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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 18, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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anticipated. herzog has called netanyahu to offer his congratulations. last night the prime minister gave a victory speech exalting in the comeback victory. earlier polls days ago put him several seats serious challenge in reuniting the country after some very harsh words right up until the final moments of this race. let's turn now to cnn's or rihn lieberman standing by in jerusalem with the very latest. >> reporter: one of the questions we'll try to figure out over the next few days is were the polls wrong from the very beginning or did netanyahu really stage an incredibly dramatic come back are from four seats down to five seats up. that's not what netanyahu is worried about right now. he saw the results and his victory. he knows it's a resounding victory with a very comfortable margin of victory for him and his right wing coalition. now it's up to him or looks like it will be up to him to put together a coalition government. when we saw the exit polls it was a very close race and it looked like he had a slight edge
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in the ability and necessity of putting together that government. now when we see what are unofficial results but actual numbers from the ballot boxes, we know he has a much easier path to putting together a right wing government. he is a master politician and dealmaker and will use that to his advantage as he proceeds over the next few tase calling, talking to the other parties, wheeling and dealing, which is necessary to create a coalition government. but that's up to him and that's what he knows how to do well. he has been prime minister for six years and he will be able to hold on to his seat put together another coalition government. herzog thought it was a close race. then we saw those results, we saw that yitzhak herzog will not have a chance to put together his government. instead it will be prime minister benjamin netanyahu. again, john netanyahu gave that victory speech last night, this morning looking at the numbers looks like he can celebrate that victory. >> happening now, secretary of
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state john kerry is this in switzerland for a third day of nuclear talk. iran's negotiators are already claiming major progress telling state news media that 90% of technical issues have been worked out. american diplomats are saying there are still some tough, tough issues to work out. no fwrets is how the letter's author tom cotton puts it. nick robertson is at those negotiations. good morning, nick. the iranians are saying there's a lot of progress made only 10% difference on these technical issues burks that 10% gap is still pretty large when you're talking about the thorny issue of nuclear -- the nuclear race. >> reporter: and it's always been the problem this if thighs negotiations it's the last bit that's the hardest bit. you know the meeting between secretary kerry and foreign minute ter zarif, the time hasn't been firmly penciled in
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yet. just two minutes ago the iranian foreign minister walked past me here, just had a 20 minute walk along the water front here it's a beautiful morning and i shouted out to him, how is it going, is sir? he said it is going. >> so i said where is it going? and he said we are trying. he looked like a man who was relaxed, he was smiling a lot, he obviously had a huge security entourage with him, but he took 20 minutes out this morning to take a walk by the water. you know you get the sense that although there's pressure on you know how much needs to be done in the remaining time before the deadline the 31st of march, that there is a sort of pause this morning. there were three meetings yesterday between secretary kerry and foreign minister zarif, you know about five-and-a-half hours in total, five hours in the day before. this morning there seems to be a pause, not the clear what that pause is but we are expecting another meeting later today, christine. >> all right, nic robertson.
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thank you, nick. happening this morning a u.s. air force veteran goes before a judge, he's accused of attempt to go join isis in syria. the experienced airplane mechanic was caught and turned back by turkish authorities in jarn. u.s. investigators found a letter on his laptop. let's get the latest from cnn justice correspondent pamela brown. >> reporter: according to court documents 47-year-old day rod nathan webster pugh from neptune, new jersey who was at one point a mechanic for american airlines trying to travel to syria to join sighs. also he apparently was in the air force for several years where he trained in the installation and maintenance of aircraft and weapons system. they say that's concerning because he could have brought his expertise to the terrorist group if he made it over to syria to join isis as authorities allege in this criminal complaint. according to that complaint, pugh left the air force in the '90s then worked for several private aviation companies and
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in january he allegedly flew from egypt to turning yie trying to cross into the border of syria. turkish officials apparently questioned him and according to court documents he told them that he was a pilot with u.s. special forces and he was in turkey to vacation however, turkish officials denied him interest after he refused them access to his electronics. the criminal complaint said it appeared pugh's electronics had had been tampered with, egypt then deported him. after a search of pugh's laptop the fbi says it did recover some evidence. 180 jihadist propaganda videos including an isis video that shows the execution of multiple prisoners. the agents found internet searches for things like borders controlled by the islamic state and searches for way to cross from turkey into syria. pugh's defense attorney tells cnn his client will plead not guilty when he faces a judge.
