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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  February 18, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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special, and the winner is, and that is going to start right after the ceremony. that is it for us this evening. i'm don lemon and i will be right back here tomorrow morning. "ac360" starts right now. good ooefevening tonight, president obama answers the critics who wonder how he can stop isis when he can't use the phrase islamic extremism. they say he is trying to fight a war with political correctness in a speech that is getting strong reaction on all sides of the issue. the president says he is taking away the legitimacy of isis and the al qaeda and the followers seek. we will play the remark, and debate the central question. >> and also, we will have a discussion on what isis ultimately wants, and the answer is basically an islamic armageddon. >> and also we will talk about isis burning dozens of people
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alive, and the latest on trying to identify this murderer. his accent has caught the ear of investigator and jim sciutto is working those stories, and he is going to join us now. now, talk about the english-speaking executioner in the video, and any clear picture of where he is from? >> not kon cluconclusively, but investigators are working on it but we spoke to the language experts, and they had a hard lis listen, and they said that a thought that it is either a teacher from north america or lived in north america, and one of the linguists detected a ak accent from montreal for the way he rolled the rs and a lot can be determined from jihadi john the english sounding jihadi in many of the videos before has not only identified from
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england, but they have a specific identity and this is is something that the investigators will look into this as well. >> and also, there is a claim that isis may p be harvesting the organs from the victims for money? has that been confirmed at all? not beyond the pale of what they would do but harvesting organs is to transport the organs in a timely manner to use or sale, and what do you know? >> nobody has put this e beyond isis, because we have seen the degree of the brutality, and they say it is possible they would try it, but how the harvest it, and get them to europe and get money from it, but the state department say said they rare aware of the alarming allegations, and no reason to doubt it, because of the isis' history, after all it is coming from the iraq ambassador to the u.n., but no confirmation yet and the iraqi ambassador to the u.n. did not
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present any evidence and the point that you raise, anderson is a fair one. >> and there is evidence that the isis had burned iraqis and what do you know about this? >> well, in the fighting that is going on in baghdadi between the isis fighters and iraqi security forces and iraqi forces and local tribesmen who have taken up arms against them they were burned to death. and i have read the situational reports from the witnesses on the ground who said it is also poss habl the men were killed in the fighting and then burned afterwards which is something that isis has done to desecrating the bodies adds well, but the reaction from the u.s. officials and the pentagon is that the attitude is that very possible because isis has proved capeable and willing to carry out the atrocities like this. >> and thank you, jim sciutto.
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in a moment a report from the front line where kurdish fighters are rying to overthrow a major isis push. and what is the actions being taken to stop an isis push. and now, some are saying that the president's lack of calling it islamic extremism is a mistake or even dangerous. >> there sis a fair amount of debate in the press and among the pundits about the word s that we use to describe and frame this challenge. so i want to be very clear about how i see it. al qaeda and aisleice isil and groups like it are desperate for the legitimacy legitimacy. they want to portray themselves as religious leaders and holy leaders in islam, and that is why aisle eiceaisleice -- isil promulgates
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itself as legitimate, and they say that america is at war with islam, and that is how they recruit and radicalize young people. we must never accept the premise that they put forward. because it is a lie. nor should we grant the terrorists the religious legitimacy that they seek. they are not religious leaders. they are terrorists. >> and the president called for tolerance among americans and the muslims in the islamic world, and he said that they need to do better to reach the young people, because he said to eye isis, your stuff is boring. joining us is fareed zakaria, and a former extremist who is
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now using his life's work to battle extremeism. fareed, does the words matter? >> well, if you can say, yes, of course it is a scholar it is radical extremism. and he is not a scholar, but a political leader, and he is trying to ask, what is the most constructive way that ki frame this so that i have bringing and attached myself to the large body of muslims in countries like indonesia who are law abiding and nonterrorist and don't demean them and their faith and isolate the terrorist, and so i will not call them islamic leader and i will describe them what i want to and they are terrorists. and in other words, if you are a scholar you would say, yes, most of the violence is coming out of islam, and fair to call it islamic extremism, and the president says i won't
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legitimatize them by calling them islamic in a way, so in the sense, they are both right, but the president is a political leader, and not trying to get to the political factual correctness here. >> and so, what do you make of this? because as much of it being a military conflict you won't ide identify it, you can't defeat them? >> well as a muslim are and lib liberal, u i am at the forefront, the muslim attack, and i agree with fareed, it is not a simple black and whitish shoe. it is not just one word and there is at once islamist extremism, and you cannot just bury your head in the sand and say it is not islamic, but it is
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islamist. and it has to be be islamism. so when you say it has to be defeated by the islamic, and the only word they know of it is islam, and they know that it is the faith of islam and tlhereby they blame all of the muslims. on the muslims, there is another problem, because there are liberal muzslims out there attempting not just political reform or the democratic nature of the president referring to, but the reform of the faith, and they need the lexicon to distinguish the religion from the politization, and without that aisle will monopolize the discourse -- isil will mon op monopolize the discourse and win the debate. >> so you are saying it should be of all faith?
