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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 27, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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then the cia roots him to assassinate kim. in north korea they are condemning the film. >> michael, thank you so much. come back. come back for the next holiday movies. thank you and so much for watching. happy thanksgiving. my friend brianna keilar is up next. >> thanks, brooke. right now in the cnn newsroom, ferguson fallout. dozens try to disrupt the new york thanksgiving day parade. daring raid. u.s. commandos go deep into a terrorist stronghold to rescue al qaeda hostages, including an american. and we're learning more details about the mission. that includes a deadly fire fight. and north korea power shift. kim jong-un's little sister steps into the spotlight,
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suddenly taking on a surprising role in her family's iron-fisted regime. i'm brianna keilar. you're watching ""cnn newsroom." that's a chaotic scene nearly disrupting one of the holiday traditions. dozens of people protesting the grand jury decision in ferguson, new jersey. they were chanting no justice, no peace, and justice for mike brown. cnn's miguel marquez is in new york. tell us about this. >> this was a promise after two days. they made good on it around 37th and broadway. just where the front of that parade was getting to the 2 1/2 mile parade route of the macy's thanksgiving day parade,
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protesters rushed the barricades and threw bottles at stores. very, very heavy crowds were here to watch the parade. they tried to get on to the parade route in order to disrupt the very beginning of the parade. police were at the ready, though. they knew protesters had been talking about this on seeocial media for several days. this is becoming more about economic justice, occupy wall street sort of concerns moving away in some ways from the only injustice in the michael brown issue. a lot of frustrations among protesters here but police were at the ready. they believed they could turn them away and they certainly did. that is not deterring protesters, though. where? harold square where macy's is located. >> miguel, thank you. we're learning new about a
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new terrorist plot, the st. louis arch. this is interesting, pamela, and very alarming. >> that's right. we're learning new details, brianna. law enforcement says the fbi used a sting to set up a purchase of what the men thought was a pipe bomb and now we're learning from law enforcement sources that the men have plans to bomb, as you said, the iconic landmark in st. louis. federal prosecutors say the plan, if carried out, would have terrorized ferguson and sent everything into chaos. even before the grand jury decision and this week's riots, the two men were plotting to blow up the iconic st. louis march as well as two key figures in the michael brown case. prosecuting attorney bob
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mccullough and ron jackson, the police chief. they were allegedly buying what they believed was a pipe bomb. investigators say the men planned to buy more bombs when they got more money. >> a law enforcement officer says davis was part of the new black panther party and they say the claims are baseless and have no merit. the alleged plot was amateurish, at best, and it's unlikely the men had the ability to carry out the attacks. so far, they have only been indicted on federal weapons charges after allegedly buying weapons at a store outside st. louis. and authorities expect more charges to be filed against the duo relating to the alleged bombing plot. >> pam brown, thank you. let's get the latest about the
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situation in ferguson with cnn's sara sidner. what's the mood like? >> reporter: we saw on monday night this aerial view where there are lots of cars being sold and they were on fire. this is what it looks like now in the daylight as we're able to get to some of the areas that we were able to get to because the streets are blocked off. this is west florissant. certainly there is an investigation underway trying to figure out who is responsible for the criminal activity and that's exactly what it was on west florissant, south florissant and this part right here when people came out and damaged the city. i want to talk to you about what we're hearing from darren wilson and his attorneys. they are talking after months of
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silence and after months of darren wilson basically being in hiding, trying to keep out of public view. here's what his attorney said about his life now after we've heard quite a bit about what's happened with the brown's family. >> he has had to learn to live in a way that makes him completely unnoticeable. as a consequence of that, there are several techniques that he utilizes that makes that happen and it's an odd way to live your life and for him it's all about his family. it's all about safety. >> and for michael brown's family, they have said after hearing from darren wilson that they don't believe a word he says and, in their words, at least he still has a life, unlike their son. obviously there's a lot of sorrow and bitterness about what has happened and how this has all unfolded. we're hearing now from darren wilson and his side of the story for the first time publicly. i want to talk to you, because
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it is thanksgiving, about some of the things going on here that doesn't have anything to do with destruction, about rebuilding and trying to get this community to grow yet again. we were able to go over to cathy's kitchen. it's owned by a husband and wife and the husband is a basketball coach in the community, knows a lot of the young men in ferguson. they reopened after 24 hours after having their windows smashed out but were able to reopen because the protesters stood in front of their building and made sure none of the looters got inside. brianna. >> it's so important. people were wondering whether ferguson could become economic deserts. it's good to know that they are reopening. president obama followed these developments. he's continuing to follow them in ferguson from the white house where the first family is celebrating thanksgiving and
