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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  November 30, 2014 3:00am-4:31am PST

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he's 112 days late. thank goodness. we're so glad. >> officer darren wilson no longer an officer. the man who shot and killed mike april brown resigns from the ferguson police department but a lot of people are asking what took so long. we opened the compartment where he was and saw him and asked him to come forward and he was horrified. >> found after nearly four years, a georgia boy texts his mother from inside the house he was held captive. what happened next is just astonishing. and the obama daughters
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dissed. now the backlash against the staffer who trashed sasha and malia. >> you're up early on sundays morning. that 2:00 alarm went off early this morning. we're with you here. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell. s with 6:00 on the east coast. we're starting with darren wilson, no longer a member of the police force in ferguson, missouri. >> he resigned five days now after a grand jury decided not to indict him for killing unarmed teenager michael brown. wilson feared for the police department which parentally had been threatened with violence had he stayed. >> wilson said he hopes hisure community to heal. many say this just not enough. we're in ferguson. so, ed, was wilson forced out?
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do we know where he is now? >> well, we don't know where he is now. many people here say this announcement doesn't come as a surprise. no one really envisioned that he would continue to be a police officer here in the city of ferguson. his own lawyers have been saying that for some time as we've known there was some sort of negotiation in process to plan for darren wilson's exit from the police department here in ferguson. but his lawyers have been saying that the chances of him ever working as a police officer are slim to none and his statement last night darren wilson said that being a police officer was the only job he ever dreamed of doing. so his lawyers saying this is a very difficult process for him as he continues and tries to figure out what to do next. but here in the city of ferguson, reaction to the news of darren wilson's departure from the police department says many people say it just took too
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long. >> my action to wilson resigning today is he should have been fired and in jail a long time ago. but in honor of mike brown. >> took too long. he's 112 days late. thank goodness. we're so glad. he should have been fired on day one. once all the word came out him shooting mike brown. i think they should have not put him on leave and he should have resigned or they should have fired him. >> so victor, many people here in ferguson still want something to come of the federal investigation into the shooting death of michael brown. but i think we're still some time away from hearing the results of that. and as far as the timing follows this, we reported for several weeks that darren wilson was in negotiations to leave the department and as for the timing, wilson's lawyers told cnn last night that there were threats being made to the city of ferguson police department, that the resignation didn't come
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by saturday night and the lawyers suggesting that was part of the reason for the timing of last it in's announcement. >> ed, is there still any concern that the police department would be targeted even though he has resigned? >> well, we were told by the mayor last night they didn't have a resignation letter in hand here in ferguson. we don't know if that's changed over the last few hours. but his lawyers have made it clear that he's leaving the department. >> all right. thank you. joining us on the phone now is cnn's brian todd. >> brian, we know you spoke to wilson's attorney. what did he say specifically about wilson's resignation? >> he said that, you know, as we've been reporting, the negotiations have been in progress for some weeks now for him to resign but recently, in recent days, wilson had gotten word of threats to the ferguson
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police department. i pressed him on those threats. he would not elaborate on the specific nature of the threats to the police department. he did indicate that the threat was of the nature that something could conceivably happen late last night or possibly overnight today into the ferguson police department if he didn't resign last night. wilson got a sense that he needed to step out yesterday or last night to avoid something happening. and again, we pressed him on that. he just didn't want to elaborate on that. clearly, wilson got a sense that the timing was such that he had better step out now and he did so. again, we've been reporting for weeks now he had been negotiating this, his attorney told us this was in fact coming. he knew he couldn't go back to being a police officer. and looks like he probably won't go back to being a police officer anywhere. one of the attorneys told us that in the early days after the shooting wilson said that he
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still wanted to be a police officer and one of the attorneys said, you know, if you do that, there's a chance you could be lured into a blind alley and executed. we talked to former cops who say that could conceivably happen to a police officer who is so controversial, someone could find out what shift he's working and, you know, possibly lure him into some kind of a trap. so that was -- there were threats to wilson's life as well and bounties placed on his head. he was in danger himself. >> guys, in the control room, it's not too long. let's put the statement up. i want people to hear from darren wilson in his own words, likely with the advice from his attorneys. but he says that in another interview, i'm resigning of my own free will. i'm not willing to let someone else get hurt because of me. he goes on to say that the hardest thing i've ever had to do is resign. this is the hardest thing i'll ever have to do. brian, you say he's been negotiating this resignation for some time. some would ask what is being
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negotiated? the severance package? the pension, for someone to submit resignation, that can be done in a one sentence letter. do we know what package he might be receiving? >> i don't know what kind of package he is receiving. the severance was probably a strong consideration there. and also they reiterated several time to us that they just wanted the separation to be ammicable with the ferguson police. they didn't want any tension. they didn't want any ill will as he left. his legal problems are certainly not over. ed a second ago mentioned the federal investigation into whether he violated michael brown's civil rights. that's on going. he faces an internal investigation with the ferguson police. and he faces a very likely wrongful death lawsuit from michael brown's parents. darren wilson may be leaving the police department. he's certainly not leaving the realm of justice at the moment.
