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tv   CNN International  CNN  April 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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and you are watching breaking news coverage on cnn. hello, everyone. i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. we are following the situation in baltimore, maryland, a city under curfew for a third day in a row now. an effort to calm protesters upset over the death of freddie gray. >> yes. we've learned quite a bit about the investigation. we'll have more on that in just a moment. thousands of people marched through baltimore earlier, but as curfew approached three hours ago, police took action. lines of police cleared out protesters, but it was mostly
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peaceful. cnn's brian todd was there. >> commissioner anthony batts is out here. he just came out and order his demanders to get the media out of the intersections. then we see this long cordon of police officers about three rows deep lining up here. then they start coming toward us as you saw. this is all directed by the commissioner himself. i asked the commissioner just before it started if he could come talk with us and he said no, i'm doing work here. he didn't want to do it. so he is working this scene, trying to move the mediaous of the intersection. we're doing it, we're trying to comply with him. as we're doing it, he hear some of the protesters come in and voice their frustrations. they and the police are working together to try to move people out and you've got a little bit of agitation going on here. these people trying to get a rise out of the police.
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but it's basically peaceful. >> protests also took place thursday in cincinnati, ohio. more demonstrations are expected there in the come days. thousands in other cities have been marching in cities in solidarity with baltimore. >> it began with protests around 4:30 this afternoon, congregated with city hall in downtown philadelphia. then it turned into a march in the streets of philadelphia that so far lasted about three hours. largely, the protest has been peaceful. i want to emphasize that. the chief of police inspector here telling me that these are people that need to have their voices heard, they deserve to protest and exercise their first amendment right as long as they do so lawfully. and he expected it to be a loud, large and lawful protest. it has in large part been that. there was a confrontation with
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police right at the entrance of sinter state 95 where police lined up on their bicycles and there is a clash there for about 20 minutes. then it opened up and the protesters were on the streets. what i'm hearing from heem here, from people of really all ages, white citizens, black citizens of philadelphia, saying they want answers, b but in the case of freddie gray, it is about economic disparity and about a lack of opportunity for african-american youth, especially in this country. so clearly, one young african-american attorney telling me she wants to see change in the system, more opportunity, more room for economic growth for many people that she feels are not getting a fair shot. is so they are protesting on the streets here in philadelphia. you see a lot of signs where they're aligning with baltimore and the name of this protest by
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the group that organized it, guys, is philadelphia is baltimore. i'll send it back to you. >> and in a stunning revelation, baltimore police say during their investigation, they learned that the van carrying gray made an undocumented stop. >> yes. and other new reports are raising troubling questions about what happened to gray inside that van. pamela brown has details on that from baltimore. >> the medical examiner found gray's deadly injured were caused when he slammed into the back of the van, apparently breaking his neck according to cnn affiliate wjla. the source is telling wjla the head injury marched a bolt in the back of the van. when that injury happened is not clear. the fatal -- after freddie gray's arrest included another stop, a stop that police not only did not disclose but did not know happened until recently, raising new questions
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about gray's treatment after his arrest. >> we discovered this new stop based on our thorough and comprehensive and ongoing review. >> police said today the information came from a private camera, not from police logs of the van's trip or police officers. >> somebody in the police department knew about this stop. and what it suggests is that whoever was driving the van, whoever was involve in the van trip, was not forthcoming. >> the newly disclosed stop was one of a series after gray was arrested. first, the police van pulled over here. this video shows police putting leg iron bs on freddie gray. the new stop happened next in front of this corner store. after that, the van made a third stop, police say, to, quote, deal with gray. that's what he asked allegedly for medical attention, but didn't receive it then. a fourth and final stop was when
