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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 30, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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11:00 p.m. on the nose here in baltimore, maryland our breaking news. this city is under a mandatory curfew until 5:00 a.m. it is the third night in a row. it is illegal for people to be out on the streets. so far, it appears to be working. the uneasy peace is holding. and with anger and tensions rising, what will happen this
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weekend? that's the big question. can they stay calm? now i want to get to the streets of baltimore and to cnn's ryan young. when last we saw you, you were telling us about a body in the back of a semi and now police are investigating? >> reporter: don, some strange circumstances here. this semi which is right down the street from that cvs that everybody's been protesting near. and it's outside the baltimore department of social serves siceservices. police have cleared the scene. we tried to walk up and see what was going on. they did confirm it was a death investigation. they didn't say what he died from but we saw investigators looking at the passenger seat of this semi that's a block from
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where protesters were standing just a moment ago. and that's the cvs right there on your left-hand side. so when we walk up the street police had this entire area cordened off and they had tape and they pulled that body out, put it on a gurney and the homicide investigator asked us not to show you the video, but we wouldn't show you a video of a body anyway. that's all we know for right now. >> it is a strange situation. i want to get to cnn's brian todd who's also on the streets of bottle more. what do you have for us? >> reporter: what a marked difference this intersection is showing us from just 30 minutes ago. we're at the corner of
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pennsylvania and north avenue and traffic is flowing, the intersection is open and it appears that the police are getting ready to leave, most of them. this happened last night at about the same time, actually a little earlier and they were showing a strong presence and then as quickly, pulled back and they are trying to get this intersection back to normal to be ready for morning rush hour. and only about 30 minutes ago it was quite the opposite and it was a stand off between the police and some of the locales as they tried to get some of the local residents off the street and then trying to get some of the media off the street. they were getting agitated with our presence as well and we were involved with a little push and pull when someone would not move out of the intersection but now
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very very calm. and as ryan reported there's a death investigation right up the street. that's the extent of the trouble here at the moment don. and you can see police vehicles leaving the scene and pulling back down north avenue. once they decide to get out of here don, they do it fairly quickly. we expect them to deploy out of this intersection fairly soon. >> good news that it is holding there and open to traffic. and live for us as protests in philadelphia tonight. there have been large numbers of people out there. poppy take us there. >> reporter: hey, don, well it all started at around 4:30 p.m. this is what it has become after 4 or five hours of marching.
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you still got maybe 100 or 200 protesters out here. what i take away from tonight se how overall this has been a largely peaceful protest. the chief police said it was going to be very large, loud and lawful and for the most part it was. it did get very confrontation earlier tonight when hundreds of protesters tried to get on to the intersection of i 95 and they blocked them with police on horses and bikes. and that could have escalated and become how it was for the rest of the night but that isn't what happened and the protesters continues to walk in the streets of downtown philadelphia. one thing that stood out was about two hours aghoe theo when they
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stopped in front of the federal prison in baltimore and you saw inmates banging on the windows and flashing their cell lights on and off and i asked one young man named ryan why they were there and what that meant and he said that's because many of these people are incarcerated for nonviolent crimes and that the system needs to champgnge. a young mother told us this is about freddy gray and wanting answers and economic dispart and lack of opportunity. you have seen black men and women white men and women, asian men and women but this was a message was united we stand, united we fall. >> and we see people still out
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there milling about. and we have the former baltimore police commissioner and the president of the national organization of black law enforcement executives. ivan bates is a baltimore attorney and sunny is a former federal prosecutor. in a city this big, sadly, it's not unusual to have to investigate deesh-- to have a death investigation going on. >> especially in baltimore, unfochun unfortunately. >> unfortunately we have that was the 8th or 9th murder we've had since mr. gray was killed and so that's kind of unfortunately what's happening in baltimore and it's an issue that we as a community need to focus on and doctor's. >> let's get back to this story. what do you make of the leaks of
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the investigation? would you have allowed leaks in your department when you were running it? >> we never allow leaks but they do leak. and every time there's a leak it's intentional. and if it's the department it's probably not and it's individuals. it's extremely harmful and it just fuels the fire and raises more questions, doesn't angsswer anything and you get pieces to a puzzle without a solution and more speculation and community unrest and then there's a vacuum out there that will be filled by someone in the street and then of course you get more tension between the community and the police. not a good thing. >> when there's a leak there's always an agenda behind it. so can that information be
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trusted? >> i don't trust it because there's so much misinformation in this case and i mean real misinformation. the washington post came without the information about freddy gray hurting himself and then of course the washington post is an esteemed newspaper and probably the most trusted reporter in baltimore said no the information to the contrary, he said it was a very quiet ride. so, two sources i trust very much from my news contradicting each other. so i dwhegzquestion the verasty of it. >> there is a gentleman that says he was in the back of the van. because sometimes there's no paperwork or they don't want to tell you about it. what goes on with the police department in these types of situations? >> they will arrest the
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individual and supposed to take them to central booking and that's the place where they house individuals and once they're arrested they're in the custody and then they're placed in the computer maybe they're sitting there for a while, a shift change and some people may even get a walk through and not get charged. and maybe the computer work hasn't been updated. >> so it's basically not that organized organized. >> and ivan has been on both sides of the aisle. i think it's really difficult in terms of figuring out what happened especially when you have these leaks that we're getting but i also think and it's something that we've talked about, don, i remain uncomfortable with police officers investigating their own. >> you read my mind.
