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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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they won a football game, which didn't happen last week against the patriots. >> hey, mr. patriot john berman talked with me last weekend when the lions lost to the new england -- >> happy thanksgiving, carol. >> happy thanks thanksgiving. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- happening now in "the newsroom" -- black friday. a full contact sport. >> my husband has the other cart went on the other side of the store. plus -- >> hands up! >> don't shoot! >> hands up, don't spend. ferguson protesters call for a boycott of black friday. >> i think that economic power is just as powerful as political power and the power of the vote.
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also -- in the dark. hundreds of thousands of people without power this morning after a dumping of thanksgiving day snow. and he's making a run for it, devastation at the national dog show. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." and good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me this morning. burning off the turkey calories by burning a hole in your wallet. the frenzy over black friday is in full swing today from coast to coast and across the pond even, it is sheer madness at malls and stores, as retailers hope long lines outside will turn into long lines at the cash register. some stores have been open 8, 12, even 24 hours with shoppers battling each other.
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even in london. deborah feyerick is at newport center in new jersey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning there, carol. the interesting thing is stores opened at 6:00 yesterday, thanksgiving day. we don't know whether people came for the discounts or needed to get out of the house away from families. it was packed, 3,900 cars in the lot, full to capacity and this is near the train so we don't know how many more people were there, but they came in order to get the discounts. they stayed until about midnight and some stayed later through the night because macy's, kohl's, jcpenney all stayed open much later hoping it would pay off at the cash register. right now the crowd's civilized, unlike, well, a couple of hours ago at other malls. overnight the hunt for bargains across the nation becoming a contact sport.
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police prying these shoppers off the floor at this walmart in houston, texas, refusing to let go of a discounted tv. one police officer even grabbing this shopper by the face and throwing him to the ground. tempers flare at this walmart michigan city, indiana, with shoppers clamoring for a bargain on sony speakers. and in los angeles, police were called to another walmart after a brawl broke out over a $5 barbie. >> there is obviously a fight between a guy and a girl over a barbie doll. and the girl socked the guy in the face just to get the barbie. >> reporter: the stampede through the front doors, a welcome sight for retailers, hoping to cash in on the holiday frenzy. >> we wouldn't be doing this if the demand was not there. >> reporter: the national retail federation projected this
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holiday season spending will total nearly $617 billion, growing 4.1% over last year. >> i rushed over here to be one of the first ones to just get everything that i need and then go home. >> reporter: some shoppers camping outside for days. >> i bring my tv, my generator, my little tank and chairs, let everybody have a good time. >> reporter: strumming the guitar to pass the time. ♪ got in my car, drove like a jet ♪ >> reporter: all in an effort to have great deals like this flat screen tv marked down $400. >> there's one more 55 inch. >> reporter: a convenient alternative to all the mayhem. >> the lady in the green jacket is fighting. >> reporter: cyber monday, when retailers are said to offer steep discounts online so you can avoid crushing the crowds. >> hey, hey! >> reporter: so we're showing you a little bit of the mall here. this is why everybody's coming, buy one, get one for $5, some saying buy three, get three free. louis and christine, we saw them an hour ago. look what they've got.
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you've been strategic what you're purchasing. are these things you need, things you want or things you just have to have? >> both things i need and have to have and the sales are great. >> what about christmas presents, is any of this any christmas present? what did you get for me? >> nothing. >> reporter: what did you get for your family then? >> we got a couple of shoes and like a couple of clothes and we're still about to shop. we're still trying to pick some stores that have good discounts. >> you thought you'd be out of here like an hour ago. this is not really breaking your way. >> no, it is not at all. i'm just here, you know, trying to be with the baby here, trying to get us some more clothes so she can enjoy herself in the winter and not be freezing and get sick. >> reporter: exactly. thank you so much, have a great holiday, you guys and good luck. by the way, i need to show you this, this is how clever they are. they commandeered a child's
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wagon. usually there would be a baby in here through there's nothing. oh, there's no baby. exactly. they're staying there's a baby, we'll go with there's a baby. it's interesting because we thought the mall really would be a lot more crowded but if you come over here, you can see it really isn't. it's 9:00 and it's pretty modest, it's pretty moderate the flow of the crowd. 6:00 it was pretty empty so anyway, people probably come out once they wake up a little bit late because it's a holiday for so many people. carol? >> that's because there are so many sane people in new jersey! deborah feyerick, thanks so much. you would expect long lines and short tempers on black friday but you don't expect the national guard, but that's exactly what shoppers saw outside ferguson, missouri, last night, in the wake of destructive riots and protests the soldiers were standing guard outside a walmart in st. louis, which is just reopening right now.