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>> is there any indication what he will do next if he doesn't feel he can be an officer any longer? >> you know, we asked his lawyers that several times now. it's really not clear. it's not clear what he can do. you know, he's been a policeman his entire career. he's only in his 20s. you know, there are other former police officers who we talk to say, look, he's got to change his name. he's got to change his appearance. he's got to put his property in a trust so that it can't be viewed publicly. these are steps he has to take just to protect himself. what he can do for profession, that's really unclear at the moment. >> all right. brian todd, we appreciate it so much. thank you for the update. so imagine this. four long years. a mother wished, prayed for her missing son to come home. >> and this morning they are finally back together. wait until you hear about the story. where police found this boy. it's outstanding.
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1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪ i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! welcome back to "new day." let's get you caught up with your morning read. >> is this an incredible story? this one had me in tears. this little boy, 13 years old, missing for four years. there he is back with his mother, wiping his tears. police say he was found behind a false wall after someone told him to check a house in the
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atlanta area. >> his father and stepmother are under arrest this morning. they're accused of false imprisonment, cruelty to children and obstruction. >> talk about syria now, the u.s. led coalition battling isis launched 30 air strikes overnight in the northern city of raka. the offensive wants a sharp increase in coalition activity there. recent attacks on isis in syria focused on kobani. there is new hope this morning for an ebola vaccine. scientists say 20 healthy adults received an experimental ebola vaccine in the first phase of human trials. all of them produced antibodies to the deadly disease and no one had serious side effects. the national institutes of health say it's fast tracking more trials. in business news, president obama and his daughter is headed to a local bookstore in the nation's capital to stock up on christmas gifts and promote small businesses f you're on the
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president's gift list, these may be spoilers. the purchases include books. in sports, alabama avenged the loss to auburn. crimson tide outscored the tigers 34-18 in the second half of the 55-44 tuscaloosa slugfest. espn says last night's shootout marks the highest scoring iron bowl in the history of the auburn-alabama rivalry. all right. now to our top story again. the resignation of the police officer who shot and killed michael brown. after grand jury monday decided not to indict darren wilson, president obama announced a series of meetings around the country to address the waning trust between communities of color and law enforcement. >> attorney general eric holder, the first african-american to serve as the nation's top prosecutor is going to hold
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first of those meetings tomorrow in atlanta and one of the organizers is a reverend. he is a pastor where dr. martin luther king jr. co-pastored with his father. also the author of the book "the divided mind of the black church." thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> first of all, what you are hoping you comes out of this meeting? >> we're pleased to welcome to ebeneezer baptist church our nation's first black attorney general. as it turns out, tomorrow is the 59th anniversary of the g beginning of the montgomery bus boyco boycott. it turned into a national struggle that changed our country. once again as we look at events in ferguson, we need to change our nation again so that all of us can be assured that we rest under the promise of our judicial system, equal protection under the law. >> do you believe that can be accomplished through
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conversation or should there be more aggressive attempts to make sure that first the departments in some ways reflects the communities they're serving? >> absolutely. we saw that in ferguson. if there isn't a reflection between the population that's being policed and the actual police, what we see actually looks more like an occupation than policing. and so we're focused on this issue. conversation certainly helps. but there really needs to be serious public policy decisions. this ferguson issue brings into sharp focus the issue of police brutality. i think we need to pull that lens back a little bit and look at the larger landscape of america's prism and industrial complex. the truth is the land of the free is the capital of prison warehousing in the world. we have more prisoners in the world than any other nation. and so whether it's michael brown who was killed by a police
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officer or trayvon martin who was killed by an ordinary citizen posing as a police officer, it seems that young black men are caught up in a deadly cocktail of systemic injustice and stigma. we've become a minuenace to socy in the eyes of so many and michael brown and so many others are the terrible victims of that. >> we had a conversation yesterday with a man that's what st. louis police officer. he was telling us that it is difficult to get african-americans to be police officers in ferguson. how can we change that? how can we -- is it something within the department we have to change? it is something outside the department? how do we encourage that integration and the coming together? >> i find it difficult to believe that there aren't young black men and women who would gladly take that job. but you have to imagine being asked to serve in a police
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department that has not been kind to your community. they've got some optic that's they need to deal with. they have a perception problem that they need to address. but we certainly need the police department not only in ferguson but across the country to reflect the community. we've got to deal with all of these systemic issues. and so we're glad to welcome eric holder to ebeneezer baptist church. i've been encouraged by some of the moves being made about it justice department. we need more moves to be made. and we're eager to hear the status of the investigation. >> let's talk about that. what are you hoping to come out of this? we know there are two civil rights negotiations. what do you hope to come out of those? >> realistically, the threshold is higher for a kind of civil rights investigation. we really feel that the prosecutor in ferguson really blew the process. but still there is this civil
3:19 am
rights investigation both of officer darren wilson of police practices in ferguson. that's very important. i mean we're focused on this issue of michael brown. but we're talking about a community that has been under siege, if you will. poor people who have been victimized by the government that is using them as a kind of way of paying for municipal fees and that kind of thing. >> we saw of the investigation of the traffic ticket. that's why you hear from the protesters around the country why this is getting reaction in riley, north carolina, and even in london. i mean 5,000 people show up there. we look forward to having you back after your meeting. >> i think there is a bright spot in all of this. we're seeing a new generation of young activists raising their voices. and i believe we have a moment in which we can change america for the better. >> all right.
