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tv   New Day  CNN  November 27, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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>> my eyes break brak news. a deadly attack on an embassy convey in afghanistan. at least one british diplomat dead. will the u.s. withdraw a plan for the region be affected. furry after ferguson. more proations and arrests after the grand jury decided not to indict darren wilson. this morning. michael brown's parents telling us what they think of the man who killed their son. nor'easter alert from coast to coast, thousands stranded an struggling to get home for the
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holiday. we're going to tell you what you need to know to get home safely. your "new day" starts right now. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bald win. >> good morning. this is thursday, november 26 just after 6 clock in the east. you have chris cuomo, michaela perrara. from the "new day" family to yours, we hope you have much to be grateful for. >> ak absolutely. so great to have you here. >> great to be here. on a good day. >> grath and early. >> we do have breaking news this morning. five people, including at least one british diplomat dead in after fan san following a suicide attack. >> officials say is car filled with explosives targeted a convoy.
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let's get to barbara starr with the latest. good morning to all of you. it was a car filled with explosives that attacked a car in kabul. one british diplomat killed, perhaps as many as 30 injured. the taliban claims accountability for this attack. the taliban moving back into kabul where the attack happened and moving back into key areas across afghanistan. it was just yesterday two u.s. troops who lost their lives a couple of days ago, their remines for returned to dover air force base. that was a large attack as well. six other americans wounded in that attack. where does it go fro here? the u.s. is headed towards, in just a few weeks, having as few as 10,000 troops in afghanistan. that's the plan, but it could
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change a bit because the policy may be being able to continue to attack the taliban, not just because they're taliban. they were spoesed to be left alone. but because now if the taliban posed a threat to the u.s., to the coalition, to security interests, the u.s. will change the rules a bit and go ahead and target them. >> we hope you have a happy thanksgiving. this is a clear case of lesson learned. can the u.s. leave a place that is likely to become disstabilized. we have tom fuentes. good to have you. thank you for being with us. tom, something like this obviously isn't random, needs time and planning. what do we know about why this was done? >> it's the same thing the taliban has been doing now, especially stepping up their campaign in the recent week.
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they kald 60 people in a volleyball game about a week ago. i think there's been four bombings in kabul this week. they're taking their presence known that they're going to be in control or a major nuisance in that country forever. i think that's the message they're sending to us. whether we leave or don't leave, they're going to keep this up and we can't defeat them. >> peter, in terms of just assessment of why this happened, in terms of the preparation, you know, obviously coming off of the b benghazi situation, everybody is very sensitive. how do we know if they were ready for this or is if it was just circumstance? >> attacking a convoy where you have a heads up that's going down a road is ready simple. you just need one suicide bomber. we've seen attacks like this
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very routinely. last year 3,000 afghan civilians were killed. the populations of iraq an afghanistan are about the same. it's 12 times more violent in iraq than it is in afghanistan. tom used the word nuisance. the taliban certainly can do these kinds of attacks but they haven't held a single large town. they're not a -- this is not isis which is going to storm on kabul as we draw down. they don't have that kind of capability. >> but the big question is, do you leigh and then it destabiliz destabilizes? is there a real risk that the u.s. troops pull out and the place falls apart? >> of course. but it's going to fall apart unless we put a million troops
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there. what do we do? this is the his tore rick lesson of afghanistan. many countries have invaded but u unsuccessfully held ground if they're the power. soviet union in the '80s and now the american since 9/11 trying to develop the afghan army. we're not going to completely defeat the taliban or the insurgents or whoever who resent having a foreign army of any si size, whether we're down to a thousand. they're patient. they'll wait it out. >> when you look at this from t the perspective of the taliban, you don't see them ramping up their numbers. this is just a nuisance?
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>> let me slightly disagree with tom. the fact is that there has been great progress in afghanistan. i was there under the taliban. there were no girls in schools. there was no phone system. there was no industry of any kind. and you know, there has been progress. i don't think -- the president has said we're going to draw down completely by the end of 2016. whether it's president hillary clinton or president jeb bush, whoever wins, he or she may say hey, that's not a start move to draw down. afghans are pretty happy to have at least a small international presence. they see it as guarantee of their stability. the first a kt of the new government, literally within 24 hours, was the basing agreement that allows american troops to be there. so i'm a little more sanguine about the situation than tom is.
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>> as you know very well, the americans want their men and women home. a new president does no want to own an old conflict. so the politic wills be complicated. thank you very much for the perspective this morning. we appreciate it. we do remember that they call afghanistan the graveyard of empires. >> i want to turn now to the situation ongoing in ferguson. the mood is tense but the protests were peaceful. but the demonstrations weren't nearly as calm in california. 130 people arrested in los angeles, 35 others in oakland. all of this as we're learning that officer darren wilson will be leaving the ferguson police department. his attorney telling cnn it's not a question of if but when. all of this as the community tries to pick up the pieces literally and figuratively.
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let's go live to see what the reaction is about wilson leaving the force. >> reporter: i think that one is pretty expected. good morning. happy thanksgiving. a quiet night out here in ferguson. the weather last night was pretty undesirable for anyone wanting to stand out here with the snow that was falling and the freezing temperatures. but at the same time residents here going about trying to get their lives back together by boarding up their businesses, cleaning up, getting their businesses back in order. one note here, west florissant, the street where we saw all of the devastation, that is a crime scene now still blocked off. you had arson there, looting. but when you look overall of what was going on, speet the weather and what we had seen, not done yet. we saw the protesters take to city hall in st. louis and has
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have a protest and mock trial of officer wilson there. what is going on here in the st. louis area, ferguson, not being limited to this area. protesters in oakland in southern california, block off the 101 freeway there. there were confrontations between police and drivers in that area as well, as well as in los angeles. just to show you how widespread the response has been to mike brown and the fact that it's brought to the forefront the race relations of law enforcement and young people of color, around five protesters in london gared out the u.s. 'em ba sis to protest. so the movement that started here, being felt throughout the world. >> it certainly has been. social media we hear about the protestst happening around, people feeling galvanized.
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it's not been easy bringing this tori to us now. we know how miserably cold it is and how hard it is to be away from your family on the holiday. thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> fortunate tly there there to people watching stephanie's report from the airports. travelers the stranded. we know and we're happy to be here for you at least. more than 700 flights canceled, 4,000 more delayed because of the fnor'easter. let's bring in meteorologist jennifer gray. >> is there hope for today? >> i have good news for foed. as we lefts laguardia last night, there were folks getting ready to sfend the night in the airport. >> coastal storms battering the east coast. nks i am a man without a flight.
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>> frustrated travelers feeling the weather. >> over 700 cancellations at some of the nations busiest airports. >> we were notified that the flight was canceled. we're sitting here in the airport. >> many airlines are waiving rebooking fees. >> but stranded travelers are finding it hard to rebook on a day that flights are full. >> for some of the roughly 41 million people expected to drive during this holiday, it's even worse. >> visibility is getting really bad. >> in the northeast, a wintry mix slowing travel from d.c. to new york, while heavier snow is
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causing accidents and tieups. >> vi a reunion of 30 family members that i'm trying to get to tomorrow if pennsylvania. >> a train ride was the salt lake city s solution home for many but they too faced delays. this photo shows the scores of people braving the crowd to be the loved ones this thanksgiving. >> those pictures unbelievable. it was a very fast moving system so this thing is out of here. we are looking at very cold air, though, to sink in behind it. look at this. not much happening around the next few days. saturday and sunday looking cold. here's your forecast for today. cold but clear across the southeast. rain and snow across the great
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lakes. cold in the northern plains. look at this. temperatures in minneapolis, 12 degrees, 27 in chicago, 37 in kansas city and then lows to nights if you're heading out doing some shopping it is going to be chilly across much of the country, 28 in atlanta, single digits across portions of minnesota. we're looking at that parade forecast, people already heading out to stake their spot. we're looking at temperatures 36 in the city, feeling like 34. and temperatures are going to stay chilly throughout the parade. temperatures in the 30s feeling like they're below freezing. let's look at those live peck churs just a few blocks from our studios. skies are expected to be clear for turkey day. wednesday's wet weather didn't affect the balloon inflations. last year was very cold and windy. >> maybe this year they'll be able to let them fly in all of
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their glory. how exciting. that turkey could get some serious winds. >> the blowing up of the balloons is one of the great's traditions. >> we snapped a picture as they were blowing up the stay puff marshmallow dude. >> first time i took little man there when he was just awake to the world, we grow there and he's looking and they're all soggy. i think it was dora and he's like dora is dying. i'm like no, she's being filled up. >> we're so glad you're here with us handling or news today. >> let's take a look at more of your head lines. supreme court jus sis ruth bader ginsburg is spending thank giving day in the hospital. doctors discovered a blockage after she experienced discomfort during exercise.
