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tv   CNN International  CNN  April 12, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> the whole world is watching, yeah. >> watching and hoping. as it turns out, these are waters of destiny indeed. hillary clinton becomes the first democrat to throw her hat in the ring in the 2016 race for president of the united states. pope francis is accused of inciti inciting hatred. at 21 years old, jordan spieth has pulled off one of the greatest golf wins in history and has the green jacket to prove it. hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. kicking off your week with us for the next two hours, i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. thanks for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom."
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former u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is on a roadtrip right now, in fact, to kick off her 2016 presidential campaign. >> clinton announced her run on social media saying she want to be america's champion. then her small convoy began a 1,600-kilometer roadtrip to iowa. clinton there meeting with potential voters like the folks you see here at a pennsylvania gas station. >> so i'm hitting the road to earn your vote because it's your time, and i hope you'll join me this journey. >> clinton will be passing through ohio, indiana, and illinois before she gets to iowa. iowa is, of course, a state that makes or breaks presidential candidates. >> she's already so well known among people in the u.s. and around the world. a major part of her strategy is to reintroduce herself to voters. our senior washington
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correspondent, joe johns, is in iowa more. >> reporter: we expect hillary clinton to come here to iowa very early in the week. we expect small meeting, not unlike her new york listening tour in the year 2000 when she was running for the senate. we don't expect large events here in iowa, at least at first. she's also expected to go to new hampshire, another early voting state. it's clear that aides for mrs. clinton have been in both of these states. they will be attempting to highlight what they see as her strengths including her humor, wit, and staying away from thenesian this campaign is all about her. her video campaign announcement focuses on the people and their needs, aligning herself with voters. what does she need to do to win in iowa? talking to voter last night, they say it's a time for her to connect with them. to meet face to face with them because as everyone knows, she's considered by many to be an
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international celebrity. she comes with an entourage. the secret service follows her wherever she goes. the challenge for mrs. clinton will be to go small even if that is possible. what are people saying about her? the very first democratic voter i spoke to the ound here said she was incline -- on the ground here said she was inclined to vote for hillary clinton but was troubled by the former secretary of state's private e-mail server issues in the private job. it looks like a lack of transparency, openness. some of the polls suggesting this may have hurt mrs. clinton. though it is still too early to say because polls aren't necessarily relevant in a primary. strategists say she needs to show she can take punches in the political arena and come out swinging effectively. support verse said one of the big things you have to do in politics is learn from mistakes. hillary clinton, though, no someone talking about it, had
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mistakes in 2008. she did not get off to a good start. she was out-organized by barack obama. the question, can she connect with voters this time around? joe johns, cnn, des moines, iowa. now the good news for clinton is that a cnn/orc poll puts her ahead of other potential contenders for the democratic nomination. you see it here. she has some of the strongest support of any non-incumbent presidential candidate in recent memory. the poll which was done last month puts clinton on top. you see there, 62%. u.s. vice president joe biden is a distant second at 15%. not sure if it anything to do with his many gaffes. senator warren of massachusetts in 10th place. she unexists she's not running. >> the worst-kept political
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secret is out. hillary clinton has launched her 2016 presidential bid. what was your reaction to the video aimed at the middle class? so how that going to work forrer? >> you've gotten more information out of today's than you might have expected, the announcement. it gave you a couple of signals. one, she's trying to recede somewhat, make this less about her, more about the voters. that was the clear message of the video. and also the video really reflected the nature of the changing democratic coalition. the demographic, cultural change in the u.s., guy couples, voters of all races. it really was a reflection of the modern democratic coalition that she's hoping will put her in the white house. i think you got an indication of who she wants to run or who she expects to elect if she wins. >> clinton travels to the early voting states of iowa and new hampshire to make her case. she came in third in iowa in 2008 and doesn't appear to be taking anything for granted,
