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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 1, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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officials releasing new details in the death of the freddie gray death. >> prosecutor set to make a decision in the case. >> and tracking down the miracle baby rescued after spending days beneath the earthquake rubble. >> hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> this is cnn newsroom. >> and we continue following the situation in baltimore, maryland. a city under curfew for a third night in a row. it is an effort to calm protesters who are upset over the death of freddie gray. >> and it was a quiet night. we have learned a bit, quite a bit about the investigation. we will get to that in a moment. first thousands of people did march through baltimore earlier
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but as curfew approached hours ago, police did move in. line of police cleared out protesters but it was a mostly peaceful evening. cnn's brian todd was there at the beginning. >> commissioner anthony is commanding the media out of the intersection. then we saw police officers about three rows deep lining up p. an they started coming at us, as you saw. i asked the commissioner to come and talk us to. he said no, i'm doing work here. he didn't want to do it. so he is kind of working this scene. he is trying to move the media out of intersection. we are doing it, trying to comply. but then some protesters come in and voice their displeasure with the situation. as they are doing here.
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but they are trying to move people out. they and the police are trying to move people out. and you got a little bit of agitation going on here. people trying to get a rise out of the police. but it is basically peaceful. >> protest also took place thursday in cincinnati, ohio. more demonstrations are expected there in the coming days. >> thousands of people in other cities have been marching with baltimore. as you just mentioned, philadelphia is one of them as well. city of brotherly love. and cnn's poppy harlow spoke with people here. >> began with the protests around 4:30 this afternoon. then it turned into a march on the street in philadelphia that so far lasted about three hours. largely the protest has been peaceful. i want to emphasize that the chief of police inspector here telling me that these are people that need to have their voices heard. they deserve to protest.
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and exercise lawfully. he expects it to be a loud, large and lawful protest. it has in large been that. there was a confrontation with police right at the entrance of interstate 95 where police lined up on horses, on their bicycles. there was a clash between police and protesters there for about 20 minutes. then it opened up and protesters were allowed to continue walking on the streets. what i'm hearing from people here, from people of really all ages, white citizens, back citizens, saying they want information on the case of freddie gray. they say it is lack of opportunity for american youth in this country. one young african-american attorney telling me she wants to see change within the system. more opportunity, more room for
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economic growth for many people that she feels are not getting a fair shot. they are protesting to have their voices heard. there are a lot of signs, aligning with baltimore and the name of the protest with the group that organize it guys is philadelphia. is baltimore. >> poppy harlow with baltimore police. they are learning through their investigation that van carrying gray made a previously unreported stop. >> yes. and other new reports are raising questions about what happened to gray inside that van. cnn justice controversy pamela brown is looking into that. >> the medical examiner found that gray's deadly injuries were caused when he slammed into the back of the van apparently breaking his neck according to cnn affiliate wjla which spoke to multiple law enforcement officials briefed on the
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findings. sources telling wjla the head injury matched a bolt in the back of the van. when that injury happened is not clear. the fatal trip inclouded yet another stop. a stop that police not only did not disclose but apparently did not know happened until recently. raising new questions about grigri gray's fraemt after his arrest. >> we discovered this stop during the ongoing review of all cttv cameras. >> police say the information came from a private camera at this intersection. not from the police officers involved with his arrest. and not from police logs of the van's trip. >> obviously it raises all kind of questions. somebody in the police department knew about the stop. whatever it suggested, whoever was involved in the van trip was not forthcoming. >> first the police van pulled over here. this shows police putting leg
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irons on freddie gray. police say the new stop happened next in front of this corner store. after that, the van made a third stop police say to quote deal with gray. that's when he asked allegedly for medical attention but didn't receive it then. a further and final stop is when police put another prisoner in the van. gray only got help when the van reached the police station 25 minutes later p. the other prisoners could. see gray but could hear him. >> he said he heard freddie thrashing about. >> the other prisoner also said gray was intentionally trying to hurt himself. >> it is shaky statement and i think the fact that it is release said a transparent effort to release the transparency of the case. >> freddie gray's family denies
