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tv   Wolf  CNN  April 30, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer, it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington also 1:00 p.m. in baltimore, 7:00 p.m. in paris 8:00 p.m. in baghdad, wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. we begin with breaking news. the police investigation into the death of freddie gray is now in the hands of the prosecutor's office. gray's death in police custody in baltimore at the center of all the unrest that occurred earlier in the week. it'll now be up to the state's attorney marilyn mosby to determine whether charges will be filed against any of the six police officers involved in gray's arrest. baltimore police commissioner anthony batt says the people deserve transparency and truth, he says more than 30 detectives worked to get the report finished. >> this does not mean that the investigation is over. if new evidence is found, we will follow it if new direction
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is given by the state's attorney we will obey and follow through with the investigation. we will also further investigate at the request of the the state attorney to bring forth any other witnesses that we find. i understand the frustration, i understand the sense of urgency, and so has the organization and that is why we have finished it a day ahead of time. >> we did learn major new detail today, the van carrying freddie gray made a previously unknown stop before delivering him to the police precinct. let's get to the athena jones, she's joining us from the corner of mozer and freemont. how did police find out about the previously unknown stop? >> reporter: well, we found out in the police press conference that was held a short while ago that it was discovered. this is a quote, discovered from a privately-owned camera. but there's still a lot of questions about which just camera. i'll explain why. this is the stop. this is a grocery store, it's
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owned by a korean family. the owner does not speak very good english, and so we're going to try to get someone who can talk to him who speaks korean. you can see out here the surveillance cameras outside, it's unclear when those were unplugged or cut. we haven't been able to find that out. we can tell you this this store was looted on monday night by some young people in the area who pulled out the air conditioner and went inside. we're told from a neighbor who has been helping this family make a police report, helping them call 911, she called several times on monday night, the police did not come. she was told by the owner here that the, the kids who looted the store stole his laptop. the store as you can see inside has cameras inside as well and she said that the cameras from the inside of the store are linked to the laptop and that they stole the laptop. what's unclear right now and what we're still trying to understand is how the police may have gotten surveillance footage from this camera. we've asked the owner several times whether he handed over
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footage, and he said that he did not do so. so it's really unclear whether or not perhaps the police may have found that stolen laptop or what went down. we're going to figure that out. let me tell you what's significant here. this is the number four stop we now know it was the second stop made in order. the first stop was to put leg irons on freddie gray. this second stop we don't know what happened here because police are just now learning about this second stop. that third stop was to quote, deal with mr. gray. that of course is under investigation, what exactly that means. and the fourth stop was to pick up another prisoner. so again, this is a previously unknown second stop. this came about, this came to the police's knowledge during the course of their investigation, and so it's a new bit of information which is what people are eager for right now. it doesn't, of course answer the questions of what exactly happened in that van or happened to freddie gray but it's an important new clue. and we're going to find out as
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much as we can from the owner over the course of the next several hours, wolf. >> it opens up the police officer's involved in his arrest to more questions. why didn't they share this information about this previously unknown fourth stop? why did police investigators have to learn about it from some private closed circuit video camera? those are, those are major questions. >> reporter: they certainly are major questions, they are questions we're trying to get answers to. all the people of baltimore and around the country. we've seen the protests and solidarity in support of the freddie gray's family and what happened to him. support of getting justice for him i should say. there's a lot of questions that still need answers. this is new information, but that of course brings new questions, but this is the store. it has been closed and now he is back hoping to get -- to be able to meet with us. and meeting with insurance folks to try to get a restoration, of
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course. we're going to try to find out as much information as we can. very very important. new information about this. a fourth stop that was actually second in order during this long ride that freddie gray took. he was picked up not far from the western district which is where he was supposed to be headed. of course he went to the shock trauma unit where he died a week later. >> another question is what happened in the fourth stop which happened to be the second stop but let's figure it out and we'll get more information, athena get more information, we hope. we're also just receiving a statement now from the state's attorney marilyn mosby in baltimore. she says she has received the report from police and then she says and i'm quoting now, we have been briefed regularly throughout their process while simultaneously conducting our own independent investigation into the death of freddie gray. while we have and will continue to leverage of the information received by the department we are not relying solely on their findings but rather the facts that we have gathered and
