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tv   Reliable Sources  CNN  March 8, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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netanyahu could have the opportunity to break all records and make a fourth address as a sitting prime minister but first he has to win the israeli elections later this month. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. xxxx surprising information about brian williams. this just came out. a magazine article that says williams thought about moving from late night tv to comedy pitched himself as a successor to david letterman a big story. we'll have all of that coming up. let's begin with a guest who has never been on cnn before and a story you have never heard before. it is about the biggest star on cable news bill o'reilly. we've been talking a lot about him recently because the fox news host has been at the center of controversy for weeks now over allegations he misled or even lied about his experiences as a reporter many years ago. now nuns are weighing in. yes, nuns.
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the first discrepancies were about the falklands war, o'reilly said argentina was a war zone but pretty much everyone else who was there disagrees. another one of his stories is about injuries from bombings in northern ireland. later a spokesman told "washington post" that o'reilly had only seen pictures of the bombings. last week we covered o'reilly's claim he was on the scene of a suicide during jfk assassination investigation. audiotapes proved he was not there. here is another one. one that is really outrageous. o'reilly report freddie el salvador for cbs in the 1980s. he was there. you can see him in the country. listen to what he says here about his time there. >> my mother, for example, doesn't understand evil. when i would tell her, hey, mom, i was in el salvador and i saw nuns get shot in the back of the head she almost couldn't process it. >> he said i saw nuns get shot
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in the back of the head. fox's liberal foe media matters questioned this claim. guess what o'reilly did not see any murders. only saw photos pictures of the murders according to him. that story was a horrific tragedy. it was a big story at the time. you may remember it. three american nuns and a missionary were abducted sexually assaulted and shot execution style on one day, one infamous day in 1980. some of the family members of the victims are now offended that o'reilly made himself a part of the story and so are some roman catholic nuns. we've been looking into it this week. two are members of mary noelle sisters in new york. deeply saddened when our sisters were killed in el salvador and shocked when we learned of mr. o'reilly's statement inferring he had witnessed their murder. it's not true. we hope he'll take greater care
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in the future. told us bridal murders of our sister and other can church women in 1980 was a sorrow forever etched in our hearts. we hail these women as rit necessary to justice and truth and call on charges in justice to do so in the same spirit of integrity and honesty. now o'reilly says he did not in fer he saw the murders. let me read his statement. this is what he said about it. while in el salvador reporters shown horrendous violence never broadcast, including depictions of nuns murdered. the mention came on the day of the newtown massacre. i used the murder of nuns as an example of that evil same kind of evil as new town. that's what i'm referring to when i say i saw nuns get shot in the back of the head. no one could possibly take that segment as possibly reporting on el salvador. no one? points out on the radio in 2005
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quote, i've seen guys gun down nuns in el salvador. to make sense of this and continuing o'reilly controversy, i have the right guest, eric burns not just a media critic knows fox world inside and out. he hosted "fox news watch" for a decade and joins me on set. thanks for being here. >> you put me under a lot of pressure to say i can make sense of this. >> you used to be me hosted fox's media program for a decade left in 2008. you've been an observer of o'reilly for a long period of time. does this make sense to you that he's been puffing up his credentials? >> not only puffing up his credentials, brian, this has amazed many people. he's also puffing up his ratings. as you know since this latest o'reilly scandals. >> show a headline getting good press, i wrote a story about it numbers are up since this controversial started. >> his numbers are up. i think the way to understand this is to make a distinction