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that freddie gray would have hurt himself in the van. >> any suggestion that freddie gray hurt himself in the van is something the family disagrees with. you should never check your common sense at the door because pause the law is involved. in this case, common sense tells us that freddie gray did not sever his own spoinl spinal cord. >> they are citing another prisoner in the back of the police van. i want to emphasize a prisoner that says he could hear freddie gray but not see him because of a partition. he said fred freddie gray was trying to hurt himself. you dismiss that. >> we have to keep it in context. and the police department said
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the other prisoner didn't hear much of anything. then we hear the very same prisoner did hear mr. gray and he thinks mr. gray is trying to harm himself. place this in context, we can't respond to it because there are so many different stories in place, we have to get to the facts and we don't have the facts. >> we may have facts soon. the medical examiner's office says gray's autopsy report could be sent over to the prosecutor later today or the next few days. >> we are hearing more from the mayor of baltimore who said that freddie gray's family aep the entier city deserves answers. >> speaking of a assumity of community and faith leaders, mayor blake made a fiery vow for justice. >> we will get justice for freddie gray. believe you me we will get justice. and we will do it because we will work together because if with the nation watching, three
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black women at three different levels can't get healing and justice for this community, you tell me where we will get it. >> the prosecutor is marilyn mosby. and the police findings of what they believe led to freddie g grigr gray's death are now in her hand. o. >> don lemon has more on her. she is new to the job. >> reporter: the youngest chief prosecutor after large city an has been on the job less than four months. now 35-year-old marilyn mosby has a huge decision to make that could calm anger in the city she loves. or possibly reignite riots. >> i know that the state's attorney is committed to seeing justice. >> reporter: mosby said she will review the findings of freddie gray's death as well as
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independent investigation of her office as she considered charges in the six officers involved in his arrest. >> we have more confidence in her than the police. >> most of her views were shaped when she was young. >> i come from a long line of police officers. >> her mother, father, grandfather and all four uncles all wore a badge. >> the police officers in our city are doing their jobs. >> it hit raleigh close to home. >> mosby said she decided to become part of the justice system after crime hit home. >> my cousin who was extremely close to me, like my best friend, was killed on my front door steps. >> as protest spread across blt more and the nation, there is enormous pressure to prosecute the officers who arrested freddie gray and get answers about how he died. some of that pressure may come
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from her husband, the father of her two daughters, nick mosby represent part of the area where the riots were. >> she is a strong woman. she was built for this. >> many are supporting mosby. elijah cummings spoke earlier. listen. >> we must allow the process to go forward. all i can assure is that we will stick with this case until the end. but the fact is, is that now we have state's twhoeattorney who we ar proud of. we trust her. she will apply the law. and come to her own conclusions. that's her job. okay. that's her job. and i believe in her. >> we know that autopsy report could come out as soon as tomorrow. >> more on baltimore later this hour. first we go to nepal for a
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welcome back.
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thousands of people are marching in solidarity in baltimore. including the city of brotherly love, philadelphia and new york. >> there is a curfew for the third straight night. crowds marchs peacefully on thursday ro testing the death of freddie gray, the african-american who suffered a fatal spinal injury while in police custody. >> there are several accounts emerging about what exactly happened after gray's arrest. according to lu enforcement sources con tkted by our affiliate wjal, investigators found that injury gray suffered happened in the back of the police van an not during his arrest. baltimore police turned over their findings to state's attorney on thursday. she is conducting her own investigation into this case. >> men time, some say instead of having police investigate their own department maybe an independent investigation should
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be conducted. >> if we are trying to build relationships and trust with our communities, it is often seen by communities that that is much better to do when you have outside independent investigators looking into the fatalities that may have occurred as a result of one of your officers. but it becomes critically important to, the flip side of that, is this for years police departments have done their own homicide investigations as it relates to fatalities. and they have done a great job as well, too. we are in a very different era of policing today. we are at very different time of policing too which means now we have to move those investigation to independent outside sources who will take a lock at them. because one thing that is not going to change, forensics evidence, witness statements, always going to be the same.