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many wonder whether the president will visit ferguson. athena, what does the president say about this and what is going on there today? >> after days of protests in ferguson and across the country, the president is using his weekly address to talk about one of his favorite things, being each other's keeper. he talks about justice and equality. let's play a clip of what he has to say. >> as we gather with loved ones on this thanksgiving, let's remember and be grateful for what binds us together. a love of country, our commitment to justice and equality. >> now, you mentioned, brianna, a lot of folks are wondering whether he will travel to the city. the president was asked this earlier this week and basically dodged the question. he said let's take a look and see how things are going. he pointed to the fact that
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attorney general eric holder has been to ferguson along with a whole team from the justice department. the justice department is in the midst of a federal civil rights investigation into michael brown's shooting and they are investigating allegations of unconstitutional policing practices or patterns by the ferguson police department. those investigations are ongoing and could take a while. in addition to having the department look into the incident in ferguson, the president asked attorney general to hold a series of meetings, regional meetings around the country to look at ways to improve relations between law enforcement and the communities they served to make sure that law enforcement is applied fairly and justly to everyone in the country. and so as part of that, we know that next week they are going to be -- the administration officials will be meeting with state and local officials, community leaders, faith leaders to discuss some of these specific steps to improving relations. brianna? >> this is an issue that stretches beyond ferguson. athena jones at the white house, thank you. next, we'll talk about all
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of this with community activist john gaskin who is in ferguson right now. plus, disturbing news for everyone who flies. the growing threat that drones pose. a sudden surge in near collisions.
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and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. they just didn't think it could happen. they told the house they would take better care of her... always. announcer: protect what matters. get flood insurance. ferguson grand jury decision is far from over as protesters try to disrupt the new york thanksgiving day parade. in ferguson itself, relative calm after three days and nights of protests. let's get more now with community activist john gaskin. he's in ferguson right now.
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i wonder, we've seen things calm down, john, but do you think we're going to see any violence tonight? >> i don't think so. i think the community will be passionate. this is the first thanksgiving dinner that the browns will sit down without their son. they are going through one of the most difficult holidays, especially when you've recently lost a loved one. but i believe that tonight people will be peaceful. if protests continue, they will remain peaceful. i certainly hope and pray that people will stay home and consider what the family has said to act in a dignified way. i do know that tomorrow there are a number of boycotts planned across the country and especially here in the st. louis area encouraging people, hands up, don't shop in a boycott honoring the memory of michael
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brown and calling upon some of the area businesses to take note on what is taking place here. >> we've seen, obviously, some of the violence. it's very important to note that you've had a lot of peaceful protesters in the last few days in ferguson trying to deter or certainly discourage people from looting, from being violent. they've been protesting for months now. but where do they go from here, john? how do they turn the protests into something more? >> well, where we go from here now is hoping that leadership, like the mayor, like the county executive, like governor jay nixon will take the courageous route and step out and meet with many of these protest leaders to bring them to the table to begin to have a discussion regarding systemic changes, regarding education reform, regarding police reform. to begin to have those discussions on what we do to move past this. you know, the looting happened
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monday night. now it turns into what i would call a healing process. and in order to heal, we've got to begin and get people to work, provide resources within the communities that are struggling most. and like i said, begin to really talk about working with law enforcement to recruit minorities, to be on police forces and to really improve the image that african-americans and people of color have with law enforcement within their communities. we have to begin to, you know, bring legislation about. there is a march to jefferson city, i believe, on saturday where groups like the naacp will be marching to the governor's mansion to demand that the governor put forth a bill for police reform here in the state of missouri. that's how we move past the protests and into legislation so that we begin to see real changes. if you look at the civil rights movement, yes, the civil rights movement and the boycotts and protests, yes, they were important but it made a
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difference when they took those efforts to washington, d.c., and to the state capital and began to have legislation like the voting rights act, that's the only way we will move past the unrest and protests unless we go to legislation. that's the only way we're going to do it. >> tension between local officials in the ferguson area and federal officials. we've been hearing from some local officials who say that they felt some of the violence on monday night happened because there was a lot of scrutiny and they were very much encouraged by federal officials to take a softer approach. i guess they felt that it ended up being more lax. you have federal officials saying, that's not the truth. what we wanted was for there to be smarter policing. where do you come down on that dispute? >> well, i have some mixed emotions about that because, to be quite frank with you, the governor had very little communication with the prosecutor's office.