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>> well in one sense, islamism is to impose islam over all society, and that is going to man manifest violently and that is jihadism and politically, it can be manifest and that is problematic, because to desire to impose one's faith over anyone else is inherently flawed and must be challenged. al qaeda did not have extremist, but it is this extremism ideology and you must see that it is not the groups that will be konconquered by the taking out the leaderships will be defeated, because then another group will pop up. >> that is important, because there is a core belief that is transferable to a number of groups. >> that is true, because the issue is not is this ideology real, and do the people believe
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in it, and the graham wood article. >> yes, we will interview him in a moment. >> and do they believe in the ideology and of course, they do and just as the marxist believed in a that but the question is why is it working? why is it spreading? what is the hole it is filling? to answer that question you have to ask yourself what are the conditions of the political, the political and the social conditions that are allowing it to flourish? the fact that the arab world, you have almost no democracy, almost no economic progress almost no social progress allows groups like isis and groups like al qaeda and allowed them to say "we are the answer." cast aside the failed ideologies that you are living with and look at the regimes that you are living under, because we will provide the alternative. it is because of the desperate and the stagnant present muslim world that they can present this
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invented past that they say it is much better, and that is the question to ask. nobody doubts that the crazies believe their crazy ideas just as when i was growing u nup india, there were crazy maoist revolutionaries to the describe the world they wanted, but the question is why were people believing? why do they have a following, and what obama is trying to say that you have to address that and fill the hole that right now radical islam is filling. >> do you believe that the united states and the core of those who support the president on this or oppose the president on this that he is not using the correct ainge waj or the real language that the united states is not battling isis in the correct way? does this argument over the language does it represent a misunderstanding of what the en enemy is? >> of course, it does. i agree with everything that fareed just said again natural
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ly ly. and let's take the republic that we were dealing with the germans after world war i, and they were feeling victimized and that means of course psychological and structural issues that must be addressed but nazism had to be be address and now dealing with the arab people and the muslim people are feeling victimize and palestine is an issue and many other conflicts across the world, but anderson i feel that if you cannot name it or call it the islamist ideology what it is going to do is to increase the hysteria and the paranoia and a bigger backlash of the muslim a it is playing off with the rise of the far right populist muslims who are saying that we are worried about the extremists and worrying about the muslims expelled from europe, and it is the voldemorte theory that i am worried about.
