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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 9, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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releases them from a north korean prison. president obama is now on his way to asia. he is due to land in beijing just a few hours from now, but there are other questions about his agenda and what he will be able to accomplish there. plus, 200 million americans bracing for a polar plunge. tim is about to take a nosedive into the single digits, and some places could see snow. that's right. snow. a look at where you'll need to bundle up. hello. i'm pamela brown in for frederica whitfield. thank you for joining us on this sunday. we begin with the return of two americans who have returned home. kenneth bae and matthew todd miller are now back home with their families here in the u.s. it's after north korean leader kim jog un has ordered their release. this leaves many people
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wondering if he will want something in return. i'll bring in paula hancocks, live in seoul, south korea. paula, the big question, why now? >> nothing happens by accident in north korea. everything that comes out of that country is highly choreographed. every picture you see of the leader, everything on state-run media, and the fact that they have released these two u.s. citizens. every analyst says there is definitely something that north korea wants. now, they have pegged this as a humanitarian gesture, and they have effectively said that they should doing this because of the u.s. president barack obama having a number of requests and also an apology which, of course, is propaganda gold for the north korean leader being able to say to his own people the most powerful man in the world has apologized for what these two men have done. their crimes or at least crimes as they're seen in north korea. certainly from a p.r. point of view kim jong un has got a fair amount from this, but what else
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does he want? we are seeing a remarkable charm offensive from the north korean leader, from the top officials traveling around the world. we have three men, the number two, three, and four in north korea come here to south korea recently. this is effectively enemy territory. we really are seeing a charm offensive from pyongyang. most likely according to analysts, because of this united nations report on its human rights abuses. that's going through the process within the u.n. now. pamela. >> trying to talk about the apology from president obama apparently in aa letter brought to pyongyang from the u.s. director of national intelligence james clapper. i'm curious, the north korean government released a statement. what did they say about this? >> well, video we've heard about this is from the north korean
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side so, of course, it will be about to see if washington does admit that yes, president obama did give that apology. this is really what pyongyang wanted. they wanted the commander in chief of the u.s., president obama, to be apologizing to the leader of north korea. >> this is the most correct meeting or connection that these two leaders have ever had. it is significant that this letter was taken by james clapper, effectively saying that he was the personal envoy. it's significant. >> especially this letter is supposed to be short and sweet, according to the u.s. officials we've been speaking with. thank you. paula hancocks. >> tell us more about this
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reunion. i can imagine it was a very emotional rewrun. what are the men saying about being back home? >> it was such a joyful reunion, indeed, when we saw both those families enbrace their loved ones as they arrived here back in the u.s. we're hearing more about what kenneth bae has been up to since he arrived this morning. we understand he has been eating pizza, spending a lot of time sharing stories with his family and friends, really enjoying those simple mrurz, and we're outside the church where we know they have held vigils and prayers for kenneth bae over the past two years. well, today those prayers have been answered. >> after months and years of detention, two americans held prisoner in north korea are back in the united states. first off the plane, kenneth bae, who had been held for two years. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for hostile acts against the government, laming he was part of a christian plot to overthrow the regime.
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>> i just want to say thank you all for supporting me and standing by me through this time, and it's been just amazing blessing to see so many people being involved getting the release the last two years. not only mentioning for the thousands of people praying for me as well. >> then matthew todd miller stepped off. miller had been detained since april. he was sentenced to six years of hard labor. he had been accused of tearing up his tourist visa and seeking asylum upon entry to north korea. miller did not speak to the media after his arrival. their release comes after north korea unexpectedly reached out to the white house to set a cabinet level official to discuss the detentions. apparently there wasn't a
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guarantee that -- the letter was supposed to be short to the point, and clapper did not meet with kim. >> it's a wonderful day for their families. obviously -- i appreciate -- on what was obviously a challenging mission. >> their release comes less than a month after north korea let go jeffrey foul, an ohio man who spent five months in detention, and now with a men who just returned, already no americans being held in north korea. >> i am standing strong because
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of you. >> happy ending to the story for both families. kenneth bae and matthew miller. the miller's family have chosen to make this a private family matter and does not want to speak to the media. he did speak to a u.s. official about what's next. he basically said it's up to them because they're truly free. >> he seems like he is in remarkably good spirits after what he went through. anna cabrera, live for us in seattle. thanks so much. right now president obama on his way to asia for an eight-day journey there. he left washington earlier today and heads to china first for the apex summit, and theb he goes to myanmar before heading to the g20 summit in ahs rail wra. they'll stop off in hawaii before making his way back to the white house, which is where we find our aaron mcpike. erin, seems like a lot on his plate for this trip. >> pamela, he does have a lot on his plate.