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between the words "culture" and "cult." >> are you saying fk is a cult? >> i'm saying the people who watch fox news are cultish. for many years conservatives have been extremely upset in this country because the only newscast they had to watch were liberal. you people of cnn and how liberal you are. and nbc and abc and cbs. they never had the extreme right. they never had their own television station. when they got one, their appreciation their audience loyalty, and i know what audience loyalty was like when i was there. their audience loyalty soared. so o'reilly as the head of the cult is not held to the same standards as brian williams who was part of the media culture, the larger culture. every time it seems, brian,
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that o'reilly lies -- he's lied so many times. keith olbermann used to be on opposite him with his show countdown. he later wrote a book all the segments in his show called the worst person in the world. >> right. right. o'reilly was the worst person dozens of times. >> yes. but every time he was, there was a charge that was made by olbermann about something o'reilly had said or done that was a complete fabrication. yet -- i got ahead of myself there. a complete fabrication. and it was also a completely substantiated, olbermann had all the evidence possible. >> you're saying this is not new. >> no it's not new. >> it's getting attention now, mother jones and other media outlets covering o'reilly's background but some hidden in plain sight. >> for a long time. >> how do you handle it? you used to be on fox covering
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media, how do you handle working in the same building as bill o'reilly? >> well since he was so unfriendly it was easy to handle. i would run into him occasionally. i would say, "hi, bill." without deigning to call me by name he'd say hi. >> that was it. i sensed the media program was going more to the right, more conservative in its orientation. just now you said fox caters to the extreme right. you're a former fox host. you say it caters to the extreme right in the u.s. >> i thought as fox got more and more pobl popular, that the roger, who runs the network will think, the right has nowhere to go. if i move a little more to the center i can get a bigger audience and not lose my core audience. he did just the opposite. he went more to the right.
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for that reason when people see these charges against o'reilly -- the reason the mainstream media are covering them as they are is that these are, let's say allegedly, shall we? >> we're supposed to do that aren't we? >> allegedly he was with cbs at the time. you'll notice that distinction. >> right. >> no one expects much out of o'reilly as a fox news host. no one expects the truth. he's been caught in numerous lies and those have never been a story. we have a story now for two reasons. one is context. brian williams has set up the media to be looking for things like this. >> right. >> the second reason is that he did this o'reilly did what he was supposed to have done when he was with cbs. >> right. >> doesn't matter that he does it with fox. when he did it with one of the major networks the attempt is to make more of a story out of it.
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yet the cult the fox news cult to the fox news cult this kind of thing doesn't matter. it a lie from the liberal media. who cares what it is. the point is it doesn't matter. >> a little bit of red news blue news between o'reilly and maddow. this was pretty wild. first msnbc's rachel maddow this started to cover the o'reilly controversy and said this. >> we asked him to comment on the substance of the allegations. what they sent us was a lot of information about how great bill o'reilly's ratings are. [ laughter ] and yes, your ratings are great. i've seen your ratings shoot my ratings right in the head. i've seen pictures of that, i should say. >> now, fox says they sent ratings as well as other information to maddow. then the next night, maybe purely a coincidence, o'reilly shot back. >> now we have the collapse of the ultraliberal msnbc network.
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on tuesday after benjamin netanyahu gave his speech millions of americans tuned into the news. they did not tune into msnbc. the ratings for them were catastrophic. at 8:00 p.m. "the factor" had five times as many viewers as a program on msnbc. at 9:00 p.m. megyn kelly slaughtered her opposition three to one. >> slaughtered rachel maddow he says. now, it was not a coincidence o'reilly followed up nor was it a coincidence maddow returned the volley right here. >> well i don't think we have the bite basically she went on and on about the o'reilly story. eric she said until fox addresses this matter it shouldn't be treated as a news network. but am i right to think we shouldn't expect fox to say more about the o'reilly controversy. >> well they are not addressing the controversy. if you say, if you're charged with lying and you say our ratings are up you're not answering the question of