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and that's just not going to change regardless of who does the investigation. but i support the independent investigation. >> the marilyn's state attorneyes a office released a statement saying while they depend on the baltimore police department's investigation they will not rely solely on their findings. the death toll from that massive earthquake in nepal now climbed past 6200 people. we know now that 14,000 were injured. >> but rescuers keep searching for roens like this. 24-year-old woman found alive in the rubble of a hotel where she worked. five days after the quake. then there is this 15-year-old boy dehydrated but otherwise okay. he spent the past five days shielded by a motorcycle under a collapsed apartment building in katmandu. >>.
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>> when you consider what he went through and you see him talking there, it is just simply amazing. >> like latida. i hope his family survived as well. now another one, but just five months old. and he is dribringing so much h to this area. >> dr. sanjay gupta catches up with his family. >> a baby just five months old rescued after being buried under the rubble for 22 hours. more remarkable, the baby barely
12:21 am
has a scratch. so let me tell you what happened. that morning mom was out shopping. she comes home at 11:56 in the morning right as the earthquake hits. she watches her building come tumbling to the ground. she knows her children were on the second floor. all she could do was scream and then start to dig. just look at this rubble and imagine what this mother of two must have felt like. >> translator: we started digging out our little girl. when she came out we kept searching for the boy. then that when we heard the voice. we were assured the little boy was alive. after we heard the voice we started digging again. >> for the last five days all around nepal there has been digging, endless digging. using axes, small pans but mostly by hand and there have been truly remarkable successes. this teenage boy, this 11-year-old goirl. but a 5-month-old baby.
12:22 am
>> my neighbor said it is worthless. it is destiny. if he is destined to live, he will. or else god would take him away. >> god didn't take the little boy away. instead, return had him. dusty, hungry, but heal think. . >> if this doesn't stir up something in your heart, i don't know he what will. >> we may never know why this adorable little boy lived when nearly 6,000 died. it could be he landed in the perfect space. not crushed. and with enough oxygen and water. we can't know what it was exactly. but we do know this. his mom never gave up hope. sanise has become a symbol of his mom's hope. of the entire villages hope.
12:23 am
of nepal's hope. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, nepal. >> his story telling just takes you there. >> lock that baby for another hour. how sweet. >> an amazing story. now to chile's volcano it erupted for a theirs time on thursday and is spewing ash high up into the sky. >> derek van dam is with us. they have warned us, it could happen a third time. >> and it did. >> doing it began. >> and last week it erupted two times. people were evacuated. sent away and they started to trickle back. then the third eruption occur owned thursday and they today deal with this. lock at the visuals coming from that area. can you see the volcanic ash spewing straight up into the atmosphere. where is it going? i'm about to tell you. another kind of vantage point of the calbuco volcano taken from
12:24 am
the west. can you see the columns spraying up from above us. just a combination of rock and ash and even some laugh why at the base. now this is what turned the landscape into. this is what i consider a great desert. not something you want to deal with. while that is what people today contend with, an ash covered landscape. front yard. buildings. and that causes concern. especially when you mix in rain fall and ash makes it very, very heavy. more on that one in just one second. there is a 20-kilometer evacuation zone around the circumference of the calbuco volcano. but the other concern is where is the ash cloud going to head? you can see what is a landscape photo. can you see how the wind pick up that volcanic ash. we look, as meteorologist to the upper level winds to tell us where we expect the volcanic ash to travel. we do have a general
12:25 am
northeasterly flow. adjacent countries. that being argentina, uruguay and ash in days coming ahead. we have rain in the forecast as cold frnt front sweeps across southern portions of south america. that brings into light all kind of problems. think of the volcanic ash on the ground, creating rivers of mud for instance. it is very, very heavy. four to five times as heavy as snow fall. you can imagine what that means for structures and building with this heavy wet volcanic ash accumulating on top of structures. they can collapse and that can be a major concern as well. hopefully there hasn't been any reported fatalities or injuries from this volcano. but it makes for interesting reporting. >> thanks, derek. >> thank you. >> nasa says its space probe
12:26 am
crashed into the planet mercury ending an 11-year mission. the news is no surprise. the probe ran out of fuel. nasa launched messenger back in 2004. traveling more than six years to get to mercury. revealing thick ice in polar regions which is closest to the sun. even though the mission is over, scientist say they will study messenger's data for years. so thank you, messenger. >> next on cnn, the mystery of freddie gray's death grows more complex, as there are several questions about exactly what happened to him.