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does she? how is she likely to go in the two states? is it too early to gauge that? >> voters don't like a coronation. there may be room for someone to get in and cause some turbulence. on the other hand, given how weak democrats are in the senate, house, governorships, states legislatures, there's an enormous amount of anxiety among the leadership and establishment about losing the white house in 2016. they are all going to rally behind her firmly. i think in the end it's going to be difficult to mount a serious challenge. i think in iowa and new hampshire you'll see here campaigning. in the end, i think it's going to be hard for another democrat to make it too difficult. ted cruz, jeb bush and others are set to do the same in the days ahead. how's hillary clinton likely to
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go up against the long line of candidates? >> there are two strands of republican candidates. one strand, jeb bush, prominent. marco rubio in his way. who argue the party has to reach beyond its base. they found out of the last presidential election the. as i said, the changing democrat agrees has been a problem. mitt romney won a higher share in 2012 than ronald reagan in 1980 and lost by five million votes. we've got to reach out to the changing america, particularly growing hispanic population. then you have candidates like ted cruz who say the problem is we've got to mobilize our traditional base. we've got to give more of a reason it turn out. and scott walker who somewhat straddles the lines, had he comes out more on the base side, that's a big choice for republicans against hillary clinton. you've got to think as the first white woman presidential nominee ever if she gets it, it will be hard to hold her to less of the white vote than president obama in 2012. he won that, means republicans will have to improve among
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minorities to have a chance of winning. >> quickly, the critics suggest clinton has a lot of challenges ahead of her. her age, the issue of transparency, a relationship with the media. her e-mail scandal, benghazi, which of those issues do you think could prove to be her real achilles heel? and which of those scandals do you think are likely to hurt and haunt her throughout this? >> i think all of the above. all of the above are challenges. they're all part of a bigger challenge. at the end of eight years, a natural tendency in american politics when s to look to the other party. there's an instinct for change. she's been on a public field for a long time. and i think her biggest challenge is some combination of age and a desire for change. she's got to show the american public she understands their lives today and has solutions relevant to the problems they face. on the other hand, let's keep in mind what i said, the demography of the country is changing in a way that benefit democrats. every four years, the electorate grows and has been growing 2% more nonwhite, more minority,
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democrats dominating. unless republicans improve, the demography gives democrats the advantage. it's shifting country versus time for change. those are the big forces, the tailwind and headwind for democrats in twik. >> and close on 300 days to cover this. early yet. a lot of discussions ahead for all of those. ron brownstein, thank you very much, as always. >> thank you for having me. we've got more discussion coming up this hour. we've -- we'll look at some of the attack ads, hillary clinton has faced them since she made her big announcement. take a look. >> path will america take? a path to the past? a road to yesterday? to a place we've been to before? hillary clinton -- >> it all looks ominous, doesn't it? we'll have more on the republican reaction in 30 minutes from now. if you didn't see it and you want to catch the full video of hillary clinton's presidential announcement, it is a unique one. along all of our expert analysis. head over to
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meantime, as you heard, a third republican is about to enter the 2016 u.s. presidential race. florida senator marco rubio set to announce his candidacy later today in miami. senator rubio will have an uphill battle to secure the republican nomination. he is polling at 7% in the latest cnn/orc survey. now to the first golf major of the year. the masters, its champion, jordan spieth, is etching his name into the history books at augusta national. the 21-year-old never let go of the lead during this year's tournament. he finished 18 under par, setting several masters records along the way. the final score ties the course record set by tiger woods back in 1997. earlier, spieth spoke to cnn and says the performance was fueled by her second-place finish last year. >> to swit his jacket on and to be a part of the history,