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whether or not you told a lie. i think it's astonishing that that's the way they operate. there's not one word in there about, well i did see nuns in the shot. i did see that cia fellow commit suicide. that's not part of the defense. it's all ratings. >> are you enjoying post cable news life. you're working on a book about 1920s. are you happy to be outside of the news world. >> 1920s, much more peaceful. >> no television. eric thanks for being here. great talking with you. >> glad to see you. >> just getting started this morning. including political story, first noted hillary clinton using private e-mails two years ago. he's standing by to tell his story. he says he might sue the government to get ahold of those e-mails. the man whose life aspired the new hit "fresh off the boat." ahead exclusive look inside the shake-up at nbc news. what suspended news anchor brian
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there is breaking news this hour about the turmoil inside nbc news. this edition of new york magazine coming out tomorrow has shocking stories about what led up to brian williams suspension at nbc news. an exclusive first look right here at reporter's story. sherman reports many nbc journalists had been frustrated with williams for years before any of the embellishment accusations. in fact they had been frustrated williams gained so much power internally. paints a picture of the news division in severe disarray. not just "nightly news" but "today" show and msnbc. steve burke seems to agree. on friday with nbc well aware of the sherman story coming out moved out and moved andy lack in. you may not know the name every person in the nbc news does. he was president of nbc during glory years in 1990s when katie
8:17 am
couric and matt lauer, tim russert made "meet the press" a sunday morning staple. now he is back back to clean up the news division. now he has to figure out what to do with brian williams. well he joins me on set for his first interview about the story. let's dig in here. you're saying brian williams is not the news division's only problem but "today" show and msnbc as well. >> the williams story pulled the lid off of messes. >> which is why we're seeing andy lack. >> the brian williams crisis in the context of a news division that's been reeling for the last year. >> with brian williams, you're saying still unclear whether he'll be allowed back or not. you're saying the head has not made up his mind. >> truly has not made uppist mind. what i learned through reporting, real internal frustration with brian. brian williams so much power in the news division there was no checks and balances which is
8:18 am
how a discredited story like his iraq anecdote got on the air. where were his executive producers, the people fact checking brian williams? they were not there. >> he doesn't have fans internally right now. >> i heard many stories. he suppressed stories, suppressed isikoff's story on drone program, justification of killing american citizens with drones rational behind that. brian williams did not want that on "nightly news." brian williams also did not want tough lisa meyers on obama care. saying you have the biggest platform at the network for news and you don't want our tough reporting. that's doing to be a really tough bridge for brian williams to cross, come back and say not only did it's a story wrong but now i'm going to roll up my sleeves and welcome tough reporting on the show. >> they are not commenting on the article. they are going tolet it speak
8:19 am
for itself. let's explore two elements. first tom brokaw. put it on the screen part of what you wrote about tom brock ow. around the summer around the time chuck todd took over "meet the press," several staffers said at least your ghost is dead meaning russert, mine is still walking around the building. you're seeing it's a cold situation. >> how could brian williams get himself into this mess. a story i heard over and over again is that he tried to live up to brokaw's legacy. tom brokaw is an icon in the tv news business. brian williams followed him. traveled the world, covered washington covered the wall. brian williams treat to deflate himself into brokaw's news. that's where we are today. >> asked for a comment and
8:20 am
declined. also a piece about david letterman, the thing that got me surprised in the story. you say he pitched about succeeding david letterman. a high-level source says voonves declined. he was at a fork in the road. he was choosing news or comedy. >> yes. i think the trouble he got into once he decided to stay in the news business his heart was still in comedy. he loves late night. he was on letterman last year where he made 2013 -- two years ago where he made some of those comments. >> there he is. >> there he is. he re-signs with nbc but still wants to be in the comedy world. you can't be entertainer or journalist. one, journalist has to be willing to anger people journalists have to be like two roles. >> still an opening at the daley show when jon stewart leaves.
