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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 17, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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, he did! keeping our competitors up at night. now, that's progressive. hello. i'm back. a welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm errol barnett. a pleasure to have you with me. coming up, break on a terror attack. a pair of men wielding axes and knives attack a sin going in jerusalem killing at least four israeli civilians. a live update on this in moments. also, state of emergency. the governor of missouri takes preemptive action ahead of a grand jury decision that has the state on edge. he's preparing for war and not necessarily peace. >> also coming up for you, the white house orders a comprehensive review of u.s. policy on hostage negotiations after a surge in kidnappings. and coming to america.
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the pope with the people's touch announces plans for a visit to the city of brotherly love in 2015. all of that coming up right now. we want to begin this hour in jerusalem. there's been a deadly attack inside a sin going -- synagogue. come coming after tensions between israelis and palestinians. we have more from ben wedeman on the latest. i know this is still a breaking story. what is the latest information? >> reporter: yeah, we understand that this attack took place at about 7:00 in the morning. that was two hours ago. two trackers, apparently -- two attackers, apparently both from east jerusalem, came to this synagogue here. they were armed apparently with a handgun, as well as axes and knives, according to police spokesmen. they went inside the synagogue, killed four of the worshipper, sick others are wounded.
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they -- police quickly came to the scene, killed the two attackers. two policemen were wounded, as well. of course, the israeli police are describing this as a terror incident. of course, it's been a tense atmosphere in jerusalem for weeks now. this is just one more on inthat's going to add -- incident that's going to add to increasing tension in the city. errol? >> it seems as though this attack could be in response to one of the previous attacks you've just mentioned. i know new information coming out still in this early breaking story. what will can you tell us on that front? >> reporter: this incident took place on sunday evening where a palestinian bus driver of found hanged in west jerusalem. now the israeli police say it was suicide. the autopsy confirmed that, but the palestinians continue to
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insist that it was -- he was murdered by jewish extremists. hamas called for more attacks in the aftermath of that. and of course, what we saw yesterday throughout the day were clashes in east jerusalem between palestinians and the israeli security forces. definitely that added to the tension. now we're joined by mickey rosen feld, spokesman for the israeli police. whatting in do you have about the incident? >> -- what information do you have about this incident? >> two terrorists from east jerusalem entered the synagogue in a quiet neighborhood. there were more than ten people praying in the synagogue quietly. as a result, they used axes and knives to kill the people. they were killed, stabbed to death t scene. israeli police units who responded shot death both of the terrorists. we're continuing to search the neighborhood to make sure there aren't any further terrorists. at this moment, four israelis
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have been killed in this sad, sick terrorist attack in jam. we've heightened security. that's being done in order to prevent any terrorist attacks from taking place in jerusalem. >> reporter: we understand they came from east jerusalem, is that correct? >> both who came here were from east jerusalem. we're continuing the investigation as to their backgrounds, if they arrived on their own, how they arrived in the area, why they targeted the area. at the moment, our main emphasis is tightened security in and around jerusalem including public areas and malls. >> reporter: thank you very much. okay, there you have it, errol. definitely police are on the scene, have been for some time. that alert clearly going to be heightened after this incident. esfl err errol? >> ben wedeman there just past 9:00 in the morning. the latest information from officials. the two attackers killed. security heightened.
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four israelis killed in this terror attack from a few hours ago. ben wedeman live for us. thanks. now to other major news. a city in the u.s. state of missouri's on edge waiting for the big decision in the shooting death of michael brown. a story we've covered extensively on cnn. he's the unarmed black teenager shot and killed by a white policeman in ferguson. a grand jury is expected to decide this week whether the officer will be charged with a crime. now, federal is under a state of emergency -- ferguson is under a state of emergency. the national guard is ready to help if there's violence in result to possibly the grand jury deciding to not indict officer dan wilson. that's the major fear. the fbi's also telling police across the country to be on alert for any unrest after the decision. now some say the state of emergency's actually premature. others say, no, it's needed,
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especially after 911 calls and video of the officer after the shoorpg released to the -- shooting were released to the media. sarah sider in has more from the state of missouri on the recordings and protests. [ chanting ] >> reporter: on a day protesters marched to the st. louis county prosecutor's office building, missouri's governor declared a state of emergency in preparation for whatever may come when the grand jury releases its decision on whether or not to indict officer darren wilson in the killing of unarmed teen michael brown. the st. louis mayor welcomed the decision. >> i agree with the decision. this is why -- first of all, we don't know what's going to happen or when it's going to happen, what the decision's going to be, what the reaction's going to be. i think we need to make sure that we are -- we are prepared for whatever may happen. >> reporter: the governor's actions have angered some protesters who say their demonstrations have been peaceful for weeks. and his decision is premature.
