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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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better. bear with us. organization 22 kill and other military groups around the country are using social media to raise awareness about a very serious issue that we know too well veteran suicide. 22 vets take their own lives every day so the challenge is simple. record a video of yourself doing 22 pushups, upload the video to social media and make a donation if you can. they're doing this to raise awareness. people across the country like this vet have stepped up to the plate. over 200,000 pushups have already been logged. i did mine even though i was suffering from the after effects of a stomach virus. >> oh, yeah. >> because we care. we say we support the vets. >> yeah. >> so i issued the challenge here. you, you, you. do any of you have what it takes to do it for the vets? >> we'll do it. does carol costello? it's time to get to "newsroom" with carol. hi carol. >> does anyone believe that chris cuomo actually did 200 pushups? >> 22 carol costello. >> oh, 22. >> 22. >> 22.
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>> i couldn't do 100. >> whatever. thanks a lot. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin this morning in north charleston south carolina. we're awaiting the release of a key piece of evidence the dash cam video capturing the encounter of walter scott and michael slager. the city is taking swift action firing officer slager and vowing that every cop on the street will soon be equipped with a body camera. martin savidge is following the latest developments for us from north charleston. good morning, martin. >> reporter: good morning, carol. by now we're all foom with that horrific video that was taken by the bystanders that shows the shooting that triggered all of
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this event. what many people are not aware of you've already alluded to a lot of other videos out there, not a lot, but a number. it's police video of the dash cams. it will be very interesting to see what they show and tell because as of yet they have not yet been released. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> reporter: days after the release of this shocking video north charleston now feeling the fallout. >> black lives matter. >> reporter: demonstrators gathered in front of city hall demanding the mayor resign and more officers be arrested as the investigation into the shooting death of walter scott by officer michael slager intensifies. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: in the immediate aftermath of the shooting slager seen here being debriefed by another officer, described a scuffle and playing through an attorney that the 50-year-old fought for his taser and he felt threatened. in an interview with nbc the man said he did see the two struggling on the ground.
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>> i started reporting, they were on the floor. the police had control of the situation. >> scott's family said they first saw the video sunday. they're horrified and believe the video captures an attempt by slager to plant a taser close to scott's limp body. >> the policeman is supposed to protect the people not try to frame them. they supposed to be honest people. >> reporter: slager joined the police department five years ago. in 2013 police records show he was exonerated following a complaint of improper use of force with a taser involving a blackman. north charleston's mayor and police chief announced the 33-year-old accused officer has now been terminated but the medical benefits for his eight-month pregnant wife would continue. >> we think that is the humane thing for us to do. >> reporter: the city leaders often interrupted by demonstrators, members of the public. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> may i make one statement?
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>> reporter: wanting to know whether the predominantly white force was now ready to change. >> we received a grant to purchase 101 body cameras. [ applause ] >> every officer that's on the street in uniform will have a body camera. >> reporter: but there are some carol, especially in minority communities who believe it's going to take more than body kamskam cams to change this. there were a number of other officers that were involved. those were the ones that responded immediately after the gunfire and they made police reports and statements that do not seem to match their actions and what they did or did not do to render aid to walter scott and many want them held accountable too. >> i'm also wondering about the dash cam video. shouldn't police have already reviewed that dash cam video? and why hasn't it been released as of yet? >> i would imagine that the department heads here have taken a look at that however,
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remember now this is really all in the hands of a higher authority, and by that i mean a state-level investigation that is underway and it's up to the prosecutor in that particular case whether or not to release the video since supposedly they're still being reviewed. it's anticipated they will be released but now it's looking less and less likely it may be today. >> martin savidge reporting live from north charleston south carolina this morning. the man who recorded the shooting on his cell phone has come forward. his name is feiden santana. he said he almost deleted the video because he feared retaliation from police. >> i even thought about erasing the video and -- >> why? >> i don't know. i felt that my life with this information might be like i say, in danger. and i tried to -- to -- i thought about erasing the video and just getting out of the community of north charleston and living someplace else. >> leaving town? >> yes. >> because you were that scared? >> yeah.
