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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  March 11, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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breaking news this morning. 11 u.s. service members presumed dead after their helicopter went down off the florida panhandle last night. the latest on the search for the missing and search for answers as to what happened. capitol hill face-off. happening now, secretary of state john kerry in a heated confrontation. there's the defense secretary as well. heated confrontations in the senate. we'll tell you what set this all off. that's ahead. a manhunt is on right now and a little boy is thankfully safe this morning. a kidnapping attempt caught on video and the heroic siblings who may have saved the day. good morning. hello. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. great to see you. we'll start with breaking news. the intense search and agonizing wait out of florida where 11
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military members were missing and presumed dead after an army helicopter crashed into the water near eglin air force base off the florida panhandle. we've learned that human remains have washed ashore. >> military officials say this accident, whatever happened, happened during a training mission. foggy conditions were reported at the time. some debris has been located. as we're reporting right now, they're presumed dead as they believe they have located some bodies of the crew. fog is still in the area at this moment. and could still be hampering search efforts at this point. let's get to victor blackwell in hammond, louisiana, where that black hawk helicopter was based. give us the latest of what you're hearing and breaking news right now. >> reporter: i spoke with that base spokesperson there at eglin. she says not only have human remains started to wash ashore
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but more debris and more parts of this black hawk potentially have washed ashore in the last several hours as well. she's stressing that this is still a search and rescue effort. they are still hoping for the very best but as we reported, officials believe that those 11 service members, seven marines from camp lejeune and jacksonville, north carolina, and four crew members, two pilots and two crew members of the black hawk based here at louisiana army national guard, that they are presumed dead. we also know that as you said, the weather is hampering this effort. the coast guard has secured the waterways but fog in the area is still making this very difficult to find those crew members. we don't know much reported from the officials. either they don't know or they're not saying what contributed to the cause of this accident. they have said that the other black hawk that was also based here involved in this training mission was not involved in this accident but did land safely
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back at eglin. kate, john? >> there were two helicopters involved. one did return safely. you say there is fog right now hampering the search. they're not saying much about what went wrong with the helicopter. are they indicating that weather could have been a factor? >> reporter: we've been told by a spokesperson for eglin that there were weather issues at that time and there was fog in the area. they're not attributing the accident specifically to the weather. they do not believe there was anything that was nefarious that happened but report specifically about what caused it, that's not yet come out. we do also know that they are withholding the names of those 11 service members until they notify next of kin. we have it to put on the screen. i want to read for you a statement that was released by governor bobby jindal within the last few moments. a couple of sentences here from the governor of louisiana. he says "our guardsman have fought courageously overseas in
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defense of our nation and here at home they protect what matters most at times of crisis. these soldiers represent the best of louisiana and we're praying for them and their families." john, kate? >> victor blackwell for us in louisiana. victor, thank you very much. we'll stay close to this because this is developing as we speak "at this hour." we'll also looking at the war against isis. it's front and center right now on capitol hill. three of the nation's top national security officials are testifying before the senate foreign relations committee facing questions on the president's war request to defeat the terror group. military operations are already under way of course in that region. the administration is looking for formal authorization to use military force against isis and congress has said it wants to have its say. >> some live pictures from that hearing right now as you can see those testifying are secretary of state john kerry and also there with him is defense secretary ash carter and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, martin dempsey. they are testifying on what's
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going on against isis in iraq and syria but this discussion really, this feisty debate got very, very heated when the issue of iran came up. listen. >> in essence the way we proceeded with our negotiations in iran impacted our trust level with critical allies and this coalition. >> that actually is flat wrong also. flat wrong. >> you can see that debate between secretary of state and senator marco rubio from florida over the issue of iranian influence in iraq. i want to bring in cnn global affairs correspondent elise labott monitoring these hearings for us. a little heated there between marco rubio and john kerry. >> reporter: what a lot of republicans feel on the committee is that administration is too eager to make a deal with iran because they feel there's some kind of grand bargain going on. the u.s. is going to give iran a