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he may get the hands to talk to russian president vladimir putinen. the two don't have any sort of bilateral meetings scheduled at this point. advisors have said that they may get together and talk. he talked about some domestic politics. he said that he likes politics. he likes his job. he said with a name like barack hussein obama, you have to like politics, but some have been talking about how he might not like politics. >> plus, 200 million americans bracing for a polar plunge. we take a nosedive into the
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zimplt a frigid blast of icy air is about to put the deep freeze on two-thirds of the country. temperatures are about to plunge up to 35 degrees below normal. meteorologist jennifer gray has all the details. hi, jennifer. >> pamela, we had some very, very cold arctic air that is sinking down into much of the country as we go through the beginning part of the week. we're talking 200 million people affected by this. we are going to see temperatures well below normal anywhere from the dakotas all the way down to
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georgia. folks in the south will experience temperatures five to ten, maybe 15 degrees below normal. when we talk about the northern plains in the midwest, we're going to be talking about temperatures up to 35 degrees below normal. in fact, today already we have winter storm watches and warnings in place. we have winter weather advisories that stretch across seven states, and we could see as much as a foot of snow in minneapolis, so that's going to be the hardest hit area right around minneapolis on into portions of wisconsin. we also could see anywhere from six to nine inches of snow in the dakotas. this is basically going to be where the snow is concentrated. anywhere south of this, this is going to be a dry front, but we are going to have very, very cold temperatures behind it. what we're talking about in rapid city, temperatures in the teens through much of your workweek. in minneapolis, we won't even get above freezing for your
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workweek. in fact, we could be looking at an eight-day stretch of temperatures below freezing around minneapolis. a lot of areas around here will be about 35 degrees below normal. chicago, you don't look ath all that bad compared to minneapolis. even though your temperatures will be chilly. especially wednesday and thursday. you may not even hit freezing on thursday. (receptionist) gunderman group.
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as president obama leads to the far east, is he leaving behind a political storm brewing in washington with republicans set so seize control of the u.s.
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senate in january. so will the president's next two years be derailed, or is there now a chance of republican-controlled congress and a democratic white house can compromise and finally get work done for the american people? cnn's chief political correspondent candy crowley is in state of the union. >> thanks. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you had a really interesting discussion this morning to both sides. from that what was your take-away? is there room for compromise, or can democrats and republicans sticking to their hard core positions? >> well, here's the problem. everybody says, oh, there's plenty of room to compromise. we can do it on infrastructure, you know, roads and bridges, and et cetera. we can find an agreement on immigration? really? because you've been trying for however many years. i think since ronald reagan last did immigration reform to do it
12:20 pm
again. while everyone seems willing, you know, we had four brand new members of congress as of swran. >> american people want to us reach across the aisle, but the minute we started talking about different things, they had, of course, different positions. i thought that the other interesting thing was we talked to senator -- a republican in the leadership on senate side. we also talked to chris murphy, senate democrat and we asked about the president's choice for attorney general. the president seems to want to have his nominee loretta lynch be confirmed in the lame-duck congress. >> there's hearings and everything that goes with that, we got to move a funding bill. we've got to prevent some stacks
12:21 pm
increases. a number of things that have to be done before the end of the year, and eric holder said he is not going anywhere soon. it's not like the position isn't going to be filled. it's important position. it's one that needs to be filled, and we will give the president's nominee every consideration, but would like to do that, consider that next year when the new congress is seated. >> i hope we do move forward on that confirmation process, and, in fact, we have a long back load of other presidential appointees and ambassadors and judges. >> even though republicans want to wait until the next session? >> well, i think it's important that we have an attorney general.