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developing overnight, a letter intended for the white house has tested positive for sigh need. the secret service is conducting more tests right now to confirm that initial finding. the agency is is not saying whether the letter was addressed to president obama. a law enforcement official tells cnn there were no injuries there was no exposure concerns for the screening facility employee who opened that letter. illinois congressman aaron schock is resigning in the face of growing questions about extravagant spending sort of the scandals began about an article about his "downtown abbey" inspired décor in his office. he has been dogd by accusations he has used day taxpayer money. schock says the constant questions have made it too difficult to serve. john boehner is saying schock is putting the best interests of the constituents ahead of had his own. >> the new director of the secret service facing out with outraged lawmakers.
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joseph is clancey grilled by a house committee about a series of embarrassing scandals at the agency including this latest incident involving two agents who allegedly 'tis interrupted a late night bomb investigation at the white house. clancey confirming he did not find out about that for five days. >> it's going to take time to change maybe some of this culture. there's no excuse for this information not to come up the chain. >> the house oversight committee has decided to open its own investigation of the secret service. director clancey will be back on the hot seat next week. republicans will formally unveil their 2016 budget today. it calls for higher military spendingling deep cuts to social services and eliminates deficits within a decade. it also assumes $2 trillion if savings from the full repeal of obamacare. even if it does pass both houses of congress the president would never sign it. the president's budget proposal would raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for infrastructure and
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education jaup grades. kentucky senator rand paul will make his presidential candidacy official next month, a campaign source tells the associated press paul plans to announce in a speech had in louisville april 7th a day after the ncaa championship in which the university of kentucky is is heavily favored. the first stops for paul in the days after the announcement will be iowa new hampshire and south carolina. >> important states i'm told. >> they are. so donald trump, you may see him on tv promoting his various wears. he says this time he's really really serious about seeking the 2016 republican nomination. >> this time? >> the union leader reports that mr. trump will launch a presidential exploratory committee today. the report says the businessman will not review his contract with abc for the apprentice this announcement comes ahead of a visit to new hampshire thursday with meetings with local veterans and local business leaders. >> nine minutes past the hour. asian and european markets mostly higher stock stew tours
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up here bouncing after a dow tumble of 120 points. oil tries prices really the trig for that. oil prices down to lows not sign since 2009. there is investors nervous about how quickly the federal reserve wants to plan rising rates. for months the they will be patient when raising interest rates. investors think the central bank will remove that promise from their statement today signaling a rate hike can come as soon as june. it's coming. >> all you need is a little patience. >> i'm going to be humming that now. >> nine minutes after the hour. friend of boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev on the witness stand facing questions about guns, drugs.
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accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. prosecutors called their 6 09 witness on friday steen silva, a close friend of the defendant. he told jurors about loaning dzhokhar a gun, a few months later they allegedly gus ooused that gun in a their violent escape attempt. >> reporter: from smoking pot to hanging out with a pot dealer jurors really learned a lot about dzhokhar tsarnaev personally on tuesday. most of those damning details coming from stephane silva. now, this man claims to be dzhokhar tsarnaev's best friend from back in high school they used to hang out and smoke pot, he says. now, silva also says tea used to sell pot, that he needed a gun for his pot business he obtained a gun and that dzhokhar tsarnaev eventually asked him for that gun, never returned it. now, prosecutors say that that gun is connected to the boston bombing case. and we should also add that silva is testifying in a
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jumpsuit. why? because he has pleaded guilty to drug and weapons charges. and, you guessed it those weapon charges are for that gun that's now linked to the boston bombing. one other important keynote about tuesday in court, and these are new revelations, new writings not the man if he is toe, but carvings on that boat that dzhokhar tsarnaev used to get ref iej and these writings say, quote, stop killing our innocent people and we will stop. again, tth may not say a word in trial, may not say a word in cord doufr, these writings these carve i think so could help determine if he lives or if he dice. john christine. >> rose is a, into u. thank you four that. robert durst is waking up in a new correctional facility this morning, he has been trans erred period to a center equipped to deal with the mentally ill.
