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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 19, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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could go down as the most important in this century, but until then, i'm going to hang on to what i have got. and check out the time on the fauxlex. -- captions by vitac -- there are weather concerns on two fronts. deadly cold in the united states, and twin cyclones down under. the american president calls for a global effort to battle the roots of violent extremism. and inside ukraine, the devastation left behind in the battle ravaged town. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. this is cnn newsroom. >> we are following two major weather situations right now. first, the deadly cold in the united states that's left ten
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people dead. temperatures some 25 to 45 degrees below normal all forcing tens of millions of people into the deep freeze. we're also keeping an eye on twin cyclones that have made landfall in australia. thousands of people have been evacuated. i'm joined now by the commander of state operations for queensland who joins us via skype there. what can you tell us about the damage that's left over so far by these cyclones? >> good morning, george. yes, we've had a category 5, which is our highest category cyclone cross the central queensland coast this morning, and it's caused significant damage to some of the coastal communities in that area. >> and what about as these cyclones move inland what can you tell us about preparations as people you know, brace for what's expected? >> certainly.
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we were prepared for the cyclone. we had a number of evacuation centers. hundreds of people evacuated the low lying areas, because it wasn't just the cyclone. we also had a storm surge and very heavy rain. so a lot of people have been evacuated. initial damage assessments have started. so far there's a lot of power lines and trees down. thankfully at this stage, no injuries reported from this event. >> neil we're talking two cyclones coming in at the same time. have you ever seen anything like this? what is it like from your perspective there? >> certainly australia is a big country and during the cyclone season it's not unknown for there to be one cyclone concerning the country at any one time. but we do have a good disaster management system so we were prepared for it. it's not totally unusual, so
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we've been able to deal with both of them at the same time. >> neil gallant, we appreciate your insight. we hope the damage is not too bad as we see these twin cyclones hitting australia. thank you for your time. let's get more now with derek vandam joining us in the international weather center. this looks rough for people there. >> yeah, george, this is hard to fathom the two different cyclones impacting australia at the same time. here it is over the northern territory and the east coast of the queensland region. you can see both of these storms projected to move inland and across the coast of the eastern parts of australia, going forward over the next 48 hours. this is the latest that we have. you can see that the eyewall did make landfall just east of rock hampton, which is inland. and'9" is continuing to batter this area with destructive
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winds, heavy rain and dangerous storm surge, still possible along the coast. especially near the gladstone region. it's interesting to note with this tropical storm how quickly this particular storm intensified, catching many off guard. look at the winds from wednesday to thursday and how quickly they increased by friday local time. 140-kilometer-per-hour increase in just half a day. that is impressive stuff. we have gale force warnings stretching all the way to these regions and you can see that the radar is lighting up. localized flooding is a major concern. some of the outer bands here continue to rake this area with heavy rainfall. there's been reports of minor flooding across some of the
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local roadways within that particular city. something that we'll have to monitor closely. 100 millimeters around the rock hampton area. wind gusts exceeding 208 kilometers per hour. this is going to make the queensland coast over the next 24 hours a much weakened state. but we want to pay attention to the possibility of localized flooding for that region. on top of that our next cyclone that's already made landfall over the northern territory. take note of darwin and how heavy the rainfall is across this region. this is a sparsely populated part of australia. darwin still has thousands of people and this is the concern going forward would be the heavier rainfall. this is the storm as it continues to move inland. that will continue to bring heavier rainfall to this part of
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australia for the foreseeable future. so these two storms keeping things very active. george here in the cnn world weather center and all the residents of queensland. >> derek, having reported through storms like that i know they can be really intense. so just you wish the best safety to people as these two storms pass. >> yeah, and each just the sound of 200-kilometer-per-hour winds, it sounds like a freight train or a 747, it's impressive. >> derek, thank you so much. now back to the bitter temperatures in the united states where more than half the states are under some type of cold weather warning. meteorologist jennifer gray has this story. >> reporter: the siberian air mass is gripping the eastern united states, wreaking havoc. and disrupting lives from chicago to the deep south. 185 million people are feeling the deep freeze.