12:22 pm
>> the president announced last friday that he wants to send more troops to iraq. curious to know what your thoughts are on this. with such losses in the midterms, will the president find it harder to get his foreign policy requests approved, candy? >> i imagine he will be all right. here's why. it has been mostly republicans. democrats have gone along, but i been mostly republicans that have said you need to do something about isis. you need to get the u.s. in there and get involved, and now that the president is and he needs that $5.8 billion initially to fund additional advisors and trainers going over there, he is going to ask for the lame-duck session to approve, it and i expect there will be a lot of jumping up and down. i think it will be approved. i think eventually the president will seek approval through the war powers act. i think there will be a lot of jumping up and down, but i suspect it will be passed simply because the action is already
12:23 pm
taking place. >> thank you so much, candy. >> thank you, pamela. sflirchlgs a huge celebration is happening right now in germany. marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. ♪ earlier today emotional speeches recounted the painful cold war divide between east and west berlin and the joyous moment on this day back in 1989 when the wall came crashing down. sflirjts well, they will talk about economics and foreign policy, but when president obama goes face-to-face with china's president, china's human rights record is likely to be on the
12:24 pm
agenda. that's next as we continue our coverage of the president's trip to asia. we'll be right back.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> bottom of the hour on had sunday. welcome back. i'm pamela brown. here are the top stories crossing the cnn news desk right now. a blast of hole ar air is about to send shivers through 200 million americans across two-thirds of the country. this week temperatures will plunge from montana to myrtle beach. highs in some cities could drop as much as 35 degrees below normal. winter advisories, watches, and warnings are already posted in at least seven states. get ready to bundle up. and the last two americans held prisoner in north korea are back home now. kenneth bae and matthew todd miller met with their families after landing in washington state late yesterday. bae told reporters he thanks the
12:28 pm
u.s. and north korean governments their roles in his release. >> also, i would like to thank the north korean government as well for allowing me to go home and come home and be united with our family and for the loved people. >> bae and e-mailer were both found guilty of hostile acts against north korea. they had been serving multiple year sentences in labor camps. the u.s. central command says american war planes attempted to kill isis leaders yesterday. officials say a coalition aircraft conducted air strikes on a convoy in mosul, iraq, in what they believe was a gathering of top isis commanders. authorities say the u.s. destroyed ten isis armed trucks and right now, though, we don't know who, if anyone, was killed or injured. president obama now on his way to asia. for an eight-day journey. he is expected to arrive in china where he will attend the apex summit. later this week he will head to myanmar and australia before making his way back to the white
12:29 pm
house. and china expected to put on a grand display for the dignitaries coming to the apex summit, but according to our david mckenzie, the cuban rights record of the country will also be under the microscope. >> the gleaming towers of beijing. an image the ruling communist party wants for show off. >> we are going to see if -- >> can we come inside here? >>. >> sometimes 20 at a time. >> yeah, but this is just a private complex. what's the problem? >> the extraordinary measures for just one man. this is a human rights icon in china. an agitator for reform and democracy.
12:30 pm
this time around he has been under house arrest for more than 40 days. there are other ways to talk. >> they have posted state security agents outside my door for ten years. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. >> this is not to preserve the safety of the people or even the government, but the party. >> it's the worst crackdown on dissidents in decades. activists, professors, and journalists have all been detained this year alone. he has a message for president obama. >> if he doesn't, it would be a huge loss for himself, for china, and for american values.