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>> and if you want to use it and the president does not want to yuzuse the complicated terms like is lammist, and if you want to the use more drones or less drone, and at the military front, and the political and the social front, you are trying to find some way to reform societies to have some way for the people to have an alternative and it won't matter for the people to have a alternative. >> but you believe it does matter. >> yes, dealing with the structural problem that fareed raise, and i care about that, but additionally, there is muslim discourse and society, and civil society resilience a, and the engagement cannot happen unless it exist, and as i said again, it is al qaeda inspired al qaeda, and it is that extremism that we have to refute. >> and it is great to have you
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on fareed as well, and coming up, fighting isis on the ground, and graham wood's very sobering take on what isis wants, and fareed mentioned it if you rare familiar with the phrase end times, you will get a picture. and it is a wonder that the flames did not go out as cold as it is, and a chilly forecast in places ahead sploochlt and a woman fatally shot in the story coming up, and it is not as simple as that, as we look at the story ahead. on dollars and creating over 2100 jobs. from long island to all across upstate new york, more businesses are coming to new york. they are paying no property taxes no corporate taxes no sales taxes. and with over 300 locations, and 3.7 million square feet available, there's a place that's right for your business. see if startup-ny can work for you. go to
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president obama and pundits in a war of words over over isis.
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nsive south of erbil. the latest from ben wedeman. >> reporter: tonight, the situation in gware, west from here. at 9:00 last night, there was an assault by isis on three kurdish positions to the west of here that went on for about five hours. we saw on kurdish tv some of the kurdish positions. it looked like they had empty machine gun shells up to their ankles, at least. and that gives you an indication of the intensity of the fighting that was taking place in pitch dark with the fog. so it was very difficult for coalition aircraft to provide any cover to those kurdish fighters. it was only when they were able to push the fighters, the isis fighters away. that the coalition aircraft were able to become engaged. and according to kurdish officials, 40 of the isis fighters were killed at the end of that 5.5 hour battle. >> how well equipped at this point are the kurds?
8:20 pm
that was an issue early on when this began against isis and the kurds. do they have what they need to keep propelling these attacks? >> reporter: i don't think there's any question they don't have what they need. they have received some light weaponry from european countries, but certainly, it's nothing compared to what isis has. keep in mind that last june, isis drove the iraqi army out of mosul, and they won a huge amount of modern american equipment, humvees, communication equipment, ammunition heavy artillery that allows isis to seerriously outgun the kurds. the kurds have a thousand kilometers, 600 a mile front with isis which they have to
8:21 pm
defend. and certainly, in terms of equipment, they are outgunned. they don't have their own air power. they depend upon baghdad for its weaponry, and they haven't been very generous in that regard. they have very little in the way, for instance, of night vision capability, which, of course, would have been very useful last night during this assault. anderson? >> ben wedeman, appreciate your time, thank you. president obama said we're at war with people who perverted islam. the question, is that really true? in a new piece in the atlantic, graham wood writes the state that islamic is very islamic. yes, it has attracted psychopaths and the religion preached derives from coherent and learned interpretations of islam.
8:22 pm
graham wood joins us now. it's fascinating article. you say the nature of isis is more like a distaupian alternate reality? >> i would call it a death cult. isis believes it is involved in the production of the end times. it believes that it's directly involved in creating the stages of an apocalyptic future that will bring about the fulfillment of prophesy. >> unlike al qaeda, it's crucial for isis to control territory to create this caliphate. >> they believe if they control territory, if they act properly, then they can fulfill, particularly, elements of prophecy that includes a clash with the armies and this is particularly important of what president obama said today, because we want to avoid full fulfilling the narrative to push forward what they want which is a clash between civilizations. that is a necessary part of the prophecy. >> between islam and the west. >> yes. that's correct. >> others have written about this as well, but it was well spelled out in your article, that the sheer volume of enemies that isis believes they have, the people who isis labels apostates.