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verified. we ask for the public to remain patient and peaceful and to trust the process of the justice system. not that from marilyn mosby. let's get more from the developments and what happens next in the critically important investigation, joining us from baltimore, evan perez, legal analyst, former prosecutor sonny hostin. let's first of all start with this additional stop that police have now revealed the van carrying freddie gray what does that disclosure suggest to you? evan let me start with you, you've been doing a lot of reporting on this. >> that's right, wolf it adds additional questions, what happened during that this additional stop? the other stop? this is something that adds to i think frankly the distrust that there's already out there with this investigation. it's not fair necessarily to the police investigators, they say
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that police department says that they are disclosing this information as soon as they can. in an effort to be transparent, and apparently this information was not, was not provided by the officers and it was not radioed in as it was supposed to be. this was discovered only as they canvassed the neighborhood looking for any cctv surveillance cameras that they could find. and that's how they found them. this is not the way it's supposed to go and we we got a hint from the police chief, the police commissioner just about a week ago during a press conference in which he said there'd been new information found about the ride in the van. and he didn't say at the time what it was, but now we know that this is what he was talking about. >> what does it say to you, tom fuentes? >> well wolf what it says to me as the investigation goes forward, you know pieces of information come up that the
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police don't have on day one or day five or ten that that's why they're out canvassing. probably have a lot of people private businesses with security cameras where the owner, if he doesn't looking out the window may not have a clue what's on his camera. sop later, when the police come knocking and want to the review security cameras, then they see that not only police van stopped in front of the business but that police van. so i don't see anything sinister that they didn't know this right away. these kind of things take time in a major investigation. and they have 50 detectives working on that. >> let me get sonny's take on it sonny. >> well i have to disagree with tom. i think perhaps there is that specter that is somewhat sinister because we know at least five out of six officers including the person that drove the van, did give statements to the police. so the fact now that only through surveillance video the officers the investigators learned about this additional stop, that tells me that perhaps that additional stop was not
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disclosed when the officers were initially interviewed. that is problematic because you want your officers quite frankly, when you're investigating to be very transimportant or it very open and the fact that a stop which is very important was left out somehow of those statements and of those, that timeline. it's troubling. >> let me sunny, go ahead, tom, go ahead. >> i was just going to say that sunny's exactly right that we knew five of the six officers originally suspected gave statements day one. this indicates to me that the sixth driver that didn't talk and worried about self-incrimination and exercised his fifth amendment rights might be the driver. that's the key to this case is the driver not disclosing the extra stop maybe not radioing it in to the dispatcher not telling anybody what happened inside that van when the driver got out and went to the back of it. an extra time that we don't even know about.
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i think that's part of the problem here is that the police department wouldn't know it if that's the key to this thing, that driver and that driver has continued to exercise his fifth amendment rights. >> sunny, the fact that the state's attorney marilyn mosby just issued this statement and it read it to our viewers, they received the preliminary police report from and the police commissioner announced that earlier today, and then she says in her statement some intriguing words. she says while we have and will continue to leverage the information received by the police department we are not relying solely on their findings but rather the facts that we have gathered and verified. those words jumped out to me what do they mean? >> well they didn't jump out to me because that is the normal course of things wolf. certainly when a prosecutor gets a case and gets an investigation from an officer or from an fbi agent, you certainly take that information, but you must conduct your own independent investigation, wolf.
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you've got to look at the evidence that you've been provided you do of course take under consideration any charges that the police department or the fbi has suggested to you, but you must as a prosecutor it is your duty to conduct your own investigation. the other thing i want to mention is i think that and i think we need to be careful but i do believe that the driver of of the van gave a statement. and i believe that that may be part of the story already. >> all right. well there are a lot of unanswered questions, we're going to check all of that. please everyone stand by. just ahead. he's on the front lines of the effort to try to bring some healing to baltimore. he also happened to be married to the state's attorney who's now in charge of the freddie gray case. the city councilman nick mosby, he's standing by live. we'll discuss what's next for baltimore.