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she's 81 years old. she's the oldest acting justice. expected home by the end of the week. police in cleveland released surveillance video showing the moment that a 12-year-old boy wouz fatally shot by officers. authorities released the images at the request of the family of the 12-year-old. he was shot as officers responded to reports of someone brandishing a gun in a park. police say he was holding what looked like a real dpun. it turned out to be a fake. he was told three times to show his hands. thamas terrorists were planning to abduct civilianance carry out attacks on targets, including a football stadium and train stations. 30 people have been arrested. officials say the terrorists were getting support from
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turkey, syria, gaza and jordan. tributes are pouring in this morning for phillip hughes. he died in a sidney hospital hours ago. he was struck by a ball in the match earlier this week. he never regained consciousness after the injury. he collapsed a being hit behind the ear during a match on tuesday. he was just 25 years old and considered to be an up and coming great. they're equating him to australia's best. so it's a really devastating lost. he's the equivalent of derek jeter. >> thank you so much. darren wilson is not going to face criminal charges for shooting michael brown but is he completely off the legal hook? we'll get reaction to his interview coming up next. >> the brown family face their first thanksgiving without their son. we have painful words from them about officer wilson and how
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version of the events that led to the michael brown shooting. he says he did his job that day. those are words that are stick echoing in ferguson. he's get to anna cabrera. happy thanksgiving. tough duty but thanks for being there. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you. you know the angst of this community and around the community has never just been about officer darren wilson shooting and killing michael brown but it was the case that exposed a much deeper concern involving law enforcement treatment of minorities. what we're hearing from community members here in reaction to officer wilson's interview is his apparent lack of remorse tells them that the change they're seeking still hasn't come. demonstrators near the iconic arch in st. louis stand united among the firestorm generated by
3:23 am
officer darren wilson breaking his silence. >> everyone feels remorse when a life is lost. >> you have a very clean conscience. >> they spoke to legal and cyst sunny hostin. >> officer wilson said he had a clear con signs about what happened that day. if he had to do it again that day, he would. what's your response to that? >> he's a murderer. that's what that tells me. >> i hope the lord will have mercy on his soul. >> reporter: in the community, equally strong reaction. >> the interview was a slap in the face, to hear this man say he had a clear conscience. >> reporter: compounding anger
3:24 am
in a community still reeling from violence and looting. ray sumner works on behalf of shop owners. >> this property has been hit three times. >> three times down here and how many times are you going to take, you know, the abuse from it before you say enough is enough. >> the owner of this beauty supply store spent $150,000 rebuilding after looting in august. it burned to the ground monday night. how does this munt move forward? >> we've all got to stick together and come together as one. >> reporter: this community is emotionally broken. it is physically broken. just look at the burned down gas station behind me. these damages are prevalent all across town. it's going to take months if not years for this community to recover. and the healing could take even longer. chris and michaela. >> thank you so much.
3:25 am
it was a strong image to see the hands linked together like this. u want to turn to the legal aspect of this. the legal process in the michael brown shooting certainly far from over. two federal investigations are ongoing and the threat of a civil suits looms as well. let's bring in danny cevallos and joey jackson. thanks for joining us on thanksgiving morning. this is of such import right now and so many people feeling frustrated. is there hope from some people, they're asking, that maybe there will be criminal or other kind of justice to come out of the federal investigations. there's two probes ongoing. >> there's two separate stats they can proceed own. one is a criminal charge against darren wilson, the individual and the other one is a civil
3:26 am
charge against the agency. a lot of people have said that the d.o.j. has to prove some racial animus. >> a higher threshold. >> it's not true. >> explain that. >> the only thing that the doj, the department of justice, has to prove is that officer wilson willfully, under color of authority, that's not race color, wearing a badge, that he deprived michael brown of a federal constitutional right or a right under federal law which can have a racial element but that is not an essential element of the crime. it's important to understand that the key is whether or not officer wilson willfully deprived him of a constitutional right. and excessive force itself can be that depravation. >> it's a tough case to make. >> it's difficult, chris. i think what danny points out that you don't have to prove
3:27 am
discrimination or anything predicated on race. the misunderstanding comes in because you have to show ill will and evilness. i's not enough to show that he was negligent or reckless but he intentionally deprived you of your right in a way that was malicious. how else are you going to prove it unless you establish that based upon him being a african american, he went after pim. i don't see succeeding or prevailing when you have a grand jury that's decided we don't have probable cause. what a see is a civil claim based upon wrongful death that the family could level against him just by preponderance of the evidence. >> what happens in that case? >> we're talking about negligence. so you're looking at the actions of darren wilson you're not saying he acting recklessly but that he acted negligently. he was careless. as a result of that is it more
3:28 am
likely than not. what i see, because i think certainly it's in everyone's interest to heal, you know, and to grow from this and get better from this and to learn from this. i don't see a protracted civil suit in this event there is one. but i believe there will be one. >> but the simple action of the doj, that could be the biggest thing for that community. i don't want to let the prosecutor out of the equation too soon. it is true under law even though the grand jury has chosen not to indict, he could still bring charges, we know that he won't >> we should take a step back. a lot of people have criticized the grand jury process. our system is designed to give prosecutors near complete discretion when it comes to charging crimes and in a way, one could argue, that the grand jury process, in a process that is completely nondemocratic, obviously joey and i practice criminal defense.
3:29 am
the the sigs to prosecute by a prosecute is the undemocratic thing that our system has. we entrust them with the tremendous power and the grand jury process is probably the only way that we submit it to citizens. so in that sense the grand jury process, while secretive may be the most democratic criminal prosecution tool of all. >> here's why i don't think it was in this particular case. the reality is i don't think you can have a prosecutor who works with police, who depends upon police who trusts and respecting the police investigating the police. as a result of that i think there needs tosh a process where there's an independent body -- >> it's called the special prosecutor and the governor had a chance to do it and he didn't. >> and the prosecutor had a chance to back away and he didn't. therefore you have a community that lacks trust in the actual outcome of the case. >> a great discussion here. always appreciate getting
3:30 am
involved with these legal minds. happy thanksgiving to both of you. sadly the strife that's happening there in furgson is threatening to spill over into a beloved tradition. will protests disrupt the macy's thanksgiving parade? we're going to take you live to the balloon route as the balloons are deready to go. smoothies! only from tums. they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price. [ho, ho, ho, ho] lease the 2015 ml350 for $579
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welcome back to our special thanksgiving day nad. >> a british deposit lo mat has been killed. a car loaded with explosives has been debt naded. t the taliban has claimed responsibility. and the northeast is waking up to drier waumer conditions. hundreds of flights were canceled, thousands more dlads by a punishing nor'easter forcing a lot of people to make hectic last minute changes to their itineraririetinerariries. aaa anticipating 46 million people traveling this thanksgiving holiday, the most since 2007. and there's a concern in collisions with drones and airplanes.
3:35 am
the faa has been alerted to dozens of episodes where drones came within seconds or feet of a much larger aircraft. the faa is working on new rules for the drones which should be released next week. lines are forming outside of stores ahead of black friday, waiting on their chance to pounce on discounted merchandise. as it turns out, guess what? most americans won't be shopping either today or tomorrow. the new cnn poll finds that only 12% of people plan to shop today, only 22% tomorrow. michaela and chris -- >> are you shopping at all today? >> i am not shopping at all today. i shop in january when things are actually 70% off. >> that's my kind of girl. so not shopping perhaps, but today is all about food,
3:36 am
football and most importantly family. you're going catch it. >> i want to eat it. >> one of our great thanksgiving traditions in america is the annual macy's day parade. we're lucky to have it right here in front of us. >> kicks off in a few hours. let's get to miguel marquez. he's along the rout. happy thanksgiving my brother. >> reporter: we are in the best spot ever. we got the band starting up here, west carolina university. we've got thomas the tank engine right down here. they're filling them up. the biggest balloon ever, the most fabric used on any balloon here. and of course, the center piece of the table, tom the turkey. it's a tom sort of a morning here and it's just starting to now a little as well.
3:37 am
we weren't expecting that. 13000 cheerleaders and dancer, 49 giant balloons and 33 floats going to come down here. look at all of the floats lined up down this road right here. one concern here. we've had these protests in new york is that the protesters are promising to stop the parade and police say this is a security nightmare for them on a good day and they're confident they can take any protesters and stop them from stopping the parade. it's looking so far to be a great day. >> and that weather that was so gnarly yesterday has moved son so they don't have the concerns of wetting and even blowing the balloons away. but the concern of protesters could be a problem. >> they are going to have some help there. >> so reason they be protesting, michael brown's father says
3:38 am
officer darren wilson is a murderer. brown's parents speaking out on their son's killer and the investigation that cleared his name. we have that emotional interview next. headaches that just aren't bad enough for a lot of medicine, there's new excedrin mild headache. 35% less medicine plus a booster to end everyday headaches fast. please! oh, what a headache! headache's gone. excedrin mild headache. wow, that was fast! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ho, ho, ho, ho] lease the 2015 e350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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just a day after officer darren wilson broke his silence, michael brown's parents have responded. they're still devastated obviously by the loss of their son and the lack of justice they feel for his death. wilson's words offered no relief for these grieving parents. joined by their family, michael brown's parents sat down with our legal analyst sunny hostin. >> i want to start by saying i'm so sorry that your son was taken from you. and i think there are a lot of people that feel the same way. and i'd like, you leslie, if you can, to tell us about your son, the son you know. >> the son i know, mike mike,
3:43 am
that's what i called him, mike mike was, he was a big guy. he was so humble and soft spoken and he loved animals, he loved being a big brother and he loved being a grandson. he loved his grandmothers. he was the first grandchild our first son, so he was special in many ways. >> can you tell me about your son, the son you know? >> funny, silly, make you laugh, real good with his hands, fix almost anything. like she said, lezcy said, he loved his siblings. he loved his grandparents.
3:44 am
he loved to do different things to show girls -- he was just being a teenager, you know. just living life. >> now when you got to the crime scene and you found this out, what were you immediate thoughts? >> why? why you do that? anybody that knew him, that was the thought. why? no. mike mike, no. we don't believe it. he too sweet. >> well let's talk about that. because so many people in america have seen this surveillance video in the convenience store and people are saying your son was a punk, your son was a thug, your son was
3:45 am
aggressi aggressive, your son was violent. so he must have been aggressive with officer wilson. what do you say to that? >> i say that you cannot judge him off an 18-second video and we've known him for 18 years. we know better. i say no, you're wrong, and you cannot look at one image of a person and perceive who they are in a hole. if that's the case, let's look at the offense side with darren wi wilso wils wilson. >> do you believe when officer wilson approached your son antold him to move out of the roadway, do you think your son's first response was fu out of the way. >> no. >> do you think that's possible?