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police put another prisoner in the van. gray only received help once the van reached the police station 25 minutes later. the police commissioner said a week ago the other prisoner could not see gray, but could hear him. >> what he has said was that he heard freddie thrashing about. >> according to a police document obtained by "the washington post", they told investigators gray was intentionally trying to injure himself. >> it's a shaky statement. and the fact that it was released is i think a transparent effort to try and spur public discussion of the case. so at this point, all eyes are on what happened next in this investigation. let's bring in brian claypool who joins us now live in los angeles. brian, there autopsy report could be delivered to the state's attorney as early as tomorrow. what would you want to learn from that report? >> well, i'll tell you what's going to be in that report,
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george. you're going to find three vertebrae in the back of freddie gray severed. and what that tells me -- and i've been in the trenches for the last ten years dealing with these cases out here in southern california. and that what that autopsy report will tell you is freddie gray could not have received three severed vertebrae without blunt force trauma and it has to be consistent trauma pressed on his back. so let's get rid of this mythical magical houdini act that the police department released suggesting that freddie gray somehow intentionally harmed himself. this medical examiner's report will completely belie that. it's not physically and medically possible for freddie gray to sustain three severed veteran vertebrae in the back of that jailhouse van. and you're talking about that information from wjla there in
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d.c. about his injury. what more would you say about that information that was apparently leaked? >> well, first of all, b the information leaked is irresponsible because it suggests that. >> reporter: it reaches a farfetched conclusion based on no facts, george. it suggests freddie was trying to harm himself. there's absolutely no evidence of that and that's why i said a couple of days ago either you release all the information, release 2 entire investigative report now for the people to assimilate and filter or don't release anything. but what this is telling me is that somebody is trying to orchestrate a theory that might support the proposition that freddie harmed himself. and that is what is triggering even more outrage, not only there in baltimore, but philadelphia and, by the way,
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here in los angeles on saturday, george. we're having a protest in front of city hall. >> and protests in many cities, brian, you know, there was also some more information that was released about this second undocumented stop. but it seems to raise more question. police didn't have any details except there was another stop. >> george, let's talk about that. there is another way that these police officers can be indicted in maryland. they can be indicted for what's called criminal negligence based on a failure to perform a act or duty that they're legally obligated to perform. so let's give the police the benefit of the doubt. let's say they didn't bust up freddie gray's spine. i think they did, but let's give them the benefit of the doubt. they through this man in the van and they knew he was screaming in despair and pain.
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they traveled for 25 to 30 minutes. i saw on anderson cooper, george, that whole route that they did, they did a whole square like this with freddie in the back of that van. they were only a few minutes away from that police station. they should have immediately called for medical help. and there was a second stop that we didn't know about. what does that tell us? well, surprise, surprise, somebody in the police department is hiding that information from us and now we need to know what happened during that second stop. was there an altercation with the police and freddie in the back of the van during that second stop? and then what about the third stop? why then is freddie asking for medical aid? is he hurt even further by the officers? and why wasn't medical aid rendered? that's a constitutional violence and that's criminal negligence in my mind and there should be an indictment, george. and i don't think we need any more evidence because this case
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has enough evidence autos we see it rye now for a criminal indictment. >> brian, fair to say, though, that we don't know all the answers right now, but we are getting a lot of new information and it raises a lot of questions and some fair points that you've brought out. brian claypool, we appreciate your indiets there live in los angeles. >> thanks, george. well, the mayor of baltimore says the family of freddie gray and the entire city do deserve answers. while speaking at a summit of community and faith leaders thursday, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake made a fiery vow for justice. >> we will get justice for freddie gray. believe you me, we will get justice and we're going to do it because we're going to work together because if, we tell nation watching, three black women at three different levels can't get justice and healing for this community, you tell me where we're going to get it. >> one of those three women that the mayor mentioned is city prosecutor marilyn mosby.