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30 dates have windchill warnings and advisories posted through friday. major cities are recording historic lows including chicago, cincinnati and louisville. single digit lows as far south as alabama and georgia. even florida is under a freeze warning and some crops there are in peril. farmers are watering their fields to serve as a protective layer. tennessee remains in a state of emergency. the weather related death toll is highest there, including people who have died from hypothermia. advice from doctors across the country -- >> have a plan before you go outside will help anyone who is exposed to the cold air. >> reporter: in massachusetts, it took a front loader a boat and emergency crew to rescue these two dogs and owner. further south, residents in the chesapeake bay trapped by the surrounding ice. >> she needed formula. she was just born a week and a
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half ago and didn't have enough. >> reporter: with the sustained frigid temps come incredible scenes like this. niagara falls, frozen. with schools closed, many children are making the best of it. and the ice fishing is good. >> probably about a 20 pound lake trout. biggest i've ever caught. >> reporter: but most -- >> you can only stand out here for a few minutes before your face starts to freeze. >> reporter: -- are ready for spring. >> i just hope it breaks soon. >> that was interesting to see that wgn reporter. it really does get cold on your face in chicago. here in atlanta, 18 degrees. that was jennifer gray reporting for us. some parts of the u.s. are expected to get a reprieve this weekend. now to the fight against isis in iraq. the u.s. military has released new video of air strikes on isis targets in iraq. take a look. the pentagon says this shows
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coalition planes destroying an isis fighting position staging area, and building on sunday and tuesday. it comes as a u.s. military official says an iraqi ground offensive to push isis out of mosul is expected to begin in april or pay. as many as 25,000 iraqi troops could be involved. u.s. president barack obama is calling on muslim countries to step up their role in the fight against terror while emphasizing that the west is not at war with islam. here's senior white house correspondent jim acosta. >> reporter: with isis posting another propaganda video on line filled with young faces bent on destruction, president obama urged leaders from the islamic world to develop an effective countermeasure and fast. >> the notion that the west is at war with islam is an ugly lie. and all of us regardless of our faith, have a responsibility to
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reject it. >> reporter: at a summit on preventing extremism, if president said the u.s. coalition would continue pounding isis with air strikes, but argued arab nations must take aim at the underlying reasons for radicalism from income inequality -- >> that makes those communities ripe for extremist recruitment. >> reporter: to the lack of democratic freedom. >> when peaceful democratic change is impossible it fields into the propaganda that violence is the only answer available. >> reporter: but critics point out some of those countries happen to be the monarchies and oil rich states in the president's coalition. >> it's only a hop, skip and a jump to u.s. allies. and in that case well to be very clear, houston, we have a problem. there's almost no one in this region that is immune from the notion that the way to get isis is to fundamentally transform these authoritarian regimes.
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>> reporter: jordan's foreign minister acknowledged the region must do more. >> it is all about emcase education, education, opportunity, opportunity, opportunity. >> reporter: the president also blamed the rise of isis on ashar al assad and on iraq for failing to be more inclusive of sunni muslims. and his quick military pullout from iraq in 2011 or his reluctance to arm syrian rebels. the president did pay tribute to muslims in france who tried to stop the attacks in paris last month as a lesson for the rest of the world. >> we're all in the same boat. >> reporter: senior officials say don't expect any programs to come out of this summit. the question is whether u.s. allies or enemies like isis were really paying attention. jim acosta, cnn, the white
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house. >> u.s. government agency is warning health care professional professionals to use caution when disinfecting medical scopes linked to a power super bug. the move follows the death of two patients in los angeles and a hospital there is warning that more than 170 other patients may have been exposed. olympus is identified as a maker of the scope. the company said the firm provides instructions on how to clean the device and is working with the fda. just ahead here on cnn, devastation and more shelling in eastern ukraine, despite that cease-fire. as the deadline approaches all eyes are on greece to reach a deal with eurozone leaders, but germany isn't backing down.
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despite a cease-fire. ukrainian forces pulled out of a city wednesday, and efforts are under way tosal vaj the truce, even as heavy shelling is reported, and russia is raising tensions across europe with military air patrols. two planes were intercepted nor uk air space. and in eastern ukraine, nato's commanders says the cease-fire is no cease-fire at all. >> the fighting continued from the minute that there was an agreement until now. and so you asked has the cease-fire been broken? i would say i don't think it ever began. it's a cease-fire in name only. >> more now on the fighting. it was intense, despite that truce, and the devastation is staggering. our nick paton walsh went there to see it firsthand.