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reverend, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, sir. >> all right. so the crowds, the lines, the delays. today expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the year. of course we'll have your holiday travel forecast for new a couple minutes. and the obama girls dissed by a senior gop staffer. ahead, some swift backlash against her comments on social media. ♪
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all right. brace yourself for that other thanksgiving ritual, the airports. if you're already there, we're
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feeling for you. because today is expected to be the busiest travel day of the year for those of you flying. >> that's according to a group which represents somest nation's biggest airlines. here's a look at all the flights in the sky right now. and, you know, it's still early. but i guess it's 6:24 eastern. this is pretty good so far. it's reporting 160 delays, 150 cancellations across the country this morning. >> jennifer grey joins us now with a weather and travel forecast. i guess it's more important for the people on the roads. >> yeah. >> hopeful think there is not too much going on out there. >> you know, wednesday was a nightmare getting people to thanks giving. going home is going to be much, much better. look at the entire east. we have temperatures in the 50s in the northeast. we'll see partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 70s across the south. no rain. looking good. travel should be much, much more
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pleasant compared to getting to thanksgiving. so we're going to see very cold temperatures in the northern plains though. that's where we're seeing temperatures in the teens and 20s. look at this. this is a radar. we're not seeing anything. we're seeing quiet conditions across the entire east. we are going to see changes though in the west. we're going to talk about that. as we go through the beginning part of the work week, we bring in showers across the south. that's a cold front that is going to come through and after this nice little warmup period, we're going to see the cooler temperatures sweep back in. but as far as temperatures this morning, the cold spot, the northern plains. these are wind chills. look at. this almost 30 degrees below zero is what it feels like in minot. 20 below in bismarck. a very cold morning for you. northern plains stays cold. teens and single digits. but look at the difference in the south. temperatures upper 70s in dallas today. temperatures in the upper 60s in atlanta today and tomorrow. feeling very nice before we cool off just a little bit by the
3:26 am
middle part of the week. >> oh, yeah. >> better today for travel. >> bring out the flip-flops again. >> yes. >> all right. >> all right. let's talk about there are protests breaking out in egypt. criminal charges are dropped against former egyptian president hose any mubarak. >> plus, defense secretary chuck hagel is out. why did he have to go? we'll take a look at the politics behind his resignation. that is coming up in a moment. first, this week's ones to watch. ♪ >> sandwiched between romania and ukraine is moldova. one of europe's smallest and poorest countries, these unremarkable streets harbor a talent which this woman believes could be the next big thing on the dance music scene. >> i grew up in a small town.
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. we're so glad you're with us. >> let's start this half with five things you need to know.
