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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  March 31, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- this is c nshgs nshgsnn tonight. i'm don lemon, and we talk a lot on the show about what you can say and what you can believe and who decides. tonight, the fight for freedom is spreading across the country, and whose freedom? the indiana religious freedom law which the governor reluctantly plans to fix, and there is a similar law on the books for arkansas and the back lash is spreading. what happened to justice the and freedom for all. and many have barely heard of john stu jon stewart's replacement and he
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is already in hot water. we have a lot to get to the night, and now to indiana as mike pence promises that gay ss and lesbians discrimination will not be allowed under his discrimination law, and we have miguel marquez live there. and the governor flip-flopped in fixing the law, and what did he say today? >> he said look he doesn't think that the law as that he signed in private discriminated against gays and lesbians but he want abs fix to it. what is the fix. he says that he will not sign something that include ss protections for the gays and lesbians in the civil rights charter for the state, but he will akccept something different, and what it will be i don't know but i did ask him about the personal views in the press conference about the business views and religious beliefs and whether they should have religious services about the
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gays and lesbians getting married and this is what he said said. >> i don't support discrimination against anyone. the question that you pose though i believe, it's we are dealing here in a free society with always a careful balancing of interests, and the facts and circumstances of each case determine the outcome. >> and this is the concern of the conservatives have over religious freedoms versus gay marriages as the two issues as sort of the come up against each other, and like many the governor today sort of saying that he wants it both ways that the bizusinesses should be allowed basically to choose their own customers, but that it is something that this bill clearly has attracted a lot of controversy. >> he did not say, miguel in
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that press kon to be yet, but he did blame the media for a number of times smearing, and he said that they smear the law and the state of indiana and what is the reaction has it been like to that? >> there was a very interesting moment in the press conference when one of the local reporters asked the governor to call out the name and tell us who it is that you are upset with in the immediate yo who did this, and he said, well, it is not you in the indiana press and some of the folks out there in the united press, and she pressed him, and tell us who it is, and he would not go there, and they feel like it is a twitter firestorm, and bloggers and basically activists from the left that created all of this and if it wasn't for that, everything would just be fine don. >> and miguel, tonight, another state who is one step closer to passing a law similar to indiana's, and where do they stand? >> that is arkansas, and the house has passed a amended version of the senate version of a law that is very similar to
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what is in indiana right now, and not exactly a exact copy but similar enough to where the concerns of businesses who have deeply religious beliefs could deny the gay couples if they come for floral arrangements or the bakers or cakes or photographers especially for the gay weddings, and the governor of arkansas said ta as soon as it is on his desk, they will sign it, and they will have an answer when they sign it for sure don. >> and live from indianapolis, miguel marquez. >> and the first openly gay episcopal bishop for the american center of gay council joining us and also bishop robinson, good evening, and this is going to get to heart of what it means to be a religious person and a christian doesn't
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it? >> it does, but look at the wider kind context here and go g going back to the opening. this is about whether liberty and justice for all will be for all. and we all cherish religious freedom in the country, but what has happened is that religious conservatives know that they have lost the gay marriage battle and they are unhappy with the increasing acceptance of lgbt people here this this country, and so they rare using the laws to try to exempt themselves from the anti-discrimination laws that are cropping up also around the country. and our treatment of one another is always a religious issue. and treatment with respect is something that every religion stands for, and so any form of discrimination, it flies in the face of that. >> all right. but i have to tell you what the
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governor says. he says that the legislation is not to refuse anyone to be allowed to refuse anyone to get a service. i won't discriminate against the gays and lesbians and you don't think that sis the case, but i want you to listen to this, because this is poppy harlow who got an interview with warren buffett and what he has to say about the indiana law. >> reporter: the governor of indiana mike pence says he will move to fix the law, and not discriminate against anyone but however, when he was asked about the weekend if asked to add sexual orientation as a protected class in the state of indiana he said that it is not something that he is working towards right now. what should be done to fix this? >> i am so suspicious. i think that if people can exercise discrimination based on sexual orientation, then it is wrong. i dont noe't know how the law reads exactly, so i don't know what words you would change, but when