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a judge set a detention hearing for monday. durst facing murder charges in las vegas. gun charges in new orleans and a revived murder investigation in new york. police raided gurs's home in houston tuesday. the judge at the trial of colorado movie theater mass car suspect james holmes set opening statements for april 27th. that is more than a month ahead of schedule. the 27-year-old holmes is dharjd with killing 12 people wounding 58 in the aura theater shooting chlgt he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. officials say jury selection is moving faster than expected. one of the potential jurors in the aura case is a survivor of the 1999 columbine massacre. the judge qualified the jury candidate after the persona insured the court that he could be fair. former nfl star aaron hernandez may have been angry at odin lloyd, the man he's could you sayed of murdering. a witness says the defendant was staring lloyd down as he talked to a mutual friend at a nightclub two tase before the alleged murder.
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jurors expected to hear more testimony today on the crime seen and the impression from nike sneakers at that hernandez war. the four year drought in california is so severe that state restaurants are band from serving water to customers unless they request it. fines could reach $500. scientists ard others sounding the alarm that that could increase wildfire and huge economic losses in that region for years to come. so the playing around in the ncaa basketball tournament on. the hampton pirates moving on but, you know their next opponent is not bad at basketball. sandy scholes with the clals and bleacher report next. retirement is about a lot more than golf and bingo, how does skydiving around the world sound? cnn money caught up with one man who saved, planned, retired the right way. >> my first jump in 1980 we're
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over this cornfield in ohio and it was out of a little cessna 182. so i was in the plane and there was this older gentleman in front of me and so when they opened the door and he climbed out to hold on as he let go he went wham. right there i was in had mass panic and i was is scared and i was thinking this is the stupidest thing in the world and i was holding on with a death grip and he's like, go go go go and i just let go and closed my eyes and big old round world war ii parachute opened up and then i looked down and i was like wow. this is pretty cool. my i name is rich grim i'm a retired firefighter from ontario, california. now i jump out of airplanes. as you get older and running into burning buildings starting to get a little more painful, so i started thinking about changing gears and retiring from the fire department and starting a full-time skydiving center.
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most fire departments have a retirement system. when i turned age 50 after 31 years i receive a pension. it allowed us to pursue our dreams -- but sue my dream, not my wife's dream let's say. during my fireman career i was always skydiving recreationally as a hobby and i realized that maybe i could turn this crazy hobby into a full-time business. and ten when i retired in 2010 we started a full-time skydiving centers for first timers and experienced skydivers in ocean side california and then we do these once a year exotic skydiving trips somewhere cool in the world. it snowballed. it's one of thieves things i kind of just no pun intended fell into. we're here in keys tariq can a this is one of our yearly trips, i'm way too young to be this
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today. kind of just, no pun intended, it's a pretty good retirement
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the beginning stages of march madness here. the first of the games completed. >> andy scholes has more. >> the opening matchup of the first four games featured hampton taking on manhattan and the award a date with undee treated kentucky in the round of 64. hampton a team with a losing record going into this game pretty much dominated from start to finish beating manhattan 74-64 they get extra points for mimicking the moving major league after each troe. they are going to be massive underdogs against kentucky and their head coach is looking for dive vine intervention. >> hold on. i told you i had jesus on speed
2:24 am
dial. hey, jesus, first of all, you can't play so i ain't worried about you being hot. okay. fine. they want to know how much of a mountain and what our odds are. hello? hello? i guess he will get back to me so i will get back to you. it's a heck of a mountain. >> the other game last night looked like it was going to be a snoozer. byu led ole miss by 17 at the half but the rebels went on a huge run in the second half. that gives ole miss the lead and they will hold on to win beating byu 94-90. they will now meet xavier in the first round tomorrow. the games are going to continue today, robert morris takes on north florida and followed by date r dayton playing on their home floor against boise state. retired nfl linebacker chris bore manned is walking a with a from football to prevent any future brain related injuries.