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>> hey, hey, ho, ho, don't shoot. >> protesters march inside a target store saying don't shoot and demonstrations like, demonstrations protesting the grand jury decision and the police shooting of michael brown are expected nationwide today. jason carroll is live in ferguson to tell us more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this walmart in ferguson just reopening in the past few minutes, unusual for that to be happening. given the situation out here, look behind me, just one police car now in front of this walmart standing guard last night, a much different story, members of the national guard coming out to this walmart in ferguson, blocking off the front entrance, blocking off the parking lot, telling folks that they could not come in because the walmart would be closed and not open until the morning. this after protesters and demonstrators showed up at
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several walmarts in the area last night, not just at wal martz but also at a target in brentwood, about 30 minutes from where we are in ferguson, demonstrators showing up there shouting "shut it down for michael brown" shouting "hands up, don't shoot," calls for boycotts have been spreading all throughout social media, wanting to have this economic impact on black friday, but in terms of what we've been seeing out here so far, none of the targets that were targeted, none of the wal martz that were targeted were shut down but demonstrators saying they want to make sure their cause stays alive. they want to have an economic impact as well as a social and political one. carol? >> i'm just curious, how many businesses are open along west fluorescent today? >> reporter: that one section that was when we saw so many businesses burned and looted, west fluorescent, that particular section still shut
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down and possibly for serl more days and the story is not just about major businesses, carol, businesses such as walmart and target but there are a number of small businesses that have already been economically impacted, some small business owners questioning if they'll be able to reopen at all. >> all right, jason carroll reporting live from ferguson this morning. the thanksgiving holiday was a somber one for the family of michael brown, just sat down for their first holiday dinner without their son. this image showing michael brown sr., his family plus an empty chair for the late son, michael brown, going viral on twitter. the caption include includeincludes #stole includes #stolenlife, the campaign launched by ferguson action. the group wants to show the impact on families who lose a loved one due to police violence. police in austin, texas, happened around 2:00 in the
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morning a gunman was shot and killed by police. investigators discovered the suspect had what looked like an ied and that's when the bomb squad was called in. >> at that time they noticed what appeared to be an improvised explosive device in the vehicle so acting prudently, the officers pulled the suspect away across the street to where they could assess, get better assessment of the subject. the officers noticed that the subject was wearing some type of vest and at that point, you know, being the fact that we were dealing with possible improvised explosive devices, they backed away from the suspect. >> no one was hurt in the incident but the bomb squad units are still searching the area to make sure the gunman didn't leave behind any explosives. still to come in "the newsroom," hundreds of thousands in the dark and cold across the northeast as heavy thanksgiving day snow wipes out power lines. we'll talk about that next.