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little bit of a pass on this nuclear agreement so that it can work with iran on isis and combatting isis in the region on some of the other problems going on in the region. that's why the secretary was saying to the senator you're flat wrong. the administration is not looking for grand bargain and this administration tried to delink the issue of iran and the nuclear negotiations. iran's behavior in the region. it's support for bashar al assad. its support for the syrian regime and nuclear negotiations. of course they do hope if they get this nuclear deal behind them that that paves the way for a much better relationship with iran and could play a more active role. >> the subject of the hearing is actually the authorization for use of force against isis. it veered into the subject of iran -- >> probably will veer into many other topics when you have those
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officials testifying before the committee. >> greater debate on how to defeat isis comes as that terror group posted a horrific video online showing a child shooting a young man execution style. isis claimed the 19 year old who was shot was an israeli spy but the defense minister denies that. the victim's parents also deny it. he was an israeli citizen of palestinian descent. new progress today in the war against isis. iraqi forces and shia militia took back big parts of the city of tikrit. it's known as birth place of former iraqi leader saddam hussein. if iraq regains control of tikrit, it could offer a boost ahead of the future operation to retake mosul, a city much larger, ten times bigger than tikrit. we'll talk more about this offensive and what it could mean for operations against isis later this hour. our military and terrorism analyst will be joining us. >> new developments out of
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ukraine. u.s. officials will send $75 million in nonlethal equipment to ukraine. that includes radar, drones, radios and medical equipment. the obama administration is sending 200 humvees to the region after a call today where the vice president noted concern with ongoing violations of the cease-fire by russian backed separatists near donetsk. members of both parties, democrats and republicans, highly critical of the president for not arming at this point. >> the fact it continues to deteriorate. >> not sending arms to ukraine and it continues to deteriorate. they decide to send more nonlethal aid. one of the university of oklahoma students expelled after seen on video leading a racist chant has apologized. so have parents of another student who was expelled from the school. >> parker rice issued a statement saying it was wrong and reckless what he did and the
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parents of the second student said their son had made a horrible mistake. university officials have cut ties with the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity and closed down the fraternity for good. nick valencia is on the school's campus for us. what are you hearing this morning following these expulsions? >> reporter: good morning, kate. a little more than 72 hours after that video first was posted online and surfaced online, the apologies are continuing. the conversation about what happened is as strong as ever. let's get to one of those statements from parker rice. he's the 19 year old identified as one of the students who was leading this very racist chant posted online over the weekend. parker rice issuing an apology saying i'm deeply sorry for what i did saturday night. it was wrong and reckless. i made a horrible mistake by joining into singing and encouraging others to do the same. he was expelled about midday yesterday. another one of those students who has been identified by the campus newspaper is student named levi petit who issued an
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apology through his parents. his parents saying "he made a horrible mistake and will live with consequences forever. however, we also know the depth of our son's character. he's a good boy. what we saw on videos is disgusting. we would also like to apologize to the entire african-american community, university of oklahoma student body and administration." students on campus and faculty waking up to statues here on campus that have tape over the mouths reading unheard. that's the alliance of black students here that since january have been trying to bring cultural change to the campus and also the organization responsible for this clip going viral after they tweeted the president of this university what happened. john, kate? >> nick, thank you so much for us in oklahoma. we'll continue to follow that. president obama's strategy to wipe out isis under the microscope right now on capitol hill.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. just moments ago, a heated exchange on capitol hill.
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secretary of state john kerry is testifying before the senate foreign relations committee. it was really a contentious exchange between john kerry and senator marco rubio about the issue of iran and iran's involvement battling isis in whether or not the nuclear negotiations between the u.s. and iran are somehow clouding the american perspective. watch. >> is it not right that they feel that we've kept them in the dark about our negotiations with iran and in essence the way we proceeded with our negotiations in iran have impacted our trust level with critical allies and this coalition. >> that is flat wrong also. flat wrong. >> they said so publicly. >> it's flat wrong. i just came back from a meeting in the gulf and i met with king salman who supports what we're doing. i met with all gcc members. they all articulated support for
8:16 am
what we're doing and they believe we're better off from trying to prevent them getting a bomb provided it prevents them from getting this bomb. that's the test of this. >> let's bring in senator bill nelson, democrat from florida and senior member of senate arms services committee to discuss this and much more. thank you very much for coming in. i want to get your take on what we heard. exchange between secretary kerry and marco rubio. he said that iran's involvement in iraq may be clouding the u.s. perspective on negotiations over iran's nuclear program. what say you? >> first of all, that didn't sound very contentious. it sounded to me very civil discussion and i think john kerry answered it very well. all of our allies indeed are very supportive because at the end of the day what's the goal?
