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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 11, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PST

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that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. happening now. new u.s. troops arriving in iraq to join the fight against isis. we are live with what their mission is ahead. in hours, president obama meets one-on-one with china's president hoping to find common ground in the important and tense relationship. we are live with what the president is hoping to accomplish. and breaking this morning, the captain of the south korean ferry is sentenced for his role in the 300 deaths on board. we are live in south korea with the latest developments. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman.
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>> i'm christine romans. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. 1,500 service members on the ground in iraq paving the way for the war on isis. they are the first to arrive since the president ordered more troops to arrive. they are there to advise and train iraqi forces. they are not there in a combat role. we have new information on an air strike that may have wounded the head of isis, abu bakr al bagdadi. coalition and iraqi forces did launch air strikes in two parts of iraq targeting isis leaders. there is still no confirmation that al bagdadi was injured in either of those attacks. a militant group has pledged obedience to isis. up until now, they had attacked on the egyptian government. our senior correspondent arwa damon is in turkey with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, christine.
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let's try to sort through the muddyness surrounding the air strikes. >> arwa damon in southern turkey's shot is down. in just a couple of hours, president obama has his first one-on-one meeting with xi jinping. the two presidents set to enjoy a walk, private dinner and tea. hanging over their meeting an array of tensions between the two governments. among them, u.s. concerns that pro democracy demonstrations to end in violence in hong kong and on monday, the u.s. postal service claims chinese hackers broke into the system and stole data on 800,000 employees. let's go to david mckenzie live in beijing with the latest.
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good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, john. the certiserious allegations of hacking into the u.s. postal service won't sit well with the chinese or the u.s. the u.s. and china announcing a negotiated deal to improve trade with the information technology agreement. bringing down the tariffs and medical equipment and gps equipment and other assets the u.s. could bring many jobs and trillions of trade globally. that's the positive sign. as you said, the u.s. president obama meeting with his counterpart moments away. they will discuss those issues and thorny issues like freedom of the press and human rights and whether the u.s. and chinese relationship can improve. >> david, that is one of the big
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meetings set for the three-day summit. i saw a picture of president obama near russian president vladimir putin yesterday. will these two leaders have a chance to talk given the thorny issues with these nations right now? >> reporter: right now it is a tension time because of the issues in eastern ukraine and from the russian president's perspecti perspective, the harsh sanctions the u.s. has pushed through. there have been two moments when the two presidents have met in an unavoidable with 20 leaders in a closed room. it is unclear what they talked about and whether those have been substantive discussions. certainly, u.s. officials say they could use this moment to really push through the u.s. agenda and to try persuade vladimir putin to stop what they say is support of rebels in the eastern ukraine. >> a lot going on this morning. david mckenzie in beijing.
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>> clear skies behind him. sometimes it looks like soup behind him with the pollution. >> why is that? >> chinese government said no cars on the road and try to make it look nicer for the apec summit. >> the government mandated blue skies. >> he usually looks like he is in a smoking lounge. let's get back to arwa damon. back with us from southern turkey. arwa, you have new troops arriving and the mystery now about whether al bagdadi was injured in air strikes recently. what can you tell us about the developments where you are? >> reporter: sorry about that. as i was saying, it is a muddy situation. the opiniministry says al bagdas injured and the air strikes along the iraqi and syrian
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border. now the minister of defense himself posted on facebook a statement that said that al bagdadi had been wounded and his number two had been killed. that would be al mani, but the strike was carried out by the coullisioulllisiould an list ou of mosul. they did conduct an air strikes against an isis convoy. ten vehicles outside mosul. they don't know who those vehicles were carrying. al bagdadi was not the target, but that collection of isis vehicles provided them with an opportunity that they decided to take. what is important, though, in all of this, is if al bagdadi was injured or potentially killed, isis structure and the way he personally restructured it after he took over from al bagdadi is one if the top leadership is taken out, the
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entity can still continue to survive. that is one of the many challenges that is facing u.s. forces and the coalition as they try to advise and assist the iraqi security forces. those 50 troops you mentioned arriving in anbar province at the air base. this is a province that has a very dark history for the u.s. a lot of fierce battles were waged there against back then al qaeda in iraq. it is from the ashes of al qaeda and iraq and evolution that we now have isis. in some ways, history is not necessarily repeating itself, but we are seeing transpiring hasek has echos of the past. >> president barack obama takes his stand on free neutrality. he is taken on fcc for verizon
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and comcast to treat the utility like water. it would provide internet service providers to treat all traffic equally and not charge more for better access. obamacare enrollees are expected to be lower. administration officials now project between 9 million and 9.9 million people to be insured. the congressional budget office was predicting 13 million enrollments. sign ups start on saturday. the overall on the v.a. the plans for the new customer service bureau. the idea is to make the v.a. more accountable to the veterans it serves. the department is looking to
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conserve regional offices. >> these are not run of the mill customers. these are veterans who served our country. especially today. they have got to do a better job. customer service? >> no. hope they do well and they know the public is pushing. time for an early start on money. stocks are at record highs. futures pointing higher. yesterday, the dow climbed 40 points to close at a high. the 23rd record high this year. the s&p 500 closed at a high. the nasdaq hit a high since march of 2000. it has been a great run for stocks. most companies reported solid earnings. the economy is steadily improving. dow is up 6% for the year. the s&p gained 10% and the nasdaq up 11%. great news for 401 k. the scare in the beginning of
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october. breaking news overnight. the captain of the south korean ferry that capsized sentenced in court for the deaths of more than 300 people. not everyone happy about this. we are live in south korea next. i've always loved exploring and looking for something better. that's the way i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging, could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin.