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>> reporter: a grim wind rips through the bones of ukraine's defeat. the first junction in a graveyard of armor. a trove of loot. this ukrainian soldier died of injuries we are told and this day, kiev is still counting its losses. you can see in the destruction exactly how violent the clashes must have been, that raged mostly at a peak during the supposed cease-fire. it gives you an idea of how many losses must have been inflicted upon the ukrainian military what it must have been like to be a civilian trapped in here during the fight for debaltseve. we're going further, says serge, to kiev. how do we live through this says this woman. i wish they could feel like we did and their children, too. it is the same scene on the road into the other side of town.
10:18 pm
this man says they're fighting fascists but what seems more likely poorly equipped conscripts. the shelling has not stopped. this the first time so many have ventured out. their world now part of a growing separatist enclave that is fast redrawing europe's boarders. it so often feels like a state than a rag tag insurgency. consider this swift food handout where anger at their old masters, kiev is on display. there are many of us here and remember how they said there were no people in debaltseve. this woman lived through world war ii.
10:19 pm
this is worse, she says, is that really possible? two weeks ago, we saw ukrainian soldiers shelter people here. and now down in the basement, the owners have changed, but the tenants have not. since i saw them last these women have not left the underground. where am i going to live now? everything is destroyed, one says. we have no windows or doors left. how will we live? nick paton walsh, cnn, ukraine. chelsea football club say they are suspending three people from its home grounds following this racial incident at the paris metro. men appear to be chelsea fans can be seen blocking a black man
10:20 pm
from getting a train and can be heard singing, we're racist and that's the way we like it. the club says if there are sufficient evidence from involvement of those they suspended, they will issue banning orders for life. a 33-year-old claims to be the man who was prevented from boarding the man and he has been speaking about that incident. listen. >> translator: i wanted to board the train. they shoved me. i didn't even know why they shoved me. they were speaking english, so they were saying things i couldn't understand. i tried to board twice and they pushed me out. i figured it was because of the color of my skin. in france black people have always been targeted regardless of their background. >> the condemnation around the world from the football world has been widespread. this is what chelsea's first black player said when he saw the video. this is how he felt. >> disgust, embarrassment, and
10:21 pm
shame to be on -- connected with the club. i'm saying that because of what the work that chelsea has done myself, and plus the fans that have done to eradicate racism. yes, it did carry a name back in the day i was playing, me being the first black player how it was difficult for me. but we've done so much since then. when you've got organizations like this involved with a club and for something like this to happen it just brought it back with a bad taste in everybody's mouth. >> the victim says he did not know that the racial incident had been filmed by a bystander who broke the story by sending that video to a british newspaper. still ahead, an arrest in the las vegas road rage murder. and we're learning that the 1789 wasn't a stranger to the victim.
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it was a scary sight at an air show in india. you see these two stunt planes collide while performing mid-air maneuvers on thursday. the wing tips on both aircraft were damaged, but both pilots managed to safely land those damaged planes.
10:25 pm
police arrested a teenager for the road rage murder of a las vegas woman. he was arrested near the victim's home after a standoff with police. detectives say they have at least one more suspect that they're looking for. we get more now from cnn's sarah sidener. >> there's the animal a block away! are you happy! >> reporter: anger and sorrow bursting from robert myers, a husband and father clearly distraught, as police are closing in on the man accused of shooting and killing his wife. the police standoff is just one block away from where the shootings occurred. neighbors described what happened when police came looking for the suspect. >> they were going over the speaker, telling him he noded to come out with his hands in the air, saying we don't want to hurt you, we just want to talk to you. we need to discuss this with
10:26 pm
you. we know you're young, but we need to talk to you. >> reporter: the suspect's mother arrived at the scene, in no mood to talk afraid for her son's safety. >> please turn your [ bleep ] phone off! >> reporter: moments later, the suspect, eric milton noush, led away in handcuffs, booked on three felonies including the murder of tammy myers. >> the suspect has been taken into custody, pursuant to the homicide that occurred. >> reporter: but in another twist, tammy myers husband said the man charged with murder was someone the family knew. >> we know this boy. i couldn't tell you this before. he knew where i lived. we knew how bad he was, but we didn't know he was this bad,
10:27 pm
that he's gotten to this point and his friends. but this kid, that my wife was going to search for, my wife spent countless hours at that park consoling this boy. he's watch thing and i know he has to feel bad, because she was really good to him. she fed him, gave him money, told him to pull his pants up and to be a man. next here on cnn, we are keeping a very close eye on two cyclones hitting the coast of australia that have driven thousands from their homes. plus the mayor of venezuela's capital is now under arrest. we'll explain what's behind the big raid by intelligence officers. do you have something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are watching cnn newsroom. i'm george howell. here are the headlines this hour. first, to australia, bearing the brunt of two tropical cyclones. wind gusts are up to 250 kilometers per hour. a u.s. military official says an iraqi ground offensive can push isis out of mosul is expected to begin in april or may. as many as 25,000 iraqi troops could be involved in this. isis meanwhile has released a new propaganda video showing its fighters training in mosul. in ukraine, a cease-fire in