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better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. police in baltimore handed over their report in the death of freddie gray. handed it over to the state's attorney and she will decide whether the officers involved in gray's arrest the death, should face any charges. nick mosby is the councilman for district seven and married to the state's attorney marilyn mosby who is now in charge of this case. we'll discuss that in a moment. first councilman mosby, tell us what your reaction was when you heard the police commissioner make the announcement this morning about the new details, the new information that was released the report provided to your wife. >> we were surprised. many of my colleagues we haven't really known much about what was going on from a baltimore city police department perspective. so a lot of us was surprised and thought most of us expected to see the release tomorrow.
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but i guess the police were able to pull it together a day in advance. >> were you satisfied with the information, the new information that was released or disappointed? you wanted more? >> yeah i think really not much information was released. one additional stop. i think they really should have focussed on, you know ultimately why was he a suspect, why was he chased why was he detained and ultimately arrested. i think folks want to really hear them go into the detail around that because that's really the meat of the case. i mean from the family and the community and the friends's perspective, they were really upset that it took place, and then of course you know having their friend seemingly healthy, 25-year-old lay up in a hospital bed and then ultimately die. that's what they were concerned about. i think that's the stuff that the police department needs to really start talking about. >> and so do you have an explanation why they didn't release that information? >> wolf no not at all. again, i was surprised that it
10:17 am
was released today. it was news to me and news to all of my colleagues as well. >> were you surprised about this fourth stop previously unknown that only the detectives who were investigating what happened learned about it because of a privately owned closed circuit video camera not necessarily from any of the testimony, any of the statements we know five of the arresting six police officers did provide statements. >> definitely surprised. and it raises a lot of questions. you know i think as more information comes available, you know how was that accident tally left out? where did they -- how did they find out about it? that's the information that folks to want know. and it'll be interesting to see how the investigation continues. >> all eyes now on your wife the state's attorney marilyn mosby. she has to decide whether to press charges, obviously could take some time in her statement that she just released she said we're not relying solely on the police findings but rather the facts that we have gathered and verified. then she asked the public to
10:18 am
remain patient and peaceful and to trust the process of the justice system. what does the public need to know about your wife? >> um she's my wife she's a strong woman. you know she was built for this. i was at a church service the other day and they were talking about being at the right place with the right person at the right time. and i know her heart has always been convicted to ensure that justice would be served fairly and equally across the board, and this is what she ran on. you know at the end of the day, as a citizen, not just as a councilman i'm really i know that they're going to do a thorough job and get to the bottom of it. >> i assume she's working hard. she's got a good team helping her, right? >> oh she has an amazing team. and i know she's working hard because i never see her. if you see her, tell her i love her. >> she's working really really hard. we'll pass along the message you love her and she loves you as well. quick question how's the
10:19 am
community likely to react to the police report being handed over to the state's attorney today and the fact that as you point out yourself not a whole lot of new information was revealed. >> we're working on a communication plan. i think we have to get in front of this thing, we have to try to get to as many folks as possible. really explaining the situation, explaining the process, unfortunately, when the arbitrary timeline was developed by the baltimore police department and put out there, i think folks had certain expectations. we need to make sure we try to level set those expectations by communicating to residents, constituents neighborhood groups anybody that wants to talk to us. we're going to put out communication regarding the fact that it's not a report that the contents of their investigation was handed over to the state's attorney's office. and that they're evaluating it now. >> well good luck. i know this is your district, this is your community. a lot going on. i will stay in close touch with you, councilman nick mosby,
10:20 am
appreciate it very much. >> thanks for having me on wolf. >> and tell your wife we're all counting on her as well thank you. we're going to have much more coverage of baltimore's state of emergency, that's coming up including a conversation with the city' first african american mayor, he's standing by live. up next the vermont senator, bernie sanders, he has decided to run for president of the united states. the to challenge hillary clinton for the democratic rom nation. bernie sanders standing by, we'll talk about the campaign the country, what he thinks about baltimore and around the country. bernie sanders coming up. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac.