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i knew -- like i say, i knew that as soon as they saw the video, that the cop didn't do -- didn't do the right thing. and, like i say, i feel kind of scared about that. >> but you decided instead of deleting the video, you decided to do what? >> i decided -- i looked at the police report. you know i went home after i finished working, i went home. like i say, i was -- people went to the barber shop you know talking about what happened and next to my house, it's right there, and i saw the police report. i read it. it wasn't like that. >> thanks to mr. santana we have that cell phone video, but there is other video the public has a right to see. we mentioned the dash cam video, right? the public also has a right to know if other officers at the scene tried to cover up a crime
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allegedly carried out by one of their own. with me to talk about discrepancies and things unsaid cnn legal analyst mel robbins and gloria brown marshall. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. thank you for being here. let's start with the car, this mercedes. now there was another man in mr. scott's car. why haven't we heard about him? >> you know i don't know. we don't know if he's witnessed anything. we don't know if the fbi is talking to him. i'm sure what i can tell you though carol, is that we will be hearing from him as the investigation continues in this case carol, as we gather more video from the police dash cam, if there are other witnesses. we're going to see more and more as the days come carol. >> well let's talk about the dash cam video now, gloria, because i would -- i would think that that would be one of the first things that investigators would look at is that dash cam video, yet police are reviewing
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it now and may not release it today after all. >> well just think, we're dealing with the ferguson effect which is we have police officers and police departments that are used to having a procedure that may not make any sense to the outside public and you start to see the flaws in it. and because of what happened in ferguson and staten island they're reviewing their procedures their process, and actually letting this evidence be unveiled to the public. just think, prior to this they might not have even told the public that these videos existed or allowed them to see them. >> let me ask you this question about the dash cam video. if we never had cell phone video of how this incident went down would police even bother to release the dash cam video? >> well this is -- >> maybe not. >> race law -- >> i'm sorry. in my book "race law in american society" i have laws and cases
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going back involving police officers in my criminal justice chapter. they go back to these issues of what was happening when black witnesses' credibility was questioned just because they were black or not allowed to testify. so we have this continuum from eye witness testimony to the dash cam or videos and then we'll question as in the eric garner case the person who was taking the video, when it began, when it ended. at the end of the day this idea that we have to have all of this extra evidence when it comes to a police officer shooting of a blackman that we wouldn't normally require in a shooting between two civilians. yes, i'm glad we have the dash cam, but on the other side of this there is still a lot more we need to do in addition to cameras. >> so but let me just ask that question to you again, mel. if we never saw video from this cell phone, with police even bother to release the dash cam video? >> probably not. >> probably not. i'm talking about pressure.
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it's through the public pressure that this stuff is getting released. as gloria said the ferguson effect. first of all, the video that we've all seen is so egregious, so disgusting so insanely wrong that the police did the right thing. they released it. they responded. they went to the family. they fired the police officer. they charged him with murder. and even if carol, and even when we see the dash cam video, there's almost nothing on that video that -- that would justify the actions of the officer. you know unless -- unless you know mr. walker actually pulled a gun on the police officer during the initial confrontation and the police officer was chasing somebody that was a, quote, immediate and significant threat to either the officer or the community at large, he is not justified under federal law, under our constitution by the supreme court to shoot at any one that's fleeing. and so even -- you know i don't think the police would have
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witnessed it. they might not have even investigated this as thoroughly as they're going to. i think that's what's upsetting so many people beyond just the awful nature the just stomach churning nature of this video that you watch. it's this idea that holy cow, if we didn't have the video, what would have happened? and i think a lot of us feel like nothing would have happened because you have an officer that's able to what appears like he was doing, which is throwing the taser near the body of a man he just shot that was fleeing with no justification because he wants to cover up what he had just done. and so this video is critical. having video and body cameras on officers is critical both for officers and also for the people that they're interacting with and, you know it will be interesting to see what happens as the days roll forward, carol. >> certainly will. gloria brown marshall mel robbins, thanks to both of you. i appreciate it.