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>> i remain uncomfortable with that. i remain uncomfortable that prosecutors investigating those officers that they work day in and day out. when i was a prosecutor i was loathed to investigate the officers or agents because you become so close, you trust each other and it's a difficult task. when you have cases like freddy gray and cases we've seen all around the country, there really needs to be a different system and perhaps it needs to be always an independent investigator. >> and speaking of that preliminary report, it came out a day early, so they their act together in terms of this report. do you think this helped defuse some of the tension that was brewing maybe as it relates to tomorrow? >> i think what's important, talking about the independent investigation, don, is that one
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thing that 21st century task force clearly states is that we should move toward doing independent investigations. all the reasons that sunny just stated and in addition to that as well if we're trying to build relationships and trust with our communities, it's often seen that it's much better to do when you have outside, independent investigators looking into fatalities that may have occurred as result of one of your officers. and the flip side of that is that for years the police departments have done their own homicide investigations as it relates to fatalities and they have dawn great job have done a good job. and we need to move this to independent outside sources because one thing that's not
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going to change is the forensics evidence, the forensic statements have always been the same and that's not going to change regardless of who does the investigation but i support those outside independent investigations. >> i think aervbedeverybody on the panel does. and you saw it live during our coverage. it was a protester, nabbed by officers in riot gear and pushed into a humvee. tonight he tells me what happened to him. that's next. namaste. stay. taking care of our teeth is one of them. when i brush my teeth, he gets a milk-bone brushing chew. just another way to keep ourselves healthy. i'll go change. while others go in circles... and repeat themselves... we choose to carve our own path, in the pursuit of exhilaration. the 306 horsepower lexus gs.
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our breaking news tonight. we're talking about the mandatory curfew. it's city wide in baltimore. so far it's keeping the city calm but one of the most dramatic moments of our coverage so far was this. a protester later identified as joseph kent nabbed by officers and pushed into a humvee and i talked to him and he told me what it was like. tell us what happened in that moment? >> what happened was i was walking peacefully and they said it was a tactic to wing me to them and bubble me in. so, i was confused because i thought they already knew who i was but it was a whole other
8:18 pm
line up. and they used the humvee to block me in from a angle and it was like a bubble formation. i couldn't go backwards and as they approached me they had their shields, which cut me a little bit and they blocked me in. >> let me see. >> as the humvee was moving really slow they was moving me with it and they sat me in that seat that's right there by the door and drove me to the paddy wagon and transported me to central booking. >> we thought they put you in the crowd but they put you right into the humvee. sgl they came altogether. i'm in the center and as the car was moving, i was walking with them but then i -- it's like i got sucked in like a vacuum
8:19 pm
cleaner. it is like the humvee was a vacuum cleaner and i was going in the humvee. >> what were you thinking? >> what did i do wrong? i thought they knew who i was. we had an agreemntsent that if i keep all these protesters peaceful and leave by curfew that i would be safe and protected on my end and i kept my word and they didn't. that's why i was so confused as to why they were grabbing me. >> why were you out there? >> i wanted to stand up for what was right. >> what do you wanted them to know about you? >> that it wasn't my fault and i'll be here until we get answers about police brutality and not in baltimore, but all over the world. and we're going to be positive and stand together as one, i encourage everybody to come out
8:20 pm