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>> no justice -- >> no peace! >> reporter: the decision comes after these images of officer darren wilson were released this weekend. the surveillance tapes released to the "st. louis post dispatch" show wilson entering and leaving the ferguson police station after the august 9th shooting. though the images aren't crystal clear, wilson does not appear to be any major wounds to his face, as initially reported by a source speaking on behalf of wilson to a local radio station. the police department later said wilson had no major facial injuries but had slight swelling. also released to the "post dispatch," police radio traffic that details the final moments before and after the shooting of brown. they reveal a better timeline. but sources say when wilson initially told brown to get out of the middle of the street, he did not know brown of the suspect in a theft of cigars. the audio seems to reveal moments later he realizes brown and his friend fit the description given by this dispatcher -- >> he's with another male, he's
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got a red cardinals hat, white t-shirt, yellow socks and khaki shorts. >> reporter: wilson is soon heard saying this and going after brown and his friend -- >> 21, put me on canfield after the car. >> reporter: a conversation ensues at the car. forensic evidence revealed in the autopsy later shows two shots were fired inside the car. then more shots rang out killing brown. you would never know that from the police radio traffic released by the department. all you can hear after the shooting is this, a woman wailing, and another officer calling for backup. >> 25 -- [ screams ] >> we need several units here. there's going to be a problem. >> reporter: the police have not given an official answer as to exactly why officer darren wilson did not radio in that shots had been fired or that there was a scuffle at the car. what we do know, though, is that the grand jury is looking into
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many different things, and this community is simply waiting, and many people worrying, about what's going to happen when the grand jury makes its announcement. back to you guys. >> thanks for that. one interesting aspect is one of the attorneys for michael brown's family says this state of emergency may actually backfire on missouri's governor. take a listen. >> he's preparing for war and not necessarily peace, and that they want to be ready for that event. i only hope that it doesn't generate the reaction that they're looking for, prepare figure something. sometimes you can push people into behaving a certain way just by preparing for just that kind of a reaction. >> of course everyone's hoping that emotions stay calm. the fate of policeman darren wilson and perhaps community relations in the st. louis area really does rest in the hands of the 12 people who make up the jury. you can find out more about how they will make their decision,
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the options they're weighing, not just one charge. he could be indicted on a number of charges or not. all the information ready for you at to other news we're following -- the u.s. government's reassessing how it responds when american citizens are taken hostage by terrorists overseas. president barack obama ordered a comprehensive review with a special focus on how family of captives are kept informed. also a focus on intelligence collection and diplomatic engagement policies upon a national security respondent at "the daily beast" told cnn how the review came about. >> it began in the summer in the wake of some of the first beheading videos that appear. and president obama personally ordered this and directed all of the various components of the government that had a stake in hostage negotiations to take part. so you have the fbi, the state department, the intelligence community. it's being described now as a comprehensive review, looking at
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the ways this process is working and, frankly, in many ways people say not working now in trying to essentially get everyone on the same page and to think innovatively and in nontraditional ways, according to the way one pentagon official put it. >> now, this review comes after isis militants beheaded a third american, peter kassig. he was an aide worker trying to help the syrian people. now his parents are speaking publicly about their loss and somehow expressing hope. >> peter's life is evidence that he has been right all along. one person make a difference. our hearts are battered, but they will mend. the world is broken, but it will be healed in the end. >> such a difficult time for them. we are learning more about isis members who may be in the kassig video. french official say this man is
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a self-radicalized jihadist. they say there's a "strong presumption he may have taken part in the terror group's murders shown in the latest isis video." they say the 22-year-old went to syria last year supposedly on a humanitarian mission. meanwhile, this new isis video is different from previous ones we've seen. brian todd has details on the changes and possible reasons. we have to warn here, what you're about to, a warning here, what you're about to is certainly graphic. >> reporter: the video like the others before it is grotesque and disturbing. the beheading by isis of american peter kassig is presided over by a militant we've come to know as jihadi john. >> this is peter edward kassig, a u.s. citizen of your country. >> reporter: there are strong differences between this video and those depicting the killing of american james foley and steven sotloff, british citizens alan henning and david haines. this time, no orange jumpsuits,