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the police findings of what they believe led to freddie gray's death are now in her hants. >> she will ultimately decide if anyone should be charged in his death. don lemon has more on this prosecutor, this new prosecutor that has been thrust into the spotlight. >> she's the youngest chief prosecutor of a major american city and she's been on the job less than four months. but now, 35-year-old marilyn mosby has a huge decisions to make that could calm the anger in the city she loves -- >> that is definitely a police car they're vandalizing right there -- >> or possibly re-ignite riots. >> i know the state's attorney is committed to seeing justice. >> mosby says she'll review the police findings of freddie gray's death as well as an independent investigation by her office as she considers any criminal charges against the six snrs involved in his arrest. >> we have much more confidence in her than we have in the police. >> mosby's views on crime and
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punishment were shaped while she was young. >> i come from a long line of police officers. >> her mother, father, grandfather and four uncles all wore a badge. despite what we all might want to think, the police officers in our city are doing their jobs. >> it actually hit really close to home. >> mosby says she decided to become part of the justice system after crime hit home. >> my cousin, who was extremely close to me, was like my best friends, was killed on my front door steps. >> as protests spread across baltimore and the nation, there is enormous pressure on mosby to prosecute the officers who arrested freddie gray and to get the public answers about how he died. some of that pressure may come from her own husband, the father of her two young daughters, who happens to be a city councilman. >> she's a strong woman. you know, she was built for this.
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>> now, among marilyn mosby's fans is elijah couplinges. >> earlier, he spoke with our brian todd in baltimore and says she has what it takes to handle this controversial case. >> we must allow the process to go forward. and all i can ashoor them and senator pugh and others is that we will stick with this case until the end. but the fact is, is that now we have a state's attorney who we are very impressed with and very proud of. we trust her, we believe in her. and i know that she will -- and i just want her to get the facts right. she will apply the law and come to her own conclusions. that's her job, okay? that's her job and i believe in her. >> we are covering all angings of this story here on cnn. next, freddie gray's family's attorney lashing out about a report on how gray may have been injured. plus, we break down the timeline of events leading up to his death and the biggest question, what did hatch on that 40-minute police ride?
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wire here to say that we're not going to let them walk all over us. we're citizens of this country. i'm just as important as you. >> you are. >> and they should see that. >> very strong words from a protester speaking to poppy harlow in philadelphia. thousands have been marching with solidarity in cities like cincinnati and new york. >> police are enforcing a citywide curfew in baltimore. crowd d marched peacefully through the city on thursday. >> fair to say there are several accounts emerging about exactly what happened after gray's arrest. according to law enforcement sources contacted by our affiliate wjla, investigators found that the jury gray suffered happened in the back of
10:20 pm
the politics van and not during his arrest. >> cnn's miguel marquez caught up with one organizer earlier on the streets of baltimore. >> you were meeting with city leaders today talking about how to get beyond this. what did they say? >> absolutely. kudos to the city. they want to remain incognito because it's not about the public publicity. what it is about is empowering our unique showing them one had where they're coming from and we encourage them to find a positive protest. what it contested of today was a meeting of the minds. it's a beautiful day for baltimore. the way it's being shown is one way but what's going on here is a beautiful sight as miguel can tell you. >> well, yes. but we have a standoff here tonight, tomorrow, saturday. what are the levels of concern
10:21 pm
of the city and how will they confront them? it's a deal concern and we're altogether as one. no justice, no peace. that's been the motion. we found out new pieces of information that the city hats given us. it doesn't sit well with anyone. our stomachs are still turning. our fists are still clenching with passion because we want justice. we believe in the justice system and we want the justice system to do right with us. >> now according to police, freddie gray was arrested on april 12th without force, but as we know, he then slipped into a coma and died one week later. >> so what exactly what happened while he was in police custody? martin savage looked into the timeline of eaches surrounding his getting. >> the timeline of freddie gray's death starts at the
10:22 pm
intersection of northwest avenue and north mound street. three police officers and another chased gray after he made eye contact with the two and then ran. this thinks mris surveillance is shade so show gray running through a housing complexion. 8:40 a.m., gray gives up and is taken into custody without the use of any force. but a relative of one of the officers involved with the arrest tells cnn that officer believes gray was injured while he was being arrested. police provided imagery shows gray already on the ground. meanwhile, this is around the same time bystanders gather and started recording their own video. minutes later, police arrive and they hand cuff gray in the back. here, a critical oversight is made. officials commit gray was not strapped in using a safety belt,
