigration reform done. so i would say to the president personally that he should wait to see what republicans do except for he has already donna. he has waited for more than a year and a half to see what republicans do. we have seen this movie already, pam. we know how it ends. you can't tell me that with a more conservative republican caucus coming into the house and the senate that they're now going to decide to get immigration reform done. the president is going to do what he can. when republicans get it together, if they can get it together, then let's do it legislatively, which is every's first choice. >> the argument on the other side is being said that this will poison the well with the new republicans coming in to take over the senate. rachel, what do you think? the president has waited for the house to act on this bipartisan senate bill.
11:46 am
should the president use executive action? >> well, i would like to remind maria that it's the president who had two years of full all levers of power in the house, in the senate, and in the executive and could have moved on immigration reform and didn't for political purposes. again, i think right here the president just got crushed it only lasts as long as he is president. the best thing he can do is show goodwill, take his lumps from his elective. the most powerful members of the house, boehner, mcconnell, paul ryan, rand paul, marco rubio, john mccain, 150 to 170 house numbers. i know my husband is in the house of representatives. they want to move on legislation
11:47 am
to make it permanent solution to reform immigration. >>. >> why do they do it in the last year and a half? >> well -- >> and why now? >> i think it's ridiculous when republicans say let's wait. things were moving along. >> we are not going to do -- >> all right, ladies. i'm going to jump in here because clearly this is a contentious issue. so we both -- we all fwrae something needs to be done. the system is broken. what is the solution? can there be compromise? >> the solution is for this to happen in the people's house where they could hash it out, have a long-term solution, not a temporary politically expeaedant solution for the president. that is the right thing to do. >> maria, you wouldn't let me
11:48 am
answer before. when it was going to happen, we have -- well, it was going to happen. boehner was in secret talks with the president, and then what happened? the president's executive order, another illegal move that he made this last summer, and executive order for daca caused an influx of tens of thousands of children from central america, and it freaked people out. when the president acts -- >> final word. go ahead. maria. >> rachel, that is just a tired talking point from the republicans. >> it's not. >> frankly, from the -- it doesn't represent the latina community. >> oh, come on. >> to go back to the reality, to go back to the reality -- >> give me a break. >> to go back to the reality, speaker boehner told president obama this summer before the influx of undocumented children that he was not going to get immigration reform done. >> why didn't he do it when he
11:49 am
had two years with the house and the senate? >> go back to the clips and look at it. >> why didn't he do it then? >>. >> when you ask that question, rachel, it actually betrays your party's absolute complete and the interest in getting something done because you're saying that the president and the democrats should are have done it by themselves. >> president obama reiterating he does want to take executive action by year's end if nothing has happened. thank you much. moving along on this sunday, new details about how police track down a man they say kidnapped a philadelphia woman. the device thez they used that's probably in your car. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality
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new details in the investigation of a man accused of kidnapping a philadelphia woman last sunday. this right here that you are watching, this is surveillance video of delvin barns ripping carlesha from the street and forcing her into a car. this is thanks it a gps device in her car and other evidence. as they go through the data,
11:54 am
they will determine barnes visited other localalities and other states and contact police there to see if barnes pops up in their system and if any other reports of missing girls are there as well. meantime, a little girl was almost abducted from her home in utah. a man tried to kidnap her in the middle of the night, but was foiled by the girl's stepfather. chris miller with her affiliate has the frightening ordeal. >> there was a man in my home, and he took my 5-year-old daughter. >> a mother's chilling 911 call. >> he has my daughter outside. >> the mother's voice clearly shake sxen distressed. >> please hurry. >> she's on the phone with dispatchers moments after her husband, the girl's stepfather, caught the kidnapper and retrieved the 5-year-old girl. >>. >> the mother describes the man as he disappears down the
11:55 am
street. >> 40 to 50. >> he was bald? >> this little girl is a charming, dephyte lightful little girl. she was not harmed physically, and she's doing very well emotionally. >> a friend says the family is very emotional about the outcome. >> this is like 4:00 in the morning when this happened, and if they had not awakened until 15 seconds later, that child would have been down the street and gone. >> moments after the first kidnapping attempt, the suspect enters another house, a short distance away through a doggy door. >> my mom came down the steps and she just looked over here, and she seen the guy here crouched down right here. he faces felony charges. >> be safe. watch your kids. that's the most important thing have you in your life. >> hmm, what a story there. we're going to have more
11:56 am
newsroom right after a break. stay with us. down. we'll even buy you out of your contract. so you can get the samsung galaxy note 4 for zero down today.
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back on american soil and celebrating with their families. kenneth bae and matthew miller return home after kim jong un
12:00 pm
releases them from a north korean prison. president obama is now on his way to asia. he is due to land in beijing just a few hours from now, but there are other questions about his agenda and what he will be able to accomplish there. plus, 200 million americans bracing for a polar plunge. tim is about to take a nosedive into the single digits, and some places could see snow. that's right. snow. a look at where you'll need to bundle up. hello. i'm pamela brown in for frederica whitfield. thank you for joining us on this sunday. we begin with the return of two americans who have returned home. kenneth bae and matthew todd miller are now back home with their families here in the u.s. it's after north korean leader kim jog un has