here. >> thank you. 21-year-old young man, ed north is back with us. and they're all with us. so, ed he said that humvee sucked him up like a vacuum cleaner. do you train your department to do that or is that national guard? who's in charge here? >> i don't know who did that but certainly our s.w.a.t. team would be able to do and that's the way it's supposed to go and they did an amazing job and it's very funny the way he described it though. >> on the air that night, because people think we're watching at home and we have these tiny monitors out here and i was like did somebody just get hit because we're watching on these small monitors and i
8:21 pm
said that looked like a smooth move and he said the same thing to me was it was pretty smooth he wasn't happy about it and his friend said he probably should have had his but at home but he's a very nice young man. >> and i think there are people trying to be provocative and civilly disobedient but i still think the police orc straighting an arrest with somewhat of restraint and it did seem to be a flawless execution of that. >> like we said, a pretty smooth move. move. do you have concerns about the state's attorney? >> i do. one of the problems i have is this is a homicide investigation ms. mowsly's never covered a
8:22 pm
homicide or -- >> but she's an insurance attorney, right? >> she was for many years. who are you serving? yes, you're serving the public but i believe she has a couple of conflicts here. one of those is her husband, this is his district. >> do you think that's a conflict? >> there is. say she doesn't indict who are the citizens going to take it out on. >> did she win people over? did he have help -- >> one of her biggest supporters happens to be mr. gray's family attorney, mr. murphy. so when you sit down and look at that conflict and when you look at the issues twl, ss there, as well as the police officers them
8:23 pm
schbl themselves, because she work frszs for the police officers. >> i want to read part of her statement. it says "while we have and will continue to leverage the information received by the department, we are not relying solely on their findings but rather the facts that we have gathered." what do you make of that statement? >> well it's hard to make anything of it. it's somewhat vague quite frankly and maybe it needs to be in a little further context. but let me say this in regards to the state's attorney right there. i certainly understand the concerns that everyone has about her but when you're asking and so often we hear that people indigenous to the community she serves, she's indigenous to the community in which she serves and even though there may be
8:24 pm
some concerns about it at the end of the day we have to respect that she was electseded by the people in the community. so it's are important to look at how the case evolves but in all fairness, she is indigenous and grew up in that community for the 35 years of her life and this is just -- that's just the reality of it but i'm hopeful and i'm also very confident that she's going to do a good job and the very best job i think that we could expect under the circumstances. >> okay. we have much more to come in the city of baltimore under a mandatory curfew for the third night in a row. and coming up the powerful
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our breaking news baltimore under a city wide state of emergency and under a curfew for the third night in a row. they're trying to keep the peace here. three powerful african american women are doing it. >> reporter: this may be the popular image of a powerful woman in baltimore, but the real fight for peace, justice and civil rights is being waged by these women. >> if while the nation is watching, three women can't get it who is going to get it? >> that's right, they're all black women. >> i love this city and i know we can be better than what we have seen. >> reporter: stephanie rawlings blake is the state's may.
8:30 pm
and a baltimore native she was first elected to the satecity counsel when she was just -- she's married and has a daughter. >> i come from a long line of police officers. >> and mosby is the newly elected state's attorney. she earn adlaw degree at boston college and then joined the baltimore city state's attorney's office before becoming a prosecutor. she and her husband have two children. >> i didn't have really any race issue in my career. i would have to say it's been more about being a woman. >> she's in charge of the state's military department, including the national guard. she is the first black person and woman to hold the post.