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still to come in the "newsroom," a supervisor from the secret service is put on the do not travel list and stripped of his badge. michelle kosinski is following this. >> reporter: how could this be another allegation of misconduct with another high ranking member of the secret service? we'll have all the details coming up. king about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well equiped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. nervous whitening will damage your teeth? introducing listerine® healthy white™. it not only safely whitens teeth... ...but also restores enamel. lose the nerves and get a healthier whiter smile that you'll love.
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the secret service is dealing with another scandal. a female agent saying a supervisor made unwanted sexual advances towards her. he's on indefinite leave, his security clearance suspended. michelle kosinski is following the story for us. tell us more. >> reporter: carol, right. this is senior security advisor. now his security clearance has been taken away. according to reports, he had to turn in his gun and his badge. he's on administrative leave. this is now being investigated by the police as well as the inspector general but, you know there's something about after hours parties at the secret service because this is now the second time in just a couple of weeks that a top ranking member of the secret service has gotten into trouble after one of these parties. now according to details that were broken by the washington post details that are not being disputed by the secret service, he was at his own party.
6:17 am
he was being promoted in fact. according to the reports at that party he told his subordinate that he was in love with her and then what she told police was that later on when they got back to secret service headquarters he made sexual advances toward her. he tried to kiss her. he grabbed her arms and there was a scuffle. he finally let her go. so she reported this about two days later to the office of professional standards within the secret service. they then turned that over to the police. so this is all under investigation, but it's just one more incident of this. so the secret service wanted to -- they didn't exactly get out ahead of this one. this was, again, first reported in "the washington post" but they did take the steps to immediately put him on leave. secret service is an agency that demands our employees conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity. these allegations as reported are disturbing. any threats or violence that
6:18 am
endangers or employees in the workplace are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. congress has had a field day with these incidents one after another. not incidents similar to this but it's been a wide range of embarrassments for the secret service involving prostitution drinking an agent passed out drunk in the hallway of his hotel while he was out on assignment. one after the other culminating really in the white house fence jumper late last year where that jumper was able to get inside the white house. but, you know just a few weeks ago we saw the incident of the agents who were accused of driving through a crime scene and, you know that's under investigation. there are allegations that they might have been drinking there, too. so clearly they need to at least cut down on the after hours partying but, you know we don't know exactly how this is going to turn out, but at least the secret service this time they
6:19 am
wanted to get this straight to an investigation and take action immediately because you know they -- >> right. >> -- can't want another one of these embarrassments carol. >> michelle kosinski reporting live for us this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," mixed feeling in boston. should tsarnaev's life be spared? alexandra field is outside the courtroom. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the jury reached their verdict more than 12 hours coming to their consensus pretty quickly. the next phase of this trial could be a lot more complicated for jurors. we'll talk about it coming up after the break. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. new flonase outperforms a leading allergy pill so you will inhale life. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. so roll down your windows, hug your pet dust off some memories, make new ones. new flonase. six is greather than
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for more stories and your free sample go to so bladder leaks and feel like no big deal. the boston marathon trial about to enter phase 2. the sentencing phase. the jury will decide whether dzhokhar tsarnaev lives or dies. the trial has been heartwrenching. for some it's closure, others finding no peace at all. >> i don't believe there will ever be justice brought to this no matter if he does get the death penalty. >> the question should tsarnaev's life be spared? well "the boston globe" surprisingly is saying yes this morning. "the globe" siding with the defense writing in an editorial. quote, for jurors who believe execution should be reserved for the worst criminals, the lawyers laid out a clear path to
6:24 am