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you get through it and the dust settles, and if you can read the law and you can discriminate based on sexual orientation, then i would say that somebody better do something as it. >> should sexual orientation be added as a protected class in the state of indiana? >> generally, yes. they are entitled to equal rights and equal acceptance. 00% in the eyes of the law. >> and mark warren buffett, and when he speaks people listen and does he have it wrong? >> i agree with the bishop that everybody should be treated with experience, and we have 20 years with the riffra laws and we know what they are for, and they have not been used to protect gay people, but for native americans to keep them from being imprison eded. >> and why not put it in the law? >> there is nothing wrong with putting it them in the law, but
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there is something to attack the religious freedom broadly when the laws protect the little sisters of the poor from being shutdown from the e federal government for not giving out contraception. >> and it is not the same in all state, because in indiana there is no law that protects the gays and lesbians as a protected class. >> in the 20-plus states, it is not being used as the critics say. so it is a protected firestorm. >> and what needed to be protected? >> what the federal government protects and the other states protect, other people following their religion and not crushed by the federal government to be put in prison or expelled from prison and a woman in kansas died because the government would not let her get a liver transplant because it went with her jehovah witness beliefs. so again, it is not used in the way that the critics are used to
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authorize the discrimination against the gay people, and the only case that came close is the photographer who said that i can't take pictures at the gay wedding wedding, but she lost the claim, and lost it under the first amendment and so it is not open season for discrimination, but it is going to continue to protect the religious minorities and i'm delighted if the critics of the law take the position that you do that it is clear that the businesses won't be discriminating against the gay people, and that is not what the laws do, because we have 20-plus history of it. >> and i am interested in getting your response bishop, but we rare not done talking about this. and will the battle of the religious laws be a battle for the white house race. and of all things, jokes, some people say that the new host of the "daily show" crossed the line with the offensive religious tweets and who gets to decide who crossed the line?
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indiana's governor mike pence is taking a lot of heat for signing the latest law, and his critics are vowing not to do business with indiana, and back with me is retired bishop gene robinson and also attorney mark renzi, and before the break, mark was saying that it is not going to be legislation that is going to be used to discriminate
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against gays and lesbian, but it is going to be protecting minorities and women, and if it is put on the books to protect the gays and lesbians is that the fix? >> if it with were added and in a civil rights way for lesbians and gays bisexual and transgendered people absolutely. but what we are left with right nouw is the law that is actually not like all of the other rifra and not like the others that were passed in 1993. he is absolutely correct that the cases that have come before are government infringement on people's religious freedom, and what this law does is to open it up to companies and not just closely held companies like hobby lobby, but companies and businesses as well as individuals. and this is something that is very, very new. i think that it is where kon
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conservatives would like to see the hobby lobby case go right down to one person against one person. and so we need these pro protections for lgbt people in place, and i just don't understand why governor pence could not answer the yes/no question about whether that should stop in indiana. >> i want you gentle hmen to take a look at a picture of governor pence signing the bill. there rare three openly anti-gay supporters standing there with him. okay. micah clark, the executive director of the believes homosexuality is a treatable disorder and curt smith believes homosexuality is bestiality and adultery and eric miller says that allowing gay marriage to be acceptable, and normal is just not right. and then there is the president of the indiana family institute
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who equates homosexuality with bestiality and adultery and this is what connecticut governor dannel malloy said. >> they put it through and they were patting themselves on the back saying how wonderful to get it done and announced days before he would sign it and invited three homo phobic men who have gone out of they way to make gay people in indiana miserable to the ceremony and that is what they did and you can't defend it and it is undefensible and if you don't solve the problem, then companies and associations need to move touftsout of the state. >> so mark can you say that the motivation for the law to at least give people an excuse not to serve the gay community? >> no. the laws are a lot of diversity.