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see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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we'll get back to the state of emergency in baltimore soon but i want to move to politics right now. the announcement by the vermont senator bernie sanders, that he's now officially a candidate for president of the united states. here's where he stands by the way in our latest cnn poll. this poll was taken right after hillary clinton declared that she was a candidate for president. clinton, 69%, vice president biden says at least not yet, that he's running at 11%. senator sanders, he's third with 5%. senator sanders is with us right now. senator, thanks very much for joining us. important day for you, we've been speaking about this for weeks, and telling us you were thinking of doing it now you've decided to do it. i want to talk about the politics in a moment but i want to get your thoughts on baltimore first. we've been watching this very closely. if you were president of the united states what would you do about this? it's a crisis not just in baltimore, but other
10:25 am
communities. >> it's primarily a local and state issue, but the president has the bully pulpit and the president has the eyes of the nation. look the issue here is -- i was a mayor for eight years. being a cop is a very very difficult job. but the word has got to get out that when police act inappropriately, and of course in this case there has to be a thorough investigation, but for too many years, too many mostly black suspects have been treated terribly and in some cases, murdered. that is unacceptable. and police officers have got to be held accountable for their actions. second of all, in the neighborhood where this gentleman lives, as i understand it the unemployment rate is over 50%. over 50%. what we have got to do as a nation is understand that we have to create millions of jobs to put people back to work to make sure that kids are in schools and not in jails. so short term we have to make sure that police officers have cameras, we have to make sure that we have real police reform
10:26 am
so that suspects are treated with respect rermlong-term, young people are working and school and not hanging out on street corners. >> as president, how do you fix those problems? we've been hearing about them for decades. >> i've introduced legislation which would create a million jobs from young people in this country and some of the hardest pressed areas of america. real unemployment is a serious problem in this country. got to put people back to work. i think the federal government has got to work with state and local governments to make sure we move forwards -- i called in burlington vermont, called community policing. where police are per received as part of the community, the good guys rather than as people who are from the outside coming in. >> let's talk about the race for the white house. why do you think you're more qualified than hillary clinton to get the democratic nomination? >> i've known hillary clinton for some 25 years, i like her, i respect her. what i believe is that this
10:27 am
country today faces more serious problems that any time since the great depression and at the top of the list is the disappearing middle class. for 40 years, the middle class has been disappeared, and we have seen a mass ef transfer of wealth trillions of dollars from working families to the top one tenth of 1%. that is the issue. then on top of n's united and a political system that they're buying elections. i have been a vigorous opponent of that trend. my history, my beliefs are standing with working families -- >> hillary clinton doesn't? >> well i tell you what i see, you mobilize people and say enough is enough. the billionaires can't have it all. all right. i believe we should break up the wall street banks. i think if they're too big to fail they're too big to exist. >> so what's the difference on policy forget about politics on policy between you and hillary clinton. >> well there are some clear examples. i voted against the war in iraq. not only voted against it i believed and i spoke out, i led the effort against that war
10:28 am
because i had the feeling that what did happen would happen. >> does her vote disqualify her? >> no doesn't disqualify her. look we will have that debate over issues. i believe as i said a moment ago that you should take on wall street. they have too much power right now. >> is she ready? >> you'll have to ask her. wolf i'm not going to speak that. >> voted against it she voted for the war. what else is a difference? >> climate change is the major environmental crisis facing this planet. i voted against the keystone pipeline i don't think you should transport across america some of the dirtiest fuel in the world. i don't know that she has spoken out on that in terms of trade. right now, i'm helping to lead the opposition against the tpp, i voted against all of these disastrous trade agreements which have led to the shutdown of factories in america and jobs moving to china and other countries. >> as secretary of state, we haven't heard from her lately -- >> your job is to ask her.