conclude that dzhokhar wasn't even the worse of the tsarnaevs. alexandra field is joining us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. in the next phase the prosecution will vehemently argue against that idea. they'll try to convince jurors that the death penalty is the right penalty. first jurors had to come together. they have to make their verdict in the first part of this case. they came to the consensus pretty quickly. fewer than 12 hours spent deliberating then back in the courtroom with dzhokhar tsarnaev pronounced guilty some 30 times. his life now in a jury's hands. dzhokhar tsarnaev showed no emotion as a court clerk read the verdict. guilty on all 30 counts against him. survivors of the boston bombing waited nearly two years for justice. jurors handing down their decision after less than 12 hours. the chaos at the finish line witnessed firsthand by the city's acting mayor that day. he spoke to cnn's jake tapper
6:25 am
after the verdict. >> i'd like to pull the switch myself because i believe he's guilty and, you know probably he should forfeit his life but i think that feeds right into their warped sense of what they believe is important. >> in court, jurors survivors, and family members, some of them moved to tears listening in silence. dzhokhar showing no sign of remorse. >> throughout this whole thing he's been to use my word arrogant walking in and out of the courtroom and completely disinterested. >> reporter: soon the jury of seven women and five men who found tsarnaev guilty of the attacks that left four dead and hundreds injured will decide whether the defendant lives. >> and i solely speak for myself. i want the death penalty. >> reporter: rebecca gregory survived the bombing. she said there will never be closure. >> i may be standing on one fake leg but i'm standing here stronger than ever because someone tried to destroy me and
6:26 am
he failed. >> reporter: the 21-year-old's attorneys will soon fight for his life arguing he was a pawn of his older brother who master minded the attacks. the next phase of this trial could start as early as next week. new witnesses will be called to provide new testimony and, carol, that's the evidence that the jury will have to consider when they deliberate again, on the question of the death sentence. >> all right. alexandra field reporting live from the courthouse this morning. my next guest haled a hero after the bombing. robert wheeler was crossing the finish line moments before that first bomb went off. he was one of the first people on the scene helping to save a man's life. you see him there. robert thank you for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> guilty on all counts. has justice been served? >> well justice hasn't been served yet but, you know we're on our way to seeing justice,
6:27 am
sure. >> in your mind, what is justice for tsarnaev? >> that's something i've thought about a lot since 2013 and, you know defining justice versus vengeance here. you know we are talking somebody who is not just a murderer but, you know committing a terrorist act to commit murder. in making sure that that person does you know see justice and proper punishment not in a tortuous way but punishment is a fine balance. i really, you know, something i've thought about a lot since 2013 for sure. >> it sounds like you're conflicted over the death penalty in this case am i right? >> i often pondered about, you know whether a life imprisonment ponder over these things is better or you know -- better over death or you know which one is going to be more enjoyable for him or whether a quick end is going to be not justice, but, you know you
6:28 am
aren't really going to be able to justify the -- you know be able to bring justice for, you know the three -- three bostonians three people three citizens that were killed that day and the hundreds other that were injured and the things that myself and many others live with and have to live with the memories we have. it's -- you aren't really going to find real justice in that sense, you know but to -- i will say that i think life is a precious thing and, you know letting him continue to have life even in a prison cell is -- you know can be a wonderful thing in itself. does he deserve that is something that i trouble myself with a lot. >> right. as the guilty verdicts were read in court dzhokhar tsarnaev showed absolutely no emotion. when you hear that, what goes through your mind? >> it's -- some people are sick.
6:29 am
you know not to know -- i really can't be inside of his mind. i don't know but, you know it's -- many people believe things religiously and follow them religiously. in his own twisted sense, you know, reading what he wrote on the side of the boat and -- it, you know -- other aspects of the case really show that -- >> right. >> -- it wasn't something that you know he really had a lot of remorse for. and all the more reason why, you know giving this person life in prison isn't going to be much of a punishment with that said. >> judy clark, tsarnaev's attorney is going to try to prove that his brother tamerlan, was really the mastermind of this and dzhokhar was just this 19-year-old kid, he was sort of a drug addict he was a person who would easily follow someone stronger. is there any witness who could sit on that stand and make you believe that? >> you know that -- true or not, we are responsible for our
6:30 am
own actions. the moment we stop believing that is -- it's just chaos. to say that the person who built the gun is responsible for killing the person is -- is -- you know is foolish. you know he knew what he was doing. >> we've lost robert wheeler but robert wheeler, thanks so much. i appreciate your thoughts on this difficult day. i'll be right back.