12:31 pm
>> activists like him are lawmakers as they threaten china's global stability. he wants to show a present you bought for his young daughter's upcoming birthday. >> i saw hope in this toy. it's become a symbol of my fight for her future freedom and happiness. >> house arrest and harassment. he says he won't give up his fight for a different kind of china. >> the nation prepares to honor its military tuesday, veterans day, of course, president obama says he plans to send another 1, 500 military advisors to iraq and the fight against isis.
12:32 pm
this as u.s. central xhabd says u.s. war planes attacked a convoy near mosul, iraq, in an attempt to kill isis leaders, but at this point there's been no confirmation whether the top isis leader was hit or was even in the convoy. >> hi, pam. absolutely. what are you seeing now with these 1,500 extra soldiers coming in there, we are reinforcing success. earlier today we had another person on saying this is the build-up like vietnam, and i completely disagree. we have had success. if we really just look at the facts of what the coalition air strikes have done, we have made isis stall. yes, there have been some, you know, successes by isis in some areas, but they really haven't
12:33 pm
captured any more ground, so this stalling effect that we've done and are now doing is reinforcing success to put other soldiers in there to give the iraqis time to prepare for a counter offense and to get them trained up so when they're ready to go, we can assist them. >> do you really think that is what's going to make the difference here because the argument has been made that we've tried this before, we've tried training the forces there, and it just hasn't worked. you really think this time around we can really make an impact? >> well, pamela, we had before. we did it before. just like general austin said the other day, this is not our primary fight. the primary fight is a diplomatic fight. we need our diplomats and the coalition diplomats to get involved with the iraqi government to make sure that the shia leadership there in baghdad is helping and reinforcing the sunnis out to make sure that the sunni leadership that's involved with the iraqi government are also going against isis, so we become literally a secondary effect for supporting effort to
12:34 pm
the political aspects. >> the president continues to insist that these troops that are there and that we're sending are noncombat troops. is that semantics, though, when we're talking about troops going into a war zone? >> it is. unfortunately, that's our politics. >> don't know -- everyone realizes we're still in the combat, and that's the bottom line. >> and they're going into harm's way. let's not forget that. we've been hearing the term mission creek. the administration is saying this is not mission creep. what is your take? >>. >> i completely fwrae this is not mission creep. you know, the fest thousand, 1,200 that went over, we talked
12:35 pm
about this six, seven weeks ago. these guys go over. they conduct an assessment. they start setting up the ops, intel fusion centers to bring all the assets that the coalition -- that's what we have to remember. the coalition can bring to the iraqis. now we have some success. we've made an assessment. the leaders of this coalition know what we need to do, and now this is the u.s.'s, you know, president obama through his commanders have heard, okay, sir well, need to push in another 1,500 troops to reinforce the success, and that's what we're doing. . >> colonel james reese, thank you so much. we'll be right back. sea captain: there's a narratorstorm cominhe storm narrator: that whipped through the turbine which poured...