10:29 am
so those are some of the areas, but mostly the american people will have to make a decision. i believe that we have an economic and political crisis in this country, i think the billionaire class is getting virtually all of the games, i think they have too much political power, i think the people in this country have come together stand up to them. >> what about campaign fund raising? there's no way you're going to compete with her when it comes to collecting money. >> i agree. >> she's going to have a huge huge advantage. how do you deal with that? >> let me take a step back. you're asking a profound question. the real question is can any candidate in this country who represents working families, who is not a billionaire, who is not beholdened to big money, can that candidate win an election? it's not just bernie sanders, i don't know the answer. >> two weeks ago, you said you were thinking of running. the big question is can you raise enough money to be competitive? >> that's right. >> can you raise enough money to compete with hillary clinton? >> well we are just sending out a social media message on, from what i'm understanding, we're raising
10:30 am
hundreds of thousands of dollars today. clearly we're not having the billions of dollars that opponents will have. i do believe and would not have entered this race if a, i didn't think we could not win and could not raise enough money to run a strong campaign. >> is there a billionaire that wants to give you a ton of money, is that okay? >> i doubt that there is no. >> let's say there is. really feels that you're best for the country -- >> i am not supportive of a superpack. >> you wouldn't accept that kind of support? >> no. no. >> really? >> well i don't know maybe if it was you, wolf. >> i don't have that kind of money. >> frankly, it is vulgar to me that we are having a war of billionaires. sheldon is versing the koch brothers. people did not die where it's a war between billionaires. ly get the vast mashlt of money from small, individual contributions, that's how i've always done it that's how i'll do it. >> you're running as an
10:31 am
democrat not as and independent. >> congress i will be active in the democratic primary process. >> looking forward to debateing not only hillary clinton, but the other democrats. >> i am excited about getting around the country, excited about the debate. i've never run a negative ad. i detest the ugly 30 second ads. i hope we can have a strong issued campaign and i hope the media allows us that opportunity. not to get into political gossip but debate the enormous issues facing working families. >> look forward to hearing the debates, and good luck. >> the independent senator from vermont who is running for the democratic presidential nomination. is that right? >> yes. >> thank you for joining us. we'll get back to the breaking news in baltimore. police just revealed that the van transporting freddie gray after his arrest made it previously unknown stop. look at this. you're look at live pictures of that intersection right now. much more on that coming up plus i'll speak live with the city's first african american mayor and get his take on the city's cycle of poverty.
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this is cnn breaking news. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. now the breaking news this hour the investigation into the death of freddie gray in a surprise move baltimore police handed over their files to the prosecutors a day earlier than scheduled. . state's attorney said that i'm
10:36 am
reading right now, we'll continue to leverage the information received by the department. we are not relying solely on their findings but rather the facts that we have gathered and verified. meanwhile, during a news conference earlier today, police revealed the van carrying the freddie, carrying freddie gray after his arrest actually made an undisclosed stop. >> the second stop has been revealed to us during the course of our investigation and was previously unknown to us. we discovered this new stop based on our thorough and comprehensive and ongoing review of all cctv cameras and privately owned cameras, and in fact this new stop has been was discovered from a privately owned camera. >> police reiterated the task force assigned to gray's death will continue investigating. meanwhile, the events in baltimore shed new light on the plight of immoverished neighborhoods, not only in
10:37 am
baltimore, but around the country. some are calling in baltimore a tale of two cities. joining us now is a man who calls his hometown just that two cities. he became baltimore's first african american mayor, he was elected back in 1987 he's now the president of the university of baltimore. he's joining us via skype. mayor, thanks very much for joining us. and not only were you mayor of baltimore, you were state's attorney as well. so give us your reaction to the information we heard from the police today. they just learned not from police but from a private closed circuit camera that there was a fourth undisclosed stop. what's your reaction to that? >> well you know i think that the community actually is going to be very pleased that the report is not, has not been released publicly but is going to the state's attorney because this investigation is ongoing, and i know that she, the state's attorney would not want any information released that might
10:38 am
compromise her ability to prosecute if she decides to prosecute. so there are a lot of information still coming out. you have six people police officers who know what went on and apparently another person who was in the police transport. so you've got to get all of that information together before a decision can be made on prosecution. and the other thing that the community really has to understand is that all these statements that have been given to the police are statements not given under oath as opposed to what the state's attorney can do which is to bring them into the grand jury put people under oath and there you're subjected to a sentence of ten years if you lie to the grand jury whereas a false statement to the police you get six months. >> well that raises the question if she suspects there were some wrong doing on the part of those police officers does she take that information to her grand jury or does she
10:39 am
simply go ahead and file charges? >> no she's going to have to take a little bit more time because you just don't know exactly what level of copability that there was. for example, and this is just hypothetical, suppose one person was just doing the driving whereas another person was giving orders and that person giving the orders far more copable than somebody who's just doing the driving. so she's going to find out more information before she can make a final decision. and of course you remember that the, the standard for criminal prosecution is different than the standard for filing a lawsuit for negligence. so she's got to get evidence beyond the reasonable doubt before she makes that final decision. >> and because she said in her statement, yeah appreciates the information that police have provided but she's not simply relying on that information.