2:25 am
borland explained his decision to retire after just one season to e sflt pn's outside the lines. >> i've had close friends who said why don't you just play one more year a lot more money, you probably won't get hurt. i just don't want to get in a situation where i'm negotiating my health for money and who knows how many sits is too many and my end goal is a long-term picture, it's not -- i'm not the willing to sacrifice 15 to 20 years of my life. >> great news for cincinnati bengals player devon still and his daughter leah. he has been documenting her fight against peed lick cancer and he posted this picture saying that moment you get the best news you have ever received and don't know what to do so you just flex. we got leah's scans back tonight and the doctors told us they didn't see any active disease in her body. just great, great news for leah and devin right there. guys still time to fill out your brackets they're not due until tomorrow morning before
2:26 am
the games officially get going. you can go to play with all of us. christine i know who you're going with to win it all. >> even berman said he's going to put iowa state in his final four so don't do it for me buyer man, do it for iowa state. >> i can do it for both of you. >> sandy scholes, thanks so much. israel's prime minister claims a huge victory, a surprising margin from benjamin netanyahu when many predicted he would lose. how did he channing to finish so strongly and what happens next? you pay for your data every month. so why does your carrier take back what you don't use? it's your data! all your unused data and if you switch now, we'll even give you 10 gigabytes of free 4g lte data on the spot. 10 gigabytes of free 4g lte data.
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. happening now, israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu claiming a huge victory in an election many thought he could possibly lose. we're live with what comes next. a u.s. veteran arrested accused of trying to join isis in syria, due in court in just hours, we have new details in this case just ahead. >> welcome back to "early start." i'm job. >> i'm christine romans. breaking over night a resounding ee election victory for israel's prime minister. benjamin netanyahu has a five seat edge over his main opponent zionist union leader eyeyitzhak herzog in israel's parliament. last night netanyahu gave a victory speed after earlier opinion polls put him four seats behind. many observers are saying the prime minister faces a serious cal length reuniting this nation after a harsh election campaign.
2:31 am
turning down to or rihn lieber pan standing by in jerusalem with the latest. >> reporter: one of the things we'll try to figure out here over the next few days is how those exit polls and polls leading up to the election were so dramatically off. this showed this to be a very close race. of course as we saw, that turned out not so much to be the case. so either netanyahu had a dramatic come back or the polls were wrong from the very beginning. we'll have to figure that part out. i'll tell you who doesn't care that now, benjamin netanyahu, he sees these results and these results are from the actual ballot boxes and knows what seems to be a clear path to the premiership and he will still be the prime minister. it looks like he has a lot of options for creating a coalition government. he has a very strong lead on yitzhak herzog a five seat lead and has a lot of options as to who he can put where in his coalition government. he has created coalition governments before and he's ready to do it again.
2:32 am
he declared victory last night with the exit polls. they showed a slight margin of victory and wraps a difficult path but a very possible one to creating his coalition government. now he can look at those numbers, still unofficial of course but from the ballot boxes instead of from polls and he sees a very clear path to victory. as you mentioned yitzhak herzog has called to congratulation as the next prime minister. he will call the parties and start to piece together a coalition government. as i said netanyahu has a lot of options for how he wants to piece that together. >> all right. or rihn lieberman, thank you. john kerry in switzerland, a third day of nuclear talks with the iranian foreign minister. iran's leaders claiming that 90% of technical issues have been worked out. u.s. diplomats are saying there are, quote, still some tough, tough issues to address. u.s. senate republicans are not backing down from their controversial letter to the
2:33 am
iranian leaders, no regrets at all is how the letter's author tom cot ton puts it. i want to bring in nick robertson who is at the negotiations at switzerland. what's the latest? >> reporter: yeah good morning, john. well the latest this morning, no meeting so far between the iranian foreign smin officer and secretary kerry. that's a little unusual, the last couple of days they will met well and truly by now, 8:00 a.m. in the morning they've met on the past two days. that hasn't happened today. interestingly the iranian foreign minister going out for a stroll by the water front, a beautiful day here in swids he recalled this morning, going out for a stroll. i managed to is ask him a couple of questions as he came back into the hotel. mr. zarif, cnn, sir is. how is it going? >> it's going. >> it's going where, sir? [ inaudible ]. >> well a little hard to hear what he was saying in the final reply, he kept walking, but looking very relaxed.