10:23 pm
violating police procedure. the police van drives off and stops only minutes later. according to police, the driver says gray is agitated and moving about. it's at this point authorities say he's placed in leg irons. 8:54 a.m., the police van with gray back inside continues on towards central booking. but now we know it stopped again a short time labor. this is the so-called new stop and apparently came as a surprise even to investigators. >> and, in fact, this new stop has been -- was discovered from a privately owned camera. >> and then at 8:59 a.m. comes a third stop at drewit hill and dolphin street as the driver of the van calls for an officer to check on gray. police communicate with gray. this seems to away critical but still fuzzy moment, despite dozens of police interviews. >> we're getting closer and the picture is getting sharper as we move forward. >> the police van makes a fourth stop, seen here in
10:24 pm
police-provided individual crow. another prisoner is placed inside. then the van continues to the western division police station. the new prisoner reportedly tells investigators he could hear gray banging against the walls. according to "the washington post," that prisoner believes gray was intentionally trying to injure himself. at 9:26 a.m., paramedics are called to the police station for an unconscious male. it is clear something is now terribly wrong with gray. paramedics work on gray for around 20 minutes and transport him to the hospital where he will remain until his death one week later. martin savage, cnn. >> now, an attorney for freddie gray's family disputes that gray injured himself in the police van. >> jason downs spoke with cnn earlier saying it simply doesn't make sense. >> any suggestion that mr. gray
10:25 pm
armed himself in the back of that van is something that freddie gray's family strongly disagrees with. in this case, common sense dictates that freddie gray did not receiver his own spinal cord. whether it was outside the van or inside the van mr. gray did not receiver his own spinal cord. >> they're citing another prisoner who was in the back of the police van. and a prisoner that said he could hear fredy gray, but not see him. he's the one saying that gray was trying to hurt himself. so he just completely dismiss that? >> i think what we have to do is place this in context. when you place it in contest, we have to keep in mind just a few days ago, the baltimore police department released information saying this prisoner didn't hear very much of anything and now a few days later, oh, no, this very same prisoner did hear mr.
10:26 pm
gray and he thinks mr. gray was trying to harm himself. so placing this in context, we can't respond to it because there are so many different stories in place right now, we have to get to the core of it, get to the facts and we don't have the facts. >> yes. what will help is some facts to come out and that is expected to happen with the medical examiner's office saying gray's autopsy report could be sent over to the prosecutor maybe today, if not within a few days. >> and a lot of people will be paying very close attention to what comes out of that report. we continue to follow the breaking news out of baltimore. more on the investigation, next. plus, how to save a life. in a helicopter somewhere over nepal. dr. sanjay gupta will have his story about how he saves this woman. ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit.
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we continue to follow the situation in baltimore, maryland. a citywide overnight curfew in effect there. here is the latest we know on the investigation. baltimore police revealed the van carrying gray to jail made a previously unreported stop, but no more details beyond that. >> our affiliate wjla has been reporting new information. it's citing sources close to the investigation who say there is no evidence suggesting gray was injured during his arrest. it says his head injuries do
10:31 pm
match a bolt inside that van. when you talk with residents of some baltimore neighbors, those where many poor and minorities live, they'll tell you what happens to freddie gray is all too familiar. earlier, don lemon visited the neighborhood where d. watkins grew up to get a better sense of the mind-set. >> so this is your mind-set? >> yeah. >> down the hill? >> yeah. this is east baltimore. just like west baltimore, oppressed, high unemployment rates, high team pregnancy rates, low life expectancy. this seems like a working class neighborhood. >> robbing peter to pay paul, just trying to make it. a lot of working class people and some amazing people around here. they work three jobs just to survive, to live a simple life. >> how are you doing, officer? your experience with police officers, many of them, those
10:32 pm
took place in this neighborhood. >> if you live in an area that's, you know, like a black area that's poor, police officers don't enforce. i mean, they don't protect and serve, they enforce. >> did you ever have interactions with the cops? >> no. >> fortunately you don't, right? >> right. >> do you ever see it? >> yes, all the time. >> what do you see? >> harassment. >> like what? >> just me the messing with them for no reason, just jacking them up, checking their pockets, not doing anything at the end. they'll just keep messing with them because of who -- how they look. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. >> nice to meet you. >> this is getting out time for kids in school. >> yeah. >> so you would be walking home from school. what would happen? >> a lot of times we will stop over there on the basketball court and, you know, hoop, without even taking off our uniforms. we would just play basketball until the sun went down.