3:32 am
>> number one, in egypt, one man has been killed during protests after a court dropped all criminal charges against former president hosni mubarak. he was convicted in 2012 of issuing orders to kill peaceful protesters during the uprising. he appealed and was granted a new trial last year. prosecutor told state media he will appeal the verdict. >> darren wilson has resigned from the police department in ferguson, missouri. the officer who fatally shot unarmed teenager michael brown in august and he feared staying on the force would pose a danger to his fellow officers. the grand jury decided last week not to indict wilson in brown's death. there is a federal investigation on going right now. >> number three, a moment of silence over the football field at ohio state yesterday. the announcer read the name of a missing football player and his
3:33 am
picture went up on the scoreboard there. the 23-year-old complained of concussion symptoms before missing practice wednesday morning. he hasn't been heard from since. police are working on several leads and family and friends are now posting flyers all over town. >> number four, 81-year-old supreme court justice rouge bader ginsburg is expected to head back to work tomorrow. she a steint placed in her artey while experiencing discomfort while exercising. she is also a colon and pancreatic cancer survivor. >> a senior staffer under fire for what she said about president obama's daughters. she criticized the teens for their appearance at wednesday's presidential turkey pardon. she said, dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at the bar." >> the post has gone viral on at which time we are some tweeting that she was cyber bullying the girls. she is now apologizing. we're going to talk about this in just a bit. >> this morning coalition
3:34 am
aircraft launched at least 30 air strikes on isis positions in the syrian city of racka. this is a sharp increase in the u.s.-led coalition's activity over the city which serves as a major isis base. meanwhile, as the fight against isis goes on, the u.s. has just launched the defense secretary. chuck hagel didn't just resign. word he is was pushed out by the white house. but he made sure to praise him. >> nearly two years, chuck has been an exemplary defense secretary. providing a steady hand as we meet long term threats while still responding to immediate challenges like isil and ebola. >> so what went wrong during hagel's time on the job? let's bring in michael williams, former adviser to the president. michael, good to have you this morning. i wonder now as the president's team searches for the fourth
3:35 am
defense secretary during his administration is this an obama problem or a hagel problem? >> it's probably a bit of both. the senator was brought in on chuck hague until this case was brought in to manage the defense department in a time of true productions, modernization, cost cutting and so really sort of reorganizing the institution. since that time the u.s. is buffeted by things and many thought that chuck hagel wasn't up to the job. as countless books said over the course of this administration this is now the fourth secretary, the administration has an issue with the centralization of foreign policy in the white house. that it wants yes men in
3:36 am
positions of state and defense department, not people that push back and chuck hagel was increasingly at odds and didn't have the ear of the president on his senior advisors. >> so i wonder if it was a mistake to choose him in the first place. early on they liked him because he was a critic of the wars during the bush administration. and now the president is having to send in troops and join -- lead the coalitions to fight isis, hagel being a critic, is not the best person to have in the position. >> well, the administration doesn't really, i think, generally like people who criticize them if internally or really pushing back. the difference between chuck hagel and predecessors is he is a much smaller figure politically and institutionally. the same thing with john kerry at the state department. the senator has had a career and did not have a political constituency that hillary clinton had. so in the first term you had
3:37 am
secretaries of defense and state who had their own power. and the president needed them for political reasons never mind reasons of state. and so chuck hagel and john kerry come in and those men are really there to do more of the president's bidding than to drum up their own policies. heads of departments are always representing the institution. the military is unhappy with a lot wlaf is going on. therefore, there is pushback. >> let's talk more about the political angle of this. i wonder if the poor showing for the democrats during the mid terms has anything to do with this. >> well, yes this is probably why it's been done like that. it's not unusual that after you have an election with a poor result, he reshuffle the government ar change positions around. the position doesn't really do much in terms of strategic change. the problem isn't with the secretary of defense. it's more with the administration's policy.
3:38 am
this administration that has centralized control in the white house with national security adviser susan rice who i worked with on the campaign and dennis mcdonagh, the chief of staff and a few close advisors. we have to remember nixon was served by whether you like him or not, probably the best strategic american their thinker of the 20th century. and the policies in the united states are at total odds. if you're against isis, the president says he wants to get rid after sad and he wants to destroy isis, isis and aare enemies, right? the policies don't line up on multiple fronts. it's been a lack of leadership on the issue and frustrating people in washington as well as people abroad.