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augusta national and the masters, something i watched slip away last year. had a chip on my shoulder. carried momentum into this week, and it came together at the right time. >> we'll have more from our interview later this hour. less than two weeks after being forced to withdraw from tikrit, isis claims it controls part of iraq's largest oil refinery, just had 40 kilometers away. >> the militants posted these videos on line claiming it shows the assault on the refinery. isis it says controls several buildings, but iraqi government officials insist they remain in full control of the facility. eight months of captivity with isis has come to an end for about 200 yazidis, the women, children, and elderly people were released last week without explanation. >> now they're describing the terror they had to endure with the militants. arwa damon with one family's
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story. >> reporter: a suffocating fear has chased most of these yazidi refugees into iraqi kurdistan. fear not just for themselves but for their loved ones still captive with isis. those we spoke to asked that we conceal their identities. mahmoud was not home when isis arrived last august. the fighters took his wife, three children, the youngest just a month old at the time, and his parents. "they forced us at gunpoint into big trailer trucks," she recalls. "they wrote everyone's name down and asked who wants to work as a farmer, cleaner, or herder." the family chose to herd goats. they were taken to a village whose residents had fled and put to work. "at the start, there were a lot of tears and fear, but then we got used to it," she says. two men who tried to escape were beaten and dragged to death
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behind a car. the village of their prison. for two months, mahmoud did not know if his family was dead or alive. then he found a cell phone left in the house and called him. she said, "we are alive, but we are prisoners." one day isis fighters appeared and took her in-laws. "we didn't know when where they were taking them," she tells us. "we thought we would be next, so we decided this is it. we survive or we don't." she fled with her children. part of a group of 31, under cover of darkness. walking, they could only hope toward freedom. "when the sun started to come up, i thought, that's it, we are going to get caught. and what am i going to do with the kids," she remembers asking herself. "i can't carry all three of them and run." luckily, she never had to. the couple can't find the words to describe the moment they were
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reunited. the fate of mahmoud's parents remained unknown. two days later, that question was answered. isis released 217 yazidis. many elderly. exactly why, they don't know. isis moved them around for sick terrifying days before setting them free. among them were mahmoud's parents. "we didn't know if they were going to slaughter us or what they were going do with us," his father says. "of course, i was so happy, i couldn't believe that i was in the home of the enemy facing death and then got away," his mother adds. her own parents are still held by isis. she could not escape the haunting memories of all she witnessed and went through. she was saying that the hardest moment for her in all of this was when the isis fighters began taking away the little girls, the young women to be used as
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sex slaves, and they would at times tear these girls away from their mothers, dragging them off by their hair as they were screaming and shouting. she was spared. "i would hide, or i would stay dirty, and i was breast-feeding," she says. that is what ultimately saved her. we're told that isis slavery rules prohibit the use of women who are bred e breast-feeding for sex -- who are breast-feeding for second. the thought of those who are is what torments her the most. turkey is summoning its ambassador to the vatican back to ankara for consultation after pope francis used a word that angered the country. during mass on sunday, the pope said the killing of armenians by ottoman turks a century ago was "genocide." in a tweet, the turkish foreign minister called the pope's comment unacceptable and out of touch with historical fact.
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here's exactly what the pope said -- >> translator: in the past century, our human family has lived through three massive and unprecedented tragedies. the first which is widely considered the first genocide of the 20th century, struck your own armenian people. >> armenian groups and scholars say turks massacred more than one million ethnic armenians in the final years of the ottoman empire. turkey says armenian christians and turkish muslims died fighting each other during world war i and since exists there was no genocide -- and insists there was no genocide. still to come, five feminist in china await word on whether they will face charges. we'll bring you the latest from beijing on the women's detention over their fight for human rights. and australia gets tough with parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. ahead, details on the new
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." five feminists in china could face prison time over a planned protest for women's rights. authorities detained the activists last month right before international women's day. >> prosecutors must decide by today whether or not to charge the women. we have the latest from beijing. >> reporter: the five women's rights activists have been in detention now for 37 days, sparking an international outcry. their lawyers say they could be formally charged today with assembling a droud disturb public order. that could lead to a five-year jail sentence. the women were picked up by police during planning phases of an average campaign they were going do on public transport, complaining about sexual harassment. human rights groups say that