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you know, he issued -- and many people here will tell you that, many elected officials will tell you that there was very little communication between the officer of the state, the prosecutor, and the governor of the state. the governor issued a state of emergency before the announcement was made. i don't think his office knew when the decision was going to be made. as it goes to softer policing, i can understand that to some extent, but i would hope that the federal officials of this area who have, in my opinion, been absent the vast majority of the time but i would hope that they were not advising anyone to take a softer approach. because as you look behind me, it's quite obvious they took a very soft approach because the town was torched. >> you think they took a softer approach and not a smarter approach? do you think people were hell bent on causing trouble? >> well, i think that you had -- if you talk to the business owners here, for example, north county incorporated, which is a
1:19 pm
coalition of business owners in that part of town, they will tell you, they met with law enforcement and they were promised that the national guard would help to protect their businesses. you have one part of ferguson that is predominantly white where the police station is, where you saw leslie mcfadden and her husband over there when the announcement came. the only damage was broken windows. here where the african-american part of ferguson is, those buildings were completely torched. so i believe you have police protecting one part of town and the other part of town where there was no much effort. you had businesses and malls here in st. louis where the national guard was located and they were nowhere to be found when it came to the businesses and the african-american community. you know, to be honest with you, i have no idea why the national guard would be in a completely different part of town protecting businesses when there
1:20 pm
were no people in those areas. so there are many questions here, many business owners obviously are hurt that their businesses were burned down but they have many questions regarding the leadership of this community and federal leadership regarding the fact that they were promised that the national guard would protect their businesses. and as you can see, there was not much protection there. >> all right. john gaskin, thanks for being with us. happy thanksgiving to you as well. i know you're going to have your thanksgiving dinner with your family. we appreciate your time. >> same to you. >> thanks, john. coming up, more drones in the skies over the u.s. and how a sudden surge in near collisions with planes could affect air travel. what kind of dangers are flyers now facing? plus, kim jong-un's sister takes on a surprising new role in the north korean regime.
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new details are coming out about a harrowing mission to rescue al qaeda hostages from a remote stronghold in yemen. cnn correspondent barbara starr has the latest. you're learning some things from your sources. what are you hearing? >> al qaeda in yemen is one of america's most dangerous enemies and u.s. commandos walked right in to their territory. it was a daring raid deep into the mountains of yemen. yemeni forces moved in under the cover of darkness into this remote al qaeda stronghold into
1:25 pm
the eastern part of the court. sources say the rescue mission was launched after intelligence showed the location of western and other hostages being held by al qaeda, including an american. the pentagon didn't want to talk about it on tuesday just hours after the mission ended. >> we continue to support yemeni counterterrorism operations. >> reporter: but today cnn has learned more details of the raid. more than a dozen hostages, including yemenis, american and possibly others were being moved into remote caves. the hostages were chained and covered with blankets in pickup trucks. special forces wearing night vision goggles were dropped in from helicopters some four miles from the al qaeda hideout before hiking to the cave on foot.