10:33 pm
and, again, you would think seeing them group of kids playing basketball would be a safe place, a place where you wouldn't have to worry about being harassed by police officers, but it's really not. i remember police brutality going on ever. i don't remember a time where me or the people in my neighborhoods weren't the victims of police brutality. >> what's your hope for this neighborhood especially for baltimore? >> i hope that we can rooid rise above the madness. i hope we can take the energy that has been injected into our city from the freddie gray issue and turn it into a positive learning experience where everyone will see how important it is to just make money in a legal way, finish school, find a trade, invest in your neighborhood and just build. >> do you want me to help you? >> i'm positive people are being -- >> do you spell do you go to go high? do you want to go further? oh! >> again, the rider d. watkins
10:34 pm
with our don lemon there and we do expect that the autopsy on freddie gray could be released as early as today. >> and a lot of people will be watching for that. on to another big story that we are following in nepal where the death toll from that devastating earthquake now stands at 6200 people killed, close to 14,000 people injured. >> rescue teams still finding people alive, buried in the debris for five days. this 24-year-old woman was pulled from the rubble of a hotel where she worked in kathmandu. workers spend more than eight hours getting her out. >> and this 15-year-old boy spent the past five days buried under a nine-story apartment building. rescue workers heard his voice on thursday. it took them five hours just to find him. the boy was dehydrated. but amazingly, had no apparent injuries.
10:35 pm
[ indiscernible ]. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> when you see something like that and it's just incredible. >> i wonder about his family. >> yeah. thankfully, he is with us. he's alive. the full extent of the destruction from this earthquake, though, is still unclear. rescue teams are trying to reach those remote villages, those hard to reach places in the mountain and foot hills. >> nepal's government is appealing to more help in reaching those areas. dr. sanjay gupta is a highly skilled surgeon, as you know, and he put his training to use on thursday saving one woman's life during a helicopter rise.
10:36 pm
>> sometimes it takes a village to reach a village. and right now, they are trying to save a village. just east ott kathmandu, cinder palchuk is the hardest hit area, more devastation and more deaths here than anywhere else. they need everything, anything. >> we are seeing how some of this relief works. first of all, they're getting a lot of assistance from other countries. noodles. instant noodles, one of the biggest relief items, combined a instant source of calories and finally, the tarps. this is so badly needed because of the weather conditions where we're going. one of the challenges we are told, this team has no idea what they will find when they arrive. we quickly see what that means. the propellers never even stop as we drop off aid supplies. suddenly an 18-year-old mother was thrust into the aircraft door. atop a flimsy makeshift stretcher been
10:37 pm
we only know her name. sabina. you see her husband and 1 and a half month old baby. as i examine her, i quickly realize she has no movement and no accepts saying in her legs. sabina is paraplegic. then, things get worse. minutes into our flight now, sabina stops breathing. we can no longer detect a pulse. either on her wrist or in her neck. i check her pupiles and try desperately to route her as we blast over the countryside. there are no iv fluid owes this helicopter, no defibrillator, not even a first aid kit and this young woman is going into cardiac arrest. it is aggressive, but i just delivered a cardiac thump, a quick, strong hit to the chest in a last ditch effort to shock
10:38 pm
sa by-na's heart back into action. whether it worked or not, i can't say for sure, but she came back. and for a moment, everything calms down. i slowly try and rehydrate her the old fashioned way. we touched down once more at a makeshift hospital high in the mountains and we realize as dramatic as that was, it is a scene that is playing out every day, maybe every hour in the skies above nepal. to get an idea how challenges these conditions are, look at the very small space which the helicopter had to land on top of this hill. hardly any room to spare. they're taking off these badly needed supplies as quick as they can because there's a woman on that helicopter who nearly went into cardiac arrest. they have to get her back as quickly as possible. >> here come the patients, one by one. i am handed a precious little bay to fly back whose mother is too weak to hold her.