10:31 pm
name only. the city of debaltseve is in ruins after ukrainian troops withdrew. and there is frequent and intense shelling reported now in the city of donetsk. efforts are under way to salvage the truce despite the violence. a u.s. government agency has issued a warning about the proper cleaning of medical scopes carrying deadly bacteria. an outbreak of the so-called super bug has been related to the deaths of two patients in los angeles. greece will be feeling pressure the coming hours at a critical meeting of finance ministers. it comes after germany rejected the request for a six-month loan extension. germany wants greece to respect
10:32 pm
the conditions of the international bailout. >> translator: we are not at odds with germany. we have a program that we believe did not achieve its goals and has been carried out as a huge social cost. in essence, a humanitarian crisis. and we have a public mandate which asks for an end to austerity and the bailout. this government cannot and does not want to deviate from the public mandate. >> translator: we've recently received an offer which has been made to all the eu members, which for the first time accepts without reforms would be no european financial aid. that is a beginning. but we also have to say this offer is insufficient. we cannot make it easier on greece on the shoulders of
10:33 pm
german and european taxpayers. egypt says 1700 citizens have returned home from libya after threats from isis. another 8,000 egyptians are still working in libya. cnn's ian lee has this story. >> reporter: egypt watered down its proposed resolution to the u.n. security council. initially there were talks asking for the same sort of international coalition to fight isis in libya as well. the united states and members of the u.n. believe the best path forward is a unity government although that is a long shot. president obama, though did acknowledge that egypt is fighting isis in the sinai peninsula. and mentioned the christians beheaded in libya. although there has been a cooling of relations between the
10:34 pm
two countries, cairo accusing washington of not providing the weapons needed to fight isis washington accusing cairo of human rights violations. cairo sees the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization. washington sees it should be part of the political process. for the egyptian government though the sinai peninsula is where it's battling isis and losing hundreds of security personnel in that fight. their biggest fear is that the government in eastern libya could fall and that isis would be on egypt's western border. ian lee, cnn, cairo. >> egypt's air strikes in libya have led to a war of words with qatar. the gulf state says it objects to egypt's unilateral action and the fact that the air strikes could hurt innocent civilians. an now to australia, where people are bracing against two
10:35 pm
cyclones at the same time. there have been reports of structural damage and uprooted trees from the storms. the premier of australia spoke about an hour ago. >> the biggest issue we have at the moment is in relation to power lines. power lines are down throughout rock hampton, posing a significant risk to people. can i please still urge families, stay inside. we need our emergency crews to be able to come around to your homes and sort these issues out. >> i'm joined now by jeff brushe. there may be a slight delay in response here but what can you tell us about the damage so far from these two cyclones?
10:36 pm
>> george the first of the cyclones has gone on shore in the northern territory, a part of australia that most people would recognize as being where the crocodile dundee movie was set. so there's some isolated communities there. but it has. caused a lot of damage. the second one is a significantly different matter. just 36 hours ago, this wasn't even categorized as a cyclone. it was a tropical low. it went to category 1 and in an extraordinary turn of events it went up to a five, packing winding over 200 miles an hour. that made landfall earlier today australian time. it's then come down over the
10:37 pm
small community here which has the officialings are saying it's phrased the area destroying homes and a lot of areas without power. it is now continuing inland and further south. it's expected at some point tomorrow to interact with another weather system that's depositing a lot of rain. 300 millimeters of rain 10 inches i think, right where we are here in brisbane. what happens when those two systems collide isn't clear. authorities say we don't need to be too concerned about the prospect we'll see a repeat of the enormous floods in brisbane, in 2011 when the river flooded tens of thousands of homes. but they're not sure where that cyclone is going to interact how strong it will be and what
10:38 pm
time that will occur. but at some point over the next 36 hours, the minor flooding we're seeing is expected to start to grow. and we'll get details from the authorities in about 12 or 14 hours of how big that will be. >> jeff we've been looking at the images coming in from these two cyclones and fair to say, it's a very strong system. we certainly wish folks safety there as these storms continue to pass through. thank you so much for your reporting there in brisbane. a bizarre scene in the trial of a man accused of plotting terror attacks in new york and manchester england. he is representing himself in this case and british mi-5 agents are being allowed to testify in wigs and makeup to conceal their identities. he denies the charges but agents say they saw him watching video of the 9/11 attacks on his mobile phone and found a
10:39 pm
shirt -- found a t-shirt that had secret pockets sewn in. a mayor has been arrested for what was knowns a his involvement in a coup plot. more than 150 intelligence agents stormed his home on thursday. he was a prominent opposition leader and accused last week of being involved in a coup plot something the mayor denies. he went on tv thursday repeating accusations that his government had stopped a u.s.-backed effort to overthrow him. the u.s. calls that baseless. the former mayor of new york had some harsh words for president obama, questioning the commander in chief's patriotism. so what is rudy giuliani saying now that ignited a social firestorm? that's next on cnn newsroom.