8:21 am
in some ways nbc news back it where it was in 1993 trying to recover from self-inflicted wounds. "dateline" nbc, huge crisis when it set up this collision between a car and gm truck. remember this story? this was a huge scandal. this segment suggested the trucks were unsafe. nbc rigged the trucks to make sure that fire would happen. gm sued nbc and network apologized on the air, three and a half minute long apology. an awful ethical scandal at the time. afterwards when the news president was pushed out andy lack took over. now he's taking over again. the question everybody is asking is what is he going to do. andrew heyward worked with lack in the 1980s and competed against him in the 1990s. thanks for being here. used to be andrew versus andrew in the late 1990s. what do you think he will do to try to stabilize nbc news. >> i think first of all, i think
8:22 am
he's a great choice. very seasoned been there before. a terrific track record. give him credit, somebody that did it before. >> one of those moments you can go home. >> rare in american business. a steady hand a number of challenges. i think it's easy to exaggerate challenges. talk about the williams decision if you want but main broadcasts are still the ones kicked off an excellent story, still all in contention. i don't think you'll see dramatic news there. >> certainly a nip and tuck demographic, the battle news gets judged. i will keep an eye on msnbc. there you have 24-hour cable channel. andy instrumental with that deal a giant achievement at the time. i think you have real serious problems there that have to be addressed. impact today has to remain stable evening news "nightly news" does not have large
8:23 am
financial profit for the network but fixing cable network, doing some things to make msnbc more competitive is really going to be critical. that's a very big laboratory play ground. >> what worked in the 1990s, what did he do that drove you nuts? >> i thought he was very bold. you gave example of "dateline" scandal. conventional wisdom let's get rid of "dateline." >> off the air. >> he doubled and tripled down on it. created multiple segments. not only p deadline but a franchise till on the air today. that's indicative of the counter-intuitive movies capable of. >> friday he came to the staff meeting, how many hours of "dateline" on now. a throw back to the '90s. it was a really special time at nbc back then. zucker head of "today" show ship iro "nightly news." top producers steering these shows. i have to wonder if he's going to come in think about talent
8:24 am
on camera and off camera. how many changes do you think he will make? >> i think he'll think about it. i don't think you'll see sweeping immediate changes. i think those tend to be showy and not necessarily effective. he's going to carefully evaluate. what he will do last time actually he's a very good producer. he's going to quickly weigh in on what he thinks about the programming. he will immediately make his presence felt. that doesn't mean go to see a game of musical chairs begin right away. >> people say he's close to brian williams. does this help brian williams chances getting back to "nightly news." >> i'm glad you asked me that indication this is somehow a banana republic your cousin gets to be in the cabinet is ridiculous. no matter how many barbecues or steaks this will be a business decision made with andy's help of it's going to be a decision that has the interest of nbc news and, not to sound too
8:25 am
corny, the american public at heart. it's not going to be based on friendship or anything like that. it's a business-like decision based on whatever facts are on the ground at the time including the review that nbc is still doing. >> still doing. one of the question for lack is whether he'll release the results of that review. so far he's given no interviews. we don't know the answer to that. >> he's right to give it time to dry, find his old office. >> thanks for the interview. >> my measure. >> a standoff between government and journalists, the fight over hillary clinton's e-mails. are lawsuits going to be filed to pry those e-mails into view. stay tuned for the answer. most of the products we all buy are transported on container ships. before a truck delivers it to your store, a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego,
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the president of the united states knows all sorts of secrets and inside info. sometimes, president obama says he finds out information like
8:30 am
the rest of us in the news. like this story in "new york times" times. hillary clinton used personal e-mail account at state department possibly breaking rules. in an interview, the president seemed confident hillary clinton would turn over e-mails. some are less sure. highly concerned communications may be hidden. associated press, biggest news organization requesting clinton records for years to no avail is considering suing. we've exhausted remedies in pursuit of document and are considering e-mail. clinton's behavior not entirely a secret. the gawker found out two years ago, trying to get records every since. with me now. john thanks for being here. march of 2013 you file what are known as freedom of information act requests. these are basically requests to get ahold of private e-mails. >> the law says we can send a
8:31 am
letter to the government and recommend what we have. we understand communications between hillary clinton and former staff members blumenthal. we knew that because they had been leaked. sending e-mails to hdr 22 @clinton one of my reporters filed a request for those specific details specifically mentioning that e-mail address. >> state department said they did not have them. that was an early hint of something to miss. that was the reason that hillary clinton set up this server and kept her e-mail off the books was so that when there were requests for these communications state department would say no records, i guess they don't have them. and congressional investigators asked for those records, they would also say we don't got them. >> we've been hearing a lot about congressional investigators being angry, furious, wanting to secure e-mails. it's important to know