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and welcome back to our viewers in the u.s. and around
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the world. this is cnn newsroom, i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. thousands of people across the united states have been marching in solidarity with the people of baltimore, maryland. including in cincinnati, ohio. demonstrators heard from several speakers then marched to police headquarters a few block away. >> philadelphia's march began at city hall where hundreds gathered to protest police brutality. >> there were scuffles between police and protesters earlier in the evening when some in the group decided they tried to block the entrance of the highw highway. two people were arrested. >> now to a major development in the freddie gray case. police say during their investigation they learned the van carrying gray made an undocumented stop. >> and other new reports are raising troubling questions about what happened to gray inside that van. cnn's randi kaye looks into that
12:31 am
story. >> at the heart of the investigation, what went on inside the van transporting freddie gray, a van that we now know made four stops, not three. after gray was apprehended, the van first stopped at baker and mount streets put gray in leg irons. now authorities are revealing this new stop in the mix. fremont even mosher. though details are scarce. >> we discovered this new stop based on our thorough and comprehensive and review of all cameras and privately-owned cameras. and in fact this new stop was discover fretd a privately-owned camera. >> the van's third stop, drouity hill and dolphin, that particular stop is still under investigation. at the next stop, north and pennsylvania, gray is on the floor of the van. >> they pick him up off the floor and place him on the seat at that time. he said he needs a medic. >> at this stop, police respond
12:32 am
to an unrelated incident and put a second prisoner in the van. a police document obtained by the washington post reveals that second prisoner has his own version of what happened inside the van. he claims gray was intentionally trying to injury limb self. there was a metal barrier between them so he couldn't see. gray family attorney denies that, saying we disagree with any implication that freddie gray severed his own spinal cord. even so, a report quoting multiple law enforcement sources gray's catastrophic injury is caused when he slmed into the police van apparently breaking his neck. wjla said a head injury he had matches a bolt in the back of the police van. but anderson cooperant viewed a
12:33 am
friend of an officers in gray's arrest. who has a different take. suggesting that fatal injury did not take place in the van. listen. >> what has the office every told you about what that officer believes happened to freddie gray. does that officer believe freddie gray was injured inside the paddy wagon or before? >> heab believes that freddie gy was injured outside the paddy wagon before. >> before the arrest. >> yes. >> now the information is in the hand of the state attorney's office that does not plan to work solely on police findings. but also the fact their office gathered and verify. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> other stories we are following now, the pentagon says
12:34 am
warships may follow cargo ships. it comes after iran's revolutionary guard harassed a u.s. cargo ship last friday. officials tell thn the move was approved based on tensions in the region. on tuesday i iran seized a marshal island's flag vessel using warning shops to force the ship to head into its waters. >> it is considered the fight of the century. we are talking about floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao. they will climb into the ring saturday night in the mgm gym. >> there is a power across the vast country to watch the fight. hopefully, they love their manny. mayweather known for for talking big before a fight, and with
12:35 am
47-0, he can talk. >> talking to don riddell, listen. >> i feel good. you foe, i'm very, very happy. my team has done a tremendous job. m mayweather promotions done a tremendous job. i'm happy. >> your critics say you've been subdued. you know boxing writers, they try to read something into that. what would you put that down to? >> just growth. maturing over the years. i'm not far from 40 years old. i've been in this sport as a professional 19 years. and you just, you grow. i can't grow physical any more. so you know, mentally i have to grow. sometimes you outgrow certain things.
12:36 am
>> you fought in the olympics. you've done this 47 times professionally before. but this fight is different, isn't it? how does it feel different to you? >> it feels like another fight to me. i know that can i fight. i know the i go i'm facing. he is not go tock an easy task. but this is my job. this is what i chose to do. >> can you tell when what your routine will be on saturday, i'm guessing by saturday morning, you guys just want to get on with it. >> my routine is just, you know, relax. rest. and just wait until it is time to fight. >> do you find it hard to sleep the night before a fight? i imagine you're pretty pumped and excited.
