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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  March 13, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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e looked at a house in the ferguson area on a suspect search. please appreciate the fact that we have a situation where many leads come in to us. there were several leads that came in to us regarding that specific house. we were able to investigate that. i don't feel like at this point that's going to lead us anywhere regarding this investigation. i would tell you that i would appreciate -- i appreciated the cooperation and the forthrightness that we got from the individuals that were in that house at the time. we have had several leads since then. i cannot tell you at this point that an arrest is imminent. there is certainly nobody in custody. when we get to the point where we feel like that we have active leads, if we can do anything through you to have the community assist us we will certainly let you know. the amount of donations toward a reward are absolutely pouring in. in fact, that was one of the
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reasons that i talked to congressman cleaver, because he's out there making sure that where can i send donations coming in toward this reward. i pointed him toward crimestoppers. those things are remarkable. they really are. and i'm thankful again that we don't have a situation to where we are looking on an investigation regarding a homicide and that these officers will recover, but yet it does express the support that the community has. please understand the amount of folks that are involved in expressing their first amendment rights who have contacted me and said hey, listen what happened to those officers was wrong and we certainly support the police department and law enforcement because if we don't have you, then we have no sense of security and we have no ability to do what we're doing. so that's critical. i certainly appreciate that. the detectives are looking into this investigation around the clock. they will not rest until we get to the point of where we have a conclusion regarding this investigation.
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as you know there is substantial reward money out there right now, and that's something that we hope can further the investigation. i would certainly hope that that would happen. i would like to take any questions that you guys have. ma'am? >> i'm wolf blitzer. we are listening to a news conference the st. louis county police chief, jon belmar just made an opening statement. he is now answering reporters' questions. let's go back. >> -- responsible for you interrogating them. >> we interviewed them is what we did. without going into a whole lot on that because again, i appreciate their cooperation and i wouldn't want to do anything to compromise them but as you might imagine, there is all sorts of information that comes in regarding an investigation, especially of this magnitude, and when that happens, we have the obligation to follow up on those -- on those statements
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made to us on those clues, on those facts and circumstances, that would lead different people perhaps in two different areas to say hey, i saw this i don't know what this necessarily means, but people speculate on different things. it leaves law enforcement to it. i would tell you that was a whole lot more without getting into a whole lot of details that i think are very inappropriate to share with anybody else at this time since these leads are going away that we felt like at that point in time that that was a very good path for us to take as far as the investigation. you also have to understand with leads, if you don't have the ability to take a look at those things and ask those questions and talk to those folks and solicit their helping us with that then we never understand if we have done everything on that investigation that we possibly can. so i hope you appreciate that. but you really have to make sure
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you never have to go back and look at leads again i think is what i'm trying to tell you. i appreciate that. you know you see the officers on top of the roof looking in that vent. they would have preferred not to do that but when they got up in the attic there was not a way for them to get back to a certain point. those things happen and they probably look extraordinary to other people but those are part of what we do. sir? >> reporter: can you share what you learned about the shell casings? >> i can't share any evidence regarding any detail of any information regarding any evidence we may or may not have. >> reporter: no gun? you didn't find a gun? >> ma'am? >> reporter: it's been more than one day now since the officers were shot. is there a critical point after which it becomes [ inaudible ] to find the suspect? >> yes, but we're not there yet. we really aren't. it's hard to figure out exactly if it's one day or two days or one week or whatever it is beyond that. it's really when you begin to get the absence of credible
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information that is coming forward in our investigation, where you kind of need to stop regroup and figure out where you are. we are not at that point yet, however. i still think we have the ability, in fact we are having the ability to still track down certain leads and again, even if they are not positive leads, at least we know we are not going to go in that direction any further. >> reporter: is it suspect or suspects? >> good question. we don't know yet. i can't say with any sort of conviction on whether i have a nine millimeter or .22 or .40 caliber or .45 or whatever at this point. these are things the detectives are taking a look at. those are things that might make a difference in the investigation. but we are going to kind of go from there and see. sir? >> reporter: we didn't see many officers in riot gear last night. is that a calculated risk? can you talk about your strategy there? >> i would tell you that
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probably there is a whole lot of calculated risk in law enforcement, no matter what we're doing. but yes, we are trying to obviously always portray the best possible image and stance that we can, but it's a very important responsibility of the police chief to make sure that my officers know that they have the equipment they have to have to keep themselves safe. i would tell you that the absence of riot gear and different things like that you know i think it would be a very good question for one of our officers to say hey, what does it feel like tonight, 24 hours after a shooting or so to be in a position of where here i am standing on the street and i don't have a lot of cover, it's dark, i can't really see what's going to happen. i commend those brave men and women who are out there doing that. but we didn't have a riot last night, either. so from time to time riot equipment is not necessarily ballistic equipment, it's riot equipment.
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so at times that equipment is we have it for certain different reasons. >> reporter: what are they telling you about what it's like to stand out there at night? >> that's interesting because i went up with deputy chief cox and some other commanders to the command post and visited with my officers because i want to make sure they have smiles on their faces, not frowns on their faces. i want to take the pulse of what their attitude is out there, how do i expect them to perform that evening. i found the officers both from the missouri state highway patrol and the st. louis county officers they were doing fine emotionally. they were good to go. there wasn't a sentiment of anger or frustration or anything like that. these guys understand that they are going to move forward and do their jobs. i will be back up there tonight talking with my officers making sure that they are okay and they are where they need to be mentally. i assure you they are squared away. it's a situation to where we have been through a whole lot
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since august. so these officers are salty and experienced when it comes to that. >> reporter: chief, is there any indication that the suspect or suspects were tied to the protest group or had been in protests or anything? >> i honestly can't tell you for sure at this point. we really don't know that. so it's kind of really hard to speculate what kind of nexus may or may not have existed regarding the shooters and any individuals who would have been out there, you know, for whatever reason. it's very difficult to know that. i wouldn't be able to say for sure at this point i know these people didn't do it because i don't know who did it at this point. so it doesn't seem to be a coincidence that it happened there. that's interesting. that's one thing. but beyond that it's very hard to speculate at this point. i got one over here. go ahead. >> reporter: based on the