3:46 am
>> no. >> do you think it's also possible that officer wilson was saying that your son reached into the car and tried to grab his gun? >> no. >> do you think it's possible that your son told him, you are too much of a p word to shoot me? >> i don't believe any of those words were exchanged at all. >> no. >> and why not? >> why? you know why? because my sister had just rolled up this street and rolled past my son as he was coming down and just that quick, not even five minutes went by before someone was running to my mother's house saying mike mike is laying up, you know, up there in the middle of the street dead. an interaction or, you know, it lasts a little longer than that. >> officer wilson said that he had a clear conscience about
3:47 am
what happened that day. if he had to do it again that day, he would. what's your response to that? >> he's a murderer. that's what that tells me. >> what does that tell you, lesl leslie? >> i hope the lord have mercy on his soul. >> he's a murderer. because if he was conscious of what he was doing, that mean he understood his actions, he understood exactly what he was doing, you know. he didn't have a second thought, a push-back thought or nothing. he was intending to kill someone. that's how i look at it. even if it wasn't my son, he was going to kill someone at that point. >> he also said, officer wilson, that had your son been white it would have happened exactly the same way. >> not true.
3:48 am
i don't believe it. >> you don't believe that in. >> no. >> why not? i think that the interaction would have been a whole lot differently. probably would have rolled right past and except going. probably would have blew his horn and waved out the window at him. >> when you heard there was not going to be an indictment in the case, give me your immediate reaction? >> we'll have more of what michael brown's parents have to say in our 8:00 hour. it's interesting to hear this on this day because at the end of the day a young man is dead, grandparents don't have their grandson, these parents don't have their son at the table. no matter the behavior, no matter what he did, no matter what happened, at the end of the day a child is not going to be there for thanksgiving pnchs it will be the first thanksgiving
3:49 am
for wilson aez his family in a new reality. even though he wasn't indicted, the situation is far from over as far as what the future holds. we'll have more trouble for bill cosby. there's a new accuser coming forward, with a very graphic account. this is her first tv interview. weigh in there and let us know what you think about it once we play it for you. hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today. if it doesn't work fast...
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there is a new sexual assault claim against bill cosby, this from a woman who struggled to come forward for decades because she's a black woman and didn't want to bring down a man that meant so much to the black community. some of this what woman has to say is graphic. >> cosby is a human being. he did his job and did it well but he's not a messiah. and none of us are. >> publicly divulging a sex encounter with bill cosby that she says happened 25 years ago. >> this is where it hurts and this is where it makes it very difficult. >> even more difficult and painful she says is coming forward as a woman of color about a man who means so much to
3:54 am
black americans especially when she claims he abused her in the late '80s. >> i don't want to take this black man down who is providing so many jobs for black people and doing something that was historic is a positive way. i understand why we're in denial. i understand why we don't want to believe this. i didn't want to believe it. >> in her 20s, jewel alison was a model and aspiring actress. her sergeancy says set up a meeting with cosby including visits to his wildly popular cosby set. she went to dinner at his house. >> he said, i'm meeting with a couple of you who have college educations who i think could do a little bit better than modelling. and i want to help you all out. >> she accepted a second
3:55 am
invitation. >> what happened that night? >> i wasn't there for very long before he asked me if i wanted something to drink and he showed me a bottle of wine. i don't remember the age on it. but the age was impressive. and i said, okay. he fixed me a glass of wine, i drank a little bit of it, not a lot. took a couple of sips, it tasted horrible and i was like, i'm not drinking the rest of this. he, at that point, came over to me and he said, stand up. and he helped me get up from here. and i stood up. at this point i'm kind of out of it and i'm thinking, was it the wine? he said let's go into the room where there was a mirror. i'll never forget that there was a mirror because he told me to lack in the mirror and he was in back of me at this point. >> did he say why he wanted you
3:56 am
to laook in the mirror? >> after he had an orgasm. he said to me, you know, afterwards he said, look at the glow on your face. but before then he took my hand and put it in back of me and i felt something wet on my hand and then that's when i realized that something sexual was going on. but i was unable to stop it. and then he turned me around and he helped me, he put his hands on my shoulders and he walked me out and he said, let's get you home or something like that. at that point he hugged me, you know, which i felt was really bizarre in an affection nate way and he kissed me at the door. all of it didn't make any sense. then he opens up the door, there's a taxi there, a yellow taxi there. i always thought you had to flag
3:57 am
taxis down. the ride home was bizarre because i got violently ill. >> she kept it under wraps. >> i came home crying. it's horrible because it's like someone just sexually assaulted me and drugged me and it was cosby. the one person that meant so much to us. which i think is not fair. >> privately she's told a few friends over the years but after seeing other women come forward, she's breaking her silence. >> i have learned that fear can cripple you, it can make you sick, it can make you not sleep at night. once i decided to put this in god's hands and i said, i know you got this -- >> do not be a victim of circumstances. >> a writer and public speaker, allison has not yet addressed the cosby issue. >> is there anything that you
3:58 am
would say to him? >> begin praying and get the strength and the courage to begin to tell yourself the truth. >> bill cosby has not been charged with any crime. some venues have canceled his show. cnn has reached out to his lawyers about allison's claims, they have not responded. in a blanket statement last week his lawyer wrote, we have refuted these new unsubstantiated stories. when will it end? it is long past time for this media vilify occasion of cosby to stop. susan candiotti, cnn new york. >> it's tough to hear, got to be even harder to say. let us know what you think. we're telling these women's story because the court of public opinion is all that really exists in these stories. we'll following a lot of news for you this morning. it is thanksgiving.
3:59 am
happy thanksgiving to you. let's get to it. cars filled with explosives attacked a convoy of vehicles in kabul. >> they're going to keep this up and we can't depete them. >> i'm not angry at them but they're not showing any respect to my son. >> protests around the country continue. >> we got to stick together. massive winter storms top busiest travel day of the year. >> i am a man without a flight. >> be patient and wait. good morning. welcome to our very special thanksgiving edition of "new day." the turkey is right here. thursday want november 27th. i'm michaela pereira along with chris cuomo. we start with breaking news
4:00 am
overnight. the taliban climbing responsibility for an attack in afghanistan that left five people dead including a british diplom diplomat. >> more than 30 others wounded including some children. this happened when a convoy of cars were hit. let's get you to barbara starr with the latest. what do we know? >> another attack in kabul. the taliban claiming responsibility. a lot of concerned that as the u.s. and coalition presence winds down in afghanistan, the taliban moving back into key areas across afghanistan. this latest attack against an embassy can voi, one british diplomat reported to be amongst the five killed, 33 bounded including a number of children. the pictures are brutal. u.s. troops also at risk earlier this week in the last several days, two u.s. troops killed in another ied attack in eastern afghanistan, and six u.s. troops
4:01 am
wounded in that same attack. a total of eight casualties. it goes to the very key point here, even as the presence of u.s. troops winds down, it will be just about 10,000 next year, the taliban still very capable of launching and carrying out these deadly attacking. >> barbara, the harrowing question that hangs over the u.s. is how do they best help keep stability in that country with all of the pressure from home to pull out. let's bring in tom fuentes. a former fbi director and we also have anna coren. there are few people who have covered the taliban more extensively than she has. tom, let's deal with what this means. we know they can do this. this was not that hard to pull off. kabul is very tight and it was a big convoy of cars. what does this mean, if your opinion, to the stability of the situation?
4:02 am
>> i think, chris, that it just shows that we just can't completely control or pass fie the entire country. and you know, at one point years ago, in the visits i had to kabul, you know, at that time they used to say the city of kabul is stable, it's the outer provinces, the other areas that the taliban is able to wage attacks in. now the message is, they can do it anywhere in the city. and it's really hard because when you have a diplomatic convoy, whether it's the u.s. or nato or the british, you know, they can see it going down the street. the more vehicles you put in the convoy for security, the more obvious it is that it's an important convoy. and worthy of being attacked in their minds. so i think that's the problem here, is that they're sending us a message they can do it when they want, where they want and there's not a lot we can do to completely stop it. >> ana, when we look at afghanistan, people will say there's been more progress.
4:03 am
so maybe the u.s. can pull out. but maybe we're undermineding the exact reason it is more sfa stable. what's your take? >> the taliban is on the doorstep of the capitol. we've seen a wave of suicide attacks in the last several weeks in the capital and around the weekend. the valley ball match that was targeted, dozens were killed. it's up to the local security, 350,000 afghan police and army to now control the country, to fight off the taliban with the help of the u.s. troops. and as barbara alluded to, there will be 10,000 u.s. troops that will stay on there next year through to 2016. when i was there earlier this year speaking to the americans on the ground, at the time, you know, american's stance was we will have an enduring presence
4:04 am
otherwise we risk afghanistan becoming a safe haven for terrorists again. obama decided no, at the end of his presidency all u.s. troops will be pulled out. i think what is taking place with the new government now in afgan sfan, america needs to relook at its policy. because really, they need the u.s. presence there to help, not just train and advise but to held np the con bat missions to fight the taliban. >> and unlike what we got involved with in iraq where they wanted the americans out, the afghans actually want them to stay there and the question is if you leigh anyway, are you basically setting yourself up for another situation like we have in iraq right now. how real is the threat? >> i don't think it's as real as in iraq. i think the taliban, unlike isis, doesn't have large military vehicleance they don't have as much popular support as isis does in northwest iraq
4:05 am
because it's in a sunni area and they've been repressed and they're waiting to see what happens under a new regime that's shia led. i think it's a different situation there from a military standpoint. but insurgency, this is what's plagued every occupying western power in history in afghanistan, yes you can dominate and control it, hold them at bay to a certain extent and it's the taliban now and it's been other insurgencies for years -- >> the graveyard of empires. let me end with this. if the u.s. pulls out, if the coalition forces aren't there as they are presently, how long do you think it might take before there's a dramatic change in stability? >> look, i mean, the taliban is already controlling large swaths of afghanistan. there's no denying that.