10:39 pm
sabini's iv bag is now tied to the ceiling use a disposable face mask. anything to just make it work. just a single moment to celebrate the lives on this chopper. we touch down again and this time there are stretchers, medicines, fluids, and prayers. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, nepal. hopefully sanjay will follow sabina and be able to tell us more about her recovery after this. my goodness. after the break, we will take you back to our other top story that is baltimore. >> many in the sports world are calling for peace. more on how they're reaching out to the community as the news continues here on "cnn newsroom." flo: hey, big guy.
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10:43 pm
night in a row. >> and in charge of keeping the peace, three powerful african-american women. stephanie has their story. >> this may be the popular image of a powerful woman in baltimore. but the real power for peace, justice and civil rights is being waged by this woman. >> if, with the nation watching, three black women at three different levels can't get justice and healing for this community, you tell me where we're going to get it. >> that's right. the mayor, the state's attorney and the head of maryland's military are all black women. >> i love this city and i know we can be better than what we have seen. >> perhaps the face of baltimore politics, stephanie rawlings-blake is the city's mayor, a former public defender, rawlings-blake walked away with nearly 90% of the general vote in 2011 to win her first full term. a baltimore native, she was first elected to the city council when she was just 25
10:44 pm
years old. she is a graduate of oberlain college and the university of maryland school of law. she's married and has a daughter. >> i come from a long line of police officers. >> marilyn mosby is maryland's newly elected state's attorney. after graduating from tuskegee university, she earned a law degree and joined the baltimore city's state's attorneys office before becoming a prosecutor. she and her husband have two children. >> i did not have any racial issues kind of coming through all of my career. i would have to say that it's been more about me being a female versus a male. >> as the adjunct general of maryland, linda singh took the helm in february and is the first black person and first woman to hold the post. she is a member of the governor's cabinet. >> i just hope that we remember that trying to change culture, trying to change habits, does
10:45 pm
not happen overnight. >> a high school dropout, singh went on to graduate from college, earn to masters degrees and receive a bronze star. the 50-year-old maryland native is married with two daughters. watching closely the first black attorney general female of the united states who took office on monday, the day the protests intensified. all powerful black women whose legacy may be forever tied though moment in baltimore history. stephanie elam, cnn. and from baltimore to chile's volcano, people worried that it would erupt a third time. it did and ash high up into the air. >> 16,000 feet into the air. george has done it again. unfortunately, people who started to trickle back from last week's volcanic erupt there were asked to leave once again because -- >> they knew it was probably going to go again. >> seismologists had warned you of it and sure enough it did. it created these scenes that you can see on your screen shooting
10:46 pm
that volume containic ash 16,000 feet into the atmosphere, turning the region into almost a gray desert. you can see some of these images just outside the volcano, the third time it erupts in just two weeks. significantly changing the landscape. look at the people just having to deal with this. some stunning images coming out of the region. still no reports of injuries or fatalities from this, but certainly an exclusion and in the evacuation zone still in effect around 20 kilometers around the sir couple friend of the control taken know opinion there are some other concerns going forward. this is an image taken just to the west of the volume containny. i want you to see how those you were level winds are start to go push that volume containic ash to the east. meteorologists look for the upper level winds to see just
10:47 pm
where that volcanic ash might spread. of course, this has major impacts on the airline industry and not to mention the volcanic ash changing the landscape can be significant to people's health, as well. on top of that, we have a cold front that is going to move in. you mix in volume containic ash and rain and talk about the possibility of rivers of mud or landslides and that can be a major concern for some of those remote violations and regions around the circumference of the volcano. people need to take that seriously because of the volume containic ash that is going to spread over the region and the rain that's going to mix in with that. >> oh, that is a mess. >> it's like gravel. >> four to time times more dense and heavy. >> thank you. >> we will be right back after this.