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no build-up to the killing. >> they unfortunately show the head of the victim but don't have him give a speech. they don't actually show his execution. and they don't let you know that there's another hostage to be murdered. >> reporter: but a u.s. intelligence official tells cnn they believe isis does have additional hostages. so why is this video different? a man who analyzed every beheading video during the iraq war for the cia says the depictions of kassig suggest the video might have hastily been put together. >> things, chances are, went wrong with this execution. maybe the victim couldn't actually give a good speech, therefore they couldn't use it. maybe they accidentally killed him during the production process and didn't want to show it. the victim could have resisted prior to actually shooting this, and they might have murdered him then. >> reporter: the video has a horrific feature not seen before. isis shows the man intelligence sources believe is jihadi john and others in detail too graphic to show here beheading more than a dozen men. the militants claim they're
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syrian pilots. it's the first time jihadi john is seen apparently killing someone. >> it was a sign of desperation because isil really are suffering. they're like an animal caged into a corner where they've got no response to the air strikes. the air strikes and the coalition-led effort is really hurting them. >> reporter: after the beheadings, the faces of the killers are brazenly shown. analysts say there's a message there, too. >> they were trying to show that this of almost a united nation of jihadies. the jihadis were carrying out beheadings from different places around the world. >> reporter: in the portion of the video depicting peter kassig's death, another point of difference. unlike in previous videos, they don't seem to be trying to hide where they are. they depict specific buildings, roads, and fields. they label the place dabiq, a place in syria where the jot moon territory opened to
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regional conquests. many more of the world's biggest stories still to come on cnn. police carry off protesters' barricades with the help of some of the demonstrators. only in hong kong. we'll take you there live after the break. and 30 years later, a new band-aid effort for a new cause. a look behind the scenes next.
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welcome back.
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more on our breaking news this hour. jerusalem is on high alert after a deadly attack inside a sin going. police say four israelis are dead, six wounded after two men attacked with knives and axes. here's some of the latest footage, i believe. this is a live picture of the scene right now. these are -- this is video from within this past hour. police shot and killed two palestinian suspects. and just moments ago, they said here live on cnn that they're still searching the area for another possible attacker. we'll continue to watch this happening this morning there in jerusalem. in the meantime, police in hong kong are taking down barricades set up by pro-democracy protesters in the admirality district. some demonstrators have vowed to remain in the area. so far there's been no resistance. in fact, if you look closely at the footage, some demonstrators themselves are helping police carry the barriers away. how representative, though, is this of the larger situation?
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cnn now live from hong kong. you're there in the streets, good to see you this afternoon. so in one place this movement's being snuffed out. but it's really only part of the picture. break down for us what's taken place so far today. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. we just reported on part of the picture. it was the 52nd day of the occupation in hong kong. you can see the umbrella movement, it's going strong. pardon the noise over there. some people doing building work. there's something very significant that took place earlier today. it took place at the civic tower, an office building located over there. the managers, the owners of the building requested a court injunction to clear away the access road of any protesters there. now, they were granted the court injunction. the police, the beliefs, they showed up early -- bailives, they showed up early to clear the protesters. what happened is something you
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can perhaps only find in hong kong. the pro-democracy protesters started to clear away themselves, lifting up their own tents. also lifting up and taking down the barricades with boxcutters, what have you. i approached the protesters and asked why were they doing this. they said, we're going to reuse the barricades for other areas. even though that one portion, that admiralty area has been cleared, sites here stretching many blocks down to central. also parts of causeway bay, the protest is still going strong now in its 52nd day. back to you, errol. >> there you have it. the latest information out of hong kong. our reporter amid the crowds, plenty of tents amid the construction. some areas have been broken down. thank you very much. in other stories here on cnn, iran's nuclear -- iranian nuclear talks resume today in vienna. and the deadline for a deal is now just six days away.