4:06 am
tightly controlled by the taliban. afghan troops just will not go into these areas. and while if taliban may not be like isis, they can, you know, hit communities with def straiting blows. these suicide bombings with r, they just disrupt a community. and when they don't feel like they're getting the support from the government or the troops, the local troops, the afghan troops, that is when they have no choice but to side with the taliban because that is where their security lies. it's a precarious situation. the difference now is that afghanistan has has new president who's signed the agreement with the americans. they're playing ball with the u.s. with nato troops and they do want them to stay. >> it's a tough combination when your oppressor becomes your best option as a protector. police, the national guard
4:07 am
and freezing cold temperatures all combining to keep the peace overnight in ferguson, missouri, the scene of so much unrest since the grand jury cleerds officer darren wilson in the shooting of unarmed michael brown. i want to turn to stephanie elam who is live in ferguson to give us a sense of the mood. it's very early there. this is the thanksgiving day. a holiday this weekend. i'm curious about your sense of things there today and into the weekend. >> reporter: yeah, michaela, some hearty folks here, three people just went running past me getting their exercise. people here are focused on moving forward, cleaning up and figuring out how to move forward what has happened here. while it was a calmer night, those protests have continued here and around the world.
4:08 am
a beefed up national guard presence in ferguson keeping the peace and protecting property. a small group of demonstrators braving the snow to continue the protest. ferguson mayor james noles expressing frustration that the guard wasn't deployed earlier. >> the destruction is under way. there's in reason not to deploy them. i have no idea why they weren't deployed. that's frus trath. >> the governor admitting that the state must do better. after two days of arson, looting an vandalism, this burned out stretch now considered a crime scene. ferguson police investigating a fire that destroyed the church where michael brown's father worships and trying to track down who stole a rifle from a police car that was torched on monday night. the town's business owners and residents now clearing debris,
4:09 am
boarding up windows and attempting to rebuild their community. meanwhile protests around the country continue, with hundreds of people pouring into the streets. in nearby st. louis, police arrested three protesters following a demonstration outside city hall. protesters march into the building after holding a mock trial of officer darren wilson on the steps of the city's courthouse. in southern california, demonstrators blocked the 101 freeway sparking confrontation with drivers and police. farther north, the los angeles pris arrested 130 protesters while trying to corral demonstrators. outrage over the grand jury's decision reaching as far as london where roughly 5,000
4:10 am
protesters marched outside the u.s. 'embassy on wednesday nigh. >> reporter: and when you think about 5,000 protesters in london, that's more numbers than we've seen out here on the streets of ferguson. it just shows you how much of a lightning rod this one issue is not here just in the united states but for other people as well. >> ferguson is 21,000 people and these other metropolises much more. but to go across the pond to the uk, it means something. it's resonates in parts because of the solid reporting that you've been doing. thanks for doing it. >> are you home yet? are you watching me in an airport right now? if you are, i'm sorry. so many are still trying to make it. they're stranded after the nor'easter that grounded more than 700 flights. people who decided to hit the road didn't do that much more.
4:11 am
let's begin with meteorologist jennifer gray. he's understand the sooips and then we'll go to the practice of it. >> this was a fast moving system. the bad news is it caught people off guard and they were stuck in airports all day yesterday and even into the night. massive winter storms from coastal rain to inland snow battering much of the east coast and parts of the midwest on the busiest travel day of the year. frustrated travelers feeling the ripple effect of storm systems from montana to maine. >> i got on the road coming from vail, snowstorm and multiple accidents all over the place. >> nearly 5,000 flights delayed up the ix hours on wednesday and over 700 cancellations am some of the busiest airports. >> we were notified that the flight was canceled. we're waiting for the next flight out. >> many airlines are waiving rebooking fees for travelers but
4:12 am
stranded passengers finding it hard to rebook on a day when most flights are already full. >> we're hopeful. >> for some of the roughly 41 million people expected to drive during this holiday, it's even worse. >> visibility is getting really bad. >> in the northeast a wintry mix slowing travel from d.c. to new york. while further inland heavier snow causing multiple tieups and accidents >> this day of all day it's pretty frustrating. but vi a reunion of like 30 family members time trying to get to. >> a train ride was a way home for many required at new york station. this know photo shows the score of people braving the crowds. new england was hit especially hard. at punt point the starm knocked
4:13 am
out power to 3,000 customers. rosa flores is live in massachusetts for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. you know, some people still waking up in the dark pane in the cold. about 25,000 people still without power here in massachusetts. most of them are in western massachusetts because that's the area that saw the most snow, about ten inches. here where we are, it's more like four inches. not so bad. tightly packed. these are the westbound lanes of i-90, all these folks headed towards new york. smooth sailing this morning. that was not the case yesterday. state police reporting more than 100 spinouts and dozens of accidents. if you take a look at the roadways right now, if you're the ultimate prokrast nart and you're wait until this morning to see your family, luck is in your favor because the roads look a lot better that morning.
4:14 am
>> they sure do. it looks like the airlines are going to get back on track as well. thanks so much. let's get to the forecast. a lot of times we see these snow systems impact airlines and roads for days. but now the airlines are getting back on track and the roads are looking better. cold air in the southeast. we're going to see clear skies, looking good, very chilly temperatures in the northern plains. temperatures 12 degrees in minneapolis, chicago 28, new york city al 38. lows tonight, if you're heading out doing early shopping, 27 in new york, 31 in d.c., 30 in kansas city. temperatures a little warmer in the west. but the good news is that the weather remains quiet for the next couple of days. we have a little bit of lake effect snow for tomorrow and
4:15 am
then clear across the northeast. if you're heading back home, it looks much better for the weekend as we do have clear skies. a good day to watch the macy's day parade. it's going to be chilly. 37 degrees currently. does feel like 32. we had a couple of flurries this morning. but those should be moving out. temperatures stay in the mid-30s throughout the entire parade and winds shouldn't be an issue. let's look at some live pictures. look at that. we're getting ready. the clown doesn't get better than that. >> that's a clown on a giraffe. >> nothing to see here. that is so fantastic. this is going to be the perfect day for it. good photographs too. >> flat light good for pictures. there he is again. >> that's the "new day" turkey. >> tough for him.
4:16 am
let's take a look at the other headlines. >> supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg said to be resting comfortably following surgery. she had a stent placed in an artery on wednesday. she's 81 years old, the oldest active justice. she's expected home by the end of the week. a major terror plot thwarted. they were allegedly planning to abduct civilianance carry out attacks on targets including a football stadium and train stations. rivals, ammunition and explosives were recovered. an experiment tall drug to combat ebola shows signs of successful. 20 people who received this
4:17 am
vaccine developed anti-body to ebola. it's also very promising and enough to launch a trial. the only issue is the high dose of the vaccine which could make it harder to manufacture in a timely manner. police looking powerless to stop a bunch of wild bikers in los angeles. they were doing wheelies, running red lights and driving on the wrong side of the road all along police cars which were pursuing them. the person who posted this on youtube said a handful of bikers were arrested but most got away. the lapd said they were too tied up to the ferguson protest to deal with questions about this incident >> it's always a terrifying thing when you see that happening and you're a driver on a road because you don't know how to react and where to go. >> the bikers looked like they were in the middle of a video game there and looked like they were having fun. >> the game would be called dumb in progress.
4:18 am
any of them that weren't smart enough to take the plates off their bikes, they'll be seeing those officers again. caught on camera, the last moments of a 12-year-old's life. he was carrying a toy gun. the orange indicator of that removed. he wound up being killed by police. what does the video tell us about the case. we'll go through it. final preparations ahead of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. what says thanks giving more than giant balloons in new york city. we'll going to take you live to the parade rout.
4:19 am
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4:22 am
. welcome back to "new day." we wish you the best on this thanksgiving day. we have new information for you. a disturbing video show as 12-year-old boy being shot in cleveland. they were responding to 91 calls of someone brandishing a gun. the calls consider real, the gun was fake. some of this video you're going to see is graphic. let's get to george howell with the story. >> this video was recorded on a security camera in the park. keep in mind, these are the last few moments of this 12-year-old's life. video his family wants you to see. first we see rice pacing the sidewalk, brandishing what looks to be a weapon. at one point taking a two-handed
4:23 am
shooting stance. all the while police say he was being watched. >> the gentleman sitting in the gazebo is the gentleman who called into the dispatch center. >> here's the initial call. >> i'm sitting here in the park in west boulevard. there's a guy in here with a pistol. he's like pointing it at everybody. >> the call ir points out twice the gun is probably fake. >> it's probably fake, you know what, it's scaring the [ bleep ]. >> here's the clip that shows why the man called 911. the object that looks like a handgun we now know is really is toy pellet gun and rice seems to point it at this person whose identity is blurred. he's also seen here reach frg a cell phone then having a conversation. minutes later rice moves to the gazebo where he's now alone.
4:24 am
and now we know exactly what the dispatcher told the responding officers before they arrived. notice how she never relays the information that it may be a fake gun. everybody is tied up with priorities. >> a few seconds later she describes rice but again fails to pass along the words that the 91 caller used about the gun probably being fake. >> in the park there's a black male sitting on the swings, he's wearing a camouflage hat, a gray jacket with fleece. keeps pulling a gun out of his pants and pointing it at people. >> what happens next happens very quickly. officer frank asghar mack and officer timothy lo man. >> the officers ordered him to show his hands and to drop the weapon and the young man pulled the weapon out and that's when the officer fired.
4:25 am
>> in the dispatcher's audio you can hear the officer's grim call for help. >> shots fired, male down, black male, maybe 20, black revolver, black handgun. >> george howell cnn atlanta. >> we're going to bring in mel robbins. this is a very difficult piece of video to watch. i'm going to show it one more time because the family does want it to be scene. here are these final moments of this 12-year-old's boy life. it all happens very, very quickly. i know you've seen the entire video. i want you to tell me your reaction to this deadly situation. >> as soon as i saw it i actually got all choked up and i just needed to call somebody. i called our colleague, joey jackson, i then e-mailed you.