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>> and the people there just happened to be be coincidence behind him? >> no, they are who they are, and they believe who they r and the law that passed is the same one that bill clinton passed and aclu passed and the same one that was signed in illinois. >> and saying that bill clinton and barack obama signed the similar legislation has become a talking point. >> it is true though. >> but it does not make it right even if they signed similar legislation, so if i had them here, and they were interviewing here i would ask them why they signed it and if they indeed sign it, and that is be beside the point, and so it is not going to make it right, so in this case can you accurately say with those three gentlemen in your estimation who just happened to with be standing behind him this was not meant to discriminate against gay and lesbian people? >> i can say it 100%, don, because we have 120 years of experience under the law and it does not do it. so the claim of the other side is that we have to strip people of actual protection and it
7:18 pm
would be native americans in prisons, and others like the ladies of the poor who would be stripped of their businesses and other children from going to school because of discrimination and so this is discrimination that has not been ever been discriminated against. >> and bishop? >> i cannot agree more that we should not take the rights away from those people but the truth is that when you open up a business to the pub lek, you serve all of the public, and if you don't want to serve the public, then you should do something else with your life. that is what this law threatening, and this is not what the supreme court wanted to do with the hobby lobby case wanted to go and this is a bigger law that can be solved by
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trevor noah and remember that name, because he is now instantly famous only one day after being named the host of the "daily show" the comedian from south africa is being criticized for jokes that are sexist and anti-semitic. here is sara sidner. >> reporter: trevor noah has been on the "daily show" three time times. >> we are always excited to find new talented voices to contribute to the program, so we are pleased to find our newest contributor from south africa trevor noah. >> reporter: but within 24 hours of the announcement that now wa is the next "daily show" host
7:24 pm
he is gone from darling to demonized for his jokes. behind every rap billionaire, there is a double as a rich jewish man hashtag beats by dreidel. and in 2010 almost bumped a jewish kid crossing the road. he didn't like b4 crossing but i still didn't care. and this one, oh yeah the weekend. people are going to get drunk and think that i'm sexy. >> people don't need to be reminded that they are not thin. that doesn't mean they are not sexy. >> reporter: and the anti-defamation league chimed in wishing him success, but adding in part, that we hope that he does not cross the line from is a tire into offensiveness calling up jokes with
7:25 pm
anti-semitic and misogyne and some critics pounced saying that he is on the wrong side of the line of funny and offensive. >> i was more offended by how the jokes are not that funny. >> reporter: and there were some that say morons go through the back tweets and discover jokes, what a scandal, and cnn is on it. one critic says that noah's biggest problem, most americans don't know who he is. >> this guy 24 hours ago was rel relatively unknown in the united states and he had only been on jon stewart's show three time and now heading the flagship show for comedy central, and you can expect scrutiny. >> reporter: comedy central is stand g bi standing by the man saying that he is a talented comedian with a bright future. trevor noah himself, tweeted to reduce my view to a handful of
7:26 pm
joke jokes that didn't land is not fair to my evolution or my character. welcome to america, trevor. and the good news even john stun stewart bounced back from deft to smoochy. >> i want to talk about this with artie lang and then john fuguelesang as well and i am a big fan of both of you. >> big fan of yours. >> and artie, the guy, he barely has a job, and i don't know if the ink is dry on the contract. >> well, welcome to the machine. my favorite comics are dangerous, and you don't know what they are going to be saying, and the guys that are dangerous. and this guy looks like an
7:27 pm
underwear model, and i am glad that he is on the edge, and i'm glad that he did something edgey and crazy and some of them were old. and me and jon were talking about them old. >> and yeah from high school. >> and that is the thing, and remember the whole thing with e! and sometimes it is the whole thing who says it. because if joefr rivers says it funny, and if juliana ransic says it oh no. >> and don rickles the same and if you read it on paper, it is most offensive ever. but i do support trevor noah, and he should get the job, and he is going to get out of the kon controversy, and he is going to be fip. >> and this, maybe it is social media driven and i find now that john people are outraged for the sake of being outraged. >> right, the national ed a dikaddiction is umbrage and everybody loves to be offended on the social media, and one of the things
7:28 pm
that unite the kon verconservatives and progressives is that we want to be be outraged. and they would not have been so much if howard or carlin had said it, it would have been have a punchline, but not as funny because people don't know noah but people are judging the whole career based on a few whole joke and if that is the case, every comedian should get the chair. >> and you know everybody over there at comedy central, and why would they choose him? >> well, i don't know why, because he is funny, and i wish him well to be show but people don't know the grind of what it takes to do a 10-hour show, and you get a headliner chris rock who is going to get that role but chris rock is not going to to get a movie to get 12 hours to get, and i would have liked louis black, and i know that we have the outrage, but we have the attention span of the guy on momento. >> and full outrage, and it is amazing, because you say