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the u.n. security council's five permanent members plus germany want a deal that will keep iran, key point there, from developing nuclear weapons. and iran wants crippling economic sanctions imposed by the west to be lifted. so far it appears chances of success are slim. india and australia are hailing a new era of security and military cooperation between the two nations. the indian prime minister spoke before the parliament tuesday. his address also focused on economic cooperation saying australia could benefit by assuming a central role in india's prosperity. mr. mody's visit is the first by an indian prime minister in nearly 30 years. and this very bizarre story. police in thailand want to extradite two americans accused of stealing body parts and trying to mail them to the united states. officials say the men stole an adult heart, a baby skull, and a
11:21 pm
foot from a hospital museum. also they tried to mail them to las vegas -- get this -- as a surprise for friends. the men are believed to be in cambodia now. and thai officials plan to give arrest warrants to interpol. the men could face up to seven years in prison. now, 30 years after band aid's huge success, musicians come back together for a new cause. you'll see how their charity record came together after this break. stay with us. ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you outlive your money? uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive.. confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need. well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today.
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welcome back. another woman has come forward accusing american actor bill cosby of sexually assaulting her more than 40 years ago. she says she was just 19 at the time. cosby has kept up public appearances amid the allegations, taking the stage sunday in pennsylvania. as his accuser tells cnn, she kept quiet for years because she didn't think people would believe her. >> i didn't know his history. i assumed i was not the only girl that he was doing this with. but who's going to believe me? bill cosby. the all hi-american dad. the all-american husband. the person -- mr. jell-o that everybody loves. who would believe me? they would probably think i was out to get something. >> and she's one of several women who have come forward with similar accusations against the
11:25 pm
comedian. cosby's lawyer has said his client won't be commenting on "decade-old discredited allegations." now a real tragic story. a doctor who treated ebola patients in sierra leone and was described as a hero is now the second person to die of the virus in the u.s. martin salia contracted ebola in freetown at a methodist hospital. he arrived at nebraska medical center saturday in extremely critical condition. s salia received zmapp and a blood transfusion from an ebola survivor but couldn't be saved. >> we really, really gave it everything we could, all modern medical therapies were provided. and we wish there could have been a different outcome. but i'm also proud of the team for what they're able to try. >> and the world health organization counts more than 14,000 confirmed or suspected cases of ebola in west africa. more than 5,100 of them have
11:26 pm
been fatal. the vast majority, as you see on the screens, in liberia, guinea, and sierra leone. musicians are joining forces to fight ebola with a new 30th anniversary version of the song "do they know it's christmas." the original song raised more than $$200 million for aid relief. this version raised more than $1 million in minutes. a look at how the song came together. >> reporter: the biggest names in british music showed up in solidarity in the fight against ebola. one direction, ed sheeran, coldplay. >> it's a good cause, big celebrities doing it. >> it's good that they care. it's definitely something about joining up to do things together. ♪ >> reporter: it was down to work. >> hopefully it gets to number
11:27 pm
one, and it raises a lot of money for a really wonderful cause. >> reporter: as a group, as a move -- >> as a group and a movement, we want to make sure that people have what they need to fight the next ebola. that's what this is all really about. >> reporter: the video was turned around in near record time to emphasize the urgency of the ebola crisis. ♪ it's christmas time there's no need to be afraid ♪ ♪ at christmas time we let in light and we burn in shade ♪ ♪ and do the world are plenty we can spread our smile of joy ♪ >> reporter: "do they know it's christmas" was first recorded 30 years ago for famine relief in ethiopia. it was the brainchild of bob geldoff who's used the same
11:28 pm
concept now to raise funds to tackle ebola in west africa. >> they don't have the doctors, nurses, hospitals, state systems that they have in texas or madrid. and so once again through no fall of their own, this virus is out of control in states where there are no systems because there's no money. ♪ >> reporter: it's a familiar song. this achieved great results in the past. this latest incarnation made relevant for a modern day crisis and today's generation. ♪ feed the world ♪ >> reporter: max foster, cnn, london. >> music for a good cause there. next on cnn, we pose an important question. >> sir, you put that knife down now. drop that knife! drop it! drop it! >> precisely when should police officers shoot? we'll take you to a practice range to see how much can happen in the blink of an eye and why some say the rules need to
11:29 pm
change. plus, will the united nations do anything about north korea? the alleged human rights violations at the center of a draft resolution being voted on today. details on this after the break. stay with us. you used to sleep like a champ.