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investigation so far, do you have a better sense of where the shots came from and do you have any images of the shooter from surveillance video or protester video, anything like that? >> you know we poured through our images last night before the day watch detectives went home. we actually arrived about midnight you know. but they wanted to make sure they had those things looked at. i can only tell you at this point without prejudicing the investigation that we have reviewed all of those things and we are certainly looking at them to find out if there is anything that would give us any sort of an indication on who might be responsible for this. >> reporter: do you know the location of the shooter? >> we have a pretty good idea maybe, on this. but i have even talked to community leaders as recently as the last couple hours that have been down there and said you know what's your thoughts on this and different things. i think we have a pretty good idea on the investigation. i'm not going to pinpoint that area. but i think we have a pretty good general idea of where we think the shots came from. >> all right. that's the st. louis county
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police chief jon belmar answering reporters' questions, saying they have got some leads but clearly, the suspect or suspects the shooter or shooters, he did use the word shooters are still on the loose right now. so this mystery continues. this is a massive, massive manhunt under way in ferguson st. louis county. indeed around the country right now. for a shooter or shooters who shot and presumably tried to kill two police officers those police officers out of the hospital. they seem to be okay but they suffered very severe wounds. jason carroll is on the ground for us in ferguson. you have been covering this from the very beginning. it looks like the mystery is by no means been solved. they have some clues but they don't know who these shooters are. >> reporter: not yet. as you heard from chief belmar they are following up on many leads. they have questioned several people according to what investigators are telling us but the bottom line is still no
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one in custody at this point. one interesting point that he brought up there in the press conference he really stressed the point of having to follow up on every lead in a case as serious and as crucial as this one, you simply have to. he said quote, it's our obligation. perhaps that explains why we saw what we did yesterday, when we got the report that three people were brought in for questioning. as you know we spoke to all three of those people once they were released. one of them was actually out here she had participated as part of the demonstration like so many people did, and when the shooting happened she sped off just to get away. but that raised the interest of police when they saw this woman and three other men get inside this car and speed away. that was one of the leads that they followed up on a lead that brought them nowhere. so at this point, they have questioned several people but you heard from the chief there, at this point, still no one in custody. >> yeah. they have not identified anyone there are no suspects no names,
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no pictures have been released at least so far. jason, stand by. tom fuentes, our law enforcement analyst, former assistant director of the fbi, he's in ferguson. you were listening very closely to what the police chief had to say. what jumped out at you, tom? >> well i think just the fact that it reminded me when he talked about going to the home and taking the three people downtown for questioning, of the d.c. sniper case when shots were fired, people look up see a car speeding away and call that in as the subject vehicle, and in this case as in many cases, it's just people who heard the shots and are fleeing for their own safety. so i think that he explained that very well but that's why the tactical operation took place at that house. >> tell our viewers where you are standing right now, because the assumption is the shooter or shooters the police chief did use the phrase shooters the word shooters meaning plural were about 125 yards or so more
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than a football field from the police headquarters where those two police officers were shot and seriously injured. >> based on the limited information we have as far as pinpointing where the shooters were we think we are in the approximate location. what i want to point out here is that if you look down this street the cars that are going by on that street would be about the height of people so that if you had the crowd still on the street the protesters still on the street the shooter at this elevation would not have been able to fire a shot over the people hitting the police officers in the grass behind. you see the height of the vehicles. that would be about the height of the people. however, we learned today that the protesters were completely moved out of the way so the police had moved them starting at midnight. they moved them into the parking lot here on the left. the parking lot to our right over here. and therefore, the street which was still closed to traffic, would have been wide open for a clear shot from up here on this
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hill straight down to where the police officers -- the police officers were in the grassy area just beyond the wrought iron fence, beyond the lamppost. they were shoulder to shoulder in a line and the two officers in the middle of that line standing next to each other were hit, one in the shoulder one in the cheekbone, in his face. so i think now that -- also in looking at the other buildings in the area i don't think anybody was on the roof. witnesses are very adamant that the muzzle flashes were coming from up the street up the hill and not on rooftops nearby or from within the crowd itself. >> you are now walking to exactly the area where those two police officers were in a formation with other police officers and those two were shot right? is that where you are now, tom? >> yeah, exactly. to the site here where the grass is and where the camera is that's where the police officers were in a line right by this
2:15 pm
fire hydrant. the reporter from st. louis post dispatch called us this morning. she was just a few feet over here by the brick walls and she also believed the shots came from up the street. she then watched as paramedics came out of the fire house and more police officers came over to assist the wounded police officers and rescue them started administering medical care for them to take care of them. that all took place right here in this grassy area beyond here. >> tom, i want to remind our viewers you started off as a street cop, but then you joined the fbi, you worked your way up to become assistant director of the fbi. what you're doing right now, trying to recreate what happened that's what you used to do for a living when you worked at the fbi, right? are you looking for evidence if you will that could back up a theory. >> yeah i used to be a real agent. i just play one now on television. >> you are always a real agent. once an fbi agent, always an fbi agent.
2:16 pm
but you still believe the police believe it was a pistol it wasn't some sort of modified rifle, because from 125 yards, for someone to use a hand gun and be that precise, aim for police officers hit one in the face one in the shoulder you have to be an expert marksman. >> yeah and they are very adamant about that. they are not saying well it might have been a rifle, it might have been a different type of gun. they are saying that the cartridges or casings they found up the hill they believe were involved in the shooting and that they were fired out of a pistol. the way that search was conducted, by the way, looking back up this street the reporters told us that the police were shoulder to shoulder curb to curb each with a flashlight slowly meticulously going up this hill to look for those casings, to look for any evidence or debris then were able to find the shell casings up on the hill. the police do not want to provide any more detail than that as to the caliber of the casings or how many or exactly
2:17 pm
where they were but they still insist that they think they were fired from a hand gun. >> what does it say to you, tom, that the police we just heard the st. louis county police chief, he didn't release a name or picture, no suspects no most wanted no all out manhunt for a specific individual or individuals. what does that say to you? >> well they would have their reasons for how much information they are releasing and at what point they are going to go ahead and tell the public this is who we are looking for. i think it might be that they just don't have a strong enough information yet and they want to wait until they do before they release names or descriptions or photographs of suspects. >> tom i want you to stand by. tom fuentes, our law enforcement analyst, former assistant director of the fbi is in ferguson. he's recreating, trying to make all of us better appreciate what was going on. let's get some reaction. joining us now the president and ceo of the naacp, cornell william brooks. thanks once again for joining
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us. i just want you to stay put for a second. you absorbed what the police chief said you heard tom fuentes, you heard jason car roll carroll. we have some issues to discuss. i want to take a quick break. cnn has also spoken to the mayor of ferguson. he is still refusing to step down, saying he's not going anywhere. more of that plus the head of the naacp when we come back. e real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators.