8:17 am
the goal is that iran not have a nuclear weapon. now, we can either do that diplomatically if we get an agreement that is verifiable with intrusive and unexpected, unannounced inspections over the years or the alternative is war. and i think that's something that all of our friends in the region, plus the ones, the p5 plus 1, that's the european folks that are doing the actual negotiations, they all support that. >> senator, some of your democratic colleagues don't agree. most of your republican colleagues disagree. 47 of them wrote an open letter to the leadership in iran saying that this deal will expire after president obama leaves office. the next president can declare it null and void. what do you make of your
8:18 am
colleagues who wrote this letter to the iranian leadership? >> i'm saddened. i'm saddened that we are so divided that nearly half of the senate, all republican, would think it necessary to write a letter that in effect tries to cut the legs off from underneath the president and the administration while we are negotiating to see if we can get an agreement to avoid iran having a nuclear bomb. i'm saddened. >> over at the state department yesterday, the state department spokesperson said that this letter is harmful to the country's national security. do you really believe that this letter, this open letter that was written by your republican colleagues in the senate, do you really believe that this harms and hurts the negotiations that have been ongoing now for a very long time in geneva over iran's nuclear program?
8:19 am
do you think it has that much bite? >> yes, ma'am. >> why? >> for the obvious reason. its intended effect is to undercut the negotiations, to kill the negotiations while they're going on in geneva to kill them instead of seeing if we can reach an agreement. that to me, that america is not unified in wanting to prevent a bomb and therefore through negotiations prevent a war. that to me is a sad state of affairs for our country to be so politically divided along partisan lines. >> i want to change the subject to a different form of communication. i want to talk about e-mails. the associated press is suing state department saying it wants to get its hands on the e-mails that hillary clinton sent from her private e-mail account, private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. are you satisfied with her
8:20 am
explanation that she's turned over everything she needs to turn over and she doesn't need to turn over her server? >> yes, sir, i am. >> you don't think that more scrutiny is due here given that the regulations have been changed right after she was in office to prevent just this type of thing? >> when you listen to what she said and think about it. i don't want to carry around two iphones in my pocket. i want to operate from one. now, had she done it, which she says in hindsight she would have preferred to do it that way, she would have been making choices as to what was a personal e-mail and what was a department e-mail.
8:21 am
and you wouldn't under the circumstances if she had done it that way go after her personal e-mails. i'm satisfied. >> real quick, i want to get your final thought. it's happening in your home state and it's happening as we speak, this disappearance and accident that's happened with this black hawk helicopter on a routine training mission. we are seeing reports of confirmation some bodies have been recovered. the search is still under way for these military members. wanted to see if you've heard anything, senator. >> yes, ma'am. it's tragic. it's in the bay right off ft. walton and eglin air force base. apparently the black hawk helicopter went down and there was so much fog that it was hard and a rescue last night in the middle of the night and tragically they're finding the debris and they're finding human bodies. it's sad. >> it's very sad.
8:22 am
we're so sorry for the loss of the people of your state and the other states involved. senator nelson, thank you for being with us. really appreciate it. >> thank you. ahead for us "at this hour," two students are shown the door at the university of oklahoma. the fallout from the video of those fraternity members and their racist chant. was it legal for a public university to expel them for essentially speech? we'll ask our expert next.
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i'm deeply sorry. it was wrong and reckless.