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i appreciate you staying with us on cnn. i'm errol barnett. here are the headlines we're following this hour -- police in israel say four israelis are dead and six wounded after a knife and axe attack inside a jerusalem synagogue. these are live pictures for you this morning from outside where that attack took place a short time ago. police shot and killed two palestinian suspects. israel's calling this a terror
11:32 pm
attack. hamas has not claimed responsibility, but a spokesman says hamas supports "any military action against the occupation." the u.s. state of missouri and fbi are warning of possible violence in the city of ferguson and the surrounding areas. a grand jury could announce this week if it will charge a white police officer in the august shooting death of an unarmed black teenager. there have been hundreds of protests since that shooting. in hong kong, police, court officers, and even protesters are clearing away barricades set up by pro-democracy demonstrators. this is in the admirality district. many protesters elsewhere have vowed to remain put. now the ferguson, missouri, police shooting has raised a lot of questions about when exactly to use deadly force. police have said michael brown's body was found 35 feet from the car the police officer was in,
11:33 pm
according to dispatch calls. and the encounter lasted less than 90 seconds. so what happened? kyung lah shows how distance and time factor into that important decision to shoot. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: when to shoot, when is it justified, and when is it criminal? it's what's fueling tension in ferguson, and whether criminal charge are warranted is a decision facing the grand jury. but for a police officer who can trace the decision to training at the police ok-- police snack. >> throughout the united states this is standard training. >> reporter: forensic criminologist o'malleys he's been involved in 100 officer-involved shootings. >> i don't know this person is armed, he's intimidating. >> reporter: ferguson police say brown's body was found 35 feet in the police car. it's unclear what distance he
11:34 pm
was shot from. these type of officer-involved shootings typically happen in close proximity. at a san diego area shooting range using training weapons, martinelli shows what's called the 21-foot rule. >> sir, you put that knife down right now. drop that knife! >> reporter: the assailant rushes. >> drop it! drop it! >> reporter: do you even have time to aim at this distance? >> from this distance, there's no aiming. >> reporter: everything takes time. two seconds to unholster and lift the gun. >> you have to depress a button, you have to move stuff. you have to rocket back and pull it out. >> reporter: the same amount of time it takes for him to run 21 feet. change the scenario -- even at this distance where you see the knife, even where your gun is out, he's still gotten you? >> yeah. absolutely. we can really see that knife right there. and we can yet, you know, i've got a lot of time, and i'm on my front side. i can take shots. then that distance would be okay, right?