8:23 pm
not just christians that we think, and not just westerners but it is 200 million muslims. >> isis in some ways treats christians much better than most muslims. they believe that christians, for example, don't need to be killed. they can be enslaved. they can live under the islamic state without adopting islam, if they pay a particular tax. whereas with muslims, they're very, very particular about who qualifies as a proper muslim and who is, in their mind, perverting the faith. and those people, they believe, need to be killed. >> the justification for killing anyone who is shia, for instance, they believe that's a more modern or call them the moderns. it's the more modern interpretation of the koran, which you wrote means that the original interpretation of the koran was somehow incorrect, which was something they can't tolerate anybody saying. >> that's right. they view any innovation, they call it, bid'ah, a reprehensible
8:24 pm
innovation, any of this is a perversion of the faith and if you reject the inerrancy of the koran, the hadith and the early actions of the prophet mohammed, you're, in their mind, rejecting islam. this is the kind of pronouncement that historically muslims are reluctant to make. it is not something that they do. it is considered perilous even to their own souls, because if you pronounce excommunication to another muslim and that person is a muslim, then that makes you a non-muslim too, and that is a dangerous game for somebody who believes these things to take, but isis doesn't. >> they're so convinced in their own interpretation that they believe they are right. >> yes, absolutely. and when i spoke to isis supporters, they would openly say, oh, this guy who works for the jordanian regime, he is not a muslim. this is a person who is someone who prays five times a day, but purely by the action of working for a government or drinking
8:25 pm
repeatedly or doing things that implicitly showed that, in their minds, this person had rejected clear elements of islamic law, that's enough. >> voting, having, not having a beer, being clean shaven. things like that. >> in certain circumstances when it shows that they have rejected the inerrancy of the koran. >> when president obama said they perverted islam, is that true? >> he doesn't really have the authority to say that. i don't think any non-muslim has the authority to say that or convince others that that's the case. what a non-muslim can say objectively is whether the actions of isis have pressed in the history of islam. the things don't come from nowhere. they're elements of islam for the vast majority of muslims around the world are either in,
8:26 pm
not applied, or not interested in doing things like stoning adulterers. >> when you say it's a death cult, it's solely geared towards the end times. apocalyptic vision. >> well, the apocalypse is a frequently recurringing theme of the et rhetoric and they believe it is going to happen and they also believe before they achieve victory and when jesus comes back and comes to their aid, they will almost be diminished to nothing. they believe there is go ging to with be 5,000 of their fighters back and jesus will come to save the day for them. >> jesus saves the day for them? >> at jerusalem, jesus comes to earth at damascus and they're circled by the anti-messiah type of figure in jerusalem and jesus will come to their aid and save them. >> and again, it is a fascinating article, and i urge people to read it in "the
8:27 pm
atlantic." and it is really just fascinating. grae graeme, thank you so much. more than a hundred patients at a california hospital warn they may have been exposed to a deadly bacteria. how it happened coming up and explosion of fire through an oil refinery. details on that ahead. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill?
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welcome back. it's cold out there. you know that. you might be wondering how cold is it. it's cold enough to turn niagara falls into niagara doesn't fall because it's partially frozen. "buffalo news" post ded this on the facebook. below zero temperature forecast for tomorrow. not below zero windchill factors, below zero period. 19 below with the wind. it is cold there and it will be dangerously cold too. in places where they're used to it and where they're not as well. public schools closing tomorrow in chicago, cleveland, cincinnati, louisville, lexington, kentucky, to name a few places. joining us from atlanta where it's colder than normal. jennifer grey in the weather center.