12:37 am
>> i've been here before. in the past. i've done so many record-breaking numbers in the sport of boxing. so you know, there's no need to rush. when the timing happens, it is going to happen. and my job is to go out there and be floyd mayweather and do what i do best. >> now i gather you never watch tapes of your opponent. is that something you changed in the buildup to this fight and why don't you typically watch the tapes? >> i think i never watch tapes because i think that when a guy faces floyd mayweather he has a totally different game plan. but i've seen him fight before. and i mean, he's a solid competitor. >> what are you expecting from manny pacquiao on saturday? what do you think he will bring to the table? >> of course, i mean, he is a -- he is a very wild fighter.
12:38 am
very reckless fighter. so you know, me, i'm a sharp shooter. i will be on point. i'm pretty sure. i mean, everything -- his team, my team, both sides have said a lot. but my thing is this, it is not about the two competitors. i mean, he is going to come and bring his best. and his best is going to bring the best out of me he. >> all right. there's the take from mayweather. the philippines, of course, during pacman fever. still ahead, we will see why the country is so crazy for their favorite son, manny pacquiao. >> three planlor parties face off thursday ahead of the upcoming election. coming up, we explain how the politicians can connect with one of the most important voting blocks, millennials.
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the uk's most highly anticipated general election in decade is less than a week away now. and the bbc's question time thursday, candidates went face-to-face with voters. >> a viewer poll shows prime minister david cameron walked away the winner with 44% respondent's saying he performed the best. miliband came in second with 38%. clegg came in third with 19% of the vote. some millennial voters will be going to the poll for the first time. >> one of their biggest issues is the economy. especially when they face such high unemployment rates. nina desantos find out what viewer want for their future.
12:43 am
>> only born around three decades ago, but when it comes to business and politic they certainly weren't born yesterday. with what half a million under 24-year-olds out of a job or education the uk is now taking a less traditional route into the world plies pap with 55%, wanting to plan their own business. this means that many are voting for the first time with the economy in mind. i've come to central london home to 3,000 technology startups making the british capital the biggest digital hub. i wanted to speak to today's young entrepreneurs to find out what they want things to look like after the general election. >> i'm james middleton. i'm 42. >> i'm alex cline. 24 years old. >> arthur. >> 24. >> i'm 34 years old. >> i think the next government
12:44 am
nod needs to be much more focused. and building on the strength of the economy. >> job security. being able to progress in my career if the future is definitely something that is important. >> what i would like to see is the government continue to get the deficit under control. >> how they deal with the economy going forward. >> what i want to see from the next government is less nasty rhetoric when it comes to immigration. and they need to continue waving the flag for companies that want it o float in the uk. >> serious sentiment from a generation of politicians attempted to overlook. the reason, only 1 in 4, 18 to 24-year-olds plan to vote on the upcoming election. >> i think in order to connect, people need to be more gin win and sincere in terms whf they are talking about. >> i don't think they see meaningful differences or someone who has taken a walk it their shoes. >> realistically, realistic
12:45 am
policies. we want to see truth, honesty. >> i think younger idealistic. >> not actually saying anything. it means it has become very cringe worthy and you start ignoring it. cringe worthy or credible. but with the outside so uncertain tp business leaders like they he could make all the difference. nina dell santos, cnn, london. >> go to the polls. your turn. step up. the u.s. and north korea are sparring at the united nations. >> please shut the mic down since this is not an authorized presentation. if if we could ask the acoustic people -- >> shut the mic down. that's from samantha power. we will see what prompted the verbal smackdown, next. [ male announcer ] you wouldn't leave your car unprotected.
