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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  April 19, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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all right. thank you. we hope you make good memories today. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. >> thank you for sticking around. >> this has been a blast. >> i am glad you think so. a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president brought us back to yesterday. >> counter point. >> we need to build tomorrow, not yesterday. >> hillary clinton opens with a more casual touch. the next stop, new hampshire. the republicans spent the weekend targeting her and each other. >> there's a few groups in our party that would have troops in six countries right now.
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welcome to "inside politics." i am john king. with us to share reporting and insights. it was a big first week back in politics for hillary clinton. her campaign promised it would look different, and it did. small casual events in iowa, and different, not just an appearance. when she ran for president in 2008, hillary clinton and like barack obama opposed same-sex marriage, and ten months ago she said it should be an issue decided state by state, and now her campaign says her hopes are it's declared a right. and then undocumented workers,
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in 2008, she said she would oppose the undocumented the noncitizens to get a driver's license, and now she supports it. in 2010, hillary clinton. >> we are pressing ahead with negotiations for the trance pacific partnership, a multilateral free trade agreement. >> now her campaign says she is watching this debate closely and believes the proposal can and should be improved. let's go through the first week here. you can say, especially on the issue of same-sex marriage, times and a lot of people changed, but the cynics say she changes on marriage and the immigration proposal of the driver's license, and she is skeptical on trade all of a sudden, and fair? >> that's part of it.
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she is trying to correct some of the missteps of 2008, and she did things far beyond the reversels that you are talking about, she appointed gary begins lure, and she wrote a love letter to elizabeth warren in "time" magazines, and she doesn't want to take chances even though she has a commanding lead that somebody could come in there and be the embodiment of the liberal dreams. >> elizabeth warren never let's us forget the work of taming wall street's irresponsible risk taking is far from finished and she never hesitates to hold powerful people's feet to the fire, and yes, even presidential aspirates. is she too cozy to wall street,
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but she says right there, keep an eye on wall street? >> i think she has to keep an eye on her left link, because she knows there are so many democrats and liberals that want to have a race and knock her down a peg or two, and she has the unfortunate circumstances of having to evolve while she is running again. the president and vice president evolved while they were in office, and she is doing it in real time, and she has to do these things, because there are people in the party that knows she is not in align with these, and she is not making the statements herself, and when she is going to talk about these in roundtables and other things, and that's what martin o'malley is bringing up, and she is saying it's politically convenient and not out of principle. >> listen to martin o'malley,
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and he has started to give us a hint. listen to him saying welcome, but, about secretary clinton. >> i am glad secretary clinton has come around to the right positions on these issues and leadership is about making the right decision, and the best decision, before sometimes it becomes entirely popular. >> it's the last part there. >> it's relatively tame there. >> the last part is -- the leadership is about making the decision before it becomes entirely popular. she is doing the old thumb up for the polls. >> the thing about o'malley, will he go after her by name and he clearly shows this week he intends to do just that. you could have a hard fought race if not an actually competitive race. all the folks have been saying
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to the press, we are going to be a more humble campaign this time around and we are not taking anything for granted and we understand the challenges ahead and we are going to run the primary like we have an actual primary, and we nodded and they put the actions behind the words, and i was struck by her language on the trade deal. remarkable when she was secretary of state she was actively promoting this al, and now, you know, years later she is raising questions about it. her husband, very much a free trader. it's a very, very notable moment. >> nafta was a big thing in the clinton administration, and that was a huge fight and clinton ran against the unions in 1992, and so it's the very interesting test for her, because bill clinton ran against the union, and i am waiting to see what her final decision is now, and she is looking left, and that's a lesson of 2008, and barack obama
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got her on the left, and then the republicans are saying, you know, she is inauthentic and flip-flopping and you can't trust her and she will say whatever it takes to be elected. is there a risk in the long term? >> yeah, there's a risk, and i think martin o'malley is going for when he says she is getting on the bandwagon is some of the issues. she is in a tough spot because on the one hand she has to different repb she kwraeut herself on the idea of the new democrat. she has to keep that coalition together. sometimes i can't figure out do people want her to be more liberal than obama, where is she visa vie him. it's not clear if you have 100 democrats in the room, average democrats, they would know who martin o'malley is, or even think that he was the one that could fill the liberal shoes,
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the kinds of ted kennedy filled and those kinds of folks. >> we will spend time about her policy positions, and optics are a matter of politics, and she is going to be in new hampshire this week, and some of you are getting on flights to new hampshire to watch this playoff, and it was -- i would say, you know, i might get tough on her about a lot of things, but i might get tougher about that later on, but a candidate has a right to layout their campaign however they want to. >> yeah, she can't win in some respect, going big or small. she has to keep things controlled. i think it was a good conversation. she touched a lot of iowans, and had a lot of private meetings. she will do the same in new hampshire, but she will have to put meat on the bones, and in
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may she will probably give her big announcement speech. >> i suspect she will be happier the second week because she actually likes new hampshire. >> and they like her. i think it's important to point out the first 72 hours her team made a huge number of calls and meetings with various parts of the party, and one person in clinton world estimated thousands of people were reached and seems a little extreme. but what was happening in iowa, quazi in the public, was happening behind the scenes, and they are trying to unify the party, and some said i think there is a big difference between a $9 minimum wage and a $15 minimum wage. a lot of people in the party are waiting to see where she ends up on the issues but they are bringing a big out reach. >> up next, a question for the republican party. can it win the white house if
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brings you that "straight from the grove taste"atural from us, the orange juice growers... to you, morin' ma'am. the orange juice lovers. enjoy. florida's natural. welcome back. maybe some leaders in the republican party and the conservative movement forget the last two presidential elections and maybe they don't care, but could their actions now be
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making it easier for hillary clinton to win the white house. president obama wins huge over john mccain. how does he do it? 95% of the african-american vote, and 56% among women. that's 2008. fast-forward four years. the president does it again, not as quit a big victory over mitt romney, but 93% of african-americans, and 55% among women. look at the women among women and african-americans. the lesson pretty obvious, right? to win the white house the republicans need to do better with nonwhite voters, and why the loretta lynch hostage. make her the attorney general, and president obama says i want the full senate vote.