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breaking overnight. a court in south korea sentenced the captain of the ferry that capsized in april to 36 years in prison. more than 300 people died in the accident. i want to turn to paula hancocks live in seoul. good morning, paula. how is this being received? >> reporter: john, as you can imagine, the families of the victims are livid. they gave an emotional press conference. many were in court and shouted
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at the judges, how can you call this law? they wanted to see the death penalty for all 15 of the crew members on trial. as i say, none got the death penalty. the prosecutors wanted the death penalty for the captain. they wanted him to be charged with murder. he wasn't. it was basically up the prosecutors to show there was intent to murder. the captain has already said in court he believes with his crime he deserves to die, but did not intend to murder. prosecutors will be appealing. they have seven days to formally launch that. they are trying to decide if they appeal against the captain's sentence or everybody's sentence. the families are upset. they believe the verdict was outrageous. in the court of public opinion in south korea, the 15 had been tried and convicted months ago. the captain in that court wasn't
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acquitted of murder. we are listening to some pundits talking on south korean television and all believe this is lenient sentences we are seeing today. we can expect appeals to happen. of course, on top of this, we know the underground search for nine bodies that still haven't been found since april has now ended today. the families of those that still have not been reunited with their loved ones have said that it was a very painful decision to come to, but it is too dangerous for divers to continue the search as the ship is starting to crumble. john. >> what a difficult day for those families. paula ha paula hancocks, thank you. new york city doctor will be released from the hospital today. dr. craig spencer poses no public health risk. he has recovered and there are no known ebola cases in america.
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his case prompted states to update quarantine policies for travelers from west africa. >> with his banjo and exercise bike. the canadian government is tightening air traffic from west africa to prevent an ebola outbreak there. high risk travels are required to self quarantine at home or designated facility for 21 days. low risk travelers will monitor. returning canadian health care workers will not automatically
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penalty. millions of americans in the grips of arctic blast hitting montana and minnesota and shutting down roads and snarling travel. expected to get up to 16 inches of snow falling this afternoon. police in the area responding to nearly 400 car accidents. 200 flights canceled in
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minneapolis. the slick roads in wisconsin. the woman who flipped this suv was able to walk away uninjured. she lucky. police say they could not keep up with all the accidents. >> the first ice of the year catches you by tries. south dakota getting slammed by the first winter storm. freezing rain, too. that makes it dangerous. shutting down roads and regional airport in rapid city. >> you are outside in a tube top and then it is all of a sudden 16 degrees. >> berman. >> embarrassed to say that. there they are in billings, montana. shoveling up to 14 inches of snow there. the temperatures dipped into the single digits, not tube top temperatures. it gets colder tonight with below zero temperatures. the deep freeze spreading across the country. who better to ask than chad
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myers. >> a very early good morning to you. a cold morning here across the midwest. oh, my gosh. temperatures dropped 30 to 40 degrees from yesterday for highs. on the other side of the front, it's warm on the east side. the south wind is there. when you are in the front, you will know it. temperatures are dropping. highs in the northeast, 60s. in minneapolis, 27. in billings or cutbank, temperatures below zero. now for tomorrow, that cold air works to the east, but mainly to the south. this is a storm that will really drive the weather to the south rather than southeast for now. that will all change as the front moves by. tomorrow's forecast is still warm in new york, but enjoy that day. it will be the last warm one for quite some time. this weather looks like on the
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computer models it could be the cold in many spots for the next ten days. warming and cooling, but certainly below normal on the eastern half of the u.s. back to you. no one asked for that. no one asked for that. >> chad, thanks for that. >> tensions rising in ferguson this morning as the public waits to hear in the grand jury will indict the police officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown. gun sales soaring. we are live with what michael brown's parents are expected to say. cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®
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in ferguson, missouri, gun sales on the rise. tensions are mounting on the grand jury decision on whether to indict officer darren wilson. wilson shot and killed michael brown who was unarmed at the time. gun sales are up 40% to 50%. >> bottom line is, a lot of people are scared and not necessarily -- i don't like to use the word scared, but very concerned. there is an element that they are fearing. >> michael brown's family flew to geneva in switzerland on monday. set to speak before the united nations. erin mclaughlin is live from geneva now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, john.