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checking some top stories at 14 minutes past the hour, 81-year-old ruth bader ginsburg back at home after being treated for a blocked heart artery a few days ago. the supreme court justice is expected to be back at work on monday. in southern japan, one of the world's largest active volcanos has erupted in dramatic fashion. mt. osso is pumping out magma and a giant plume of ash 3,000 feet high. the last time the volcano
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erupted was more than 20 years ago. here the united states snow and ice caused a massive pile-up between buffalo and niagara falls. more than 50 vehicles were towed off a bridge, at least a dozen people were taken to hospitals. the thanksgiving day snowstorm also knocked out power to thousands of customers across new england. outages were so widespread crews were called in from canada to help. jennifer gray is at the cnn center in atlanta. good morning. >> good morning to you, carol. the buffalo area just can't catch a break, can they? we are looking at more snow showers pushing into the great lakes areas as we go through the next couple of days but that's really going to be the only hangup in the northeast. we have cold air still in place, high pressure in control across the southeast, it is sunny across the rockies but that's going to change even as we go through the next couple of days. current temperatures very cold in the northern plains, 13 degrees in minneapolis, 22 in chicago. we'll warm up to only 35 degrees in chicago this afternoon, temperatures cold across the
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northeast, 49 in atlanta, but a nice warmup in store for the south and the northeast, over the next couple of days, new york city will be close to 60 degrees by monday, atlanta close to 70 on monday, however we stay very cold still in the midwest and the northern plains. i want to mention the west, though, because we have some big time rains coming in to portions of california, and oregon. we also have winter weather advisories and winter storm watches and warnings in place across places in montana and we are looking at possibility of quite a bit of rain, 4 to 6 inches across northern california into oregon. also seeing snow in some of the higher elevations. carol, big changes coming across the country over the next couple of days. >> we'll be ready. jennifer, thanks so much. black friday frenzy is not limited to the united states this year. this was the scene in london where the dash for discounts soon gave way to pushing and shoving. four hours north in manchester at least two people were placed
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under arrest. one woman was injured by a falling television in separate incidents. police were also called to seven different department stores around manchester, england, overnight. cnn's jim bolden joins me from london. i don't get this. they don't have thanksgiving in england. >> it's extraordinary, there's no holiday today, no holiday yesterday but it started with amazon and apple thinking maybe we should have deep discounts in friday in the uk and see if it catches on. this year all the british retailers decided it was a really good idea. i'm not sure they thought it this morning. take a look. rampaging shoppers, all in the search of black friday bargains. scenes which until now had been reserved for the united states. but this american tradition is taking hold in the uk, as black
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friday becomes a critical day in the british retail calendar. there is one big difference, though, it's not a holiday week in britain. >> black friday makes sense in the u.s., it follows a national holiday, thanksgiving. it happens on a day when most people are off from work and a chance to kickstart the christmas spending, whereas here in the uk, black friday is just any other friday, people are still working, they're not necessarily out in the shops, but it is becoming more and more popular. >> reporter: and it's not just purely american brands. it was started here by the likes of apple and amazon, now retailers like tesco, john lewis, hoots, all have black friday deals and online, it's not just amazon. etailer shop direct is bracing for a 50% jump in sales on friday and says it's invested more than $1.5 million to upgrade its computer systems just to handle this friday. one of the big uk retailers
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pushing out this friday is asda owned by walmart and using its walmart connections to try to offer huge discounts. last year, asda ran short of big screen tvs and now relying on the parent company to fill the shelves as opposed to local suppliers to sell a lot more 40 inch l.e.d.s for around $200. >> all of the tvs selling black friday have been sourced from relationships we've got with walmart and the branded suppliers or directly from walmart factories. today we'lle is well over 20,000 televisions in black friday today. >> reporter: this trend flies in the face of the time-honored british tradition of the january sales. >> we need to ensure that we can save them money before christmas rather than discounting them after christmas when people already spent their money. >> reporter: and it all appears to be working. >> the discount this is year are deeper and more widespread, and also there's a lot more
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advertising behind the black friday event. >> reporter: it doesn't hurt in great britain people get paid monthly so this black friday sees the last check before christmas, an early present for retailers perhaps. one difference, carol, i think is maybe the cheerleaders, i'm not sure you have cheerleaders in the target or walmart of the u.s. of the 20,000 tvs they have ready to sell, they sold 8,000 in the first hour so i'm afraid they might start running out in a few hours. >> i send my apologize across the pond jim, i do. >> it's one import i didn't want to see here, trust me. >> i understand completely. jim boulden, many thanks. still to come in "the newsroom," a major power shift in north korea raising questions, just weeks after kim jong-un resur fazed, his younger sister is taking a bigger role in the family's secretive regime.