11:35 pm
>> reporter: but in most real situations that's not -- >> probably even farther back, right. calm down. calm down. >> reporter: change the scenario to a smaller, female assailant, and you gain a little more time but not much. and this doesn't factor in the officer's experience and adrenaline level. if there's cover or if people are in the line of fire. then add to the officer's duty belt -- >> the more things you add to the holster or to the duty belt, that delay the officer's response by 50% of reaction time. >> reporter: but martinelli adds this -- just because this is academy training doesn't mean every officer-involved shooting is justified. >> that assailant poses an imminent, not potential, poses an imminent threat to that officer of serious bodily injury or death. >> reporter: so imminent threat is the critical element here. that is the difference. now this 21-foot rule was written in 1983. it's the first time that anyone ever heard of it. now a number of law enforcement
11:36 pm
agencies, thanks to technology like virtual reality rooms as well as tracking the emotional responses by officers are looking at whether or not this rule needs to be studied again. kyung lah, cnn, los angeles. tuesday is an important one on the calendar for a u.n. committee that will vote on a resolution that calls out north korea for alleged human rights violations. the european union and japan sponsored this resolution which calls for a war crimes probe into the reclusive state's prison camp system. this is a major step toward confronting pyongyang and one that could ultimately lead to the international criminal court. north korea's long denied any human rights abuses. let's bring in paula hancocks. this afternoon she joins us folklife seoul, south korea -- joins us from seoul, south korea. it's hard to believe a simple denial of this in the wake of mounting evidence year on year,
11:37 pm
but they're denying this. they're, in fact, pushing back a bit. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right, errol. really since we've had this united nations commission of inquiry which of released earlier this year, pyongyang has been consistently denying the fact that they have these political camp that exist even though that report and many defectors show that they have significant evidence to prove that. human rights groups saying that there are human rights abuses. so of course the united states saying there are crimes against humanity in pyongyang. this is what they found. the draft resolution you talked about is going to be voted on later tuesday. if that passes, it will then go to the general assembly to be voted on. of course, there is an amendment that has to be voted on first by one of the very few allies that north korea has, cuba. they're trying to make sure that north korea and the leader, kim jong-un, is not referred to the icc, the international criminal court, which the u.n. has suggested should happen. and of course pyongyang has been
11:38 pm
on a charm offensive to mitigate this report. and also been rather elusive about the defectors themselves that have been claiming these human rights abuses, effectively calling them human scum. we spoke to one of those defectors, someone who had firsthand knowledge of one of these political labor camps. i'm shown the scars from the time in north korea's infamously brutal political camp. beaten so often, he says by the time he was released, he barely had any teeth left. he's also blind in one eye. bodyguard to former leader kim jong-il for years, after he was imprisoned he was tortured for years. the one man who has truly seen both sides of north korea and lived to tell the tale. "when i got there," he says, "people looked like walking skeletons. they had severe malnutrition, as
11:39 pm
did i. plus, i'd been beaten so much, my weight dropped from 94 dill kilos to 58 in six months." watching footage of a labor camp from a north korean defector group, he his heart break when he look back. he talk of scarce food, beatings, weekly executions prisoners are forced to watch and the flower garden. a uf mystic term used to describe mass graves. the flower garden has thousands, even tensions of thousands of people in it, he says. lines and lines of dead bodies. his to carry them. bodies with fluid still flowing out of them, and bury them where the guards told us. lis he met the current -- li says he met the current leader as a young boy. he wants to see him hauled in front of the international criminal court. a recommendation from the recent united nations commission of inquiry which tracked north korea and its leadership committed crimes against humanity. a copy of the report of sent to
11:40 pm
kim jong-un him. >> he is not able to claim ignorance of these violations. and therefore, he is now effectively already complicit in these crimes. ♪ >> reporter: pyongyang categorically denies any human rights abuses which infuriates li. he says he only managed to survive the mental and physical torture so he could tell the truth about north korea. the u.n. officials do say there is overwhelming support as far as they're concerned among member states to refer this matter to both the security council and the icc. but of course, the u.n. reporter did acknowledge if it gets to the security council, then china, another one of north korea's allies, is more than likely to veto the referral. errol? >> all right, paula hancocks live in seoul, south korea. just past 4:40 in the afternoon
11:41 pm