1:25 am
the parents of michael brown are expected to testify before a closed-door session before the committee. they are expected to give a brief written-in-part with help of legal experts about the circumstances surrounding michael brown's death as well as the police response to the protests that followed. the brief is expected to include allegations of racial profiling as well as the military sags of police in ferguson. i spoke to an expert. he said this is about systematic change across the united states. he said crowd funding the trip under the #fergusontomissouri. john. >> what is the united nations role in all this? president obama actually brought up ferguson while speaking in front of the united nations general assembly in new york. >> reporter: that's a good question. especially when you consider the grand jury is still considering
1:26 am
whether or not to indict the police officer as well as other department of justice investigations currently ongoing. this is part of a much broader review into u.s. compliance into the u.n. convention against torture. it is one of three human right treaties that the united states ratified out of ten. this is a broader review looking at a range of issues expected to take place over the course of three days and a panel of eight experts asking a series of questions potentially about ferguson. united states allegations will have an opportunity to respond and on november 28th, we're expecting a report for the u.n. outlining a series of recommendations and according to the convention, the fact the united states has ratified it, the u.s. is legally obliged to follow-up on the series of recommendations from the committee. >> interesting. erin mclaughlin in geneva.
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thank you. happening now. more u.s. troops arriving in iraq to help fight isis. what is the strategy as the u.s. role shifts after the break.
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happening now. more u.s. troops arriving in iraq to take part in the war on isis. what these soldiers will be doing as the obama administration shifts strategy in fighting terrorists. in just hours, president obama meets one-on-one with china's leaders.
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an important meeting to find common ground in a tense relationship. we are live with what the president hopes to accomplish. breaking news overnight. a judge delivers punishment for the captain of the south korean ferry disaster. more than 300 people, mostly students, killed. we are live with the latest. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 30 minutes past the hour. 1,500 service members on the ground in iraq waging the war on isis. they are the first to arrive since president obama ordered more troops to iraq. the pentagon spokeswoman says the troops are there to advise and train iraqi forces. not there, says the pentagon, in a combat role. we have new information on an air strike that may have wounded the head of isis, abu bakr al bagdadi. u.s. officials say coalition forces did launch air strikes in two parts of iraq targeting isis
1:32 am
leaders, but there is still no confirmation that al bagdadi was injured in either attack. while this is going on, an egyptian islamic militant group pledged obedience to isis. up until now, it focused on attacks on the egyptian government. a lot going on in the region. our correspondent arwa damon is in southern turkey with the latest. good morning, arwa. >> reporter: good morning, john. in reference to the egyptian group, this is not the first obscure group we have been hearing posting statements online declaring alliance to isis. you have groups doing the same thing across africa and libya. it seems as if isis is gaining support rather than losing it when it comes to the broader fight against terrorism. with regards to the fate of abu bakr al bagdadi, still very muddy. unclear at this stage.
1:33 am
you have the iraqis who say they carried out a strike in the town of alkeim. they were attacking isis leadership there. the minister is saying in that strike, al bagdadi was wounded. the iraqi minister of defense posting on the facebook page talking about another strikeout side of mosul. it is in that strike that claims al bagdadi was wounded and number two was killed. now the u.s. is saying that there was a coalition air strikeout side of mosul targeting a ten-vehicle isis convoy. the u.s. says they do not know who was in that convoy. they say that it presented a target of opportunity and they launched numerous strikes on it. at the end of the day, regardless of the fate of al bagdadi, it is highly unlikely that his death or injuring him or the top leadership of isis
1:34 am
would decimate the organization. al bagdadi has restructured it since he took over from his predecessor in such a way so that the leadership can be taken out, but the organization can continue to survive. he has deputies, he has an entire cabinet, he has a war office. some areas, cells operate individually and then in some parts, such as this city of raqqah, they have institutions that they have set up. so while al bagdadi wounded or killed would be a victory for the coalition and allies, it is unlikely to impact isis capacity to continue to carry out and contain swaths of syrian. john. >> key interest in his well being. arwa damon in southern turkey.