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bobbi kristina brown is still fighting for his life after she found unresponsive in a bathtub three weeks ago. doctors removed her breathing tube and she'll be ventilated through a hole in her throat. the 21-year-old daughter of the late whitney houston remains in a medically induced coma. police have said they're treating her case as a criminal
10:43 pm
investigation. now to new york former mayor rudy giuliani. he's in hot water after comments he made about u.s. president barack obama, insisting the president "doesn't love america." but now he's back pedaling somewhat doing heavy damage control. our suzanne malveaux has the story. >> reporter: former new york mayor and one-time presidential contender rudy giuliani created a firestorm when in a private republican fund-raiser he said this about president obama. i know this is a horrible thing to say, but i do not believe that the president loves america. he doesn't love you. and he doesn't love me. he wasn't brought up the way you were brought up and i was brought up to love this country. social media lit up after the comments were detailed as democrats and critics demanded a retraction forcing giuliani to attempt to clean up the mess on
10:44 pm
fox news. >> i'm not questioning his patriotism. what i'm saying is in his rhetoric i rarely hear him say the things i used to hear reagan or even clinton say how much he loves america. i do hear him criticize america often. >> i'm not going to pile on from here. but i will say today, it was a horrible thing to say. >> reporter: the remarks were delivered in front of the featured guest, likely presidential candidate wisconsin governor scott walker who remained silent during giuliani's rant. walker refused to denounce the comments today. >> the mayor can speak for himself. i'm not going to comment on what the president thinks or not. i can tell you i love america. >> reporter: walker's deflection stands in reflection to 2008,
10:45 pm
when john mccain rebuked a voter who suggested obama was an arab. >> no ma'am. he's a decent family man who i just happen to have disagreements with. he's not. thank you. >> reporter: suzanne malveaux cnn, washington. america's biggest retailer is giving half a million of its lowest paid employees raises. walmart is boosting starting pay to at least $9 an hour beginning in april. that's $1.75 above the federal minimum wage. by next february it will increase to $10 an hour. workers will have greater control over their schedules, and more training opportunities for career advancement. two national football league teams could be sharing a stadium in the not so distant future. the san diego chargers and the oakland raiders are expected to announce plans to build a stadium in carson california
10:46 pm
near los angeles. both teams have been looking to build new stadiums for a while now, and the nfl has been anxious to bring pro football back to l.a. cities that have set record lows thursday morning could break those records. here in atlanta, it's like 18. >> we're not only setting records, we're smashing records, two days in a row. louisville kentucky and in lexington, kentucky that's the center of where the coldest air is. we should be around zero degrees fahrenheit for this particular storm, but that was the record. but 15 degrees below zero fahrenheit is what we're expecting. unbelievable, unprecedented, just normally doesn't happen. it's not just louisville and lexington that has the potential to break serious records. it travels all the way south into miami, florida. we have very cold weather in store for this region.