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that's the apology coming from the student seen leading a racist chant among a bus load of fraternity members in oklahoma. the president of the school expelled two students saying they created a hostile educational environment for others. the president shut down the entire fraternity from campus. >> while many agree with the university's response, there's a question about whether it is actually legal for a public university to suspend someone, anyone, for speech even if it is racist speech. want to bring in criminal defense attorney and cnn legal analy analyst. the issue here is university of oklahoma is a public university. if it were a private cleollege company, can a private university expel someone for speech? >> a public university is what we call a state actor. it is subject to the first
8:27 am
amendment. the general rule is the vast majority of speech is protected speech. it's true the supreme court has carved out exceptions. one of these is harassment. we see that language in expulsion of this student. the problem with harassment is most citizens have misunderstood what it means. it doesn't subjectively mean i feel harassed. there's a legal definition in the educational context and the supreme court has defined harassment in the student to student educational context as something that's severe and nasty but something that goes a step further that bars victims' access to education and that's why this expulsion is certainly in my opinion ripe for a constitutional attack. if ultimately the expulsion stays and they're not allowed to return to school. >> do you think that someon is going to bring a challenge to
8:28 am
this? the kids' apologized. parents of the other student apologized. do you think that someone would challenge this? it would be frowned upon on campus. >> unfortunately frowned upon is not a chapter in constitutional law even though i agree with yu on that front. the apology doesn't make the speech any more or less constitutional. it's horrific speech. it ultimately may be protected. while i have no idea whether or not the student will challenge the student code because they can challenge not only the code but the manner in which it's enforced as unconstitutional. if they do so, that code like other codes, there's precedent. they have turn over codes that are too expansive or improperly administered.
8:29 am
i think this expulsion base on right to free speech could be constitutional challenged even though the underlying speech is horribleab horribly offensive. >> another twist in this. that's for sure. great to see you. thank you so much. ahead for us "at this hour," 11 u.s. services members are presumed dead after their helicopter crashed off florida in what was believed to be heavy fog last night. we're now told human remains along with debris have been found. the latest on the search coming up. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ i'm going my way... ♪i leave a story untold... he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken, you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent
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happening now, testimony by federal agents in the trial of boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev after the jury saw the words he scribbled on the side of a boat where he was hiding before he was captured. prosecutors called this note his manifesto. >> tsarnaev wrote on the boat he didn't enjoy killing civilians but that circumstances excused it. he also wrote this. the u.s. government is killing our innocent civilians. i can't stand to see such evil go unpunished. we muslims are one body. you hurt one, you hurt us all. let's bring in paul callans to discuss more of this. there's a fight, if you will, over this boat and how much of it can be brought into evidence. they're seeing some of the
8:34 am
messages on the boat. what is the impact of this? >> it's an interesting fight because usually this is really a confession. it's a confession, prosecutors say, that was written in blood on the side of a boat in which he was hiding when the police surrounded him. usually confessions take place in a police precinct after miranda warnings. this is an unusual confession. the prosecution says it clearly demonstrates his state of mind that this was a planned killing and they focus on the fact that one of his statements says that the u.s. government is killing muslims abroad so now innocent u.s. citizens must die. the defense on the other hand says you have to see the entire boat to understand the context of this. to understand that this was a young man surrounded by the police who were firing huge amounts of weapons at him because of the bullet holes in the boat and this is not a reliable estimation of what he was thinking before the bombing. that's the fight between the two
8:35 am
sides. >> in some ways this is no longer a murder case. it's a death penalty case. they admitted that he did it and he's behind killing these people. this is an argument over the death penalty. the prosecution is putting this note in saying it isn't just murder. this is murder plus. this is murder plus a motivation for terror. this note seems to lay out that motivation, correct? >> it does. i think it goes beyond that in terms of what the prosecutor is trying to prove. the fact that it was a planned killing, they can't get away from that. the defense is saying his older brother had this overwhelming influence on him and he was brainwashed by his older brother and wasn't acting independently and should not get the death penalty. prosecutors say look at these writings. look at what he tweeted to his friends on his twitter account. all of these things show a guy who knew islamic ideology and radical ideology that he professes and planned revenge on the united states.