4:26 am
this is absolutely -- i'm just speechless. this is -- i hate to use the word but it's almost like the police executed this kid. they pull up, the child, he's 12. he's in sixth grade. this is a park. h it is a toy gun. he's shot within two seconds of the police pulling up. i mean it is literally unbelievable. >> so here's the situation. let's walk through some of these pieces and parts of this. because abyou mentioned, it happened so quickly. first of all, what struck me, mel, i want you to react on this and we' parse this out a little bit. they roll up so very quickly on him, like directly on him. there's in distance, no perimeter, there's no sort of communication, put your hands up et cetera from afar. they literally almost roll the vehicle right up on him. that doesn't seem like protocol. >> well, i don't know if it's
4:27 am
protocol or not. but i watched the entire thing and i think everybody should before they make a judgment call. if you're a parent, if you know a 12-year-old. this is what my nine-year-old does in the yard with his friends, chasing each other with guns. this kid for seven minutes is pacing around, pulling this gun out, he's waving it around putting it back in, then he's talking on the phone, then he's kicking the snow around. before the police arrive, this child is sitting at a picnic table for over two minute just sitting there doing nothing. the police come barrelling in and they claim that they yelled through an open door at the kid to put his hands up. how is that possible? how are you supposed to hear what the police are saying? the windows are up in the car. the police pull up on to the
4:28 am
grass. >> they pull up onto the grass and it looks like this child is down. here's another part of the conversation we need to have. there was such a disconnect. there was no communication between the dispatcher who said other police officers were apparently tied up with other priorities. they did not pass along to the officers that are arriving on scene that there were reports from 911 callers that they thought the gun was fake. >> yeah, that is absolute inexcusable recklessness. and under the ohio statutes, there is a charge for reckless homicide. i mean you can -- in my mind, based on the litany, the litany of errors and the way in which these police responded by pulling up with clearly guns blazing at the speed that they pull up within 10 feet of this 12-year-old child at a park on the grass in the middle of the day on a saturday afternoon,
4:29 am
there's no reports of shots fired, there's no reports of anything other than a quote, kid with a possible fake gun -- >> but it wasn't even a kid. they were saying, they thought maybe, you hear the officers saying maybe a 20-year-old. but at that proximity would they not have seen this was a child? >> one of the things that scares me about the -- look, i've been taking the heat on the ferguson coverage because i've been saying over open and over again that i support what the grand jury found, that the evidence does support what officer wilson said. but in this particular case i'm going to tell you, this is a stunning video. because what it shows is it show what is all of the protesters have been saying, which is the police in many instances act as the judge, jury and executioner. and in this case, because of the litany of errors that happened on the police force's end from how they handled it to not
4:30 am
passing on the information, this is going to a grand jury. and if there are no charges for a reckless, you know, kind of homicide in this case based on the video alone -- i realize we're going to get back into what did the officers reasonably perceive. but to your point, there were alternatives the here. they could have stayed on the street and made an announcement from the car. they could have gotten out of the car with the guns pointed. this kid doesn't look like he's brandishing a weapon. he looks like he's pulling up his pants. >> this is a story we want to stay on. we appreciate you coming and joining was our voice on thanksgiving day. still ahead, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg is in the hospital recovering from heart surgery, renewing a debate on perhaps should she retired. the final countdown is on fn macy's annual thanksgiving day
4:31 am
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welcome back to "new day." happy thanksgiving to you. there's news to be had. let's get to the latest headlines. a lot of headlines breaking overnight. a british diplomat among five killed in a suicide attack in afghanist afghanistan. we're told that a car filled
4:35 am
with explosives detonated targeting a convoy of vehicles in kabul. more than 30 others were hurt. and the northeast is waking up to drier calmer conditions after a horrible night for holiday travel. hundreds of flight wrs canceled. thousands more delayed by a punishing nor'easter. a lot of people had to be hectic last minute changes. a lot of them spending the night at the airport. a new report shows more than more smokers are calling it quit, the rate the lowest it's been in years. federal health officials say despite the progress they've got more work to do to get people to quit. it still remains the leading cause of preventive death among americans. that is the 20-week-year-old gobbler that got pardoned by president obama.
4:36 am
this year twitter voters got to vote on which would be pardoned. president obama made sure to mention the turkey pardoned is within his legal authority and this would be the most talked about executive action that he talked about this month. he should be so lucky. >> if only. if only, right? thanks so much. if you look at your clock, 90 minutes away from the start of the macy's day thanksgiving parade. the weather seems to be cooperating. the giant character balloons are ready to fly. >> thousand os people going, many of them families with kids. that's where we find cnn's miguel marquez. how are you? you're looking festive? >> reporter: i can barely stand it. 49 balloons of all shapes and sizes, 27 floats are lined up here along central park west.
4:37 am
1,000 clown. and of course tom the turkey, the center pieces. and i have someone who is not clowning around at all. this is brandon twru it. >> we're pushing 505 members marching with us. >> oh no. what a shame. we were just learning about the marching band. it's such an effort to get those teams and bands here. >> that is going to be a very cool thing there. but it's just great to see. we'll get back to miguel. >> i wonder if that turkey is responsible. >> looks a little lean.
4:38 am
>> we're going to check back in with miguel so you can so a little of the fun that's happening right here in new york city. supreme court justice ruth ginsberg luckily recovering from a heart surgery. giving no indication that she will step down from the bench >> quite a lady. also really interesting discussion, drones are getting awfully dangerously close to planes. what are they going to regulate it? we're going to talk about that coming up.
4:39 am
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welcome back to "new day." a health care to tell you about for supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg. she is 81 years old but she says she's not resigning anytime soon. that's good thing for president obama but she would probably have a hard time getting a replacement through the republican controlled senate. he's becoming an army of one there. let's bring in ron bronstein and
4:43 am
the editorial director of the national journal. he's running out of people. ruth bader ginsberg, thank god she's going to be okay. she says she wants to return. but if she could not, what do you think? do you think she could get a justice approved right now? >> if i did my math right last night, seven of the current nine supreme court justices were confirmed when the president's party held the senate. the only two who were confirmed by the o party were anthony kennedy and clarence thomas under reagan and bush. so it is not easy. and of course we saw robert bourke rejected by the democrat senate. this is why there was a lot of -- you know, there was at least a murmur of discussion in liberal circles about whether justice ginsberg should have stepped down when the democrats controlled the senate. in 2016 democrats have a reasonable chance of winning by
4:44 am
the senate but you also have a chance of losing the presidency and losing control of the nomination. >> it's a practice conversation. we now don't have a secretary of defense. and as we know, there is no shortage of conflict going on. it's only going to get worse in the next calendar year. how do you get someone through? >> well the second terms are tough. there comes a moment in every presidential's term where the president looking around in the office each doesn't recognize any of the faces. people get tired, people want to cash in, people don't work out and you're kind of of in a situation where you're replacing your original team and you add to it the complication of getting it through now a senate controlled by the other side. look, i mean, you can see how these decisions get affected by that reality. there's some discussion of secretary johnson at dhs moving over to the defense department. if you did that you would open
4:45 am
up a confirmation hearing for the kept of homeland security at a time when republicans really ready to go after the executive action on immigration. you see how that con strains your choices. >> is there a price for on city innocence at some point? if you need a supreme court justice or you need certainly a department of defense secretary, can they stone wall effectively there or are they going to have to put somebody through? >> i think on the defense side you definitely do. look, unless there is some overwhelming health reason, i don't think we're going to see justice ginsberg step down. when the next president is sworn in, there will be three supreme court juses over 80. the president tern we're seeing is with control of congress
4:46 am
divided from the control of the parties, presidents are taking more unilateral rale action and the courts are the ultimate arbiter of how far they can go. enormous stakes in the supreme court nominations. >> and by the way, everybody is talking about ferguson now and the federal investigation, the attorney general choice that the president has, loretta lynn, she's not going to go in front of the senate for a while. just explain to us real quickly before i let you go, the logic of why this works. senate cruz said if you go through with the lawless amnesty, we'll not confirm any nominees for the next two years. so why does that work with the base? >> well, because i think the base is demanding that they fight president obama's initiatives really across the board by any means necessary.
4:47 am
they're caught in this bind where wu are the incoming leadership believing that a government shutdown does not work. the clears evidence going back to the 1990s is it does not work in forcing the president to do what wu want him to do. but there's overwhelming pressure from the base to oppose the executive action providing legal status to four to five mill job undocumented immigrants. they need something that shows they're serious and this idea of a block aid of appointments, while it would be difficult to execute at the level of where you're obstructing national defense, the republicans are looking for a lot of ways to make life miserable for the white house. that is what their base is demanding. >> they have to be there to get things done, not just obstruct. we'll see how that follows through. we're getting to the date of where everybody changes hands. thank you for the perspective.
4:48 am
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good to have you back with us on "new day." drones posing a greater threat to air traffic than we thought. since june 1st, pilots have reported 25 near collisions with small drones across the country. many of those incidents occurred over new york city airports. including two close calls at
4:52 am
laguardia airport. david, i had to give my head a shake just before i went live to you. i thought we were talking about something of science fiction, talking about drones, but this is a reality. we have these drones, recreational use, people are flocking to them, and they're posing a threat. are there regulations in place right now, bring us up to speed on that first. >> well, there are regulations, mikaela, but here's the situation. the faa has been asked and asked with integrated drones into our air space, our aerodrone or national air spice. within that are a lot of challenges because of the fact they don't have the same equipment other planes do. the faa has said you cannot fly these things, but that's where it fell short because like any regulation, you have to be able to enforce it, and they did not look at that. they didn't say, hey, how do we find out if somebody violates this rule, how do we know who
4:53 am
did it? with a drone, you might be miles away from controlling the vehicle, so therein lies the big problem. >> the thought occurred to me, now we're going to have a fleet of law enforcement drones to combat the drones flying illegally. let's back up. one thing that seems like a c common sense move would be to have a no-fly in proximity to airports and takeoff and landing sites across the nation. >> and that's good. you're way ahead of where they are, actually, because it took them years to figure that part out, but they did do that and implement things around that. one five miles of an airport, you're not allowed to fly drones into that controlled air space. it's that air space where these occurrences are happening most comm commonly, and that is really a serious problem because these drones are getting larger and larger as time goes on and they're capable of flying higher and higher. originally when they came out with these years ago, maybe in
4:54 am
2008, 2009, 2010 when it started to become kind of common, they did not have big ones. they didn't have huge, large ones that could fly into these air spaces and these altitudes, but now they do. even for about $500 to $1,000, you can buy something that can fly into the same air space as an airliner. >> that's the concern because there's pressure from the manufacturers of these drones and from federal lawmakers to allow for more and more drones to come in. and i'm curious what your thought is. because enforcement for you is the issue. do you think it's a good idea to sort of open up the playing field, if you will, even more? >> well, i think it needs to be done cautiously. it's a wonderful industry. i'm involved in the industry in africa, using the drones to prevent poaching down in africa of the rhinos. that's one project. there's other projects -- >> yeah, lots of good things doing things with drones and also the nefarious aspects.