3:39 am
>> michael williams, former adviser to the president, we'll have you back to talk about who now wants this job. after we heard from soeblecreta gates and panetta and the resignation from hagel, who would want this position? we'll talk about that next time. michael, thank you so much. so pope frances has a message for people of all faiths. and on this sunday, he's in turkey just miles from the civil war raging across the border. we'll take you there live. plus, the philadelphia eagles are taking their passion from the field and offering it now to people who need some passion and a little more help. the big impact they're making in philly next. ]♪ can you help me up? [ snow intensifies ] [ sleighbells ring in the distance ]
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listen, the philadelphia eagles are doing great work. >> yeah. >> they're taking their passion from the field and taking it out
3:44 am
into the community. >> we're talking about some big named players teaching a local food bank how they can deliver healthier, fresher food to people who really need it. >> you're in philly meeting an eagle up close and personal is pretty cool. >> how exciting is it to be here with the eagles? >> it's just so fun. i don't even really know what to say. >> meeting two? why is it so important to be here? >> just spend time with the kids. i think it's something they always remember and look back to and reflect on. >> might just be better than thanks giving dinner. >> how much do you like the eeg snlz. >> a lot. >> do you like them so much you painted yourself green? >> yes. >> you're doing really well. >> and my mom screams. i shed a tear last night. >> did you? >> because they didn't win. >> philadelphia center for grieving children is in a special class of eagles
3:45 am
charitable work. it's one of a handful of organizations here that the team has literally adopted, not just giving money but doing whatever is needed like building a wall and painting it. eagles players both have a special connection. >> how important is it to be here tonight? >> it's really cool. you know, especially from my background, i was in a similar situation and my mom was murdered and i went through two years of counseling. one of the cool parts of being in the nfl is to do things like this and get an opportunity to do things like this. >> it might not look grand, but it is. the eagles have dedicated the team itself to ten charities for now. part of the eagles care program. >> with these limit odd select nonprofits, we give a larger financial contribution but we give more than that. we give time. we give exposure. we give our players. >> i'm mark sanchez.
3:46 am
this is one of our defensive linemen. i play quarterback. >> the eagles qb embraced the philly charity program. >> you're a hero to a lot of kids. >> that's a great feeling. >> you're there with these kids. you get to talk to them. they see you. you're high fiving and playing football with this team. that's cool. >> another eagle favorite, healthy food. >> we're trying to tackle the product here in this city. en that is food security and making sure that you guys get these -- the right kind of nutrition, the proper nutrition to grow up to be big and strong like bennie, right? >> sanchez and logan at a garden the team helped revitalize along with a coalition against hunger, the team built this garden at philadelphia's area and helped run a healthy food drive, even a green light food bank offering fresh vegetables for families having a tough time making ends meet. healthy food, hunger, charity, and a beloved nfl team.
3:47 am
>> great people doing great thing there's. pope frances says christians and people of other faiths are being persecuted in the middle east. he says it must stop. we're taking you live to istanbul next. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 14 years. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... aids is going to lose.
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pope frances is calling for peace and continued dialogue. >> he has been attending a religious ceremony with spiritual leaders of the world's 300 million orthodox christians. >> international correspondent joins us now from istanbul. is there a sense that the pope has accomplished what the goal of this trip is? >> it's a need tore dialogue, whether it's the various churches of christianity or the junk tour and they need for real genuine dialogue interfaith dialogue between christians and muslims.
3:52 am
they went on to state we cannot resign ourselves to a middle east without christians, who have professed the name of jesus, therefore, 2000 years. manufacture our brothers and sisters are persecuted and have been forced violently from their homes. even the value of human life has been lost. and the human person no longer matters and maybe sacrificed to others interests and tragically all this is met by the indifference of many. that is a direct reference to the persecution of christians that we have been seeing for around a decade now. first by al qaeda and then by ice is and iraq and sear yachlt the statement is also very applicable plight of others, the plight of muslims as well that have been suffering because of this violence whether it is violence carried out by extremist organizations or quite simply violence because of fighting between rebels and the regime when it comes to syria or because of the violence that ravaged iraq ever since 2003.
3:53 am
at the very least, this is an attempt by one of the highest spiritual leaders in the world to try to reach out and build in the words of pope frances on his first day to turkey, the very needed pillars of trust. >> all right. thank you so very much. >> thank you. >> let's dig deeper into our top story, the resignation of the police officer who shot and killed michael brown. darren wilson left the ferguson police department. but will his departure do anything to heal the rift between law enforcement and communities of color? we're going to get a live report from ferguson next.
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3:57 am
we are counting down the days until the cnn heroes and all star tribute. we honor the years top ten heroes and then cnn names the hero of the year. >> while we wait for that, we want to see how last year's top honoree is doing. anderson cooper checks on the man dedicated to cleaning america's rivers. >> in 17 years his team have
3:58 am
picked up eight million pounds of trash from america's rivers. >> yeah! >> last november, for his inspiring work, he picked up a big honor. >> the 2013 cnn hero of the year is chad. >> yeah. one year later, we caught up with him to get an inside look at what he does and how he does it. at the heart of his work is a massive 800 ton barge, stores the huge piles of trash chad's team collects. it looks like a floating junkyard but -- >> welcome to cnn cribs. >> it is also chad's part time home. >> so pretty much everything is reclaimed or recycles out of either old buildings, old barns. >> the goal is serious but there is definitely quirk in this work. >> so this would be a greepy doll collection. why do we have it? i don't know. i don't have any idea other than we find a lot of creepy dolls. >> and trash isn't all he needs to look out for on the river. one of the safety concerns is
3:59 am
actually the flying carp. they do fly out of the water at high speeds. they get rather big. >> it's all part of chad's work, work that also includes growing trees. chad started this environmental effort in 2007 but he was able to expand itd after being named cnn hero of the year in the end, chad's crusade is about much more than cleaning rivers. >> it's about people taking action in their own communities. that's what it's about. that's how you change the world. >> tune in to see more in "rescuing the river." that is next friday night. and thn on sunday, december 7th at 8:00 p.m. eastern, watch cnn heroes, an all star tribute, to see who follows in chad's footsteps as cnn hero of the year. it's a star studded evening. we know you are going to be inspired.