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we could get a decision on the michael brown shooting in ferguson, missouri, any day now. ahead of the announcement, members of the don't shoot coalition say there are 19 rules of engagement that will help the city avoid violence and chaos. the grand jury announces its decision. joining us to talk about this live from ferguson, missouri, a justin handsburg, assistant professor at stlugs university school of law, and mcgraw, a radio talk show host in st. louis. thank you both for coming on to talk to us. i really am interested to hear your thoughts, your opinions, and justin, i'm going start with you here. you actually worked with the group that came up with these 19 demands to city officials. in your view, what do you think are the most critical
12:40 pm
stipulations in that list? >> yes. i think the first stipulation is the most important for the law enforcement authorities to prioritize their preservation of life. i actually spoke with someone yesterday who is planning to stay home and keep their son home from protesting for fear of violence. not from protesters, but from violence initiated by the police, and that's unacceptable. the united states of america. we should be able to exercise our first amendment rights and exercise our freedoms of speech without fear of violent reprisals. we've paid for their guns, their shields, their equipment with our taxpayer dollars. we should be able to exercise our first amendment rights. >> and in addition to what you just mentioned, the group also wanting 48 hours notice before the grand jury decision is announced. they don't want police to use rank here, and they say excessive police force will not be tolerated. i'm curious what do you think this -- they're going to -- police -- how they're going to respond to this list of demands because this is not very
12:41 pm
typical, justin? >> right. well, this is an extraordinary situation that calls for extraordinary measures. i think we have plans to create safehouses and other places where people can go to vent their frustration, to have medical supplies present if people are injured, so there are a number of safety measures that people in the community want to take, and it only makes sense to provide notice so folks can actually begin to make those preparings without being under the cloud of lack of knowledge of when the decision is going to come down. >> mcgraw, i want to let you jump in here because some are arguing that these measures are over reaching and extreme. is that your view? >> i wish the list of demands would have had some type of code of conduct for the protesters. i wish they would have said the police officers will not be spit at, will not be yelled at, will not be shot at. businesses will not be torn down. justin talks about protesters
12:42 pm
afraid of going out. we have school districts that don't want to be in school because they're afraid of what's going to happen. look, this is a very volatile situation, and there are protesters that want to peacefully protest, but they are providing cover for a bad element. how do you get the bad element out of the way and protect the businesses and the homes and the people and the property? we're asking the police to do an extraordinary measure these next couple of weeks, and they need to actually work with the peaceful protesters, not against them. >> right. i'm curious, just you know, have you all come up with a list for the protesters at all about what you are asking from them? >> no, i wouldn't agree that the priorities for the law enforcement authorities should be to work with the peaceful protesters and not against them, but i think there's been a misconception. protesters have been painted as rioters and luters.
12:43 pm
they are american citizens. >> someone is protesting. someone is looting. someone is destroying buildings. i don't care if you call them protesters or troublemakers or terrorists, but people are afraid. whatever you want to label them, somebody is going to try and do damage. you can make the argument that there wasn't enough police support and enough police force out there because a pizza shop is torn down. quick trick is burned down. ferguson's market is pushed down. there was not enough police presence because those buildings and those businesses are destroyed. my responses would be after you have -- my response is it would be difficult to have complete domination over the protesters if there are 10 or 15 people who decide to take different approaches. that's unfortunate, but to paint
12:44 pm
all people as violate as looters, as rioters, that's wrong. >> justin hansburg, mcgraw mchaven, thank you so much for coming on and sharing your insight with us. we appreciate it. again, we're expecting the grand jury there in ferguson to release its decision any day now. why so many people are trying to get into the u.s. from cuba and other caribbean countries? we ride with the coast guard as they protect our borders. stay with us. ] if you don't think "i've still got it" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." life reimagined gives you tools and support to get the career you'll love. find more real possibilities at [ male announcer ] over time, you've come to realize... [ starter ] ready! [ starting gun goes off ] [ male announcer ] it's less of a race... yeah! [ male announcer ] and more of a journey. keep going strong. and as you look for a medicare supplement insurance plan... expect the same kind of commitment
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the coast guard is seeing a record number of mi grants trying to make it to the u.s. they found more than 600 mi grants just off miami last month. at least four of them died. in a cnn exclusive, our alina went along with the coast guard to get a firsthand look at the crisis. >> i got them sgroosh a united states coast guard plane spots the small boat packed with 29 cubans, including several women and at least one young boy. the boat is taking on water. >> it's coming on scene. >> yet, when the coast guard cutter margaret norvelle arrives to help, the group's leader refuses to cooperate. >> noncompliant and claiming they are entering -- over. >> eventually the group gives up
12:49 pm
and gives in. joining the growing number of mi grants rescued while making this dangerous and sometimes deadly journey to the u.s. >> we've been seeing the highest high gregs level that is we've seen from cuba and haiti in the past five years. >> roughly 10,000 mi grants have been found in this area just this year. that's more than 3,000 than the year before. the biggest spike? cubans, whose numbers have doubled since the castro government lifted travel restrictions in 2012. >> you would have to be pretty desperate to jump -- to go into open water and just try to make it, no? >> yeah, it is. >> it's dangerous. it's very dangerous. >> most of it is economic. you know, they're looking for a better way of life. >> lieutenant kirk vista is the commanding officer of the norvelle. one of the agency's newest high-tech ships. >> this is the front line of coast guard operations. this is where the action happens. >> we wanted to get a firsthand
12:50 pm
look at the action. we spent a few days on board the norvelle, and what we saw was sobering. a few hours into our journey, the norvelle takes on ten migrants. the lights of the u.s. >> this is the closest this group will get. >> one more. >> a doctor is concerned the last one may be suicidal, refusing to eat after telling the coast guard this was his ninth attempt to reach america. >> you see they have put the man on the stretcher on the cutter safely, but it doesn't appear that he is responding at this point. it's unclear what they're going to do with him. we know the remaining nine migrants are all in the same area on this boat and they will probably be here until the process runs its course. >> in the early morning hours, another group of cuban migrants is found barely moving, idling at what appears to be the middle of nowhere.