8:32 am
journalists like you are also mad. you've been trying to get these documents for years. >> it's not just journalists, anybody, citizens freedom -- congress in its wisdom decided citizens should be able to seize records created by the government if they don't meet certain national security and privacy exemptions. anything else created by government workers, you can ask for it and they have to give it to you. >> when you and i e-mail we know they will show up someday. >> this was a deliberate attempt to frustrate the process. again, not just for good government groups but also opposition researchers, all sorts of people who troll through e-mails and other document and this was literally a conspiracy to frustrate that process. >> you say a conspiracy. >> i'm not saying criminal conspiracy. several people got together and concocted a way to avoid the normal due process of the law
8:33 am
taking course with respect to the e-mail records hillary clinton created. >> what is gawker going to do? >> we're considering suing. i think we're probably likely to -- there are some claims under we can make but we don't have anything to announce at this point. >> you can sue because your initial request rebuffed. >> right. in this case sort of extraordinary because we have pretty solid evidence that it was rebuffed not for -- it wasn't a case where they applied the wrong exemption or it should be exempt highly unusual deliberate system created for her records to be released. >> you saw what she tweeted. she says she wants her e-mails released. quote, i want the public to see my e-mail. i asked the state to release them. they say they will review them for release as soon as possible. and you reacted how. >> she can release them. they are hers. that's the entire point of the scheme she would retain
8:34 am
control. if you think about it if she wanted these not released under foyea, she could release e-mail address, which is more secure. google has hundreds of people devoted to ensuring e-mails against attacks from foreign adversaries. if you have random server with one tech guy, you aren't as secure. she could use g-mail. the reason she didn't google has e-mails. she wanted a scheme where she controlled the e-mails, not state, not google hillary clinton. >> when you hear the president say to cbs he found out the media, does that mean he never e-mailed? isn't that kind of strange? >> that is strange. i alerted his spokesperson in 2013. i saw a comment from the white house. it's not like we published a story and they missed it. i e-mailed josh ernest who is now his spokesperson and said this e-mail address exists. is it -- does it comport with the presidential records act and
8:35 am
freedom of information act. i got no response. >> lots of ways to communicate but i wasn't surprised. thanks for being here. pleasure to be peru. let us know is the the media fair. tweet or facebook user name is brian stelter. media fairness this network unfair this week? see why? sex columnist reaction described as savage next. lack access to healthy food. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change. revolution foods is a company we started to provide access to healthy affordable, kid-inspired chef-crafted food. we looked at what are the aspects of food that will help set up kids for success? making sure foods are made with high quality ingredients and prepared fresh everyday. our collaboration with citi has helped us really accelerate the expansion of our business
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hopefully ben carson went to bed early last night. if he stayed up for "snl," well -- >> potential republican candidate dr. ben carson a neurosurgeon said homosexuality is a choice was many people go to prison state and when they come out they are gay. kind of like in that last sentence dr. carson went in as a
8:40 am
neurosurgeon and came out as a complete i had use the. >> that was just the first joke. there are three more. this whole story started here on cnn when carson was pressed to defend gay marriage. he said being gay is different than black or hispanic because people have no control over their race. here is what happened next. >> you think they have control over their sexuality? >> absolutely. >> you think being gay is a choice? >> absolutely. >> why do you say that. >> because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight. when they come out, they are gay. so did something happen while they were in there? >> the left the right, both sides were critical right away. several hours later carson and on sean hannity's radio show where he blamed cnn for trying to make him look bad, listen purchase it was a 25-minute interview. they chopped -- you see what part they emphasized. we talked about some really important things. none of that was brought up. but i did learn something very important for certain networks
8:41 am
never do a pretaped interview. i'm not going to talk about that issue anymore, because every time i gain momentum the liberal press says let's talk about gay rights. and i'm just not going to fall for that anymore. >> so some context here. the interview was taped. but wasn't chomd. asked about, all was aired on tv. being gay is a choice significant, some of the media echo chambers as conspiracy theories about 9/11 do and theories about the president's religion do. a gay rights activist most prominent advice columnist a and joins me from seattle. i guess being a sex advice columnist gives you work all the time. >> i want to ask about a couple
8:42 am