4:55 am
we have seen reports of smugglers dropping contraband into prisons using drones. you have to stay one step or ten steps ahead of criminals it seems when any kind of technological advancement comes. >> that's true. it goes back to this ability to enforce. therein lies the biggest problem, how do you restrict this. there is no constitutional amendment that says you have the right to fly drones. you know, that's not what's there, so they do restrict, and they restrict it as much as they can, but they're regulatory agency and they do have enforcement, but they have not played for this. >> we appreciate your input. the drone is not going todeliver your turkey so i release you to enjoy yours with your family. >> best to you. >> still ahead, another deadly attack in afghanistan. a diplomat is dead. dozens injured. we'll have the latest developments for you.
4:56 am
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breaking news. a suicide bomber attacks an embassy convoy in afghanistan.
5:00 am
a british diplomat among the dead. dozens more injured. the taliban is taking credit. the question now is will u.s. troops be able to end their afghanistan mission next year as planned. >> darren wilson's fate as massive protests grip the nation. what is next for the ferguson officer who shot and killed michael brown. we'll discuss what he may be contemplating. >> black friday frenzy. you know it's one of the busiest shopping days of the year. what you need to know is where are the best deals and what is the best time to get them. we have wrs for you. your "new day" continues right now. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> you're debating han versus turkey. >> we're not a big fan of ham. it's thanksgiving. it's appropriate conversation. it's good to have you here with
5:01 am
us on "new day." thursday, november 27th, just after 8:00 in the east. quis cuomo, michaela pereira, deborah feyerick. thanks for everybody for spending your holiday with us. we have breaking news to tell you about. a member of the british diplo t diplomatic core is among five people killed in a suicide attack in pakistan. >> a car loaded with explosives injured many people. barbara starr joins us with the latest details. good morning. >> good morning to you guys up here on this holiday. a very grim reminder how dangerous war zones are for all of those who serve. a british diplomat, he's now said to be a member of the security team, the civilian security team for the british delegation, killed in kabul, when a car laden with explosives detonated when a convoy of vehicles was going by. five killed. this person included.
5:02 am
five kills, 33 wounded including a number of children. the taliban taking credit. you see the aftermath, very grim business. taliban really sort of moving in again in so many areas in afghanistan. if indeed they ever left. a number of attacks in kabul in that region in recent days and in other places across the country. raising the question as the u.s. and coalition presence winds down in afghanistan, will the taliban again be on the rise? the u.s. presence expected to within weeks now to go down to about 10,000 troops or so. through most of next year. they will continue to do some training, advising, assisting of afghan security forces. they will continue to conduct counterterrorism missions against al qaeda and taliban operatives. but right now, you know, if anybody thought the taliban left town, they certainly appear not to have done that. >> a violent and sad reminder,
5:03 am
spa especially on this daise. thanks for that. >> cold and condescending on ferguson, missouri. protests remained mostly peaceful last night. the anger, however, is not in the past. it is still being felt in cities across the nation. more than 160 people were arrested at various profests in california. i want to bring in stephanie elam, who is live in ferguson. good morning. >> good morning, much calmer night here in ferguson, but protests continue here, in the united states, and around the world. a beefed up national guard presence in ferguson, keeping the peace and protecting property. a small group of demonstrators braving the snow and freezing conditions to continue the protests. james noles expressing frustration the guard wasn't deployed sooner. >> at that point, you're beyond
5:04 am
antagonizing. the destruction is already under way. there's no reason not to deploy them. >> he admits the state must do better after more than tripping the national guard force yesterday. after looting and vandalism, this burnt out stretch of west avenue now has protection. they're trying to track down who stole an a rrk-15 rifle from a police car torched on monday night. the town's business owners and residence now clearing debris, boarding up windows and attempting to rebuild their community. meanwhile, protests around the country continue, with hundreds of people once again pouring into the street. in nearby st. louis, police arrested three protesters following a demonstration outside city hall.
5:05 am
>> people united, we'll never be defeated. >> protesters marched into the building after holding a mock trial of darren wilson on the steps of the city's courthouse. in southern california, demonstrators blocked the 101 freeway sparking confrontation with drivers and police. trying to coral demonstrators. the decision reaching as far as london where as many as 5,000 protesters marched outside the embassy in solidarity with the ferguson community wednesday night. and back here in ferguson, while there is fatigue with the attention on ferguson and the story here in this town, there are many people who say the drum beat should not be stopped and that the relationship between law enforcement and young people of color continually needs to be
5:06 am
examined. chris. >> liz is a columnist. important to have both of you here and nice to see editor and columnist elbow to elbow. hopefully it's for thanksgiving. we don't want to see anyone targeted, but why so much focus on the police and not inpolitical leadership that makes the decisions that control the police. your governor, your big elected officials, the mayor. how have they escaped the scrutiny here? >> i have no idea, chris. because i personally lay the blame of what has happened here at the feet of claire mccaskill,
5:07 am
at the feet of jay nixon, and at the feet of bob mccullough. all three of them are the top lawyers in the state. and these top lawyers made a decision that bob mccullough should not be removed from this case. the top lawyers in this case, claire mccaskill in particular, said because bob mccullough is my friend, i don't think he should be removed from this case. i see no reason for it. i know how honest he is. these three people could have gotten together on day one and made the decision that it would be impossible for any attorney, any prosecution, to be fair and impartial when prosecuting a case of this size against their own police officers. i lay the responsibility of that. >> i have a new breakdown of what was said. we don't know what the grand jurors voted. we don't know the count. we're not going to know the count, but we now know what witnesses said mattered and why. i want to go over the bullet points with you. chris, start with you. more than 50% of the witness
5:08 am
statements said that michael brown held his hands up when darren wilson shot him. 16 out of 29 such statements. and as we all know, the prosecutor keeps saying, he threw every witness in there that he could, even people they should have known didn't tell the truth. 16 of 29 said he held his hands up. what does that mean in terms of how they still didn't indict? >> we're looking at the demographics of st. louis county which was inflected in the jury. and those are the same majority wide voters. 9 out of 12, that elected bob mcculloch over and over again and will elect him again if they ged a chance, i'm afraid. >> liz, more than half of the witness statements said brown was running away from wilson when the police officer opened fire on the 18-year-old. while fewer than one fifth of
5:09 am
such statements indicated that was not the case. that's confusing. more than half of the witnesses said he was running away when the shooting started. that's inconsistent with officer wilson's testimony. what do you think got the great jury past that scientificic of the witnesses in favor of what wilson said? >> i think that the issue of credibility of a cop got them past that. we have to keep reminding ourselves that a grand jury is not a trial setting. there's no cross-examination. there's no vetting of the information. and i tried dozens and dozens of criminal cases. one of the most important things you do as an attorney is avo avoir dire selection. and in particular, a police officer. in this case, in the grand jury, this police officer walks into that room with credibility plus.
5:10 am
they already believe what police officers say. so when darren wilson spoke, they listened, and they believed him because there was no cross-examination, and he walked into that room with super, super, super credibility, and then, if we want to talk about the race component of it as well, a white police officer walked into this room with credibility and also the advantage of being white. >> one of the things that is interesting in this pbs newshour did a breakdown of the testimony and they created a grid for us, that's what we're working off of. they did not ask as a category how many people said he was charging when he was shot. they don't have that there. obviously, that wound up being the biggest determination on what officer wilson was basing the largest part of his actions on. this will never get more sussed out than it has been already legally, so the question becomes where is there closure?
5:11 am
not meaning it should go away, but you move past this into the direction of progress. what are you hearing on the ground about what that will mean for people? how does that start? >> well, you know, the front line protesters are angry at the police. they have good reason to be angry at the police. they're going to remain angry at the police. there needs to be a better leverage on the middle line or back line of supporters and there are very intelligent people in st. louis and li swrx z and i know them well, and they have let them lead and do their own thing, but now there is a chance to go to the bargaining table with some of the power brokers who made the mistakes to get us where we are, and there's a chance to get them to take responsibility for the mistakes they made so we can improve st. louis and ferguson instead of continue to destroy it. >> and that's what it's all about, right? finding a way forward. no question you have a division between the community being policed and the men and women
5:12 am
who are supposed to protect them, but it comes back to the leadership. once again, this doesn't happen just from protests. president obama was right about that. it's about that -- it doesn't come from violence and destruction of a protest. it comes from change of leadership. we have to see what form that takes, lizz brown, chris king, thank you for joining us. enjoy your day with your loved ones. >> the question is are you getting home to be with your loved ones for this thanksgiving? the weather is not cooperating. so many flights canceled yesterday. the roads were really bad for a lot of people due to the nor'easter we experienced on wednesday. many of you are probably watching us from the airport tvs, in fact. we know that 700 flights were called off, 4,000 others delayed. the big question is, what about today? what's in store for our holiday. jennifer gray is here. please tell me there's there news. >> things are much, much better.