4:00 am
>> it's about 7:00 here on sunday morning. sweer grateful for your company as always. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. >> we want to begin this morning with officer darren wilson. no longer we should say a member of the police force in ferguson moshgs month. >> wilson resigned five days after grand jury decided no to the indict him for killing unarmed teenager michael brown. his attorney tells cnn wilson feared for the police department which had been threatened with violence. >> he said he hopes the departure will allow the community to heal. the protests continued overnight. a lot of people say it's just not enough. we're in ferguson right now. so, ed, is there any better sense of whether wilson was forced out and where might be he right now? >> i don't think there is anybody here on either side, supporters of darren wilson and those against him who really envision in any kind of way that darren wilson would continue to
4:01 am
work as a police officer here in the city of ferguson. we've been reporting for several weeks that these talks of resignation had been in the works for quite some time. but darren wilson had been waiting for the grand jury's decision to ultimately make that announcement. you can read from the statement that his attorney released on his behalf last night where darren wilson says i have been told that my continued employment may put the residence and police officers of the it is yif of ferguson at ris clk is a circumstance that i cannot allow. he goes on to say it was my hope to continue in police work but the safety of other police officers and the community are of paramount importance to me. the lawyers have been telling us that darren wilson only wanted to be a police officer but now he must figure out another career at some point. but many people here in ferguson say getting to this point is simply taking too long.
4:02 am
>> if he did resign, i don't think he would have had necessarily a fair chance. he would come back as a police officer. >> there's no way to work in law enforcement again. it's sad. it's unfortunate chain of events. but sad on both parts. >> wilson's lawyer told us last night that there were some threats being made to the city of ferguson police department if wilson had not resigned by saturday night. so perhaps that sounds like that had something to do with the timing of last night's announcement. many people in ferguson say despite the grand jury not indicting him, they're looking forward and have hopes that there might be something that comes of the federal investigation into the shooting death of michael brown. legal experts say that is a much higher threshold and the federal investigation, we're waiting to see how that plays out. >> live for us in ferguson,
4:03 am
thank you so much. >> president obama said better police training and diversity in law enforcement is needed for us to build trust mebetween the police and the community. >> they're going to have several meetings to discuss the issues. erin mcpike is live from the white house now. what is the administration's plan for hand handling the situation in ferguson and protests around the country? >> christy, he wants to repair or try to repair at least the tension between law enforcement and the community so he is really going to send eric holder a listening tour, listen hear to president obama describe early in the week what he wants to accomplish. >> some of this is the result of the legacy of racial discrimination in this country and this is tragic because
4:04 am
nobody needs good policing more than poor communities with higher crime rates. the good news is we know there are things we can do to help. i've instructed attorney general holder to work to build better relations between communities and law enforcement. >> now what the administration has not said yet, they haven't determined really this, whether or not president obama and/or attorney general eric holder should go to ferguson because they are not sure yet whether that would help or hurt. >> do we know the agenda for the meetings tomorrow? we just had reverend warknock on from ebeneezer baptist church. what do we expect to be that exchange? >> victor, first it's a presentation and then followed by a meeting at a church. and it is the faith community,
4:05 am
law enforcement, and students. and it's really just trying to get the temperature from all of these people about what they want to see happen first and where they can go from there to institute new programs because the justice department is really looking at how they can make some deep structural and program attic as they say changes. >> all right. thank you very much. good to see you this morning. >> you got to listen to this one. it's almost unbelievable. neighbors say that it's another example of how you never know exactly what goes on behind closed doors. a young boy is reunited with his mother after being missing for four years. you won't believe where police found him and how he got them to look in the right place. plus, some are calling last night's iron bowl shootout an instant classic. highlights from the historic slugfest between long time rivals alabama and auburn. that's ahead. (vo) nourished.