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newly released state tv images show north korean leader kim jong-un apparently instructing two female pilots during a flight drill and celebrating their performance. they come just weeks after kim jong-un resurfaced in north korea after disappearing from the public eye for more than a month. spec qulags this morning is growing around kim jong-un's younger sister, she's reportedly moved closer to the center of power in north korea with a senior government role. the move raises questions about
6:25 am
just how much power the 27-year-old is gaining on the heels of continued questions about her brother's health. cnn's brianna keilar has more for you. >> reporter: in the secretive her mitt kingdom she may be the only person more mysterious and anything mattic of her older brother. it appears kim's little sister is taking a leading role in her family's iron-fisted regime. overnight in an unexpected twist north korea's official news agency began referring to kim il-jong. they knew very little about the move or kim il-jung herself. >> she's in her mid-20s, she started showing up publicly from earlier this year at a couple of party functions.
6:26 am
>> reporter: analysts say k s ss the youngest her father had with four different women. she took on important responsibilities for her father like inspecting sites before official visits. after her brother's selection as supreme leader she apparently began receiving intelligence briefings and handling government policy. she is said to enjoy unfettered access to her brother but the public announcement of her new title will most likely lead to speculation about whether she is gaining power, especially after months of questions related to her brother's health. after being out of the public eye for several weeks this fall, kim jong-un only recently appeared in photographs, smiling and walking with a cane. some reports speculated kim was in hiding after surgery on his ankle or foot. still even if her brother is healthy this new positions of kim il-jung is significant in a
6:27 am
country where power has been handed down in her family for three generations. >> clearly an effort to slow-track her on to somebody important with the system again because there aren't many bodies left to carry on this sort of kim plan rule. >> reporter: brianna keilar, cnn. still to come in "the newsroom," buryed alife. two small boys trapped under feet of snow, the events leading up to this frantic rescue, next. by 1914 the dodge brothers and set out on their own.pany they believed in more, than the assembly line. they believed driving was a holy endeavor.
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good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. spend, spend, spend might be the words of the day, actually the word of the day on this black friday. new cnn/orc poll finds shoppers have an easier time opening their wallets, for the first time since 2007 more americans think things are gallon well in the economy, 52%, compared to last november only 41% had a favorable view of how things were going in the country. retailers hopes that helps their bottom line as shoppers pack the stores this weekend. alison kosik joins me to talk about spending, spending, spending, shopping, shopping,
6:32 am
shopping. >> and a few things in shoppers' favor, lower gas prices puts a little more money in our pockets we can dish out to the stores, also you're seeing stores really put some heavy discounting out there, i can't pass up a good sale especially when they're deep discounting 50% or more off of the items. what's different from this year compared to last we're getting good weather at least for this big shopping weekend of athe year. remember the polar vortex? >> yes, who could forget. >> that kept a lot of shoppers inside, and there was a threat of the federal government shutting down last year. lot of us may have forgotten that, that weighed on spending last year. interestingly enough i went into a target in new york city, it was empty. here's what may be happening, that black friday creep where we see the stores opening on thanksgiving, macy's, for example, the ceo said this morning that 15,000 people were waiting outside of its flagship store at 5:00 last night, so he says as much as we are sort of
6:33 am
creating the criticism about the stores like macy's, like walmart opening up early on thanksgiving, the ceo says there is demand and it's interesting to see who is shopping in macy's. >> there's demand at certain stores, right? deb feyerick said in a new jersey mall, it's pretty empty. >> the target this morning, in east harlem, was empty, which is pretty shocking. but people are interested. i want to you hear what the macy's ceo said earlier this morning. >> there's just been a steady flow of customers. it's interesting, because the customer we had last night in this particular store at 6:00 p.m. was very different when i did my circle of stores and came back here at midnight, it was a totally different customer. we went from international, diverse crowd opening the doors to a very young millenial aged crowd at midnight and beyond. >> so it looks like they went out there shopping a little early. >> you said that lots of