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facing very strong pressure to step down ferguson's mayor james knowles is digging in his heels. he just spoke with cnn's sara sidner in ferguson. listen to this. >> reporter: why should they trust you since you were here during all of the madness that's unfolded in this city? >> sure. i can tell you this. there is ways to remove me if that is the will of the people. i have stood for office five times over the last decade and won every time. just a year ago, less than a year ago now, i was unopposed for office. >> reporter: so you are not going anywhere is what you are telling us. >> unless the residents decide to remove me. but right now, that's not the indication that i get. >> let's get reaction to all of this. cornell william brooks president and ceo of the naacp is with me in "the situation room." cornell, give me your immediate reaction to what we just heard from mayor knowles. >> well certainly the mayor has the right and the option to remain in office. i will note that when he says that he has been re-elected
2:24 pm
this in a town where african-americans have been serially disenfranchised. here's what i mean. african-americans have voted in very significant numbers in on year presidential elections, off year municipal elections, less so. >> this is their choice right? >> their choice in a city where they have been preyed upon by the police department by the municipal courts so they don't trust their municipal government. >> let me just be precise because this is very sensitive. the black residents of ferguson missouri there may be 60% or 70% of the community, they are afraid to go to the polling stations for municipal elections? is that what i'm hearing? >> what i'm saying very clearly here is when your local government sees you as a source of revenue and is willing to use their police force as amateur tax collectors that does not
2:25 pm
engender trust. the same folks voted in very significant numbers in national elections. my point here is this is not a vote of confidence with respect to mayor knowles. and the fact that you have a major global civil rights crisis blow up in your backyard a city manager that was rogue, municipal court system that was rogue, and you claim to maintain the confidence of the people? i don't find that plausible. >> so what do you do a community that's 60% or 70% african-american and you've got a mayor they don't like, next time there's an election you encourage them to go out and vote. they have every right to vote. it's not as if they are not being allowed to register or anything like that. >> that's absolutely it. we just celebrated the voting rights act. we just celebrated selma to montgomery march. we had people lay down their lives for the right to vote. the fact of the matter is while you may not have the best city hall in the world, you got to vote. period. day in day out. you have to vote. >> and your quick reaction to
2:26 pm
what we heard from the police chief in st. louis today? >> i will simply say this. here we have a very powerful moment in the history of ferguson where the police and the citizens most need each other. we had a potential cop killer in the community's midst and we have a police force that needs witnesses to come forward. the fact that they have leads says that people are willing to come forward but we really need each other right now. we have got to find this person and put them behind bars. >> so if anyone is watching you right now in the community, outside the community, and thinks they have a lead on the killer or killers, excuse me they weren't killers, they were shooters fortunately the two police officers were not killed they were seriously injured, but if anyone has a lead on the shooter or shooters and the police chief did use the word shooters you say to those people who might be watching right now? >> i would say to them very clearly go to your local authorities and bring forth any information that will lead to the apprehension of a person who is willing to target police officers in your town. come forward and do all that you
2:27 pm
can to make your community safe. your community includes police officers. >> don't be afraid even if you don't trust police if you suspect you know who the shooter or shooters might be just go to the police and tell them give them information and just do it right? >> absolutely. the fact of the matter is when michael brown was killed, the naacp worked on the ground to bring witnesses forward, to reassure them that we will walk with you, we will stand with you, as you participate in the process. because at the end of the day, we've got to trust the process enough to try to keep us safe. we've got to do that. >> thanks very much for joining us. president and ceo of the naacp. coming up we have new video showing runaway girls, school girls, apparently entering syria to join isis as the cia director issues a grim new warning about the terror group. and there are also new developments tonight in a pair of stunning embarrassments for the u.s. secret service. was the service's new director kept in the dark for five days? stay with us.
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there is new video tonight which shows three runaway school girls about to enter syria, apparently on their way to join isis. this comes as the cia director issues a new warning on the isis threat and how it may impact the u.s. homeland. brian todd has been looking into all of this for us. what do you know? >> that's an ominous warning from the cia director. we will have that in just a moment. first tonight, disturbing new video of those three british school girls, these teenagers, showing them preparing to cross the border from turkey into syria. these girls are believed to have gone to syria to join isis. two of the girls are wearing fur-lined coats in this video.
2:33 pm
a third wears a hajjab. they are standing outside a car with luggage talking to one man who is helping them with the bags. this video was apparently recorded on february 19th in the turkish border city. british officials say just two days earlier, these girls, two of them 15 usersyears old, one 16 boarded a plane from london to istanbul without their parents' knowledge. this new video was released by a turkish tv network, distributed by reuters. cnn could not independently verify the authenticity of this footage. this comes of course as cia director john brennan is giving chilling new information on the number of foreign jihadists who have gone to fight in syria. >> we roughly estimate that at least 20,000 fighters from more than 90 countries have gone to fight. several thousand of them from western nations, including the united states. among the dangers these fighters pose upon their return is a top
2:34 pm
priority for the united states intelligence community as well as our liaison partners. >> on those foreign fighters such a crucial part of getting them across the border into syria are fixers. we are learning tonight that the man who got those british girls across the border may have been a double agent. turkey's foreign minister says his security forces arrested a man he called a spy who allegedly helped those girls get into syria. the foreign minister says the man also worked for a country that is part of the international coalition against isis. turkish officials say he is not turkish and is not a citizen of the country he is working for. there's a chance he could be syrian but it's amazing, he works for the coalition and smuggled those girls across the border. >> yeah. it's very very disturbing. brian, thank you. let's go in depth with our counter terrorism analyst philip mudd a former cia official. our security analyst peter bergen and cnn intelligence and security analyst bob baer, former cia operative. explain, it's pretty confusing to me what's going on.