1:26 pm
just 100 yards from the cave a fire fight suddenly broke out. the u.s. and yemeni forces eventually killing all of the al qaeda fighters. >> when you're talking about caves where hostages are moved repeatedly and in a standard pattern, it becomes extremely difficult because it's hard to practice. >> reporter: eight hostages were found but cnn has learned just how close the mission came to rescuing the rest. five hostages, including the american, had been moved away just two days earlier. now, cnn agreed not to name the american hostage until he is rescued and, yes, u.s. troops and u.s. intelligence agencies are continuing to look for him. brianna? >> barbara, thank you. a scary new report about how close civilian-operated drones have come to causing potential disasters in the sky. could that lead to a new federal
1:27 pm
restriction? plus, there are now two kims for the united states to worry about. kim jong-un puts his sister in a key position in power in north korea. what's behind that move? hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about americas favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal. ♪
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on are competing for air space with private drones. those small remote-controlled aircraft often fitted with cameras are leading to a problem with pilots and drones packed with flyers. here's cnn's tom foreman. >> reporter: new york's busy airports seems to be the area where there are uavs. a new report says that three aircraft on the same day reported a very close call with a uav near laguardia. another pilot said he almost hit one. yet another spotted one just below his right wing and two commercial jets almost struck a trash can sized uav 5,000 feet in the air. the worry is rising coast-to-coast. they have popped up over government buildings, national
1:32 pm
parks, sports stadiums and where air force one is based. with the faa working up new rules, the report could set the stage for could you have regulations and it should. an attorney specializes in aviation issues. >> if nothing is done, we're going to have a midair collision in which a lot of people lose their lives. >> reporter: evthey even drop o purchases from retailers. >> the industry is really growing. it's an exciting time for drones. there's a lot of new technology coming out every month. >> reporter: but federal approval for any commercial use has been extremely rare. when a man used a uav, the faa fined him $10,000. so up until now, a lot of people have operated in this gray space
1:33 pm
saying it's more like a model, not really like an airplane, but that gray space is going away. >> you may not agree with the faa but the faa has defined it as black or white. you're either a hobbyist, recreational user or you are not. >> reporter: the new commercial regulations expected in weeks will almost certainly launch a new debate about government power, private rights and public safety. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> joining me now to talk more about this, richard quest. how dangerous, richard, is all of this air traffic? >> if you believe the faa, it's extremely dangerous. the list of 25 near misses with drones was just published and when you read some of the accounts, for example, at new york where a delta air lines 737, a virgin atlantic, 747, delta reports that the drone
1:34 pm
came within 12 feet of his left wing. a jetblue plane in new york says the drone flew under the nose of the aircraft. 1500 feet beneath them. the airline says it's a real problem. it's an accident waiting to happen. the drone enthusiast says not so. the drones cannot do that much damage anyway and it's being put out of proportion. but the industry is firm and the aviation industry says, do something. >> as the law is catching up here, what are we expecting from these new drone regulations? >> well, there we have a hornet's nest. the faa is trying to balance between the hobbyists who love to fly the larger drones with those who fly big drones and others who want to use larger drones and higher altitudes. what they've come up with is
1:35 pm
what is believed to be no night flying, a limit of 400 feet. you've got to be within sight of the operator. you can't just be flying a drone off into the blue yonder and you should have a low-level pilot's certificate. they say this is a case of death to the whole drone business if this was introduced. the faa is going to consult on it and decide what to do. there's no way getting away from it. fundamentally, you have two different points of view. those who say drones need to be encouraged, prospered and those who say they are a menace and need to be restricted. >> do you think the faa can even track all of these drones? >> no, is the short answer. they can't. because the planes can't track them. by the time the drone -- you're talking about the smaller drones. they are too small to show up on the aircraft radar. nor can they activate the collision avoidance system that
1:36 pm
aircraft have on board and the problem is that many drone operators are novice, drones often get out of control and they do not realize that they, in many cases, are breaking existing regulations, which have a height restriction of several hundred feet and a distance restriction from airports of five miles. so what we have here is rules being made while an industry is being created. and the two are in the moment, seemingly, in conflict. >> i want to ask you, you said that some in the camp of pro drones say that a drone really wouldn't do much damage, it doesn't pose much of a risk. we know, though, that even a small bird is an issue for an airplane. so is that true that that doesn't pose a risk? >> whether it's true or not, i don't want to find out.