10:47 pm
we could set another record temperature overnight lows again, the minimum temperatures is what we're discussing here at the moment. 30 u.s. states across the eastern half of the united states that is below average for this time of year. and we have roughly 30 million people feeling the effects of a windchill advisory a hard freeze warning near the border of florida, georgia, and alabama. keep in mind just all the crops and the citrus that is grown across this region certainly in danger of temperatures dropping below freezing. again, i mentioned just a moment ago, it's the minimum temperatures that are so crucial. this is what we're looking at on friday morning. 12 degrees below zero. washington four degrees above zero. so very very cold weather. you factor in the wind you know how that feels on your exposed skin. we've been discussing this for the past several days. look at this where is the cold
10:48 pm
weather coming from? straight from the north pole. we don't like to see the pinks and purples if you're on the new england coastline. this is originating inside siberia, and there's no major end in sight. all the way through the end of february we'll see temperatures at least similar to this. then we start to focus our attention on another storm system that's going to bring a fresh coat of icing and a wintry mix to the central coastal states to the mid-atlantic by friday evening and saturday. you can see how this evolves over the next 48 hours. the possibility of icing, even in the metro atlanta region. so we'll monitor that. could be pockets upwards of a quarter inch. we have some video coming out of what is my home state of michigan. this is the sleeping bear sand dunes national park. one of our i-reporter drewers george sent us this video of ice
10:49 pm
caves forming. this place is beautiful. but in the winter time it has its even unique beauty. you can see just how wonderful a scene mother nature can provide. >> and you can only go there this time of the year. >> yeah to see caves like that you have to go now. another story here for egg lovers. egg and lobster lovers should rejoice about this. apparently cholesterol is not as bad as we thought. the u.s. dietary guidelines advisory committee eased some of its previous restrictions on fat and cholesterol, but recommended limits on the amount of sugar. cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta says you still need to watch what you eat. he spoke to cnn's wolf blitzer earlier. >> people are going to hear news like this and think it's a free pass to do whatever they want to
10:50 pm
do. let me show you these dietary guidelines. these are the scientific basis for the guidelines that come out every five years, 572 pages. in there, they talk about the fact that cholesterol in and of itself will not be considered a nutrient that is of concern for overconsumption. that was the headline that grabbed everyone's attention. we don't have to worry about cholesterol anymore. they're saying if you look at cholesterol in the body the vast majority is produced by our bodies. 85% is produced within the body and only about 15% is from what we consume. that's the point they're making. the consumption part doesn't add to the cholesterol as much as our own bodies do. not to say if you high cholesterol it shouldn't still be treated, but that the eating of it probably doesn't contribute to the overall number as much as they thought in the past. >> members of the nutrition
10:51 pm
panel say it's not just about what we eat, but also how we eat it. they want americans to focus less on individual nutrients and more on overall patterns of eating. still to come thousands have been dismissed from an attempted manned mission to mars. we'll have the intrigues and definitely out of this world audition tape from many people these former candidates, next. [engine revving] [engine revving] [engine revving] ♪ introducing the first-ever 306 horsepower lexus rc coupe with available all-wheel drive. once driven, there's no going back. lease the 2015 rc 350 for $449 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way.
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welcome back. some 200,000 people have apparently had enough of earth. it's a lot of people who applied to be the first humans to colonize the red planet. only 24 people will be selected for the mars one mission, which hopes to launch in 204. more's cnn's jeanne moos on the would-be astronauts who lack the right stuff. >> reporter: you've heard about the hoopla about the manned mission to mars. here are some who won't be manning it. >> good evening. my name is ryan. >> i'm a huge trekky. >> hello earth, i'm max. >> reporter: these are audition videos from mars one rejects. >> my name is derek. and i would love to go. i think i want this more. my name is derek. >> reporter: everyone who wanted a chance to colonize mars had to send in a video. 99 have made the cut so far. but you won't see these faces among them. >> therefore, i can say active
10:55 pm
in space. >> reporter: the candidates had to say why they would be good for the mission. >> they love my pointy ears. i was born to be a martian. >> reporter: some included photos in costume. weird visual effects, a cardboard helmet an entire space suit. they were also asked to describe their sense of humor. >> did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? great food. no atmosphere. >> how about this? or this. >> reporter: how would you like to spend seven months in a spaceship with this guy? but the rejeks weren't the only ones with weird application videos. this winner named cody did most of hus audition upside down. >> on mars you may need to big a hole to survive the radiation. >> reporter: the good news for the rejeks it's better to be a
10:56 pm
living reject than a dead winner. a study suggested that the first of the mars colonists would suffocate in 68 days. >> one man named cole miller,ing with to die in front of millions of people. >> not for long she went to mars and it went wrong. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> some made it. some did not have the right stuff. next hour we'll speak with a mars one candidate who is still in the running. he says becoming an astronaut would be a dream come true. that interview just ahead. the news continues next hour here on cnn newsroom. natalie allen is up next with all the latest news from around the world. i'm george howell. thank you for watching cnn.
10:57 pm
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>> cyclones in australia forced many to leave their homes. there are two of them. >> and one hope to travel to the