2:35 pm
you have taken a closer look. you understand the world of intrigue. these three -- the bottom line is somebody helped these three young school girls get from turkey into syria and now god only knows what's going on to them in isis hands. >> this is an intelligence gold mine. it's a rare evening where i wish i were back in the business. this is somebody we would call at the cia a facilitateor helping people get from europe into syria and iraq. he's got information about individuals in the network on both sides, in europe and in syria and iraq. when you take him down you've got a couple of avenues over the coming days that you can exploit to see if there's a broader network you can take down with him. one, i want to know if he's got a cell phone or laptop because that will have contacts of people you can identify. two, i can guarantee you right now he's in a room sweating because people are saying where are those who are involved in recruiting young girls, young men in europe and who is involved in syria and iraq and bring them in. this guy is a terrific
2:36 pm
intelligence -- >> i assume bob baer you have been involved in this kind of business for awhile the turks are in control of this person who may be a double agent, right? they have their own methods of interrogation. >> yeah they do wolf. the other thing is you have to keep in mind that turkey has a long history of not giving full cooperation to the west. you have the president of turkey the arabs call him a muslim brother, he would still like to get rid of bashar al assad. that border with syria is wide open. for a couple dollars, you and i could cross it. turkey could completely control it. i have been along that border. but they choose not to because as i said it's a schizophrenic game. how much information we will get out of the turks depends. i have driven to the border with the turkish police i was. it was a five-hor drive and they never said a word. i kept asking questions. it depends if they will cooperate or not. it's a case by case deal. >> peter, what does it say to
2:37 pm
you, this mystery? >> i'm not that surprised. we don't know what the motivations of this intelligence officer are. is it financial? isis has significant financial assets. is it idealogical? isis enjoys a fair amount of admiration among a slice of the sunni population. it's unsurprising i'm curious about his motivations. >> what's so worrisome to u.s. officials i have spoken to senior ones nato turkey is a nato ally. aren't there special rules for nato allies in terms of intelligence cooperation, security cooperation, military cooperation? >> there is but let's go inside this for just a moment. let's say you pick up a laptop and cell phone or say you are in the midst of an interrogation of this individual the intermediary and you are a turk. one of the things you are likely to find is corruption along the border. that is he's got contacts he can pay to bring these british girls across. what's the likelihood regardless of the quality of your interaction with the americans, that you want to sit there and say hey, we just
2:38 pm
talked to this fellow we just picked up his cell phone, let's tell you how border agents are corrupted in turkey so these people can go across. it's not just about the quality of the cooperation with the americans and the turks. it's about revealing embarrassment. >> bob baer, i assume you agree? >> i agree totally with phil. we don't have any reliable allies in that part of the world. neither iran or the syrians, of course and turkey as well. they have all got their own motivations. we are just desperately trying to hold together some sort of coalition against the islamic state. it's not easy. it's not because we haven't tried. just we don't have reliable allies. >> we did hear from the cia director john brennan, also saying this war against these terrorists there is no short term victory. it will go on for years, he said. guys, stand by. coming up, new questions on the scandal at the u.s. secret service. new pushback about what really happened a pair of agents drove no a into a white house barrier on
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tonight, there are new developments in a pair of major embarrassments for the u.s. secret service. in court today, the man who jumped the white house fence, ran into the mansion, got as far as the east room pleaded guilty to two crimes including carrying a deadly or dangerous weapon into a restricted building. omar gonzalez will be sentenced in june. there's also new pushback and new questions concerning the agency's latest scandal, reports a pair of agents drove their car into a white house barrier on their way back from a drinking
2:44 pm
party. let's get the very latest from our white house correspondent, michelle kosinski. she is joining us now. >> reporter: law enforcement sources familiar with this investigation now say these two agents are officially accused of misconduct. than the director of the agency who was just appointed to clean up problems in the secret service, wasn't even told about an incident until about five days after it happened. it's possible even white house staffers knew before he did and that should not have happened. also we are hearing some serious pushback now from law enforcement about what allegedly happened that night. this story broke as two possibly drunk top secret service agents coming back from a party and crashing through a crime scene, slamming into a white house barrier. officers wanting to test them for alcohol, but the supervisor intervening and sending them home. the secret service director kept in the dark for five days. yet now law enforcement sources familiar with this investigation are casting doubts about what
2:45 pm
happened that night. they say yes, the agents did drive into the area where a suspicious package and bomb threat was being investigated near the white house, after driving under police tape. but these sources say the agent driving the government car was going quote, literally one mile an hour nudging a plastic barrel type barrier out of the way to get to the first checkpoint on to the white house grounds. they rolled down their window showed their badges for about 25 seconds, were waved through to the next check point and they drove on. sources say there was no crash, no damage no disruption to the scene. and now they are also questioning the suggestion that these agents might have been drunk or that a supervisor allowed them to go home over the objections of officers at the scene who wanted them tested. they now say that story is seriously in question that they know of no one who corroborates it. there is still the possibility, according to sources, that the agents did drink while at the party. this former agent says there seems to be a lot here that should not have happened.
2:46 pm
>> they obviously, you know were driving recklessly. if you or i went through some tape some police tape and then nudged some other obstacle and then it turned out we had been drinking we would have been arrested. we would have been given sobriety tests. you know it doesn't mean you have to crash into the white house to have an improper incident. >> reporter: now members of congress are demanding answers from the secret service director. in a briefing next week. big question here is where did the allegations of drunkenness come from and were they brought up that night or later, possibly days later, and why did this information come out the way it did. by the way, wolf what they were investigating out here that night was a woman who said she had a bomb left a suspicious package behind. now it turns out when she was arrested in virginia four days later, she had in marker scrawled across the side of her
2:47 pm
car white house bound, told deputies she was running for president and it turns out she was someone who is well known to the secret service here. wolf? >> it's all pretty embarrassing and very scary, too i must say. thanks very much for that michelle. coming up kim jong-un's north korea firing new missiles as the u.s. warning -- as a warning to the united states but declaring a year of friendship those words, year of friendship with vladimir putin's russia. it comes just as the kremlin is going out of its way to erase doubts about putin's whereabouts and his health. is there really a problem? nk no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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2:52 pm
we're following a series of troubling new moves by kim jong-un's north korea. brian todd is with us. you have some disturbing details, brian. >> reporter: tonight, once again, kim jong-un is threatening the u.s. and its allies. he is rattling the cage and making a dangerous new friend. kim and putin are telling the world they have a new alliance. putin's economy is in shambles and he canceled $10 billion of north korea's debt to russia. this comes as kim shows the american and south korean militaries what escapable of hitting them with. under kim jupgong-un's glare, north korean koreans fire missiles. the pentagon calls the north korean's test firing irresponsible. it comes as the cia director worries about the dangerous
2:53 pm
young dictator. >> with the unknown actions of a kim jong-un as far as where he is going to go next i think this is worrisome. >> reporter: here is where he may be going next. north korea and russia have announced 2015 is a year of friendship between them. >> i'm not sure there are two biggered aver sayre ed aver saradversaries of the united states. these are two individuals who are out to hurt the united states any way they can. >> reporter: you wouldn't know that by glancing at north korea's propaganda statement on the friendship saying they will cooperate in politics economy and culture. >> politics economy and culture, what do you think that means? the sinister side is it does say, we are going to be closer to russia and we're going to rely on them for intelligence for air defenses perhaps, for other defense technology. >> reporter: these two u.s. adversaries have nuclear weapons. putin has the largest stockpile on the planet.
2:54 pm
analysts say he could help kim build up his arsenal. with the sony hack north korea has shown it can and will strike americans where they live. why is kim pivoting toward russia? he has had a falling out with his chief ally china because of north corekorea's. >> now they are tilting toward russia. that coincides with a russian interest in reminding washington we can cause trouble if you press too hard on the ukraine. >> reporter: now the big question here is will kim jong-un accept putin's invitation to go to moscow in may for a big celebration of the end of world war ii? the russians say the north korean leadership has accepted but it's not clear if kim himself is going to go. analysts say kim may be reluctant because he has never been outside north korea as its leader. there's the possibility of a
2:55 pm
coup against him. >> fascinating if he does show up. thanks brian. a troubling new warning that russian missiles are now a direct threat to the united states of america. tensions are putin's russia as bad as during the cold war. police give an update on the manhunt who for whoever shot two police officers in ferguson. they think they know where they came from but they do not know who fired them. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪ so,as my personal financial psychic, i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise.