2:34 am
what he actually said was, we're trying. and that's certainly what we're hearing from the state department. the deadline is less than two weeks away the 31st of march for a framework agreement. what we heard from state department officials yesterday was that some progress has been made in discussing the sort of how to get around some of the technical issues the options that are available, but not so much as saying that there is an agreement, just sort of progress discussing how agreement might be made on those technical issues. political issues still remain a challenge, secretary kerry has said this is a time where iran needs to make those tough political choices about sanctions, about, if you will coming clean about tear past military use or not of nuclear material. that's still a key issue. so the deadline approaching, why no meeting so far today? we're told it's still tbd, time to be determined. why it hasn't happened yet today, that's not clear, john. >> nic robertson in switzerland.
2:35 am
questioning the negotiators as they head into the building. thanks so much. happening this morning a u.s. air force veteran goes before a judge accused of attempting to join isis in syria. day rod nathan webster pugh was caught and turned back by turkish authorities in january after he refused to let them examine his laptop and other deef iss, u.s. investigators later found a letter on his laptop in which he allegedly declared himself knew shad had a dean. pugh was an experienced aircraft mechanic. joseph clancey was grilled by a house committee about a series of embarrassing scandals at the agencies including the latest incident involving two agents accused of disrupting a late night bomb investigation at the white house while allegedly driving drunk. let's get more from senior cnn white house correspondent jim across is that. >> reporter: to accusations of
2:36 am
agents drinking and driving around washington secret service director joe clancey called for parents, telling congress it's going to take some time to change the culture of had his agency. that did not sit well with lawmakers who demanded answers when it was alleged two agents showed up at a suspicion package investigation at the white house after drinking at paemplt clancey reported that surveillance video may reveal a lessen situation nl version of events but the director admitted he wasn't told about it for five days. here is what he had to say. >> we had a good stirn talk about that and then instructed the staff to go out to their management to ensure that these events any event of misconduct or operational errors have to be relayed up -- up the chain. >> reporter: but clancey said changes are coming to thwart jumpers a taller temporary fence around the white house may go up this summer and to replace the outdated training facility the
2:37 am
secret service wants to build a new white house at a cost of $8 million. as for that alleged drinking and driving incident earlier it this mon clancey and the white house say they're awaiting the results of an inspector general's investigation but i'm told key lawmakers may be in the process of revealing that surveillance video of the incident this week. >> thanks for that. republicans formally unveil their 2016 budget today, it calls for higher defense speindinging deep cuts to social services and eliminates deficits within a decade also assumes $2 trillion in savings from the full repeal of obamacare. most an lists agree it has no chance of passing. kentucky senator rand paul will reportedly make his presidential candidacy official next month. a campaign source says the president plans to announce at a speech in louisville on april 7th. for those involved in kentucky goings on that's one day after the ncaa championship in which the university of kentucky is is heavily favored to win.