4:06 am
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4:09 am
this morning a mother and her missing 13-year-old son are finally back together. >> oh, my gosh. this reunion and the hug you're going to see here, look at this. four long years in the making. this is an incredible story. police went to a home after getting a phone tip. they didn't find anything the first time. they had a hunch and went back. >> yeah, and police won't say what that hunch was or what inspired it. but while they were, there the boy sent a text to his mom. she told police to look behind a false wall in the house and they found him. the boy's father and stepmother
4:10 am
are under arrest. we have more. >> we opened the compartment where he was and i saw him and asked him to come forward and he was horrified. he was frozen with fear. >> good police work and hard determination by the victim who wanted to be reunified with his mother. >> he retreated away from us until he knew that those people weren't around him. >> she says the child reached out for rescue. police sergeant says that a 13-year-old boy downloaded a phone app so he could text his mother in florida he hadn't seen in four years. >> we got a welfare check in reference to a child saying he was beaten. we came here to the home and were able to get inside the home, talk to the people inside after several minutes of denying the child was here, his existence was here, there was ever any assault or anything like that. we able to find him in the linen
4:11 am
closet. >> the police department did an excellent job of coming out here and responding to this 911 emergency call. we have five individuals who have been charged with various charges. >> i just can't believe it. i mean we found him. we saw him. it was to say it was a great feeling was an understatement. >> what did he say to you? >> he just can't thank us enough. he just kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you. just overjoyed that we found him. >> sergeant said the biological father and stepmother faced charges of false imprisonment, cruelty to a child and obstruction. >> children being abused need to reach out by any means necessary whether it be cell or text to get help and don't stop. we will find you. >> that was a report for us. the boy's father and stepmother are scheduled to appear in court this morning. let's talk more about this and bring in cnn commentator and legal analyst. mel, good morning. zbh good morning, victor and christy. >> so the mother here initially
4:12 am
reported her son missing to child welfare authorities but not police shechlt might have been confused about the process because she's from another country. but child welfare, they note law. they should have called police, right? >> absolutely. absolutely. you know, it's very interesting. this is such a fabulous outcome in this case. so absolute bravo to the police. there is a accord together fbi, there is almost half a million kids listed missing by the fbi last year alone. and the number one cause is family abductions, inner family abductions like this. so, yes, this is a failure on the part of the agency that didn't advocate for this woman and tell her that yes, in addition to going to us, we also need to file something with the police, victor. >> okay. so we know that there are charges against the father and the stepmother but there were three other people arrested and
4:13 am
they were juveniles. how might that play into this? i'm assuming maybe the juveniles covered up and they didn't know the boy was there. but this is a lot of people for one child missing for four years. >> yeah. and you know, we don't know a lot of the details right now. some of the things that the local media is reporting is that neighbors saw the young boy outside but clearly what you have in this situation is we're starting to patch things together, guys, is a situation where the dad and the stepmom kept this boy. if he's downloading an app, accident are a cell phone. i'm assuming the juveniles involved were kids of the stepmother or other kids in the household that knew and perhaps when police showed up and i'm just kind of supposing right now, maybe when the police showed up on other occasions to investigate maybe they asked the kids if there was anybody there and the kids told them no.
4:14 am
so they're probably part of a cover-up. i was a little tursurprised we didn't see an interference with custody charge. in the state of georgia and in every single state in the united states, there are very strict laws that make it criminal to violate custody orders and to hide and to keep kids away from a custodial spouse. if you do it across state lines like we see in this case where the mom is in florida and they hid then kid in georgia, that's a felony that can be punished by up to five years in jail. >> and that was going to be my question. i mean did the authorities have not said yet which parent has custody. so if this father had custody, would that be -- play major role into the charges? >> oh, absolutely. because all of these charges, i mean first of all, we do have charges where this child is saying that he was held against his will. also clearly if he's hidden behind a wall there is something
4:15 am
extremely screwy if not abusive going on with this young boy. he was cut off from his mother. so there could be lesser charges even if the father is the custodial parent. but there is no indication in the reporting thus that are fa he far that he is. but if he's not, then the charges are much more serious. >> what is the consequence possibly for this father and the stepmother? >> well, i would think that they're going to throw the book at them. if you're talking about purposefully -- and that means on a day to day basis, you have somebody with you that you are hiding from their mother. i mean that is not just something that you have done over the weekend. that's something you've done for day in and day out for four years. there is really something sick about that. i hope they pursue the charges, they add the interference with
4:16 am