8:31 pm
and also a member of the governor's cabinet. >> i hope that we rermntmember that trying to change culture and lab habit does not happen overnight. >> reporter: she earned two master's degrees and a bronze star. watching closely, the first black female attorney general of the united states who took office on monday the day the protests intensified. all powerful black women, whose legacy may forever be tied to this moment in baltimore's history. >> all right. joining me now is new york time's best selling author and sunny is back with us tonight. sunny, she laid it out. very powerful african american women going all the way from the
8:32 pm
attorney general of the united states to the mayor. >> and i'm so proud of that. it's an incredible moment of history when you see that kind of leadership coming from so many women. what's fascinating to me in terms of some of the criticism towards the mayor, i do wonder if that level of criticism would be levered against a male. >> i think it would but she is a friend of yours. >> she is and i've tried to be very transparent of that and we've been friend over 20 years. but i do find that some of the criticisms, they talk about the mayor's clothing and makeup would they do that if she were a man, so i find that fascinating. >> even some of the male politicians are coming up to me saying, you were a bit tough on
8:33 pm
her and i said i asked the same questions of the governor. and she's a big girl she can take care of herself and they said maybe you're right. so i think there's sexism in a reverse way. >> and that may be true but sometimes there's that bit of massageany that sometimes comes through when you're talking about female leaders. >> i'm not going to disagree with you. your son played for the ravens and you were on the side lines for his victory. what is your reaction about baltimore? >> actually my youngest son, plays for loyola maryland sque i think they're like all of us that they're a little bit shocked that this is happening in the united states of america
8:34 pm
but baltimore is an amazing city wonderful people. we've spent a vast amount of time in baltimore. i love the city and love the people in baltimore. and unfortunately through a series of events, this has happened and your take away is we want to fix it. because there's a side of baltimore that we're not seeing through these horrible past few days. there are people that want you to realize you don't have to look like something to love them. and s.j. is happy there, loves the people in baltimore and it's been a wonderful fit for both of my boys. we have a lot of friends, white, black, red, yellow blue, green, up town downtown middle of town and if we don't learn
8:35 pm
something from this it's a grave mistake on all our parts. >> you have been dubbed the warrior princess and what you saw, i'm sure you saw a gralt deal of the woman who was on video and getting her son out of the middle the protest, i was surprised that people had deraug tower things to say, because you have not only black women stand up to their kids you have all types of women and i think that's what he needed in the moment and she came through. do you see her as a hero? >> absolutely. i want her to have a cape a crown, and a tearera. that would have pailed in comparison to what i would have done to one of my kids. and good for her. that's called parenting. that's called loving your kids and i want to meet her, be her friend and i'm all about it.
8:36 pm
that's how i parent. so that's how sean and i raise our kids and i would have done the exact same thing. >> i did too and i was surprised when people were saying this is a terrible image that it puts out about african american -- i thought it was a great image. a woman trying to protect her child and doing it p ethe way she knows how and there are a million different ways to raise your kid and who are we to judge. >> i would have had a paddle in one hand and a broom in another. we need all follow her lead a little bit more than this sing cume byia stuff with your kids. you need to be a parent and not a friend and she was parenting. >> so sunny and lean i want
8:37 pm
to -- what perspective to you think women and moms bring to the table that allows them to see things a bit differently? sunny? >> i definitely think women, mothers have a different perspective. i think when you consider that -- when this happened when the rioting happened there were children out in the streets, right, so we know there were children let out of school. i think that was one of the mayor's contributions into militarizing the police. because when you have someone's children outside, that is definitely something that a mother will take into consideration. our strength and sensitivity as women, i think sometimes, i'm not shade or color but certainly it's part of the equation when we make decisions and i think
8:38 pm
it's a good part of making a decision. >> she said i just knew that was my son, i lucocked eyes on him and so many women have that and men don't have that natural instinct. much more live from baltimore. city under curfew tonight. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application-site redness itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit for savings coupons. thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them.
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we are live in baltimore. the city under mandatory curfew for the third night. we talked to the people in some of baltimore's neighborhoods. they will tell you what happened to freddy gray is all too familiar. earlier i went to the corner of monument street and in baltimore we're all freddy gray's. so this is your neighborhood? >> yeah. down the hill. this is east baltimore, just like west baltimore, opressed
8:43 pm
high unemployment rates, highand a lot of people struggling to survive. and a lot of working class people and amazing people that wake up and they work three jobs to survive. to live a simple life. >> how are you doing, officer? your experiences with police officers, many of them took place in this neighborhood? >> if you live in a black area that's poor they don't protect and serve, they enforce. >> do you ever have interactions with the cops? >> no. >> fortunately you don't. do you ever see it? >> yes. >> what do you see? >> harassment. pulling them to the side checking their pockets but not do anything that end.