6:34 am
millenials. i'm not saying he's lying or anything but it's just hard to believe. >> well they've got the money to spend and want to get those deals. >> they do? >> the national retail federation is really having high hopes for this year saying that retail sales will increase 4% compared to last year to $617 billion this year. >> i'll lay something else by you. i interviewed a guy named mike, camping out at the best buy in wisconsin for the past six years with five of his friends every year. he notices lessening of the crowds year after year. he thinks the tradition is dying. >> and many people do say that black friday is outdated, because even you just look at this week, i don't know about you, but i got inundated with e-mails from stores offering deep discounting their black friday wednesday was happening earlier this week so you're seeing that cut into black friday sales, the internet obviously. you're seeing the thursday on thanksgiving the stores opening
6:35 am
up, that's eating into black friday sales. i think in the end people who traditionally go out and shop on black friday enjoy the social experience, that's their tradition. i don't think you'll see them pull back. i think you may see the shopping may be spread out a little bit over a week instead of just one day. >> i got you. let's talk about hot items because there is one hot item i'm surprised by, tennis shoes. >> oh gosh, you're surprised by it? if my son catches wind of it he'll want the air jordan 6 retros which are sold out in five minutes i think at dick's. there are a lot of other hot items, gopros are really big seller this is year, beatz head phones, tablet also sell well despite the fact they haven't been selling well all year and tvs. may not be big sellers but you get a pretty good price on them. >> alison, thanks so much, i appreciate it. checking other top stories at 35 minutes past the hour, president obama celebrated his favorite holiday thanksgiving with phone calls to u.s. troops. he spoke with rep.s from each
6:36 am
branch thanking them for their service. the first family served dinner at a soup kitchen before enjoying their own feast at the white house. a search under way for a missing ohio state football player. he was last seen leaving his columbus apartment 2:00 a.m. wednesday. his sister says he was upset about something and went for a walk. his cell phone was last pinged 30 minutes later about ten miles away p the fifth year senior walked on the team as a defensive lineman, family and friends grew concerned when he did not show up for morning practice. nothing on credit cards, anything. two young boys spent hours buried under this snowdrift a plow unknowingly trapping them inside the fort they were building. wcbs has more. >> trapped in the snow, two little babies. >> reporter: this iphone video was shot as police and neighbors rescued two different buried
6:37 am
overnight under a pile of snow in newburgh, new york. >> from what i understand a door was blocking and took the attention to where the children were at. some heard the muffled sounds of the kids and people were screaming for shovels and dug the young boys out 10 years old. fortunately they're still alive and well and police got a big round of applause. >> reporter: one of the boys, j.j. martinez, his mother let facebook friends know how he and his cousin were found just after 2:00 in the morning and are doing well. taqiua stevens' son plays with j.j. and shot this video to help to get the boys out. >> all i saw the little boy's feet and shaking and his mother is it's all right, he's there. >> reporter: the boys were playing in this parking lot across from one of their homes when they went missing just after 6:00 last night. that is when a frantic search start bid police and residents. their guess, a snowplow had something to do with it. >> when i left at 5:30, the
6:38 am
snowplow was out here, he started plowing already. he probably didn't see hem or something because my son was just with them. >> reporter: j.j.'s mom posted on facebook that her son is still in the hospital after his ordeal in this parking lot, but is doing just fine. she thad police for her thanksgiving miracle. in newburgh, new york, christine sloan, cbs 2 news. still to come in "the newsroom," a rare papal visit to an islamic country. live report on what the pope hopes to accomplish next.