8:31 pm
where is it going to get really cold and how long is it going to stay that way? >> unfortunately, for quite a while. we're seeing windchill advise advisories from north dakota to south florida if you can imagine, and we could be shattering the records tonight and tomorrow morning as well into friday. we rare seeing 14 degrees in nashville and 2 below in nashville as well where a lot of the aerreas will be windy. 14 degrees nashville. 2 below zero. st. louis, zero. chicago, 7 below. that doesn't even factor in the wind. a lot of these areas are going to be very windy. so the potential record lows, lexington, louisville, nashville, detroit, key west, even, breaking a record low of 49 degrees. we could be in the negatives all
8:32 pm
across lexington, louisville, detroit tomorrow. 13 below zero in lexington. by friday morning, the story doesn't improve. detroit 12 below zero. marquette, 19 below zero. up and down the east coast in the single digits. once again, we could see record lows. key west and even miami with a low of 40 degrees which is very cold for south florida. >> another storm expected this weekend. >> absolutely. another storm on the way. they're just lining up. winter storm watches already in effect from little rock, nashville, huntsville, knoxville. that's included for friday night into saturday. mainly rain in the south. a nasty wintry mix anywhere from little rock all the way through middle minnesota,tennessee, and we could time it out through friday evening, and we could see an icy mix from nashville to little rock. these are the same places that saw the nasty wintry mix days ago. it's going to make its way into the carolinas dipping down into the georgia mountains by friday night into saturday morning. right now, it looks like mostly rain for new york.
8:33 pm
could see a wintry mix between new york and boston. right now, boston is right on that line. we could see snow or a wintry mix as we go into the end of the weekend. >> last thing they need there, more snow. jennifer gray, thank you very much. more on the other stories we're watching. amara walker has a "360" bulletin. amara? >> over 100 patients at the ronald reagan ucla medical center center may have been exposed to a deadly super bug. they may have bneen on the end of endoscopic scopes used in proceeddures from october to january. president obama has named joseph clancy to lead the secret service elevating from interim chief. the white house is ignoring a panel's recommendation to seek an outsider for the job after a series of security mishaps. ukraine is asking for u.n. peace keepers to be deployed to have a cease-fire with pro-russian separatists that crumbled the past few days. and an explosion and fire near an oil refinery near los angeles left at least two people
8:34 pm
injured and several windows were shattered. there's no word yet on what caused the blast. anderson? >> thank you, amara. new details ability a road rage incident that left a woman dead in los angeles. new details that the woman may have escalated the situation after she went looking for man who may have caused the incident and she went looking for him armed with a gun. the american sniper trial, the man accused of killing chris kyle takes the stand. financial noise financial noise
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a new twist tonight into the deadly road rage incident in las vegas. the police said that the victim a mother of four, got back into the car and drove around with her son who was armed look g foring for the other vehicle. police are still looking for the suspect. sara sidner has the latest. >> reporter: walking by the makeshift memorial as they prepare to make funeral arrangements. meyer a mother of four, shot and killed after a road rage incident. >> my mom was doing what every mother would do, to protect her baby. >> reporter: while the family first explained this as a case
8:38 pm
of road rage only on the part of the suspected killer, they now find themselves defending meyer's role in possibly escalating the situation. >> emotions get ahead of what you should do. i think that there might be a case of that. >> reporter: so what happened? initially, the family only revealed details that the driver suspected of killing meyers went off the handle with no provocation but new details are emerging. police say meyers was finishing up a driving lesson with her daughter in the parking lot just two minutes from their home and then the two left the school and ended up in some kind of altercation with the man who would eventually kill tammy myers. >> a vehicle came up at a high rate of speed behind her and then ultimately cut in front of her. as that vehicle did that, her daughter had reached over and honked the horn. >> reporter: police say myers and that driver sketched here argue. myers and the daughter drove home. they arrive safely and could have ended there, but it didn't. >> her 22-year-old son came out of the house. got into the car. he was armed with a firearm that is registered to him and then they left the house.