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6:34 am
scott. but north charleston is now ferguson. here's why. >> all lives matter. all lives matter. >> protesters calling for the mayor to resign in north charleston reminiscent of what we heard last summer in ferguson, missouri. but unlike the shooting death of michael brown at the hands of a police officer, in north charleston we have video. horrifying but critical. in ferguson no video of the actual shooting ever surfaced and witnesses told different stories about whether brown had his hands up or not. we know walter scott was shot at eight times as he ran away. then there's the reaction from city leaders. north charleston swift to make an arrest and fire the officer. >> i can tell you that as the result of that video and the bad
6:35 am
decision made by our officer, he will be charged with murder. >> but ferguson officials waited nearly a weak to release the officer's name. he was placed on paid administrative leave and a grand jury decided not to indict him. and the police response? militant in ferguson after largely peaceful protests were marred by looting, and violence. police held on to control for days, then leaders called in the highway patrol before calling in the national guard. in north charleston the case has been handed over to the state of south carolina. interactions with officers, angry, sad but peaceful. and where ferguson leaders struggled to strike a sensitive tone in the days and weeks following the shooting --
6:36 am
>> there's not a racial divide in the city of ferguson. >> according to whom? is that your perspective or do you believe that that is the perspective of african-americans in your community? >> that is the perspective of all residents in our city. absolutely. >> north charleston's police chief did not mince words. >> i have watched the video and i was sickened by what i saw. >> that is not to say everything is a okay in north charleston. citizens are angry. some of them afraid. we heard that from the man who shot the cell phone video of walter scott's death. with me now, brady garvin the chairman of the charleston county democratic party. brady, good morning and thank you for being with me. >> good morning, carol. thanks for having me on. >> thanks for being here. do you think that what happened in ferguson influenced how north charleston is handling this? >> sure. i think this is a little different than ferguson for many reasons. you know i think here the mayor of north charleston took swift
6:37 am
action and called for murder charges. the officer was arrested. and so the reaction here has been much more subdued than ferguson. i think people have a little bit of faith that the city is handling this properly and doing the right thing, and so i think that's why you're seeing a different reaction from the community than what happened in ferguson. >> can you describe for us the relationship between the african-american community and the police force in north charleston? >> sure. i think the relationship between the community and the north charleston police department has never been stellar, to be honest. i think, you know north charleston is a city where they have a reputation for being a little heavy handed with their police work and so there's always been some level of distrust. to be honest, you know this obviously sets that relationship back quite a ways. so i think from here you know what i would expect and hope to see is the city of north charleston take some really aggressive actions to make sure
6:38 am
that their relationship with the community is better and improved and that there's more community policing as opposed to more heavy handed police work. >> i haven't heard overt calls for the police chief to step down but we have heard calls for the mayor to step down. why is that? >> i can't tell you exactly why that is but i think that some level of you know the buck stops at the top. so i think in cases like this you know people want action and they want results and so one of the things is now that we have the officer in custody and know that he's being tried for murder there's still some feeling in the community that this has to stop. you know this wasn't a one-off incident. this is just a one-off incident that was caught on tape and so the question is what is going to happen to change this systematically? what is going to happen to change the day-to-day interactions between police and the african-american community? or the police and the general
6:39 am
community as a whole? so i think what you're seeing is a lot of people who want change. they want something different, and this video is just the catalyst for making that change happen. >> all right. brady quirk-garvin thanks so much. thanks for your insight. i appreciate it. as we head for break, here's what walter scott's mother told anderson cooper about that tape and the police officer who shot her son. >> i couldn't really watch the whole tape. when i saw my son running and i saw the policeman behind him, i couldn't take it. i had to turn away. i couldn't handle it. >> knowing what you know now, i mean that not only what happened to your son, the way it happened that it was all captured on tape and even what seems to be pictures of the policemen picking up something,
6:40 am
maybe the taser, placing it near your son's body what do you -- what do you think about what happened? >> that was not right. the policemen is supposed to protect the people not try to frame them or get out of what they've done wrong. they supposed to be honest people.