10:48 pm
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a lot going on in the sports world, as well. we're going to get to some sports right now. a florida state star quarterback, i think you know
10:52 pm
him at now a tampa bay buccaneer. jameis winston was selected first overall in the nfl draft. he led the seminoles to a championship in 2013. next up, the tennessee tightants picked by the jackon vig jaguars. they selected daunte fowler jr. >> now to boxing because the fight of the century is just a day away. floyd mayweather and manny pacqui ao will step into the ring in las vegas. >> pacquiao says he's especially proud to represent the philippines. some there are being asked to unplug their appliances so they will have enough power to watch the fight. >> floyd mayweather says this fight is all about money. what do you think it's all about? what are you in this for?
10:53 pm
>> it's all about how we entertain people, how we entertain the fans and they deserve -- the fans deserve to have a good fight, deserve to be satisfied on saturday because they're paying more than double the -- of a regular fight. >> a lot of people are examining the fighting techniques, some people platesing betts. >> a lot of pem. >> a lot of people. >> pacqui ao's interview. and floyd mayweather, you'll hear that next starting next hour. nba superstar carmelo anthony has never forgotten his roots. >> he marched alongside protesters thursday through the streets of baltimore which is his hometown to call for peace. he says he hopes a turning point is just around the corner for the sake of the community.
10:54 pm
>> i understand. i understand where everybody is coming from, like our community is fed up. they fed up right now. but there's different ways that you can go about it. and i'm here to, you know, kind of lead that into the right path. this is my community, this is people that i grew up with, you know inspect so for me to come back here and, you know, just show that type of leadership, we're together. this is one baltimore, man. now it's about time to, you know, rebuild this city back up. there's no need for us to tear it up. >> like anthony, former baltimore ravens linebacker ray lewis is passionate about his city. >> that's right. cnn's ryan young caught up with him and some of his former teammates as they visited the neighborhoods most affected by this week's events. >> that's it. we're all we got. the message is very simple, man. what we just started, this tragedy in baltimore, we have an
10:55 pm
opportunity to change baltimore. everybody sitting in this room. >> ray lewis is a big man full of raw passion and a love for baltimore. the future hall of famer and former linebacker got a stage in this baltimore high school. and the kids leaned in like they were in a huddle. >> let's stop doing -- let's stop putting ourselves in situations. we can create what you tell somebody. challenge me to see who can read a book faster hahn me. >> lewis made it clear his heart hurts for the pain he sees in his city, the protests and rioting made him put everything else on hold. >> this is a rural problem. we have some black kids killing each other like it is a video game. we got teach them, stop killing each other. >> we have a long way go. we have people here contributing
10:56 pm
that. we don't need waste anybody's talent. we need to be a part of it. proud to be a part of it, man. it's got move forward. >> baltimore raven teammates helped hand out food and supplies to elementary kids before talking to several high schools and these dads tell me they were proud of one mother who took a stand. >> from the beginning of time, you know why everybody is praising, because she looked just like my momma, praising the young lady who snatched that child up. that's what mothers need to be doing. your kid is running on the street. it should have been a war between mothers and sons who whoever is out there. that's what i have been, my momma would slap me. if i would turn around and saw my momma, i would ask the lord to bring me home. i would not want to deal with that, right? >> we will have the latest from baltimore when we continue with another hour of news. we're back in a minute.
10:57 pm
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