there. thank you, paula. we want to get you new information out of jerusalem this morning where there's been an attack inside a sin going. what we know at this hour, it's still early. four israelis have been killed after what's apparently been a knife and axe attack. two palestinian perpetrators, police tell us, have been killed. even though the area you're seeing now as we watch the live pictures, is on high alert. just past 9:40 in the morning there. it is possibly a retaliatory attack. we're not sure of that at this moment because this is still a breaking development. we've heard what israeli officials have said calling this a terror attack. let's get palestinian reaction to what's happening. plo executive committee member awary joins us -- ashwari joins us on the phone. good morning to you, doctor. what can you tell us, or what's your respond to what we've witnessed happen in jerusalem
11:42 pm
this morning? >> good morning to you. obviously the continuing escalation by the israeli occupation and the targeting of palestinian civilians and of course the increase in land theft and home demolitions in jerusalem all generated a spiral of violence. and yesterday's glimpsing was of the palestinian bus driver as well as other incidents, particularly by settlers against palestinian civilians have evoked the palestinians to the point that many are retaliating individually through resorting to violence. we've been cautioning repeatedly against such irresponsible and dangerous policies. we've even set that netanyahu is provoking probably holy war by targeting muslim holy sites. we said that such policies have
11:43 pm
to stop. otherwise, we will be plunging again into this violence, and we feel that in order to stop letting this prevail, the reign of terror and violence against palestinians also has to stop. and the inactive proviindication has to stop. this -- provocation needs to stop. the outcome is the israeli occupation and its impunity. >> now of course, in this part of the world, there is a perpetual back and forth of violence between israelis and palestinians. i understand you're framing it as the palestinians there being under threat and under attack. we've just witnessed this morning as four israelis were killed in what is gruesome, an axe and knife attack. what is your message to people on both sides? surely it's for everyone at this moment to refrain from violence as this could continue to spiral
11:44 pm
out of control. >> i don't think that is any military solution, and i don't think violence is justified or can produce any results. unfortunately, when israel uses violence, people ignore it or accommodate it. particularly in the aftermath of the horrific attack against gaza. you know, more than 2,000 palestinians were killed. this is not acceptable. there's no way in which this situation can be resolved without dealing with the root causes in a responsible way based on international law, equal that for everybody. and ending the occupation which is the abnormal situation that is generating such horrific violence. we said repeatedly we do not condone will have against civilians and innocent people. we really believe that the only way forward is through the implementation of international law and a real negotiated
11:45 pm
settlement based on the international law. that's how we end the violence instead of reacting to the latest cycle of violence. so long as there is occupation, this abnormal condition will generate a violent behavior. >> yeah. and that's always the case, larger issues coming to the surface after a small attack. one of several we've seen over the past few weeks. this one on israelis. we've seen attacks on palestinians. dr. ashwari on the line with us from ramallah in the west bank. plo executive committee member. just past 9:45 in the morning in jerusalem. four israelis killed. two palestinian perpetrators apparently killed. the area on high alert. a possible retaliatory attack. we'll continue to follow this. stay with cnn. more of the world's biggest stories after this break. sheila! you see this ball control?
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11:49 pm
door of the bar. >> that's right. that's right. >> reporter: how about this beer and cocktails to go with your smoking gun chili and locked and loaded nachos? the cafe and lounge at oklahoma city's wilshire gun is just the most obvious change in the way owner jeff swanson wants to sell you a gun. >> we've set up kind of like you would an apple store. >> reporter: is that where you had the ideas to have the guns on display like this? >> absolutely. that among other places. >> reporter: people can have hand-on experience with the weapon? >> a much more tactile environment. >> reporter: it's 8,000 square feet of retail space targeting gun buyer and designed to make it less intimidating, especially for women and families. are children allowed to handle the display weapons? >> with parental guidance and rsos and everyone watching, yes. they're able to come up and enjoy that experience with their parents and see it. responsible gun ownership should start young and in the home and with the parents. >> reporter: critics will say if
11:50 pm
you let children into your store to handle these weapons, you're encouraginging them to perhaps use it at home possibly, to play with at home. could that be happening here? >> that certainly is not our goal. >> reporter: the educational approach seem to be working. this mother brought her children in for safety training. >> i feel more comfortable knowing that they're not going to go and be looking at my gun. they've actually experienced that. >> reporter: rsos, range safety officers, patrol the floor. safety is paramount, but the mission here is to sell. not sure what to buy? there are private gun fitting room for consultation. gun fitting? it sounds like you're trying to clothes. >> it's -- it is and it isn't. >> reporter: still not sure with your pick? take it to the range for a test run. before you go, there are also classrooms to pay for instructions and dos and don'ts. you could even pay to do