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no apologies from a former ferguson city official fired over sending racist e-mails. for the first time city clerk marianne twitty is speaking out since losing her job claiming she was, quote, thrown under the bus after a scathing report by the department of justice. asked whether she thought those racist jokes were funny, here's what twitty told cnn affiliate kmov. >> funny as in humor wise humor wise yes. not because it was racist or biased no just funny joke wise. i feel bad because that's not -- i don't want people to look at
6:45 am
me and say, well she sent those racist jokes out because she's racist or biased and i'm not. i'm human. i meant nothing bad by it. >> twitty claims she was used as a sacrificial lamb and says ferguson employees made racist jokes all the time. many have already compared the latest police shooting in south carolina to the killing of unarmed ferguson teenager michael brown. as you know brown's death sparking months of protests across the country. let's talk about this and more. let's bring in cnn commentator l.z. granderson. i'm joined by marc lamont-hill. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> thanks for coming back. as i was listening to ms. twitty i was thinking to myself seriously? she doesn't understand how that's offensive? marc you want to take that on? >> i was stunned by it. it was funny, not racist funny,
6:46 am
ha ha funny. she's able to disconnect her own feelings around black people from her everyday practice. that's a problem that we see with many people. people may say racist things may laugh at racist things may have racist biases and prejudices but they don't see themselves as racists. they're able to separate those things. that's what's dangerous. it's not the foaming at the mouth racist who i'm worried about, it's the person who doesn't think they're racist. it's the liberal that's scary. >> you're right about that sadly. these e-mails were so racist and unpleasant that we can't show them l.z. one of them i'll describe it for our viewers, one of them showed a picture of president reagan holding a little baby monkey and then the caption underneath read president obama in 1962. that's not funny. not even ha ha funny. >> no. it's -- no it's not funny. part of the thing that really
6:47 am
made me upset upset about ferguson, in addition to the death of michael brown was the fact that the mayor got in front of a television camera and said there was no racial tension in ferguson. this is the same mayor, believe it or not, who worked in that police department. so he not only knew the tensions in the city that he grew up in but he knew specifically what was going on in the police department. for him to go in front of the camera and say there was no racial tension was absolutely incredible to me. now you have this woman saying we made racist jokes all the time. you're going, was the mayor living in a bubble or is he just lying to the american people trying to deflect the true image of what ferguson is or what it was anyway? >> there is also a sense that people employees in private companies, send around e-mails like this all the time marc, and nothing hansppens, but i take issue with that. something would happen at most companies, wouldn't it? >> yeah. in most companies if it got in the right hands, but oftentimes
6:48 am
these things get passed around and certain people don't find out. black people don't find out. people in power don't find out. sympathetic whites don't find out. l.z. that's part of why he said that. he think black people are stupid. he didn't think we knew they were saying these things. in his mind there's no tension. black people are happy. we're happy, we doing racist stuff. >> we're singing songs, right? >> right. >> singing songs, dancing, the plantation is happy. >> happy. >> okay. let's talk about the reaction in north charleston by city officials, the mayor and the police chief. better than ferguson right, l.z.? >> absolutely in terms of what's happened since there's been video that can't be denied has gone public. sure it's much better than what happened in ferguson but keep in mind this was an incident that happened on saturday and so as i said before i'm curious as to what happened between saturday and the video being
6:49 am
made public on tuesday. that's what i want to know what happened internally. i appreciate the fact that there's swift action taken once the video was made public. the personal information was made to the media so we can dissect who this officer was, but the fact of the matter is he said he feared for his life and the officers around him believed him and they believed the report. and they were going forward with this until the video, and that department needs to find out why. >> well other public officials want to find out why, too, because the governor nikki haley came out and said justice will be served. senator tim scott said he will be monitoring the situation very closely. he had very very strong words. so i would take it that south carolina is serious about getting to the bottom of this marc. >> they're serious at getting to the bottom of this but this again, is low hanging fruit. i can't applaud -- i'm glad