2:38 am
the first stop for senator paul in the days after the announcements will be iowa new hampshire and south carolina. pretty important states. >> good places to go in you're going to run for president. he has flirted with running before but donald trump may be serious this time. the new hampshire union leader reporting trump will launch a presidential exploratory committee today. the report says the businessman will not renew his contract with nbc for the apprentice. the trump announcement coming ahead of his visit to meet with veterans and local business leaders. time for an "early start." asian and european markets are mostly higher. yesterday the dow fell 128 points oil prices fell for the sixth day in a row to the lowest price since 2009. investors also nervous about how quickly the if he had will start raising interest rates. today we could get a food clue if the if he had removes the word patient from its statement. for months the if he had has said it will be patient about raising interest rates. investors think the central bank
2:39 am
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2:43 am
las vegas, gun charges in new orleans and a revived murder investigation in new york. >> reporter: prosecutors here in las vegas want robert durst to come and be excite dieted to face his first degree murder charges as soon as possible. and the defense wants that too. the prosecutors in louisiana say not so fast. they have brought state charges against robert durst and on tuesday durst was in court again at a hearing to face those charges. prosecutors then said we want a detention hearing. which in essence is a bail hearing. that is set now for monday. durst at the hearing was seen to be at one point smiling and even laughing to himself, but this is a very serious case out of louisiana because it involves two fell fees a felon in possession of a weapon and a weapon in possession and with a controlled substance. it can be up to 30 years in prison for both felonies. and so prosecutors want to cross
2:44 am
their t's and dot their i's and under louisiana law and constitutionally a defendant is entitled to a bail hearing. that detention hearing. so that is set for next monday and he may not then be extradited to california until next week. john christine. >> thanks so much. they trial of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev the long time friend steven silva testified that he loaned tsarnaev the gun that was later used in the fatal moogt of mit police officer shawn collier. silva took the stand wearing a jumpsuit. he is serving time on drug and weapons charges. prosecutors could rest their case this week. the judge in the trial of colorado moif treater massacre suspect james holmes asset opening statements for april 27th. that's more than a month ahead of schedule. the 27-year-old holmes is charged with killing 12 people wounding 38 in the aurora theater shooting.
2:45 am
he has pleaded not guilt by by reason of insanity. jury selection is moving along faster than expected. one interesting coincidence, one of the potential jurors in the aurora case with a sewer visor of the 1999 columbine massacre. the judge qualified that candidate after the persona insured the court he could be fair. former nfl star aaron hernandez may have been angry at odin lloyd, the man he is accused of murdering. a witness said he was staring lloyd down as he talked to a mutual friend at a nightclub two days before the alleged murder. jurors are expected to hear more testimony on the crime scene, the impression from nike sneakers that hernandez allegedly was wearing. let's take a look at what's coming up on new days. alisyn camerota joins us this wednesday morning. >> we will be following that breaking news overnight that prime minister benjamin netanyahu declares victory in israel's elections. what does this mean for toes strained u.s. israel relations and what about negotiations over
2:46 am
iran's nuclear program? we are exploring all of the angels for you this morning. and a frightening first, the first u.s. military veteran accused of trying to join isis. why would a formal airman allegedly want to help the terror group? who was this air force mechanic? also there's evidence this morning that isis is getting more desperate. we will tell you about that. when we see you at the top of the hour. >> can't wait. thanks so much. caught up in controversy over comments about guy marriage and children raised in nontraditional families now they're explaining what they really meant exclusively to cnn. you'll want to hear this. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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italian fashion designers dolce & gabbana now trying to extinguish a social media firestorm in a cnn exclusive this morning. they say they respect how all people choose to live their lives, but that others should respect different points of view too. those comments after dom co dolce referred to babies born through in vitro fertilization as, quote, inn thet tick children born from rented wombs. cnn's anna coren spoke to the duo exclusively thee joins us live from hong kong. >> reporter: certainly the boys as they are referred to scaling back their comments if you like. believing that this is a bit of
2:51 am
a storm that simply was blown out of proportion but they claim though interviewed by an italian bag zeen over a week ago and that the discussion was about families they were asked whether they wanted to have children. obviously through ivf. now, gabbana he said yes, this is something i would love to do perhaps in the future. but as far as 56-year-old dom co dolce, who is the older of the two, he said i'm a fwa man, i cannot have children. he does not believe it adheres to his family values which is interesting considering he is a guy man in the fashion industry but he does hold these conservative views. he however, says he didn't mean to offend anybody. take a listen to what this he had to tell me a bit earlier. >> we love guy couple we love gay adoption. we love everything it's just -- dom inn co has express -- into my point of view it's my private point of view.