8:36 am
maybe he agreed with his brother but he certainly was not brainwashed and therefore should get the death penalty. >> he himself was acting on his own power doing whatever he was going to do. paul callan, thank you so much. stick around with us, paul. we have a very different topic to discuss but also just as interesting. we want to talk about blurred lines. one jury says the megahit copied a marvin gay song but could it have just influenced the song? we'll take a look at how this decision may also rock the music world. >> we'll make you listen to it again and again. >> why not? you're driving along,
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8:40 am
firing squads would be back up in case the state can't track down drugs used for lethal injections. utah is the only state in the past 40 years to use firie inin squads. it was banned ten years ago. the governor needs to sign the new measure. >> big one hitting california in the next 30 years. it's looking more likely apparently according to the u.s. geological survey. they say odds of 8.0 or greater earthquake is now 7%. that's up from just under 5%. why the greater odds you ask? >> why greater odds? >> scientists say it's due to a better understanding of earthquakes and how they happen on several different faults at the same time. i'm holding on hope that it's just 7%. >> glad i asked. an incredible story out of washington state. a man snatched a toddler right out of his stroller. you can see him on surveillance running away with the kid. what happens next is pretty amazing. that's the child's 8-year-old
8:41 am
sister and 10-year-old brother running this guy down. they are screaming. >> the little boy is pushing the empty stroller. they are shouting and got people's attention so two teenager joined the chase chasing this guy down. ultimately what happened the man put the child down and ran off. luckily the baby was unharmed. the father says that his kids had been playing unsupervised in a park near their baby sitter's house. that 22-month-old kid has a couple awesome siblings. >> unbelievable that they did that and that someone stepped in and they weren't even adults that stepped in. teenagers. >> you have to be careful. significant progress in the fight to retake a key city from isis. iraqi forces and iraqi militia seize the tikrit hospital. this is just the latest development in a long offensive with major implications. we'll talk about it next.
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new progress on the front lines of the war against isis. you're looking at the front lines right there. iraq's military along with shia militia have taken back a large part of the city of tikrit including a military hospital there. this comes after a week-long intense battle for that city.
8:46 am
>> some 30,000 fighters are involved in the offensive to take back tikrit, the birth place of former iraqi leader saddam hussein. joining us, our guests. colonel, lets start with you. this offense taking place in tikrit. they are showing advances. we hear they're taking back this military hospital. do you believe they are really taking on and beating back isis at that point? do you believe it? >> i do. i mean, the numbers are overwhelming. the iraqis have put the required force into the field. 30,000 fighters going after 3,000 people defending. of course the defense always has advantage because they already set up fields of fire, ieds and we've not gotten into the heart
8:47 am
of fighting. it's once they get into city itself. they're on the outskirts. hospital is on the outskirts. once they get into the city, they'll have to go block by block and street by street and house by house. it will get ugly. iraqis dedicated the force to do this. it will take time. i think we should be patient and let them do this correctly. >> it's interesting to me, paul, as difficult as it might be and as difficult the situation the colonel lays out there, the hard part might be what happens after they do take back this city of tikrit because it's a sunni city. deep ties to sunni past and saddam hussein and you have a largely led shia military and shia militia men with iranian backing who will be in control of that city. it seems like a possibility for bloodshed, maybe oppression and certainly chaos. >> that's absolutely right, john. shia force going in if this is heavy handed, if there are reprisals against sunnis.
8:48 am
there's real concerns this could drive sunnis across iraq further into the hands of isis. after all, the reason isis was able to rise up in the first place in iraq is because many sunnis hated the shia government in baghdad more than they hated isis or were willing to give isis support. concern this could drive sunnis into isis' hands across iraq and complicate the battle toll retake mosul and anbar province. >> to that point, colonel, what does this say about u.s. involvement in taking on isis here? the u.s. is not involved in the battle in tikrit. they are making progress which john and paul are pointing out largely shia militia. what does it say about u.s. involvement going forward? >> this is a key point here. we've been very marginalized here. iranians have done a good job of moving us out of the limelight. the iraqis are now relying on
8:49 am
iranians for technical support and for the leadership. so we're not involved in this at all. it really puts us on the sidelines and if you heard some of the verbiage coming out of the shia militia men and iranians is that we don't need the americans. we can do this as iraqis. we can do this without the coalition. this sets a dangerous precedent. i don't think it will be able to continue going forward. once they move up into the area, they'll need airpower but for now the iranians moved us out of the way masterfully. >> paul, isis is doing what it does in these situations when it's losing ground, put out another propaganda video, killing what they call an israeli spy. what do you make of this video