11:22 pm
it's yet another sign of a continued crackdown on human rights and ngo group in china despite the fact this was not a political campaign of any kind. and in fact, the anti-sexual harassment drive lines up with the government's own desire to improve the rights of women in china. seems like the communist party is threatened by any group organized from the ground up. people across the world have voiced outrage over the women's detention including hillary clinton who caused it inexcusable. the chinese government said the country is ruled by law and its sovereignty and independence should be respected. china has a new tool to control access to foreign internet sites. goes way beyond simple currentorship. researchers are call -- censorship. researchers are calling it the great cannon. it doesn't just block banned foreign websites, it can
11:23 pm
actively deny them by dodos attack. with a few tweaks, researchers fear it could be used, key word could, to spy on individual users in and outside of china. here's how it works basically -- a user generates web traffic. the great cannon check the i.p. address to see if it's on the target list like china's search giant. if it is and it matches the system's attack rye kieria, the great -- criteria, the great cannon would send malicious code to the user's browser. the user's browser fires repeat requests at websites to paralyze them. marathon runners from around the world gathered for their latest race in north korea. for just the second time ever, north korea opened its doors to hundreds of international runners from 30 different countries to kpaetd in sundcomp -- it compete in sunday's
11:24 pm
pyongyang marathon. >> reporter: it was one of the most secretive of countries around the world. runners around the globe got the rare chance to run through the streets of north korea's capital. cnn spoke to one man who helped bring hundreds of tourists to run in the 28th annual marathon. >> what i saw today -- i didn't run it myself, i was overseeing several hundred of the many runners. about 20% were from the united states, and then people from britain, from germany, a lot of people from the norther lands, scandinavia, so. on also freedom colombia, one chap from lie beer yampt. >> reporter: just the second time amateur athletes could compete in the race. many snapped pictures posting on social media and inside the stadium where the race started and ended. thousands watched. >> a lot of people do poorly again their personal best because they spend a lot of the run waving to and high fiving
11:25 pm
with role koreans. >> reporter: running alongside north koreans could a rare chance to get to know some of the country's 25 million residents. >> a camaraderie two of sweaty, tired people running together from two completely different nations and having that moment where they are one and the same. >> reporter: from the competition inside the kingdom, jessia king, cnn. confusion and panic at a university in kenya after explosions sent students stampeding through the halls, afraid of another terror attack. we'll bring you details coming up. plus, the attack ads on hillary clinton have been playing even before she announced. up next, how republicans are using the new democratic candidate to raise cash. plus, jordan spieth taking home the green jacket at the masters. ahead, an interview with augusta's new young champ.
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hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. let's update you now on our top stories this hour. hillary clinton is on the road. the former u.s. secretary of state is traveling to iowa right now, in fact, as she kicks off her tw2016 presidential campaig. she tweeted about the people she's met on the way to iowa. clinton announced her candidacy on sunday. less than two weeks after retreating from tikrit, isis launches an attack on an oil
11:30 pm
refinery some 40 kilometer away. the militants claim they control part of the refinery. iraqi government officials deny that, insist insisting they remain in full control of the facility. at least 12 people were killed and 40 injured in egypt on sunday in separate attacks at a police station, a checkpoint, and along a highway. one of those killed was a civilian. the other were military and security personnel. an isis affiliate has claimed responsibility for two of the attacks. anti-government protesters across brazil are calling for their president's impeachment. an estimated 275,000 people packed the streets of sao paolo sunday. brazilians are frustrated by the weak economy and the government's alleged role in a corruption scandal. in kenya, one student died and more than 100 were injured after an electrical explosion triggered fears of a terror attack. students at the university of
11:31 pm