5:13 am
airlines should be getting back on track. if you had to spend the night in the airport, hopefully you'll be able to get a flight soon. the airlines will be playing catch-up as the system moves out. it was a fast mover, so it did dump lanchlg amounts of snow. in virginia, we saw close to a foot. some areas, even more. a lot of snow with this, but it did impact the interior sections more. here's an outlook at thanksgiving day. cold but clear across the southeast. very cold air in the northern plains, a little rain and snow for the great lakes for today. that's really the only trouble spot as we look into highs today. 37 in kansas city. 64 in denver. what a great day there. 35 in d.c. temperatures chilly in new york city. lows tonight dropping down into the teens and single digits across the midwest and northern plains. so very cold start to a couple of black friday shoppers heading out for tomorrow. we are going to see a quiet
5:14 am
weather pattern set up for the east as we go through the weekend. so if you are traveling back saturday or sunday, the northeast and the east coast looks much, much better. a lot of folks heading to the streets of new york for the macy's thanksgiving parade. 37 degrees right now, feeling like 35. we'll see the temperatures stay very cool throughout the parade. in the 30s, feeling below freezing. so at least it's not going to be windy. should be a good day. it's thang thank. we expect cooler weather. >> or rainy. you can bundle up in the cold. thanks so much. >> thanksgiving. it's going to be good no matter what. a lot of news today. let's get to deb for the top stories. >> the headlines, ruth bader ginsburg is said to be resting comfortably after having a stent placed in her artery. doctors discovered a blockage when she experienced discomfort during exercise. she previously survived colon
5:15 am
and pancreatic cancer. they say she expects to be back on the bench monday. and police in cleveland released surveillance video showing the moment a 12-year-old boy was shot by officers. the video is graphic and troubling to see. authorities released the images at the request of the family of the boy. he was shot as officers responded to reports of a guy in the park brandishing a gun. police say he was holding what looked like a real gun but it turned out to be fake. he was toll three times to show his hands. there are questions, however, about why police fired just seconds after they pulled up in front of the boy. >> israeli security forces say they have broken up a massive terror plot. hamas terrorists were planning to abduct civilians and carry out plots on a football stadium. rifles, ammunitions and
5:16 am
explosives were said to be recovered. they were getting help from operatives in turkey, syria, gaza. >> and an ebola vaccine proving successful in its first trial. all 20 people developed antibodies against ebola. the results are incredibly promising. promising enough to now launch a trial for thousands in west africa. the only issue is the high dose of the vaccine, which is make it harder to manufacture in a timely matter and get it to the people who need it. that's great news for all of those in west africa. >> thanks. >> we need good news. that's for sure. officer darren wilson's attorney said it's enly a matter of time before the officer leaves ferguson. with a civil suit hanging over them, the story is far from over. >> also, we'll hear from michael brown's parents. they sat down with sunny hostin,
5:17 am
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5:20 am
we're now talking about the fallout from the michael brown shooting because it continues to figure out now what happens. two federal investigations focusing on ferguson. one concerns possible racial profiling by the police department. the other one focuses on darren wilson specifically. let's figure out what the investigates are about and what is most likely with mel robbins
5:21 am
and joey jackson. joey, i want to start with you. we have this breakdown we were using in the last segment. i said i didn't see them asking how many witnesses say he charged. they did have it. i just didn't pick it up the way they worded it. 6 to 4 said that michael brown charged the police car or the police officer. 6 to 4. >> witnesses. >> yes, and 4 said he did not. >> maybe they didn't remember it, didn't see it? >> or no question for that fact. that was that. and a amajority said he did reach into the car. that's where they are on the breakdown. now they came to their conclusion. that part is over. these federal investigations, the next part, is either of them likely to bear fruit? if so, why? >> here's how i see it. the federal investigation as it relates to civil rights violations is very difficult to establish. and here's why. when you talk about a federal
5:22 am
investigation that talks about did you violate civil rights, you have to show purposeful deprivation of a civil liberty. what would that be? the use of excessive force. we have a right to walk around without being shot. however, in showing that, you have to show some ammous, some malice, some evil purpose. you need to do that. if you can't just show that he acted in a reckless of negligent way, you have to show he violated his lights. as to the other issue, as it comes to the pattern of the police department, it's hard to say. they'll be looking into that in detail as to what they have always done and what they continue to do. >> that's what i want to pick up with you, mel. we have seen the 160-some odd protests around the country. there's a great deal of people who feel as though things need to change. they're looking to this federal
5:23 am
probe as bringing about changes in policies and procedures. do you think that's likely? >> i don't think that the federal probe is likely, because as professor joey jackson just so thoroughly and eloquently explained the law in this, it's a very, very high bar and they have to show a pattern and practice for the police department, on behalf of the police department to find a violation. i do think, however, what will cause change is the protests, the conversation, and the family's push for what they're calling the michael brown law. you already heard in the press conference in the tragic cleveland shooting of the 12-year-old with the toy gun, during the press conference when they released the video, they said that by january, all cleveland police officers will be wearing the cameras on the actual bodies of police
5:24 am
officers. and i think that is a very, very good step. but one thing that i would love to talk about is last year, the fbi reported there were 461, quote, justified police shootings. i think the real issue here, and joey has been talking a lot about this, you know, in these cases, when there's a police shooting, it goes to this grand jury process that is controlled by the prosecutors who have a very tight relationship with the police. and one of the things that i think needs to happen is is there an alternative to that process? in looking at -- >> a more objective -- >> there is. it's called a special prosecutor. >> it seems like a political move. >> because we're talking about it, what mel is talking about is listen, this should be as a matter of law, not as saying, let's make the educated decision. should the governor take it away from me, should i recruse myself. as a matter of law, you
5:25 am
shouldn't be doing it. i work with you every day, i respect you, i admire you, i need you. how can i objectively evaluate what you do. people say it's the same evidence. it's all in the manner of the present tagdz of the evidence. how are you going to present it, what are going to be the order of witnesses? how are they going to be questioned and organized? >> so what's the compromise? the compromise and a prosecutor comes in and says we're going to be impartial here. i'm going to present you with all the evidence, you make the decision for yourself. what message does that send? and is that putting too much strain on the system? >> that's a problem because it's the way it's presented. for example in this case, prior to darren wilson testifying, who was called? you had his sergeant that was called, and what questions was he asked? what do you know about darren wilson? he's the greatest guy. he smiles every day. he's a wonderful person. he's never had an issue, no discipli
5:26 am
disciplinary record at all and he's boltstered his testimony. that's improperly. the grand jury had a job to do, i respect the job they did, but the grand jury proceeding is a great way at getting information. it's not a great way at sifting through the information and critically analyzing it and subjecting it to the scrutiny that a trial would subject it to, and that's the issue. >> our thanks to both of you. can we release them now? can they have thanksgiving with their family snz. >> they remain sequestered. >>alize there's a great thanks back in the green room. >> we're like siblings here that can't get along. thanks. >> we're certainly grateful to have you as part of the "new day" family. now, one family who will be having a very hard thanksgiving is the brown family, no matter what you think of the case, they don't have their son this thanksgiving. the family is speaking out. they sat down with cnn. you want to stick around for the interview. they had a lot to say about the man who took their son's life
5:27 am
and what should happen next. >> and families are gathering about a half hour from now for this. that's a turkey family. we have live pictures for you. people bundled up in their outfits. some comical, some warm, for the macy's thanksgiving parade. we'll take you to the parade route before it begins. >> what do you call a group of turkeys? >> a gaggle. >> is that it?
5:28 am
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we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. and time now for the five things that you need to know for your new day. a british diplomat among five people killed in a suicide blast in afghanistan. a car filled with explosives targeted a convoy of foreign embassy cars. the cold, the holiday, and a strong national guard presence helping to keep protests peaceful in ferguson, missouri. wasn't as peaceful in california where more than 160 arrests were made. israeli security forces say they have broken up a massive terror plot. more than 30 hamas terrorists were planning to abduct civil n civilians and carry out attacks. >> and ruth bader ginsburg is
5:32 am
said to beresting comfortably in a d.c. hospital after having a stent placed in her heart. a court official said she expects to be on the bench as early as monday. >> and new reports of collisions between drones and airplanes. close calls in some of the beziest airports. all the five things you need to know. go to "new day" at for the latest. >> the big show today isn't "new day." it's the macy's parade, as much a part of thanksgiving as the turkey. the largest edition gets under way at the top of the hour. that's when we're going to start taking it under. >> they take flight. controlled flight. >> you have to stay here until then. miguel marquez is on the parade route, looking very dapper, very excited. >> it's a half hour to the opening gobble. that's the start of the parade right down there. we're looking at 49 balloons of
5:33 am
all shapes and sizes. 27 floats, 12 marching badz, 1300 cheerleaders and 1,000 clowns including this one and these clowns right over there. look at this. happy thanksgiving. the turkey family here. and i want to introduce you to somebody very, very special. this is sydney cooper. you have come all the way from florida for this. are you excited? >> yes. >> how excited are you? >> very. >> what do you want to sigh? what are you excited for? >> i'm excited to see the parade because this is my first time. >> why is thanksgiving so special? >> because thanksgiving, you get to spend time with your family and friends and you get to eat a wonderful meal. >> fantastic. you're going to have a great meal today? very nice to meet you. happy thanksgiving. and happy thanksgiving to all of you. we're waiting for that parade. coming this way. back to you. >> he doesn't feel the cold because his heart is so full of warmths. >> and he has those nice gloves on. >> a rafter or a gang of
5:34 am
turkeys. >> i know i said a gaggle, but i like it. >> new orleans saints quarterback drew brees, you know him. he makes an impact on the field every sunday. off the field, he wants to inspire everybody to join another team. >> as a super bowl champion, drew brees knows how to lead others to victory. now he's using those skills off the field to rally professionals to volunteer in their communities. it's called the super service challenge. >> no matter what business you're in, what industry, there's always something you can do to give back, and to be able to do that on a skill based or pro bono level. >> i skiserve biez my skills ar short supply. >> i serve to keep kids in school. >> through our partnership, we're trying to inspire others to want to go out and serve. >> the challenge is you get a group together. you identify a charity, you serve them, you document that experience, you submit that
5:35 am
video, and then you might be one of the ones who is chosen. >> to add a little friendly competition, the super service challenge will make donations to some of the charities featured. >> we have roughly $1.5 million to give out. i don't know if there's anything that makes you feel better than giving.