10:40 am
what other tools does she have to get more information? >> correct. well she has her own investigating staff, that's one, but the most important tool she has shh a grand jury where you can put people witnesses under oath and, you know, have them tell their stories. you know we already have seen this situation where, i believe it was the washington post reported that a person riding in the van gave one story about freddie gray banging around and then to the police he gave another story that said the ride was quiet. and that nothing occurred. well that, that's the type of person you would want. put into the grand jury and let them know you're under oath now, and whatever you say, you better give us the truth or else you're subjected to prosecution solely for lying to a grand jury. >> one final question and before i let you go if you go to a
10:41 am
grand jury this could go on for weeks, right? you have a great city of baltimore, tale of two cities but baltimore, we all love baltimore, are the people going to be patient during weeks of testimony that could go forward before a grand jury? >> well yeah you know i actually think that the level of patience will actually increase. primarily because the state's attorney marilyn mosby, was just recently elected. it was somewhat of a surprise upset election but she already has the credibility now coming out to the community, talking about giving thorough investigations of these types of matters. so i think that she has a level of credibility with the community that will allow for that patience. i can't say how long but i do think that people will give her a little bit more time to do it right rather than to do it fast. >> yep. all right. let's hope for that. former mayor of baltimore, he's
10:42 am
now the president of the university of baltimore. we'll stay in close touch if that's okay. >> great, thanks. still to come various cities experiencing similar scenes of protests and violence but the lessons don't seem to carry over. ahead, a look at how the city of ferguson missouri has faired over the last few months. ere below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay! (music) boys?
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unfortunately the scenes of rioting and looting in baltimore this week look all too familiar in august of last year. the town of ferguson missouri erupted following the shooting death of michael brown. an 18-year-old black teenager by a white police officer. protests both peaceful and violent along with vandalism and looting continued for a week. ferguson obviously though a much smaller city than baltimore. then in november rioting broke out again when a grand jury decided not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson in
10:46 am
the shooting. our cnn correspondent sarah sidner has a look at how businesses in ferg von fairing now almost -- ferguson are fairing now almost six months after the rioting. >> reporter: frustrating. forced to finish the job looters started when they bashed in half of his store's front door. this is ferguson trying to rebuild. for him, the setbacks keep coming. >> this is the fourth time in a year and a half. that i have a break-in. this is the mildest one yet. >> reporter: mildest one? >> mildest one yet. the last one that was in november the end of november whole store, the whole front was busted. all of the shelves were destroyed. >> reporter: this is what he's referring to november 24th when west flor sent the street he's on looked like this. it was the day a grand jury decided not to indict darren wilson in the killing of unarmed teenager michael brown after the two got into a scuffle.