8:39 pm
they left the house in search of that person. mrs. myers was involved with an incident just prior. >> reporter: police say they found the driver they were looking for, but gave no details on what happened in that second encounter. what we do know is myers and her son returned home and this time, the suspect followed. gunfire was exchanged and tammy myers was struck in the head. she was taken off life-support on valentine's day. despite the criticism that myers and her son may have had a hand in escalating the situation, her family says no one should ever have died over something so trivial. >> i did what i had to do to protect my family. everyone can think what they have to think. i did it for a reason. i'd do it for anyone i love. >> sara sidner joins us. was anyone else in the neighborhood endangered during the shootout? >> reporter: you know, a lot of
8:40 pm
the neighbors did hear it. we talked to a neighbor just a moment ago who said that his son heard the shots going off when they came out. they realized that tammy meyers had been shot. we actually saw one of the holes from a bullet in the wall over there. so there was fear after everyone figured out what the sound was and then found out that meyers had been killed. anderson? >> sara sidner, thank you very much. join g joining our legal analyst and criminal defense attorney mark geragos and former prosecutor jeffrey toobin and. jeff what do you make of this? obviously, there is a lot of stuff that we don't know here. >> the key issue here is, what is the version of the facts from the mystery man involved in all of this? but it would have been better if they went home and forgot about this. i know it's sacrilege to say this, but if people didn't have guns, none of this would have happened. >> the son saying he was
8:41 pm
defending his family how? >> it doesn't make sense. the incident had already taken place. they had an unpleasant encounter on the road. there was no follow-up necessary as far as i can tell. so i don't want to blame this guy who lost his mother, but i mean, it certainly seems it would have been better off for all concerned if they simply left this alone. >> mark, could the suspect still at large claim he was acting in self-defense even though apparently from the early information we have, he apparently then followed these two people and that's where the shooting took place? >> it's amazing how far this story has turned in just one day. it would not surprise me in the least if the person who did the shooting either conjures up or claims at some point, look. they came chasing after me. they waved the gun. who knows if the gunshots were fired, we don't know that yet. we seem to keep learning things by the hour.
8:42 pm
i could think of ten different scenarios where the person who did the shooting said he was doing it in response to or in self-defense from somebody who was chasing him down who was armed and who, apparently, had at least at some point fired some shots. >> and who's to say, by the way, they even have the right guy? they were not a police force. they could have gotten into a confrontation with an entirely different person who wound up in this fatal conflict. >> that's exactly right. i mean, it's entirely possible and who's going to be the person who's going to negate that? the only person who's going to negate it is going to be the daughter who was doing the driving lessons. other than that, there's nobody else who was a witness to who the road rage was. >> the police say the son didn't fire the first shot. does that matter that he fired back? >> the police are saying that. the police are saying that. but that doesn't mean anything. i mean, you've got shots fired right now. the police are saying that based
8:43 pm
on what, the son who is saying that and the family who was apparently letting out information that wasn't correct in the first place. so the police don't have any corner on the truth and shouldn't be seizing the moral high ground here. i don't think that anybody knows right now who was shooting first or who was doing what, because we certainly didn't get the first story correct. >> and by the way, the one thing we know for sure is these guns were fired in a residential neighborhood, which to put it mildly -- >> exactly like the ok corral. >> they have to find the guy. that's obviously the key issue because potentially, he could be prosecuted in the death of mrs. meyers. i mean, he will certainly have a response to that, but i mean, this woman died in a gunshot. and that's certainly a very serious thing. you need to do an investigation. but my guess is that the story will get even more complicated when this guy is located. >> all right, jeff toobin.
8:44 pm
mark geragos as well. we'll continue to follow. jurors hear from friends and family of the man who accused killed chris kyle. how the suspect acted before and after the killings next. preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs.
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it is the defense's turn in the trial of the man accused of killing chris kyle of course, the subject of the movie "american sniper." the prosecution rested to today. today the suspect's sister, brother-in-law and former girlfriend were on the stand talking about his behavior before and after he killed kyle as well as kyle's friend. shootings the defense said were a result of psychosis. ed lavandara has the report. >> reporter: right after eddie ray routh gunned down chris kyle and chad littlefield, said he was talking about pig sucking on his soul and he had to take two souls before they could take his.