nairobi stampeded to get out of a dormitory sunday morning. some jumped from fifth floor window. >> kenya power says the explosion was caused by overloaded underground cable. the panic came less than two weeks after al shabaab militant gunned down 1 47 people at a garage in garissa, kenya. this is still fresh in everyone's minds. teachers and students say they live in constant fear of another attack by the somali-based group. tuesday marks one year since boko haram militants abducted almost 300 schoolgirls in nigeria. it sparked the worldwide bring back our girls move. >> the truth is, hundreds are still missing to this day. one of the 21 girls who managed to escape tells cnn that she still lives in fear. we have the exclusive interview. >> reporter: by an absolute miracle, some of the girls managed to escape on that horrifying night. even for them, this niemp isn't
11:32 pm
yet over. one -- this nightmare isn't yet over. one has agreed to speak but asked that we don't identify her, give away her name, her family house, anything that could bring about what she fears the most, that the kidnappers could come back for her. >> they ender it this car. >> what kind of cars? is it one or more? >> a beg forry. seven. >> reporter: this is at 10:00 at night? so did that make you feel that they had come to get you, to get the girls? that's when you knew that they'd come to kidnap you. >> we entered this -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: that was really
11:33 pm
brave you. >> yes, we ran into the bush. >> reporter: you ran into the bush? what happened then? >> yes. we -- >> reporter: can you describe the men that came and took you? what did they look like? were they wearing civilian clothing or military uniforms? what were they wearing? >> i don't understand. >> reporter: what was their dress? what were they wearing? did they look like soldiers? >> i feel afraid. >> reporter: you feel afraid? you don't want to talk what they look like. it's okay. i understand. i understand. i'm sorry. >> our report, a hard story to cover and difficult, too, for the people there knowing that
11:34 pm
those girls for most part have not returned. >> she couldn't bring to words what she saw this day because it's too recent and real in her mind. >> very raw. we want to go back now to that big announcement by hillary clinton. believe it or not, even before she declared her candidacy, republicans were in the process of trying to steer voter -- voters away from her. >> this video is one of the first attack ads released by republican senator rand paul, who also happens to be running for president. former florida governor jeb bush also released a video message through his republican political action committee. >> we must do better than the obama/clinton foreign policy that has damaged relationships with our allies and emboldened our enemies. better than their failed big government policies that grow our debt and stand in the way of real economic growth and prosperity. i believe it's conservative ideas that renew america, grow
11:35 pm
our economy, put our fiscal house in order, and make our great country even stronger. i know we can do better. >> and for comedians and political sattists, hillary clinton has -- satirists, hillary clinton has always been a frequent target, widely parodied as too am bishop and too intense. look at how she's portrayed in this recent skit from nbc's "saturday night live." >> okay. hold up your phone, and you can just look natural. okay? >> okay. >> maybe you want to soften a little. okay. a little more. okay -- [ laughter ] >> maybe a lot more. great. [ laughter ] >> great. okay, and action. >> citizens, you will elect me. i will be your leader. >> more of that to come, of course. that was "saturday night live's" kate mckinnon poking fun at hillary clinton. and you can likely expect many more skits like that in the
11:36 pm
coming months. >> thought that was pretty good. >> it was. very clever. the golf world has officially been put on notice after jordan spieth's dominant victory at the masters. he tied tiger woods for the lowest score in the history of the tournament at minus 18. >> the 21-year-old was also just the fifth man to lead the prestigious tournament from start to finish. the victory also came with a pretty good payday of $1.8 million, thank you very much. the largest in masters history. >> after donning the famed green jacket, spieth says he's already thinking about winning at next year's augusta. >> there you go. earlier, cnn spoke with the new masters champion. [ cheers ] >> reporter: many congratulations. it's been an historic week both for yourself and for the masters. i know you've dreamed about this for a long time. how does the reality compare to the dream? >> even better. even better.
11:37 pm
yeah. to swit this jacket on and to be -- it sit with this jacket on and to be part of history with augusta national and the masters was something i watched slip away last year h. a chip on my shoulder. carried moment sboum there week, and it came together right at the right time. >> i know that your family and upbringing is important to you. and that's played a huge role in getting you here today. i wonder if i can pass you three photographs. what emotions do you experience when you see these picture? >> how about the focus on that swing, that's little john daly-like there, isn't it? this is cool from my sister. that's her smile. miss her a lot. wish that she could have been here. but can't wait to get back to her and let her maybe try on the jacket or something. and then this is really cool. haven't seen any photos from today yet. it looks good. looks good. i'm okay wearing green.