8:44 pm
they'll just keep messing with them because of where they are or who they with. >> so this is getting out time for kids in school. so, if you were walking home from school what would happen? >> a lot of times we would stop over here at the basketball court and hoop, without even taking off our uniforms just play basketball until the sun went down and you would think seeing a group of kids play basketball would be safe place, a place we wouldn't have to worry about being harassed by police officers, but it's not. i remember police brutality going on frervorever. i don't remember a time when we weren't the focus of police brutality. i hope that we can take the energy that has been injected into our city from the freddy
8:45 pm
gray issue and turn it into a positive learning experience where everyone can see how important it is to make money in a legal way, invest in your neighborhood and just build. positive people are being pushed from seeing what's going on. >> you want to go higher? whoa. those are my new buddies. they were so cute. i want to bring in now my gust s guests. when you hear people criticize your former department what do you think about that? >> i find it amazing that in a city that has a tremendous poverty rate, it's one of the most dangerous cities in america still it seems like the police
8:46 pm
never get it right in baltimore, it seems like they stop the wrong people constantly and it's frustrating. there are bad police officers in every police department the wrong people are stopped and do get stopped occasionally but this argument is becoming preposterous and there's no bad activity, i don't hear the other side of the story at all in this. and i think it's dangerous. we're talking about the police incessantly. we're not talking about this ridiculous drug law we fight. how is this working for anybody? nothing has improved except the prisons are getting fuller. and of course education and poverty and all the disinfranchisement but all the conversation is on the police. i can't imagine that the police are the sole problem.
8:47 pm
>> does he have a point cedric? >> well yes he has a point and he's right on point. because there are a lot of good officers in cities across this great country that are doing work that go unnoticed often times but just like ed just stated, just like in any other profession, we locate them and move them out and i'm quite sure he had to do it over his career i certainly have had to in my time. and i'm pretty sure there are a lot of good officers in baltimore as well. >> so we've been talking about -- we do spend a lot of time talking about how police officers and police departments get it wrong. what's a police department that is getting it right? >> to be sure it's a difficult job. i work would police officers day
8:48 pm
in and day out when i was a prosecutor and there are good police officers but we do have to recognize that there is an epidemic of police officers using excessive force against african american men. and i don't think that we're talking too much about police and that they are good guys and obviously at this point, there are more than just a few bad apples. i think we need to talk about community policing. there used to be the beat cops on the street and there was a trust in the community. we're having a crisis in confidence in our police forces around the country and i don't think it's fair to sweep it under the rug and say, we're bashing the police. >> we do a lot of police bashing and many times it's warranted. and we shouldn't have to always
8:49 pm
give the caviate that there are a few bad apples. if you watch the news you see a lot of police bashing but my thing is what happens with the kids? because i wanted to scoop those kids up and take them home until they they get old enough to -- but this is really about the future of these children. what do we do here? >> we have to let them know that we love them and care for them and that they will make mistakes and provide guidance and learn that in making the mistakes they have to learn from them. and the path to success is closed. they can't get a job or rent an apartment and they feel disinon
8:50 pm
for -- disinfranchised. >> that play ground was awful. we're going to go swinging. that's sunny's old neighborhood. if you're taking multiple medications does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene available as an oral rinse toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good a dry mouth isn't biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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8:54 pm
it has been almost a week since the devastating earthquake in nepal. they said 8 million more have been effected. >> reporter: nepal is a place of almost mystical beauty and it'sallit's so one of the world's poorest countries. for years two women have been caring for women. she found the home for kids with incarcerated parents. and she has helped thousands of sex traffic erker and they were given awards for their
8:55 pm
extraordinary work. their world's were rocked last saturday. their places of joy and hope suddenly overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty. her 35 children have been forced to live and sleep in a greenhouse behind their damaged home. >> we don't have -- it's a really cold. >> reporter: the cnn award money helped them bailed permanent home that was almost finished. >> all my dreams were scattered. >> the girls in her care are also sleeping outside, though their main home survived the quake the hospice suffered serious damage. >> we have terminally ill hiv positive girls and they're
8:56 pm
terrifies. >> reporter: but they realize there is now even more work to be done. >> i'm going to take 200 more girls that have been orphaned by this disaster. these girls are more vulnerable. maybe they could be trafficked, anything. i will take as many as i can. >> these remarkable women remind us what true heroism is all about. >> and to donate go to cnn our coverage in baltimore hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah...
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we're live from baltimore tonight where a curfew went into effect just two hours ago. protests are continuing here in baltimore, in philadelphia in cincinnati even jerusalem. and we have been getting new details all day regarding the investigation into the death of freddie gray. here is what we know right now.