8:49 pm
she called 9-1-1 right after he left in kyle's pickup truck. >> he said he had killed? >> he said he killed two guys in a shooting range. like he's all crazy. he's [ bleep ] psychotic. i'm sorry. for my language. >> is he on drugs? >> i'm sorry for my language. i don't know if he's on drug or not but i know he has been. >> reporter: she said the man who came to my house is not the man i know as my brother. i love you, but i hate your demons. the judge is allowing courtroom audio to be broadcast until the trial is over but prosecutors are zeroing in on those last words from routh's sister in that 9-1-1 call. the drugs have been the focus since opening statements. >> drugs and alcohol that morning? he knew what he was doing was wrong. >> reporter: routh ignored orders to stop smoking weed and drinking alcohol and smoke and dranked whiskey with his uncle hours before killing the man known as the american sniper.
8:50 pm
>> i just want to get the bad guys but if i can't see them, i can't shoot them. >> reporter: as routh descended into psychological troubles, started dating jennifer, a degree in psychology herself. she said that he could be quick temper and erratic. he held his girlfriend and room roommate at knifepoint in the apartment, and the night before the killings she said that she asked him if he was seeing things, and he said, yes. i asked if he was hearing things and said yes. he told me they were listening to us and when i tried to speak with him, he would take his hand and cover my mouth. that was the last night routh would spend with the girlfriend he just asked to marry him. not long after, he'd be seen handcuffed in the back of a police car. >> ed lavandera joins us now. the family said he suffered from ptsd. what do we know about his military history? >> reporter: a lot of people when they hear he served in iraq said it had to do with that but no record of combat. it was his experience in a
8:51 pm
humanitarian mission in 2010 in haiti that affected him deeply. his mother talked about how he saw dead bodies on the beach and those images and those experiences he had in haiti, his family members say had a much deeper and more profound effect on him. >> ed lavandera, thank you very much. a lot of people have been sick with the cold, and we have more coming up on the "rick dick you list." "and we will have more on the world banana hammer coming up. and through it all my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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time now for the ridiculist. we'll try to melt your icy heart with a story of few people who put cold and snow to good use. sure, gotten almost a hundred inches of snow in boston this year but what better chance to perfect your snow swimming? everyone knows about snow angels. rarely do we see the snow butterfly. quite inspiring, is it not? it is so cold in ithaca new york that their official website encourages people to visit the florida e keys and come back when things thaw out.
8:55 pm
attitude truly is everything. that was never purely expressed than when the weather channel's jim cantore from plymouth, massachusetts. and a rare phenomenon. thunder snow. >> oh, yes! yes! we got it, baby. we got it. whoo! whoo! we got it. yes. listen to that. oh, again. again. that's a two-fer, baby. yes. again. that's a three -- you've got to be kidding me. you've got to be kidding me. >> now, that is enthusiasm for one's work. it is especially nice to see him go bonkers like that since we all know he's a master of keeping his cool. >> we have not gotten into the worst part of the storm yet, and that is to come later on tonight. and obviously, here at the college of charleston they are already having a good time.
8:56 pm
>> you need the guy. across the country, outstanding in the cold, and i do mean outstanding. >> how cold it is, we used a banana we have. one of our snack items we put in the snow and now this banana, completely frozen. it is now a banana hammer. any home projects, you could use this to complete that. yes, banana completely frozen. that is how cold it is out here. >> that's a rock hard banana right there. all this time, you've been buying your hammers at the hardware store when you could have left your groceries outside. this is what we call a weather report with an appeal. >> a banana hammer. do not mess with rita patterson. she's armed with the banana hammer. >> how can you not start hammer time after j.p. drops a banana hammer? >> that's exactly what i'm talking about. attitude. you can complain about the cold or when life hands you snow,
8:57 pm
make a banana hammer. words to live by on the ridiculist. that does it for us. dangerous cold snap. much of the united states heading for the deep freeze. organ harvesting. the evil of isis yet even uglier. and racism at the world's biggest sport, acting lower than low. hello, everybody, i'm john vause. >> and i'm zain asher. this is cnn newsroom. are plunging across the eastern half of the united states. more than 100 million americans are facing dangerous record breaking
8:58 pm
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