1:37 pm
>> good point. >> if i -- look, i fly more than most. and frankly, if my pilot is coming into land at laguardia, which has a short runway to begin with, a difficult approach with so much air traffic from kennedy, new york, teterboro and in the middle of it all, at the crucial moment of final approach, he's wondered about someone flying a drone, need i say more? >> very well put, richard quest. thanks. coming up, north korea reveals a major role for kim jong-un's little sister. could this 20 something really be calling the shots for a nation with nukes? plus, why black friday is now becoming black thursday. (cheering) yeah!! touchdown! who's ready for half time? ok i'm going to draw something up new...
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there's been a lot of speculation about what really is happening in north korea after kim jong-un did a disappearing act for weeks. after he gave his little sister a big promotion. in the secretive hermit kingdom, she may be the only person more mysterious than her older brother. today, weeks after kim jong-un resurfaced from a months' long disappearance, it appears that his little sister is taking a position in the regime. overnight, north korea's news agency began referring to kim yo-jong and her new title. experts know very little about the move or even about kim yo-jong herself. >> all we know is she's the
1:42 pm
younger sister, went to school in switzerland in her mid-20s. she started showing up publicly from earlier this year at a couple party analysts. >> reporter: analysts say while her father was still alive, she took on important responsibilities for her father, like inspecting sites for official visits. after her father's death, she began receiving intelligence briefings and handling government policy. she is said to enjoy unfettered access to her brother but the public announcement of her new title will most likely lead to speculation about whether she is gaining power, especially after months of questions related to her brother's health. after being out of the public eye for several weeks this fall, kim jong-un only recently reappeared in photographs smiling and walking with a cane. some reports have speculated kim
1:43 pm
was in hiding after surgery on her angle or foot. still, even if her brother is healthy, this new positioning of kim yo-jong is significant in a country where power has been handed down through her country through three generations. >> clearly to be somebody who is important within the system again because there really aren't many bodies left to carry on the sort of kim clan rule. coming up, a backlash against retail chains choosing to begin black friday before the dishes are even cleared on the thanksgiving dinner table. could these stores make just as much from good pr by giving people the day off? plus, all the bands and all the floats. we'll show you the highlights from the macy's thanksgiving day parade. plus, the president's message to the troops.
1:44 pm
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take it from us, for those of us working, the free meal can be nice but most people would prefer to be home on thanksgiving. that's why there's been a big backlash for employees to have to work before the clock strikes midnight on friday. we are at an old navy and they are already opened, right? >> reporter: the shoppers
1:48 pm
started lining up at 1:00 p.m., the stores opened at 4:00 p.m. you can see the cash registers there. there's a line at every cash register inside. while black friday seems to be busier than ever, it's not without its controversy. caught in a battle between thanksgiving dinner and black friday deals, stores are opening their doors earlier and early. not only refusing to open before friday, but bragging about it. >> when we look at today at what's going on this year, it really is what some would call a tipping point. >> reporter: some stores are now promoting the fact that they'll be closed, slapping up signs like these, a not so subtle shot at the competition. >> they are playing the pr card and sitting there saying, we're going to make this about, we do
1:49 pm
care. >> reporter: it seems to be working. >> i'm all about black friday but thanksgiving is a day for family. >> reporter: some grassroots groups are even boycotting stores being opened today. >> do you want to come with? >> yeah. >> reporter: with so much money at stake, other stores aren't blinking and will welcome thanksgiving shoppers. a new poll says that's in part because americans say they don't want to wait for their dinner to settle. that's 36 million americans pushing for doors to open earlier than ever. >> this is really a response to customer demand. previous years, we've had great responses from our customers. i believe last year we served over 22 million. >> reporter: walmart has been opened since 6:00 a.m. kmart also let shoppers in before dawn and will stay open for 22 hours straight. macy's, best buy and target will be opened by 6:00 tonight.