of things. first, the news worthiness of what carson said. he seemed to be saying cnn emphasized his comments about gays and that was unfair. tell me why his comments are news worthy to you. >> first of all, the president gave his amazing speech in "selma." he talked about gay rights and linked to civil rights gay activists opened a door women walked through, civil rights and gay activists walked through. you can't duck this issue. lgtb civil rights is the civil rights movement of our time as joe biden said. what was really significant about his remarks, for me, how hateful they are, how destructive they are and how easily disproved they are. whenever someone says being gay or lesbian is a choice i say, okay prove it choose it. if it's something you can choose flip a switch and be gay or lesbian, bisexual flip it and show it's how it's done. it's really not a choice. it's not the argument they are making. what religious conservatives are
8:43 am
saying when they say gay or lesbian a choice is that gay or lesbian, year people shouldn't be covered by civil rights laws we shouldn't be protected under 14th amendment, the bill of rights doesn't apply to us because being gay is not immutable characteristics, it's a choice we've made. other things that are choices are covered by bill of rights 14th amendment, civil rights statutes including faith. there are constantly people asking you to choose their faith, take their faith, a different faith. religion is a covered, protected status under civil rights it is a choice. marital status military service, also protected. if they are arguing, religious conservatives are arguing, something is a a choice like gay, it is not, doesn't deserve civil rights they need to be consistent for arguing and advocating stripping civil rights for people of faith. >> you wrote up in a follow-up post carson could prove what
8:44 am
he's saying by having him perform a sex act on you. >> yes. >> some people thought that was equally vile. why do you think it's appropriate to lower yourself to that level. >> sometimes you have to fight fire to fight. we redesigned rick cantor um's name to something vile. rick santorum and carson neck philadelphia ben carson compared gay people to. he has said vile things about gay people to get attention, make it clear to them how low and disgussing they are being, how vile they are being, you have meet them on the field where they are doing ballot. >> a few second left you founded it's getting better is it getting better somebody that studies it, in the media is the climb for gay and civil rights getting better in the u.s.? >> it is. we're seeing a backlash with
8:45 am
religious freedom laws. when i came out at 18 to my catholic parents to tell them i was gay meant telling them i could not marry, have a child, be a marine. i am married. i have a child. i can be a marine. i don't want to be a marine much to the relief of the marine corps but things have gotten better and continue to get better. >> thanks for being here. i appreciate it. i checked with chris cuomo, his comment was you can't blame the interviewer for what you say in the interview. that makes sense to me. taking a break. one of the hottest sitcoms on tv to feature an asian-american family in a generation. what's got its creator complaining. he'll join me after this break. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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let me tell you what i think
8:50 am
is the single most interesting thing happening right now in network television. almost all the new hits this season have diverse casts and characters. fox's "empire" and abc's "blackish" and abc's "american crime," all of these shows are making the american industry pay attention. another example is abc's new sith com about an asian-american family called "fresh off the boat" based on a memoir by eddie wong. he'll join me in a minute. but first let me show you what one of the top executives in hollywood says about this diversity. when i was in l.a. recently i sat down with abc entertainment, the guy in charge in all of prime time. >> we look to reflect the country and, frankly, the demographic changes in the country are just as important in television as the technological changes that are coming in but it is our job to tell great stories. and i do have to say, in the end we pick the best shows that we find. right? "how to get away with murder" is
8:51 am
extraordinarily powerful. it is a great show. that's the one we're going to pick up. >> you say as much as the industry has to focus on technological changes it also has to pay attention to demographic changes. >> absolutely. the american demographics are changing dramatically. millennials are dominated by a lot of latino audiences. we see it as our mission to reflect america. as we go out there to tell stories that are very specific from very specific audiences, we have african-american shows like "blackish" now to "get away with murder." latino shows. we have an asian-american show like "fresh off the boat." >> and yet everybody's watching them. >> that's the point. not only are we telling specific stories that reflect the demographic changes, with youbut we tell those stories in a way that's relatable to all of america. >> "fresh off the boat" has the first asian-american family at
8:52 am
its core. why did it take 20 years to see another show like that on network tv? >> i can't speak for before i was in the job. we found this book by eddie wong. it was a fantastic book. it spoke to us because we tell stories of family. this was a very authentic story about eddie's youth, when his family dragged him down to orlando -- or at least took him to the great place of orlando. >> eddie's awfully outspoken. >> we love that about eddie. that's why we choose him. if you look at the show and his biography, he's been outspoken since he was 5. >> paul thanks so much. >> great pleasure. >> "fresh off the boat" premiered last month and has been the number one comedy on tuesdays for four straight weeks. eddie is the voice of the show. it is based on his book. so i asked him what does he think about how it's turned out. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> "fresh off the boat" is inspired by your memoir of the same name but you were pretty critical of abc's adaptation before the show premiered.