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baltimore police are enforcing a city-wide overnight curfew for the third night in a row. after sometimes violent demonstrations shook the community earlier this week. ? the crowds marched peacefully thursday protesting the death of freddie gray in police custody. varying accounts have emerged about what exactly happened after gray's arrest. our affiliate, wjla, reports investigators found the injury gray suffered happened in the back of the police van not during his arrest. according to a washington post report, a prisoner in the same van told investigators, he felt gray, this is his perspective, was intentionally trying to hurt himself. we know gray was calling for help. and one of the stops was looking to see what he needed. >> a lot of people will be paying attention to the results tomorrow. >> criticizing north korea for
12:51 am
bullying defectors at united nations. a north korean diplomat interrupted statements as they spoke about human rights abuses. >> this number one lead are -- >> just iceberg amok human right violations. >> please shut the mic down since this is not an authorized presentation. if we could ask the acoustic people. please ensure the microphone is not live. thank you. we are calling u.n. security. sir, you can either conclude your remarks or you will be removed from the room. >> samantha powers shutting it down. that statement went on for about 6 minutes. north koreans told they would be allowed to speak after the dissidents told their stories. the diplomat eventually left the conference room. a u.n. commission detailed human. app right abuses in korea that it compared to nazi atrocities. the government is asking some people to unplug their
12:52 am
appliances. they want to make sure there is enough lek tris et for everyone to watch the manny pacquiao fight on saturday. >> a lot of people will watch this fight. the country is having boxing fever. >> nowhere else in the world is there more anticipation about the upcoming pacquiao/mayweather fight in las vegas than here in the filphilippines. i think most of them will be rooting for manny pacquiao, the biggest celebrity and athlete to ever emerge from this island. there is no question, it is above the fold on most newspapers here, the big fight coming up. and you can't underestimate or overstate how big he is here.
12:53 am
in part because of his rags to riches story, about being a hungry teenager who boxed his way to fame here. coming up from poverty to being of course a multimillionaire. but also a member of the philippines congress. he records music and put out a music video saying i will fight for you and appearing in movies and in television as well as coach and player on philippines basketball team here. now i managed to catch up with him in march before he moved over to lax lks for the last round of training, before the big fight in vegas. asked him a question or two about the upcoming fight. take a listen. >> this fight, is it going to be one of the most important fights in your career? >> yes. i can say one of the most important fight in my career, because it's been five years in
12:54 am
the making. five years in the making to make this fight happen. and finally it's happening. so i think that the fans deserve it. >> now the mayor of manila set up a giant screens around the city. free screening live of the fight. it is going to be carried on many networks as well. for free for people to watch. you can even buy tick goats to the movie theaters to see the there are a lot of legend about manny pacquiao fights for example that there are defacto cease fires between gur rerrill insurgents when manny pacquiao fights. crime rates drop to absolute low levels. and also the epic traffic that normally clogs the streets of manila, that the roads are virtually clear because everyone
12:55 am
is at home or some venue watching the big fight. and there are newspaper polls published say something 70% of adult filipinos are closely following the events leading up to the match. just a little bit less than polls showed philippifilipinos the pope when he visited earlier this year. the philippines a heavily catholic area and victims to pacman fever. >> traffic clears, crime rate goes down, just because of this fight. >> oh, yeah. he's the dude, man, in the philippines. >> now on to sports, american sports, big news in american pro football. >> the first pick in the 2015 nfl draft, the tampa bay
12:56 am
buccaneers select jameis winston. >> you heard it. florida state's jameis winston a buck here in after being selected first overall in the nfl draft. once leading seminoles to national champion in 2013. >> pick two went to the tennessee titanes who selected oregon quarterback also heisman winner, marcus mariota. nfl commissioner roger goodell had a little trouble with list name. >> the second pick in the 2015 nfl draft, the tennessee titans select marcus mariota. quarterback, oregon. >> and mariota didn't seem to notice as he celebrated with his friends and family in hawaii. >> nice place to be. >> go to the beach afterwards. that's where i would be. >> thanks for watching.
12:57 am
i'm natalie allen. >> i'm george howell. for viewers around the world, stay tuned for cnn newsroom next. . . . . .
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happening now, thousands demanding answers in the death of freddie gray. a man mysteriously injured during his arrest. this morning, a new theory on when and how gray suffered that fatal injury and new facts reveal about his ride to jail. we are live. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman live in baltimore this morning. it is friday, may 1


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