11:38 pm
>> reporter: your younger sister ellie has special needs. i wonder how her life and condition has shaped your development as a man and how will he tell her about that today? >> i'll have to bring her back a present from here or something. that's what she'll be expecting. she's the most special part of or family. she's the funniest part of our family. she an incredible sister. my biggest supporter. and somebody who you can watch and then reflect on the big picture of life and understand all these little frustrations in a day or in a round of golf. really are secondary, and we wouldn't have that realization i don't think without her. >> reporter: when you're sitting on the rocking chair on the porch in 50 years' time, how do you think you'll floekt this achievement? >> hopefully they'll be finishing my last masters, and i'll still remember what it was like walking up the 18th hole today. >> reporter: finally, yesterday, phil mickelson said that if he tint win, he ambassador love to see you at the champions dinner
11:39 pm
because you're such a terrific ambassador for the game of golf. at some point, you'll is to think it what menu you'll serve next year. if i have to put you on the spot, what would it be? >> some form of texas barbecue. >> all right. sounds good. congrats to mr. spieth. if australian parents choose ton vaccinate their kids, it will cost them. coming up, the policy change aimed at reversing a trend. with several high-profile u.s. police shootings, there are more calls for officers to wear body cameras. but the costs can be staggering to taxpayers while companies clean up. i've lived my whole life here in fairbanks, alaska. i love the outdoors, spending time with my family. i have a family history of prostate cancer. i had the test done and that was when i got the news. my wife and i looked at treatment options. cancer treatment centers of america kept coming up on the radar. so we flew to phoenix. greg progressed excellently.
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a day after his funeral, residents in the u.s. state of south carolina spent sunday remembering walter scott. he is the man fatally shot in the back by a police officer more than a week ago. that officer is charged with murder. >> city officials, activists,
11:43 pm
and neighbors have attended events for scott throughout the week. the mayor of north charleston where the shooting took place spoke sunday about the tragedy. >> he basically on a 2.7-second time stormed him -- >> scott was laid to rest saturday after a public funeral attended by hundreds. the walter scott shooting is reignite something cause for law enforcement to wear body cameras. >> activists applaud the idea, but there may be no one cheering louder than the companies that make the devices. cnn money correspondent christina alessi explains. >> reporter: we've seen the video. the shag in north charleston was caught on a cell phone. if the witness wasn't there or didn't hit record, the headlines could have been drastically different. those facts have renewed calls for police body cameras. the mayor of north charleston
11:44 pm
says the city is ordering an additional 150 body cameras on top of the 100 the city already ordered. now we've seen this move before following ferguson, rialto, and near new york city. here some numbers -- about 20% of the 1,000 police departments in the u.s. now have or will have the camera. that is a boon for companies that make these high-quality devices. namely taser and digital ally. shares of taser jumped 7% thursday. the stock is up more than 50% over the last 12 months. here's the thing -- investors aren't just looking at current orders for body cameras, but they're seeing the number of controversial shootings on the rise. that's what's stoking the view that police departments are going to have to go down this road. digital ally also got a big boost from the news. its shares rose 10%, up a whopping 170% over the past year. now, this is a very difficult decision for city official to
11:45 pm
make. there are a lot of the considerations such as privacy and cost. most importantly, what will the response from the police unions be. remember, the models require officers to attorney the camera in order to record what's actually happening. as for the price, taser's model goes from $400 to $600 each. digital ally's goes for $800. storage plans are expensive, costing up to $100 per officer per month. now, there are cheaper models, but this may be the case of what you get what you pay for. that's why we're seeing such a big rise in the company's stock prices. some police departments are getting state and federal funding to help with that cost. regardless, it's still taxpayer money. with the social conversation growing louder, some departments are convinced the money is well spent. and the companies that make the camera are ready to supply them. the australian government is
11:46 pm
wading into the controversy over childhood immunizations. prime minister tony abbot want to cut benefits to parents who don't vaccinate their kids. under his plan, families could miss out on thousands of dollars in tax breaks and assistance per child every year. >> yes people if they like object to having their kids vaccinated. but if you don't have your children vaccinated, other than on strictly religious or medical grounds, you won't qualify for the supplement. and you won't qualify for the childcare payment. so this is essentially a no jab, no-pay sfrol this government. >> prime minister abbott there. the number of children not vaccinated against measles and other diseases has risen over the past decade in australia. some parents believe the shots cause autism. it's a theory that has been