1:35 am
president obama has his first one-on-one meeting with chinese president xi jinping. they are set to enjoy a private walk and dinner and tea. hanging over the meeting is the tension over the governments. the pro democracy demonstrations could end in violence is a concern. and the u.s. post office is alleges chinese hackers broke into the computers and stole information on the employees. we have david mckenzie live with the latest. the stresses over the past year have started to mount. especially the cyber espionage and the government worries it is hurting the american government and the american companies. >> reporter: that's right. the u.s. justice department has tried to start prosecutions
1:36 am
against members of the military here in china for hacking into the u.s. assets. that will be one of the thorny issues when both president obama and xi jinping meet in those meetings and dinners you describe. it is a very rare face-to-face meeting between the two leaders of the two biggest economies. both sides will try to mend some of the relationship that has deteriorated a great deal in last two years because of cyber theft and other issues of chinese brinkmanship in the east china sea. there will be a lot of face time with the leaders. >> a lot of face time. the president needs to develop a relationship with this president because frankly, it is getting closer and closer to russian president vladimir putin and obviously the u.s. is at odds with putin and his strategy. can we expect the u.s. leader to
1:37 am
get close to vladimir putin on this trip? >> reporter: he has gotten close to him physically several times. you cannot all be in a room without being in close proximity. including vladimir putin attempting to give the president of the u.s. a tap on the back. we have heard from the u.s. government and u.s. government official telling cnn and others that they did actually meet several times today. at least three times for 15 to 20 minutes. president obama met with vladimir putin. they discussed according to the official, issues of iran, syria and ukraine. now in 20 minutes, you can't solve global problems, particularly ukraine, which the u.s. has accused the russians of backing rebels in a fast deteriorating cease-fire in ukraine. certainly the face-to-face meetings may have value for the
1:38 am
u.s. government to press home their point of view to tell vladimir putin to step back and avoid stronger sanctions from the u.s. and its allies. >> i guess 15 or 20 minutes -- david, we see you in beijing and we cannot see anything behind you. it is so foggy. i can see. i can see behind you. you can breathe. what's new? >> reporter: you can see me and i can breathe. it is glorious weather here in beijing long at last. i fear when the world leaders leave, i may get out my face mask to talk to you again. >> pollution. thank you, david. president obama taking his most aggressive stand yet in favor of net neutrality. a free and open internet. he called on the fcc to adopt the strictest rules possible for comcast and verizon treating brandband as a public utility like electricity. the president endorses a popular
1:39 am
proposal that requires internet prou providers to treat all equally. it is like giving netflix faster internet if they paid more for it. >> some of the reporters noted that while the president is in china where they cannot freely surf the internet. obamacare enrollment expected to be lower by the end of next year. officials project between 9 million and 9.9 million people will be under the affordable care act. the budget office predicting 13 million enrollments. the sign up begins on saturday. open enrollment. on this veterans day, an overhaul on the way at the v.a. officials announcing plans for a new customer service bureau that trains employees to focus on customer satisfaction. the idea is to make the v.a. more accountable to the millions of veterans. it is looking to consolidate a
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wide range of options over regional offices. no timetable. >> accountability is so important. you think customer service. you think is that more red tape? customer service and health care don't go together. 40 minutes past the hour. time for an early start on your money. asian stocks higher. benchmark index is up more than 2%. the bank of japan stepping up stimulus measures. european stocks higher. u.s. stock futures are higher. it could be another record day on wall street. yesterday, the dow notched a 40-point gain. the s&p ended its day with a 39th record close this year. a lot of businesses are saying thank you to veterans today with a bunch of free stuff. pay attention here. to name a few deals here. veterans get a free haircut at great clips. meal at golden corral or hooters
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or pancakes or free meals an the red robin or ihop. breaking news this morning. the captain of the south korean ferry and some of the crew have been sentenced in the role of the deaths of 300 people. the families of those killed are not happy this morning. we are live in south korea ahead. [ male announcer ] approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65.