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happening now, threatening america. the admiral tasks with keeping skies safe, says russia may be
3:00 pm
pointing missiles at both u.s. coasts. is the cold war heating up again? the kremlin releasing what some suspect are old pictures of putin. questions swirl about the president's health. why hasn't he been seen for more than a week? who is in charge? plus this -- >> officer down. officer down. shots fired. >> a dramatic recording of the call for help after two police officers were shot in ferguson. the manhunt for the shooter continues. now the mayor talks to cnn about his future. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you are in "the situation room." we are following new developments in ferguson missouri, tonight, where police say they are pursuing multiple leads as the manhunt continues for the person or people who shot two police officers. now the city's mayor is talking
3:01 pm
to cnn about his future. he faces growing calls for his resignation. we're following troubling warning about russia. a new missile that could strike the u.s. east and west coasts possibly with a nuclear warhead. we are covering all angles of the story with our correspondents and guests including the former nato supreme leader wesley clark. let's begin with the pentagon. barbara starr is joining us with more on that disturbing warning about the threat of russian missiles. what are you hearing? >> reporter: wolf, russia has the world's largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. but now, moscow is upping its game on the conventional weapon side leading to questions whether russia is arming found a new cold war. defensing against putin's russian military aggression is about to get harder. the head of norred a, the north american aerospace defense command, warning a new
3:02 pm
generation of russian missiles could strike critical military radars and missiles inside the united states. >> the development of the cruise missiles that they have that have a very long range, from the russian -- from eastern russia she can reach infrastructure in alaska and canada that we rely on for homeland defense mission. >> reporter: this is the mission s missile. it's a none nuclear long range cruise missile in the final stages of russian development. its range gives the russians the ability to fire from near their own coastline. it's highly precise, flies low and is difficult to detect. >> if we don't have the ability to detect it we can't defend against it. >> reporter: that means not just alaska is at risk, but even the eastern united states from potential missile launches in the atlantic. over time norad will face
3:03 pm
increased risk in our ability to defend north america against russian air, maritime and cruise missile threats. russia has doubled its long-range bomber patrols around u.s. coastlines in last year. now, ten a year. more than 100 around europe. the most flights since the cold war. in the last month, several u.s. officials publically sounding warning. >> russia's provocations are only move worrisome in light of putin's intense focus on building up and modernizeing russia's military forces. >> there are those dual use weapon systems that could very easily be nuclear or non-nuclear. our ability to tell the difference between one and the other is very tough. this is very worrisome. >> reporter: now those increased
3:04 pm
russian air patrols, some of it is perhaps moscow thumbing its nose at the united states. but the u.s. military is worried that russia is very deliberately pinging the u.s. air defense system to see how norad responds. >> very disturbing stuff. barbara, thank you. the missile threat comes amidst questions about putin. he hasn't been seen in public for a week sparking questions about his health and prompting the kremlin to take action. matthew chance has the latest from moscow. >> reporter: wolf the mystery of the missing president, that's what i'm calling it. a week now putin has been nowhere to be seen meetings and trips have been canceled without explanation. it's very odd. it has led to speculation on social media here in russia and around the world. there are rumors that putin is sick seriously sick with cancer or suffered a stroke. that has been categorically
3:05 pm
denied by the kremlin. they say he is in perfect health. there are dark conspiracy theories that putin has been toppled in a kremlin coup. i have not seen any evidence of that so far. these are uneasy times in moscow. the russian economy is in free fall. the ukraine war has isolated the country internationally. the killing last month of a key opposition leader has the nation on edge. it's not a great time for a president to be absent. wolf? >> matthew chance in moscow with the latest on this. thank you very much. let's dig deeper. the contributing writer for "the new york times" magazine. she's with me in "the situation room." what are you hearing about this mystery? has he been seen? are the pictures real? are they old pictures? >> most of them have been old pictures. so he has been seen in old pictures. he was found momentarily in switzerland where his girlfriend the gymnast was said to have given birth to their
3:06 pm
love child. putin's spokesman denied the rumors. >> we haven't confirmed those rumors here at cnn. >> no. you know it's the classic situation in russia. the people who are talking don't know. the people who know aren't talking. >> how unusual is it for putin to disappear for a week or so? >> he has disappeared for a few days here and there. there was an incident in 2012 when he threw out his back. there was another time where he disappeared for a couple days and looked to have come back with plastic surgery done. the problem with this is the system has become so personalized he is so equivalent -- he has made himself to equivalent to the russian state that when he disappears there's a sense that the russian state has disappeared. >> he has so many political adversaries out there, whether internally in russia or external externally. all the wild rumors are circulating right away when he disappears. >> the problem is all the
3:07 pm
adversaries are weaker than he is. >> in russia. >> in russia. so none of them are real competitors or could be real stand-ins. they haven't been introduced to the russian people as such. it introduced a lot of uncertainty and a lot of nervousness into the system when he vanishes like this for over a week. >> are we back in the bad old days of a cold war? you have studied this closely. >> not yet. it looks like things are ratcheting up. history actually doesn't repeat itself exactly. i think we're going to have to find a new name for this. >> does he want that? >> i think he does. >> it's bad for russia bad for his economy. politically, maybe it will make him look a little bit -- very nationalistic or whatever. but it's -- is he trying to recreate the old soviet union? >> no. i think he's trying to walk a fine line between the cold war and, you know the warmer situation he had with the west in the previous decade.