12:51 pm
each one is given a life vest before being transferred to the cutter. their small boat is then filled with gasoline. and shot up with a 50 caliber machine gun. a fire sinks the tiny boat. on the cutter, the migrants wear suits to stay dry. they are given red beans and rice to eat twice a day and a rubber mat to sleep on. some interact with coast guard members like ronald garcia, a cuban american himself. >> it's difficult to see the situation that they're in. >> in all we saw about 80 cuban migrants in just four days with the coast guard. all of them with desperation in their eyes. for most their search for a new life over at least for now. of the 80 migrants we saw, 29 cubans who were found on a u.s. territory were actually allowed to stay in the u.s. because of a long standing policy that only
12:52 pm
applies to cubans. most who were found at sea are usually sent back. cnn, miami beach. >> thank you for bringing us that eye opening story there. and still to come, right here in newsroom, comedian john stewart gets very serious about a worthy goal. coming to the aid of u.s. veterans. we will share part of his conversation next. (receptionist) gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics.
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12:56 pm
>> the u.s. role in iraq over the last decade is the subject for a lot of debate ask discussion. john stewart talked about thatted about it. >> i think early on, when we invaded iraq, i always consider that the original sin of the 21st century. i was highly critical of the decision but also felt incredibly removed from the individuals that were participating in it and the reality of it. i didn't feel like i knew enough. i began to visit with people. and have those discussions.
12:57 pm
i think the value of the human capital of the men and women that were serving over there. as i started to meet with them and generally they were individualed that had just been wounded and just came back. they were generally already talking about getting back to their unit. it was astonishing and you would leave and say thank you so much. i am the real hero here. you always felt like you walked out of there so much more than any of your time would have been worth. i began to see just how their
12:58 pm
integrity and sacrifice was in the shadows. and that when they were useful to the purpose then when they were back there hike they know any nook and krany. when you're five years out and you have got ptsd and you need a new, you know, you're on your own. and that injustice truly upset me. >> and the injustice of such a small minority, do you think there should be a national service? >> absolutely. i don't understand it. i don't understand the difference between the rhetoric and reality. you can't come on tv and say we
12:59 pm
as a nation face an extensial threat, so anyway, back to the good point. we will be dealing with it in the back. you guys go ahead. it's unacceptable. i don't think it should be compulsory military. it invests younger people in the country. but it also in the way that we all live in our own intellectual and opinion bubbles it forces americans together again in the way that in world war 2 the draft integrated america. without that we don't have a more integrated society. it forces people to live among each other and realize the more shared nature of our cause than the differences. >> really serious and hefy things. >> will we see you as host of
1:00 pm
the daily show. . >> we start this sunday with a cold weather blast. temperatures are about to plummet into winter. an estimated 200 people will experience the frigid air. >> pamela, we have some very, very cold arctic air that is singeing down into much of the country. we're talking 200 million people affected by this. we will see temperatures well below normal. anywhere from the dakotas into georgia.