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breaking overnight. a court in south korea sentenced the captain of the ferry that capsized in april to 36 years in prison. more than 300 passengers died in the accident. many high school students. the captain was convicted of negligence, but acquitted of homicide. let's go to paula hancocks. i think many parents here don't think 36 years is worth the lives of all the children lost. they are still upset. >> reporter: absolutely, christine. they are devastated by the verdict. one of the mothers of the child that died said the verdict was outrages. they are calling for the prosecutors to carry out an appeal. it looks like the prosecutors will at this point. whether it is against the captain or all crew members is not clear at this point. many of the families who actually in court when the verdict was read were crying out
1:46 am
causing commotion. saying how can you call this law and what about our children's lives? they wanted the death penalty for all 15 crew members. they had been to many of these court cases. they have been to dozens of the days. they say it is difficult for them to watch the people they believe killed their children. according to the three judges, the captain has been acquitted of murder. they believe to his account of his events that he had actually called for the ship to be evacuated. his order was not followed by those below him. he has 36 years, he was found guilty of negligence. one crew member was guilty of murder. the chief engineer who was sentenced to 30 years. the reason he was found guilty of murder is because he saw two fellow crew members injured, but did not help them and escaped from the ship. no one has been found guilty of murder of the passengers themselves. as you can imagine, the families
1:47 am
are devastated. on south korean media, this is a very high hot level of conversation at the moment. many of the pundits are saying they are surprised they believe the sentences are fairly low. so you can definitely guarantee there will be an appeal. of course, the families are hoping there will be stricter sentences if the appeal goes through. christine. >> a tragedy. paula, thank you. state officials are faulting the new york city clinic where joan rivers went into cardiac arrest for medical malpractice. yorkville endoscopy failed to monitor her vital signs. the comedienne died a week later. a doctor took a picture of rivers while sedated.
1:48 am
if true, it could derail the jodi arias trial and potentially set her free. listen to this. attorneys for arias are asking the judge to dismiss all charges claiming prosecutorial misconduct. alleges thousands of files containing mostly pornography were deleted from a computer from alexander while in police custody. jodi arias has been convicted of murdering him. she is facing a second trial to determine if she should be sentenced to death. michael brown's parents taking their call for change to the united nations. demanding the police officer who killed their son be arrested. that the police chief step down and asking for an apology from the missouri governor. we are live in geneva with what they are hoping to accomplish next.
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welcome back. in ferguson, missouri, gun sales are spiking in anticipation of the indictment over darren wilson. he shot and killed michael brown in august. sales are up 40% to 50% for one gun shop. >> a lot of people are scared and not necessarily i don't like to use the word scared, but very
1:53 am
concerned tlfr concerned. there is an element of what is transpiring next. >> michael brown's family is speaking to the united nations in geneva. we have erin mclaughlin with more from geneva. >> reporter: they are expected to testify before a closed-door session in geneva before a u.n. committee later today. they will present a brief written with the help of a team of legal experts. the brief looking at the circumstances surrounding the death of 18-year-old mike brown as well as the police response to the protests that followed. the brief also expected to include allegations of racial profiling, police mill tear sags and police brutality. i spoke to an expert who helped write the brief. he said this is about creating a
1:54 am
spring board for change across the united states. he said they went to great lengths to be able to be here. crowd funding the trip under the #fergusontogeneva. >> could anything change? >> reporter: well, it is important to point out this is part of a much broader review. looking at the united states compliance with the u.n. convention against torture. one of three human rights treaties the united states ratified out of ten. the process last took place in 2006. it is a regular review looking at a broad range of issues. a panel is expected to pose questions. on thursday, the right of reply. the committee is expected to public the report with the findings on november 28th. under the terms of the treaty,
1:55 am
the u.s. is legally obligated to follow-up on the recommendations. >> thank you, erin. five minutes before the hour right now. mcdonald's is recalling more than 2 million happy meal toys. which one? early start on your money is next.
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all right. let's get an early start on money. stocks at record highs. futures pointing higher again could mean another record day if it holds. yesterday, the dow closed at a high. the 23rd record high close this year.
1:59 am
the s&p closed at the high. a great few weeks. companies are reporting solid growth. mcdonald's recalling a potentially dangerous happy meal toy. this hello kitty themed toy was given out in the last few weeks. children coughing up pieces of the attached whistle. the chain has recovered more than half of the toys made. customers can change whistles for a new toy and free side item. today is the biggest shopping day of the year. it is singles day. it is a way to celebrate being single in china. retail giant alibaba wrapped up $5.7 billion in sales. last year, total sales were $8
2:00 am
billion. that is more on black friday and cyber monday. singles, 11/11. that is why it is singles day. a few years old. it is a shopping phenomena. if there is a small movement in china that gains popularity. >> singles day. early start continues right now. >> happening now, more u.s. troops join the war on isis. we are live. in hours, president obama meets one-on-one with china's leader hoping to find common ground in the crucial, but tense relationship. we are live with what president obama is hoping to accomplish. breaking news. the captain of the south korea ferry that capsized is sentenced for his role. welcome to "early start." i'm


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