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my nai'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do
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and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling. pope francis is making a rare visit to turkey, the three-day trip comes at a time when thousands of christian refugees fled to turkey from syria and iraq as islamic militants overrun the region.
6:42 am
arwa damon live in the turkish capital this morning. what's on the pope's agenda? >> reporter: he's had a busy day initially arriving in ankara, his first stop at the mausoleum of the founder of modern-day turkey and went on to meet president erdogan and other senior turkish officials at erdogan's palace. the two just wrapped up a joint press conference. now, in this press conference, president erdogan was speaking about islam as a whole saying that it was wrong to equate islam with terror and expressing his concern about rising islamaphobia. he says while isis is and continues to be a threat, the focus also needs to be on what he was describing as being a greater threat to security in syria and in the region, and that is the reseem of president
6:43 am
bashar al assad. pope francis for his part really trying to use this trip to build cross-religious bridges especially between islam and christianity, the two are arguably more divided than they ever have been in recent history. pope francis talking about the need to focus on certain pillars, those being respect for human life, respect for religious freedom, and the freedom to worship and live a dignified life. pope francis reiterating a point he has made numerous times before, and that is the solution to what is happening in the middle east is not going to come about by military means alone. we are at a jurng toncture in h when it comes to christian and muslim relations that many fear especially when it comes to the birth place of christianity, could result because of the violence we're seeing against the christian xuncommunities in iraq and syria, this could result in christianity potentially if the status quo continues being eradicated from
6:44 am
the middle east, carol. >> all right, arwa damon reporting live from turkey this morning, thanks so much. still to come in "the newsroom," glimmers of hope in ferguson after monday night's destruction. local businesses refusing to stay closed despite shattered windows and broken doors and good samaritans in the area spent their thanksgiving bringing turkey, treats and smiles to national guard soldiers. we'll talk about that next. people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar, ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c.
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the real work of rebuilding and recovery begins in ferguson after vandals looted stores and torched top cars and burned buildings to the ground monday night. good samaritans spent their thanksgiving day cleaning up destruction. some brought turkey and treats to national guard soldiers. sar sara sidner has nor. >> reporter: some of monday night's destruction finally accessible in the daylight. the protesters called for justice getting lost in the images of destruction, created by the few affecting the many. in the wake of the destruction, a glimmer of hope. >> we're having fun. >> reporter: at kathy's kitchen, where a window was smashed but the rest left intact their doors
6:49 am
are now open, less than 24 hours after being vandalized. >> for us here, in kathy's kitchen it's about letting people come in, smile a little bit, laugh a little bit, some people come in crying ail lit l bit and it's a place you heal and what better way to do that than with food? >> reporter: peaceful protesters stopped looters from breaking into the business that was his wife's long time dream, kathy's restaurant named after her. >> the new barbecue place we opened we estimate it got about $22,000 in damage, they broke out 25 of the windows. >> reporter: jerome jenkins is also a coach teaching many of the young men in this town about basketball and life. he says this community could have been saved from the devastation that hit his street and west floreson. >> my first reaction was disappointment from my governor more than what was happening because we had an opportunity to are this not to happen.
6:50 am
>> reporter: he mostly blames the governor for not at it from point of view. everybody out there protesting are not protesters. we also have criminaled involved. as you guys have seen, we even have homeless people involved. this is the first time in society where a criminal feels he has a voice and he's angry, too. so what do you expect a criminal to do? this is an opportunity that a criminal, all he has to do is look in the past and realize that they're not going to do anything so he gets to march up and down the street for once in his life and rob and steal without being penalized. >> reporter: sara sidner, cnn, ferguson, missouri. still to come in the newsroom, the bears turn into a thanksgiving day feast for my detroit lions courtesy of calvin
6:51 am
johnson and his brand spanking new nfl record. megatron, i love him. >> megatron making it look easy, right? he took his dominance to the field against the bears. we have more action from yesterday's game. your bleacher report is up next. get to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you? no. it's called grid iq.