7:29 pm
something about someone or to someone, and they are not offended, and then you have a machine. >> that is why it is hard to offend comedians. >> there is a whole community, and jamie foxx got in trouble with the transoperative community. and the last community that you can make fun of are the fat guys and nobody gets offended at that. >> well some muslims might disagree with that. >> and some guy calls me obese witherspoon, and should i get the fat community together to protest this guy? no, because i am not offended. >> do you think that jamie foxx was offended? i laughed. >> the guy who won the decathlon in 1976 is becoming a broad. if you can't laugh. >> and bruce jenner is a
7:30 pm
transgendered woman, and if you can't understand that, it is a story of survival. and jamie foxx was not making fun of transjendgendered people, and he was putting down a celebrity. and if you want to be offended, then fine. >> and in a weird way it is going to be quite normal. >> have you ever h hung out with a transgendered person, because they make fun of each other all of the time. >> i did saturday night and i'm not kidding, did. >> and yes. they do. >> and if you cannot comment on the story, why not, and are we going to continue to make jokes about airports? >> okay. back to the trevor, and we have gone off to jamie foxx and i want to go to that he was on the show and watch, here is a clip of him on the show. >> some of the classiest racism
7:31 pm
that i came across in america was in lexington, kentucky. and it was charming racism. >> well they perfected it down there. >> and hey, they said the most amazing things. >> and the ku klux klan are in real silk sheets down tlhere. >> and he is talking about race there. >> and yes. >> and should people have said, in arkansas? should they have -- kentucky. >> yes, making fun of the racism in kentucky, and he is talk about a fact. you know that is what is comics do and you bring up the controversial stuff a lot of the time, and a lot of us get bored with the typical subjects that we are supposed to talk about. >> and it is not our job to make audience comfortable, and especially not a political comedian. >> and looking at the stuff on your show talking about politics now. >> are you political in the act? are you political?
7:32 pm
>> well, i don't like to think that i am, but politics is part of the part and when you are coming from a part that being born is a crime. >> and yes, you inherently political. >> yes. >> and you think that the accent is a problem with south african talking to americans about politics. >> well some people understand him, and he laughs in the case. >> i sound like a north jersey guy on the "sopranos." >> and john oliver does, too. >> and he sounds like he is from "lethal weapon." >> yes. and it is mad that no americans seem to be getting the jobs anymore, and nobody from buffalo who can get a gig like this. >> and no women. >> and when he talks fast, it is hard to understand the punchline at times like with a cockney accent with the brits, it is hard. >> but he can't hold back and you can be a great joke teller,
7:33 pm
but you have to be a very good truth teller as well. >> and did you see the bieber roast? >> and look at that martha stewart stewart. >> go ahead and play it. >> i hate your music more than bill cosby hates my comedy. you released so many horrible and unwatchable videos you should change your video to -- and you said that anne frank would have been a belieber and if that is true she would have left auschwitz. >> well, some of the jokes had no point, and they were mean. and that joke he could have tightened it up a little bit, but twitter is a little bit because you have a joke that is
7:34 pm
bad on twitter, does not mean it won't work in a club or tv, because they are different mediums. >> and in new york magazine i will sum it up but what he says is that people are afterraid to try things out, because they have a you know what camera out there, and you used to try the material out in the club and you would not be slammed for it. >> and that is the thing, and you had to take a risk. and that is the thing, if you were in cincinnati at p midnight it was you and those people in the room and you could say what you had to say to get the check and get out of there, and now it is you and the world, and they throw it up on the twitter, and tracy morgan ran into that trouble, and -- >> tosh. >> and chris rock on "saturday night live" did a monologue about the freedom tower, and everybody goes through it and nobody is immune from these so so-called p.c. police, and ultimately it is going to be hurting comedy, because what
7:35 pm
rock said you are afterraid to take the risks. if you don't take the risks, you won't with be better at getting funny. >> and my friend laverne cox the cover of "time" magazine, i will find out if she is offended by the joke. >> which one? >> the trans joke. >> well, that is the part of the outcry of the umbrage that people will be hearing that comedy and be more sensitive in the future. >> and the thing that people will be more surprised if trevor noah is the right choice to replace jon stewart on "the daily show." (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring
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accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. most americans didn't even know who trevor noah was until yesterday, but he is known by his fellow comics. i want you to listen to this bit from his standup in london two years ago. >> i landed in new york and i was fluent in the black american. chisel my nizle. i had to walk and i was even laughing out loud. ha ha, ha.