8:50 am
and the intention behind it in the fact that it's a kid, it's a kid who does the killing here? >> this is a conscious decision by isis to use a child in this horrible murder that you see on camera. this child shoots this alleged israeli spy right in the forehead then shoots the alleged spy repeatedly. they know that will get a lot of attention. they know we're going to be talking about it. they did the same thing a couple of months ago with two alleged russian spies in isis. they used a child again in murdering those two individuals. so isis wants to get some attention when its momentum has been stalled in syria and iraq. and it knows this is going to really resonate with its support base because it's going after israel. the founder of the group said after they built up the group in iraq in the region, that they would want to destroy israel. >> obviously we're not showing that video because it's vile and
8:51 am
we should note that israel denies the fact that this guy was a spy -- >> and to that point, they're executing -- they're killing who they say is a spy. israel says he's not. there are a lot of reports of infighting among isis themselves. what does that mean? >> i think there's unrest within isis -- >> does that indicate something? >> there are some divisions. but i don't think this is a group that's going to implode anytime soon. they're very, very motivated. they believe they're involved in an end-of-day struggle on behalf of their religion, on behalf of islam. they still have a lot of reserves to pay fighters. there's discord but isis still have a lot of legs in iraq and syria. they control a vast amount of territory, still very motivated. >> paul, colonel, thank you both for being with us. appreciate your insight. ahead for us "@this hour," a jury forced to listen to really
8:52 am
awful music -- >> just stop it. >> the song "blurred lines," they found it did cross some lines saying it was way to similar to a marvin gaye song. this is an important decision that could shake up the music business. [ hoof beats ] i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic, for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because health is everything. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right,
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the lines aren't blurry anymore. the lines have been drawn, i guess we could say. pharrell williams and robin thicke have to pay a lot of million to the estate of marvin gaye. you know you remember this song. ♪ >> being bad is not illegal. what is problematic is what the gaye family said and the jury agreed, that the song was too familiar to marvin gaye's 1977 hit. listen for yourself. ♪
8:57 am
>> let's talk about this from a legal standpoint. we're joined by cnn legal analyst paul call las. paul's been a criminal defense attorney, also taught media law here which this is. this is a serious, important decision here when it gets to copyright. explain to me what the jury had to decide to say this song was essentially ripped off. >> copyright law is very complicated. the idea basically is it's simple. if you copy somebody else's work, that's copyright violation. but that's not what this is about. this is about copying an element of a work. and trying to decide whether that copying occurred. now, the law, of course, allows people to copy styles, general styles. that's how rock and roll developed and emerged and
8:58 am
everybody says, i was influenced by this particular artist. all music development would stop if we weren't able to build on the elements of prior talented artists. this is what a lot of people in the music industry fear with respect to this decision. they probably don't care about robin thicke but what they care about is, will this stop people from being creative? the jury in the case, by the way, this is such a bizarre case. we were able to play the two pieces of video to compare ourselves. some people say, it sounds similar, other people say, no. the jury in this case never saw that video because it was based on sheet music. the law changed in 1978 and you could only copyright sheet music. >> what? >> so that's why robin thicke played the piano from sheet music to demonstrate to the jury what the song sounded like. >> so back to 2015, from 1978, it is all very subjective, it seems in my mind. but it also seems this is happening more and more often.
8:59 am
a lot of this copying influenced by -- a lot of this seems to be settled out of court, sam smith/tom petty -- >> vanilla ice. >> vanilla ice as well. why did this one go so far? >> because they wouldn't pay. >> they fought it? >> robin thicke and pharrell's people thought it was ridiculous, that they hadn't copied anything. they were simply using a style similar to marvin gaye. but thicke was making explicit statements when he was drunk saying, yeah, they created this from marvin gaye. >> how close does it have to be to be an illegal copy and when it can be legally derivative? >> it has to be virtually identical. the jury said they believed marsh marvin gay's musicologist. >> is that also in your resume,
9:00 am
musicologist? >> for the next session we do. >> you have just blown my mind more than the robin thicke song. paul, thanks so much. >> thanks, paul. thank you all for joining us. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. ♪ hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." our breaking news is out of washington. some very intense exchanges in the senate in a hearing over president obama's request to authorize military force against isis. this is a request that he made a month ago. and three of the nation's top national security officials are currently on capitol hill and testifying live. the secretary of state john kerry is there. he is also joined by defense secretary ashton carter and also general martin dempsey, the chairman of the joint ch


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