5:36 am
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welcome back. just a day after officer darren wilson broke his silence about what he says happened on that fateful day in ferguson, michael brown's parents have responded. they're still devastated by the loss of their son, of course, and what they say is a lack of justice for his death. wilson's words offered no relief to them, they say, as grieving parents. here's more of their sitdown with sunny hostin. >> when you heard there wasn't going to be an indictment in this case, give me your immediate reaction? >> it was like i got a phone call all over again about what had happened to my son. that's how i felt, and i felt just as helpless as i felt in the beginning.
5:40 am
and i wanted to address ferguson. and i did. >> and let's talk about that. because we have all seen the video of you going to where the protesters were in front of the ferguson police department. and you were on a car. and you're speaking to the people. why did you feel the need to do that? >> i felt the need to do that because, one, they never addressed us. and two, you've heard our pleas and our cries for everything to go the way it should be. and then third of all, we heard this, and it was just like -- like i had been shot, like you shooting me now. just no respect, no sympathy, nothing. and so my emotions were raging. and i had to go up and let them
5:41 am
know you just really don't care, do you? and why don't you care? this could be your child. this could be anybody's child. >> when you were on the car, your husband, you have been married since may, got up on the car and said, burn the b down. and cnn and other outlets have been replaying that. and some are saying that he singlehandedly started the rioting and the fires. what do you say to that? >> i say that that's impossible. these things have been going on since august 9th when it first happened. his emotions were taken over him just like mine. he just spoke out of anger. it's one thing to speak and a different thing to act. he did not act. he just spoke out of anger. i'm a grieving mother. that's my husband. he's been around michael at
5:42 am
least four years. so he's grown to love him, not ozmuch as i do, but he's grown to love him like he loves his own children. so when you're that hurt and the system has did you this wrong, you may say some things as well. we've all spoke out of anger before. >> what do you say to those people that did loot and riot in your son's name? >> i say they didn't do it in my son's name because that's not what we are about. some people are out there and thang rr angry for their own reasons. there's lots of people who have come to st. louis from everywhere that have went through something similar to this. and we didn't know because we had never went through it. now, i can relate to those people and the pain that they feel. >> mr. brown, you've done a psa asking for peace. peaceful protests. what do you say to those that claim that they're looting and rioting in your son's name?
5:43 am
>> well, the ones that's looting and rioting, they're doing it on their own agenda. we have nothing to do with that. the ones that's protesting peacefully, you know, please keep protesting. peacefully. back to what i said at first. i'm not angry at them. but that's not -- they're not showing no respect to my son by doing it that way. >> you said you want something to change, something to happen. what do you see now that there's no indictment, what do you think justice can be for you now? >> another trial. a federal trial. i have faith in a different decision. michael and leslie have been encouraging supporters around the country to help them with
5:44 am
the proposed michael brown law, which is to have video body cameras on every police officer in every city in america so we can hopefully avoid this happening over in the manner that it happened because if you have video body cameras, it would be transparent. >> i want to give you an opportunity to send a message to darren wilson because he will be watching. >> just why? just why? that's all. why? >> why what? >> why did you wake up with an edge on your shoulder like that and have to answer it with our son and just do him like that, you know? that was overkill. >> this is going to be your first holiday without your son. what do you plan to do tomorrow? it's thanksgiving. >> just have to wait until
5:45 am
tomorrow. right now, we both miss him. other family members miss him. it's going to be a tough one. it's going to be a tough one. and this is not the only holiday that's coming up. so it's really, really going to be tough for us. >> thank you so much. for sitting with me. >> thank you for having us. >> again, no matter what you think of the case, this is their first thanksgiving without their son. it's going to be very difficult. and what they do and how they seem is very important to that community. >> absolutely. >> it's an important part of the reason we keep telling you what they say. >> they need a lot of support. >> up ahead, we'll talk more about thanksgiving, and also shopping. some people are thinking of spending their hard-earn eed ca. what should they look for, what should they buy, and is this the best time? >> science says fishing
5:46 am
equipment the first time -- >> come on. >> we go into people's homes and the sales reps have technology to help explain the value to them specifically. it was easy for us to select the new york stock exchange, the big board. we're in seven states looking to grow and expand, and this will help us as we get access to capital to grow and build and go into different states. interest on all the hottestzeo gifts. like the samsung galaxy note 4 and the note 10.1, plus the beats solo 2, the ue boom and more. yep all of them, zero down, zero interest. we know, we're out of control. looks like the big guys job just got easier.
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on this thanksgiving, many retailers are opening their doors today and tonight, and a new poll shows most americans would rather wait. only 12% of you plan to shop today. 22% plan to head out tomorrow. but for those who are going, what should you be on the lookout for? and what are you better off waiting for? let's ask brett larson, our technology expert here. best buys you're seeing for black friday? what's out there? >> i love that everybody leaks
5:50 am
all their deals beforehand. this past monday, you i'd see, best buy has a deal coming. i'm seeing lots of discounted tablets. if you want a tv, everybody has a cheap tv. i was in best buy, the aisle ways were lined with boxes of televisions. this is the time of year when everybody likes to buy a television. i have seen target's giving $100 gift card if you buy an ipad. best buy is knocking the price down $75. that's a good price for an ipad. >> on the flipside, what are the things we should hold off on because there will be better deals. >> if you can wait until the new year, i know that sounds ridiculous because people want to open things at the holiday, the electronic stuff gets cheaper in the new year because they have got to get rid of it. consumer electronics show is a week later and then everybody says that's last year's model tv and i don't want it. the reality is, though, on electronic stuff, what you buy is going to be good. a computer, you don't really
5:51 am
want to buy last year's model because now you're two years behind. other things i would say are going to get cheaper, a lot of accessories that come with stuff. the iphone cases, the headphones, the gadgetry that comes with our gadgetry, that will continue to drop in price. >> here we're talking about cyber monday or black friday, but we should talk about cybcybe cyber monday, but that's a trend we have seen. >> you're done with bricks and mortar. >> i'm done. i don't like the crowds. i don't like having to wait in mind. >> the immediate gratification. >> my phone, i get an alert that says you spent money. listen, i'm immediately gratified, i spent my money. i got my alert. it's so much easier to shop online. this year, actually, more people are going to be shopping online. >> can't try things on. >> well, for clothing -- >> that's why you don't like it? >> otherwise, if you buy, then you have to return it. it's two steps. i'm only capable of one step. >> you could have gone in the store and tried it on.
5:52 am
for clothing, i will admit, shopping online is difficult. unless it's a store you're familiar with. if you know i fit in a banana republic medium shirt, i will buy the medium shirt, and a lot of returns online have gotten increasingly easier because they know that's the step that -- that's what keeps people from shopping online as well. if this doesn't work out, how difficult is it to give it back? >> were you surprised by the low numbers of how many people were planning to head out today and tomorrow? >> i was pleasantly pleased. i was pleased -- >> disproportionate number of them are men who think they'll get out of going. >> you don't think that plays into that at all. >> i'm not going, then they get the look. >> this couch is really comfortable. the last thing i want to do is wait in line for a door buster deal on a three-year-old dvd player. >> we're going to talk about the hottest items tomorrow. >> i have injured myself going
5:53 am
through circulars, trying to find the good deals. >> got to go paperless. >> that's what the tablet is for. >> you hurt yourself on the tablet? that's a personal problem. >> i can use the other finger. i'm ambidextrous when it comes to technology. >> we appreciate you putting your body and soul into this. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> we have another original series.'s wish you were here featured the looks of daily lives of adventurous people around the world. today, we meet a man making acrobattiic moves over the wate. check it out. >> i'm jeffrey, and this is what it's like to fly over the water. it does feel like flying. it doesn't feel like anything else. it's not like sky driving because you're not dropping, not falling into the air. you're really being pushed by the water and you're in control of your flight. it's a bit maybe like an
5:54 am
astronaut would feel like. it's you flying and being in control of where you want to be and where you want to fly. it's great to be right there at the beginning with all those people, really trying to present an image of this brand new sport over the water. >> wow. >> sorry. >> i don't even know how it works. >> magic. >> that was actual magic. coming up, we're going to share some of our final thoughts. you know that tradition of giving thanks around the table? we're going to do that around our table. >> hopefully it goes better than at my house. [car revving] [car revving]
5:55 am
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go long.
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5:58 am
the newest, biggest float ever, thomas the train. >> he's going to be a crowd pleaser. >> it is thanksgiving. we're showing you the almost beginning of the macy's day parade in new york city. everybody has it on the tv if they can't get there in person. it's also a good time to talk about thanksgiving in general. we're all so uniquely blessed. i'm ridiculously blessed. i will say this, to have the
5:59 am
"new day" family is a blessing. i love you, deb. we have been friends for a long time. i have always watched your reporting and liked it. we have an amazing crew and i feel so lucky to work with this team. i got my kids and wife and family and friends, but the "new day" family is special. >> i'm so far away from my family and it's very difficult and i love them and i'm so thankful to them for their love and the support of me coming on this new york adventure. i'm thankful for air miles. i'm thankful for a good winter coat and the new friendships and family i found in new york. it's really warming my heart. >> i'm thankful for all the people in my life as well. everybody who adds something of value to your life, it just enriches your experience, and all the challenges you face every day. >> it makes it easier. >> and the people in your life help you with those. i'm incredibly grateful for my darn darths, my family, my parents. you realize how happy you are. >> are you doing a lot of cooking today? >> i'm seasoning.
6:00 am
>> very important. >> very good and very important. >> all these men and women you don't get to see who make everything you do possible, and we love them very much. very much. and we love you, too. thanks for allowing us to do our job. a lot of news. let's get you to carol costello. we're thajful for you, too, carol. >> we are. >> i wish i could emote as well as you, but i can't. i can't get it out. i'm say happy thanksgiving. >> feel, carol. feel. >> i don't know. i'm one of those rough italians. whatever. happy thanksgiving. newsroom starts now. and good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me this morning. thousands of holiday


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