7:40 pm
oh, my man. oh, that is you. ha ha. >> all right. so joining me now is natalie shore, and jay thomas and emmy winning actor and host of the jay thomas show on sirius radio and wendy todd who wrote a piece about trevor noah and artie lange and john vogelsang. and if you want him, you can keep him. i want a conscious person of color to the wheel, and not someone who has already driven me off of a racist cliff. at the wheel i should say, and you are worried that he is going to continue to perpetuate racist stair stereotypes. >> i think that first of all, you are coming to the country, and making fun of the rezsident, and i don't think of that
7:41 pm
thinking at all, and you are perpetuating a construct that is devaluing the black people at all, and we are getting shot in the street, because people are not feeling that we are value and to jokes and to perpetuate that ideal is upsetting and irresponsible. >> is that a lot of pressure and why can't comedians of color have the same freedom to practice the craft and they have an extra burden? it is their craft. sfwr it is not about practicing the craft, but it is the intention. is the intention to move the conversation forward if you are exploring something as controversial as race. but if the intention is to get a joke, who is paying for that? and so african-americans have paid enough not to have someone come here to make fun of us. >> and natalie, you are a strong defender of him, and so isn't that what a comedian is and at some point it is about being
7:42 pm
funny, and pointing out the stereotypes. >> to me, the question is less about whether or not someone deserves to be offensive and more whether or not twitter specifically is emblematic of someone's talent and comedic sensibilities. i think that a lot of comedians use twitter as a workyard than a final draft. i think that as a result it is a lot less cure rateated than what other sets might be. and we know that his sets ae funny. >> and so jeff where is the line of funny and not? >> well, first of all, john was supposed to g tet job, and artie knows that, too, and we were doing to be special needs
7:43 pm
correspondents correspondents, and so we had this thing ready to go. and here is the strange thing, and twitter is like botox with the expressive face. it takes away all expression and then the twitter terrorists who are the people who are just basically shut-ins and they get the chance to attack and bring the people down and kind of success flful in this. i really am proud of the fact that comedy central has backed him up and that jon stewart is backing him up too. because it would be wonderful to see someone not get fired for something on twitter. if you release what martha stewart said last night on the bieber roast, and if you released that on twitter, her stock would have been cut in laugh, and she would have been reduced. she made homophobia, and black people and people in prison and jail and she just went on and on and spectacular, but it was on tv and not on twitter that. thing is evil that twitter thing is horrible.
7:44 pm
and go ging back to jon stewart, jon stewart also backs him, and from one of the greatest bits which is the faith-off, we must just ride the red sea log fume with him, because he think s that the kid is great, so let's go with him. >> natalie? >> well twitter can with be really great, and i agree with you that there are definitely people who i think sit on twitter looking for a comment to the put into a article, but that is part of the nature of social media that everything that happens is immediately evident to every corner of the internet, and the digital culture that we rare in and all of the writers and the bloggers are under so much pressure to hit the news peg, and it creates all of the outrage and affects our ability to discern between a big deal and small deal, and this is a small deal. >> i cannot believe you would
7:45 pm
say that. >> i am outraged when someone makes fun of african-americans and they get rewarded for that. >> and what about martha stewart last night? >> and all of the great americans have talked about african-americans, and they were very funny with it. >> and that sis the point, they were funny, trevor noah for me is not funny. >> well, he is not richard pryor, and no one is. >> and john makes the good point. >> and they are not in the same time. >> and this is the thing that wendy is a clearly smart person and very smarter than me and a very serious person, but a lot of what she says does not belong in the conversation about comedy, because trevor noah does a couple of the racially sensitive jokes, does not mean that he devalues racial americans and wants them to be shot in the street. >> it is not for you to decide. >> it is not for you to decide either wendy. >> it is. >> and who says that you are to
7:46 pm
decide. >> if you are targeted by the jokes. >> you are being targeted by trevor noah's jokes? >> the african-american community in the united states is -- >> i respectfully disagree. >> i will take you to any comedy club wendy, and have you to any comedian who will make those same types of jokes which is the same stereotype and all ebeit much funnier funnier. >> and the conversation that you are describing is the star of killing jesus. you are serious, and you are talking about -- >> i am serious, and because these are serious issues to me and other people who are marginalized by these kinds of comments. >> and standby, everyone. and white and brown and he is