11:51 pm
similarities like it to test your decisionmaking. >> go on, shoot me! >> reporter: would a typical customer want to go through these kind of scenarios? >> yes, they do actually. >> reporter: and it can all add up. the bar is actually the last place you can spend money in here. >> the rsos then do not allow you to check into any of the range and the prohibit you from entering any of the ranges for the remainder of the day as a shooter or spectator. >> reporter: one you buy alcohol, your shooting time is over. and by the time the shopping is done, you might need that drink. >> how mainstream is this you might think? well, oklahoma's governor of on hand for the grand opening. mary fallon took part in one of the stunts much there she is riding a tank crushing a car. she praised wilshire gun for creating jobs and preaching gun
11:52 pm
safety and then went inside. pulled the trigger there, tested the machinery, giving the thumbs up. there you have it. now it bitterly cold across much of the u.s. going to stay that way for a look. look at the snow in florida -- florida, massachusetts. here's what it looked like in texas over the weekend. the cold stretch from the northeast, deep south, northern texas, and the desert southwest. we have more. i left for a week. i come back -- i can't keep plants alive in this type of weather. you have a family at home to keep warm. a father for a second time. congratulations on. that how are you keeping the family warm with all this cold weather that's hitting everywhere now, right? >> cranking up the heat. all 50 u.s. states have seen temperature at below freezing this morning. so hawaii -- >> really? >> below freezing.
11:53 pm
higher altitudes are freezing and the florida panhandle, subfreezing temperature, as well. >> this is early to get that widespread low temperatures. >> it is, yes. you take the average temperature now in the united states, it is 20 fahrenheit, about eight below zero celsius. that is the coldest this early into the season, since 1979. to answer your question, it is early. earliest in a long time. the perspective out of indianapolis, indiana. icy conditions on roads. hard to see, but you will see as the cars come by going way too fast and sliding right into other cars that have been trapped on the highway. that's the perspective across, again, i-74. had to be closed down eastbound at times in the morning hours in independence. again -- in indianapolis. again, that pattern of cold temperature expected to stay in place. look at the map showing the lower 48 u.s. states, 50% of the lower 48 underneath snow at this hour. in fact, ten of the 48 states are the only ones not underneath snow across the southeast and portions of the mid-atlantic states. the only areas that do not have snow cover at this hour.
11:54 pm
if you're watching from europe, only the app and portions of sand they've -- alps and portions of kand they'via. just about yefr -- and scandinavia. just about everyone under snowfall. this is the fastest accumulation of snow across siberia since 1998. typically, it translates to cold temperature for north america and europe which is precisely what's happening across this part of the world. you take a look, windchills in fahrenheit, below in sioux falls, 11 below in cedar rapids. that's minus 23 degrees celsius. shows how cold we're talking across the south. teens across atlanta. a windchill of 18, minus 8 degrees celsius. and the pattern looks to warm up a little bit. we go from the 30s in atlanta up to near 60 by friday. dallas follows suit, as well. good news, sunday through thanksgiving day next thursday, a warming trend across the eastern u.s. with rain showers on top of the warmth there in the forecast, as well. more coming up.
11:55 pm
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11:57 pm
those invitations. and an update on our breaking news this hour. there's been another act of violence in jerusalem. this time it's an attack on a sin going that's left four israelis dead. we're still gathering new information on this. i'll be joined by rosemarie church next hour for much more on this and the world's other big stories. big stories. do stay with us here on cnn. -- captions by vitac -- and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,nd. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24,
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the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. breaking news. terror in jerusalem. two men armed with axes and knives go on the attack in a synagogue. now at least four israelis are dead. also, a u.s. city is on edge. just ahead of a grand jury decision on the killing of teenager michael brown. the governor of missouri is preparing for any possible violence. and with another american murdered by isis, the white house is now reviewing how hostage cases are handled. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> good to be with you, rosemary. hey, everyone. i'm errol barnett. >> we want to start first of course our breaking news on today's deadly attack on a jerusalem synagogue. no claim of responsibility as yet,