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>> there are times where the dysfunction in the senate just goes too far. this is an example of it. it's gone too far. enough. enough. call loretta lynch in for a vote and get her confirmed and let her do her job, and this is embarrassing. >> this is one i don't get. i understand some of them say she is going to help the president's immigrations policy, and she is going to win and be approved and be the next attorney general, and with no barack obama on the ballot, do african-americans not vote in maybe as big as the numbers, and that could change a state like ohio or virginia and make you more competitive in a state like north carolina, and i could go on. why? this is a direct piece or ad
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from hillary clinton targeting african-americans, and they can say their party will do this. >> in the consrepb shu null wisdom early on because of the demographics, she would sail through and they didn't like eric holder, so they would get somebody new in there. i tend to believe it's not about race, but the perception about many african-americans and many others think it's is about race, and i think it's interesting jeb bush has come out and said it needs to happen. he is mindful that the optics are bad for the republicans, and his brother did well with them, but it's an easy thing they could do, and it goes against one of the things they were trying to do, show they could govern and that they were there other than just to say no to the president. >> the head of the rifle
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association, most of the republican juawannabes ran. >> when he is finished, he tends to go out with a core nation of hillary clinton. i have to tell you, eight years of one demographically symbolic president is enough. >> why? >> yeah. >> why? >> that's not the face that jeb bush wants on their party. >> if you surveyed ten strategist, asked if that is the face you want for your party? they would say, no. it's a white resentment
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politics, and how do you overcome that in a country increasingly diverse while at the same time keeping the folks in your party energized because they have those views, and it's not an easy balancing act, john, but it's -- they are going to have to address it. i was in new hampshire over the weekend and marco rubio got a question from a lady that was upset because her daughter could not get a job teaching in a florida public school because she did not have english as a second language certificate, and she was going on a extended rif about it's unfair you would have to learn somebody else's language and they should learn english, right? the cameras were rolling, and rubio was walking around this issue, and it's going to be a issue for them. >> you can target voters, and things you think where you may not get in the national ad. in new hampshire, where is the republican race right now?
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19 people going, and maybe half of them will run. you have the governors, jeb bush and rick perry saying executive experience, and scott walker was saying i can shop at kohl's, and are we anywhere in the republican place or still filling out? >> mike huckabee, he should not be overlooked. still, all eyes on jeb bush. is new hampshire is a place where can he avoid the curse. everybody is lining up. i think in this early going, that's the metric to look at, whose super pack is the strongest. the voters are in the beginning of testing this out. this is going to be the most fascinating story of the next nine months. >> i heard a lot of people saying, we all laugh, chris
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christie did well. we will have new insights on how hillary clinton plans to manage the obama factor.
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let's head around the politics table. what do you got?
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>> we are talking about hillary clinton and what she means for her ability to hold the obama acushion. one crew is mia harris, and she is the sister of somebody running out in california, and she has done work on commute tea policing and police reforming, and she has a paper that looks at the importance of women of color, and you have to make specific appeals to women of color and not lump them in with the rest of the electorate. this is going to be important for what it means for the policy initiatives for what hillary rolls out. >> very interesting. jeff? >> martin o'malley's youtube videos. he is releasing them one by one to make the point he is leading by principle and not by polls.
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every time hillary clinton adjusted her positions, he has been releasing a youtube video showing a speech he has done something different, and he will be going to south carolina this week and stepping up his campaign aggressively, and he is in the race, and those youtube videos on his channel will be a key part of the race. the liberals love him. >> interesting to watch. lisa? >> i was in iowa this past week for hillary clinton for a couple days, and she was focused on moving all the important caucusgoers, we got a interesting glance into one of the most intriguing relationship in politics, and she walked a fine line when she talked about president obama, and it was not all sunshine and light, and she
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took subtle digs at his leership styl somet e,imes ndshe sounded like a republican and it was fascinating and something we will see more of in months to come. >> there is chatter, rubio/walker or walker/rubio ticket. the thinking is they would ca compliment each other, one from florida and one from wisconsin. they are the same age. and the rubio folks don't like the chatter too much because often times it's walker/rubio rather than the other way around, and interesting, in new hampshire over the weekend, for the first time from an actual activist, not an operative but an activist, i heard somebody throw up the idea of the
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walker/rubio race make it's way. a lot of republicans are surprised mike huckabee seems so serious about running again. as he inches closer to joining the gop field, he says there are two big pluses now. he says he can raise a lot more money than in 2008, and the calendar should be more favorable to a pastor turned politician. and the new nominating calendar, some of the pieces are not yet locked in. but what worries the establishment most is the likelihood of the so-called sec look, alabama, arkansas, georgia, mississippi, tennessee and texas and louisiana would vote, and conservatives mike
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huckabee did well. no clear frontrunner and other likely calendar shifts, florida pushing back and going later, and those southern states could have much more sway and that has the establishment nervous because they are unaware of the unofficial candidates, like mike huckabee and cruz. "state of the union" starts right now. >> the white house blinks and the standoff with congress over iran. and is same-sex marriage the gop'go gop's akeelies heel. this is "state of the union." >> the fight to free an american journalist from iran. republican


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