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black friday sounds kind of scary, and it was. black friday first referred to the collapse of the u.s. gold market in 1869 a century later, philadelphia police used black friday to describe chaos and congestion, downtown streets for clogged with hoards of shoppers headed to the big department stores. retailers hated the term but then tried to reinvent it, it was the day their profits went from red to black -- so they said. black friday really started catching on in the '80s and '90s pushed by the growth of big box stores. today it's all about bargains and black friday's dark roots are for the history books. now you know. much rather watch a football game than go shopping, though, that's the truth. especially yesterday, andy scholes. megatron, the detroit lions, holy cow! >> carol, i told you the bears were a bad football team
6:56 am
yesterday. >> i knew that. >> well they got off to a good start but that's when megatron took over, right girl. calvin johnson caught two touchdown passes for lions against the bears. he has eight touchdown receptions on thanksgiving. that's the most ever. megatron surpassed 10,000 receiving yards for his career. he's the fastest to get to that mark. in summary, you know, this calvin john season is amazing. beat chicago 34-17, the bears miserable season, well, it continues, they are now 5-7. the night game featuring the 49ers hosting the seahawks last night. this is the first time richard sherman scared off since his last game. and sherman once again backed up that smack talk. he had two interceptions in the game. the seahawks dominated and sherman later had fun gesturing with the niners fans in the stand and after the game he
6:57 am
celebrated by carrying off a whole turkey. in his post-game press conference he took a shot at the fans in san francisco. >> their fans threw a few jabs and somebody threw a glass bottle when we were jogging in. you never have to resort to name calling and some of the things they said. it just helps you appreciate your own fans. fresh@the 129 man and how classy the organization is and how they stayed through the whole game regardless of the outcome. that's huge. but not every fan can be 12 men. thank you. two years after his infamous butt fumble, mark sanchez making his return to thanksgiving day football. no butt fumbles this time. he led the eagles to an easy 33-10 win over the cowboys. tony romo threw two interceptions. the eagles take sole possession of first place in the nfc east. now another thanksgiving tv
6:58 am
tradition is the national dog show. it's a chance for the top canines of the nation to strut their stuff. but wait. that miniature pinscher went rogue on the loose. looks like he was trying to sabotage the rhythm. but the owner was so embarrassed. that has to be ruff. carol, looks like someone will be in the doghouse. >> oh, i feel so sorry for her. all that work and your dog goes rogue and, oh, and the dog's just having fun. >> she was sad. >> well, the dog -- [ laughter ] >> i think people are too serious at the dog show, there should be more smiling. >> just the fact you said that is sacrilege, andy, you're going to get in trouble. thanks, andy, i appreciate it. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the newsroom, black friday.
6:59 am
a full contact sport. >> my husband that has other car, he went on the other side of the store. >> plus -- >> hands up, don't shoot. >> -- hands up, don't spend. ferguson protesters call for a boycott of black friday. >> i think that economic power is just as powerful as political power and the power to vote. also, in the dark. hundreds 60 thousands of people without power after a dumping of thanksgiving day snow. and he's making a run for it. devastation at the national dog show. let's talk live at n the cnn newsroom. and good morning, i'm carol costel costello, thank you so much for joining me on this black friday around ferguson, missouri.
7:00 am
shopping for deals does not have the same level of excitement this year. check out the st. louis walmart last night. in the wake of this week's destructive riots and protests this store had no shopper, only the national guard. in fact, this walmart was closed all night only to reopen to shoppers an hour ago. >> hands up, don't shoot. >> this is what it looked like at a target store not too far away. protesters marching and shouting "hands up, don't shoot." demonstrators protesting the grand jury's decision are expected nationwide today. jason carroll is in ferguson this morning to tell us more. good morning, jason. >> good morning, carol. just a few moments ago at this walmart here in ferguson we noticed a few protesters showing up in front of the walmart near the front entrance just about a half dozen or .


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