6:50 am
they're doing the right thing. we have such a low legal and moral ethical bar in the nation if we're sitting around applauding people for arresting an officer who was caught on tape murdering somebody and we're saying oh, we'll probably get a victory -- guilty verdict here. the fact that we need a videotape, literally a smoking gun on tape to get a guilty verdict also says something about how low our bar is and unpersuasive and unimportant black witnesses are when these things happen. because a black witness says this happens every day. black witness says -- not that people get murdered but people act inappropriately. we need tape to prove it that's a problem for consult we need tape in order to prove it. so the bigger picture is not what they do in this individual case but how we can stop black people from dieing beforehand how we can understand mechanisms of justice so police don't move with impunity when these things happen. great job, south carolina arresting a guy caught on tape
6:51 am
murdering somebody but let's see what we can do beyond that. >> marc lamont hill. l.z granderson, appreciate it. nothing like breaking the ice with the whole world watching. president obama and cuban leader raul castro could meet face to face this week.
6:52 am
6:53 am
the two leaders are scheduled to attend the sum mitd of the americas this panama. white house officials say president obama plans to interact with castro in an effort to improve u.s.-cuban relations, this as the state
6:54 am
department recommends removing cuba from the state sponsors of terrorism list. an official announcement can come from the white house as early as today. cnn's patrick otman is live in havana. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this will ease the interaction or encounter that president obama and castro have in havana. it's been three months since the shift in policy. still not resumption of formal diplomatic ties still no u.s. embassy in havana. of course there's still a lot of issues between those two countries. just a few days ago, we talked to charlie hill a man accused of killing a police officer in new mexico accused of hijacking a plane 43 years ago to cuba. he says he's not a terrorist, but also tells us he's hoping the go back to the united states. >> i want to accomplish that
6:55 am
people understand i'm not a criminal i'm not a terrorist. >> are you a cop killer? >> no no. i never killed cops. i was a vietnam veteran. people don't ask me did i kill vietnamese. that was authorized by the american government. >> you miss your country? >> of course of course i miss my country. i miss my family. i would like to go back to where my grandparents were born where i was born. >> reporter: so, of course this is one of the issues that needs resolved. u.s. officials tell us every time we meet with their cuban counterparts they bring up these issues. cubans mention those that they would like brought back to cuba. it's one of the top issues that cuba and the united states still need to work out, what happens to people like charlie hill do they stay in cuba or will they
6:56 am
be sent back to face the american justice system. >> patrick oppman in cuba. thanks so much. my advice for healthy looking radiant skin. a good night's sleep... and aveeno®. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® positively radiant has an active naturals® total soy formula. it helps reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports physical energy with b vitamins. one a day 50+
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mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there. under way. the first group of golfers teeing off about an hour ago. one of the biggest headlines, tiger woods returning to action for the first time in two months. andy scholes has more in this morning's bleacher report.
7:00 am
>> tiger, his odds to win, 20-1. not very good. most of us like to see tiger actually finish a tournament. he tees off at 1:48 eastern. last year he had his daughter sam, son charlie and girlfriend lindsey vonn tagging along. on the eighth hole he nearly gets the hole-in-one, drops to his knees after it misses the hole. he'll let his daughter putt that in which disqualified him. six weeks after knee surgery, bulls guard derrick rose back in action playing 19 minutes. he scored nine points in the game. the bulls would go on to lose this to the magic 105-103. bulls back on tonight as the bulls visit the heat tonight. miami looking to battle for the last play-off spot in the east. followed by the blazers and warriors. >> my favorite time of way, baseball under way, the


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