3:08 pm
what he wants to do is walk a fine line between projecting russian power, making sure russian -- russia is feared in the w0r8dorld and taken seriously without it becoming too isolated. >> you heard brian todd's report saying that kim jong-un may be going to moscow. his first trip as leader of north korea. supposed to be a year of friendship between russia and north korea. >> before russia used to do years of friendship or cultural exchange with european countries. one year they did this with the u.s. one year with holland, with italy, with france. now those countries have sanctioned russia. you can't really do years of friendship with those countries. you have to turn to the countries that haven't written you off yet or blocked you on their friend list. what's really interesting if you look at russian poles, they show that they reflect what russian people are being shown on tv. anti-american, anti-european
3:09 pm
attitude have ticked up to all-time highs. pro-chinese, middle eastern sentiments have hit all-time highs. they are clearly being positioned inside russia as alternatives to being friends with the west. to show that just because russia is isolated from the west doesn't mean that russia is completely isolated. >> they are cooperating with the united states and the other permanent members of the u.n. security council in germany on the issue of iran nuclear weapons. >> for now. for now. >> when you say for now, what does that mean? >> what i mean is let's see how things go in ukraine whether things escalate again, whether russia walks out of those negotiations whether russia decides it's not beneficial for it to be involved in those situations anymore. things are going to be more touch and go on the international arena with russia. >> i want you to stand by because i want to bring in the former nato supreme allied commander, wesley clark. general clark, how concerned are
3:10 pm
you, first of all, about this apparently new russian missile threat that we heard the head of the commander of norad discuss earlier? >> yes, it is of concern, wolf. but there's also a wave of russian nuclear modernization that we know about that's of concern. russia is rearming. russia is flying these aircraft and putting these patrols out to warn us that it wants what it wants and it's a powerful military force. this is part of its psychological campaign of preparing for the united states not to withstand and stand up against it. this is the way they operate. and so yes, we have to have the right technology and the right forces to defend ourselves and to deter. we have that capacity. i'm more worried about ukraine and what could happen there. think julia has it right. we don't know how putin will see this going forward, whether he will maintain cooperation on the
3:11 pm
ground in ukraine. people feel like that another wave of the offensive it imminent. they don't feel secure from -- as a result of the agreement. they are holding their breath. there's people being killed and wounded every day from mortar and tank fire and so forth. so it's unclear what the future holds. >> you don't believe -- maybe you do. i will ask you, general clark, do you believe that russia under putin would actually threaten a nato ally, whether latvia poland because you know the treaty obligations for all nato allies? >> right. but i think what putin is working with is -- it's like picking a lock. he looks at the way we have arrayed ourselves, how we view the threat. he has found a way to come under under it so to speak. he practiced this in ukraine. it's hybrid warfare. so according to the leaders in
3:12 pm
the baltic states they are under hybrid warfare attack right now. these aircraft flying around are part of that hybrid warfare. let's say there was a demonstration in latvia and buildings were taken over. the government says these are russians that have come in. someone says no i'm a latvian citizen who speaks russian. what would nato do? those are the questions that bother our allies in eastern europe. if it were to start that way as it started in ukraine, we don't know how it would end. that's the threat that nato must deal with not only the threat of a conventional invasion or some long-range cruise missile taking out radar, but the fact that through these hybrid warfare tactics nibbling away at nato he could undercut the credibility of the alliance. >> general, julia wanted to weigh in. >> one thing i was going to say is russia is already testing nato in the baltics.
3:13 pm
putin has taken his domestic policy of sending out trial balloons international. what he has done is to go across the estonian border and kidnap an intelligence officer, bring him back and imprison him in moscow. it was a test to see how nato and the west would react. >> how did they react? >> they didn't really do anything. so the problem is that if something more serious comes along, bigger trial balloon comes along or an attack like general clark said somebody takes over buildings, what would nato do? if nato doesn't do anything does that mean they don't exist? >> it means nato has to develop new capabilities. it has to incorporate new threats in its exercises. it has to prepare its political leaders to understand the challenges and react to them. for example, in the case i cited in latvia you might need nato let's say, paramilitary police
3:14 pm
like the italian have who can go in and retake a building with nato and not just leave it to the latvian police force. this process is already under way. there are already leaders in eastern europe who are afraid, let's say, to assist ukraine with its urgent plea for assistance. putin might escalate. that's part of the russian tactic. he wants you to believe that if you try to resist it's futile to resist. he wants to frighten the west with the fear of escalation. we dealt with this adequately during the koerldcold war. we have a new generation of leaders, political leaders from across europe and in the united states who aren't familiar with the tactics. they don't understand it. it's not accompanied by the same component that it had during the cold war. this is not global marxism.
3:15 pm
it's about great power. he is seeking a sphere of influence. >> we have to remember of course the nato alliance is based on the theory that an attack on any nato country is an attack on all nato countries and all nato allies have to come to the defense of an attacked country. general clark, julia, both of you, stand by. we have more to discuss. what i am worried about is a miscalculation right now that could lead to some sort of dramatic and awful escalation. stay with us. denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city and that takes a lot of energy.
3:16 pm
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we're following a very
3:20 pm
disturbing warning by the u.s. admiral in charge of defending airspace. a new russian missile may be able to avoid detection. all this coming as russia continues to support rebels in eastern ukraine. we're back with the former nato supreme allied commander, retired general wesley clark and the contributing writer for "the new york times" magazine. here is what worries be. i'm sure it worries you as well. the potential for mysticaliscalculation right now. remember what happened when the separatists in ukraine, they shot down a commercial jetliner out of the sky? i'm worried about that something like that could escalate quickly. couldn't it? >> i think that wasn't so much a miscalculation as a mistake been the russian crew that fired the missile. you know western powers have been very very careful --
3:21 pm
overly careful in my view to avoid provoking president putin. the truth is that we're not going to get the kind of agreement we want in eastern ukraine unless ukraine can successfully defend itself and close off the military option. part of the russian hybrid warfare effort is to convince people in the west that russia is unstoppable militarily. it's simply not true. we have looked at what they have done in eastern ukraine. the tanks, it's good quality material. the training of the troops is substandard. it hasn't gone that well. the separatists have had problems with command and control. russian artillery is excellent, but they have enjoyed a battlefield technological superiority thanks to the fact that the united states and allies have withheld from ukraine some of the essential means it needs to defend itself. >> here is what i don't understand. the russian economy is in trouble right now. not only because of the price of oil has dropped but because the u.s.-led sanctions, the boycotts
3:22 pm
and all that stuff. putin's popularity goes up and up even as people suffer economically. explain. >> it's going to get into the triple digits soon. >> his popularity? >> that's right. because in part that's how russian tv works. it's part of russian history. russian tv just channels something else in the russian psyche and history. before it was about material well-being about economic stability that putin brought after the chaotic 1990s. as soon as that went out the window russian tv changed. it started talking about empire greatness, russian orthodoxy and, you know other things that are important to russians. and then material well-being then takes a back seat. >> general clark, what's a bigger threat to the united states right now? would it be russia and its
3:23 pm
aggressive moves, if you will or isis and the other terrorist organizations? >> well in the immediate future right now, the terrorists if they could get a bomb on an airliner would do it and we would consider that an immediate threat. but the more significant threat is actually russia because the structure of the post cold war global order depends on the united states and its relationship to europe. it depends on nato and the european union. we have to have our allies in order to deal with the rising power of china and help china integrate peacefully into the future 21st century world order. how we play all this is very important in the long run. isis and the fight against terrorism will go on for three years or a decade. our influence on that is limited. we don't want u.s. troops on the ground. that inflames the situation.
3:24 pm
we want to sustain our engagement using air power, maybe special forces and work around the edges of it while people in the region sort this out. >> general clark, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> julia, thanks to you as well. >> thank you. >> to find out more about the battle against isis what you can do to help protect iraqi children affected by the violence, visit cn just ahead -- >> officer down. officer down. shots fired. >> dramatic audio of the call for help after two police officers were shot in ferguson missouri. the mayor calls for -- the mayor of ferguson there are calls for his resignation. they are getting louder. he talks to cnn about his future. we are live in ferguson. that's coming up.