10:47 am
despite the hardships though he's determined to stay right in the heart of the protest zone. this is why. guys like steve smith. >> i'm just trying to help him get back and build a board back. just so he can sleep tonight. so we both can sleep tonight. >> reporter: they formed a friendship in ferguson years ago, it began with him offering a couple day's of work at his bill payment store. now, on nights like this smith jumps to help. catching a ride in the middle of the night to make sure he and his business are secure. both are well aware of the frustration continuing to simmer and sometimes boil over in ferguson. >> the police i would say the black community, they don't get along at all. it's no secret you know what i'm saying but it don't give them the right to do all this. i understand i understand the movement i understand why they're out here but to just destroy buildings and to get the
10:48 am
point across that's too far, you know what i'm saying? it's too far. >> reporter: though some boards remain there are several businesses that are rebuilding after november's mayhem. many are going to online sites like gofundme to help out, so far, more than $500,000 has been collected. for others the signs of rebuilding are absent. unable to sustain the financial beating after their shops experienced a physical one. he is hoping his message to the community he loves doesn't fall on deaf ears. >> yes, things need to be changed, we have issues of course, but you know destroying my windows won't change your life. you're not going to have a better life tomorrow because my windows are broken. >> reporter: and now we're one block from the police department where there was lots of tear gas, broken windows here at kathy's kitchen. some of the businesses are rebuilding. they're open this one, not fairing so well. this one has closed since november. and then there's still a bit of
10:49 am
a reminisce left of what happened in november here you can see boards that are up. i can tell you this wolf there is rebuilding here. the same folks opened a brand new business just down the street. and so far, it's doing well wolf. >> all right, wish them only the best. let's hope all of them can recover. sarah, thanks for the excellent report. coming up is history repeating itself? the unrest in baltimore bringing back memories of a terrible riots in l.a. 23 years ago. how far have we all really come? that story when we come back. many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with the fastest retinol formula available, it works on fine lines and even deep wrinkles. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. stop hoping for results, and start seeing them. rapid wrinkle repair...
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23 years ago the streets of los angeles looked a lot like baltimore does this week only worse. rioting, looting, arson, all set off by the acquittal of four police officers in the beating of rodney king. cnn's stephanie elam looks back. >> reporter: ferguson missouri. and now baltimore. cities thrown off kilter by riots in recent months after the deaths of young black men at the hands of police officers. the violence of boiling over anger and mistrust. america has been here before. >> poverty, lack of education, under education, unemployment large return of people out of the state prison system. these are the same issues that
10:54 am
were relevant in the riot in los angeles. >> reporter: this is florence and normandy. on april 29th 1992 here in south-central los angeles, this was the epicenter of the l.a. riot. it was all in response to the acquittal of four white los angeles police officers in the beating of rodney king a beating that everyone saw since it was videotaped. >> there was a sincere expectation, one of the rare times when you're dealing with police and blacks in these kind of situations maybe justice would be done. >> i don't believe it. what is this city coming to? >> it was like a collective jolt collective shock. >> reporter: it was here at this intersection that reginald denny, a white truck driver was pulled from the cab of his truck and beaten during the riots.
10:55 am
more than 50 people died. when you look at what's happening in baltimore, how different is it from what we saw happen here? l.a. 23 years ago? >> you still have the same kind of sense on the part of many people in the community, whether it's l.a. or baltimore. we're not going to get justice. >> reporter: so the need to establish trust is ongoing. >> if in fact an officer is accused of and is proven that this officer used or overused excessive force, they're going to be punished. >> reporter: and in l.a., lest lessons have been learned. >> you have to stop criminal behavior before it takes over the city. >> reporter: and changes made by law enforcement, changes that hutchinson argues may benefit other cities like baltimore and ferguson. >> you have the command structure in the lapd now that certainly is very aware of the importance of community relationships. it's a much broader and much more diverse police department than it was 23 years ago.
10:56 am
>> reporter: stephanie elam cnn, los angeles. >> and when the mayor of baltimore called out the national guard this week it was the first time troops have been deployed because of civil unrest in the state since the 1968 a assassination of dr. martin luther king jr. many describe the riots in 1968 as inevitable. president johnson saying quote, what did you expect i don't know why you were so surprised. when you put your foot on a man's neck and hold him down for 300 years and then you let him up what's he going to do? he's going to knock your block off. lbj, back then. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll see you 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." the news on cnn continues right after a quick break.
10:57 am
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all right. here we go. we're live once again here in the city of baltimore. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. i'm brooke baldwin. this is a city hoping to witness a third night of relative calm coming on the heels of a major development today in the case of 25-year-old freddie gray. here's what we've just learned this afternoon. the findings of that police investigation have now officially been turned over to the city prosecutor.