2:52 am
i talk with you, i'm sis land i grew up in the family we have a sense of the family very strong for myself. my company is family company and i believe in the tradition of family. this is my school. my background. my culture. it's impossible to change today for something different. it's me. >> reporter: dom co dolce saying while he doesn't believe in ivf he doesn't judge others to ohio do. sir elton john infuriated by their comments in the magazine because he has two children by ivf and they basically asked for peace with the sijer. they said they are not going to boycott his music, they love his music and really christine, they did not mean to offend. personal views, as i say, did not mean to offend. >> people all around the world are talking about those comments. sound like they never went nent to be such a public discussion from what was just if had a
2:53 am
magazine story. how much so much anna coren. great job getting that exclusive access to those two for their response. round three of negotiations between the u.s. and cuba in the books. no word about reopening embassies or restoring diplomatic ties but president raul castro did have some harsh words for hitting venezuela with sanctions and -- despite those comments the two sides have agreed to maintain communications moving forward. it's a start. another health insurance company hacked. an "early start" on your money is next. ready for another reason to switch to t-mobile? get two lines of unlimited 4g lte data for just $100 a month. stuck with the other guys? we'll buy out your contract? up to $650 per line. so don't wait, switch to t-mobile today. let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to all the tools and help on so how are we going to sweeten this deal? floor mats... clear coats...
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let's get an "early start" on your pun this morning. u.s. stock features barely moving. yesterday the dow fell 128 points oil prices the culprit, they fell for a sixth day in a row. today all eyes are on the if he had. if the fed ral reserve says it's staying patient that could spark another rally. if it makes no mention of the word patient it could increase a rate in -- the 30 stocks that make up the dow. the world's most valuable company apple will take its place at the close of trading. apple already the biggest company in the s&p 500, apple stock is up 12%. at&t is not going away it just won't be in the dow 30. hackers stealing a uj amount of information from premera blue cross. the company is still investigating but says up to 11 million customer records were compromised, what was taken, birthdays, e-mails, social security numbers, insurance
2:58 am
claims. this is the second major hack on a health insurance company this year. earlier this year hammers stole similar pittsburgh on 80 million people from anthem. israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu claiming -- declaring a huge victory in what many thought was an election he may lose. that is the top story this netanyahu wasted no time declaring victory. >> a surprising margin for the prime minister. >> right up until the final minutes here it looked like it was neck and neck. indicted for allegedly trying to join isis. >> a u.s. air force veteran stopped in turkey. >> his experience in the private aviation sector disturbs me the most. three more fraternities in hot water. >> photos of women appearing to be passed out. partially naked. >> students have been pretty disgusted. dolce and gabbana said same-sex couples should not raise children. synthetic children.
2:59 am
>> i believe in the tradition of family. this is "new day" with, chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> good morning, everyone to your new day, it is wednesday, march 18th 6:00 in the east chris cuomo is off and john berman is here. great to have you. we begin with breaking news israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu declaring victory, pulling off a stunning turn-around, giving him a fourth term and putting him on track to become israel's longest serving prime minister. >> he has not officially won yet, but his rival is conceding defeat. we have the story covered from every angle. we'll begin with oren lieberman in jerusalem. good morning to you. >> good morning, michaela. one of the questions we'll have to answer is how are the polls so wrong? how did they show such a tight race netanyahu even trailing and netanyahu comes with a resounding victory, a very big margin. more than we've seen in any of the polls, he's ahead by five seats.
3:00 am
according to unofficial numbers, these are numbers from the ballot boxes, as opposed to polling or surveys, netanyahu's likud party won 29 seats, and his rival won 24 seats, a larger margin of victory than anyone expected. netanyahu declared victory last night. it looks like today he can celebrate the victory. isaac herzog calling him to congratulate him this is six years now that benjamin netanyahu has had the premiership. it looks like he'll have another few years here. because of such a wide margin of victory, it looks like he has a lot of options in the coalition government. a lot of parties in the right and center to work with. he's a master politician a master deal-maker and he'll put the tools to work to create the coalition government he wants. today he'll be celebrating the margin of victory and the call from herzog congratulating him. meanwhile as relations between the u.s. and


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