8:53 am
you wrote for a "new york" magazine article, i began to regret ever selling the book because "fresh off the boat" was a very specific narrative and about specific moments in my life. network's approach wanted to tell core stories but who is that show written for." explain what you meant. >> yeah. the thing is with a lot of come diz that you see on tv or especially animated come diz, their approach to race relations is to say we made fun of everybody so we're not racist. to me that doesn't really make sense because there are so many power dynamics and privilege issues at play. people don't know asian america because they've never been able to see it in a true role and real form. the powers that be network television whatever have decided for are them what version of asian-american families they will not or will see. so just going through the system was very very difficult for me. it doesn't just happen to asian-american families. with black, white families. network television shows you one
8:54 am
very very corn starch version of family. >> what elements do you feel like you had to compromise in order to get this to come on the air? >> for instance. domestic violence has been a huge issue in the united states this year whether ray rice adrian peterson. domestic violence is a huge issue in the asian community. especially growing up. parents will hit you at home sometimes. and so when you've been hit at home and you go to school and you see other people aren't being hit at home and you talk to your friends, it is something that is very difficult for asian kids to deal with. you don't know who to talk with where to go. obviously this is an abc comedy but i dealt with it in a comedic and funny way but still shined light on it in the book. i just want them to touch on issues like that. >> so are you proud of the show even though you feel there were some compromises made? >> i'm very proud of the show. i'm very proud of the show. i'm extremely proud of the actors. i'm proud of the community for jumping in supporting it and talking about it. but this is a fight for all communities to get your real stories told. >> why do you think it's taken so long to have another program
8:55 am
like this? it was "all american girl" in the 1990s that had margaret cho as the star. why did it take so long? >> i generally think a lot of it has to do with the values that the generation before us placed in say law, medicine engineering, accounting our parents always told us to go into the professional field, do not go into the arts. being a chef or being an actor, it is not a profession that's looked up to and really valued in our culture. even my father was the one, when i was a kid, i had applied to syracuse university. i wanted to be a sportscaster. he told me they will never let someone with your face on television. >> they will never let someone with your face on television. >> yeah. and he didn't mean it in a bad way. he just really felt like structural racism was so heavy and oppressive that i would never break through the bamboo ceiling. but we have and we did it. there's going to be a lot more ceiling like me to come through an tell our stories. >> eddie, great talking to you. >> yeah.
8:56 am
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9:00 am
to be used for news gathering. i think it is significant because television cameras and reporters played such a pivotal role on that bridge on that bloody sunday. they were truly the eyes and ears for the country, truly bearing witness and forcing you at home to bear witness, too. pictures matter and what we do in pictures matters as well. now i'm out of time now. but stay tuned. "state of the union" starts right now. chaos and confusion on mh flight 370 and heavy blowback over hillary clinton's e-mails. this is "state of the union." >> this is cnn breaking news. good morning from washington. i'm michael smerconish. coming up, i have the first television interview with a u.s. ambassador who thinks he was fired, in part, for doing what hillary clinton did. but first, breaking news on malaysia airline flight 370 which vanished exactly one year ago today. richard quest, a report has just be