3:25 pm
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3:29 pm
new information tonight about the manhunt in ferguson missouri following the shooting of two police officers. the st. louis county police chief said a little while ago, investigators are pursuing is many leads. the mayor is speaking out to cnn
3:30 pm
about his future as calls for his resignation grow louder. sara sidner is on the ground in ferguson. what's the latest? >> reporter: you know the rain and cold has really made things quite calm here right now. certainly, there's calls for the mayor to step down and for -- as the protesters put it for this place to see itself cleaned out. the mayor says he is staying put as this investigation to try to find the person or persons who shot the two police officers is still under way. a city again on edge as the intense manhunt continues for the gunman who police say targets two officers early thursday morning. >> officer down. officer down. shots fired. >> reporter: tonight police said they are pursuing many leads but have made no arrests and are not providing details about the investigation. >> the detectives are looking at this investigation around the
3:31 pm
clock. they will not rest until we get to the point where we have a conclusion regarding this investigation. >> reporter: police have been going door to door looking for the suspects detaining and questioning and releasing three people who may know something. >> i opened door and stood back. there's a red dot on my chest. don't shoot me. >> caller: a call for calm as a prayer vigil replaced protests. >> be with those police officers who have suffered an injustice, that you will raise them back up. >> reporter: the president in an appearance on "jimmy kimmel live" condemned the attack. >> it whatwhat happened in ferguson is oppressive and objectionable and worthy of protest. there was no excuse for criminal acts. >> reporter: in a new interview with cnn, tonight the mayor of
3:32 pm
ferguson tells me s mes me he is staying put. why should they trust you since you were here during theunfolded? >> there's ways to remove me. i have stood for office five times over the last decade and won every time. this pastime, just a year ago -- less than a year ago i was unanimously -- rather unopposed for office. >> reporter: the mayor owes it to the people of ferguson to stay. >> it's my commitment to the city. i lived here for 35 years. i moved back here after college. my wife grew up here. we are going to have our first child here. i have been committed to this community. i want to make sure this community is the same community that everybody else wants to live in work in to play in. >> reporter: that was the mayor talking to me about his position
3:33 pm
and how he feels about the city that he is from that he grew up in. we must mention that there are plenty of residents here who want him to stay. we have spoken to them today. we will have more on that in anderson cooper 360. there are protest movements that want him out. but there are a lot of residents here who want to see him at the helm. they believe he can help change this city for the better. wolf? >> sara sidner in ferguson thank you. breaking news we have learned that the missouri governor traveled to st. louis county today, which includes the city of ferguson where the two police officers were shot. according to a news release, the governor was briefed by law enforcement officials. let's bring in our analysts. joining us john gasgin antonio french and jeffrey toobin. john what about the governor? he seems to have a very very
3:34 pm
low profile. he was at some sort of auto plant today. i don't know if he is making comments about what's going on in ferguson. what is going on with the governor? >> i don't think the governor went out of his way to come to st. louis to be briefed certainly on the incident that took place the other night. i think it may have been a matter of coincidence that he was in the area. but i will say this. a lot of people don't have a whole lot of -- a lot of confidence in the governor. we saw how he responded to the events that took place back in august and even in november. so many business owners are still going throughout motions and dealing with the fact that the national guard and even firefighters did not protect their businesses from arson. nonetheless, i will say this wolf. i have very little to no confidence in mayor knowles. it's time for him to step aside.
3:35 pm
i can't imagine anyone that would allow those atrocious injustices to take place within their municipality and stand by and allow that to happen and not expect to step down and have a level of accountability for those actions. >> antonio, the ferguson city council member a former ferguson police officer, kim tyan says she has been supportive of peaceful protesters she says but she's beyond outraged her words, by the behavior and lawlessness of the protesters who want nothing more than to destroy our city. how does this -- give us your reaction and how this impacts what's going on over there. >> i don't know if comments like that help. i haven't seen people who have wanted to destroy the city. what they do want to do if anything is destroy the system that has really plagued african-americans in that community for a long time. that system which is detailed in the department of justice
3:36 pm
report. so people ask, why are people protesting even after the resignations? it's because the doj report doesn't describe just the acts of a few individuals. it really describes a system that is in place, not just in ferguson but in municipalities around ferguson in the region. they prey on poor people and african-americans. that's the change that people want to see. >> tom fuentes is joining us our cnn law enforcement analyst. tom, detectives say they are working on leads, they have questioned several individuals regarding the shooting. what will police be doing in the coming days to try to find the shooter or shooters who were involved? >> reporter: they will try to get cooperation from the community, wolf and see if anybody has information that might help them locate these subjects that they are looking for and get them into custody, determine whether or not they are responsible for the shooting. they will be monitoring social media. they will be doing a lot of door to door type questioning and
3:37 pm
searches and discussions to try to get information that can help them get these people into custody and move the investigation forward. >> jeffrey toobin the ferguson mayor, you saw him, mayor knowles spoke with sayre ray side -- with sara sidner. if community wants him to resign they will need to he hold a recall. is that reasonable if he wants to stay on? can he stay on until the next election? >> i think it's a practical matter yes, there's never been a recall in ferguson. it's a small community. one of the issues that has driven this controversy is that african-americans who constitute a substantial majority of the citizens of ferguson have not voted in significant numbers, particularly in municipal elections. thus the african-americans are very under represented in the government. the mayor can stay. the mayor can be asymbol of the
3:38 pm
old days. that what he is determined to be. it's the voters who can turn him out. until the next regularly scheduled election it seems like there's virtually no chance. probably very little chance of getting a new mayor if african-american turnout is at the very low level that it has been at. >> let me ask antonio french -- i spoke last hour with the president and ceo of the naacp, cornell william brooks. he said african-americans vote in years where there are presidential elections, but off years for municipal elections, they don't show up. why is that? >> that's a problem. in ferguson in particular a lot of african-americans that live in that area are new to the community. many are renters. they don't get invested in the community. we really want to see a change in that. our organization has registered new voters. there's an election in four weeks. we want to see a high level of turnout among the
3:39 pm
african-american community to reclaim their government in ferguson. the mayor is not up for re-election at the next election. but half the city council is. so this is an opportunity to get that change if people want it. >> is he going to be re-elected in the next election? what do you think? >> i doubt it. really i think his presence and continued presence in that position is an obstacle to what the city and what this region needs to move forward. i think the best thing he could do is eventually resign. what i understand about the ferguson city charter is that in the case of a vacancy in the mayor, it would be the city council that would appoint an interim mayor among city council members. that's something that may best happen after the next election. >> john gaskin and cornell william brooks the head of the naacp suggested to me -- i don't want to put words in his mouth. some african-americans may be intimidated to go out and vote right now given the climate that exists in ferguson surrounding
3:40 pm
communities. what do you say to that? >> i think cornell brooks is exactly right. when you have got the type of tension that exists in this region i would not be surprised if you may have some voter suppression efforts that may be upon us on april 7 for the municipal election. i would not be surprised at all. he is right. i think that is something many people do need to keep their eye on moving forward for the upcoming municipal election. one of the thijs s things i did not like was the fact that the city council meetings prior to the incident in august were not necessarily widely publicized. you talk to so many people both black and white, and they weren't necessarily really aware of when the city council meetings took place. there's a very good possibility that the city council and the city of ferguson was certainly taking advantage of the community's lack of engagement for sure.