k custodial and they throw the book at them. >> you know, they say that when there are these battles within a family, because a lot of people will say it's a missing kid, but it is one with of the parents so it's not that bad. there this is an indication that it really is that bad. and secondly, when people steal kids sh it's because they want to get back at the other parent. it's not because they want that child themselves. >> also wonder how thorough these searches are. we've heard stories like this one, the boy who was in boy in detroit, you hear the police went to the home where the girls were kept in cleveland. i mean these people are in these homes. they just -- the police i guess haven't found them in these cases specifically. mel robins, thank you so much. >> have a great day. >> you, too. still to come, we got to talk about the wild plays, turnovers, revenge as well the major motivator here. highlights from last night's high scoring iron bowl in tuscaloosa. if you did not watch the game,
4:17 am
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sonchts i hear last night's iron
4:21 am
bowl lived up to the hype and then some. >> neither played a perfect game, we're told. but this slugfest between the two rivals had everything. big plays, turnovers, record setting high score and the revenge. >> this i hear is an inscant xlasic. >> you can call this the college football equivalent of a heavyweight fight. put the boxing gloves on the hands of crimson tide wide receiver cooper. cooper came up big with 224 receiving yards and three touchdowns. breaking his own school record. records continue to be shattered at alabama outlasted auburn in the highest scoring iron bowl in history. 55-44, alabama looks to be the sec's last hope at making the college football playoffs. but they must first face missouri in the championship game next week. ole miss and number four
4:22 am
mississippi state in the egg bowl. well, the rebels were all over their rivals from the opening kick. the big play of the game came when the running back took a handoff from the mississippi 9 yard line and went 91 yards to give the rebels a 14-point lead. ole miss upset mississippi state 31-17. now with the loss, the bulldogs play-off chances are very slim and things weren't better on the ride home. the team bus was involved in an accident. thankfully, no one was hurt. and third ranked florida state is perfect this season despite a far from perfect performance from the heisman trovin'ing quarterback. he threw four interceptions against instate rival florida. they still rallied to find a way to win beating the gators 24-19. that sets a fsu school record winning streak to 28 straight games. next up is the acc championship game. >> you're not going to forget
4:23 am
osu. >> certainly not. ohio state versus michigan. the buckeyes won the game 42-28. it came at a high price. yeah, ohio state quarterback j.t. baird suffered a broken ankle early in the fourth quarter. in true essence of sportsmanship, devin guard nor gives him words of encourage. as they tend to him. the heisman trophy candidate is out for the season. that was a nice moment. >> yes. i loved to see that. >> yeah. >> i'm a sucker for that. >> and as deep as that rivalry goes -- >> you know it, baby. that is one for the age there's. >> thank you. >> you're so welcome. >> thank you. so the crowds, the lines, the delays. we're sitting here if our pretty little studio. you might need to pack extra turk turk sandwiches if you're traveling. >> today expected to be the busiest travel day of the year. we'll have the forecast for new a couple minutes.
4:24 am
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4:27 am
we feel for you. those of you flying today, the busiest travel day of the year. >> according to a group of representativesst airline industry, it's the busyst day. look at all the flights in the sky right now. >> it doesn't look too bad.
4:28 am
there is a huge congregation. >> right around new york and new jersey. this morning already reports of more than 200 delays plus another 160 cancellations, more than actually across the country. >> so jennifer grey is joining us with weather and travel forecast. travel on the ground, i'm sure. >> travel on the ground is going to be good unless you're on the west coast. california, we're looking at quite a bit of rain pushing in. on the east coast, we know a lot of the airline delays can come from bad weather along the east coast. this is looking fantastic. temperature in the 50s and 60s. the south looking good. very cold in the northern plains if you're driving up there. a little bit of snow across the rockies. but this is the radar, guys. look at the interstates, roads, everything. look at these temperatures, 35 degrees below zero. that's what it feels like in minot right now. 20 below in bismarck.
4:29 am
20 below in rapid city. so very, very cold temperatures. single digits tomorrow. that's your high temperature, chicago, we'll be at 44 today. below freezing tomorrow. so a little bit of a yoyo going on here. dallas at 77. atlanta will be close to 70. feeling very, very nice. we have another cold front on the way. that will cool us off by the middle of the week. look at california. much needed rain. san francisco all the way up. we could pick up rain in southern california. we could see some areas getting three to five inches in the northern portion of the state. we're going to be looking at a little bit of snow. so very, very good news. here is your rainfall totals. three to five from san francisco to redding, even oregon picking up on that. points south could get an inch. good news there. >> they certainly need it. >> jennifer grey, thank you. >> all right. >> we'll see you back here at
4:30 am
the top of the hour. the people back home will be so jealous. >> yeah. >> you're probably wand whaerg is happening right now. so was i. truth is none of this was supposed to happen much the beach, the camel ride, the trip with my mother, returning to a country she fled 70 years ago as a refugee. >> did you ever think you would do this? >> i was not planning on this. >> it's going to be a journey of surprises, i think. >> yes.


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