1:50 pm
while most consumers say they are against the idea of thanksgiving day shopping, the national retail federation says 74% polled last year actually ended up in stores. >> i definitely need to go to the ones that are open. >> reporter: maybe tonight the lure of a deal will be more powerful than turkey or tradition. and three states already have so-called blue laws on the books which ban stores from being opened on this holiday and a handful of other states, brianna, are moving to pass similar laws. they want retailers to keep their hands off this holiday. >> it is thanksgiving, after all. sunlen, thank you. >> thank you. >> kristen, why are retailers starting today? >> oh, boy. you know, this was more like 50 shades of gray instead of black
1:51 pm
friday and retailers are desperate. so they are opening their doors as early as they possibly can to get their share of your wallet. >> they depend so much on really this day, this weekend of shopping. how important, how profitable is black friday for retailers? >> it used to be very profitable. the store was black friday and i its monicher came from they went from red into profitable. retailers have stretched out black friday, black thursday, black october. it doesn't matter anymore, in my opinion. >> they've got such deep discounts, right? or is that even real? it seems like they have a lot of sales. how do they pick up a lot of shopping traffic? how do they pick up profits this if they are offering discounts like this? >> that's an interesting point. if you didn't know, the entire
1:52 pm
country is 50% off, even before black friday. now with this crisis that we have, it's going to be tougher for retailers to get their kids out of the port and onto the shelves for you. they've had to use air freight rather than port freight. that's going to ease into their margins. next quarter when they report their quarterly earnings, it's going to be difficult for them to gain profits. >> so it's going to be slim if they make that up. so you're going early tomorrow, i know, 4:30 a.m., is that right? >> no, i'm just on the air at 4:30 a.m. >> okay. there's a lot of people who -- they eat their turkey, go out tonight, they are waiting for the morning. i'm more the automobionline sho. how is black friday impacted by internet shopping? >> well, that is black friday. literally. who wants to brave all of this traffic and be in the stores when obviously all i want to do
1:53 pm
is whip out my laptop and have my pajamas on. i think internet shopping is really the new black friday. >> i suppose you could go out in your path jjamas but i like to in and do my shopping. what's the outlook like for holiday shopping? are we thinking that consumers will be spending more than they did last year? >> no. last year we had terrific weather, a terrific economy. things are better now. there is more money in consumer's pockets because of gas prices. i think it's going to be good. i don't think it's going to be great. but it will definitely be better. >> so it's going to be good. not great. the shipping is pretty interesting to me on this. because you always look when you shop, especially online, to see if, you know, someone might have a better deal. but the other guy is going to offer cheaping shipping and overall the better deal. these retailers are getting
1:54 pm
competitive. explain this to us. >> they have to be. the fascinating thing about retail is it is survival of the fittest. so all of these retailers offering free shipping now, okay, well, that was important five years ago. now that's the norm. so we've actually -- retailers have trained consumers to shop on discount only and to require free shipping. so any retailers that are jumping on this bandwagon now, that's great for them but this is what we want. this is the new normal. >> i sure look for that. kristin bentz, thank you so much. >> thank you. highlights from across the country as we kick off the holiday season. a secure retirement.
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. finally this hour, we want to take a moment to recognize the brave members of the u.s. military who can't be home today and to show you some of the highlights from today's thanksgiving celebrations. >> this is the macy's thanksgiving day parade. ♪ >> reporter: some 49 balloons of all shapes and sizes, 27 floats, 12 marching bands, 1300 cle
1:59 pm
cheerleaders and dancers, happy thanksgiving. ♪ >> thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because, more than any other, it's uniquely american. each of us brings our own traditions and recipes to the table but we all share this day united by the gratitude for the bounty of this nation. to our service members who are away from home, we say an extra pray for you and your loved ones and we take care of you as you have taken care of us. from my family to yours, happy thanksgiving. ♪ thank you very much for watching.
2:00 pm
i'm brianna keel latilar. happy thanksgiving from all of us here to you. anthony bourdain parts unknown starts right now. this is your first time to denmark? >> i've got to be honest, i usually try to avoid clean, orderly countries without massive social problems. i'm here for you, man. if you're not the poster boy for the entire country, you should be. >> we go? >> yes, let's go. you were saddled with the weight of best restaurant in the world. this looks totally bogus. it's fantastic. >> you need to work 20 hours a day in order to achieve this. >> still waiting now. >> let's go. >> it's so much less about woo. it's about bang! and elements, elements. sauce elements. what places have you been that you can compare to noma? >> no place.