3:41 pm
>> john gaskin thanks antonio french tom fuentes, jeffrey toobin. more breaking news. we are following it here in "the situation room." shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today.
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3:46 pm
bent the very latest. what's the very latest? >> reporter: wolf the last polls before the election were released tonight. both showing the prime minister down four seats. it's just a little over a week ago, benjamin netanyahu was receiving standing ovations in washington. now back home political reality is setting in. he is in the political fight of his life. just days before the election benjamin netanyahu is on the ropes. they show him running behind a mild-mannered politician. now the prospect of a major upset at the hands of isaac herzog. >> there's a lot of disappointment from benjamin nen netanyahu. >> reporter: focus on his
3:47 pm
current job, he has been slow to get on the campaign trail but has been quick to blame, pointing to a "worldwide effort to unseat him." campaign officials say money from around the world, much from the u.s. is funding a get out the vote drive with one goal get rid of b.b. after six years his focus on security seems to be falling flat among many israelis. >> in the increasing inequalities within the israeli economy, the emergeing of the difference between the haves and have notes. >> reporter: tens of thousands filled a square to drive home the message at an anti-netanyahu rally. in his final push before election day, the prime minister doubled down on his security platform. with a speech to congress on the threat israel faces from iran
3:48 pm
now featured in a new campaign ad. and hedging on his commitment to a peace deal with the palestinians leading to a two-state solution. herzog says netanyahu has an empty brand, warning about growing tension with the u.s. under his leadership. >> i think that he failed. and i'm trying to call his bluff on it. >> reporter: wolf while netanyahu is slipping in the polls, herzog has remains consistent. plenty could do well in election night. who they support is the key factor in whether netanyahu holds tonhold s on to his job. >> thanks very much. more news right after this. [ hoof beats ] i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic for walk-in medical care. and created
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jeb bush making news as he talks about potential white house rivals and some fellow republicans, all of this as he visit a state that will play a key role many the race for the white house. that will be new hampshire. dana bash is in dover, new hampshire. >> reporter: democrats defending hillary clinton's e-mail on a private service when in public office they argue jeb bush did the same thing. he argued there's a big difference. >> we complied with the law and we have made all of my e-mails, long before mrs. clinton's issues came up we made them
3:54 pm
public for you to see. it's totally different. >> reporter: he separated himself from other contenders on another hot topic. >> governor would you have signed the letter that 47 republican senators signed? >> i'm not a senator. i think they signed it out of frustration that there's been no dialogue no conversation, there's been a stifling of debate. >> reporter: all this during jeb bush's first political trip to new hampshire in 15 years. >> looking forward to learning about your business. >> reporter: one that drew so much media, it's hard to imagine the first primary is almost a year away. coming early, engaging in small q and a settings like this which new hampshire residents demand is crucial for a man named bush since family history here is complicated. after his father won in 1980 he
3:55 pm
skipped the new hampshire debate crushing his bid for president that year. in 1988 he won. as for jeb's brother, new hampshire voters knocked his off his front-runner status by delivering john mccain a stunning victory. >> new hampshire has long been known as a bump in the road for front runners. this year is no exception. >> reporter: helping in that losing campaign was the last time jeb bush was here. >> we were passing out oranges door to door with people. it was a blast. it turns out my brother and dad won florida, didn't win new hampshire. >> dana bash reporting for us. dana will be back this sunday for state of the union at 9:00 a.m. and noon eastern. she'll be sitting down with
3:56 pm
mitch mcconnell for an exclusive live interview. let's bring in our chief political correspondent. i guess new hampshire will be critical because he's not fabulous in iowa, the first caucus state. >> in iowa they look for more idealogical kantscandidates. i think jeb has a feeling it's something he with look at and go for. they may be looking at republicans and that's where jeb sees an opportunity. >> it's an important state for him now. >> it is. that's the key point.
3:57 pm
that could help him out. as dana reported the history of the bush's in new hampshire is very mixed. i think i depends what type of candidate is jeb bush. does the primary process pull him to the right. is he allowed to pull himself. that could help with chris christie christie. far too early to tell. >> might help in iowa or south carolina. i'm not sure it will help in new hampshire. >> exactly. he could be in trouble in new hampshire. how much is he going to compete in iowa? >> there's enough main street republicans who are there that usually don't go to the iowa caucuses. can he persuade them to come out or skirt it a bit? >> he's hired some key people in iowa. the question is how relatable is jeb bush. we see him when he gives speeches he's flat and not great at reading the teleprompter.
3:58 pm
when he's one-on-one he can be disarming. he's much more relaxed. voters have to see you in their living room six times before they decide whether or not they will vote for you. it depends on how a candidate wears during the campaign. jeb may be a little rusty at that. >> is scott walker emerging right now as the most serious, potential challenger to jeb bush? >> he is at this point. it's always dangerous. the position you don't want to be in is in that early position in the year before. conservatives like what he's doing in wisconsin. he's doing a realtime laboratory of conservative governing. you can tell by the way that jeb bush is going after him. he's already calling him a flip-flopper flip-flopper. >> he's popular in iowa. >> he is popular in iowa. i think jeb bush has to look at marco rubio, somebody from the state of florida. rand paul who appeals to those
3:59 pm
independent voters in state like new hampshire and some conservatives. i think he's is sort of there's an interesting, deep field out here that will give jeb bush an awful lot of competition. >> you're getting information about hillary clinton and her plans. >> her headquarters will be in brooklyn. we believe he's looking at an april begin date. i'm told people are supposed to work to report at the end of march. this campaign is really coming together and after this week i think it's a clear reason why. >> why brooklyn? >> it's a good place for high-tech people to bring people in. she wants it to be somewhere in the area but that's a question. is that a bad place to run a presidential campaign be. >> is it too close to wall street? >> it's only a couple stops away on the subway. >> i don't think elizabeth
4:00 pm
warren is running though. that's it for me. you can follow us on twitter. tweet me. please be sure to join us again monday right here in "the situation room." you can watch us live or dvr the show so you won't miss a moment. thanks very much for watching. erin burnett outfront starts right now. tonight, a massive man hunt is on in ferguson. this is as the mayor tells cnn he will stay in the office and quote, the will of the people. the fraternity that was kicked off of campus hires the attorney who defended oklahoma bomber timothy mcvey. will he get them back to fraternity row? russia's new long range missile will be able to strike the u.s. homeland. that's the mystery surrounding as vladmir putin's disappearance grows. let's go outfront.