11:47 pm
widely discredited. in weather news, heavy rains across japan could cause travel delays in tokyo. meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us to talk about that and more to kick off your travel week. >> yeah. a little bit of a rough go in japan. the storm has had the history to produce a historic rainfall already on early monday in portions of japan. tokyo have already seen rain every day in april but one day. it's been soggy. measurable rainfall at least every day. the next 24 to 48 hours, we're talking heavy rainfall tonight into this evening. tuesday, tremendous rainfall. tips, 13 to 14 celsius, average of 19 in the upper 60s. it does stay below the average trend before conditions dry up. here the pattern -- storm system in place. you have seen historic rainfall. the heaviest of the rain, tokyo, points southward, keep in mind, tokyo metro has the highest
11:48 pm
population in the world when it comes to metropolitan cities. 37 million people. tremendous rainfall causing problems upwards two to four inches. the amount that came down to the south, 312 millimeters. that more than one foot of rainfall so far on monday. the first 2 hours of the day they picked -- 12 hours of the day, they picked in an excess of rainfall. we often talk about filling a sponge with water, putting it against the wall and pushing it in, that will squeeze all the moisture out. this is precisely what the clouds have to deal with with the terrain that rises sharply to high elevations. that squeezes out plenty of moisture. something we're watching when it comes to a major city being impacted by heavy rainfall. across the united states, pick your choice, 72 in detroit. upper 60s in and around chicago. some of the nicest weather all
11:49 pm
year in store at least initially for washington, d.c. look at that guy, look at the lens cap. the lens cap is on the camera snapping photographs and looking at the camera. the full bloom -- i had to call him out. you know, it happens to all of us. looked through it, but he got a picture taken of him as he was trying to take the picture. >> miss nothing. >> thanks. hundreds of kanye west fans turned up for a free show in armenia. police had to shut it down, and we will show you why. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ]
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welcome back. coloring books are all the rage for adult. >> specifically the works of one scottish artist whose two sold-out coloring books are on the top of amazon's best seller's list. but she's not the only coloring book artist in demand.
11:54 pm
claire sebastian checks out why the coloring craze is so popular. >> reporter: connie herbst knows how to pick just the right color. >> the blues are my favorite. >> reporter: this 29-year-old new york beauty blogger reviews lip sticks and nail polish. in her freedomheim -- free timee found a different coloring. >> i can shut my day off and not look at my season if or pesticide. this is my dragonfly. >> reporter: for an old-fashioned hobby, it's right on trend. >> my friends who are lawyers, writers, cpas, nutritionists are interested in. it. >> reporter: the writer of the books could never have imagined such success. >> nobody's more surprised than i am. >> reporter: her two title vs. sold over a million copies worldwide, topping the amazon best seller list. >> i just wanted to make a book that i myself would like in color. i hoped a few other people would
11:55 pm
feel the same. it never crossed my mind that a community on line would pop up. >> reporter: business is blossoming. she's having to print more koids of her first two books -- copies of her first two books and is working on three and four. >> you don't see many stressed 7 or 10-year-olds, play does help you to relax and be more productive. >> reporter: we wanted to fill in the blanks of this theory. we bought one of the books and brought them to midtown manhattan. it's a weekday lunchtime, there should be plenty of stressed office workers in need of relaxation. >> i feel better. i feel more pleasant and positive. >> the coloring book for sdmoolts yeah, no. -- adults? yeah, no. >> reporter: do you want to give it a go? >> no, thanks. >> i think everybody who comes to new york needs a coloring peculiar. >> reporter: a craze that goes beyond one author. several other titles are selling out on line. >> it takes you back to to childhood but on a grown-up level. you feel like you could do it with a glass of wine instead of a glass of milk. >> reporter: cnn, new york.
11:56 pm
>> soothing. is that something you might do? >> they say doodling helps you think. i don't know that that's for me, but it is for those who a creative outlet and have extra spare time. police in armenia pulled the ploug a kanye west concert after he jumped into a lake and was swarmed by fans. the american rap star held a surprise concert in the city early monday. check him out there. hundreds showed up for the free show. >> west sang a few hits before leaping into the water. fans jumped in, too. and that's when the scene started to unravel and security stepped in. amazed he didn't see it coming. okay. whatever. you have been watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. stay with us. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer...
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