7:47 pm
not being valued as the same level from other communities, and these types of comments coming from someone who is not even from here further adds to the perpetuation -- >> and somebody tweeted it, these damn foreigner, and that is what comedy central wants us to do. >> and again, we are taking it way too seriously, guys. >> and i wanted to ask the producers if we can condense the next segment, because i think that it is a important conversation conversation, and we will work it out in the break, and we will be back. okay. aww, this audit will take days. what a headache! actually...i... don't have a headache anymore! excedrin really does work fast. quiet! mom has a headache! had a headache! but now, i...don't. with 2 pain fighters, plus a booster,
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back now with the panel, and everyone is back with me and i begged the producers to give me more time, and lightning round, and wendy, you are getting beat up on. >> that is okay. >> and so who is affected? >> the people who are beat up on get s gets to decide. someone white tells me that i don't have to be feeling that way, and if white comedians want to make jokes about black people, that people, that is okay, but i don't have to worry about it. >> and wep di you are beautiful, and it is so nice to meet you virtually, but in an era when black men are thrown
7:52 pm
into the prison disproportionately and where being offended by a artist's jokes may not be the best way to be insulted by his jokes may not be the best use of your energy. he was making fun of himself if you watch the entire thing. >> and you can make fun of me. >> and this is the best mistake is to make it an international kind of thing, and so this is the jokes in south africa may need to stay there. >> and thank you, everyone. we will have you back. we will be right back. doug. you've been staring at that for awhile, huh? listen, td ameritrade has former floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so
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tonight, the german newspapers are reporting that investigators are not aware of any video capturing the final moments on the plane, but however, we want to bring in an attorney representing the families of flight 9525 and
7:57 pm
also the president of the studies of suicidology. and if a cell phone video does exist, it would be help in the investigation here, correct? >> of course, it would be helpful in the investigation, but as far as the passenger, it is only go ging to traumatize them if they hear it. i hope it won't. i have seen a number of victims who have heard the air traffic controller tapes and video, and it is not going to be public and not on air and it will not help them, but lit from the standpoint of litigation but you can imagine how terrible this event was and proving it. >> and there was according to lufthansa that he had a bout with depression a ndnd how does depression turn to homicide and
7:58 pm
then mass homicide. >> we know that depression affects 16 million americans every year but suicide is very rare and unfoch natrtunately, we don't have the research money to fully understand situations such as this terrible tragedy that is very infrequent. >> we are having an issue with your microfoep, but i will ask you, because we can still hear you. are you surprised that there has not been a note or none has been found yet? >> i am not surprised that he didn't leave a note, but i am surprised that he would take a flight down, because usually the pilots have a commitment to caring for others in a suicide state or in a lot of psychological anguish and they want to end their own suffering than others. >> and maybe you can check your microphone in your jacket and i will talk to steven. lufthansa was aware of the psychological issues and now there are charges being
7:59 pm
considered criminal and will manslaughter be switched? >> well, it will help the families from the litigation standpoint. as i mentioned from another show there are many european criminal litigation following airplane crash, and we don't usually see that in america for simple negligence but in the uk and europe, they do prosecute if sitit is not criminal by our standards, but it is manslaughter or negligent homicide you will see the criminal prosecutions, and they do assist the families, because the pressures are on the carriers to resolve the cases, the insurance carriers and the airline wants to resolve the case s to cases to get it out of the public eye, and i don't see it as a negative development. >> and quickly, i want to have to run if you can give me ten seconds, and does the girlfriend have to be be held accountable if she didn't inform anyone? >> well, if she knew about it, she is holding herself
8:00 pm
accountable, and probably feels terrible possibly blaming herself for 149 lives, but i can't comment on whether she should be held accountable by the french or the germans. >> thank you so much. i'm don lemon, and we will see you back here tomorrow night. "ac360" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- good evening, i'm wolf blitzer sitting in for anderson. what a shocker for the flight of 9520 5 9525 not only was the co-pilot andreas lubitz suffering from depression he was receiving injections from antipsychotic behavior and that is not